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The Tired
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Titangrave Characters

Titansgrave Character Sheet
Name: Lum
Race: Orc
Class: Warrior
Social Class: Outsider / Criminal
Description: Precious Item: Finger of a Golem

HP: 62
Speed: 10
Defence: 10
Armour Soak: 6 (8 while using Guardian)
Weapon Favoured: Great Axe
Weapons Carried: Great Axe, Heavy Blaster, 2 side arm blasters
Fighting Styles: Two handed Weapon, Blaster, Unarmed

Strength: +4
Intimidation, Might
Dexterity: 0

Constitution: +2
Intelligence: 0
Engineering, Scientific Lore
Accuracy: +2
Fighting: +3
Brawling, Axe, Heavy Blades
Perception: +2
Communication: +1

Willpower: +1

Talents: Dark Sight (20'), Armour Training (JM) - you can wear battle armour without suffering penalty to dexterity, Quick Reflexes (N) - you can ready a weapon as a free action
Specializations: Guardian (N) - Trained to defend not just yourself but allies in combat. When protecting someone, gain +2 to armour rating and if your charge is successfully attacked, you can choose to take half their damage.
Equipment: Light, Battle Armour, Rain Cloak, Flashlight, Three Fulign Batteries, Food rations (no meat) for 1 week, two potions of healing (Heals 50%), One stim pack (Instant +10hp)

Background: Lum was born in the usual ways and ended up in an orphanage within Nestora City. No one seemed to know who his family were or seemed afraid to mention it if they did know. He grew up there never being adopted, always turned away; who wants an orc? But he had a friend named Otto who was a dwarf (also always picked over).

Otto was the one who started teaching Lum how to read, and then the principles of engineering. As Otto taught Lum about building structures he would say he had Uncle that had an Inn. He'd describe it and say it was called the Pegasus. When Lum asked him if he had an Uncle why was he in the orphanage? Otto just shrugged and said Pappa wasn't family anymore.
Once they reached 16 years of age, they were tossed out of the orphanage and given jobs as laborers for the Guilds. Well, Otto was a laborer, but Lum tried to be an Engineer. The guildsmen laughed that an Orc could be an Engineer and he was quickly moved to being a guard or a security thug. They just put a weapon in his hands and told him who to hurt.

It was about five years later that Lum and Otto were on a reconstruction site for a bridge near Fort Umber that things went bad for Lum. A group of men lead by a golem came and started ordering them around, telling them they had no claim to the land and to back off immediately. Otto became quite heated in his exchange with the golem and Lum tried to intercede. The golem back handed Otto with his powerful robotic arm and the blow threw Otto back against a rock, killing him instantly. Lum flew into a rage, tearing into the Golem and attacking the men. When it was all done, Lum had lost his only friend and was a wanted fugitive. There was something about the finger of the golem he destroyed that struck him, a finger that was built to look like it had a ring. A signet ring with a crudely drawn fish symbol (an alpha symbol actually). Lum took it as a reminder of that day and his friend, but also because he couldn't shake the feeling it was important.

Lum then escaped to the east and came upon the Pegasus Inn. He collapsed at the back door. When a figured appeared Lum held out his and mumbled "Otto". Dwan took him in and asked no questions. Lum plays the dumb orc card to keep people away but his true friends on his team know he is a valuable asset on a mission.

Posted on 2017-02-15 at 13:16:33.
Edited on 2017-02-15 at 13:18:16 by Alacrity

The Tired
RDI Staff
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6340 Posts


 photo B0B96A65-642A-42E4-AF95-190F44E6C89C_zps7mcmcsbc.jpg
Name: Máiréad
Race: Human
Class: Mage (Healer)
Social Class: Minor Noble / Wanderer
Description: Máiréad is only 20 years old. She is slim of build, about 110 lbs, and stands only 5'4". She has long copper color hair which she braids in the front and weaves natural things such as various bird feathers, small animal bones, and small colorful stones, in her braids. She weathers a green dress and jacket with a matching hood, all with embroidery of flowers and leaves. A set of brown, earth toned, mid-calf leather boots completes her outfit. She carries a long 6' gnarled hardwood staff which she keeps with her at all times. She can be seen clinging to the staff at times, as if seeking confront from it's warm smooth touch.
Precious Item: Staff (see above)

HP: 48
MP: 50
Speed: 12
Defence: 12
Armour Soak: 0
Weapon Favoured: Staff
Weapons Carried: Staff (Long gnarled hardwood staff carved with small rune designs)
Fighting Styles: One Weapon

Strength: 0

Dexterity: +2

Constitution: +1
Intelligence: +4
Healing, Natural Lore
Accuracy: +1
Arcane Blast
Fighting: +1
Perception: +2

Communication: +1
Willpower: +3

Talents: Healing (JM) - When using the Heal action, you do twice the amount of healing, Animal Training (N) - You know the basics of animal handling and training, Spiritual Lore (JM) - You see and talk to spirits who can sometimes tell you things otherwise unknown.

Specializations: Miracle Worker - Healing - You can cast healing arcane at -1 MP less than usual (Minimum 1 pt)

Equipment: Rain Cloak, Flashlight, Three Fulign Batteries, Food rations (no meat) for 1 week, two potions of healing (Heals 50%), One stim pack (Instant +10hp), Small leather drawstring pouch - Holds small bones, stones, feathers, sticks and other little things that interests her for whatever strange reason.

Background: Máiréad was born to a minor noble family, the father being an industrialist who made a lot of money on tech reclamation. She was the 4th of 6 daughters born to her mother in an attempt to produce a son. Her mother died giving birth to the 6th daughter. Máiréad loved her mother and felt spiritually connected to her and spent a lot of time just following her around and trying to learn anything she could. When her mother died, Máiréad said she could still feel her mother there looking after her. Her father remarried a year later and the stepmother produced the desired heir on her first try.

Máiréad was an imaginative child, always full of stories and talking about imaginary friends she played with, but as she grew older, the imaginary friends did not leave her. She saw spirits and things everywhere and talked to them which caused a lot of consternation with her father and stepmother. She even said that she could hear her mother speaking to her at times; mostly when she felt alone and afraid. They sent her to therapists, doctors, and mages to "cure" her of her ailment, but to no success. Máiréad was very smart, but her tutors all said that she was too distracted and didn't apply herself well. Máiréad grew resentful and defiant of the doctors who were constantly trying to make her 'normal'.

It was when she was due for another round of therapy that she decided to hide in the family gardens. There she found a hole in the ground, which was a hidden entrance that led to an old church or holy place buried deep beneath. No doubt from before the chaos wars, the place was very dark, but it was here that the darkness began to talk to her. It told her of the spirits she saw and taught her how to manipulate them to do things in exchange for a power she had within her called mana. It gave her a dark crystal to use as a spell focus. She could heal, move the earth and even protect others with the spirits. She sought out the darkness often, but it was asking more and more from her that she did not feel comfortable with - using the spirits as a master and forcing them to her will.

One day, Máiréad heard her mother whispering to her that what she was doing was wrong and evil. After that, she decided to stop seeking out the Dark God, as she came to call it, and walk a new path. She gave it her dark crystal back and walked away, but the darkness was angered by her leaving, she could feel it in the garden and it haunted her in her dreams. It whispered to her and told her that she must come back, but she hardened her mind and blocked it out. But the Dark God would not be so easily defeated.

A few weeks later, her family home caught fire and all her family was killed while Máiréad was away at the market. It was labelled as an accident, but Máiréad knew better. She knew it was the Dark God and that she had to get away - far away from the Dark god.

As she went through the meager remains of the estate, she found an old oak staff, gnarled but beautiful. She remembered that it had belonged to her mother, she remembered sitting at her mother's feet as she smoothed the wood and carved it with little symbols and designs. Máiréad took the staff and it became her weapon and her new spell focus.

She left home and hid out in the rust waste for awhile, before meeting some of Dwan's scouts. They talked her into returning with them to talk to Dwan who seen the skill and power within this young woman. So she became one of them; one of Dwan's Scout. Máiréad has not felt the Dark God's presence for years, but it still whispers in her dreams; when it does she touches her mother's staff and seeks solace with the spirits, her mother's included, and the voice is quieted.

Although Máiréad is now one of Dwan's Scouts, she is very reclusive, preferring the company of her Spirits and animals than the company of people. She believes that people come and go, but her Spirits and the animals of the forest are always there for her. Even though she will have a room at the Pegasus, she seldom uses it as she prefers the nearby woods where she feels more at home. She works with the other scouts out of necessity and not out of a sense of friendship. She doesn't really trust many people, scouts included, unless the Spirits have shown her that person is trustworthy. She is a strict vegetarian as she doesn't condone the killing of animals, unless it can't be avoided.

Scouts she has worked with have said she can be difficult and a pain in the ass at times, but her magical abilities have proven very useful and saved lives of other scouts.

Spells: Arcane Blast No MP cost Range attack with damage of 1d6+Willpower+level

Healing Touch (novice)
Type: Utility MPC: 1-3
CT: Major Action TN: 10
Your touch seals wounds and restores vigor to one wounded target. You can choose to spend up to 3 MPs when you cast the spell. For each MP spent, the target gets back 25% of original Health. You can cast this on yourself.

Revival (novice)
Type: Utility MPC: 5
CT: Major Action TN: 14
Your touch helps restore the grievously wounded or fallen. A dying character adjacent to you immediately regains 10 + their Constitution + your Willpower in Health. Since dying characters cannot take actions, you cannot cast this spell on yourself.

Healing Aura (journeyman)
type: Utility MPC: 3-9
CT: Major Action TN: 15
Waves of healing energy radiate from you and aid your nearby allies. You can pick a number of targets up to twice your Willpower, all of whom must be within 10 yards of you. All targets regain 10% of original Health per 3 MP you spend (to a maximum of 30% Health for 9 MP). You can designate yourself as one of the targets.

Restoration (Master)
Type: Utility MPC: 15
CT: 1 Minute TN: 17
You can restore a gravely injured character to health, though this spell takes 1 minute to cast and is thus most useful outside of combat encounters. You must remain adjacent to the target throughout the casting. If successful, the target regains Health equal to (1d6 plus your Willpower) × 10%.

Rock Blast (novice)
Type: Attack MPC: 4
CT: Major Action TN: 12
A blast of small rocks burst from your hand or arcane device at a visible enemy within 20 yards. They inflict 1d6 + Willpower penetrating damage and the target is knocked prone. If the target makes a successful Constitution (Stamina) test vs. your Spellpower, Rock blast only inflicts 1d6 penetrating
damage and the target remains standing.

Stone Cloak (novice)
Type: Defense MPC: 3
CT: Major Action TN: 10
Your clothing takes on the toughness of stone while remaining pliable. Stone cloak gives you an Armor Rating equal to your Willpower ability for 1 hour. If you are wearing regular armor, stone cloak has no effect. You can only cast this on yourself.

Earth Speed (journeyman)
Type: Utility MPC: 6
CT: Major Action TN: 13
You let the earth swallow and transport you, re-emerging anywhere within 30 yards that you can see. You must be standing on dirt when you cast the spell and you must emerge from the dirt as well.

Hero's Inspiration (novice)
Type: Enhancement MPC: 3
CT: Major Action TN: 10
Your arcane power gives confidence to a number of targets equal to your Willpower. They must be within 6 yards of you when the spell is cast but may then move freely and still enjoy its effects. Those with Hero's Inspiration gain a +2 bonus on the next ability test they take (whatever it is). If they have not
used this bonus by the end of the encounter, the benefit is lost. You can designate yourself as one of the targets.

Hero's Might (novice)
Type: Enhancement MPC: 5
CT: Major Action TN: 12
Your arcane power infuses a number of targets equal to your Willpower. They must be within 6 yards of you when the spell is cast but may then move freely and still enjoy its effects. Until the end of the encounter, those enhanced with Hero's Might gain a +1 bonus to damage when making melee and ranged attacks. You can designate yourself as one of the targets.

Posted on 2017-02-15 at 13:19:03.
Edited on 2017-02-16 at 09:08:12 by Alacrity

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6340 Posts


Name: Rhyson Ezuricai of House Tandris
Race: Elf
Class: Mage
Social Class: Nobility - Exile
HP: 52
MP: 55
Speed: 15
Defence: 13
Armour Soak: 0
Weapon Favoured: Staff
Weapons Carried: Staff
Fighting Styles: One Weapon

Strength: 0
Advanced Driving
Dexterity: +3

Constitution: +2

Intelligence: +3
Cultural Lore, Historical Lore, Arcane Lore
Accuracy: +2
Arcane Blast
Fighting: 0
Perception: +2
Seeing, Hearing
Communication: +1
Willpower: +4

Talents: Dark Vision (20'), Intrigue (JM) - You may reroll any communication roll you fail, Alchemy (N) You can make Blast and Thunder grenades.
Specializations: Arcane Scholar - If you fail an Arcane Lore roll, you may re-roll it.

Equipment: Rain Cloak, Flashlight, Three Fulign Batteries, Food rations (no meat) for 1 week, two potions of healing (Heals 50%), One stim pack (Instant +10hp)

Background: Rhyson was the son of a minor noble family (House Tandris) in the town of Tandris near the city of Vorakis. He was the second of three children which meant that his older brother, Dwynen, would be the one to lead the House in the future. Thus when Rhy began to show a talent for magic, the family was quite pleased. He would be able to contribute to the families' position even if he didn't lead the family. Rhys was also excited, for the possibilities of magic intrigued him.

But the young elf also struggled with the community he found around him. He saw the elite city-elf families (And as an extension - the Circle as well) dominating other people for their own benefit. From a very young age he was aware that those above his family n rank considered themselves to be his betters and felt that he was simply there to be used for their benefit. Even his own family was part of this corrosive dynamic - they used those "below them" without much concern for the welfare or interests of those thus used. Even their own children were pawns in a game of power. Rhyson did not like being a pawn - or even being a piece of higher rank and treating others as pawns. Deep inside he just didn't feel that people should be treated like sheep. They were people. Plus, suchnentitled behavior seemed to be the cause of the wars and cataclysm that had marred the world's history.

As it turns out, this attitude did more than just annoy his parents. (Which it also did!) One day the young mage-in-training was in the city of Vorakis when he saw several young men pushing around a young man named Tulo that Rhys recognized as the assistant of alocal alchemist who frequently helped Rhys get the spell components he needed. As he approached the quarrel he was horrified to discover that the young men were not actually after the alchemist's assistant himself, but were dragging his wife into a nearby house for pleasure. They young Tulo was simply trying to stop them, but was faced by multiple blades of high rank. Without thinking, Rhys jumped into the situation, tripped up the one dragging the woman into the building, grabbed the lady and pushed her behind him and stood between the young couple and their tormenters. Those he opposed were willing to fight, but a quick spell or two covered their retreat allowing Rhys and the couple to escape.

But the escape was only temporary. One of the young men came from a house that was substantially more powerful than House Tandris. Rhys had stepped on some powerful toes. Luckily he had been smart enough not to kill anyone in making his escape, but the public humiliation of his "betters" could not be ignored. As a minor noble himself, Rhys was able to avoid public punishment, but only by leaving. His siblings offered words of encouragement, but also words of what they considered wisdom about "knowing his place in the world." His parents were disappointed and, while not disowning their middle child, made it clear that he would be unwelcome for awhile. Angry and abandoned, the young Rhyson didn't know exactly what his "place in the world" would turn out to be, but he was damned sure it didn't include standing by and bowing while others brought hatred and violence into the world.

And so he found himself on the road, but not alone. The young alchemist's apprentice and his wife accompanied him. As witnesses (and in the minds of the powerful, the cause of) of the public humiliation of a noble their life would not be tolerable or safe in Vorakis. Where were they going? None of them was quite sure. Rhys figured he could keep himself alive with his magic, but the young couple needed work. Eventually they wandered into the town of Thay where they were able to find an alchemist in need of an assistant. Tulo felt the alchemist took advantage eof the situation, but still, it was work. Thus Rhys was freed from the responsibility of needing to look after the young pair. But he also needed work - he family had given him a little money when he left town, but it was running out quickly under the pressure of supporting three people. he found work in the same town as the others, working for the dwarf Dwan at the Pegasus Inn. It didn't feel like a permanent home, but it provided food, a bed, money and some time to think and learn. And Dwan seemed a worthy person to work for, which felt significant for Rhyson after his previous experiences with those of wealth and position.

Spells: Jolt (novice)
Type: Attack MPC: 3
CT: Major Action TN: 11
You jolt one visible character within 10 yards of you. The target takes 2 penetrating damage and must succeed in a Constitution (Stamina) test vs. your Spellpower or become stunned. On his next turn a stunned character cannot take a major action; only a single minor action is allowed.

Shock Blast (novice)
Type: Attack MPC: 4
CT: Major Action TN: 13
Electricity arcs from your hands or your arcane device, shocking enemies in a 6-yard by 6-yard area. Anyone in this area takes 1d6 + Willpower penetrating damage. Targets that make a successful Constitution (Stamina) test vs. your Spellpower only take 1d6 penetrating damage.

Lightning Bolt (journeyman)
Type: Attack MPC: 7
CT: Major Action TN: 15
A bolt of electricity leaps from your outstretched hand or arcane device to strike a single visible target within 30 yards of you. The lightning bolt inflicts 2d6 + Willpower penetrating damage. A target that make a successful Constitution(Stamina) test vs. your Spellpower only takes 1d6 + Willpower
penetrating damage.

Chain Lightning (Master)
Type: Attack MPC: 12
CT: Major Action TN: 17
This spell is similar to lightning bolt but it can affect multiple targets by arcing from one to the next. You pick a single visible character within 20 yards of you. It affects that target and an additional number of characters equal to the result of the casting roll's Stunt Die. They must all be within 10 yards of
the original target. Chain Lightning inflicts 2d6 + Willpower penetrating damage. Targets that make a successful Constitution (Stamina) test vs. your Spellpower only take 1d6 + Willpower penetrating damage.

Protective Winds (novice)
Type: Defense MP Cost: 4
Casting time: Major Action Target number: 10
You summon up a whipping wind that circles about you and protects you from harm. You gain a +2 to your Defense vs. ranged attacks. Anyone adjacent to you (friend or foe) suffers a -1 penalty when making melee attacks. Protective winds last until the end of the encounter.

Voices on the Wind (novice)
Type: Utility MP Cost: 4+
Casting time: Major Action Target number: 11
You can focus in on any conversation happening within 100 yards of you that you can see. The wind carries the conversation to your ears and you can hear it as clearly as if you were sitting next to the participants. You can switch to a different conversation as a major action. Voices on the wind lasts for 10 minutes, and you can extend it for 10 minutes for each 2 MP you spend.

Wind Blast (Journeyman)
Type: Attack MP Cost: 8
Casting time: Major Action Target number: 14
You send a powerful gust of wind from your outstretched hands or arcane device. The wind blast is 6 yards long and 4 yards wide. Anyone caught inside it must make a Strength (Might) test vs. your Spellpower or be knocked prone. The wind will also send light objects flying, blow out candles, etc.

Hands of Fate (novice)
Type: Enhancement MPC: 4
CT: Major Action TN: 12
You can manipulate fate to help your allies. When you cast this spell, you get a total bonus equal to your Stunt Die +1. For the remainder of the encounter, you can give part or all of this bonus to an ally within 20 yards of you if it would make one of their failed ability tests into a success. If an ally failed a test by 2, for example, you could give them 2 of your total bonus to make that into a success. The GM must tell you thecost and you can then decide if you want to apply any of your bonus to the test. Hands of fate lasts until you've spent your total bonus, or the encounter ends. If your total bonus from casting the spell was 5, for example, you might give 3 of it to one ally and later give 2 to another. You can only have one hands of fate spell active at one time.

Puppets of Fate (novice)
Type: Attack MPC: 6
CT: Major Action TN: 13
You manipulate fate to discomfort your enemies. For the remainder of the encounter, you may force enemies within 12 yards of you to re-roll successful ability tests and take the worse result. You can attempt this a total number of times equal to the Stunt Die result of your casting roll. Enemies can
resist Puppets of Fate with successful Willpower (Self-Discipline) vs. Spellpower tests (test for each attempt). You can only have one puppets of fate spell active at one ti

Posted on 2017-02-15 at 13:20:19.
Edited on 2017-02-15 at 13:22:49 by Alacrity

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
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 photo thIYQFXIIN_zpssv3hxd3e.jpg

Name: Tomiki Kenji
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue
Social Class: Upper Class - Exile
HP: 57
Speed: 16
Defence: 14
Armour Soak: 4
Weapon Favoured: Aslan Swords
Weapons Carried: 2 Short Swords (Aslan Style), Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, 15 Throwing Stars
Fighting Styles: Dual Weapon, Blaster, Blaster Long Arm, Thrown

Strength: 0
Climbing, Jumping
Dexterity: +4
Lock Picking, Stealth
Constitution: +2

Intelligence: +1
Accuracy: +3
Blaster Pistols
Fighting: +2
Brawling, Light Blades, Military Lore
Perception: +3
Communication: 0

Willpower: +1

Talents: Dark Sight (20'), Rogue Armour - You take no penalty in scout or leather armour, Pinpoint Attack - once per round you can do an extra d6 damage if your dexterity is higher than your opponent, Observation (JM) - If you fail a perception roll, you may choose to re-roll, Scouting (N) - if you are attempting a Stealth roll and fail, you may re-roll.
Specializations: Assassination (N) - With an Activate action, you may "mark" an opponent for death, after which you get a +2 bonus to damage. To switch opponents, you must activate again (minor action)
Equipment: Scout Armour, Rain Cloak, Flashlight, Three Fulign Batteries, Food rations (no meat) for 1 week, two potions of healing (Heals 50%), One stim pack (Instant +10hp)

Background: Tomiki Kenji was born an elf to a prominent elf family that did not want him, within a matter of hours he was left in an alley all alone. By fate or the gods some say he was found by a young woman. The human women feeling an immediate bond to the Elven child took him home to her family. Though at first hesitant, her determination to raise the elf child convinced her very traditional focused family to accept him as their own.

The first 20 years of his life from age 5 consisted of training in a stealthy style combat with weapons and in the art of not being seen. It was revealed to him during this time that the hesitation of taking him in to his new family was due to the family business of "Aslan" or the Art of Assassination. According to the father, they had served an emperor in the time before the dark and they continued the traditions for the day when they would be called to serve again. But there were still evil forces out there that sought to destroy all remaining traces of the traditions.

Then one day Tomiki was returning from an errand hen he was attacked by many men fighting in a similar style that he used. He managed to kill them all but as very badly wounded. BY sheer willpower he returned to his family to discover they had been attacked as well .All were slain except (brother? Sister? The mother?). Tomiki buried his family and took his father's red hilted Aslan Sword (precious item).

His search for his sibling has lead him to believe they are hiding in the rust waste. He joined Dwan's scouts to be able to move freely in the waste and to keep a livelihood as well.

Posted on 2017-02-15 at 13:21:02.
Edited on 2017-02-16 at 09:30:26 by Alacrity

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