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Parent thread: Adventure Time Q&A
GM for this game: Lonewolf
Players for this game: pyroboom, Takley, Riaucard, Salindra
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That may have been too easy...

The demon thing groaned, "Hmm it appears your warlock friend had it easy this time around. To bad for him he could have had fun with that painting. Now he has to wait for the rest of your friends, if they return..."

Rawrin gulped.

Posted on 2012-03-17 at 05:18:30.

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Me-Mow and the strange doors part 2!

Me-mow, in all her will, jumped into a painting, seeing as it was possible to do so, after remembering the walls are like a liquid...almost. She went into the newest picture, the one with the black cat and the shadow being. She looked at herself, nothing happened. But she saw people she never knew before. Everything then went black when she tried to say,"What's going on?"
Me-mow ran into the black as things popped out to try and scare her, good thing she wasn't easily frightened. She then saw the figure of a female vampire, and a white cat, there shadows merged, became a giant face, and ate Me-Mow. As she fell, she looked around, all she had, was a migraine from the sight of the very, VERY vacant 'memories' of Ny-Nan's past.
As then, she began hearing voices, they were of a man. She didn't know who or what it was, but it got louder, and the more it got louder, the more the world got brighter. As it got brighter, she had to cover her eyes to keep her eyes from burning, but then she had to sacrifice a few decibels because of how loud it was getting. It soon got as bright as the sun, and as loud as a nuclear bomb, suddenly, everything went quite. But, the world was still bright, she uncovered her eyes, to see a giant monochrome mask screaming at her.
Well, it disappeared about 10 seconds as it appeared. With Me-Mow staring at it, insulting it in every way possible to insult a monochrome mask, well, after the first 5 seconds of sheer terror. After all that, she saw Rawrin. "Oh my god...finally...a real person...", she walked up to him, and stood beside him. Nothing unusual, Raw Rin looked down and asked,"Who are you?"
"Me-mow...", she said, panting. They both stopped talking after a while, when Raw rin became a huge monster and ate Me-mow sending her back to the beginning room. Cursing under her breath, she looked at the painting as it blackened into an evil looking Raw Rin. The monster that ate her.

Posted on 2012-03-19 at 03:52:36.

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like a true hero, he takes things that dont belong to him

(whether it be from container or corpse)

upon entering the room he saw Pheo, scratch that, a cardboard cutout of pheo he realized.
"what th-" henry started to say
then everything funky, every thing started to fizzle and fuzz, like a tv that was loseing connection. *fzzrrr shhhh*
then there was a horrid soul freezing scream that would make a Banshee quiver in fear. then everything faded leaveing only a door and a sign.

"Portal room -the Directorate of travel through time and space" read henry guessing the bookkeeper was the one that caused all this.

Shrugging Henry opened the door, revealing a hallway, as he stepped in he felt as if he was no longer being watched. looking around Henry saw the hallway was well lit, all though where the light was coming from he could not tell, the walls where white bricks, and the floor made of greenish tile. Runes and writeing covered the walls, as well as... blood. looking back he saw the door was gone, however there were other doors along the seemingly endless hallway. Nervous henry turned left and went down the hallway, reading the signs. several of them said "Certain Death" and if that wasnt hint enough there were blood stains on the wall opposite of these doors. one however said "BookKeepers Palace" he peeked inside seeing a square room with more doors. there was a door that led to the "Control Room" the "Viewing Room" the "Kitchens" the "Throne room" several doors marked "trial room" and a "Confiscated Objects" room.
"this BookKeeper will obviously be in the Viewing Room, as he would want to keep an eye on his prisoners.' thought henry 'so ill go to the control room, turn off the power, and hopefully keep my friends from dying a painful death. opening the door led to a locker room with a door on the other side. in an open locker there was a robe it was white with a red fringe, on it was a note "Reminder: GamesCon portal at S6SS2D5R2 go to immediately after work" it said.
"what the heck is a GamesCon" henry asked himself "hmm i better take the robes, mine are looking a bit...torn" putting on the robe Henry entered the other door.

He still didnt feel like he was being watched, nor did he feel like any time had passed since he entered the portal room. looking around henry saw that he was in a dimly lit basement of sorts on a wall he saw what could have been part of a spaceship with how many buttons were on it, a piece of tape said "power box".
"this is gonna take a while" said henry "a long while".

(now would be the time to finish those trials!)

Posted on 2012-03-20 at 02:18:58.

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335 Posts

Me-Mow and the strange doors final part!

Me-Mow looked around, beginning to sob,"Where do I go..." She looked down, to see a light grey line, flashing, and a lock connected to the northern end of it,"What's this?", she asked herself, as she thought of the lock, she began thinking of keys, because she knew she needed to find one to get out.
The line went all the way to the first door she tried, then back to make a rectangular shape. As she was thinking of the lock, keys, and the door, a pair of keys dropped inside the lock, grew wings, and tried to attack her. She bit the key, only to find it's blood was made of gas, she inflated, but then realized where the new 'door' led to, and why she needed to bite the key.
She wasn't exactly floating, and could sort of control her movements. She flew down to find the world she was in before, with the first door, but no monster popped out at her. Below, she saw Raw Rin, and began screaming, but then realized it was the real Raw Rin. She was more embarrassed then scared now. She had finally reached the ground when she deflated, making what sounded like a long farting noise. She saw him looking at cloaks. "Um...Raw Rin? What's going on?", she asked him.

Posted on 2012-03-20 at 03:57:40.

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The First challenge...

Allen exploded through the black door and landed upon his face at the foot of a massive set of stairs leading to a huge palace with a massive blazing sun shimmering behind its domed towers. He stood, brushed himself off, and walked up the steps and into the palace. Within the huge fortress was a gargantuan entrance hall with four arches either side and a throne at the other end. Upon the throne sat a crippled old man in a robe with a single eye.

"Who en-ters the cour-t of the Paste-Ry Ki-ing" the old man croaked out with an odd stutter once Allen stood confused at the foot of the set of steps descending from his chair.

"I am Allen... 'Paste-Ry King'..." Allen became even more confused as the man laughed.

"Yes. I sup-pose you wish to com-ple-ete my chall-enge?" he cackled

"I guess..." murmured Allen

"Beware, for it is a tri-al filled with doom and per-il..."


"and mass-ive drops and spikes..." the old man seemed to be trying to impress him, he sighed.

"Come on then..."

"Fine, TAKE ON THE CHALLENGE!" suddenly four blobby men that seemed as though made from dough brought in a trolley each laden with cake from the four arches. "You see... this cake is..." the king paused for effect "fat-cake; it is basic-ally cake... but is made complete-ly from fat (but still tastes of cake) and that fat is magi-cal."

Allen was a bit repulsed "What does it do?"

"It... erm... it makes you get effected by the fat as soon as you eat it."

"I really don't want to do this."

"There'-s no other- way." the old man wheezed and fell back into his chair as Allen moved to a trolley "you- have to- eat all- of- them-" he rested "good luck, each bite makes you- want- to take- another---". Allen looked down at a tantalizing slice of strawberry shortcake 'He's lying. There's no way that kind of magic exists. I've never heard of it before 'fat magic'' he thought 'hmm'. He shrugged 'if it's the only way.' he picked up the spoon and sliced a spoonful from the shortcake and swallowed it quickly. It was delicious and seemed like the best sweet thing he could ever remember tasting.

He felt no noticeable change, but he felt a little odd. 'guess it doesn't work' he thought, however he remained cautious. He sliced off two more pieces and swallowed them down. He still didn't feel anything! He turned to a mirror that the old man now held in front of him. He seemed almost no different to what he had seen in the mirror shards on the trash island, other than that his body seemed less straight as a line, but a tiny bit more curved in certain areas, but he could have been imagining it, however, so he decided to simply scoff down the cake.

When he turned to the mirror he watched as his shirt lifted a bit and he felt his belt tighten around his waist. He looked down, but everything seemed fine, except that his belt buckle was slightly covered by his body now. He lifted his shirt and looked underneath; his teen muscles had been muffled by flesh a bit, but were easily visible. This was going to be easy.

Next he devoured a half of a chocolate cake. He turned to the mirror again. His arms seemed less toned extending from the rolled up flannel sleeves. His shirt was billowing out more and his belt felt quite tight. He undid his belt and moved it up two notches so it sat pretty loosely upon his waist. He observed his stomach as his muscles seemed to vanish under flesh that rolled slightly when he bent his back forward. His jeans grew tighter upon him. "I don;t think those are healthy for you right now." said the king, gesturing at his jeans which faded and vanished so he was standing in his boxer-briefs with his shirt and t-shirt on.

"Ah!" yelled Allen in shock

"Get- on- with- it..." wheezed the king, so Allen did, he consumed the rest of the chocolate cake, three eclairs and a cheesecake before turning to the mirror, noticing his absence of a shirt. He watched as his stomach inflated again and extended far enough over his waistband that it overhang it.his chest started to get more fleshy and his legs thickened with his backside along with his now pale arms.

"Hurry up!" yelled the King "I have to do this a number of times today!" so Allen did, gladly. He ate four more eclairs, a sponge cake, two Swiss rolls and a mud cake to finish the first trolley, before observing himself again. His stomach was growing again, severely hanging over his waistband now, extended from its normal position by about a foot. His chest was exceedingly fatty and his thighs as well as his long calves were also quite large and inflated. His neck started thickening severely and his once-biceps began to weigh down and overhang his elbows when straight. He leaped straight onto the 2nd trolley and swallowed it all down.

He looked again and this time his fat nearly hid his underwear, with his belly extending severely from his torso, along with his chest. His thighs developed stretch marks and grew to about the size of his old torso and became almost as pale as his now rounded shoulders and fatty arms. His neck was thick and fat and was nearly as thick as his head. He jumped to the next trolley and devoured every last morsel.

He turned again and enjoyed the view. His flesh seemed to be hanging off of his; his belly now completely hid hi entire groin area like a curtain and his back looked like melting chocolate. His huge thighs were absolutely massive and the calves beneath them were pale and pillar-like. His neck, thicker now than his head, wobbled as he turned and his arms hung like fleshy wings. He rushed to the final trolley eagerly and eat the lot, ending with an entire wedding cake.

He turned once more and saw a large fleshy sack of a man, which seemed as though he had been left out in the sun too long. His body was essentially falling from him and he could only be described as repulsive. "Well done!" yelled the King "you defeated the challenge! Now- you- will- be- fat forever!" he cackled as Allen murmured to himself.

"I wish I was as I was before I ate the first slice of shortcake." sure enough, his earrings twitched and his fat sucked back into his body and vanished, his belly retracted back into teen muscle and a chest. His arms deflated and gained their original form and his legs retracted and became thin and slender once more. However, he now stood in his underwear, cold and embarrassed. "Oh." said the King "I guess you still win... well done" he laughed "you-can have- your - clothes back." he clicked his fingers and the four dough men rushed in with clothes "Oh, and have the customary underwear of Paste-ry land as a reward." The dough men flew at him and tore of the stretched underwear, replacing it with a frilly pair of women's underwear, much to his embarrassment. They then pulled on his jeans, socks, shoes, shirt and over-shirt and escorted him to the door.

"By the way." yelled the King "We were just getting renovations done. It has been very confusing. The demon- door- puzzle is- next- door." and with that, the dough people launched him from the black door into the portal once again, heading towards a shimmering silver door.

'God damn it.' thought Allen as he passed through that one.

Posted on 2012-03-21 at 14:12:52.
Edited on 2012-03-21 at 14:14:05 by Salindra

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Tired of just sitting in the foyer, Pheo decided to fly around a bit...little did he know that there was cages all along the top of the chamber. As he was flying around one dropped and descended upon him as he tried to fly away, but the cage was too matrix and it followed him. Trapping him he fell too fast to escape. On the ground a odd form approached him... a dragon of sort. It laughed for a bit then spoke "Hello flaming avian, I have expected you for a long time."

"Who are you?"

"I am Jesunar, dragon of the flmaes. You do recognize me do you not?"

"No, I do not, besides, waht are the flmaes in the first place?"

"I am hurt, you do not know who I am, nor do you know what the flames are. The flmaes are the rogue group of Ooo who are based in this realm. We only leave to perform a selected task dependant upon rank that the person has. I am here to birdnap you and get you to join us."


"We shall see..."

To be conintued

Posted on 2012-03-21 at 20:00:06.

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(What's going on? Did someone die? Why did the game, stop?)

Posted on 2012-05-26 at 23:59:38.

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I am also puzzled as to what happened.

Posted on 2012-10-08 at 12:21:50.

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(I've got a feeling no one could post to anymore screw-ups I make, and no one cared for my latest RP action, so they just quit the game.
Quitters... )

Posted on 2012-10-08 at 18:09:37.

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