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OK last Saturday Post

With the party’s arrival at the Dragon Helm fort, they went in search of lodging and decided upon, really The Inn of The Last Home. With the horses sheltered and cared for the party went their separate ways.

"Any who wish can check out the town and its establishments. We will spend the night here and continue in the morning. If one of you would be so good as ta see about selling a few of our collected items. I am headed over to the refugee camp to see if there are any that need healing or saving."
The first of the party to find a bit of trouble was Lothor as he entered the Red Rose of ill Repute. A fist then a short fight left him in the company of a fellow hard soul. A few rounds later he had found out the gentleman’s name, Jones, the owner of the ill Repute, and that most of the town’s within the circle of mountains surrounding Callahorn were untouched as yet from evil forces.

Yet the large fighter also quickly learned why this ‘tavern’ was named as it was when two ladies he had first taken as waitresses came to stand near him.

“Ah Lothor I see Cherry and Maria have taken a shine to you my friend. You can have them both for 500 gold apiece. What say you?.......

The next to go off per Cor were Ulthok and Valene, raising an eyebrow to his female Halfling companion he nodded,

“Let’s see if there is a market for some of those items.”
Moving slowly to the streets with the Bag of Holding to see if they could sell some of the extra magical items continued within, the two lovers walked the town. However to their dismay as in Gygax they found there was not a pawnshop and that most of the merchants had little money to spend on items. The conversations though proved interesting.

The worst of them the two found out at the weapon smiths the old female proprietor telling them.

“Those poor women are destitute. Their spokesperson came in here inquiring about selling their wagons.”
Hearing this and having it, confirmed Ulthok explained to Valene of the money he had given to the patrol’s captain for the express purpose of passing it on to the surviving women. Clear to the two Halflings thieves that this had not happened. Conceiving a plan both Halflings put it into motion. As one, Valene, distracted the Captain, Ulthok invisible pick pocketed the pouch from him.

Almost too easy was this under taken and within minutes, the pouch and Ulthok’s 20 Platinum pieces were once more in his possession. A quick stop to drop off the 20pp’s to their intended destination and it was back to the Last Home for fun and games with Cor and the rest of the party as Weaver sang a song for all and Lothor quite obvious with his absence.

With the coming of morning, the eight members of this party would be on the road once more................

(OK this will be my last Saturday post as I am once again going back to posting on Sundays. Therefore, my next post will be next week Sunday Sep 30th. Ok per Keeper on the morning, the party will head out so feel free to post on your journey to Citadel, the Callahorn Capital.)

Posted on 2012-09-23 at 00:35:59.
Edited on 2012-09-23 at 15:46:12 by TannTalas

Keeper of Dragons
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Cor gathered the group prior to their departure. "Should be nay a rough trip. Tis a jaunt through my homeland is all. Course on the way we might have to stop at a few keeps to say hello to some friends but rest assured it will lead ta good food and a comfortable bed."

Cor led the way and true to his word, most nights found the party ledged at the home of some minor noble or another. For the first time in many months, Cor's own background was of use.

Posted on 2012-09-28 at 00:48:52.

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Nighty Night.......

Ulthok had left the main room early after spending some good time challenging their leader in a few duels of dice. The mage and cleric had long enjoyed the game, to them it was more the bragging rights instead of the wager.

Taking his leave Ulthok gathered his things and returned to his room. Making himself comfortable the mage open his Tome of Magic and let his mind relax so that he set to memory a set of spells that seemed to draw him and could prove useful to the party.

The evening slowed and the Halfling appeared to sleep or perhaps in a light trance. It was a familiar ritual. In time the study and rest took its course and the mage indeed pasted into restful sleep. But that sleep did not stay restful. Dark images crept into his mind.

Ulthok's room took on a slight eerie glow that centered around the mage as he slept. Glimpses of scaly flesh entered his dream. Dark eyee peering from a reptilian face pulled at the mage. Through the depths of his sleep he mumbled, "No.... can't be....No....Green...Scales...No.....What do you want?.."

The glow fades and the mage continues to slumber.

Posted on 2012-09-28 at 01:31:49.
Edited on 2012-09-28 at 01:32:52 by Odyson

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A difficult choice!!

The large timber framed hall was starting to haze, Lothor put it down to the many pipe smokers dotted around on each table, but the truth was he had drunk far too much, and it was still early. His new found friend, Jones, was barely affected by the vast quantity of alcohol that they had both been drinking. Lothor had found out a few interesting facts however.

The hills and fertile farmlands that stretched into the mountains to the capital, Callahorn had remained unaffected from the evil forces vying for control over the land of Trilogy. But that was far back in his mind,far more importantly Jones was the owner of the tavern he found himself in and that meant free drinks, which also meant that his stool was becoming more unstable with each passing tankard of ale.

Lothor and Jones were in deep conversation, both regaling stories about different scuffs they had been in, a lot of oneupmanship being shown by each party. Jones was telling Lothor a story full of gore and gruesomeness about when he used to fight in the military. Lothor's eyes glazed over staring over the shoulder of the barkeep. Two women dressed in red corsets, displaying most of the contents of their chest in full view. Lothor's mouth hung open, to him and his drunken eyes, they were the most beautiful two females he had ever laid his gaze upon.

Jones noticed he was being ignored and turned in his chair to see what Lothor was so intently staring at. His eyes lit up and a smile appeared on his face, he rubbed his hands at the prospect of profit and proceeded to offer his wares to Lothor.

“Ah Lothor I see Cherry and Maria have taken a shine to you my friend. You can have them both for 500 gold apiece. What say you?”

Lothor shuffled awkwardly on his stool, nearly falling off, before he answered Jones' offer.

“Truly it has been a long time since I felt a woman's touch, but this must be the way of it. Please do not be offended ladies but the next time I find myself in bed with a woman I would like it to be a wife.” He smiled awkwardly looking down at the table, not daring to meet the two wenches eyes.

The scantily dressed duo shuffled off in search of a more profitable venture, seemingly not bothered by Lothor's words.

Lothor finished his drink quickly. The conversation between the pair of old brawlers was awkward now and Lothor was suddenly in a great hurry to return to the Inn where he would be staying tonight.

Lothor said his goodbye to Jones. A stouty handshake and bearlike hug, wishing one another luck, Lothor even risked a sheepish nod to the two strumpets now sitting on a pair of patrons' lap. With that he was out the door and soon inside his room at the Inn. Downstairs had been empty of his new companions, much to Lothors relief, he could barely fumble his key into the lock on his door let alone hold conversation with any of the others.

The next day he awoke and at first he thought he was paralysed. His limbs were heavy and his breathing shallow. His mouth felt dryer than a desert and his breath reeked of mead. After what seemed gargantuan effort Lothor finally managed to roll out of bed before putting on his clothes in a slow and inept manner, it was as if he had never put a shirt on before.

He headed downstairs to see the rest of the party already eagerly tucking in to their morning breakfast, quickly Lothor got a plate of his own, his head spinning.

They ate breakfast and Cor spoke of the ease of the next stage of their journey, they were to be staying in noble houses and treated like high lords, it sounded good to Lothor. He had never lived a life of luxury, such were the areas he chose to dwell in.

Soon they were on the road to Callahorn and Lothor was hoping the day would end. With each crunch of his horses hooves on the path below he felt his stomach ever rising, today was bound to be long and uncomfortable...

Posted on 2012-09-28 at 14:48:37.

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Surprise in the night

~Valene picks the lock on Ulthok's door, and slips silently in. Her smile turns to a bit of shock as she sees a green glow around Ulthok. It fades as she hears him mutter about green scales. She walks softly over to him and gently watches him sleep for a bit. She holds her sword at the ready in case he needs protecting. But he sleeps peacefully for a bit after the glow fades. She then slips under the covers for some undercover activities, softly kissing him awake. Smiling tenderly at him, giggling.~ In the morning, she slips out of the room to prepare her prayers and spells for the day ahead. Valene grins as she thinks of what will happen during the travels of the day.~

Posted on 2012-09-30 at 01:17:58.
Edited on 2012-09-30 at 20:12:16 by Mischief

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Rayne spent a quiet night She left the dity in the eveing and wen tout intoa nearby woods near a stream. She let the peace of nature fill herm and the babling brook sang with the wind in the trees rustling woods. With he great owl purch nearby to keep watch She prayed to Kith Jora. In her self'shosen role as a healer she prayed for those spells that would help her keep the party mend their wounds. Ayeron had not been very forthcoming sinc ehis arrival and she did not push the issuue withhim.

The naturaknight sounds were easier to hear as the bustle of the town died aaway with the coming of night. The stars made ther strely progress throught the heavens. She could heard the Cry fo a cat and the screams of a rabbit dying. THe cat would geast tonight, such was the way of the wild, some lived, somed died and the living moved on went on with business of life.

Returning late to the inn she ordered a bath and luxuriated in the warm ater with a bar of lavender scented soap. She washed her hair and they rinsed it with lemon water. Dressed only in a light cotton shift she made her way to her bed laying out her clothes for morning and setting her dagger under her pillow and hr bow near the bed steed

Morening came soon enough, She was up with the sun said her prayers and nade her way to the common room to break her fast. Ordering Apple cider or juice, gresh fruit a oat porridge, she cut up the friut into her porriadge and cracked a few nuts into it as well. Adding a thick dollop of cotted dgream she stirred it all together and ate it all but several sliced of yellow and white cheese, and a quarter load of bread. piled high with butter and fruit conserve. She motioned Cor over when he arrieced

Posted on 2012-09-30 at 07:25:59.

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Hi Ho Hi Ho off to the Citadel you go.

With opportunities offered and refused. With a tryst in the night. With journeys to peaceful places completed. With games of chance played, the coming of morning was quite normal. With all members of the party somewhat refreshed, they left Dragon’s Helm. With Ayreon in the lead, followed by Cor, Ulthok, Valene and Althena, the Halflings and Dwarf no longer riding behind one of the taller of the party but mounted on pony‘s from the fort. Behind them bringing up the rear were Rayne, Weaver and Lothor on the lookout for trouble as the party rode out from the forts gates.

As the sun rose to the parties left, they headed south towards the city of Citadel and the start of three and a half days of travel. However, this time it was different as Cor being in his home nation and being a minor noble of Callahorn was granted boarding at the homes of two other nobles and the third night at a friend‘s.

However, on the second night out Ulthok once more had the dream of the peering green eyes and the vision of scales, his tossing and turning in the bed awakening his sleeping companion Valene. However as Valene moved to comfort him she caught a glimpse of a small dragon looking creature silhouetted against the light of a half moon. However almost too fast to see it was gone making the female Halfling ponder if she had seen anything at all. The next morning as she prepared to get under way Valene, without her knowing it, had forgotten the incident had happened at all.

The third day as uneventful as the first two and a stop at a friends for the night saw them only a half days ride from the city walls. Then on the fourth day at the mid hour, they crested a ridge to find the city before them, without any fanfare or so they hoped, they entered the massive walled city of the Citadel, known to all as the City of Honor.

Almost at once, the fanfare they had hoped to avoid was broken as they were stopped by members of the city guard and told the Queens of Callahorn, Myasith, Bra’dian, Atarinn and Paletine along with representatives from most of the nations allied in the fight, including Shan’Tara, awaited them in the castles main chamber.

How the Queens had known of their coming was at first a mystery until it was noted by Cor of the magical means of communication employed by his fellow nobles. The parties’ ponies and horses quickly given to stable hands the eight were led into the Castles main hall. As they bowed and went to one, knee the Callahorn Queen, as clearly the most senior of the Queens, stood.

“Welcome to both you Cor Trollhammer of the family Trollhammer and to you Althena Sunblayze of Shan’Tara, your father Althena, through his representative here has told us to offer you any comforts you may need. He, along with my husband and the other Kings are to the South overseeing the defensives in Craggian Core. Is there anything you need?”
With the normal minutes of nobility niceness taken care of the atmosphere turned into a more relaxed state. Chairs for all the party members were brought forth and a large table full of food was placed before them. By evening, the party had eaten their fill, been filled in on the progress of the war, and been informed of court matters and gossip beyond their caring. As they prepared to make their exists guided by the castle servants to prepared rooms the Queen asked for their attention once more.

“Before you leave I must bring your attention to orders sent by your King. Due to the shortage of experienced Pegasus riders he directs that you Sir Ayreon and you lady Rayne return to your duties in the Special Air Service. Report in the morning to the East stables where a new mount for you Sir Ayreon will be waiting. As for you, Lady Rayne your normal mount will be here by tomorrow afternoon at which time you are both ordered to Craggian Core Immediately. Now my servants will show you to your rooms”
With the servants, leading the way each was taken to his or her own room to drop off their packs and gear. An evening of freedom in a major city, the first for the party in years, was at hand.

(DM OOC: OK Here’s tonight’s post not much to add other then a few items of note listed below. As for the talk in the main hall, if you have any questions for the Queen feel free to back post.
Ok now the items of note.
First: Brianna you have to make a choice here. As you were on active duty with the Special Air Service when you first joined the party, you are still considered as such. However if you resign you will be able to remain with the party, but you will lose the right to your Pegasus mount. So that’s the choice remain an SAS flyer or remain with the party. If you chose to have Brianna stay with the SAS then she will be written out of the game and you’ll have to create a new character.
Second for the next few months, we have lost Ginafae as she is taking a Hiatus to take care of some RL matters. She has not dropped out of the game and will try to return by December until then I will play her as an NPC.
Third in the coming weeks I will be introducing a new player into Trilogy. He goes by the name Voidslight and is a friend of both Mischief and myself from IMVU. He is bringing in another Human Fighter so there will be more cannon fodder…ahh I mean… More fighter muscle in the party. Other then that next post next Sunday)

Posted on 2012-09-30 at 23:56:05.

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Morning Glory..........

The study and the nightmare had drained the mage and sweet sleep enveloped Ulthok. As the night sweat cooled a tender touch replace the fearful vision. Soft lips and warm small fingers pleasantly drew the mage from his slumber. As he lay there the now familiar scent of the beautiful female Halfling filled his head as he felt her nails slide down his chest. Valene giggled softly as her moist soft lips brushed along the strong jaw line and down Ulthok’s neck. The mage’s breathing became deeper and faster as caressing fingers found and stimulated the Halfling to passion. The remainder of the night was filled with laugher and giggles as the she cleric had her way with the mage showing him a magic of her own.

As the dawn crept in Valene left the mage to his thoughts. Ulthok once again let sleep roll over him. A smile firmly imbedded on his face.

A rooster's crow heralded the sun as a new day presented itself to the party. Ulthok rose and packed then joined the others for a morning meal. The Halfling ordered stacks of steaming buckwheat cakes smothered in butter and maple syrup, sausages, fruit and cold buttermilk. The other seemed to wonder where all that food was going and were that appetite came from. Valene smiled as she watched the mage devour the breakfast.

Posted on 2012-10-02 at 02:08:01.
Edited on 2012-10-02 at 02:13:31 by Odyson

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Odd Feeling........

After the troubled times the party had faced in their travels it was a relief to travel with Cor through his lands and enjoy the kindness of his people. To spend nights in friendly homes and warm beds was delight. But two nights into their trip the dream came again. The failed spell seemed to have a lingering effect or result. The dreams felt odd; there wasn’t fear of danger but a pull to those eyes.

The next night was uneventful and on the four day they came to Citadel . To their amazement they were greeted as expected guests. They are summoned to appear before the Queens of the surrounding lands. The nobility treated them great fare sharing news and honoring them for their quest. A grand meal followed the audience with the Queens.

After the meal the party was lead to their rooms to stow their gear. The mage wanted to know more about what may cause his dreams. Ulthok told the others that he want to visit the local magic shops to purchase more of items he would need to work the new spell he had acquired. In truth he wanted to find out more about the “Find Familiar” spell and what may be the effects of a failed spell. The Halfling wandered the streets of Citadel. He was guided to libraries where texts and paper were stored. He visited shops where he talked to owner on spell lore and what could happen if the wrong material were used. Although none of the shop owners told him what would happen he noted that they seemed smile and some even chuckled when he mentioned the dreams.

Still disstatified Ulthok made his way back to his quarters, but all the time he felt he was being watched.

Posted on 2012-10-06 at 03:40:26.

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The trip had been uneventful, that in itself was almost a cause for celebration. Under differant circumstances Cor would have enjoyed spending time with his fellow nobles. Alas, duty called and the tone of the trip reflected the coming confrontation with dark forces.

The Queen had received them as honored guests but with all things there was a price. Informed that the pegasus riders were recallinf their own, the party gathered to bit farewell to some who had traveld with them. A smaller group would continue on.

Cor intended to make the most of the city and set out to seek a temple of Odin as well as attempt to sell some of teh items in the party bag. Visiting various shops he not only sought buyers for goods but also information. He stopped often to talk to locals and ask what news of teh fighting they had heard. By evening, Cor was tired and made his way back to the inn for dinner and to see what they others had found during the day.

Posted on 2012-10-06 at 11:56:03.

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Out and about.

Valene smiles softly at Ulthok as he comes to eat. Eating her own breakfast she watches as Ulthok packs up and walks out the door.

Realizing she will be on her own for a while, Valene decides to look around the town, first seeking the temple of her god. Stopping there, she prays and leaves 100 gps as an offering. She also seeks to find a new holy symbol for her god.

The next item on her agenda is to make some money and see what she can find. Pickpocketing the pickpockets should be interesting. Of course the hat would help immensely there...She looks around, blending in, using her hat as needed. Valene watches the crowd, knowing what to look for she chooses the most accomplished of pickpockets as her target. She bumps into him, picking his pockets and wanders nonchalantly off to see what she has appropriated.

Valene then decides to find the magic shops and find possibly a cloak she heard tales of. It helps the one wearing it be less noticeable in most settings. Also she seeks to find a new quill and magical ink for Ulthok to write new spells with.

Meeting up with Ulthok as he is returning to the Inn, she asks him to share a meal with her. Smiling she gives him the gift of quill and ink as they sit to eat. Hoping he will like it.

Posted on 2012-10-06 at 22:01:24.
Edited on 2012-10-06 at 22:02:18 by Mischief

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Rayne Choice

Rayne felt torn between returning to her dervice to the king aas Pegasus rider especially is light of the many losses they had suffered in this war against the darkness, The other side of this choice was staying with her friends and companions who had warred in their own way against Great Evil at the heart of it all. She thought about it long and hard. payed over her choice but knew what it would a s she did. Going to the Wueen as early as she could she asked to be released frrom service to remain with this company she had been part of, even though she had never been sent out to do more than make contact.

"My Queen, long have I cerved th the Realm as and Ruler a Pegasus Rider. It was ever an honor to serve King and country. As you speak for the King in his absence here, I ask to be released from The Pegasus Service to continue with my companions as we fight against the Evil as well."

Rayne waits for the Queen's reply.

Posted on 2012-10-07 at 19:55:03.

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To Say Goodbye

The party in a major city for the first time in almost 2 years since leaving Celebrimbor were free to do, as they wanted at least for the moment. As the rest of the party relaxed and partook of the benefits of a palace full of servants, four members of the party had other plans.

Cor having Conall’s Bag of Holding with him went to seek a shop or shops in which to sell the unused magical items and gain any useful information. Before leaving to find such stores, he gave the rest of his fellow party member’s one last chance to claim anything from the plethora of magical items. Then with that taken care of, he headed into downtown, the guards at the palace gate giving him a pass to allow him to reenter.

By noon, Cor was quite surprised at the ease in which the items sold compared to the attempts to sell them in the small towns before now. As one shop keeper told the Dwarf in ’confidence’ the inventory in the smaller towns surrounding Citadel had been quickly bought by the larger chains and then sold at a profit. Before evening was once more upon the Dwarf Knight Cleric, he had sold every magical item and spent a few hours in prayer. Heading back to the Inn, he awaited news from the rest of the parties city adventures.

The next two of the party to take advantage of being in a major city of course were Valene and Ulthok. Yet strangely, they did not seek out its many wonders together but separately. With a new morning upon them, they as had become a habit of sorts woke up next to the other. After a brief moment of cuddling, she was off to do her prayers while he pondered over the nightmares once more. Though he called them nightmares, they did not have the feel of such yet there was no denying the dragon type creature in them. Shaking his head to clear it of such thoughts he gathered his gear and headed into the city. His search for the truth of had he cast the find familiar spell correctly the goal. After four spell shops and almost five hours in 2 different libraries, he was no closer to the answer as he had been at the start of the day.

Frustrated but not giving up the Halfling Thief/Mage returned to his room to find as he entered a small bluish-violet Dragon like creature with butterfly wings, a long prehensile tail and the size of a human hand sitting on the window sill of the room. Seeing the Halfling enter the room it raised its head and spoke in the elfish tongue

“So you’re the one they want me to be familiar to, hmmmm, what’s it in for me?”
For Valene having once more spent a playful night with her F.W.B she was up and moving after giving him a kiss. Normally she would have thought of accompany him into town but on this day she had her own agenda. A quick stop at a temple of her God and a quick prayer to him she sought a new holy symbol. Luckily she found she had a choice between a mask of her faith or an amulet inscribed with a drawing of a mask. Making her choice of holy symbol, her next task was to make some extra money. Having no real knowledge of the party fund she decided to relay on her own skills as a thief. Using her Hat of Disguise to change her appearance both to blend in and to hide her true features she watched the crowd around her for a good target. Then she had him, clearly a fellow thief as Valene watched her target pickpocket three people in a row.

Moving with him Valene watched him pick pocket two more people, an elegantly dressed noble and a man dressed in armor, clearly to Valene’s trained eye, ceremonial. As her target moved out of the area, clearly heading to a safe house Valene made her move. A quick bump, a flirtious smile to the, a cut of a purse string and as with the Cavalry Commander the other thieves ill-gotten gains were hers. A quick scan of the purse’s contents revealed to her numerous gold and platinum along with two rings, a pair of matching gems, the pair clearly emeralds, and a silver piece of jewelry that she had never before seen. Made of silver it was clearly some form of bracelet with a clasp, but not one fitted perhaps for a wriest. Seeing the other thief realize his purse was missing Valene called upon her Boots of Speed and was quickly out of sight.

With her new gains, she stopped at the first magic/pawn shop, ironically watching as Cor was just leaving, and moved inside to the counter. In a matter of a few minutes, she had bought Ink and quill, sold the two emeralds, the two rings they being non-magical, and was on the verge of selling the strange bracelet when she noticed the picture of a large, almost pony sized, dog inscribed on its interior. The choice for her now to keep it or sell it.

Weaver formally known as Maggot sat alone in his room adjusting to an almost forgotten truth. The evil sword he carried once belonging to his lover now a Shadow Wraith once even a physical part of him was dangerous. While it had been embedded in his flesh it’s magic had been dulled by his natural magic resistance thus making it hard for her to track it. However with his death and rebirth it was no longer a part of him, a part of his flesh, and would once again draw her like a bon fire in the night. He now faced a choice much like that of Rayne, stay and risk leading his former love straight to the party or leave on his own once more, forever to be alone.

However, out of all the party, this day was to be the hardest for Rayne. The choice between staying as a Pegasus rider or remaining with the party a choice that would surely change her life. For once made there would most likely be no way back. Finally, towards mid-day she had her choice made and asked for permission to see the Queen. As was the norm when dealing with government she was told to wait and wait some more and then finally she was allowed entry.

“Yes Rayne Fireheart what is it you need from me this day. If you seek information on the arrival of your winged stead he is waiting, at this very moment, for you in the stables below as I speak to you.”
"My lady Queen, long have I served the Realm and Ruler of Shan’Tara as a Pegasus Rider. It was ever an honor to serve King and country. As you speak for my King in his absence here, I ask to be released from The Pegasus Service to continue with my companions as we fight against the Evil as well."
“Hmmmm Are you sure of this Fireheart. If you do this, there is no turning back. Your King and mine and all the other rulers of the great lands around us need your expertise in the air as there is not time to train more. Are you sure?”
A last chance for Rayne to change her mind the Queen offered, would Rayne hold firm to her choice.......

(DM OOC: Ok here is this weeks post I hope it’s a good one and helps move the game forward a little. Kyle please check your PM thanks. Next post next Sunday)

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Who Needs A Cat........

The small mage had been deep in thought, pondering all the text he had read and all conversations of the day. So when had entered his room and closed the door he slightly startled by the elfish word that came from the windowsill.

“So you’re the one they want me to be familiar to, hmmmm, what’s it in for me?”
Ulthok stopped in his tracks, “Great Googly Moogly”, he breathed as a small Blue-green Faerie Dragon sat there eyeing him. It was all clear to him now what had been happening to him; the dreams were this mystical creature judging him to see if he were worthy enough to be considered a companion.

As a Mage, Ulthok had learned about these amazing little tricksters. He knew that they are not any ordinary Familiar, they require attention, respect and pampering, but they are the possibly the most cherished of the Familiar. They are intelligent, clever and can cast wizard and priest spells. The coloring shown that it was nearly as strong in magic as Ulthok.

Removing his hood Ulthok bounded up and down with excitement and in his most polite elfish tongue, “You honor me by even appearing at my sill. I had sought a helper to aid this party on our quest to help save these lands. ……..A venerable companion has presented itself. ……If you should stay and join me to help this quest succeed I will pledge my protection as best I can provide it. I will provide care; I’ve been known to make a very tasty apple tart. “

The Halfling was pleased and relieved, even if then creature didn’t stay, the mystery was solved.

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End of the day

With the items from the party bag sold, Cor headed back to the inn. The day had been a beautiful one and he almost forgot that great evil stalked the land. Arriving at the inn, he ordered dinner and a mug of ale and sat alone with his thoughts. Would the party manage to find a way to stop the forces of evil, which of the party would be the next to fall, would they find a way to work as a group and not as individuals? Unable to answer any of these questions and unwilling to spend time thinking about things he could not know, Cor turned his attention to the local crowd. Ears open, mouth shut he listened to the conversations of those around him and waited for the return of the others. Tomorrow they would once more set out on their journey.

Posted on 2012-10-13 at 02:54:25.

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