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Hmm happened recently.

While we 4 hours away from home in Atlanta, Georgia my female companion spiral broke her leg.

Spending 8 hours in the emergency room wasn't so bad compared to the excruciating pain my friend was going through, until the Xray technician told me to hold her floppy lower leg and foot so he could get the right shot.

Finding out that she had no health insurance and that the only way to save the foot was to put a metal bar and screws into her leg in a fun required surgery that will cost her more than she makes in 5 years.

As a update, the hospital stay (Only.. no doctor's bills) billed her for $49,000. And she is a server. Makes like 18k a year. Well that doesn't really matter anymore anyway... she won't be able to work for a long time. But as of now she is totally broke lol. (Don't worry, friends feed her)

On the bright side. I told her she was like a "Rock". And she said "Well, you have to keep on going no matter what they throw at you." and I said "No, I mean they can't get any blood out of you."

How often do I get to use THAT joke? lol was great.

Posted on 2008-08-01 at 13:59:46.
Edited on 2008-08-01 at 14:09:48 by EvolutionJ

Karma: 80/28
3600 Posts


well...look at it this you can console her

Posted on 2008-08-01 at 16:28:27.

RDI Fixture +1
Karma: 65/14
1546 Posts

Not the worst day but bad...

Girlfriend is living an 1 1/2 away, and she is being depressed and not calling or even putting any effort in talking/being with me. I still have to call for transcripts and do some last minute college things. Realizing that when college/work starts, I won't have any time to breathe, let alone do anything fun.

What a bittersweet time in my life.

Posted on 2008-08-01 at 17:22:01.

Karma: 80/28
3600 Posts


That's 4 sentences Jozan...but seeing how bittersweet your life is right now we won't flog you over it.

It will all work'll see

Posted on 2008-08-01 at 17:26:37.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 44/13
612 Posts

bad days are fun

I just failed my Calc III exam, which means I get to take the course again. My computer has an interesting virus right now, which is making it hard to get things done. I have to be at work (approx 1 hour away) in about 5 minutes, and I'm sitting in front of my pc with boxers on (and a bit sick).

OK, not 5 minutes yet, but I suspect I may call in today.

Posted on 2008-08-01 at 17:47:58.
Edited on 2008-08-01 at 17:48:16 by suicidolt

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
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1. Have had an annoying headache kicking away at the back of my eyeballs (which today feel as if they're made of concrete) since Monday.

2. Can't get myself to post for the Trek game I started and am coming to realize that I think I've just lost all interest in it for some reason.

3. Woke up today completely and utterly depressed for no good reason.

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 17:51:13.

Karma: 46/64
335 Posts

girlfriend troubles

Forgot to bring my writing assignment home so I think I'll get a bad grade and embaress myself infront of the class!Then I was accused of kissing my girlfriend at a very young age!Then I found out I have no more friends

Posted on 2010-08-14 at 01:45:37.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 27/4
538 Posts


I finally have a chance at a decent girlfriend, with the possibility of a job, then I lose my house, and have to move back to the childhood hometown that sucked away my father's spirit.

I am supposed to return to my previous home twice a week, but my car breaks down halfway to the current one, and I am towed the rest of the way there (In retrospect, the car not wanting to go should have been a clue).

Now I am stuck here, with no transportation back to the only woman in ten years I have found who is willing to tolerate my various quirks (The random outbursts of (flawless) foreign accents, the rampant puns and the like).

Posted on 2012-01-22 at 05:24:46.

5 Headed Dracohydra
Karma: 80/23
1117 Posts

Am I blue? Yes I'm blue.

They say if you have unexplained pain, are losing sleep, and losing interest in things that you were once impassioned with, you could be suffering from depression.

With the exception of my ongoing love for D&D, All of the above describes me, as of late.

But now, I can't even enjoy the one last thing I love presently because my Sunday D20pro game is postponed til Feb 5th, Audulis Dreaming is on hiatus til March, and hopefully I'll have a better turnout next Tuesday than last in my chat game 'cause the D&D content of my blood is getting low.

Posted on 2012-01-22 at 08:11:31.

Karma: 11/54
303 Posts

every night around 10.....

i become so morbid and depressed i make emos look like hippies. absoltly no reason for me to be so depressed at those times, but staying up after 1130 means i dont have to deal with the nightmares....

Posted on 2012-01-22 at 17:24:04.

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