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GM for this game: GreyGrey
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213 Posts

Lords of Aetalanta

If you wish to get involved, you may contact me at [email protected] for details on what this is all about.
I welcome all who wish to contribute and play the wargame sim. If you want to flesh out your own world sim, let me know and I'll let you in on some of my secrets.

If you'd like to contribute here, let me know via PM too. This game is made for all who are wargaming enthusiasts or would like to add some more national infrastructure to their world.

Posted on 2007-06-29 at 17:16:38.
Edited on 2007-11-02 at 21:38:07 by GreyGrey

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State of Affairs: Aetalanta, Fall, 1670 V.R.

The Sidhe Nations (Union of Aegnor). The Sidhe High Queen, Avaanyr of Caras Chanadon, has announced Braenthae of Ossendindhros to be her heir. What this means is that Lady Avaanyr may step down soon from the overlordship of all the Sidhe Nations. This means also that the Crown of Mithril will go to Ossedindhros. This is the first time ever that a Callanendor ruler has named a Nargenndon as a successor. there have been some disgruntled murmurings from other sidhe rulers, especially King Aegnor of Arlindon - Queen Braenthae's uncle.

Meanwhile, Allariand and Caras Chanadon are following a policy of isolation concerning matters non-sidhe. Their hidden cities of Avanthond and Caras Chanadon make this policy extremely viable.

Arlindon is in a precarious balance; it is ruled by a sidhe king and a sidhe senate, yet their main port city of Aeglarmar is becoming largely dominated by a majority of human races such as Engrimm and Dorbadi.

Ossedindhros is following a strict "passive diplomatic" stance with outside races. Although technically Western Alliance friendly, they choose to mediate over Endaurean disputes rather than commit overwhelmingly to any side.

The Western Alliance. This military alliance, chiefly made up of Urland, Hyr Dalvasor and Zharak, are having tense issues over the tribute garnered from Syr Erelion. Relations are at an all-time low and may go lower. The muldrimm of Zharak are pursuing a policy of passive diplomacy in regards to this, but doe to their involvement in the Alliance, will need to consider what side they choose to be on.

Urland is facing troubles in the north too, in trying to keep it's northern holdings against the Seldenbaal Pendragon. Urland, a carillion kingdom, is the dominant force in Endaur and quite possibly the most powerful singular nation in Aetalanta. Losing influence in southern Endaur, they no longer gain tribute from the Dardan Tribes of Syr Erelion.

Hyr Dalvasor is strengthening it's position along the coasts and in Dunlendh. King Imlach II has begun to pressure in annexing Syr Erelion to his realm; this is causing the major rift in the Western Alliance.

The Coa'Andil Dorbadi. Sarlond and Ganarth T'Abuur have launched themselves into a fierce debate for war against the Ardorean Valdecli in the liberation of Treste. This will no doubt lead to full-scale war in the next few months. Coranth, one of the Ardorean dominions, conquered the Dorbadic city-state of Treste this past summer in a bid to force the Dorbadrimm to allow them access to the lucrative Southern Trade Alliance. The Dorbadi are trying desperately to gain support from other members of the STA.

The Black Watch. Crown Princess Idryll II Flendhmar of Syr Glantron is stepping up the diplomatic pressure to incorporate the Republic of Nor Glantron under her rule. This may also lead to war.

Thondaurean Affairs. Osgerith is dealing with the influx of Dardan/Engrimm refugees from the destroyed Kingdom of Brynthor. Carthum, the largest surviving nation of maedran, has thrown off their isolationist policy and are now pursuing rigorously for stronger diplomatic influence in Thondaur. Also, the Republic of Dor Rhunnen is gaining some added clout, but are facing increasing raids from the myriad Haruunic Tribes closeby. In the far north of Thondaur, the dardan nation of the Nanceldui have remained stagnant and aloof of most other affairs in this region.

Auroreallis. The "Northmen Kingdoms" have had their share of hardships. Chiefest of these is the 7-year war between the Pendragondom of Ibanvaal and Menglana. The Seldenbaal Pendragon, encompassing the nations of Seldenbaal, Balisheim and Gilben have been chafing under the tribute sent to Urland - their conquerors. Only Gilben has had a reprieve from this.

The Ardorean Valdecli. Made up of seven "dominions", Coranth, Gaurmir, Elorna, Mispir, Sar Imdan, Sar Morthan, and Vanarthrond, they have been lobbying unsuccessfully for entry into the southern Trade Alliance. As stated above, Coranth has taken the bold step of conquering the Dorbadic city-state of Treste to force a full scale war or forcible entry into the STA.

Holdings of the Black King of Thangarthond. The Dark One has been silent now for nigh on 4 decades. Not even his Mord Wraiths have been seen abroad.

The Wraith King of Nargarmyr. This evil nation has been all-but defunct for the last 200 years. Again, it appears, that the Black Princes have withdrawn entirely from the face of the earth ...

Posted on 2007-06-29 at 17:40:39.
Edited on 2007-06-29 at 17:56:16 by GreyGrey

Karma: 17/24
213 Posts


Playable Nations Arlindon. A Sidhe (Elven) Kingdom in the south, although there is a heavy influx population of mannish races (especially in the port capitol of Aeglarmar). Their king is Aegnor Nalthallion. They have no great standing armed forces and must rely on some very outstanding characters.

Carthum. The last holding of the Maedran (Dwarvish), Carthum has just begun a policy to become more influential diplomatically and financially, discarding their isolationist behavior. They are somewhat remote, but their emissaries have been far-ranging. They have some resources, but are lacking in sufficient financial growth. Tough armies when they can recruit, but they have no cavalry and of course, no navy.

Chey. This is a nation of Eastroun (human) inhabiting the far eastern Dorbadic Wastes. They are excellent with cavalry, but they are suffering from low resources and are becoming unstable financially. They are in a light border war with Narwondor, to the north.

Coranth. One of the nations of the Ardorean Valdecli, in the far south, this kingdom is made up of Carhanadons (human). They have just conquered the Dorbadic city-state of Treste and may be precipitating full scale war against the Coa’Andil Dorbadi. They are tethered to the other seven Dominions, and have a hard time doing anything by themselves without first talking to the others. Great navies and a good army.

Dardans, Nor Erelion. This is a group of Dardan (human) clans in eastern Endaur, led by Clanhaft Targir, son of Formar. They are somewhat fragmented and hard to unite under one banner, and they suffer financial woes. Great raiders, however and they aren’t very well-liked …

Hyr Dalvasor. A mannish kingdom, led by King Imlach II. They are trying to gain power and a strong economic position in Endaur, under the shadow of Urland. They are average in most things, but are growing rapidly. They have two major port cities: Harne and Camlan.

Ibanvaal. A remnant of a once-great northern pendragon, Ibanvaal has found itself in a wearisome 7-year long war with its neighbor, Menglana. Menglana is becoming stronger, and it looks like the Ibanvaals will need to consider their options. They are financially strapped and must, like most northern nations, rely on Viking and raiding. A swift navy and some hearty warriors, they are few in number.

Nor Glantron. This was once the upper half of the Great Kingdom of Glantron ere its fall to the Black Princes over 240 years ago. Since liberated, this carillion (human) nation has become a Republic, sundering itself from its neighbor, Syr Glantron, a monarchy. The Nor Glantroni have excellent cavalry and great warriors, but they are on the doorstep of the Black King and are facing many foes …

Osgerith. A republic of “free” folk, this mannish nation struggles with some internal unrest and growing corruption. There are some internal factions threatening to overthrow the High Council. However, once these things are settled, Osgerith could become the dominant force in Thondaur.

Syr Glantron. The last remnant of the fallen Kingdom of Glantron, this nation is in the southlands and on the doorstep of the Black King. They face powerful foes on their eastern flank, but they have an outstanding navy and a formidable army, although they, like many, are suffering from lack of funds.

Sarlond. This major city-state along the western coast of Dorbad has a strong, economically-strong base. They are the seat of the lucrative Southern Trade Alliance. The Dorbadic nation, however, is sundered from other city-states and faces strong foes in the desert and from the Ardorean Valdecli.

Posted on 2007-06-29 at 20:14:15.

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Still Active

I have been on hiatus of this game for awhile, but it is a monster to feed. I use Excel to basically run the particulars, but I plan to reinstate it soon at least for my own amusement and to run a chronology of what's up in the Aetalantan world at large.

Any viewers should find it interesting, especially in the experiment of seeing how a world sim works. I would advise all GMs who world-build to try to attempt something like it.

I also invite any and all of you to get involved in LoA to learn and give.

Posted on 2007-10-30 at 16:25:34.

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213 Posts

The Ibanvaal-Menglana War

I have been putting together the details of these two northern kingdoms. The wargame system I've been putting together has made some incredible leaps and bounds and I find the engines very intriguing - so I will be focusing on this minute war in the far north (Auroreallis).

National Data

Ibanvaal. This is a pendragondom, that is, the monarchy that is referred to as a pendragon. It's northernmost settlement is Ajaevaak that is in a severe-cold climate and is considered the northernmost settlement in Aetalanta. They have been engaged in an on-off 7-year war with the thanedom of Menglana.

Osveld is the capital (pop. 31,202). Most of the people living here are Auroragrimm 'people of Auroreallis'. Their main resource are mounts (wooly horses).

Culturally the people of Ibanvaal are isolated, their music, language, crafts and textiles being somewhat limited. When it comes to economics, they are poor. They, like many of their neighbors in Auroreallis, have relied upon viking to augment what limited resources they have. Ibanvaal is an aggressive/extrovert when it comes to military policy - and they have few friends in the south.

Menglana. This thanedom is currently ruled by Yrilla Dunsdan, a former shieldmaiden who is respected by her people. Menglana is an island nation, some miles off the coast of their rival, Ibanvaal.

Ranguld is their capital (pop. 43,311), and is situated in a cold forested area on the western side of the large island. The people here are all Auroragrimm.

Economically, timber and fishing are their main resources, but they are also refining steel. Like their neighbors, Menglana has had to rely on viking to raid southern nations and is considered isolated geographically.

Posted on 2007-11-02 at 16:12:42.
Edited on 2007-11-02 at 16:14:20 by GreyGrey

Karma: 17/24
213 Posts

The War and its Background

Like most heated conflicts in Auroreallis, the Ibanvaal-Menglana War began over boundary disputes and the fact that the Menglanese were chasing off Ibanvaal fishermen from the most lucrative fishing grounds. More than just a few fistfights at sea, the conflict escalated into blade-to-blade attacks and outright massacres.

The current Ibanvaal pendragon, Taelin IV Graansen, has also been wishing to pull his country out of its weak economical stance by annexing Menglanese lands from his distant cousin, Yrilla Dunsdan. The fishing boundary dispute became a mere tinderbox in a much grander opportunity for the Ibanvaals to increase their domain and holdings.

With limited resources in the far north, a protracted war is not common for the northmen kingdoms. They rely on lightning-quick raids along southern coasts based upon surprise. They, as a collective whole, have not the ability to wage effective large field armies and lay siege to formidable fortresses.

Thus a long 7-year war has settled between the combatants. Skirmishes are fought at sea involving Coast Raiders (longships, specifically) and quick strikes upon small settelments easiest to get to. Therefore, none of the fighting until now has been much to write home about.

Weary of a war that has basically come to nothing, Taelin IV has decided to pool his resources together and bid for a large pitch battle. This battle will be one of braggadocio and arrogance: who can beat who. The stakes, however, are far more limited: tribute must be paid by the defeated rather than a full annexation of their nation. After all, Taelin believes that something is better than nothing.

At the moment, Yrilla Dunsdan, the "Shield Maid of Ranguld", is against a pitch battle, but her advisors are confident that they have a larger and more rounder force in archers and men-at-arms than their rival. She is seriously considering the final strike. A capable warrior, Yrilla is considering to be in the midst of the fighting herself.

What needs to be done prior to battle:
1. Final decision from Menglana upon their assent to a pitched battle. This will be brought up before Yrilla Dunsdan and her decision will be final.

2. The hidden Wraith King of Nargarmyr may be interested in backing Ibanvaal's bid to not only win the battle, but to conquer Menglana and restore the pendragondom. This will boost the Wraith King's strength inthe north as he begins his military buildup in Endaur.

3. Final preparations of the two northmen armies. It appears at first that Menglana can field a strong force of archers and men-at-arms and possibly some strong fleet strength to overwhelm the Ibanvaals at sea rather than commit to a land battle.

Posted on 2007-11-02 at 16:30:22.
Edited on 2007-11-02 at 16:37:57 by GreyGrey

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Character Roll Ups in LoA

Characters come in all shapes and sizes, but generally are meant to interface into some aspect of the social structure of the sim. The classes are:

1. Commanders. Are able to command a nation's military forces.

2. Agents. Use all sorts of sneaky subterfuge and slight of hand techniques.

3. Emissaries. Use diplomacy and the 'silken tongue' to deal with populations and people.

4. Mages. Cast spells through the use of Mana, and are all around wise.

6. Priests/Priestesses. Cast healing and protective spells for the betterment of a nation.

Characters can be multi-classed, depending on their locale and training. Many heroes/heroines are multi-classed and have enhanced abilities.

Ability scores are done based on race. For example, the range of a Dorbadic emissary is 80-105. A Darwold emissary is anywhere between 5-25. As you can tell, it probably doesn't help an ogre to learn diplomatic skills!

Characters have Temperaments as well, to give them a loyalty range. A character who is either Brave, Heroic or Inspiring has a range of 75-100; the lowest loyalty range is "Uninspired" at 5-25. Temperaments also grant bonuses and penalties to the main attributes.

A random factor based on established norms allow me, the GM, to create a consistent world. For example, Darwold characters (ogres, goblins trolls, etc.) will always have a base PROWESS range of 80-105 (their best skill) and very low Mana and Emissary ranges of 5-25 (their worst skills).

Posted on 2007-11-02 at 17:59:45.
Edited on 2007-11-02 at 18:01:50 by GreyGrey

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The Ibanvaal-Menglana War Character Line Up

Taelin IV Graansen, Pendragon of Ibanvaal. (Commander) (Tenacious) Age: 58, Loyalty: 100 Command: 61, Prowess: 24.

Zaed Hendolsen. (Commander) (Slow) Age: 21, Loyalty: 53, Command: 28, Prowess: 23.

Tromolor Balin. (Emissary) (Heroic) Age: 45, Loyalty: 90, Prowess: 42, Emissary: 85.

Breeta Graansen, Princess of Osveld, Witch of Ibanvaal. (Mage) (Tenacious) Age: 40, Loyalty: 66, Prowess: 23, Mage: 51.

Yrrilla Dunsdan, Thane of Menglana, Shield Maid. (Commander/Agent) (Rash) Age: 19, Loyalty: 100, Command: 57, Prowess: 25, Agent: 41.

Tor Svaansen. (Cleric/Druid) (Diplomatic) Age: 39, Loyalty: 70, Prowess: 29, Piety: 44.

Caitli Horge. (Mage) (Slow) Age: 63, Loyalty: 43, Prowess: 33, Mage: 33.

Mendo. (Emissary) (Independent) Age: 56, Loyalty: 26, Prowess: 45, Emissary: 79.

Posted on 2007-11-02 at 18:35:32.

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Manpower and Labor Pool of Aetalanta

This side at first was done complicated, as I tethered revenue by resource; however, I have adpoted a simpler and more comprehensive method to understand what any partticular nation has by itself (and not including any trade pact/alliance).

Any population center (pc) generates manpower. Manpower is used not only for working avaliable resources, but to also recruiting conscripts.

Manpower is based upon the population of the different type of races that are living in the population center. Each race has its own factor when it comes to governing manpower (the highest would be the Callanendor, the Darwold, and the Nargenndon at 100). To have a factor of 100 is to basically say that you employ 100% of your manpower for that particular race.

Manpower is the most important factor for any population center. Let's look at our two warring nations, Ibanvaal and Menglana.

Ibanvaal Pop Centers
Osveld (capital). Population: 31,202 (all Auroragrimm); Auroragrimm manpower factor is 30. Therefore their total manpower for Osveld is (31202*.30 = 9361).

Ajaevaak. Population: 7,076 (all Auroragrimm): Auroragrimm manpower factor is 30. Therefore their total manpower for Ajaevaak is (7076*.30 = 2123).

Dormensar. Population: 4,701 (all Auroragrimm): Auroragrimm manpower factor is 30. Therefore their total manpower for Dormensar is (4701*.30 = 1410).

Urgenstaak. Population: 7,021 (all Auroragrimm): Auroragrimm manpower factor is 30. Therefore their total manpower for Urgenstaak is (7021*.30 = 2106).

Total National Manpower = 15,000
Menglana Pop Centers
Ranguld (capital). Population: 43,311 (all Auroragrimm): Auroragrimm manpower factor is 30. Therefore their total manpower for Ranguld is (43,311*.30 = 12,993).

Hammadaak. Population: 7,230 (all Auroragrimm): Auroragrimm manpower factor is 30. Therefore their total manpower for Hammadaak is (7230*.30 = 2169).

Thanoae. Population: 3,321 (all Auroragrimm): Auroragrimm manpower factor is 30. Therefore their total manpower for Thanoae is (3321*.30 = 996).

Torginoae. Population: 4,085 (all Auroragrimm): Auroragrimm manpower factor is 30. Therefore their total manpower for Torginoae is (4085*.30 = 1226).

Uulstaak. Population: 7,641 (all Auroragrimm): Auroragrimm manpower factor is 30. Therefore their total manpower for Uulstaak is (7641*.30 = 2292).

Total National Manpower = 19,676
Manpower is set for the two belligerent nations. In order to fully understand what their infrastructure is, we need to now determine their resources and revenue.

Posted on 2007-11-02 at 20:44:40.
Edited on 2007-11-02 at 21:36:19 by GreyGrey

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How Much Gild is in Meh Coffers, Laddie?

In a more complicated version of this sim, I had a neat way of generating revenue based on the resources and the trade pact/alliance, but it would never work out the way I wanted it. Essentially this was done in Excel using the following formulae:

=sumif (range) for resource amounts
=lookup based upon base unit prices I made up (that is, mithril = 175, leather = 5 , etc.).

The trouble is, the trading pact amounts were incredibly wide and caused major trouble for those at the extreme of the high and low. Inflation was rampant! I'd say!

So now I have a much more simpler method. I used manpower (x) national confidence, foregoing resources altogether. The theory behind this was that any resources gathered in the pop centers was surplus used for buildings, forces, etc. This told me what the nation by itself could do to raise an army and protect itself.

National Confidence was a factor I used to determine how the average of each pc confidence was. A pop center who was high (in a scale between 1-100), was far more apt to generate gild (gold) for the nation than one with a lower pc confidence. The pc confidence was based on several factors:

1. PC Status (normal, hidden, besieged, occupied).
2. National Status (At Peace, At War).
3. Fortification present (None, Watchtower, Palisade, Castle, Keep, Citadel).
4. Average of race (population) confidence.
5. Type of national government (Empire (imperial), Clannad/Thanedom, Sidhe-Based, Monarchy, Republic, Tribal).

When I averaged all the applicable from the 5 categories above, I get a confidence level for that particular pc.

So, with the above system, let's see what we have for Ibanvaal and Menglana:

Ibanvaal This nation is considered a monarchy (pendragon)

Osveld. PC Status: 25 for "Normal", National Status: -25("At War"), Fortification: 80 ("Castle"), Race Confidence: 80 ("Auroragrimm"), Government: 60 ("Monarchy"). Confidence average = 44.

Ajaevaak. PC Status: 25 for "Normal", National Status: -25("At War"), Fortification: 20 ("Watchtower"), Race Confidence: 80 ("Auroragrimm"), Government: 60 ("Monarchy"). Confidence average = 32.

Dormensar. PC Status: 25 for "Normal", National Status: -25("At War"), Fortification: 10 ("None"), Race Confidence: 80 ("Auroragrimm"), Government: 60 ("Monarchy"). Confidence average = 30.

Urgenstaak. PC Status: 25 for "Normal", National Status: -25("At War"), Fortification: 20 ("Watchtower"), Race Confidence: 80 ("Auroragrimm"), Government: 60 ("Monarchy"). Confidence average = 32.

Average National Confidence: 35
Menglana is a Clannad/Thanedom

Ranguld. PC Status: 25 for "Normal", National Status: -25("At War"), Fortification: 40 ("Palisade"), Race Confidence: 80 ("Auroragrimm"), Government: 40 ("Thanedom"). Confidence average = 32.

Hammadaak. PC Status: 25 for "Normal", National Status: -25("At War"), Fortification: 10 ("None"), Race Confidence: 80 ("Auroragrimm"), Government: 40 ("Thanedom"). Confidence average = 26.

Thanoae. PC Status: 25 for "Normal", National Status: -25("At War"), Fortification: 10 ("None"), Race Confidence: 80 ("Auroragrimm"), Government: 40 ("Thanedom"). Confidence average = 26.

Torginoae. PC Status: 25 for "Normal", National Status: -25("At War"), Fortification: 10 ("None"), Race Confidence: 80 ("Auroragrimm"), Government: 40 ("Thanedom"). Confidence average = 26.

Uulstaak. PC Status: 25 for "Normal", National Status: -25("At War"), Fortification: 20 ("Watchtower"), Race Confidence: 80 ("Auroragrimm"), Government: 40 ("Thanedom"). Confidence average = 28.

Average National Confidence: 28
Revenue for the nations would be:

Ibanvaal: 5,175 (manpower (x) national confidence (%))
Menglana: 5,431 (manpower (x) national confidence (%))

We now know how much money these guys have to throw around.

Posted on 2007-11-02 at 21:23:11.
Edited on 2007-11-02 at 21:33:31 by GreyGrey

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Okay, so we have a manpower system, we have a revenue system, and we have a pc/national confidence system.

Resources determine what a nation produces for itself. The resources for Aetalanta are: Leather, Bronze, Steel, Mithril, Food, Timber, Mounts, Gold.
I have already established what the population centers for Ibanvaal and Menglana have. The system for determining resources for a population center is based upon terrain.

In Aetalanta, there are several terrain features. I will list here a table I use for determining a pop center's main resource based upon the terrain it is located in:
L B S M F T Mo G Coastal x - - - x - x - Desert x - - - - - x - Forest - - - - x x - - Hills/Rough x x x - x x x x Marsh/Swamp - - - - x x - - Mountain - x x x - - - x Plains/Clear x - - - x - x -
I use a d% to randomly roll for resources for a new pop center. Feel free to make your own d% values.

Climate Production.
Climate is important to determine an overall factor of resource production. The following climates I have for use in Aetalanta: Polar, Severe, Cold, Cool, Mild, Warm, Hot. Production for any particular resource in any given climate is in a range of 10-100. Use your discretion here in determining production amounts.

Posted on 2007-11-02 at 21:57:59.
Edited on 2007-11-02 at 22:02:09 by GreyGrey

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Ibanvaal and Menglana Resources

Ibanvaal's main resource production is Leather (948 ), Food (1502), and Mounts (2340).

Menglana's main resource production is Steel (498 ), Food (2275), and Timber (3248 ).

Posted on 2007-11-02 at 22:25:01.
Edited on 2007-11-02 at 22:25:25 by GreyGrey

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Army Recruitment

Looking at the above natural resources, I can see that as long as Ibanvaal can pay for it, they are a horse nation with leather and mounts dominating. These are the two likely resources needed to produce light cavalry. However, they have limited to work with; they have no surplus timber to build ships to reach Menglana (an island nation). They have very little Food resources for a prolonged campaign and can only recruit half of that number in cavalry (751) without having problems with morale. They also only have 948 units of leather. If they field an entirely LCAV army, this is what they will have to pay:

474 LCAV = 474 manpower; 1422 gild (3g each); 948 Leather (man and horse); 948 Food (man and horse); 474 mounts.
This gives them some room to recruit an additional troop. So, using the army/fleet matrix, Taelin IV decides to add 400 men-at-arms to the cavalry force.

400 MAA = 400 manpower; 400 gild (1g each); 400 food.
Totals: 874 manpower; 1822 gild; 948 Leather; 1348 Food; 474 mounts. These totals are within Ibanvaal's production and revenue limits. However, Taelin IV still has surplus gild to buy mercenary companies to augment his force. Mercenaries are incredibly important to Aetalantan nations because they do not subtract manpower or resources from the nation hiring them.

Since I do not have a mercenary system made up yet, I'll hold off.

Next ... Menglana ...

Thane Yrrilla's resources indicate that she is best fashioning Coastal Raiders and Archers/MAA forces from her national conscripts because of her timber and steel. Her nation does not have the capacity to lead cavalry or heavier troops a'field.

Keeping it simple, Thane Yrrilla and her war council can fashion together a strong force of 500 Archers and 1250 Men-at-Arms. She has built also 10 mantlets to help protect her army. The cost for this force is:

500 Archers = 500 manpower; 1000g (2g each); 500 food; 250 timber (.5 each). 1250 MAA = 1250 manpower; 1250g (1g each); 1250 food. 10 Mantlets = 1000g (100g each); 100 timber.
She too has gild left over to purchase any available mercenaries on the market.

Posted on 2007-11-02 at 22:34:57.
Edited on 2007-11-02 at 22:43:00 by GreyGrey

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Troops, Ships, Siege Weapons ... oh my!

Archers: (STR 6 Con 2). Archers are an excellent offensive backbone of any army. Due to their mobility, however, they have very little defense and can be decimated if alone.

Ballistae: (STR 50 Con 10). These are strong and powerful crossbow-machines used on the field of battle to greatly augment a force's power.

Charioteer: (STR 12 Con 16). Swift drawn chariots are excellent in the plains and desert, but lose their effectiveness in other, more cluttered terrain.

Coastal Raider: (STR 500 Con 500). These ships are usually of the longship design and have the capacity to fight and lift troops at sea. Renowned for their speed, they do have limits on how many troops they can carry.

Drummon: (STR 5000 Con 5000). Massive ships, drummons are rare indeed but can easily decimate an onshore garrison with ease. Tehy are seldom effective against other, swifter ships, however.

Elephant: (STR 50 Con 50). Formidable on the field, elephants can be a nightmare for any opposing army. They are easily spooked though, and can strike against their own forces!

Galley: (STR 1000 Con 2500). Galleys are the mainstay for trade and fighting for all nations upon the sea.

Heavy Cavalry: (STR 16 Con 16). Swift and deadly, heavy cavalry are excellent for the plains and are well-armed.

Heavy Infantry: (STR 10 Con 10). Like their mounted co-patriots, HI can be the most decisive force upon the battlefield. They are expensive to maintain.

Heavy Catapult: (STR 250 Con 50). Sluggish yet powerful, HCats can be used quite effectively against fortifications or troops in the field.

Light Cavalry: (STR 8 Con 8 ). Swift as their heavier counterparts, these troops are excellent shock forces.

Light Infantry: (STR 5 Con 5). These trained troops are much better than the simple Men-at-Arms, and are excellent for garrisons.

Light Catapult: (STR 100 Con 25). These basic field machines are good in a pinch, as so long as they are protected from the enemy.

Mantlet: (STR 0 Con 100). These are supporting wooden walls that greatly shield a force in the field, providing excellent protection.

Men-at-Arms: (STR 2 Con 2). These conscripts are lowly trained and barely armed. They usually are made up of spear or wooden weapons and a round shield.

Trebuchet: (STR 1000 Con 100). Mighty siege weaponry, trebuchets can decimate strong bastions and walls.

War Galley: (STR 2500 Con 2500). Far better at sea fighting the enemy than the galley, war galleys carry little in the way of troops, but are much more armed.

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Ibanvaal-Menglana War Capabilities and Strategy

As agressive as the Auroragrimm are, protracted wars are uncommon. As stated before, the northmen generally rely on swift strikes and raids against their formidable targets. They are highly offensive in their tactical ability and can suffer gruelling defeats if placed on the defensive.

Every war up until now that has placed the northmen nations on a defensive front has ended in disaster; Urland, the largest kingdom in the south, has time and again put down the Auroragrimm when its Carillion armies have arrived in the northern lands.
To formulate basic STR and CON of an army or fleet, you basically multiple the amount of troops x STR or CON. So, if you have 200 Archers, your army will have a base STR of 1200 and a CON of 400.
This is the base, not the final multiple. Other factors are added into the equation, including commander rating, special weapon/armor, terrain, climate, national tolerance, morale, spells and artifacts, and guests.

Ibanvaal and Menglana are excellent at raiding and viking, but they do not have the forces to commit to a final bid to crushing each other; they are also close to each other when it comes to manpower and gild revenue. Therefore they have to rely on the purchasing of mercenaries and outside help to tip the scales.

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