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Drusillia ( Posted on 2006-09-23 at 14:01:24.)

A nice warm bed...YAY!! ----------------------
Halia was overjoyed to here the new that they where spending the night. A night in a real bed. She ordered and ate quickly she couldn’t wait to get out into the city and look around. She stood up as soon as she was finished her breakfast. “ Who would like to accompany me to the markets?” She waits for someone to join her then she leaves with no particular place in mind. Whoever joins her she will ask if they have a destination, if so they will head there. If not they will simply browse the market looking for something of interest.

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 06:39:18.

Trilogy Master
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DarkAutumn ( Playing as Althena Sunblayze) / ( Posted on 2006-09-24 at 12:53:08.)

Back Post a tad, and onward... ------------------------------
Althena sat upon her mount silently listening to the discussion as to whether or not they would be stopping for an over-night stay at the fort they were fast approaching. To look at her would be to know that she was quite at home mounted upon a strong steed. She smiled at the memory of the look on her nanny’s face when her birth father, Allanon allowed her to learn to ride as a man would, rather than as a lady. He had informed the young Nanny that if his daughter was to learn something, she would learn it right and to the full ability such endeavor could be done. As any little girl was, Althena had been fascinated by horses ever since she could remember. Unlike most other little girls, however, her love for horses only grew with her, instead of waning away with age. Her body moved in fluid motion with that of the strong beast beneath her, as though they were joined as one, each an extension of the other.

A small smile of relief and agreement crossed her face as her beloved Alasdair gave his two cents to the discussion at hand. She longed for a nice bath and a relaxing evening. She only hoped that it would be as relaxing as all that, and that the evil forces they fought against would let them rest, if only for one night. The group rode on until they reached the fort, and she thanked Af’til for staying back to guard the horses.

Once they were settled inside the eating and lodging establishment, Althena ordered a simple meal of fruit and toast. Her stomach was much too empty to fill it so full with a big breakfast. She needed to settle her growling belly first. Once Alasdair ordered a meal for Af’til she paid the fee for it, as her little way of showing her appreciation for his sacrifice in staying in the stables rather than enjoying the comfort of the Inn.

Althena ate in relative silence, not rushing it, but not taking her time either. Once she was done, she leaned over to Alasdair and whispered softly that she was going to retire to her room for a few hours. Then, excusing herself from the rest of the group, she found the inn- keeper, and was led to her room. She requested that a tub of hot water be brought up if at all possible, as she was almost drooling at the mouth at the mere thought of a hot bath.

Within a short time, she had gathered her woolen gown from her sack and had it laying out on the bed. She brushed it down with her hands to get any wrinkles out and set her brush and comb, along with her other little hair trinkets on the bed next to her dress. She had just finished setting her toiletries on the stand beside the bed when there was a knock on the door and the tub was brought in. She placed a few rose petals, as well as a couple small drops of the jasmine oil into the tub as it was filled with the steaming water. Making small talk with the chamber maid, she asked of any news or strange happenings and such that may be worth the telling. Once the tub was filled, she thanked the young lass and handed her one piece of platinum, and waited as the girl closed the door behind her.

As soon as the latch clicked, indicating the door was closed, Althena quickly disrobed. She released the bindings in her hair letting it fall loose about her shoulders. She brushed her long locks out, making sure they were free of any tangles, and then she stepped into the tub. She slowly sank beneath it’s intoxicating warmth, and placed a rolled-up towel just behind her head. She laid her head back and closed her eyes, her hair spilling over the edge of the tub and onto the floor.

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 06:42:04.

Trilogy Master
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A Morning Meal ( Posted on 2006-09-25 at 02:26:24.)

The Party for the most part agreed to stay both a full day and a full night settled in at the breakfast table of the lone Inn. With a meal sent to Af’til and paid for by the Lady Althena all for the moment seemed calm and quiet, the dangers of their journey for at least a little while forgotten...

Once all were seated at the Inn’s largest table awaiting the arrival of the food they had ordered, Conall at first thinking they would not be staying the night had leaned over to Lord Alasdair and had asked in a whisper.
"Lord Alasdair, I am to hear that we will not be spending the night?"

To which the Cavalier quickly disproved in his response.
"Nay, my dear Conall we shall indeed spend the night in this town"

Seeing that perhaps there was some confusion over their possible length of stay Alasdair did make his plans clear to all.
"My friends, I feel that leaving in the middle of the night would draw attention to ourselves. Plus we could use the extra time to provision ourselves and try to do a little research and fact finding, we need to know what has been happening elsewhere while we've been traveling. These are my thoughts, not my command... So, what is everyone's thoughts on how long we stay?" finished Alasdair.
This question was not yet answered by the time the serving girl appeared and with breakfast arriving at last was tabled till the next morn....

Ulthok was glad that Af'til had agreed with his idea of keeping someone with the horses, and had himself volunteered now it was only to see if his idea, of yet keeping someone on watch, even though they were they were staying at a Inn next to a fort was agreed upon. The Halfling in no way stupid knew that the evil chasing them detected in Chard Rush by the Paladin, was surely yet looking for them, if they had by leaving at night even left it behind. Even now it could be watching and waiting for the right time to strike.

With his breakfast done and a desire to shop he called on any to go with him in this latest of shopping spree and a comical sight was it that at almost the same time and seemingly not hearing Ulthok’s invitation did the Lady Haila present the same invitation. With a look and a laugh both did accept the others invite and out of the Inn and into the small shanty town did go. First stop the Fletcher’s and with only a short walk across the street, the shop they did enter, to find before them a large human working on a long bow of the most beautiful white material either had before seen. Looking up the man did greet them

"Hello good Lady and Sir how may I be helping you this fine morn.??"

With the human’s question asked and an answer yet to be given time moved on....

Cor too was happy at the news that they'd be staying the night. The Dwarf though knowing the need for speed and that the party's quest was of the utmost importance, also knew perfectly well that ample rest was necessary for the success of their mission.

With seconds on breakfast and a good bit of ale under his belt and having no desire to shop he found himself in his assigned room and a to bed he did go early or late if the night ride was counted. Quickly fast asleep ,the ale aiding this, his dreams of dark mine shafts, the ringing of pick and hammer on stone, and the ever-present sense of glory and power that flowed through him from Odin's Heart inside him he slept the sleep of a dwarf tired by both trail and mode of transportation. Come morning he would pray as he always did then go about gaining information as to the next settlement where they could find lodgings that would better suite his tastes. But for now sleep was his to command....

Af’til was happy to see that he had not been forgotten and was somewhat surprised to find that Althena had paid for it. But far from wasting an opportunity he asked of the lad news of the surrounding area.
"You look like an intellect well informed lad, by chance can you enlighten me to the happening in this fair part, for I haven’t travel here in a long while."

With a little laugh the boy seemed quite happy to reply

"Well god sir really nottin happ’ning here in truth it has been so quiet for a longish time that we’ve stated to think we been forgotting, heck the last time we had any excitement was when this gent caus’d a fight between two of them wenches from the brothel over which one was the better lover in his bed. That was a free show for all I be telling ya.
But come to thought do’t ye know but there have been rumors alate of a beastie out towards the North between here and the fort of Tierre but none of us or the guard have seen it, so’s me thinks it only a rumor be."

With his little knowledge of current events given to the Elf the boy returned to the Inn and Af’til settled down to breakfast....

Magma having the same thoughts as Cor it seemed put enough ale away to drown most small animals. The coin placed on the bar gone, and with his room and Cor’s one and the same, soon throughout the small Inn the sound of two dwarves snoring out of sync could clearly be heard, a delight for no one yet a necessary evil in and of itself. Come morning and or a watch the dwarves would be well rested....

Althena had for the most part sat upon her mount quietly listening to the discussion as to whether or not they would be stopping for a stay at the fort they were fast approaching. Once seated at the Inn’s table with breakfast ordered, a small smile of relief and agreement crossed her face as her beloved Alasdair spoke up and clarified to all his intentions for the moment.
She herself longed for a nice bath and a relaxing evening. She only hoped that the evil forces they fought against and the vision she had, had in Chard Rush would begin to make sense she hoped that the world would let them rest, if only for one night.

With breakfast eaten and a bath of hot water drawn she slowly sank beneath it’s intoxicating warmth, and placed a rolled-up towel just behind her head. She laid her head back and closed her eyes, her full red hair spilling over the edge of the bath and onto the floor....

(OOC: Ok all good posting seems we are only missing Cailin right at the moment I well send him an email asking if everything is ok. Also to our new Althena welcome DA nice to have you back in Trilogy once again. Let us all hope that your time with us is long and prosperous and does not end like Taila's time .

Alasdair if your setting watches I need to know who is on when so please post here, ingame, or in the Q/A before Sunday.
Ok everyone as norm Next post Next Sunday have a great week.

Oh one last thing, Hey Dragonmist for gods sake man get you an avatar )

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 06:44:29.

Trilogy Master
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Kyle ( Posted on 2006-09-25 at 03:05:26.)

Day before night ------------------------
Alasdair answered Conall’s question and the answer seemed well received by all at the table. For the towns folk it was morning but for Conall it was late. He had grown accustom to the new schedule. He found himself enjoying the travel by night, ‘Dark skies for dark business,’ he would think to himself.

Conall ordered his meal, a rather light meal for one in his line of work. “If I could get only a small slice of ham, a few fresh vegetables from the garden and,” he sniffed the air, “a good bit of that fresh bread that fills the air.” His meal was brought to him along with the others. Conall ate, but not to fast as he did not want to seem rude around the ladies. He took warm tea with his meal. As all began to finish up and go their own way, some to the market others to their own room. Conall stood and passed by the bar he placed several gold coin on the bar, I will need a few tankards of ale before sleep finds me please.

The bar keeper smiled and filled a tankard, “By my reckoning you have about 4 more of those coming to you sir, or should I say M’lord?”

“Conall, the name is Conall. Conall will do,” He said with a smile.

“You honor me sir…” catching the slip, the bar keeper corrected himself, “I mean Conall.”

Conall smiled and found a nice quite table in the corner and sat alone for awhile. Ever watchful but in deep thought. After his second tankard he smiled to the keep, “The rest is a tip my good man. It seems sleep calls to me and I must answer, or sleep here where I sit. So I think a quick bath and then off to bed with me.” Conall made his way to the bathing room where he took a quick but sufficient washing. Then he made his way to his room, readied for bed, a half hour of prayer, then off to sleep.

Conall knew not how long he had been asleep when a strange voice woke him. His eyes opened but still darkness filled the space around him. He reached for his sword but it was not there.

Then the voice spoke again, “No no no Conall, you do not need your sword,” came an old woman’s voice.

“Oh how true you are old crow. Give me my sight and I will rip you apart with my bare hands,” snapped Conall back in a harsh whisper.

“Such anger, such harsh words for an old woman. You should never talk to anyone in such tones,” she said laughing back at him from the dark.

Conall stood now and made ready to react to the slightest bit of movement, sound, or light that might give her away. She laughed, it seemed to be all around Conall, “Are you going to try and find me boy? How very nice a little game. Oh how I love games.”

Conall by now was growing angry and intolerant and his voice showed it, “Old woman, give me my sight and I will kill you quickly, for if I do find you in the dark, your death will be slow and painful.”

“Oh Conall then your soul will burn in the fires of hell for ever.” The old woman said with a happy little tune to her words.

“Even the fires of hell would be less painful…”

She cut him off with a harsh tone now to her voice, “Less painful than the fire that burns in you. The fire that eats away at your soul and cooks the very heart that beats within you.” The voice changed now as that of a demon, low and gruff, “No Boy! The pain you will feel is unlike that you carry in you now. Your death will be meaningless. None will morn you. Never again will a father wish to name their child Conall. You will burn in hell!”

Conall shouted back, “If I am to burn in hell, then give me sight so I might see the face that condemns me so! Then come and kill me if you can!”

A strange calm then took Conall as the old woman spoke in a soft voice, “Your sight? I will give you your sight but remember Conall Glendower, you asked for this and it was I who is so kind as to give you what you asked for.” At that moment light filled the space around Conall. He blinked and his eyes slowly adjusted and a figure came into focus. It was not the old woman but a face from his past. Her beauty was more beautiful than any flower that bloomed in the meadows of his homeland, her face light up more bright and stunning than a spring time sunrise. Conall was filled with awe and joy. Then the vision came into full focus as she fell into his arms. Not the arms of Conall but another. Awe and joy soon turn to rage and anger.

“Yes Conall that is the pain that will eat you alive. But you can stop it; destroy the torment that eats you like a hungry jackal at a day old kill.” The old woman said softly as she place Conall’s own sword into his hand. Conall looked down at the blade; his knuckles grew white as his grip tightened. “Go boy, you know what to do.”

He charged the two figures, now in full embrace. Sword held high over head and as he was about to swing down upon the two he stopped. Conall turned and looked at the old woman. A smile came to his face, “She is special to me. She will be happy, this I pray for.” Conall then turned his sword upon himself and as he plunged the blade into his own heart….

Conall sat up in bed, the afternoon sun was coming in though the window shutters that were not closed all the way. He reached for his chest and found no blood, his sheets soaking wet with sweat. All his things lay around him untouched, as he left them when he went to sleep. He swung his feet of the edge of the bed and placed them on the floor. He had been asleep for some seven hours. He sat there and did not move for sometime. Then he stood got dressed, leaving armor and sword behind. He made his way to the common room. He sat at the table in the corner. The bar keep came over, “Dinner Conall?”

“No, a bottle,” Conall looked up with a half smile. “And I have gold for the good stuff.”

“I don’t know about good stuff, but I will bring you the best we have. The captain himself drinks it when he comes in.”

“Then that will do my friend.” Conall sat and sipped from that bottle for sometime. Into the evening, people came and went. Stories told and songs sung but Conall heard little to nothing of them.

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 06:46:10.

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Derynilord ( Posted on 2006-09-25 at 10:19:06.)

A time for relaxing -----------------------------
Feeling the tensions flowing from his friends, he knew that the decision to stay the day and night had been the right one. Alasdair also wanted to spend some of the time 'relaxing' with his beloved walking about the time and sharing a few laughs. Such was on his mind as he ate and as Lady Althena leaned over to him indicating her desire to retire. With a gentle kiss on the hand he said, "M'Lady shall your rest be a pleasant one. I look forward to your company afterwards."

As she made her way from the group, he caught the wary eye of Conall upon them both. "Relax my friend, my mind is upon the task before us all. Now for watches to be set for the day and evening. As we are covering an entire day, might I suggest that we take watch in 3 hour intervals. We obviously have the need to guard ourselves, the horses and more importantly the Lady Althena. Though she may be Lord Conall's charge, we all need to see to her protection. In any case our dear friend Af’til has volunteered to watch the mounts for the duration of our stay. While Lady Althena did help to ensure that he got a meal, I would like for the watch I mentioned to make regular checkup on Af’til in the stables and make sure that he gets anything that he needs. With him watching the stables that leaves one more person to assist with an informal watch of the Inn. As I stated before I am willing to take a late watch, and would like to assign watches as follows for the rest of the time here; Lady Haila with first watch followed by Lord Conall, Lady Cynil, myself, Ulthok, Magma and last but not least Brother Cor taking last watch and getting us ready to head out at about noon tomorrow," said Alasdair.

"Now for myself, I need to get out of these dirty clothes and get alittle rest before taking a walk about this town. If there are no further questions, I shall retire for a bit myself," finished Alasdair as he rose from the table and walked over the the Inn keeper to inquire about rooms.

"My dear fellow, would ye be so kind as to have me shown to my room and have a bath drawn for me? Also, if it would not be too much of a bother I need to call upon the lady who went upstairs earlier, could you let me know which room that she is in?" he asked in a friendly manner. After which he proceeded uptstairs and with a gentle knock on the door said, "M'lady Althena, are ye still awake?"

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 06:47:30.

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DarkAutumn ( Posted on 2006-09-25 at 11:20:22.)

Althena began to relax every muscle in her body as she settled into the tub, her arms laying limply on either side of her beneath the water, and her eyes closed. She sighed softly and smiled to herself. “This is the life.” She whispered to herself.

She thought about many things, her mind finally settling on Alasdair. She did not think she would ever stop being amazed at the connection she had felt to him the first time their minds found one another. Never had she felt such a strong bond to anyone. Needless to say, though surprised, she was very happy to realize it was more than just a passing feeling when she’d first laid eyes on him. From the moment she saw him she knew there was more there, and how she had prayed it was a mutual feeling. Her eyes still closed, a loving smile came to her lips as she thought about her love. How cruel that she had had to wait so very long to find him, but she would not trade the torturously long years of waiting for that One, for anything in the world if it meant she finally had him now. She bit her lower lip and shifted slightly in the bath as images plaid in her mind’s eye, her body becoming flushed from something other than the heat of the water. She cleared her throat and opened her eyes. Slightly breathless, she looked around, as if to make sure no one saw that. She relaxed again when she remembered where she was and blushed, laughing to herself, her hand over her breasts, as if to still her beating heart.

She re-adjusted herself in the tub, getting comfortable, once again laying her head back against the towel, and closing her eyes. As she lay in the steaming water, the delicate scents of the added oil and rose petals wafted up to greet her senses, and her mind slowly faded away. Were any to see her, they would think she had fallen asleep in the tub, but she was not asleep. Her mind was going back to the vision she had had. Her brow furrowed ever so slightly as she pondered what she had seen.

A short time later, she heard a knock at her door. She was so relaxed that for a moment she was not going to answer. Then she heard the voice. That beloved voice that could only belong to her Alasdair. She opened her eyes, and looking toward the door she answered, her voice cracking slightly, and barely above a whisper, “Enter...” She cleared her throat and swallowed, then said it more firmly, “Enter.”

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 06:48:57.

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Derynilord ( Posted on 2006-09-25 at 22:15:17.)

A conversation most needed... --------------------------
He reached for the door handle and quietly opened the door, not truly ready for the sight before him. For in all their time together, never had he seen her looking more beautiful. Gone was the stress and tensions of the travels. Faded were all the wounds and scars caused by those who had tortured her so long ago. Before him now was a woman, beautiful in mind, spirit and now body. "M'lady..."

Later, after they had finished talking, they agreed to meet together in two hours time. "Alittle rest is needed, though I shall as always cherish the times we are allowed to 'spend' together. I shall let Lord Conall know of our decision to walk about the town together," says Alasdair as he gently closes the door behind him and goes to his own room.

Once there he quickly undresses and cleans up, sorting through his available cloths for something more fitting to wear whilst walking around town later that afternoon.

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 06:50:59.

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DarkAutumn ( Posted on 2006-09-26 at 10:20:15.)

Giddy silliness *rolls eyes* : p ------------------------
Althena held her hand to her chest as Alasdair exited the room. Her heart pounded within her breast and she found herself breathless with anticipation of being near him again later that day. A huge smile on her face she slowly fell back onto the bed, bouncing lightly as her body made contact with the mattress, her hair sprawled out over the bed around her. She took a deep breath and sighed, then laughed softly. She lay there like that for a few moments, her mind racing in her giddy excitement.

Suddenly she realized how silly she was being and she sat up. She looked around her and rolled her eyes. “I must truly stop this silly behavior.” She ran her fingers through her hair and took a deep breath in a feeble attempt to calm her racing heart. She quickly set about getting ready. The water rather cold by now, she grimaced as she kneeled over the tub and washed her hair, not having had the chance to do so before. Once finished she towel dried her hair thoroughly. She sat on the edge of the bed and ran her brush through her long locks as her mind wondered back to the conversation she had had so recently with the master of her heart. A huge smile spread across her lips, and she didn’t care. She decided she would allow herself this happiness. The smile never left her face as she got ready.

With about 30 minutes to spare she exited her room, her heart again racing at the thought of seeing Alasdair again. She tried not to be obvious, so the others would not think she’d lost her mind.

She went to the tavern to wait for him. She now wore the only dress she’d brought with her. A dress that was elegant in it’s simplicity. A deep silvery gray in color, the sleeves short and loose about her shoulders, the bodice snug to her body, and the skirt flowing freely from her waist down to her feet. Her hair pulled back from her face in a delicate maze of thin braids, still leaving the large majority of her hair flowing freely in it’s fiery waves down her back to just below her waist. She sat at an empty table, her eyes scarcely able to leave the stairs leading down from the rooms, her excitement filling her once again. She feels almost foolish at being so excited about something so simple as walking around the town, but she doesn’t care, and so she waits.

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 06:52:16.

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Cailin ( Posted on 2006-09-26 at 14:38:01.)

Taking my watch. ---------------------------

It's difficult to stand guard indoors, really, especially with everyone in separate rooms. Even when the doors open into the same hall, there are always windows and the darkness beyond. Should Cynil remain in the common room? The corridor? She is used to having the forest watch for her while she sleeps. Owls in the branches, the whisper of aspens, the movements of mammals in the undergrowth...

When she took over from Conall, she smiled at him. At the door to her room, "waking" her, he looked so determined. Not determined to do something: just determined. The way he always looks. He made her feel... uncertain. It is not envy that she feels for him, and not pity, either. Sorrow, maybe. He is very human. Everything for him must have a purpose, a meaning, a reason. An end. "A patch of dirt and a few pigs is what you will have if you do not train harder," he was taught. But now he fights for the dirt and pigs of others. Cynil doesn't know how that might feel. So she followed him out into the hall, saying nothing, and took over the watch.

Now on her own in the unlit hall, she watches over her companions' sleep. She has doused the lights to keep the darkness clear. Althena and Alasdair are out and about, and they need light; marking it, she moves discreetly to the shadows as she sees them, a quiet guard.

Watching is a natural enough task for her after all, Cynil supposes. She does not sleep, sees very well at night, and is at home in silence. Is a druid not a protector, first and last? Yet another reason to love one's friends.

Alasdair is to relieve her. She smiles again. Here is something she can do. The two of them are a small part of the great good this company might yet accomplish. Catching the cavalier without Althena, Cynil whispers in his ear, "Stay with her; the night is good to me. I can watch the hours pass and wake Ulthok when his turn has come."

(Sorry about the delayed post. I'm just learning the ropes of grad school. Hopefully it'll settle down.)

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 06:53:48.

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Derynilord ( Posted on 2006-09-27 at 09:19:07.)

Afternoon about town --------------------------------
Having cleaned himself and enjoyed the now cold bath, he changed into clean cloths and donned his sword, dagger and pouches. Pulling on his boots, Alasdair couldn't help but to smile to himself. For the first time in a long while he was happy and at peace with himself. He couldn't help to think how tense and protective he had been when first meeting this diverse group of warriors that he now called his friends, nor could he keep the fair and gentle Althena from his mind either.

With that thought on his mind he left his room, intent on seeking out Lord Conall in the common room and informing him of Lady Althena's and his desire to go about the town together.

(OOC - by this point Conall may have already went to bed himself as indicated in his post... So the next part assumes that he finds Lady Haila on watch)

Walking down the stairs he instantly sees Lady Althena beautifully dressed in a grey gown. With a smile he walks over to her and takes her hand in his and offering a quick kiss on the back of her hand, "M'Lady would you be so kind?" he asks motioning for her to rise and walk with him. He then quickly looks about the common room for Conall and mentally notes all who is present in the room. Not finding him present, he then approaches Lady Haila who is on watch, "My dear Lady Haila, would ye be so kind as to let Lord Conall know that we stepped out for a walk about the town together?"

As they depart the Inn, he says to Althena, "We have the rest of the day to spend together, though I must be back for watch by dark. We shouldn't make anyone worry about us, so as time permits we should check in with them either as we see them about town or in the Inn. For we both know how worried Conall would be with you out of his sight for so long," jested Alasdair hoping to make her smile. Then with a quick turn he steers her towards the stables to speak with Af'til. Seeing Af'til in the stables tending to the mounts and his own gear, he clears his throat gentle as to not startle him too much. "My dear friend we are off for a walk about the town, intent on seeing what we may and to learn what we can of things transpiring elsewhere since we've last heard news of events. Is there anything which you may need whilst you watch over things here?" asks Alasdair.

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 06:56:25.

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Tinder ( Posted on 2006-09-28 at 00:56:51.)

The Barn ------------------------
As the boy exit, I set a call to any barn sparrows or other inhabitant of the stables to collect any information about “beast” that lurk to the north. If none of them know I will ask them to send word to anybody they encounter that any word with be helpful. With that I will split by beard with them and bid them peace. As the hours past on I wonder what lie ahead of us, and if mere mortal can cast out the monstrous evil with this all powerful sword, or is it just a temporally to belay it plans for a few generations.
With a pale in one hand and sponge soaked with healing herbs I gently rub the fibrous horse flesh, trying to soothe any ache or pains that might have for caring us on it long journey thus far. While tending to my brother and sister of the land I recognize two familiar gaits, but a little more pip and quicker snaps that I have heard in a long while. Before Alasdair clear his throat I already knew it was them.
In response I reply “My goddess shall provide me with company I seek, and if in your travel you see something befitting me in the aid of our mission I will certainly see if my ability can use it well. Oh and before you leave I have heard of rumor of a beast that plagues the land north of here. Just along the path we plan on taking. You might be able to find out more then I.”

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 06:57:51.

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Alacrity ( Posted on 2006-09-28 at 09:03:19.)

I need a fight ---------------------------
The leisurely pace of the party was beginning to settle with Magma. His was a life of force marches and terse rallies against the enemy; perhaps he could get use to this lifestyle – but unlikely.

Take your rest when you can had been his father’s advice so Magma took it to heart. The ale he had consumed didn’t effect him, as it was with dwarves, when Ulthok came to wake him for his turn at watch. “Any thing happening?” He asks the Halfling in passing.

He had hoped for an early morning breakfast of oatmeal (thick enough to stand a spoon up in) and ale (dark as an ogre’s arse) and then off on the road again. Of course, he was mistaken about the departure time. So the dwarf decided to spend the time going through all his weapons and equipment, sharpen blades, oiling and buffing out the rust spots – that sort of thing.

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 06:59:12.

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DarkAutumn ( Posted on 2006-09-28 at 10:04:26.)

(sorry cldn't think of a subject line >.>) -----------------------------------
Her heart stopped beating, her eyes glued to the man moving toward her, Althena was captivated by the shear masculinity emanating from Alasdair. Her heart began to pound quickly in her chest and her breathing grew shallow. He reached his hand out to her and his voice, so deliciously beckoned to her. She placed her hand in his, almost as if in slow motion, and rose without a second thought. Her eyes on his, she suddenly remembered she needed to breath and she took a deep calming breath. She then smiled beautifully up at him, “My lord Alasdair.” Her voice was almost breathless just from being so close to him. She blushed prettily and cleared her throat delicately, looking away quickly. “Come on girl! Get a hold of yourself! You are not some little schoolgirl to act in such a manner! Pull yourself together and act like the woman you are!” she mentally scolded herself as she followed her beloved wherever he may lead her.

Althena stood quietly by his side as he spoke with Lady Haila, with a beaming smile so big it’s a wonder her face didn’t split open. But try as she might, she was unable to get rid of, or even lessen her smile. She was in love with the man standing next to her, and after their conversation just a couple hours before, she had no doubts left in her mind that this was the man to whom she belonged and would spend the rest of her days loving.

Althena instinctively placed her arm in Alasdair’s, resting her hand on his forearm. She beamed up at him as he spoke of having the rest of the day together. She nodded her agreement to checking in with the rest of the group as the opportunity presented itself. She laughed lightly at his comment regarding Conall. “Yes, he worries too much. Surely he knows by now, that if I’m with you, there is nothing at all to fear.”

Once in the stables, Althena saw that Af’til was washing down the horses. She smiled at how at home he was with nature and it’s creatures. “Are you sure there is nothing we can get for you? Food or drink, perhaps, or maybe some supplies you may be low on?” She listened to Af’til’s words regarding the strange beast sighting, and made a mental note of them.

Listening silently to any remaining conversation, Althena waited patiently. Her left hand never left Alasdair’s arm, her right hand resting lightly on top of her left.

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 07:00:33.

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Dragonmist ( Posted on 2006-09-30 at 07:37:38.)

Shop till we drop. ------------------------------
Having had the same thought at the same time as the Lady Halia both Ulthok and her had a good laugh at their overlapping request for a shopping partner.It seems the two of them, even though they had not spent much time togeather before the trip into Chard Rush, enjoyed many of the same things and though it may be unusaual for a male one thing they seemed to both enjoy was shopping.

But before they take off for their little jaunt Ulthok wants to first have a good breakfast which he does and which he devoures with gusto.Then washing it down with a somewhat bitter tasting glass of wine he turns to Alasidair.

Good sir since Halia and myself are going out into the fort to shop for awhile I would like to know at what point you would like me to take my turn at watch, so I may make sure I have returned and rested some before then.Requesting that his watch be later into the night that way he has time to both shop and then rest before needing to arise and watch.Once that is all agreeded upon he gathers his stuff and with Halia at his side the two make the long journy across the street.This is where they find the fletchers shop where he wants to make his first stop.

Upon entering the shop he sees a large human bent over the most elegent looking bow he has ever seen it was made out of a very fine white wood.The human looks up and greets them both"Hello good Lady and Sir how may I be helping you this fine morn.??"
Returning the greeting Ulthoks speaks with the human.

Yes fine morning it is good sir.I am Ulthok and the lovely lady at my side is Halia.I must say the wood of that fine bow you are working on is quite extrordinary,may I inquire about the woods origan?

As he makes small talk with the fletcher he scans the room looking for anything that may be of interest to him.As their talk progresses he finally gets around to asking for what it is he seeks.Well good sir I am here this morning seeking to see if there may be avaiable a couple of things.First I would be interested to see if you have any short bows which may be superior to the one I now carry.Removing his =1 bow from his back he hands it to the fletcher so he may look it over.If you do I would be interested in such a weapon.I am also seeking arrows which may carry more destrutive power than our ordinary arrows or ones that may harbor some sort of speical or hidden power.For I am always on the lookout for the unusual and out of the ordinary.

With his request made he will await any answer from the fletcher by carfully strolling about the shop taking in all of the different items that may be on display in the fletchers shop.Then returning to where Halia is,Sorry, I do tend to get caught up in what I am searching for good lady is there anything that you have in mind to look for while we are here?

OOC:In the search for more time and more action I shall go ahead and post the rest of my morning activities even though I have no answers to what i seek I am sure these will be worked out, but this way more can be attended to at one post.So Lets SHOP ON!!!

Once they are finished up at the fletchers shop hopfully with some nice new weapons in hand Ulthok will then head over to the Alchemist,Upon entering said shop and once greeted by the shop owner the halfling will fall into his usual banter about being one who travels much in the search for good concotions, but one who is always on the lookout for anything new in nature, anything that might be different or unusual as well as the standard fare of potions.Ulthok will deal here and purchase things if they are avaiable ( give us a list if there is anything at all).Then once finished up with the Alchemist he will lead them on to the next destination the one listed as magical supplies.

OCC: I am going to stop here for a moment for I must gather some information on what it is I may need to purchas here for I have something I would like to try but I must get more info first.I will finish post before the sunday deadline.

BIC:Once inside the magical supply shop Ulthok will now take his time and browse about at the many things the keeper has scattered about his store.As he does he retrieves a small folded scrap of paper he has kept stashed in a small pocket inside his spell component pouch.On this scrap of paper he has written the names of several items he has almost forgot about since they have become inbroiled in first the struggle to save Althena and now who knows what they have gotten into, but this scrap of paper has on it what the mage had been working on in his almost forgotten lab back at the castle when he received the call to move out.Now having flashed back into his memory he deceides to pursue, if he can, what he had been working on for it seems to him now that the work he was doing may in someway help them now in the long run.It is possable he had some kind of insight before this all started he is not sure but what the maybe it could be important.

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 07:04:16.

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Bromern Sal ( Posted on 2006-09-30 at 10:59:37.)

Next Morning? --------------------------------------
Cor had been up for a while, keeping the required watch against Odin-knows-what within a fortified outpost of civilization... the dwarf sighed and kicked the chair he was in back on its hind legs while he continued to braid another strand of his long, red beard. The ebony-studded band he used to tie it off sat on the table near his booted feet. He'd already performed his devotions and now waited on his companions to continue their mission. Despite how devoted he was to the cause, the noble priest couldn't bring himself to a level of excitement about the prospect of riding once again. His backside was still rubbed raw and that blasted animal seemed to take great joy in the most uneven gait just to throw its rider about. Just bear with it, Cor, old boy. The end result is for the greater good and you can do without some comfort for that, to be sure.

With the light of day pouring through the inn's windows Magma appeared in the common room. Cor thought that the other dwarf looked to be in a sour mood, itching, it would seem, to be underway. How different, yet how alike, these two Children of the Earth were. Cor considered the near militaristic methodology in which Magma approached his tasks: blunt, straightforward, and determined. It wasn't unlike the way the priest approached his theology. Yes, they were much alike and very different.

"Have a seat, lad," Cor said without stopping the work on his braid. "It'll be a while before we take to the road again, I hope. At least long enough to procure some porridge and ale."

The morning will be spent in quiet conversation about nothing important as two adventurers are wont to do when their minds are beset by heavier things (OOC: unless Al has a different plan for Magma). Cor will make good on his suggestion that they get porridge and ale, though as one or the other is sure to point out: humans tend to turn porridge into soup rather than the hearty substance needed to strengthen one's resolve for the day's activities. The priest will be ready and will only complain a little about leaving the comforts (and that word is used loosely) of the fort once everyone else is ready to go.

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 07:05:34.

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