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The Tired
RDI Staff
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Wanted - One Mage for High Lvl Game

I have lost a player in CWWLLO and was wondering if someone would like to take over. 15th level mage in the middle of the... a tomb.

Please let me know if you are interested. Otherwise the party loses their mage in the WORST POSSIBLE PLACE.

Really, they need you.

Name: Jarenion Mithesonel
Race: Grey Elf
Alignment: NG
Class: Mage
Level: 15

Strength: 12 � Dmg Adj: -, Wt Allw: 45, Max Press: 140, Open Doors: 7, Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 4%
Intelligence: 18 - # of Languages:7, Spell Lvl: 9th, Chance to Learn: 85%; Max Spells/Lvl: 18
Wisdom: 16 � Magical Def Adj.: +2, Bonus Spells 2nd, Chance Spell Failure: 0%
Dexterity: 17 � Reaction Adj.: +2, Attack Adj.: +2, Defensive Adj.: -3
Constitution: 14 � HP Adj.: 0, System Shock: 88%, Res Survival: 92%, Poison Save: 0, Regen: Nil
Charisma: 15 � Max# Henchmen: 7, Loyalty Base: +3, Reaction Adj.:+3

Armour Class: -1
Hit Points: 110

Abilities Race: 90% resistance to sleep and charm spells, infravision 60�, detect secret/concealed doors

General Appearance Age: 153
Eyes: Violet
Height: 5� 5�
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Black
Build: Slender
General Description: Jarenion stands 5' 5" tall and weighs a rather sleight 125 lbs. Despite his small stature, however, he cuts an imposing if not intimidating figure owed to his confidence and determination. He wears his long black hair in a loose and, in truth, somewhat unkempt fashion, his eyes (a violet shade common to his blood line), much like the points of his leaf-shaped ears, are seldom seen as they are often hidden by the spill of his hair and the wide brim of the dark leather hat that he rarely removes. He is most often seen wearing a knee-length, charcoal grey coat, blousy black trousers, and soft charcoal grey boots in lieu of the standard robes of a mage. His only visible weapons are a rune-graven adamantine staff that is seldom far from hand and a dagger that hangs amidst a cluster of pouches from the belt around his waist� what items may be in those pouches or, for that matter, in the dark leather satchel slung from his shoulder are beyond imagining as he guards their contents jealously.

Jarenion might easily be mistaken as being arrogant by those who haven�t taken the time (or had the patience) to get to know him beyond appearances and first impressions. He is rather aloof and supremely confident in his abilities, though, tending to be a bit of an intimidator when it comes to wielding the arcane energies he�s spent his life mastering and, often, prefers to take his spells into combat alongside sword-and-armor fighters rather than simply providing them support from a distance as he has seen many other mages do. Despite his standoffish nature and lack of a ready smile for most of civilization, those who have travelled with and/or befriended the mage know that a warm smile and pleasant conversation can be evoked from Jarenion on occasion� if you can pull his attentions from his spellcraft for that long.

Combat Abilities Proficiencies: Staff, Dagger/Dirk
Specializations: Staff

Weapons and Equipment (not including Magical Items)
On Person:
  • Broad-brimmed leather hat (originally was dyed deep black but is well-worn and weathered)
  • Tunic (midnight blue)
  • Boots, soft (charcoal grey)
  • Belt (black)
  • Belt Pouch, Lg (x1)
  • Belt pouch, Sm (x3)
  • assortment of spell components and herbs
  • Chalk (3 pcs)
  • Wine/waterskin
  • Trail rations (3 days (?))
  • mirror, small metal
  • candles (4)
  • Map/Scroll case
  • Parchment (10 sheets or so should suffice, I suppose)
  • Writing ink (3 vials)
  • Writing quills (small assortment)
  • Spellbook

Languages Spoken: Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Sylvan, Abyssal, Celestial
Non-Weapon Proficiencies:
  • Spellcraft
  • Riding, Land based
  • Languages, Modern
  • Languages, Ancient
  • Weather Sense
  • Reading/Writing
  • Etiquette
  • Ancient History

Magical Items:
  • Staff of the Stone Lord (40 chr)� This staff is a solid piece of Adamantine, doe +3 to hit and damage, can affect any creature as if a +5 weapon and any weapon breakage can be ignored. The staff has all the powers of a Rod of Smiting (+3 magical weapon that inflicts 1d8+3 points of damage. Against golems, the staff causes 2d8+6 points of damage, and any score of 20 or better completely destroys the golem. Any hit upon a golem drains one charge. The rod causes normal damage (1d8+3) versus creatures of the Outer Planes. Any score of 20 or better draws off one charge and causes triple damage: (1d8+3) x3).
    Additional Powers:
    Staff holds up to 10 levels of spells in holding (10 1st, 5 2nd etc ). These spells can be cast by the user at any point but require a casting time of 1 seg only. Caster can refill spells by casting the spell into the staff.
    Earthen strength � as long as the staff is held, the wielder gains 20 hit points.
    The Staff is soul bonded to Jarenion and can be summoned to hand at will
    Once a day the staff can cast Stoneskin on the wielder only (2 charges, holds for 7 attacks))
    Once per day the staff can expend 3 charges and create a wall of stone (20 H, 3� thick) around the caster in a 10� radius. The wall will be circular and last one round only but no attack can get through it, not even mist.
    Casting time is always # of charges as Segments

    The Onyx Weasel AC 4 AT: 1 Dm: 1-4 -When commanded, this statuette changes into a creature with the similar properties as a weasel, except that it is endowed with Intelligence of 8-10, can communicate in the Common tongue, and has exceptional olfactory and visual abilities. The olfactory power enables the onyx weasel to scent the trail of a known creature 100% of the time if the trail is one hour old or less, -10% per hour thereafter. The weasel is subject to being thrown off by false trails, breaks, water, and masking or blocking substances or scents. The visual power enables the onyx weasel to use 90-foot-range infravision, spotting hidden (such as in shadows) things 60% of the time, and normally invisible things 50% of the time. An onyx weasel can be used for up to six continuous hours, once per week. It obeys only its owner. This is J's Familiar as well.

  • Dagger +1
  • Rune�s Coat � Given to Jarenion by the arch-mage Rune himself, this Knee-length, charcoal grey coat gives a base AC of 2 and gives you against the elements in a normal setting (cold, heat, rain)
  • Sanderan�s Satchel � Like a Heward�s Handy Haversack but as a Satchel
  • Potion of Extra Healing (3)

Spells- 18/18/18/18/18/10/5 First Level
  1. Affect normal fires (PHB)
  2. Armor (PHB)
  3. Burning Hands (PHB)
  4. Chill Touch (PHB)
  5. Detect Magic (PHB)
  6. Enlarge (PHB)
  7. Feather Fall (PHB)
  8. Find Familiar (PHB)
  9. Fire Burst (ToM)
  10. Fist of Stone (ToM)
  11. Grease (PHB)
  12. Jump (PHB)
  13. Light (PHB)
  14. Magic Missile (PHB)
  15. Read Magic (PHB)
  16. Shocking Grasp (PHB)
  17. Spider Climb (PHB)
  18. Wall of Fog (PHB)
Second Level
  1. Blindness (PHB)
  2. Continual Light (PHB)
  3. Darkness, 15� radius (PHB)
  4. Detect Evil (PHB)
  5. Detect Invisibility (PHB)
  6. Flaming Sphere (PHB)
  7. Invisibility (PHB)
  8. Knock (PHB)
  9. Levitate (PHB)
  10. Maximilian�s Earthen Grasp (ToM)
  11. Melf�s Acid Arrow (PHB)
  12. Mirror Image (PHB)
  13. Protection from paralysis (ToM)
  14. Ray of Enfeeblement (PHB)
  15. Spectral Hand (PHB)
  16. Summon Swarm (PHB)
  17. Web (PHB)
  18. Whispering Wind (PHB)
Third Level
  1. Clairaudience (PHB)
  2. Clairvoyance (PHB)
  3. Dispel Magic (PHB)
  4. Far Reaching I (ToM)
  5. Fireball (PHB)
  6. Gust of Wind (PHB)
  7. Haste (PHB)
  8. Hold Person (PHB)
  9. Invisibility, 10� Radius (PHB)
  10. Lightning Bolt (PHB)
  11. Maximilian�s Stony Grasp (ToM)
  12. Melf�s Minute Meteors (PHB)
  13. Minor malison (ToM)
  14. Monster Summoning I (PHB)
  15. Protection from evil, 10� radius (PHB)
  16. Slow (PHB)
  17. Windwall (PHB)
  18. Wraithform (PHB)
Fourth Level
  1. Charm Monster (PHB)
  2. Confusion (PHB)
  3. Contagion (PHB)
  4. Dig (PHB)
  5. Enervation (PHB)
  6. Evard�s Black Tentacles (PHB)
  7. Far Reaching II (ToM)
  8. Fear (PHB)
  9. Greater Malison (ToM)
  10. Ice Storm (PHB)
  11. Improved Invisibility (PHB)
  12. Minor spell turning (ToM)
  13. Monster Summoning II (PHB)
  14. Remove Curse (PHB)
  15. Stoneskin (PHB)
  16. Thunder Staff (ToM)
  17. Turn Pebble to Boulder (ToM)
  18. Wall of Fire (PHB)
Fifth Level
  1. Airy Water (PHB)
  2. Cloudkill (PHB)
  3. Cone of Cold (PHB)
  4. Conjure elemental (PHB)
  5. Dismissal (PHB)
  6. Far Reaching III (ToM)
  7. Feeblemind (PHB)
  8. Hold Monster (PHB)
  9. Leomund�s Lamentable Belaborment (PHB)
  10. Mind Fog (ToM)
  11. Monster Summoning III (PHB)
  12. Mordenkainen�s faithful Hound (PHB)
  13. Passwall (PHB)
  14. Safeguarding (ToM)
  15. Summon Shadow (PHB)
  16. Telekinesis (PHB)
  17. Von Gasik�s Refusal (ToM)
  18. Wall of Stone (PHB)
Sixth Level
  1. Bigby�s Forceful Hand (PHB)
  2. Chain Lightning (PHB)
  3. Control Weather (PHB)
  4. Disintegrate (PHB)
  5. Forest�s Fiery Constrictor (ToM)
  6. Lorloveim�s Shadowy Transformation (ToM)
  7. Monster Summoning IV (PHB)
  8. Tenser�s Transformation (PHB)
  9. True Seeing (PHB)
  10. Veil (PHB)
Seventh Level
  1. Banishment (PHB)
  2. Mordenkainen�s Sword (PHB)
  3. Shadowcat (ToM)
  4. Spell Turning (PHB)
  5. Suffocate (ToM)

Brief History: Jarenion Mithesonel, while considered by most as a more academician sort, had a long and successful career as an adventurer before his retirement, even having the opportunity to travel and adventure with some of Oerth�s most reputed heroes on several occasions. After many, many years of trials and travels beyond Celene�s borders, though, the mage has recently returned to his homeland and, at long last, in the privacy of his own tower, spent the last few years buried in his continuing study of magic and, on occasion, serving in something of an advisory capacity to the royals/nobles of Grey Elf society.

Posted on 2015-05-08 at 14:44:24.
Edited on 2015-05-08 at 14:44:55 by Alacrity

Karma: 156/25
6236 Posts

Spell Slinger................

Yep we need someone who fancies themselves a BIG TIME spell slinger. For the party to survive this we need Big Time magic to fight Big Time magic.

Posted on 2015-05-09 at 10:57:09.

Karma: 1/0
17 Posts

Consider me

I would be willing to take over, if you will have me?

Posted on 2015-05-10 at 00:14:15.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6339 Posts

The Magey to the Levvy

Okay Leviathan, the mage is yours to discover. I will be posting to the game today or tomorrow so why don;t you read the back posts and jump in at that point.

Posted on 2015-05-11 at 07:05:54.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6339 Posts

alrighty then

Leviathan backed out of playing this mage. Anyone else?

Posted on 2015-05-13 at 13:10:52.

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