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Dreamer of Bladesong
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Cat's curiosity yields the finding of an interesting thread... I will note that it is quite interesting when cards are involved... and then peoples wonder about what card goes to what person...

For the record, I almost thought it was tarot cards seeing the short name of the thread...

Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing of Magic, so can't really understand the cards... like at all ^^;

In any rate, have fun *poofs*

Posted on 2011-03-08 at 03:00:44.

5 Headed Dracohydra
Karma: 80/23
1117 Posts

He's Legendary now

Changed Eol's card to legendary because he's one of a kind!

Posted on 2011-03-09 at 09:08:54.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 462/28
8482 Posts

Legen...(wait for it)...


I'm humbled... truly.

Aaaaand, I've found myself doodling bits inspired by these cards, as well... some artwork forthcoming for them, perhaps?

Stay tuned, Innmates.

(Yes, I realize I'm only enabling Pit, Chess, and the rest but, hey, if they can enjoy their insanity, so can I! *nods* )

Posted on 2011-03-09 at 13:57:22.

Cheshire Cad
Karma: 102/3
1178 Posts


some artwork to go along with this would be awesome... im glad people are showing interest here!

Posted on 2011-03-09 at 14:05:09.

Cheshire Cad
Karma: 102/3
1178 Posts

Oh yeah! Maybe I should have a card..... idk about flavor text though

2 Colorless, 4 Blue
Mythical Rare Beast
Base 2/5

2 Blue: Return Chessicfayth to owners hand. May be cast any time you would play an Instant.
Infuriating Grin: Tap Chessicfayth. Target non-blue creature is forced to attack.
Watchful Eyes: When an opponent draws a card, you may pay 3 Blue to see that card.

Flavor Text:

Posted on 2011-03-10 at 04:13:06.
Edited on 2011-03-10 at 04:18:36 by Chessicfayth

Facelick Squeegee
Karma: 37/7
401 Posts


Yep, this has been dead for a month. Aaaand yep, I know nothing about Magic. Buuuut, this was one hell of a hoot to read. Thanks for the smile guys and if any more inspiration strikes, I'll be here lurking away!


Posted on 2011-04-10 at 01:27:56.

Pit F(r)iend
Welcome Waggin'
Karma: 115/3
1245 Posts

Ow. Ow, ow ow

Pyro, that really did make no sense. With a little work, it would be playable, not sure what rarity would go with it. I still thank you for participating and state again with all sincerity that I DO want a playset of the card Chessicfayth made for you. It really rocks, you should thank him somehow.

Unfortunate Sting

B/G B/G (can be paid with either B or G)

Unfortunate Sting is colorless.

Target creature's name is amended, until end of turn, to include the words "Bee," "Hornet," or "Wasp" (caster's choice). All other creatures target player controls get -1/-1 until end of turn.

"There is no defense against the mighty Grugg, mortals!"

Posted on 2011-04-15 at 12:41:05.
Edited on 2011-04-15 at 12:51:45 by Pit F(r)iend

Cheshire Cad
Karma: 102/3
1178 Posts

been meaning to post this for awhile

Red Dragon Inn

Legendary Land

This land comes into play tapped. This land may be tapped each turn for one mana of any color and one colorless mana.

If this land is played on the first turn, it does not come into play tapped.

If this land is played the turn after Olan the Creator is played, you may add 2 loyalty counters to Olan the Creator.

Flavor Text: When he found no plane was to his liking, the planeswalker Olan simply created his own.

Posted on 2011-07-12 at 22:22:44.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
Karma: 54/18
2262 Posts

Keeper's Card

Devil's Advocate

Cost: 1White 1Green 1Black 1Red 1Blue 1 Colorless


As long as Devil's Advocate is untapped all opponent creatures do not untap during opponent's untap phase. Tap Devil's Advocate to remove target creature from the game.

"Contracts with the Devil are long, convoluted and may result in loss of your soul."

Posted on 2011-07-13 at 00:03:21.

Karma: 138/3
1049 Posts

Devil's Advocate




Posted on 2011-07-13 at 00:36:32.

Karma: 46/64
335 Posts

Annoyance Reboot


Sorcery 2R2W

Add +1/+1 to artifact creatures under your control and -1/-1 to one targeted enemy.

If both the Tiamat5774 and Pyroboom creature cards are in play, Caster can choose to do one but not both of the following:

Pay xW, for each Colorless mana is a +1/+1 boon to the caster's artifact creatures in play and a -1/-1 for the targeted creature.


Pay xR and search library for artifact creatures, Caster can place one artifact creature at the top of the library for each red mana paid.

The look of annoyance on the Mage's opponent's face was priceless!

Posted on 2011-07-13 at 03:12:57.
Edited on 2011-07-13 at 03:21:08 by pyroboom

Karma: 138/3
1049 Posts


Hey Pyro ~ I'm actually doing up these cards as we speak! I've done a reboot of Annoyance (I tried to stick as close to the original as I could). What do you think?
Dread Faith


Uncommon Instant

Deal target creature or player 1 damage.
B/R, Tap Pyroboom: Target creature gains +2/+2 and flying.
B/R B/R, Tap Tiamatt, Scourage of the Worlds: Target creature dealt 4 damage and creatures controller dealt 2 damage.

Posted on 2011-07-13 at 03:28:47.
Edited on 2011-07-13 at 14:25:34 by Celeste

clockwork demise
Karma: 13/0
277 Posts

Clockwork Demise

I reckon this would be me with my skills when it comes to machines (so bad that I don't even know how to use Italics on a computer)...

Clockwork Demise
2 Colourless 1 Black 1 Green
Legendary Creature-Human Artificer
Culmative upkeep 1.
Whenver you pay Clockwork Demise's upkeep put a -1/-1 counter on each artefact creature in play.

Falvour Text:
"Hmm...that's funny, I didn't know rust was contagious."

Posted on 2011-07-13 at 03:36:43.

RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6191 Posts


...I eat land?

Posted on 2011-07-13 at 04:19:47.

Karma: 138/3
1049 Posts

late night creativeness


I have all of these cards done up in honest to goodness magic-type picture format. As much as I'd love to post them all here, I know that its frowned upon due to bandwidth.

Any chance I can con a moderator into setting up a particular section in the Art section of the Audalis for RDI cards?

Posted on 2011-07-13 at 05:31:24.


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