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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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Awe man the fight's over already :( LOL

With the question to bind or not to bind settled it was time for a much needed rest after the trial they had just finished. With Cor determined to stay awake, and a little apart from the party, still did Kenji agree to first watch allowing all but himself to quickly find a place of their own.

With this finished and all asleep he positioned himself in best view to keep a close watch on the door behind and the hallway before, and it was without surprise that he slowly watched the grumpy old dwarf himself slowly fall asleep. The next four hours for him in his seiza style position seemed to go very quickly and before he knew it, it was time for the Lady Althena’s go at the watch.

Waking her easily he relayed to her that Cor, though try as hard as he would not, too had himself also fallen asleep and a good thing too as his healing like that of Rayne was in great demand inside this evil place. With Kenji asleep a few minutes later Althena could not help but look at Cor and remember all the harsh seeming words spoken. Her blanket to hand and placed over the dwarf to cover him she whispered in his ear.

“Worry not my friend you are still our leader, though we do sometimes act like children. It is just our nature as adventures to be as such, but have no fear we all know the real you, the one kept deep inside behind your grumpy ole act. The Cor that would give his life to save any of ours. Sleep well my friend and know ye are loved by us all”

With her words quietly finished she took up her own place of watch and did just that and for the next four hours all in the hallway was quiet except for the snoring of 1 or 2 unidentified sources among the sleepers. With the end of her four hour shift it was time to go back to work and as it should be it was, as she awoke Cor first.

“Time to awake sir Knight Cleric, the troops are yet yours to lead it seems, as no one has stepped forward to take your place.” A smile and a hand offered to help him to his short feet, Althena could only hope the dwarf would see and understand that nothing and no one’s feeling towards him had changed, he was their leader like it or not.

It sensed them coming ever closer to its resting place, pawns to be used at its whim all but the one shielded by birth from it, soon her death would come. Once again it felt most of them drift into the Realm of sleep and its essence moved to invade their dreams… What!! How is this possible!! How were they all so suddenly protected from it what had changed!!. Casting its awareness out further and further it found itself at the entrance that this party had entered and found three newcomers before it. An Elvin female, a human male with the stink of lingering evil, and a Half Elf male… Wait it could not be… he was yet alive!!. Oh yes it knew this one very well and hated him. He had stood beside the wizard Allanan as it was ripped from its master’s hand, he who had betrayed his lover, he who taken from her a precious item, this item a lesser object of power then the sword itself. It was this item then, it could now see, that had kept him alive this long… No wait not the item itself but SHE!! She was keeping him alive?, her fragrance flowed from the Item on his back and made him ageless. Not immortal by any means but baring death by outside forces the half-elf would not age. Yet for what purpose would she do so, revenge?, torment?, lust?, love??

It was her essence and the power now within the mountain that inadvertently countered its own, taking from it the power to invade the minds of those living, and thus to take control of one or more of the party seeking it…What now!! What now!! The sword cried to itself as it watched for awhile as this new unit of three did enter into the mountain, following the same path as the party before.

Moving away it started back to its guarded resting place, What now!!… What now!!…

Wait... What's this....yes…YES!!...ahh perfect....

In the darkness things once living, now dead, stirred to unholy life...................

With a possible confrontation adverted and the sharing of a quick meal of sorts, it was not long till all agreed they would enter the mountain together. So gear checked and once again packed the 3, with Maggot in the lead, approached, then crossed through the open door into the mountain’s interior. Before them it was clear that people had recently walked here as the dust disturbed by their passage lay in clumps. As they moved deeper they made good time encountering no traps or foes. The dust on the floor though disturbed yet lingered like a cloud of grayish mist, clinging to everything and each of the three. With their deeper penetration the dust swirling around them began to recede A walk of perhaps 10 minutes and the three adventurers again found themselves in front of another door.

Unlike the entrance door this was of plain wood yet preserved as new, magic clearly having been used in its construction. After a careful check by Maggot, who found no traps, the door was opened to reveal ...nothing.. all that was before them was a 20 x 20 room no doors, no furniture, no sign of anyone. Once more having opened this door, clearly a second time, the added flow of air nonetheless again stirred the ages old dust and revealed a small raised glyph upon the room’s floor. With no other choice it seemed but to enter the room the three did so and as they did a glyph came alive and the image of a man appeared before them.

“I welcome you whoever or whatever you be, I am the Grand Mage Allanan and you enter here at your own risk. If there be one among you of my blood let them step forward upon the glyph to be recognized. If there not be one of my blood, your doom is at hand”
Maggot, the only one of the three, to know at once who this was, turned to the others and so informed them.

“It is my old friend Allanan, a great Wizard in my early days and the man I believe the good Lady Elf has named you after.”

After a few minutes of searching and nothing new to be found the three moved on and out through the next door. moving slowly down the hall his eyes, ears, and even nose searching for any traps Maggot, sometimes confering with it seemed himself, did lead the way. They moved slowly but soon each could see a wooden door 40 feet ahead of them and as they moved closer, a magic mouth suddenly appeared.

“Breath deep your gatherings doom
Torches will flare room to room
Who of you to live or to die
Only you, he, she, fate will decide”

“Black hearted sword that rules the night
Hidden here from the light
Steals the colors from your sight
Into your mind it will bite”

“Black-red, yellow-white
What is wrong, yet what is right
Is it up, is it down, is it all around
Is it real or is it false, a mirror image
can you find the truth inside the illusion
that you call your life.”

With the last word of ‘life’, Maggot, Allanan and Siréne were again alone in a very quiet hallway a wooden door before them. Within minutes of reaching it, Maggot once more pronounced it clear of any traps and proceeded to open it.

The room before them they could see was a round 30 x 20 in size and except for three unlit torches on the wall, a human sized statue in the center of the room and an open door on the North wall, was empty of anything of note. The statue the three could see was not anything anyone would call special and in fact had decayed somewhat over time the face now featureless. Spaced around the statues mid section or stomach were a number of wooden handles, some intact, others broken, numbering 10 in all. Above the handles was a message.


Plain to the three was the fact that the people before them had crossed through here beating whatever they had faced. With a look to Allanan and Siréne, Maggot moved forward and through the North door. Before him was another corridor, this one even narrower then the one before the entered room, and it was into single file the three did arrange themselves.

For the next 20 minutes the three followed what appeared to be a never ending straight hallway but finally with Maggot as always in the lead and very alert they rounded first a left hand turn then 20 feet beyond that a turn to the West. 15 feet beyond that a second right turn back to the North and in the tunnel 25 feet before them was once again a similar door as those before. With as through a check as he could do, being not a true thief, Maggot revealed the door to be free of traps or anything of danger.

Hoping as before that whatever awaited beyond this door had been neutralized by the party before, the Half-Elf opened the door before them to reveal a 30x30 room totally empty of anything. No statues, no enemies, nothing but another door to the North and the scattering on the floor of pieces of red colored glass. With nothing to keep them here the three continued on to find themselves in another hallway the same size as the one just left.

Within in another 10 minutes of walking yet another door, same type of wood as the others, they did face, with Maggot having fell into the role of door checker, the door was once more cleared of any harm and the three did enter. This room of 40x40 empty as all the rest but to the three’s quick surprise the door behind them did not close as had the ones before, staying open as if offering them a way to escape. A second door of wood again located on the far Northern door.

With the room empty the three quickly moved towards the far Northern door only to be stopped after a few feet by the return of the apparition of Allanan.

“Glad am I that you who travel with one of my kin has survived the first two of my tests. However beyond this room the tests you shall face become much more challenging and deadly. It is my hope that none of you should die but death is truly a possibility, so I offer you this room free of any traps or test and protected by my magic.”
Then with a small gesture from him around the three now appeared a number of cots, 2 couches, and a table with 10 chairs and covered with food and water.

“Rest here free of any danger as my magic shall protect you till you leave through the north door. If any of you have changed your minds you may leave through the door you entered and through the tests already won. Make no mistake beyond the next door there is no turning back.”
With these last words spoken the Allanan apparition disappears, the food and a place to rest, yet remaining............

(DM OOC: Ok as no one stepped forward to take the helm I left it with Cor as leader, of course its up to him to still lead . You have all except for Kenji and Althena had 8 full hours of sleep and for the first time since the room after the second test, no Sword induced dreams. Check your character sheets and get me your new memorized/prayed for spells.

Ok Nimu, Kyle and Aryn I stopped your progress towards the other party in that same room above in case you wanted to rest, restock/change memorized spells or what have you. Up to you whether you stay to do so or continue. I will proceed in next Monday’s post or earlier depending on how you 3 choose.

To everyone VERY, VERY good posting and Role Playing, kinda wish it had gone on longer .
Ok next post, next Monday night as I am unable to post Sunday night do to RL commitments.)

Posted on 2009-11-10 at 07:12:58.
Edited on 2009-11-10 at 07:21:44 by TannTalas

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Rooms one, two, oh and look at three!

As Maggot lead the way into the mountain Allanan appeared and spoke. Maggot then informed Allanan and the Lady Sirene that he knew the one that appeared. As the three took a moment Maggot drifted into quick thought, ‘Allanan you old fool. If I only had you here, but perhaps it is I who should be where you are. Alas I have unfinished business here in these lands and this time perhaps with these with me now and those we go to meet they will succeed.’ It was then the other two seemed ready to move on so Maggot once more leads the way. As he did so he found himself talking out loud but this time it was different. He spoke to himself and not to another, as some people do when they are alone and think none are watching. It seems he has been alone so much that he forget when others are around.

Room 1
As the mouth began to spout its words Maggot found himself chanting the words in his mind, ‘it is odd what the mind remembers and what it forgets.’ He thought to himself as they made there way into this room. Maggot paused and looked at the faceless statue and a smile drifted across his face, “A Halfling was the one who grabbed the handles if my old mind remembers correctly. I wonder who grabbed it first in the group we go to meet. Perhaps if I make it out of this alive I will tell you the story. For I know the Gods have sent you and you two at least will see the light of day once more.”

Room 2
The next door and the next room Maggot moved inside fallowed closely by the others. He moved his foot around the shattered bitts of red crystal, “I do not know of this room, or I can not remember anything of this room. Let us move on.”

Room 3
Half way across the room Allanan appeared to them again and once more a smile came to the old Half-Elf’s face and he heard the words. Maggot quickly moved to the table, “Yes! I had forgotten this room also.” He quickly found a wine skin and walk to Allanan. Then taking a sip from it he handed to Allanan, “May I repay your kind gesture at the entrance with one of my own thanks to my old friend Allanan to my new friend Allane. A good name you carry with you wonder.” Maggot then moved back to the table, “Does the Elvin Lady Sirene have a fancy that can be filled by what is upon this table?” Maggot then sees what he is looking for. A fresh loaf of bread with a bit of butter drizzled on the top of it just before being put into the oven, “Not a bit of mold to be seen.” He then turns to the other two and begins to remove his pack, “Should we stay but an hour for second breakfast as the little people call it? Should we rest longer for a changing of spells?” Maggot said not of the third option of moving on at that very moment, Maggot hopped for at least and hour to partake of such a find spread.

Posted on 2009-11-10 at 15:03:03.

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only a dream

Cor's eyelids grew heavy and though he put up a valient effort to stay awake this was a fight the old dwarf would not win. "Hey Cor, lets go! We're gonna be late for the ceremony." Grolog Ironfist tugged at his sleeve. "Isn't it exciting? Today we become full fledged priests. Then we can make real changes. No more listening to those old fogies and their stupid rules." Grolog's face wrinkled in mock severity "Now you know that when I tell you to do something you do it lad. No backtalk or I'll give you demirits." Cor and Grolog burst into laughter. "Yeah, they are so set in their ways. We'll never be like that will we?" Cor blurted out between laughs. "No, we are free thinkers Cor, just what this silly old order needs." Grolag said as he pulled again at Cor's sleeve. "Cor, Cor" more tuggin at his sleeve. "Time to get up Cor" The voice was no longer Grolog's and Cor opened his eyes to find himself not in Odin's temple but inside the mountain.

"Guess I must have dozed off a moment lass." Looking around to see the others still sleeping he added, "Thanks fo waking me first. See to the others please." Cor sat alone for a moment; "Alright Odin I get the message. Less stuffy old cleric and less expecting others to follow blindly." Once everyone was awake Cor looked around, "Well, looks like a good day ta whack evil on the head. What say ye that we get moving and not keep it waiting? Master Ulthok would ye be so kind as to check the door for traps 'old man'?" Cor winked at Ulthok and tried hard to hold in a laugh at the thought of him calling anyone in the group save Althena 'old".

Posted on 2009-11-10 at 17:23:47.

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Better late than never....

Kenji stood by and watched as the others discussed their own thoughts on sleeping while being bound. While he thought it wasn’t wise he said nothing but stood guard watching the passage ahead as they others discussed it. Once it was over the Samurai stood his watch, sharing it with Lady Althena, during the night. He meditated to rest while she was watching, in this way he would be much faster to react if something did disturb their rest.

Morning came and as Althena spoke awaking Cor, his eyes snapped open at her first words. He rose lifting the sheathed Katana from across his legs where it had rested while he meditated. He stretched slightly to relax some stiff muscles and again took watch over the passage while the others awoke and began to gather for the journey. During those couple minutes, he reached into his sack and pulled out a small cloth wrapped bundle, opened it, and then bit into a cold rice ball. He took a few more bites chewing slowly until Ulthok came up to take the lead. Putting away his small repast he tucked his Katana into his Obi and fell in behind the halfing ready to back him up if needed.

(Sorry for not posting sooner.. been a hectic week)

Posted on 2009-11-12 at 20:43:24.

Wee Grugglet
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Waking up... A new day.

Conall opened his eyes, noticing he was in the same position as he was last night... and not dead. Bidding good morning to Ulthok quickly, and also bidding good morning to Cynil with a quick kiss and an embrace, Conall turned to see everyone else getting up as well. He was still haunted with what had happened last night... He had really stood up to Cor, and argued with him. Sure, they might banter every now and then, but they never actually argued like that...

But, Conall knew that the dwarf wouldn't take his words... He would need to prove himself in action. After eating a bit of food, and praying for his spells, Conall turns to Cor, and says, "Well Cor... what now?"

(OOC: Praying for:
1st Level
Cure Light Wounds x1
2nd Level
Cure Moderate Wounds x2)

Posted on 2009-11-15 at 06:37:29.
Edited on 2009-11-16 at 04:03:27 by gboy

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A new day...

Halia had slept through the night in relative peace. Once she had woken from a dream, memories of those she had lost tugging at her consciousness. When her eyes opened she found herself only a few spaces from Ulthok and the rest of the party, it settled her and she fell back asleep quickly.

The next morning rose only to tend to her own breakfast with a few bits of leavened bread from her pouch, then readied her spells for the day. It was Cor’s voice that pulled her eyes up to the rest of the group.

"Well, looks like a good day ta whack evil on the head. What say ye that we get moving and not keep it waiting? Master Ulthok would ye be so kind as to check the door for traps 'old man'?" Cor winked at Ulthok.

At that a small smile played over her lips and she gave a small nod of approval. Good, it seems that a nights rest has done us all well.
Standing she adjusts her sword on her belt and goes closer to the door.

“Yes… let us get on with this day and work our way through this evil place.”

Posted on 2009-11-15 at 16:24:35.

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Cynil was up early as Ulthok woke her. As Cor and Ulthok stood and faced each other she did her best to go between the both of them rubbing herself against their legs and purring loudly.

When Cor showed the true qualities of leardership by holding no grudge against the Halfling she leaped into his arms a purred up and storm then rubbed her face of his. Gads what a beard. Then she jumped down as Conall began to stir and changes to greet him in her own form.

She wished she could purr in this form, for that is how his kiss made her feel.

She finds a place to says her prayers and gathers what spells she needs for the day, knowing Conall must do the same.

Posted on 2009-11-15 at 19:10:58.
Edited on 2009-11-15 at 19:16:20 by Dragon Mistress

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In by deadline.....

One by one, they had fallen in beside him. The halfling had not meant to cause a division within the party, not to show individualism as the Cor put it, but just to keep the cleric from making a foolish mistake. He listened to their words and arguments, being the silent stone now. He would not be bound for if the sword took him, it would be able to release him from the bonds with his own skill and to be bound would only hinder in the moment of attack. Now to have the cat Cynil lay upon him would not be so bad, it had been a long time since he had had a pet.

Althena's words rang the loudest though, calling him petty and whatever belabor meant; he was sure it wasn't a compliment though. Ulthok would take whatever insults came his way though if it meant him stayin alive. He was no coward but nor would he be a fool.

"Do as you please for that is exactly what you were all going to do anyway. I will do what I can to see the mission completed." The words spat from Cor's mouth.

Ulthok whispered quietly to himself, "And as shall I."

With that the group laid down for their period of rest, not knowing if it was mornin or night deep down in these tunnels, just that they were exhausted from their ordeals. Ulthok woke at the call with his stirring bringing Cynil out of her own slumber. First things first, the halfling picked up his spellbook and browsed through, picking out all of the little details he would have to remember in order to cast his spells. Once that was done, he once again took up the lead in front of Kenji, and prepared to step off.

"Good day indeed, Cor, and neither am I old, still in my prime," a slight smile upon his face, the halfling was happy that everything was good between the party.

Posted on 2009-11-15 at 20:55:17.

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Rayne agreed with Cor that rest would be best. She had some healing left buy each room had soxt them with either injury or death. Deaths that could not be raised. With the rest she would be able to regain those spells and make changes.

Rayne went over her possible spells Healing for sure she would take. but she really had not strong offensive spells so that. WHen a cold dinner was finished Rayne went apart to pray. She planned to take all l but 2 bless in healing spells and one raise dead. Hopefully it would not be needed or if it was she prayed it would work this time. The lost of Divot was fresh in her mind.

Surling up in her cloak with her sword close at hand she slept until she had rested enough. At least her dreams were not disturbed by the voice of the sword trying to tempt her with promisesof glory.

Morning had come a new day a new test.

Posted on 2009-11-16 at 03:56:16.

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The enchantress stood silent in the warded chamber. It had been long since they entered the mountain. Their journey had shown only pieces and hints at trials won, yet no clue beyond that had been given. All the while Maggot had led them through the dank place speaking of knowledge of a long distant past. The half elf confounded her. One of his blood even in the twilight of life could be no older than she and yet he spoke of a familiar knowing of the legendary mage Allanan. Had the Queen of Heaven sent to her an ally who had seen legend born? Or was it that the Lady called her to aid him? Siréne sighed, time alone would tell and as always she would place her life in the hands of the Great Goddess.

At her side she heard Maggot speak of resting for a time in this place and she for one agreed. The chambers within the mountain had been littered with the remains of struggles, and although they had yet to find adversary here Siréne knew it would not belong before they too were tested by the mountain.

She turned to face the half elf speaking in a voice cool as ever, "Yes, I think it best we stay here and rest awhile. Some reprieve from this journey would be welcome."

Posted on 2009-11-16 at 04:23:51.

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Dragon and Man

Maggot heard that they were to rest here, a smile drifted across his face. He pulled out a chair from the end of the table, while he placed his pack on the chair and looked for things inside he spoke, “I will sit on this end so as not to offend.” His face was deep in his pack, “Ay yes here it is,” Maggot pulled out a Green Common Robe, “I know it is only a common robe but it is all I have.” He put on the piece of cloth. It was green but that is all that could be said for it and if it were not for his words calling it a Common Robe one might mistake it for a tattered piece of cloth and throw it out.

When Maggot had finished his glass of wine, a small loaf of bread, a small cutlet of meat, and some mixed fruit and vegetables Maggot moved around the table looking for something, “Come my old friend Allanan, I know you could not have set up such a feast with out it.” As he looked he grew ever more agitated. Just as he was about to get to the point of one of the other two to say something he found what he was looking for. “There it is!” Maggot held in his hand a after dinner smoking pipe. Holding it so the other two could see it, “Just like the one I used to smoke. It broke when the Goblins took my things and stretched my neck but I got the last laugh.” Then he caught himself, “But where are my manners? A story such as that should not be told around a dinner table such as this. For give me.”

Maggot then found three small jars of pipe weed and several more pipes. Offering a pipe to the other two he began to open each small jar. He sniffed the first, “King’s ransom. The finest cuts of leaf only fit for a King.” He put the lid back on and moved to the second jar. With a sniff of it, “Old man Thatcher’s I would call it. He might not have been able to keep the rain from you living room but he could sure make a good pipe filler.” Maggot as with the first place the lid back and moved on to the third. With eyes closed and a small prayer before opening it, he removed the lid and sniffed. Then with a smile and a long draw in, “Yes,” he said softly, “Winters Wine. The day of the first frost you pick the grapes and make wine. After two years in the bottle you use it to soak the leaf before drying.” Maggot used this last jar to fill his pipe.

With his pipe lit he turned to the others, “Do you wish to hear a poem?” if neither object he stands and begins… if there is objection he merely says “Then plug your ears and keep your gold,” and begins anyway.

The land around,
Enslaved and unfree.
Nothing but Death and Sorrow,
As far as the eye could see.

Upon a mound,
Of silver and gold.
A desolate land,
A warning for told.

Awake from his slumber,
Sacrifices he would demand.
Virgins he would ask for,
“Your children or your land.”

Teeth of sword, claws of dagger,
Upon wings he flew higher.
Rained down when he roared,
A breath of death and fire.

Up from the valley,
Did this lone man ride.
From dragon nor death,
Would he hide.

Upon a hill he would make,
His final stand.
Upon this day it would be,
Dragon versus Man.

The dragon fell upon him,
The people they fled.
The air rumbled ground crumbled,
The people gripped with dread.

The next day the air,
The air was full of sound.
They came from hiding,
They started to ask around.

A boy ran through the street,
“The dragon is no longer alive!”
The people began dancing,
“Once more the land will thrive.”

They called for cheers,
They shouted for the knight.
“He came from the valley,
The one who made things right.”

Alone upon a hill,
A single tear in his eye.
He called to the heavens,
“Alive am I! Why oh why?”

The man from the valley,
Rode out the very next day
These words upon his lips,
“This time death will not get away.”

With his poem said he steps down from the table where some how in the telling of his poem he wound up. He moved to his pack and removed his Common Green Robe and carefully returned it to where it belongs in his pack. He then removed an old smelly blanket. He then took his things and moved to a place in the room where he could see both doors, propped himself against the wall and began to smoke his pipe. He would remain on watch as the other two would sleep or do what ever it is people of the civilized world do when in a room such as this.

Posted on 2009-11-16 at 15:07:18.

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Aye, rest indeed.

Allanan was in agreement with the others... rest would indeed be good. For he felt at his core that the apparition did not lie -- the journey past the door would not be as gracious as it had been on this side.

So, the golden-hair man rested and enjoyed the fine foods and drink provided, strangely unconcerned that it had all been created by the magic of a long dead mage. Intuitively, it seemed, the warrior trusted the "ghost of the past".

As his new half-blooded companion offered a pipe and suggested a fine leaf for smoking, Allanan accepted both graciously with a simple nod. "Thank you."

And as Maggot offered up a poem, the golden-haired warrior settled back and listened intently to half-elf's word, allowing them to stirred inside his soul, even as he rested his eyes.

[OOC: I'll sent you a list of spells memorized by tomorrow, Tann... again, sorry for the delay]

Posted on 2009-11-17 at 04:16:40.

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The Time is near!!! Dun Dun Dun!!!

With a full 8 hours of sleep the party was once again ready to continue their nightmare trip through these rooms of tests. Spells memorized or prayed for, bed rolls and gear once more packed up all were ready to move out.

With Ulthok again in his role as forward scout, he was about to lead the party once more down the hallway to the next room, when Althena stopped him. Being almost last in line and one of the party closet to the door, she turned back to listen.

“Did anyone else hear that, sounds like the door was just opened in the room behind us.”

With all movement stopped, weapons immediately to hand, it was easily clear to all, thanks to the acoustics of empty stone, that indeed what seemed to be an undetermined number of people talking quietly in perhaps common had entered the test behind them. Friend or foe they could not tell as the voices spoke just above a whisper and gave no hint to race or gender.............

With a six and a half hour break to take advantage of the food before them the three did eat their fill yet, before long it was once again time to move on. With Maggot as had become his normal place in the lead they left the room and moved to the next solid wooden door. A quick check showering no traps and indications of recent opening, the handle clear of ages old dust, Maggot slowly opened it.

The room before the three travelers they each could see was not in actuality a room but a 30x60 rounded tunnel clearly cut from the stone of the mountain, with only a narrow one person wide walkway, also of stone, running down its center to a door once again on the northern most wall. They could see as they moved across it, that the rounded bottom of the tunnel rooms wall was layered in at least 3 inches of small crystal pieces.

Upon the other side of the test, yet another strange sight was found by Maggot, a pair of blankets tossed as if unwanted into a corner of the door frame. Both blankets in good condition the party of three could not help but wonder why they had been left behind. Not one to leave anything useful to rot, having lived off the land the for so long alone, Maggot took both and folded them, quickly storing them into his supplies.

Then once again Maggot leading they proceeded to make their way down a semi-long hallway to arrive once more at a same style of wooden door as before.

A quick check by Maggot, no traps found, the door opened and in the three went, to find themselves in a 20x40x30 room......covered in the blooded bodies and body parts of dozens of little boulder looking creatures, one of which, larger then the rest, was yet alive sitting in daze looking at the stumps of his fingerless hands. His back resting against a plain stone block raised to just about chest high on a normal human frame in the center of the room. Maggot, Allanan and Siréne could see three pegs, colored Black, Yellow and Pink, sticking out from holes atop the stone block. Also scattered around the base, as the three of them moved closer, could be seen a number of same sized pegs of the 3 on top but each a different color. The rest of the room but for a door to the East, and numerous small holes in the base of the walls stood quiet.

It was Siréne, her elvin hearing quite good, who first heard the sound of what to her possibly sounded like a women's voice speaking beyond the Eastern door.

In a quick whisper to Allanan and Maggot she made both so aware.

"We are not alone"...........

(DM OOC: OK Spellcasters once more I need your spells so that I can add them to your online sheets. Good posting and RP this week keep it up. Next post next Sunday so get em in

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A Winters Wine or just a pipe dream

With the break over and ready to move out, Maggot paused for a moment. He went back and fetched three Pipes and the small jar of the Winters Wine and the King’s Ransom as he held them in a small cloth bundled together. His breath held he stepped out of the room and took a few steppes. “I dare not look to see if the pipe and filler is still there. So I will let you look.” And with that he passed the small bundle back to Allana, “You look for me and tell me not of the out come until we rest again. Then we will see if we smoke another bowl of Winters Wine and let those who we seek try the King’s Ransom.”

The cylinder room (Room 4)
As they entered this place Maggot noticed something odd. An old and time beaten skull of a human but not human, more like a human than a beast but it had dragon features and the words, “Are there any Puppies?” came drifting through the back of his thoughts and laughter came to him. This sight must have been a bit unsettling to the others. To see Maggot looking at the bones and skull of one that pasted these halls years ago and laughing and saying something about puppies.

With the slight out burst out of his system he moved on to the end of the walk way and then with uncontrollable reaction he bent down and took two blankets from the floor. He made an offer to the other two behind them and neither of them took one so he quickly took out some binding cord and with them rolled up, secured them to his pack. Saving room inside for any other treasures that might come his way.

Room 5
As Maggot, Sirene, and Allanan entered the 20x40x30 room the carnage of a past fight was clearly seen. Maggot quickened his pace a bit seeing how the three had not yet been noticed he lead the others toward the Eastern door. It was then she spoke in a whisper, “We are not alone…” Maggot moved his finger to his lips as to say ‘shhh’ but no sound escaped his lips. He then moved his hand from his face and lifted his nose slightly and sniffed. He continued toward the Eastern door and signaled the Lady Sirene and Allanan the Wanderer to fallow.

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Awaiting Orders...

With Ulthok again in his role as forward scout, he was about to lead the party once more down the hallway to the next room, when Althena stopped him. Being almost last in line and one of the party closet to the door, she turned back to listen.

“Did anyone else hear that, sounds like the door was just opened in the room behind us.”

Kenji turned back to look at the door behind them, his hand instinctively going to his katana. He turned his eyes questioningly to Cor awaiting sign of orders as he moved a little to the side to give a clear view of the door across the room.

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