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Huh...I like, I like. The levelling up features, that is. ^^

Posted on 2011-07-24 at 13:57:36.

clockwork demise
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Regularity continuation issues

Sorry about my irregular posting, things have been a little hectic now that holidays are over but we'll be returning to normal once the Haruspex can post again.

Cheers all.

Posted on 2011-07-27 at 06:08:36.

clockwork demise
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Revised Combat System

Okay, now that you're getting into your first real fight I'll go into more depth abour the combat system.

When attacking with a single target attack/spell you can either go for a 'body shot' which is a basic attack, or you can specialise your blow into one of the following.

Cripple (Melee/Ranged only). Normal accuracy, greatly reduced damage, however subsequent attacks get a bonus and the target's damage and speed are greatly reduced. Such an attack can only effect an enemy once and the penalties will scale depending on how much damage you do.

Discriminate (Ranged/Magic only). This allows you to pick a single target out from a group, your accuracy is lower but it has a great chance of catching the enemy off the back foot, especially if they fail a reaction/cohesion check.

Second Strike (Melee only) requires you to have passed a reaction check against an attacker in melee, if the check beats their cohesion roll then you get a free attack that has greater accuracy, slightly less damage and a chance to stun/surprise them.

Spike (Magic Only) allows you to boost the power of one spell to do greater damage (and in some cases increase accuracy), however your next spell will be weaker.

Overwhelm (Magic Only) allows you to increase the number of targets a single-target spell hits but decreases the damage of that spell.

Snipe (Range only) massive damage increase, massive accuracy decrease.

Final Blow (All) this attack is basically a one-hit wonder, if it works, the opponent will most likley be finished, however, the chances of it working, even if they've failed reaction, are small. This represents you going for an eye, throat or some other vunlerable part.
NOTE: This type of attack may not work against certain enemies, for instance, elementals are unlikley to be hurt by a ranged/melee Blow but are more likley to be hurt by a magical one. Whilst Vekth are unlikley to be hurt by ranged but melee is more likley to's fairly obvious what types of creatures this will effect.

Posted on 2011-09-07 at 07:06:12.

clockwork demise
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As the group has 2 mages this is also important.

During each battle you are able to imbue certain spells with paranormal effects or cast more catastrophic spells. The power of these will increase with your level.

At the moment you both know an array of spells and cantrips that your character is trained to use, however you can additionally use "Levelled Spells", basically Takra's Avalanche she just used is a good example of this.

"Leveled Spells" Scale as such:

At level 1 you can use 1 Levelled Spell per battle or one every first battle of two if you are 'fatigued' (see next post).
At level 2, 2 spells per battle and 1 when fatigued
At level 3, 3 spells per battle and 3 spells to share between every 2 battles when fatigued.
Level 4, 3 spells per battle, 2 spells every fatigued battle and one Climatic Incantation.

Climatic Incantations:
These are spells of truly awesome power and are dictated by the way you choose to shape your characters as they level up. For instance, if Crystal decides to pursue the option of Valsav Vanguard (doing the necessary training to change her attributes) her Climatic Incantation would be something along the lines of summoning a golem of ice around her.
I will assign Climatic Incantations as you level up, however these will probably be the only "written down" spells, the rest is up to your imaginations!

Posted on 2011-09-07 at 10:04:44.

clockwork demise
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277 Posts


Fighting battle after battle with little respite is a taxing thing, to represent this, when fighting battles in quick succession I will begin to assign attack control penalties as you tire, your blows becoming more irregular and your focus erratic.
Mages suffer from this as they can cast fewer spells and melee and ranged fighters as their blows are less accurate.

Posted on 2011-09-07 at 10:06:49.

omega biobirinator v8
Occasional Visitor
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40 Posts

Im sorry, but this is gona hurt

Ops, wrong place

Posted on 2011-09-07 at 10:13:44.
Edited on 2011-09-07 at 10:26:24 by omega biobirinator v8

clockwork demise
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277 Posts

Hey, more fun stuff

You've now all got basic traits (including Rege') mostly this is presenting you with a vague outline of either how you can effect, or how you can develop your characters as they level up through RP experience (remember that your trait-based powers will evolve through RPing and your basic powers will evolve through conventional means).
Speaking of which, I'm also adding experience into each character...

Posted on 2011-09-17 at 12:48:21.

Karma: 19/0
403 Posts

Traits, nice.

Ah ha HA! I get-

Wait, 'bound' by psychosis? But that merely fuels desire.

But anyway, nice to know...though I think Crystal is leaning towards the Cadremaster far more, no offense Syk.

Posted on 2011-09-17 at 14:30:42.

clockwork demise
Karma: 13/0
277 Posts

Well...the nights get quite long in Valsavathar...

Considering that Chambers is your closest current approximation to a psychiatrist I'm not sure where Crystal's mental state lies...

Anyway, here's some more lore which will probably become relevant later on.


The world that Coast is part of is known collectivley amongst scholars as Siren. It has many lands and many seas, however the ones nearest to coast are as follows.

The term for the lands controlled by the Celian Empire, such territory is mostly fertile and temperate, attributing much to the power of its people. It stretches from the north of the Inner Sea, in which Coast lies, to the rugged Tundra of Arkos, to the east, the deserts of Sulthein, to the south east and the misty valleys of Marin the rumoured land of the elves. It is not mountainous, save to the far north and the extreme east, where its Greenjade Mines are situated, here thousands of Vekth, Myanmade and Elfin slaves toil in hideous conditions with the mortality rate only just lesser than the influx of new slaves.
Celia is divided into several provinces, each ruled over by a duke or prince of one of its noble or royal families, its capital constantly moves between which dynasty is in power, currently the Allerion Family from the north eastern province.
Currently the Celian Empire is seeking to expand its territory, invading Arkos and Sulthein (as well as Coast) from where it can launch strikes upon the League Entire and sieze yet more seams of Greenjade to fuel its war economy.

The Myanmade homeland, Kech is a jungle-wrapped province of the continent of Fior, which lies to the south west of Celia and the direct west of Coast. Completley overrun by the Celians the Myanmade who survive in their ancestral home live a pitiful existance, their population being steadily whittled away by their conquerers' purges or by the monthly slave convoys that bring much needed manpower to Celia's Greenjade Mines.
When Kech was origionally invaded by Celia the dispirate Myanmade tribes united under their Puth'Ashal (which literally translates to Mighty Overlord) Kilbiaz Thrullwing who was elected to that position by their Elders. Leading a brutally effective campaign against the Celians, Kilbiaz was eventually ousted when, after prompting from the King of Fior, the Elders surrendered. However, Kilbiaz took what was left of his tribe and a few others and cut through the Celian lines to their docks, escaping accross the sea. Kilbiaz now serves as Dragon's High Marshall and Guard Captain in Coast, determined to bring the Celian Empire down in flames.

The home continent of Kravos Al'Ral, Sulthein is home to sevral unique races and, as such, has been targeted by the Celians as appropriate for conquest as they seek to stamp out all opposition to the 'true' Panthenon.
Arid and inhospitable, save for its networks of canyons, Sulthein will be difficult for the Celians to subdue, however with a massed legion of Elves promised from Marin the fall of this land seems far more likley than before.

A continent south even of Fior (yet to the north west of the lands controlled by the League Entire) Pandrakkar is, apparently, a wilderness made from glass which constantly cracks and reforms due to arcane pressures, much like tectonics, below it. Little else is know of it save, that the last explorer to venture there was slain the first mile in from the beech his few recovered notes said...Glass Revenants. No-one has been foolish enough to send an expedition since.

Posted on 2011-09-20 at 11:28:39.

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