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GM for this game: GreyGrey
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A Dark Visitor Comes to Osveld

As King Pendragon Taelin IV Graansen awaits word from his cousin, Thane Yrilla in Menglana to decide upon the nature of a ptich battle to settle their deiffences, the Osveld court suddenly becomes host to a strange and fair-seeming Engrimm from the wide lands of Endaur. His name is Granth, and he brings friendship from Allaphros Zehrn of Nargarmyr ... a Mordarini (Dark Sidhe-Elf).

"My lords of the north," Granth says in pleasant speech, though he is unlike one would expect from the dark realm of the Wraith King, "years ago my masters have had an alliance with the northmen. Years ago our swords and spears thundered against the hated Urlanders.

"My masters once again wish to show their friendship and to seal an alliance with our great northern neighbors. We offer power, we offer support. You are at war with the fool Menglanese who have long usurped their dominance on the seas west of your shores. Yes, my masters have heard of this pitch battle you would devise against Thane Yrilla Dunsdan and her people. This is pleasing to my masters' ears, and they would like to support you against her ... but we advise something greater.

"My masters say, yes, fight your 'pitched battle', but after you have crushed the Menglanese army on the field with the help of Nargarmyr, we will rally our strength and conquer those lands for the pendragondom of Ibanvaal."

Granth: Engrimm Emissary, Prowess: 38, Emissary: 89.
Taelin IV thinks on this, and then asks for counsel of his friends. At length the court is willing to join in a shadow alliance with Nargarmyr. The pendragon asks:

"What does Nargarmyr plan to support us in our war against the Mengalanese and my cousin?"

And Granth replies: "You shall have strength of arms from the Kordaata Mountains. And, lastly, strength of arms in your invading army in Menglana."

Taelin IV asks: "What is it that Nargarmyr wishes from us, then?"

Granth smiles. "My masters will come to you for aid soon enough, and you must pledge upon this alliance to assist Nargarmyr in the time of need."

The pendragon and his court are in agreement, but they are uncertain just what aid Nargarmyr could plan. After all, there was nothing in the Kordaata Mountains that could avail them, unless Nargarmyr could harness the might of the trolls ...

Posted on 2007-11-03 at 17:45:19.

Karma: 17/24
213 Posts

Cry Havoc!

The Battle of Urgenstaak (September 10, 1670 V.R.)
In the cold autumn morning, the coastal raiding ships of Thane Yrilla Dunsdan of Menglana pulled up onto the rocky shores south of the township of Urgenstaak. The shieldmaiden was quick to have her troops disembark before her enemy had formed his lines on the coast.

With her mighty artifacts of power, the famed Foamcleaver and Foam-Light, Yrilla was confident that she possessed strong magical prowess on the field. Besides, she had made certain to bring her wizard, Caitli Horge and the renowned druid, Tor Svaansen. Quickly she arrayed her host but suddenly felt a terrible fright: her enemy had some new combatants other than his cavalry and men-at-arms …

Confident with his new allies, the Hill Trolls from the mountains, Pendragon-King Taelin IV Graansen struck quickly with his light cavalry, hoping to catch his enemy before she could organize any practical defense. He too had brought formidable power to the field other than the trolls; he had the might of the Collar of Command and the dreaded Snow Hammer. When the king looked down at his daughter, the Witch of Ibanvaal, Breeta, he was anticipating a quick victory.

The Ibanvaal light cavalry does well in the initial charge, scattering the low men-at-arms as they tried to gain a footing on the loose rocks of the shore. Soon they were challenged by Yrilla herself and the full strength of her archers. Swinging the icy-glowing cleaver-sword, Yrilla smashed through the light cavalry, breaking them up and soon driving herself headlong toward Taelin himself. Lances of blue energy flashed from behind her as Caitli Horge – the wizard – applied his might on the advancing trolls. By that time, the Ibanvaal horde came down the slope at them.

Yrilla was saved by from the smashing trolls by her druid, Tor Svaansen, who threw up an icy-blue shield around her. The onslaught she delivered on Taelin was more than he could bear, and he was struck off his horse and his cavalry broke asunder. Even when his daughter, Breeta, tried to use her powers against Yrilla, she was knocked back into the midst of her swarming men-at-arms. There they were both caught in the melee, with Yrilla Dunsdan swinging her mighty sword-cleaver.

With the powers of Caitli, the trolls were thrown back, and when she was free of the men-at-arms, Yrilla herself came down upon them and smashed their leader down. The Ibanvaal army, losing their field commander and the trolls being bested by the Menglanese archers and the wizard, broke and were decimated. The Menglanese too had lost a great many men, and the loss of Tor Svaansen who had been killed by the trolls’ onslaught as heh tried to throw up a protective barrier around the archers.

Posted on 2007-11-21 at 21:30:32.

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