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Betrayed maybe.

once Anya has her final say on hat she believes their alternatives are and they aren't many and they aren't pretty. When she is finished Siliwen is the first to speak and she is not happy, "It seems you know much more about what is happening than we do. And you said our best bet is to head for the Grey peaks find this object, first or take it away form those who have it before they can truly use it and defeat the leader of the opposing forces."

"My own magics are minimal. I am just starting out. I can see no seasoned warriors or cleric amongst our numbers. We are rather slender reeds to be used against a mighty foe that has so far done what he has please for 50 years. He has been reparing, by gathering his forces building them up, perhaps already has found this item. We were barely able to survive the four Na'sir that attacked us."

"I don't know about the rest of you but I feel betrayed, if not by the Gods then by whatever brought us here. I could lend a hand and do what I could to help but i looks like the whole responsibility for this rests on us alone. So I am willing to listen to what some of you others have to say since you are in the same situation as I am."
At this point Thor feels it is time to speak again, although he is not really sure what he is going to say because he believes that what Siliwen has said is in fact the truth, and their chances to complete this task seems very remote. However being one brought up to always take a task that looks overwhelming and to the best of his ability try to bring it down to size. Doesn't know if he can do that here or not.

Stepping forward from his stool Thor speaks to the newly formed party. Siliwen at this very moment I have to agree and I to am feeling betrayed by whomever or whatever it is that brought us here. I am however not one to ever turn my back on any people who are under the threat of being overrun and crushed by any evil force no matter how overpowering that force may seem at first glance. I know this task at the moment looks totally unrealistic for us, I am however usually trusting in our gods and their abilities to select champions capable of fulfilling the task set before them. I am not however saying they are infallible all creatures great and small make mistakes, but anyways all that hot wind aside I for one will be accepting this challenge, so if there are any here who are also going to stay and fight we need to put our heads together and plan an forrey into the Grey Peaks. I do believe that if I heard Anya's last statement correctly we do have a choice here,“you must decide if this is a mission you are willing to undertake. I wont lie to you, it will be very dangerous and probably some of you will not make it back alive, and I know that you have been brought here against your will but ultimately the choice is still yours. Those of you that decide to go, I will tell them what I can of the foes you will encounter as well as answer any of your other questions.”
So here are some things I would like to know if at all possible before we start to plan a course of action.
First of all of course who all here is in.
Then from Anya we need as much info on the foes we will be facing as she can give us.
Also Anya can you point us to anyone who may have more information about the Grey Peaks themselves maybe some info on the Dwarves that lived there, possibly if these Dwarves where mining the peaks and had some trade with any of the cities and towns around maybe there is a more detailed map of the Grey Peaks the area around the peaks or maybe even a map of these Dwarves underground city or mines.

There is more i would like for us to know but lets start here and see what we get

Posted on 2008-01-11 at 13:24:20.

Keeper of Dragons
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My choice

Billy listened as first Siliwen and then Thor spoke of feelings of betrayal by the gods and inadequacy for the task at hand. After a few moments he spoke. "I for one do not feel betrayed but rather blessed by the gods. They have given me a chance to do great things and serve as their agent in ridding the world of a great evil. I am not counted as smart very often but one thing I do know is that the gods are smart. If they picked us for this task they must have a reason. You say we are too frail and weak to stand against this evil. Perhaps it is our smallness and frailness that will work in our favor. Who would imagine that ones such as ourselves would ever dream of standing against a powerful evil. Perhaps the evil one himself will pay us little or no mind; seeing us as no threat to him and his designs. As for the encounter with the four horse things; three of them lay dead and the fourth fled in fear while only one of our number was seriously injured and he looks to be well on his way to getting better. Not a bad show by my counting. I may no longer be on my home world but I will not flee while evil threatens those weaker than me. Tis better to die on my feet, facing my enemy than die on my stomach groveling in fear."

Billy turned to the old woman. "I will search for the object. I only ask that you provide a drawing of it and a drawing of how to destroy it. I never learned to read so the squiggles on paper do me no good. Oh, and if possible supply a few healing potions or salves; I tend to get hurt alot."

Posted on 2008-01-11 at 23:45:17.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Alea listens to Billy's words.

"Perhaps it is our smallness and frailness that will work in our favor. Who would imagine that ones such as ourselves would ever dream of standing against a powerful evil. Perhaps the evil one himself will pay us little or no mind; seeing us as no threat to him and his designs."
She lets him finish his speech, "Sorry to disillusion you about the Dark One overlooking us. He sent the Nas'sir to stop us knowing we had arrived and approximately where, and next time he will send more of his minions to stop us."

Unfortunately for us, we are here and what happens here will effect us, for I see no way home, the Voices that spoke to us did not give us the option to go home."

"As a servant of Corellon I see the need to do this thing to keep Evil from overrunning the elves their forests as his armies unlease their war on the island."

"I have placed my faith in Corellon and will hold to it."

Posted on 2008-01-12 at 02:02:40.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Siliiwen knows her faith is not as strong as Alea's. Knows her magic is limited and weak, Knows that in defeating the Na'sir with the one escaping would ensure their arrival will nto go unnoticed.

"Thondrek what say you." she asks the only other member to not yet speak except Riddle who was not yet awake.

Siliwen keeps tabs on the results. So far two are commiitted though if she remember right they all would be needed to have any chance at success. Still everyone should have the freedom to choose.

Posted on 2008-01-12 at 06:16:02.

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Of Course I'm In Against This Evil

Siliwen states that she was in and then asks "Thondrek what say you."
I assume she is talking to me Thor since I don't think anyone else has a name close to that. Excuse me Siliiwen I believe you are asking me, not to be a pain at a time like this but my name is pronounced Thordinal if you want to use it but please just call me Thor. Anywho I have already stated (Quote " I am however not one to ever turn my back on any people who are under the threat of being overrun and crushed by any evil force no matter how overpowering that force may seem at first glance." I for one will be accepting this challenge,").
So yes I am in and I think that ia all of us except for Riddle since right now he can't answer, but I get the feeling that he will probally be in for whomever brought us here was probally pretty sure we would all agree.
So once again he turns to Anya and asks her several questions.
Anya you have been good to us thus far, and I have several more things I would like to try to find out before we venture from here.
Of course a detailed run down as best as you can on any and all creatures we may have to fight against.
Then is there anyone you can think of who might have more information on this area called the Grey Peaks.I would like to if possable find someone, or if need be possably books somewhere that might be able to describe the area more, maybe possably even a map even if it is probally out dated.
Someone or again books that might give us some info on the Dwarves who lived in these peaks, anything about what type of mining they where doing, or again possable maps, of the Dwarves underground city or mines they where digging.
then of course we need as much info as we can gather on this stone that they are after any legends at all.

He then scans the room his eyes unfocused as if somewhere far away, but as the group gets to know him better they will find that when it looks like he has drifted off into another land he has actually just turned his thoughts inwards and is in deep thought, however if someone was to say try to approach him with a weapon or such they would find he is very much aleart to his surroundings. After about a minuite of this dreamy state he once again speaks.
Now I know it has already been made clear that as outsiders we would not have much influence on trying to get anyone here to do anything. However you Anya since you believe very strongly that this evil is about to break out of it's confines and start to envelope the lands, maybe while we are attempting to find this artifact and either destroy it or at least stop it from being used by the evil, maybr you could use your influence to find someone who might be able to at least approach the Elves, and inform them of what it is you believe for I do know that Elves have a way of knowing what is and what is not the truth. For then at least they may prepare themselves for the war that may come if, and I will leave it at that. I just think the Elves may be helpful if need be in the long run. Once again he waits to get whatever info Anya might have now or directions to where he might find what he is looking for.

Posted on 2008-01-12 at 12:55:21.

Forever ♥
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“You can count on me too!” A voice says from the bed. Looking over they see Riddle now sitting up on the edge of the bed looking as if he were never injured.

“Ah!” Anya says and rises from her seat walking over to Riddle, “You seem to have recovered well.” She examines him and nods her head approvingly.

“Yes,” the Ranger says as he rises to his feet and stretches, “I have been awake for some time laying there listening… as the cure took effect.” Moving his arms and legs checking their function, “All sees to be working fine.” He smiles. “I heard most of what was said and I will go on this quest,” he says with a shrug, “Not like I have a choice and well this is why I am here I figure… so count me in.” He sits on the edge of the bed waiting for the others.

Posted on 2008-01-12 at 19:56:23.

Not Dragon Mistress
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"So be it we have each made our decision and we all have agreed to continue myself included. I would not doom the quest before we started. What I have to give I will give what I am able to do I will do." Siliwen concludes.

Turning to Riddle, Siliwen continues "I am glad you have recovered so well."

"Anya, if we can get some of that salve you have in case one of us gets poisoned by Na'sir again it would be of great benefit."

Posted on 2008-01-13 at 03:44:14.
Edited on 2008-01-13 at 05:00:16 by Brianna

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Info... time to go.

Anya returned to her stool after checking on Riddle and seeing that he was fine. She listened to the group talk of betrayal and causes and feelings of hopelessness. She chuckles slightly, “I am sure the Gods know what they are doing.”

“I can not speak for gods, but I figure that perhaps it is your lesser power that is the reason you were chosen.” She smiles and nods her head letting them know that they did hear her correctly. “Yes you are right Alea, your arrival was seen by the Dark One.. But perhaps that was because of the great magic that was used to bring you here across worlds. No minor feat is that I can assure you. No.. all of you are relatively minor heroes to be sure.. But perhaps the God that chose you for this mission counted on that. The Dark One can sense power and he could surely track powerful heroes that might attempt to approach his land. He would be warned and ready. But a small group such as yourselves could seek into the area and win it’s way close to it’s objective without attracting his attention.”

Anya shrugged slightly as she continued, “I don’t think the Gods are trying to be cruel to you… just remember as mortals we are not always aware of the foresight that the Gods possess.”

She turned to Thor with a smile, “As to your question regarding a map of the dwarves mines under the Gray Peaks… surely you know that dwarfs don’t require maps of their own mines…. Everything they need to know is always available up here,” She tapped a finger to her head. “No I cant help you with a map of the peaks.. And only the dwarves know those mines… But I assure you the mines are large… I know you will always be able to find your way to the surface if need be.. But I think the Gods may also have other ways of guiding you then a simple map.”

Turning to Billy, “I have never seen the stone before.. I am not that old,” she chuckles, “but it will be small enough to hold in your hands and it would be recognized by the evil power emanating from within… you will know it when you see it. “

“As for how to destroy it,” she sighes, “I cant tell you… only the Gods would know.. again I can only counsel you to trust in the Gods to show you the way. But I will remind you that the stone is evil.. Beware of it’s power… it is not a mindless hunk of rock… it has it’s own will and desires… all of them very dark indeed.”

She glances at Alea and Siliwen then back to Thor, “The Elves of Tremoria area a solitary group,” she says, “they did not mingle much with the other races but since the invasion they all but vanished. They are aware of what goes on, I feel their spell weavers working to gather information. I feel my influence would do little to persuade them on a course of action they have not already decided upon. But I can contact them and let them know that a group of adventures are going after the stone to stop the Dark One… perhaps they will send aid.. But.. I can not say for certain.”

“Anya looks thoughtful for a moment then raises her head looking at all of you, “The creatures of the Dark One are not as numerous and one might think.. They contain a lot of smaller races that are easily swayed to darkness.. for whatever reasons .. Gold.. the slaughter.. they are only dangerous to you in great numbers.. you should be able to handle them if you come across them unless they are a large force. However, the special beasts the Dark One brought with him are more powerful and dangerous. “

“The Nas’ir you have already meet.. and by now you see their strengths… beware them in open areas where their attacks are stronger… but they are the weakest of the ones you must face… the Kree are large insectoid warriors who travel in groups.. they fight with a tenacious nature and are formidable .. their weakness is that they are dumb and might be easily fooled.”

Anya sighed, “The worse are the Shelnak… they are tall thin creatures who are very powerful in natural magic. They fight in small groups and channel their magic into one of their group and make him very powerful.. beware this group and if you encounter them remember to try and disrupt the group.. scatter it and you can break their power.”

The old woman looks tired and sighs again, “I will not lie to you.. It will be difficult.. But I have faith in the Gods that they have chosen you for a reason and that they will support you when you need it. Have faith.”

She gets up and goes to the cupboard and pulls out a small carry bag with a shoulder strap. She comes over to Siliwen and hands her the bag, “Inside are several small jars of healing salve which will aid you…also the liquid cure for the Nas’ir poison…distribute them as you will amidst yourselves as you wish.”

Riddle smiles up at Silawen when she addresses him, “Thank you for comforting me when I was paralyzed.. I could hear and see you but could not respond.. It was most frightening.. but your presence helped to get me through it…. Thank you!”

Anya rises and slides her stool to the side, “Well.. I don’t know if I can be of any further help.. I have told you all I can.. The rest is up to the Gods.” She gestures to the door as if to say it is time for you to go.

(Assuming you leave)

Anya watches you from the cabin doorway and calls out to you before you leave the clearing, “Remember.. Time is of the essence.. Do not dally.. The whole world may be in your hands.”

Posted on 2008-01-13 at 04:18:39.

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Once Again, Siliwen

Before leaving Anya's

Once again Siliwen makes a request, "Could you spare a jar of that salve you used to help Riddle." IF nothing else they would be better able to treat one of themselves if poisined by the Na'sir.


Siliwen leads the way out of Anya's house windeing her way through the closely spaced tress. It was really like a maze to get in and out. but if one paid close attention to the ground you could pick out a slight path underfoot. Heading back to town she keeps up a good pace.

"We need to purchase supplies and get going. Though I think it best say nothing about where we are going and even ride out in the opposite direction from where we want to go and then swing back on track. Those Grey Peaks seem to be the ony significant mountain in the area there besides the Highlands themselves. So if we make our way in the general direct to the south west we should eventually see them."

"Also we can try to hunt off the land and make minimum contact with other people. Th less we are seen about the best. IF someone has to go into a town or farm for supples then only one human looking person should do so. Elves and Dwarves are rare or nonexistent in this place. BIlly is to big and noticeable. That would leave our two human makes to make contact. Unless ALera you and I disquise ourselves. THat Na'sir that got away certainly has the descriptions of us all."

Posted on 2008-01-15 at 23:30:53.
Edited on 2008-01-15 at 23:35:31 by Brianna

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"Hey, I am a human. A big one yes but a human none the less." Billy laughed as he said the last. "We do need supplies before we head out. You want most of us to wait here while others go into the local town? Or should we get going and stop at the first town we see?" Billy eyed the pouch with the healing salves. "Perhaps I could get one of those salves? I do tend to get hurt often."

Posted on 2008-01-16 at 00:49:56.

Not Dragon Mistress
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We will get supplies here, we have no idea where the next town is and I certainly do not have a lot with me. This has being rather a unexpected occurance."

OOC: Billy may be all human but his size makes him very noticeable. P.S. I thought perhaps he was half Giant.

Posted on 2008-01-16 at 04:25:57.

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Back to Northpoint

So they finally left the healers house with maybe at least a little better understanding of what it was they where about to undertake. They made their way back to Northpoint all the while discussing what to do next.

I think that I have to agree with everything that has been said so far. I believe that since we are already in Northpoint that we must supply ourselves here and now with what ever we feel we need and can carry, for we should probably avoid contact with with anyone else and stay out of the towns as much as we can. We have the map which shows there is one main road and although that may be the fastest way I don't know if will be our best, but time for that we must get our animals supply ourselves and move on as quickly as we can.

Posted on 2008-01-21 at 12:44:35.

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"I agree," said Alea, "We should keep as circumspect as possible. It would be safer for us and for others."

"Other than gathering supplies, nothhing should be mentioned of this until the group is well away from the town and any possible listeners, the fewer who know the plans the better."

Posted on 2008-01-23 at 01:17:51.
Edited on 2008-01-23 at 01:18:41 by Dragon Mistress

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The Journey begins....

Location: Northpoint
Date/Time: Day One/Mid Morning

Before leaving Anya's

Once again Siliwen makes a request, "Could you spare a jar of that salve you used to help Riddle." IF nothing else they would be better able to treat one of themselves if poisoned by the Na'sir.

Anya smiles gently at Siliwen, “Honey, in that bag I gave you there is a jar of the potion that will cure the Nas’ir poison as well as a jar of healing salve for each of you as well as a couple of bottle of my finest healing potions.”

She opens the bag in Siliwen’s hands and pulls out a small jar of salve, “This is to be used as soon as possible, just rub it on the wound and it will stop the bleeding and begin healing.” She replaces that jar and pulls out the bottle of Nas’ir cure and the healing potion, “The poison cure will require just a few drops in the victim’s mouth and the healing potion will require a good sip but know that it is a potent cure, more so than the salves.” She replaces the bottles in the bag and closes the flap returning it to Siliwen, “Use them well, they will aid you greatly.”

Riddle watches as Siliwen apparently ignores his words of gratitude at her kindness while he was incapacitated he merely sighs slightly and turns to gather his things. When the others move out he follows them keeping a close watch on the surroundings. Though the path is well concealed here to his trained eye it is as clear as day, though he knows that most might not see it even if they were looking for it. Only a trained eye, or perhaps other woodland creatures, such as elves, would be able to readily discern the way.

Tyr the barkeep of the Carousing Pony is waiting for you outside the wooded area, he turns surprised at seeing you but smiles when he sees Riddle walking with you all, “Ah.. she helped you.. but my that was quick.. you weren’t gone for more than a minute.”

You all know that it was more than half an hour and possibly closer to an hour after all the telling was done. The Barkeep shrugs and gestures to you to follow as he turns back to the town, “Well good to see you are all well.. I know most here don’t like the old woman and call her a witch.. but me thinks it is just superstition and fear talking.. she has never harmed anyone here that I know of but she has helped many a sick people.”

Leading the party back into town, Tyr tells them, “I guess you be wanting rooms and such to rest after your ordeal. I have the finest rooms and the best Inn in town,” he says with a grin and a wink, since it appears that his is the only Inn in town.

(Assuming from everyone’s posts that they are supplying and then leaving immediately)

Tyr’s smile fades when they tell him their plan to gets supplies and leave immediately, he tries to persuade them to stay the night at least but when they insist they must leave he sighs and nods knowingly. “I guess the old woman must have told you much to get you right back on the road, but if you must… I will take you directly to the Merchants.”

Tyr takes back into town they way you came, you pass the storefront with the sign depicting a sword and shield, obviously the armory shop, and proceeds on to the mercantile next door. There is a lot of activity here, you see Ben Alscok standing near his now full wagon talking to a well dressed man, and they shake hands as the group approaches. Ben turns and sees them approach, “My friends, you are all well I see,” spotting Riddle up and about, “So have you come to trade? If so, I wager Arthur will give you a fair deal.” Ben says nodding his head towards the man he had been talking to when the group arrived.

While the group is addressing Ben, they notice Tyr walk up and talking quietly with the man who appears to be the merchant here, the man Ben referred to as Arthur. After a minute, Tyr brings the man over and introduces him to the group, “It pleases me to introduce to you Arthur Bent, and he is the best merchant in these parts.” He chuckles and Arthur smiles as he bows slightly to the party, “Welcome to Northpoint, my friend Tyr says you are in need of supplies and he has impressed upon he the urgency of your journey. How may I help you?”

Seeing they are going to be busy, Ben says his goodbyes, wishing them well, gets atop his wagon and heads back out of town the way he came in with them.

(If anyone wishes to visit the armory, you can post what you are looking for in there and I will backpost to that event.)

When they turn to go inside the mercantile to do business, Tyr bids them farewell also, “I must be back to my business, I wish you a safe trip and if you pass this way again please stop in and have ale with me.” He smiles and starts to go, but stops and turns back, “Oh.. I persuaded Arthur here to give you a discount on your goods, so make sure you stock up on whatever you need for your trip.” He smiles, waves and takes off back to the Inn hoping that his wife hasn’t let the place go to Hades while he has been gone.

Inside the mercantile is as expected, the main room is packed with barrels, sacks, boxes, tables, etc. all filled or covered with all manner of goods. Just about every normal item any adventurer could want can be found here. “Look around and let me know if you don’t see what you want,” Arthur says as he heads towards the counter, “Just bring up what you want to purchase and we will settle it up there.”

(Everyone can state what they are buying at the mercantile and the amounts will be listed in my next post. Anything unusual can be requested IC or in the Q&A and I will let you know if you find it. After all is purchased, will backpost that in next post, I will assume the party is going ahead as planned and leaving the town. I will continue on to get the group moving, please backpost anything you wished to do before leaving.)

Leaving the mercantile with their goods at a very reasonable rate, they head to the stable across the street where they find their horses well cared for indeed. In the short time the horses seem well fed, brushed and rested. The stable hands will quickly saddle and harness up the mounts while the party settles with the stable master on the price; a fee of 8 sp for the lot.

Location: Leaving Northpoint
Date/Time: Day One/Noon

Once they are mounted up and ready to ride it is nearly Noon. They ride out of town as previously mentioned to the East, opposite to the direction they wish to go, and once out of town a bit they circle around to the South and head South Southwest as indicated on the map. There is a road but as someone mentioned they might want to stay off the road as anyone looking for them would probably be looking for them on that road.

They travel the rest of the day without incident and as night approaches they find a small grove of trees in which to camp and keep them out of sight while giving them a good open view of the land around them so they would easily spot anyone approaching their encampment.

Once the group is camped they eat, having not had a decent meal since they arrived here early in the morning, and find themselves famished. The fare, though typical for the trail, is quite delectable and soon they are all sated. The gloom of night gets deeper and soon all but the person (or persons) on watch are awake.

(Assuming you set the customary watches at night, I will continue, but please let me know the watch order)

The sounds of night are typical and except for the two moons that come up later in the night and the strange unrecognizable star patterns they would find it hard to believe they were on a different world than their own.

(More assumptions here, but I think they are minor)

All the watches go smoothly and without incident, and Siliwen is currently on watch, sitting on an overturned tree reading from her spellbook and glancing up now and then to look about the open area surrounding their camp. This is a perfect spot since they are hidden from immediate view and can see far in all directions and the trees are just thick enough to dim down the light from their small fire. Siliwen returns to studying her spells for the coming day when she hears a snap, a twig perhaps, she hops up looking around and sees a figure walking towards her through the trees. She is wondering how this person got this close without spotting them in the open, “Who is there?” She challenges but the person does not reply, she looks around at the other sleeping party members and is surprised that none of them awoke at her challenge.

She is about to yell out a louder challenge when the figure steps into the light from the fire, she is too stunned to speak for before her stands Joriel her former –dead- mentor and teacher. He appears exactly as she saw him last, severely wounded but he is alive and standing about 10 feet from her.

Before she can regain her composure enough to speak, he addresses her, “Sil, why did you leave me? Why did you bury me alive?” It is his voice but it is tinged with pain and anguish as if she had betrayed him and abandoned him. He took another step towards her, “Why Sil, after I risked my life for you?”

Unable to find her voice from the shock of seeing him standing there covered with dried blood and dirt, as if he had dug himself up from the grave to come and find her, Siliwen can only stammer incomprehensibly. He continues to slowly approach her, a pained look of betrayal on his face which suddenly switches to anger, “You failed me Sil, you left me and buried me after all I have done for you. How dare YOU?” At the last he lunges are her and his hands go out clawing for her throat.

She manages to find her voice enough to shriek as he crashes into her and takes her to the ground, his hands grasping her throat. She starts to gasp for air as his hands tighten, she looks around at the others all sleeping peacefully, and Billy’s snoring almost drowning out her pitiful gasps for breath. She looks up into Joriels face as he strangles her, a face filled now with rage as he spits out between clenched teeth, “This will teach you to leave me for dead.”

Siliwen startles awake, sitting up and almost screaming. She looks around from where she is laying around the fire, the rest of the group is sleeping, Riddle is on watch and he walks over to her and squats down concerned, “Are you alright?” Everything else seems fine, no sign of trouble in the camp, it appears to have all been a nightmare but it seemed so real and terrifying.

(Edit Note: Anyone could have heard Siliwen scream when she woke up and could post to that effect if they so wish.)

Location: Northpoint Road – South Southwest
Date/Time: Day Two / several hours yet till sunrise

Posted on 2008-01-23 at 16:34:33.
Edited on 2008-01-23 at 19:52:46 by YeOlde

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Siliwen--Terror in the Night

Everything was not okay. Siliwine was gasping for air sucking it in in great gulps as if she had be choak for real. Present reality was fighting against the horrendous experience she had just had. Her heart raced madly, and all she could get out in a terrified voice was "He was here. He tried to kill me." Siliwen's voice was full od distress and torment as she tried to describe what happened. "He said I buried him alive. I didn't. I didn't. Joriel was dead. I counldn't save him."

Siliwen fought back tears of anguishe" even as her brain was trying to tell her Joriel couldn't have been here but it was not in control yet. Thehorrendous dream still shook Siliwen to her core. It had seemed so real, so terrifyingly real.

Siliwen looks up to Riddle taking some comfort in his presence, and then she looked around the camp fearfully, still breathing hard still shaking visibly "There is nothing, are you sure?"

With trembling hands Siliwen grabs up her cloak tightly around her as if to shield herself.

Posted on 2008-01-23 at 18:24:42.
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