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Close to the end.

~~St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center~~
~~ 170 W. 12th St., Manhattan, NY~~
~December 26th, 2010 - 3:10am~

Christmas had come and gone and it was one that Father Ryan would never forget. It hadn’t been the usual day filled with ceremony and worship; instead it had been a day of unmitigated horror and the day after Christmas was turning into a nightmare as well. He knew that it was far from over as he strolled into the Hospital again and got in the elevator to Jimmy’s floor.

He had spent a few hours planning what he was going to do and getting things set up. He hated thinking of what he was going to do and what it meant to his life. He would be a wanted man no doubt; but he was desperate and no one else was going to help him end this nightmare.

Getting off on the floor he turned and walked past the nurse’s station, giving a faint wave to the nurse on duty there. She nodded her head and gave him a slight smile at recognizing him. He had been here all night and apparently the word had been given that he had access to the boy at any time, even at this late hour. Who knew he might need a priest at any moment. Father Ryan wished it were so, but as he neared the room he paused. He didn’t hear the screams.

He bolted into the room but what he found was almost worse than the constant screams of pain; the boy was still there, restrained to the bed to keep from hurting himself, his mouth open in the act of screaming but nothing but a hoarse ragged sound escaped. His throat was too raw now to allow any sound to make it out. The boy’s eyes turned and focused on the Priest and they pleaded with him to stop this madness.

He walked up to the bed and laid a hand gently on the little boy’s arm, it felt cold to the touch, as he looked into his eyes and nodded softly.

“Don’t worry Jimmy,” he said choking back a sob, “we are going to end this now.”

The boy said nothing nor did he give any indication that he had heard the words, yet Ryan thought that his gaze softened slightly as if in relief.

Father Ryan had contemplated all angles of removing the boy from the hospital; but none of them had much success of secretly removing the boy unnoticed from the premises. So he had opted for the direct approach; grab the boy and walk out. He had placed his car near a side entrance where he saw little traffic and probably no foot traffic this time of night.

He untied Jimmy from the bed and then wrapped him up in the covers that had been dislodged by his struggles, lifted him in his arms and marveled at the lightness of his body. He silently hoped that the boy might dissolve into dust like Herbert Lom had done, but when it didn’t happen he sighed and continued out into the hallway. He had spotted the closest stairwell and headed in that direction, unfortunately it was near the nurse’s station. Here was where he faced the best possibility of being detected.

He kept his head down as the bundle in his arms struggled silently; at least the screams wouldn’t give them away. He almost held his breath as he came closer to the stairwell and knew that he had to be in sight of the nurse. He waited for the call for him to stop, but it didn’t come.

He pushed on the door with his shoulder and it opened and as he rushed into the stairwell he chanced a glance at the station and saw the nurse was absent. He sighed heavily at his luck; she must have gone to someone’s room or the restroom. In any case he had gotten off the floor. He made his way carefully down the stairs. He was still in fine shape at 42 years of age, and the boy was incredibly light. He was down the 10 flights of stairs in no time and only slightly winded. He paused in the stairwell for a moment to gather his strength and to calm his nerves.

After a minute, he pulled the door open and moved down the hallway towards the side exit he had identified. If he could make it there and outside maybe he wouldn’t be discovered. Then he saw the nurse coming his way; she didn’t see him immediately as she held a chart of some kind and was intensely studying it. She got within 10 feet of him before she started and stopped for a minute in surprise at him there. She apparently didn’t expect to run into anyone here at this late hour.

“Oh.. Excuse me.” She said with a embarrassed smile as she moved slightly to the side and continued. He walked on past her with only a nod and a mumbled response, “No problem.”

He walked on for a moment then glanced back and saw her standing there looking at him with a curious expression. She was obviously wondering who he was, what he was doing here, and what he was carrying. It was then that Jimmy decided to struggle a bit more furiously and he had to hold him a little tighter. Father Ryan saw the woman’s eyes grow larger as she obviously saw the covered bundle in his arms moving. He turned and continued on hurriedly as he knew now that he had little time before an alarm was raised and the police were called.

He found the exit and opened it, setting off a loud ringing alarm, which he ignored and hurried to his waiting car. There he opened the back door and laid his bundle on the back seat before closing the door and hurrying to jump behind the wheel. In seconds he was speeding down 12th street, trying not to speed less he attract more attention. He knew behind him the police were being called and shortly they would be looking for him. His description would definitely be familiar to the Police here and they would shortly find the boy missing. It was only a matter of time. He had to accomplish his mission in that time. He couldn’t let them stop him; he had to end this now.

~~10th Police Precinct, Manhattan, NY~~
~December 26th, 2010 - 3:32am~

“Hey Peters!” The detective looked up from his desk where he had been laying his head to catch a couple of winks. It had been a long night and he decided to just rest here for a few moments before going home to his empty apartment. They still hadn’t found a clue as to the whereabouts of this Sara Lom. She was listed on the lease of the apartment and they had found prints there for an unknown but had been unable to identify them. Whomever she was she apparently didn’t have a record of any kind.


“Peters?” Detective Samuelson said as he walked up and leaned on the desk as was his habit when talking to someone, “Got an alarm at St. Vincent’s. Seems the kid is missing and a man fitting the description of that Priest you questioned was seen leaving carrying a struggling bundle out of the hospital about 10 minutes ago.”

“WHAT?” Peters bolted upright out of his chair, knocking it to the floor. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing; the Priest? He would have bet his life the man was innocent of any wrong doing other than poor judgment when it came to the boy’s adoption. Now he had kidnapped the boy right out of the hospital.

“Lets get over there.” He said as he grabbed his jacket and headed out the door with Samuelson in tow.

Detective Peters ran over everything in his mind as they raced to the hospital; what did he miss? How could he have gotten it wrong? Was the Priest responsible for all of this mess? Did he do this to the boy and his father, and maybe to his missing mother as well?

He had called in an APB on the Priest as soon as he got to his car, but if the man had gone to ground they might not find him any time soon. The man was smart; he had fooled Peters and he doubted the man would be caught so quickly. Peters continued to mentally kick himself for allowing himself to be duped so easily.

(To be continued)

Posted on 2011-02-24 at 17:02:37.

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The end of this tale, for now!

~~Moore-Jackson Cemetery~~
54th St & 31st Ave, Woodside, Queens, NY~~
~December 26th, 2010 - 4:07am~

While NYPD’s Finest were scouring the hospital and most of Manhattan for him, Father Jack Ryan parked his car in the shadow of a large oak tree overhanging 54th Street. His research had located a old cemetery which was no longer being used; the last person buried in this cemetery was back in 1867.

The place had fallen into disrepair over the years, mostly forgotten, and several times it had been restored by local historical societies. Now a 6’ chain link fence surrounded the small property to keep out the undesirables and help to maintain it’s historical significance.

Father Ryan looked around as he got out of his car; there was no one in sight. It wasn’t to be expected at this hour especially the day after Christmas. He knew that he had to hurry to complete his mission before he was found.

Opening the back seat he reached in and drew out the moving bundle there; he hoisted the light wrapped body in his arms. He felt it move and could hear faint muffled moans which would have been screams if there was any strength left in the boy.

“Don’t worry Jimmy,” he spoke to the bundle as he pushed the car door closed with is foot, “it will be over soon.”

Hefting the boy, he approached the hole in the chain link fence that he had cut earlier this morning. Shouldering aside the flap of fence he pushed his way through and hurried through the dark cemetery. He had picked this cemetery because it was no longer used and the likelihood of someone finding the fresh grave would be much less here.

He arrived at the grave he had dug, the pile of dirt and shovel were beside it. It was only about 4 feet long but it was deep and it would serve it’s purpose. He laid the bundle down next to the hole for a moment as he knelt down and picked up a bag he had left there for this time.

Opening the bag he drew out his Stole and placed it around his neck; he removed a small bottle of sacramental oil and a small book. Reaching over he withdrew the cover from the boy’s face and shuttered when he saw the him. He was still locked in silent screams with only air rushing out of his lungs with each outburst.

Trying to ignore the boy’s expression he opened the book and took the bottle of oil as he began the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, or the Extreme Unction as it was formally known.


He made the sign of the cross on the boy’s forehead and continued…


A couple of minutes later he concluded with the Benediction…


Setting aside the bottle and the book he looked upon Jimmy for one long moment, the turmoil of the last few days weighing heavily upon him.

“I’m sorry Jimmy,” he said holding back tears, “may God forgive me for what I have done.”

He looked for one last time into the boy’s eyes and he thought he saw a look of gratitude reflected there, then he covered up the boy’s face. Moving quickly before he lost his nerve for what had to be done. He lifted the boy and turned to the grave, there he knelt down and lowered the tiny wrapped body into the grave.

He had contemplated killing the boy somehow but he finally threw that idea out as he couldn’t bring himself to kill the boy that he had loved for years. He had decided to let God take the boy as he was and knew that he wouldn’t couldn’t possibly last long after being buried in the ground.

Rising he grabbed the shovel and began to quickly throw dirt down over the squirming form in the grave. He tried not to watch as the dirt slowly covered the wrapping and was grateful when he could no longer make out what he was burying. He continued till he he had filled in the rest of the hole. He was grateful that there was only a slight rise to the earth there; better so that no one might not see it from a distance.

When he was done, he dropped the shovel and fell to his knees; he let out all the frustration and pain and cried, tears streaming down his cheeks. After a few minutes he removed his face from his hands and wiped away the tears.

Rising he gathered up all his things, and after making sure he didn’t leave anything behind, he hurried back to his car. Throwing the gear in his trunk he jumped behind the wheel and sat for a moment to steady his nerves. He had a plan, he had withdrawn what money he had earlier, and had planned to flee the state. He had left a letter for his superior at the orphanage explaining that he had to do what must be done.

Starting his car he took one last look at the cemetery; thankfully he couldn’t see the grave from here. He gave one last shuttering sigh before he put the car in gear and drove away. He wasn’t sure where he was going; probably down south somewhere. He would have to leave his old life behind. Cut all ties to the present. Become a fugitive on the run.

As he hit Interstate 95 South; he ran over the last few days in his mind trying to make sense of what had happened. It all seemed like a bad dream. Had it really happened? Who was this Molasar? Where was Sara Lom? Was she and Molasar working together in this mess? And to what ends? Why torture and kill a poor helpless boy? What had …

His train wreck of jumbled thoughts came to a sudden derailment as something stuck him. Molasar? Sara Lom? It was an anagram. Sara Lom spelled Molasar. Had Jimmy tortured mind just been rearranging the letters and saying that Sara had done all that to him? Or was this Sara Lom really someone, or something, called Molasar? He would probably never know; but he was glad that finally Jimmy was at peace. He had fulfilled his vow to the boy. May God forgive him!

Posted on 2011-02-25 at 00:41:17.

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A previous Chapter

~~Florida Everglades~~
~August 10th, 2010~

Deep in the everglades where a cult of outcasts have gathered to perform an unholy ceremony. A group of ‘people’ who each show strange deformities of their bodies which make them all unwanted among the normal population. Outcasts, Unwanted, Unclean! They are not lepers, but their deformities; misshaped limbs, scales, fins sticking from their bodies, would lead people to think that they are lepers, or worse.

They live here, deep in the swamp, away from the ’normies’ who cast them out. They live upon swamp boats, looking like crude wooden houses set upon the hulls of small boats. Here they live and take care of once another. Their leader is a woman, one who would almost pass for normal except for her shocking white wild mass of long hair. Her hair is in such disarray that nothing seems to be able to contain it. She is small, petite with small breasts, and a little on the pale side, yet if it wasn’t for her hair she could perhaps live among the regular people. Yet she lives here and she rules this colony of misfits among the Florida Everglades

The colony had always made their way by panhandling in the small local towns, most of the time people gave the sorriest looking ones a little change here and there, sometimes it was to just make them go away. They didn’t need much outside what the glades could provide, and the meager amount they ‘begged’ was able to supply them with the essentials. Normally they would be in town now, begging and making a few bucks, but tonight they had other plans.

Tonight was special; tonight they were on hand for a special event that only happened maybe once in a century. The colony lived here near a cenote under the water which gave off a faint kind of ‘radiation’. This wasn’t from any form of toxic waste or radioactive material, but a unnatural occurrence.

What the clan knew, along with other special ’sensitives’ out there, but normal people were totally unaware was that there was another world, another ’dimension’ outside of our own/ A ’world’ filled with creatures strange to our senses, ones that if seen by us would appear as if horrible monsters or worse. This ’other’ world, thrived on the living things of worlds outside their own; and they wanted this world.

While the entrance of this ‘other’ world to our own would spell disaster for all humans, there were still people who had been touched by the ‘otherness’ and these people believed that if they helped this ‘merger’ of worlds happen that they themselves would be spared the ‘horror’ that would surely follow. That they themselves would be among the new rulers of this world; the clan was one such group.

Their families had lived among the everglades, too close to the cenote, which was a area of this world where the protective layer between the dimension was weak, thin. Strange ‘other world’ radiation emanated from the cenote and contaminated the people who lived here. The children born of those people were deformed and grew up being cast out by the normal town folks. Some tried to move away, but all came back in time. Back to the only place they ‘felt’ a connection, a place where they felt ‘normal’ and wanted.

Well tonight was special, the cenote was different tonight. The water normally covered the entire opening within the ground, but lately the everglades had been down. The hot summer this year along with the diverting of the feeding rivers in the north to farms for irrigation, had caused the water levels in the Everglades to be at an all time low.

The cenote, whose sides were slightly raised, was visible for the first time in the history of the clan. Tonight they were sure that they would be able to see into the hole for the first time. They hoped that tonight they would open the gate to the ‘other’ world.

When night had fallen they gathered, there was only about 20 of them in the clan, all of them formed into a semi-circle with their Leader, Sirene, at the center and forward of the rest. They were all afraid, they had no idea what to expect. Sirene had said that the ‘others’ had spoken to her and told her that tonight they would make contact. That she would make ‘contact’.

The time had come, night had fallen and midnight was here. Over the cenote, Sirene had some of the men erect a large brace of wooden beams from which a block and tackle had been hung. At the end of the rope, a crude chair had been attached. At the moment it rested on the ground next to the cenote as the clan drew nearer the hole. Sirene was anxious and afraid. This was the day she was to find her true purpose in life. The day that she would be instrumental in bringing the ‘otherness’ into this world. From this day forward she would be one of the few chosen ones who would help to rule this world.

“Come ..” She said excitedly and gestured to the chair and the rope that would be used to lower the chair “get ready.. The time is near”

One of the men, a large ugly brute with a fin coming out of the top of his head looked more worried than most, stepped up and shook his head.

“I don’t know Sirene… this looks not right.” His words were crude and he seemed a bit slow and perhaps not all was right with this one. Sirene whirled on the man and glared at him.

“Luke, this is going to happen… don’t try to talk me out of this. We are not going to have this conversation again. Now man the rope!” Her tone left no doubt that she was going to be obeyed. She continued to look at him for a moment, saw his shoulder slump in capitulation and then turned with a triumphant smile and moved to the chair.

Several men manned the rope that ran to the block and tackle, Sirene sat in the chair and strapped a crude leather belt around her waist to keep her from falling out.

Luke stood by her and once she was ready he signaled the men on the ropes who heaved on it, while he grabbed the chair as it lifted and he eased it out with a small rope attached to the side of the chair.

Once Sirene was stable over the center of the Cenote, she looked down her face a wonder as her eyes grew large.

“I can see the lights down there.” she exclaimed. Each year at this time there had always been lights there, shining up through the water. Now that the water no longer covered the hole, the lights could be seen shining up.

“Lower me down.” She said and when she didn’t move she looked up at Luke who stood there still deciding whether to obey her or to pull her back in “LUKE! Lower me NOW!”

Her commands were hard to ignore, Luke knew that if he disobeyed her now that she would never speak to him again. She talked of nothing but the Cenote, the Lights, and this day, if he ruined it now she would cast him out of the clan maybe. He looked at her hoping she would change her mind again, but she just glared at him defiantly. He sighed and then signaled the men to lower her. Slowly she began to lower into the cenote, the lights shining from below outlining her in a strange greenish glow.

In a few seconds, Sirene had disappeared from sight into the ground. The men lowered her slowly, waiting for her to tell them to stop. But the order never came, and in a couple minutes they reached the end of the length of rope

“lower” came Sirene’s voice echoing from out of the Cenote.

“There isn’t any more rope!” Luke yelled back standing on the edge of the hole and trying to look into the glare and see her, but he couldn’t, the lights were too bright

“damn.. I need to go lower” came the tiny voice from the hole “wait.. I see something. There is movement in the lights… something is coming up.”

Luke looked worried and ready to order the men to haul her up but before he could he heard Sirene scream.

(To be continued)

Posted on 2011-02-25 at 12:33:22.
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~~Florida Everglades~~

~August 10th, 2010~

Minutes later they pulled Sirene’s unconscious body from the hole, they laid her out on the ground and Luke was glad that she was alive. He thought she was dead when he saw her limp form in the chair. In a couple minute her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him confused

“What happened?” she asked him baffled

“You said you saw something coming up and then you screamed” Luke told her.

“I did?” She looked even more confused “Well I don’t remember screaming… all I remember is hearing the voices and something moving in the lights”

“Voices?” Luke asked “What did they say?”

“I don’t…” Sirene looked unsure for a few moments and then her face lit up “.. yes I do. They spoke of someone special.. Someone they called .. “The One!” .. yes that was it the One…. I think.. They were talking about.. Me”

Her face lit up when she said it. She always knew she was special; she had a gift, one that allowed her to understand the minds of the swamp creatures, and even communicate with them, command them. This special talent was why she was leader of the clan. She could command crocs and other creatures and that helped them sometimes when they were fishing and other things.

Yes, she was ‘The One’, she had to be. They had said a name, she remembered now. They had asked her if she was the one. Then they had said a name, the name was…. Molasar! That was not her name, but maybe it was meant to be.

“What did you say?” Luke asked her. Had she said something aloud


“You said a name.” Luke said to her looking puzzled.

“Yes… I did. That is my new Name… a new name for a new world to come.” *she said with a glow to her face, a big smile grew as she straightened up before the clan* “From this day forth, I am no longer Sirene… the things in the Cenote have given me a new name.. that name is … Molasar!”

~~Somewhere near Washington DC~~

~At that same moment~

High in the air, floating through the night sky, unseen by the puny mortals below, the man in black flies along slowly as if he was in no hurry to get anywhere. Suddenly he stops. His face looks puzzled. Something has happened. What was it. He reached out with his senses; something to the South. He was puzzled at first what would draw his attention, then his face changed from puzzlement to rage.

Someone was using his name. No, not just using it, someone was trying to usurp his name. They were calling themselves by his name. He growled aloud at the audacity. This affront could not go unanswered. He began to fly again, this time faster and faster, zooming through the sky, headed South. He would find this person who dared to call themselves by his name…. and they would pay

(to be continued)

Posted on 2011-02-26 at 19:25:47.

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Continued and Completed.

~~Florida Everglades~~
~August 10th, 2010~

Sirene, now calling herself Molasar, rallied the clan around her. They weren’t too happy with the name change, it confused them. Luke especially didn’t understand. But what was so hard about it. The things in the cenote had called out for a Molasar, the One, they called it. They thought it must be her so she must be this One and therefore she was Molasar. Easy

“So what was it you saw in the hole?” She was shaken from her thoughts by a question from Luke. She paused to think, yes what were they. She had sensed them there, only seeing fast movements in the bright lights. She hadn’t made them out but they had been there. They seemed unnatural. Yet, somehow they seemed, normal to her. Maybe they were creatures of the ‘otherness’, maybe they were like them

“Yes, something is down there.” she said as she walked over to the Cenote “Let me see if I can contact them”

She reached out with her special ability, to contact creatures, maybe since she was The One, she could speak to them like she did the other denizens of the swamps. After a few moments of furrowed brows she smiled

“I think I have one. I will try to bring it up. It doesn’t want to come but I will try.” she had touched one, but it didn’t want to come up, but she was coaxing it out. After a few moments something darted from the hole up into the air

The clan fell back as a ‘creature’ flew up past them and hovered up in the air. At first it seemed a horror, and to most of the clan it still was, but to Sirene, ah Molasar, it was beautiful. The thing looked like nothing she had seen before. It resembled a large lobster, about 3’ in length, with large diaphanous wings, and a huge maw at it’s head. The mouth was large and filled with teeth, it was hard to tell but it looked like it had three rows of teeth filling it’s mouth. She thought it was wondrous to behold and it was under her control.

She could sense that it wanted to be set free, that it wanted to attack those around her but she kept it in check*

“Don’t worry.. It will obey me.” She reassured the clan “Because I am The One. I am Molasar!”

A rumble of thunder shook the area around the Cenote, and it caused her to almost loss control of the flying creature but she managed to keep it in check. The entire clan cried out and some even scattered as if they were being attacked but from where they did not know. They all looked around for the source of the sound but at first they saw nothing.

“What is that?” one of the clan men asked pointing out across the glades to a low area where a large pool of water still sat. They all looked to where he gestured and squinted and they all began to see a figure, a lone figure walking towards them across the water. What? Yes, he walked on top of the water. A figure all dressed in black strode towards them with purpose. As he drew nearer his face could be seen, and it was a mask of rage

“WHO DARES USE MY NAME?” he asked, yet he did not yell but his voice boomed across the glades. He stopped on the other side of the Cenote as the clan stood stunned as they beheld him

“Who calls themselves, Molasar?”

Sirene was stunned, who was this man. He was not Molasar, she was. The things in the hole had named her

“You are not Molasar, I AM!”

The man before them flicked a finger in her direction and Sirene felt as if a powerful hand had slapped her. She staggered back and the entire clan yelped their surprise. She barely managed to keep control of the flying creature as she stumbled and struggled to stay on her feet

“You will not use that name. It is my name, I am Molasar”

Sirene was furious, who was he to use her name. He was nothing. She had the clan behind her, she had the creature from the cenote. Did she not control it? Did this not show that she was the chosen one?

“You LIE!” She bellowed “I am Molasar, I am the ONE”

Again another finger flick and again she staggered back from an unseen blow.

“I am the One. I who have labored for millennium to bring about the arrival of the ‘Others’, you are nothing.” The man declared in a low tone, yet one filled with rage and menace “I have always been The One, and you will not usurp my name. I am Molasar”

Sirene became enraged as she stood straighter and squared her shoulders, this man must die. He was trying to take what was hers. She gathered her strength and reached down deep, into the Cenote, where other creatures like this one waited. She gathered them together and called them forth as she turned to the upstart man before her who would soon die

“You are NOT! I am Molasar! I AM MOLASAR!” She screamed as she brought a swarm of the flying creatures up out of the cenote and with a gesture sent them after the small man standing on the other side.

The man didn’t move as the flying mass of teeth swarmed towards him, he glanced at them and only smiled then with a faint tilt of his head towards where the clan stood he watched as the swarm paused in mid air before him and then turned and dashed full speed at the group of people.

The clan of outcasts screamed and fled in all directions, but none of them were fast enough to elude the flying buzz saws as they descended upon all of them. Screams of utter torment filled the air, blood and flesh flew in all directions, and laughter filled the air. Laughter from the lone man as he stood on the other side watching, he tilted his head back and spread his arms as he ‘drank’ in the ecstasy of the horrible, painful deaths the people of the clan were enduring.

It lasted several minutes, people fleeing in all directions as creatures dug their razor sharp rows of teeth into them. One man ran headlong into the Cenote, at least six of the creatures attached to him from head to crotch. In a few moments all was quiet, and as the man surveyed the area, there was not a recognizable piece of human left to be found. Bits of flesh lay here and there, no single piece of body parts was identifiable. A river of blood covered everything. The man walked up glanced down at the spot where Sirene had last stood when the creatures had come for her. A look of shock on her face when she realized that she didn’t control them, that he did. And that she was going to die, that she was not The One. The defeat and utter suffering of her had been a delicious treat to Molasar.

He drank in the essence of what remained in the air, and as the aura of agony faded he turned and walked back across the glades in the direction he had come. His work here was done. The one who had tried to usurp his place had been destroyed. Now he had other work to attend to. He had to prepare for the time of Unification was drawing near. Soon he would rule this world, a world joined with the world of the “Others’, a world of utter horror and suffering to the human race.

FIN for now!

Posted on 2011-02-28 at 00:00:07.

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Well now that the tale is told this far for now, does anyone have any comments? Anyone reading this at all? I think I got a few people out there interested, maybe?

Anyway, the character of Molasar is one that I RPed online and these are just some of his tales. He plots to bring about the end of our world. He has lived a long time and been reborn several times when he should have died, and his strength is derived from ‘feeding’ off the fear, pain and suffering of others.

I hope to have a few more tales later if anyone is interested. I like to write and though I am not all that good I still like to know if people are enjoying the tales.

Thank you for reading.


Posted on 2011-02-28 at 12:12:51.

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Missed the last few updates. Awesome work thus far.

Posted on 2011-04-19 at 21:54:15.

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  Partners:       Dungeons and Dragons resources, from 2nd to 4th Edition | for the gamer who's sick of the typical Dungeons and Dragons Adventures, #1 resource for D&D Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition  
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