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The Tired
RDI Staff
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Dark Fantasy 2e DnD

They say that there once was a great civilization with heroes and powerful magicians. They worked wonders with their power and fought the forces of evil. But those are stories, and like all stories - true or not, they are no longer real. For you, the world has always been in ruins. There are no heroes left to right wrongs and no magic to be wield - not by mortals at least. There are demons, and for you there have always been demon in the world who have magic of their own and rule over the remaining pockets of mortals. It has been so long that are few full blood demons left, but half-breed spawns of lustful demons have taken their place. Although mortal weapons could not hurt a demon, their own magic could. In some ways, the half-demons are worse because they look mortal, nearly impossible to spot and are filled with an evil so much greater than their parents.

You live within a fishing village called Basstown. Either you were born here and Wuton killed your parents, or you were a foundling from another village. A half-demon called Master Wuton ruled over your village, taking whatever it wanted from the villagers and wallowing in its own gluttony. A dwarven smith named Otto came to your village and made offering of forging steel and iron to Master Wuton. He became part of the village and all of you apprenticed to him in some fashion. Yet, Otto had a plan of his own.

Turns out that Otto was quite old and reminded the days before the demons came. He had an idea on how to defeat the demons and enlisted you to his quest. A full demon of great power had died nearby. You searched at night while Wuton was satisfying his lusts for food and women to find the bones of this dead monster. Eventually you found them and took some of the bones back to Otto. He began forging weapons and incorporating the ground up bone meal of the demon into the metals.

Otto also found four small shards of crystal near the remains and when you touched them, they had a strange effects. One of you could feel the power of magic flowing within your body. Another felt the power to heal wounds and illness. One of you became quite fast and could blend into the darkness and one of you became quite strong and could sense where Wuton was even at a distance away from the village. Otto was mystified by the shards, not knowing where they came from or why and warned that they could be remains of the old world magic. How reliable or safe - he did not know.

Otto made four weapons, one for each of you as well as armour to protect you for demon magic. With it, you were able to stand up to Wuton and destroy him - setting your village free from years of tyranny.But what next?

Game Terms
I am thinking a party of 4-5 people Each one of you has one weapon that better against demon and your armour has bonuses against the magic demons cast. Four of you will have a shard. I have three confirmed players so far (Nomad (Fighter/mage), Tann (Fighter/Thief) and Ody (Ranger)) so I am looking for 1-2 more.

There are three types of demons in the world. Half Breeds are the most common. They look mortal (dwarf, elf, human, halfing) but they are immune to most weapons and most elements (fire cold, etc). Some can cast fire, some lightening, others dominate the mind, some can shapechange, etc etc. Half breeds spawn either half breeds or mortals - there are no quarter or 1/8 breeds. Next there are the "ghosts" or the ones without bodies. These possess mortals and cannot be killed. You can kill their mortal shell but not the ghosts. Finally, there is true demons and they are very rare. They do not look human and are very powerful. You have never seen one other than the bones of the one you dug up. According to legends they are shapeshifter, immune to magic and weapons and quite demonic in their natural appearance.

Posted on 2017-11-29 at 14:29:18.

Cheshire Cad
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*fades in*

This sounds epic. But I've never played 2e before....


Posted on 2017-11-29 at 15:35:41.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6340 Posts


still looking for a fourth player

Posted on 2018-01-17 at 13:10:44.

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