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Related thread: Dark Carnival Q/A + Characters
GM for this game: Kamina
Players for this game: SilentOne, SirSadaar, I-Binary
This game has fizzled.
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David felt helpless being dragged along by the crowd. It felt... strange. Everyone seemed dead set on going the same direction. That was especially inexplicable, since there were plenty of rides and attractions everyone was avoiding. While being dragged along, he tried to see some of the entrances of the rides. This must be mob mentallity, David thought to himself. He cursed himself silently. If they rioted, this would be a dangerous place to be, especially with Jade.

They all were dragged into the tent, and were sat down. David felt like the stifling darkness was suffocating him. The energy of the mob had strangely died down, but he was still in the seat. Suddenly, the light came on, and some tall black clad man stood on the stage, under a single light."WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO THE DARK CARNIVAL'S ONE AND ONLY FREAK SHOW. PLEASE SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE WORLD'S MOST HORREDNOUS SITES. TREMBLE IN FEAR, QUAKE IN AGONY, WATCH AS THE FREAK'S COME TO LIFE!"
Oh, this was not where David wanted to be. Would it be people dressed in costumes? Or worse actually deformed people. Either way, this probably was not a place for Jade to be. David started to stand, but the light went out. Once again, it was pure darkness.

After a few moments, David noticed the familiar glow of fire. Glancing over, he noticed Amera holding a lighter, with Jade at her side. Maybe that fire would get them evacuated out of the tent? At this moment, he could care less about how they got out, as long as they did.

Jade clutched to the side of Amera in fear. It was brutally dark in this room. It was terrifying. Jade did her best to stay calm, barely managing not to cry in the darkness. Suddenly, a single light came on and the man who had given her and Amera the black roses stood at the stage. After giving a very brief speech, the light went out again. Jade whispered to Amera, " Isn't that the guy who gave use the black rose and riddle?" Jade sat in the silence to a moment, listening to Amera confer with her sister. Jade held tightly to Amera's side, feeling a bit more comforted when Amera wrapped her arm around Jade.

When Amera lit the lighter, the area around her lit up. It was by far better than the darkness. Jade felt her fear recede a little, even if she was still stuck in this place.

(OOC: Sorry for how long it took to post this, University is a killer right now.)

Posted on 2014-09-19 at 17:02:39.

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The brief quietude that had set up amongst the odd little group fermented slightly after the outburst between the goth sisters- whose names Tiffany just couldn't keep track of- and little Jade's dad. Still excited over the announcement over the loudspeaker, Tiffany turned around to search for its source. After all, she hadn't been able to go on any rides yet, and was interested in doing something before they would close the park. It had been growing darker and darker.

Suddenly, as though her hopes had been answered, a great surge of movement swelled and rippled through the crowd, catching everybody in its wake and dragging them out from the ferris wheel towards the largest tent in the park.
"HEY!" Tiffany shrieked in surprise. "What are you- get OFF of me!" But the bodies wouldn't stop bumping and jostling her about, and she found herself incapable of movement in any other direction beyond the one they were already being moved in. She nearly fell over a few times as she went, frightening her on top of her irritation and doing horrible things to her expertly-cleaned blonde hair. The harder she struggled, the less she could move, and before she knew it, everything had stopped. Somebody plunked her down onto a bleacher next to the goth sisters, Jade, and her father in a large, dark room- presumably the tent they'd been ushered towards. Tiffany huffed in annoyance and began furiously fixing her hair when a large voice from the centre of the room shattered the brief interlude:

The spotlight on the tall figure was shut off as soon as it'd come on, and they were plunged into darkness once more. Tiffany blinked a few times. It was true that she had been interested in going here, but the forceful manner in which she'd been dragged over, as well as the tizzy she'd worked up from it, had removed that interest altogether. Momentarily stunned, she looked around at her companions and realized that nobody else was happy to be here either. One of the sisters had a grin on her face, but the other was petrified- she could see her pallid complexion in her lighter's dim glow. Jade's father wore a furrowed frown of concern, and his daughter was clinging to the terrified goth sister's arm. Realizing that she was not alone in her feelings, Tiffany recovered from her pause and burst.

"This is just STUPID!! If I'd REALLY wanted to come here, I'd have just walked over MYSELF! Nobody will MAKE me do anything!" Her sharp outburst could probably have been heard for a fair distance across the large tent, but the darkness hid her identity. With a small "Hmpf!" of defiance, she stood up from her seat and began to hurry toward the stairs.

Posted on 2014-09-20 at 19:00:01.
Edited on 2014-09-20 at 19:06:49 by I-Binary

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