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GM for this game: Alacrity
Players for this game: Hammer, Tiamat5774, Gallirian, RP Noob
This game has fizzled.
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RP Noob
Karma: 27/1
348 Posts

A good plan

Talon had remained silent as Crow and Bjarki had gone back and forth for a few moments about using the other groups as fodder for the Cruniak; when it seemed resolved he spoke up and added his own thoughts.

“I don’t see us as using these people who willingly go into danger in search of the same rewards that we seek; they take their chances just as we shall. If they manage to kill some of the Cruniak then so much the better. We just might have to rescue some of them in the end.”

He thought about the ‘plan’ suggested by Crow; it seemed a good decision to wait until tomorrow since they had just arrived and were relaxing for a little bit with a couple of drinks and hopefully a good nights sleep. In truth, Talon couldn’t wait to get back on the trail; he felt uncomfortable in cities and towns. Everything seemed so closed in here; he preferred the wide open spaces and would relish the hunt that was to come.

Posted on 2012-01-10 at 23:35:35.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
4114 Posts

A Matter of Money

Gamard looked around the room and watched the different factions react to his bold announcement. It was always good to know who your competition might be ... but most of those present who chose to rush out to gain the reward were certain to be culled by the Cruniak.

He was a bit amused as his comrades engaged in a quick discussion regarding the Matter of Money and the pros and cons of allowing others to become fodder for the Cruniak ... all while they continued their drinking and discussions.

Gamard waved to one of the serving wenches to bring him another round of the Elven Ale he was enjoying ... before the Cleric of The Holy Avengers started doing a Khord War Dance on top of the table ... to work up a greater thirst for both the ale and the Cruniak.

"Heads Will Roll ... and Bodies Will Die!

"It May Be You ... It May Be I ... But Know This Truth ... Cruniak Will Die ... Not I ... Not I ... So I Bid You Good Bye!

"Run To Your Fate ... We Will Follow Soon ... Cruniak Are Waiting ... To Seal Your Doom!"

Gamard the Grim let out a belly laugh as he finished his War Dance and in a few moments took his seat to rejoin his companions and enjoy his Elven Ale.

Then he leaned forward and with a knowing nod he spoke softly to his companions, "Well now that should sort out who is serious about ridding the land of this Cruniak curse ... and hopefully dissuade those who were only making it a Matter of Money!"

Posted on 2012-01-11 at 01:05:17.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6340 Posts

on the road again, just can't wait to be back on the road again

Crow listened to the people around him to see if he could discern anything more of this mayor and his offer. The people seemed to accept that the offer was genuine and there was no scoffing or distrust being brought up in his ear shot. That was saying something in itself because The Pardinese love to make fun of their lords and rulers as much as they loved drinking that salty swill they call beer. However the opportunity to hear more was lost when the Khord cleric made his announcement.

"I Be Gamard the Grim!

"We fought these devils and barely made it here alive!

"But I be a Knight of The Holy Avengers ... and I will help track down this vermin ... exterminate these devils ... and return with the head of their leader ... in the company of those brave enough to company to hell and back ... with a Cleric of Solanis!

"So I say to One and All ... Cruniak Beware!"

After that there was an explosion of cheers, hollers and suggestions that Gamard was buying a round for the house as he was about to become rich. You conversed among yourselves, noting the few groups making for the doors and making a fast exit, while others stayed and watched you with a wary eye. The evening became quite festive indeed when the Cleric stared his War Dance. Soon may of the locals were joining in the celebration, even if they had no idea what the party was for – another quaint Pardinal tradition.

"Heads Will Roll ... and Bodies Will Die!

"It May Be You ... It May Be I ... But Know This Truth ... Cruniak Will Die ... Not I ... Not I ... So I Bid You Good Bye!

"Run To Your Fate ... We Will Follow Soon ... Cruniak Are Waiting ... To Seal Your Doom!"

The evening ran its course and the hour became late. You return to your rooms for the night to get some sleep before the morning but in agreement that you would met up in the morning and prepare for your journey. Crow’s many attempt to woo the red-hair bar-maid were fended off and he, like the rest of you returned to your beds alone.

The sun came up the next day and the sky was clear. The crispness of the morning held a hint of the fading of this summer to fall. But today, the weather promised to be warm but the mid-day.

Everyone is up and awake. Your horses and ponies – a gift from the merchants although they had spares from all that fell during the caravan, are awaiting you in the stables. Talon figures that he will be able to find traces of the Cruniak by late afternoon if you ride swiftly.

OOC: If anyone wants to buy supplies, let me know. You may back post conversation from the evening if you wish. Otherwise my next post will have you on the road.

Posted on 2012-01-12 at 16:24:27.

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 8/0
33 Posts

Back-post: Well, the guy’s got rhythm …

... Bjarki thinks as the Khord priest finishes his dance and resumes his seat. Sipping his drink quietly for a moment, he does his best to think about everything that’s just been said and done. Bjarki is not a fast thinker; he knows this about himself. So he’s gotten used to spending a fair bit of time at it:

On’t ane hand, he thinks, it luiks like we’ll be huntin’ cruniak in’t mornnin’. Nae surprise there, an’ aw for’t guid, aye, but we ma’na get though this wi’out trouble. Yon priestie fella’s fixin’ tae turn this intae a wee little holy war. On t’aether hand, we’ve some as seem tae have their eyes on’t coin. As for meself, I’d nae be eager tae tak’ this on wi’out a wee bit o’ gold at the end o’ the road, an’ what’s on offer here is a guid bit more than a pittance. Still, the cruniak are a threat. We’d aw agree on that. An’ long as neither gods nor gold come between us in’t midst o’ a scrap, their reasons are their ain affair.
Looking up then, he speaks first to the priest:

“Aye, that it should.”

Turning his attention to his other companions, he adds:

“But there’s nae harm in getting’ paid, neither. Not when’t job itself is worth doin’. Sae what say tae callin’ it a night. An’ if our friend Crow can pry himself away from yon red-haired wench, we can have our faces outbound in’t morning?”

[I was writing this as Alacrity updated the forum. Hope its OK -- Gallirian]

Posted on 2012-01-12 at 17:38:09.
Edited on 2012-01-12 at 17:49:46 by Gallirian

RP Noob
Karma: 27/1
348 Posts

On the Trail again.

As the hour became late, Talon drained the last of his drink and setting the tankard on the table he rose and adjusted the bow that was slung across his back.

“Well, I will turn in as we apparently have a busy day ahead of us. I will see you at sunrise.”

Headed up to his room which he had purchased with his earnings from the last assignment. He closed the door behind him and after bolting it he removed his weapons and set them near at hand. Dragging the blanket off of the bed he laid it out on the floor and made himself comfortable. These beds were too soft for him, he was accustomed to the hard ground and even the floorboards under him felt strange. Finally he drifted off to sleep not long before midnight.

The next morning his internal clock awoke him a half hour before sunrise; rising he poured some water from a pitcher into a basin and washed his face. Quickly he secured his long hair back and then gathered his few belongings and strapped on weapons and his bow and quiver.

Leaving his room he went down and passing through the common room of the tavern he tossed a Levan on the bar and grabbed a hunk of bread and a left his key on the counter next to the coin. Headed outside he chewed on the bread as he headed towards the stable to ready his horse.

By the time the sun was cresting the horizon he had his horse out, saddled and stored his pack across the rump behind his saddle. He talked softly to his new mount which he had named Arauka’arma meaning Swift Storm in the Syl language. The mount had earned Talon’s respect in the last encounters with the Cruniak when it had rode fast and shown great courage in the face of great danger.

Now he stood ready to leave, waiting on all of the others to gather. He wanted to get out and on the trail of the Cruniak as soon as possible; he was anxious to get back out in his element.

Posted on 2012-01-14 at 21:15:07.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6340 Posts

Let us get moving again

So it was that the party gathered in the morning and after a short breakfast, headed out from Sundel back into the forest and lands for where you escaped not so long ago. You ride hard and swiftly across the open road while you have them. This area of Pardinal is not known for maintaining the King’s roadways well, so a smooth flat surface is best used to advantage.

By the afternoon, you reach the end of the roadway to a dirt path. The forest becomes thicker here as you well remember and it is here that Talon and Crow dismount and go on ahead on foot to seek out the tracks of the Cruniak. The dense forest stretches up high above you and the canopy of leaves and branches makes aerial recon by Wan next to useless. The time for speed has ended, and now is a time for caution. All of you loosen the weapons in sheath or quivers, preparing for any possibility.

Talon finds the first sign of something to track but it is not Cruniak, but boot prints and many of them. Crow finds them as well including one set which is twice the size of his feet and four time his weight ut the deep impression. The age of the tracks suggest they have been through here over a period of time so most likely not Adventurers on the same quest as you. Pardinal is known for its bandits. And if that is what these are, then they are directly in your path.

Posted on 2012-03-16 at 13:20:56.

5 Headed Dracohydra
Karma: 80/23
1117 Posts

hmmm first post again?

Wan learned to hang back and let the warriors do their thing. He therefore hung back silently stepping through the forest, looking to Crow for any sign of activity, tracks, or clues.

He then whispered the words and made the motions to ready a spell for the first sign of trouble. Tracks were found, but they didn't belong to Cruniak. So who then. Gee, the unknown is exciting! His wings instintively stood up on his back in the tension of the moment even when there was no practical place in this forest to take flight. In any case, he thought he was ready for anything, but definitely had his comrades' backs.

(OOC: the spell he readies is magic missile. If readying a spell is not allowed in this edition, then he will ready his crossbow instead.)

Posted on 2012-03-21 at 06:33:16.

RP Noob
Karma: 27/1
348 Posts


Talon walked along leading his mount as he searches for signs of the Cruniak; he glanced at Crow from time to time but he only received a slight shake showing that he hadn’t spotting anything yet either. It wasn’t from lack of skill, it was just that there was no sign yet to be found. They continue on slowly, weapons at the ready, Talon carries his bow in his left hand with his arrows near at hand.

When he finds some sign he raises a hand and makes a fist to signal the others to halt. He looks to Crow who appears to be examining prints like what he has found.

“Tracks,” he announces to the others only loud enough to be heard, “booted and made over a long time.” He looks up towards where they mostly seem to be headed.

“I think we have trouble ahead.” He says as he straightens up and turns to look back at the others awaiting a decision. He knows they wont be discouraged by this news, only more alert for possible trouble.

Giving his companions a moment to ready themselves, he nods to Crow and they continue on following the tracks, studying them and continuing to look for more signs of the their objective; the Cruniak. His senses now even more alert for any signs of or places from which and ambush might be launch upon them.

Posted on 2012-03-21 at 23:06:01.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 180/118
6513 Posts

Moving on

After the drinking and the horrible, at least to Crow's Sylvari ears, singing of his two dwarf companions was over and having failed to woe the red haired beauty to her bed. Crow went looking for a quiet place for he and Wan to sleep away from the rest, finally finding such a place in the Inn’s rafters. Having spent most of their time together since the burning of the circus it was for them easier to find out of the way places to sleep, as such the Inn’s attic rafters were perfect.

With each taking a turn at watching over the other, a habit long engrained even in civilized area’s, both managed to get the sleep required to wake up well rested and alert. It did not take them long to be ready and with a quick stop to acquire a few loaves of freshly baked bread and a some hard rations, both were downstairs to meet the others before heading out. Using the king’s road they made good time though Crow felt exposed preferring the cover of the tree’s rather then the openness of the road and by afternoon reached the end of the roadway to a dirt path.

Facing a thicker forest then on the road Crow along with Talon dismounted and went ahead on foot to seeking any tracks or signs that Cruniak had passed this way recently. However it was not Cruniak tracks first spotted by Talon but boot prints and many of them. As Crow himself spotted them he went to one knee taking a closer look at each print.

(OOC: Ok on the tracks I’m looking at each track for difference in sizes, type of boots or armor worn, thread marks and such to try and get a possible idea on how many persons passed this way.)
As Talon prepared to take the lead, his move silent and tracking better then Crow’s, the Syl Fighter/Thief having learned all he could during his examination of the tracks drew his bow and slowly followed, a pair of arrows ready......

Posted on 2012-03-22 at 21:57:10.

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 8/0
33 Posts

When in the woods ...

... it is wise to take Sylvari seriously. Accordingly, Bjarki steps up to within a few paces of Crow, his ears sharp and his mouth shut. With one hand on the haft of his axe, he squints into the trees in the direction of the tracks. No point trying to out-track the trackers, so he waits--hopefully not for long--to see what will happen. His preference is to be close to the front--to bear the brunt of whatever may come at them--and in other terrain he would just take point. But here, he knows the group's interest would not be served this way. Still, he is sticking close enough to cover whoever might need covering. He has a hunch that someone will, and probably soon.

Posted on 2012-03-22 at 23:06:36.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
4114 Posts

Bringing Up the Rear

Gamard the Grim had risen early to pack his things and make ready for the journey to seek out and expunge the threat of the Cruniak.

It had been a long hard ride, but the Knight of Aina'rutha had become accustomed to such inconveniences during his years of seeking and slaying the various enemies of light and life that his duties as a Cleric of the Holy Avenger required him to fulfill in service to Solanis.

Gamard had saddled his horse and packed his things as comfortably as possible for his mount, before taking a stroll to commune with Solanis, preparing himself for whatever unexpected challenges would unfold during the course of their journey.

This also allowed for the Khord to decide where best to ride in the company of his fellow adventurers. After a short season of prayer, he decided that protecting the backs of his companions would prove to be the best choice of strategy against any unknown evil they may encounter.

Once the road had funneled itself into a thin dirt path shrouded by the thick canopy of the forest, his companions Talon and Crow had taken the initiative to search for any signs of the Cruniak.

Gamard dismounted, thoughtfully drumming his fingers upon the head of his warhammer, silently surveying the area to either side, before facing the direction from whence they had come, prepared for any surprise attack from the rear.

He methodically placed the first of 40 bullets into his sling, then crouched low and away from his mount, steadying himself with his quarterstaff as he listened for any sound out of the ordinary.

Gamard the Grim waited for his comrades to apprise him of the situation up ahead, while he secured their safety from the rear of the procession.

Gamard is crouching a bit off the path facing the direction they have just come from (which would be to his right with his back to his companions, but on their left side of the path facing forward).

He is relying upon his keen instincts of vision and hearing to react to any threat in any direction, taking note of where his companions are gathered and how he may aid them should an attack come from any direction while they explore the surrounding area!

Posted on 2012-03-23 at 01:27:21.

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