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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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I love it when a plan comes together!

After many suggestions Cor had decided on a plan of action. Sirene was to turn to a badger and cast veil upon the whole party giving each member the appearance of a Kobold. It was not the most noble or romantic of plans, but importantly it was a practical one.

With the transformations achieved, Lothor looked about him and saw the others and was shocked to see they were almost identical. Furry limbs, furry bodies, furry everything. Lothor's body convulsed a shiver climbing up his spine. It all seemed so unnatural to him and he wasn't helped by the scurrying footfalls of Sirene, as her new form hurried to the anti magic shield.

The party began to move out and start their mission proper. When they were about halfway to the shielded catapults a great bang echoed through Lothors ears and after a few dazed seconds it clicked, another sabotage party must've been successful. Lothor was encouraged by this and he began to notice the real Kobolds were being grouped together and sent to the scene of the explosion, less to deal with for him and his companions at least.

The plan was fitting together well and it seemed that they might even pull off the apparent impossible, but as always things didn't run smoothly.

A voice came out of the darkness behind them. “You there, You Kobolds, to me...”


Lothor began to feel the shady tendrils of panic begin to grab at him and he had to try hard not to let it show. As he turned, with the rest of the group, a black robed figure was confronting them. Alone the mystical figure was daunting enough and it was even worse that a host of Orcs, Goblins and Kobolds were packed in behind the eerie figure.

Lothor was no talker and was on the verge of panic. All he could do was stand his ground, grit his teeth and hope one of the others could talk their way out of this situation.

Posted on 2013-02-14 at 19:51:21.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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"Steady lad, no time ta panic." Cor whispered to Lothor. "Follow but be slow about it" he whispered to the others. "Be ready for anything but dunna do anything rash. Tis likely we will get past this."

Posted on 2013-02-14 at 23:57:28.

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21 Posts

Peri to the Rescue!

Peri eagerly listened to the others as she heard Cor speak to her again. “Peri lass, just flitting about might be a diversion. I am sure most of the vile beasties have never seen such as you. Course make sure ta stay out of reach. Other than that, I am sure you can come up with something mischievous.” Cor winked at the dragonette and she giggled. She had exactly the plan in mind! Now how to implement it. Peri flitted nervously as she remained hidden from view of the enemy. Her ears perked up once again as she heard Cor whisper to her again. “Now would be a great time for a distraction if ye could manage.” Right.... distraction, its now or never.

She sighed as she thought of what she was going to do, luckily she heard a familiar voice echo inside her head. “Peri, if you could vanish and then fly up close the Black Robed one, cast a suggestion spell and whisper to it “You do not need these additional Kobolds, you have enough problems the ones you now have, just send them to guard the dome entrance.” I will cast a confusion spell on those following the Robed one so it will need to direct its attention there.” Perfect! Her wings fluttered excitedly. She could do this.

She transported herself over next to the Black Robed one still invisible from sight being careful not to make any mistake to show her location. Her eyes swirled as she flicked her small wrist casting a suggestion spell. She edged closer to him as she whispered softly into his ear. “These Kobolds aren't what you need. You have enough problems with the ones you currently have. Leave these be and send them to the guard at the entrance of the dome.” After she had cast her spell, she transported back to sit softly on Uthlock's shoulder waiting for him and the rest of the party to react.

Posted on 2013-02-15 at 03:35:35.

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19 Posts

Quick Reactions!

Eclipse would suddenly notice the change in the situation, he would move to match the behavior of the other kobolds. No need to think the disguise was busted till he had proof. He would move with the enemies kobolds, making sure to take up a place where he could make a quick and deadly blow to the leader if necessary. He turns to face so that he can keep an eye on the black robed figure and his teammates.

He casts his eyes to the air when others do so, He scans the skies with the other kobolds, he winks, hoping Peri is watching so she knows he is close by should she need his help.

He watches his other teammates, waiting for the leaders move.

Posted on 2013-02-16 at 05:22:17.

Kool Killer Kitty
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1685 Posts

Things that make you go boom

A worm slithered blindly across her paws. It paused to taste the air, aware that it was no longer underground, but did not know how to return.

Sirène could empathize. The world was ablaze in a firework of scents so powerful she could taste them a mile away. Every breath brought in the foul, stale sweat of orc, the rotting decay of undead, and, in the distance, a powerful smell of something burning. Beneath it all she could sense a subterranean nirvana of worms and crawling things; a paradise for the badger form Sirène was borrowing. She could feel the creeping urge to run, to escape underground from the dangers of the surface world and gorge until her belly was full.

‘Badgers…,’ she admonished herself, suddenly remembering why she disliked wearing the skin of burrowing mammals.

She allowed her paw to fall back to the earth, past an elven cat still trying to get the mud out of his fur, and watched with satisfaction as the worm wriggled to freedom.

At least someone was safe.


::I don’t think they’re coming::

Sirène found it hard to disagree with her feline companion. She had been preparing to fulfill Cor’s plan. First, Sirène transformed into her own skin after making sure no one had spotted her, had masked herself with a spell of invisibility, and warded herself with others, but, still, there was no sign of her companions. Or, of the promised distraction.

She had thought to search for them, but, without some sign, it was impossible for her to distinguish between those she had disguised as kobolds and those who actually were kobolds. Her spell had worked too well.

“Well, then it’s up to us…”

[OOC: Sirène will shift back into an elf after using her badger nose to move away from anyone that may spot her. After going back to an elf, she’ll cast Improved Invisibility, Stoneskin, and then Fly on herself. She’ll then position herself 100 yards above the bottom left trebuchet (bottom left on your map Tann) and blow it up with a Fireball. 20d6 fire damage should do the trick, and, if and when it does, she’ll move on the next.]

Posted on 2013-02-16 at 14:47:28.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Rayne offered Aerion services should they be needed. The huge eagle owl was fully capable of carrying several pounds about for short flights.She had seen him carrying off large hares and even larger salmon with ease oftern enough That he had snagged for his dinner.

With the plans madem decided on and set in motion rayne played her part as a cowering Kobold. As she waited with the others not taking any direct actions. She did her best to be a cowering kobold though the felt far for anyhthing like that.

The question on her mind is would the illusion hold or would they be discovered.

rayne resisteed the temptation to notch a arrow into her bow. Such a action even if she was preceive as a dobold would be totally out of character. To tell the truth she was very uncomfortable with just waiting while others went out to carry out the plans that had been agreed on.

Rayne kated the waiting but her long service in the ranger had tempered her impatience. She might not like iiiiiiit but she could enfure it as long as necessary.

Posted on 2013-02-17 at 08:05:24.
Edited on 2013-02-24 at 05:05:59 by Brianna

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T.M.K. Too many kobolds

As the rest of the party altered in look to maintain the kobold charade, Valene followed the party. Upon hearing the Black Robes orders, she cowered and moved as the kobolds did.

Valene waited to see what would happen. She also prepared her Warp Wood spell for the ballista she had been assigned.

Now all she could to was wait for the outcome of the distractions.

Posted on 2013-02-17 at 16:08:12.
Edited on 2013-02-17 at 17:04:56 by Mischief

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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Kobolds taste like Chicken

“You there, you Kobolds, to me....”
And with those six words the party’s mission changed. Though the true nature of the party was still a secret to the enemy Mage calling them, their disguise now turned against them. As they obeyed and moved to join the Black Robe a number of things were set in motion. With both whispered word and telepathic orders Peri went invisible and flew to hover next to the Black Robes ear. Casting a Suggestion spell she relayed the words told to her.

“These Kobolds aren't what you need. You have enough problems with the ones you currently have. Leave these be and send them to the guard at the entrance of the dome.”
The party watched not seeing the Faerie Dragon casting it’s magic, though they were close enough that they did see the rapid blinking of the black garbed Mage’s eyes.

“You Kobolds, I have enough of you, move to the dome entrance and guard it.”
Then motioning to the other Orcs and Kobolds, semi-confused thanks to a spell of Confusion cast quietly by Ulthok. They watched as the Black Robe led the others away. Moving quickly they had just reached the domes entrance when a huge fireball exploded into the farthest of the trebuchet. Clearly Sirene had opened the attack.......

Not knowing where the party had gotten to or if the plan was still the same Sirene did the only thing she could do short of retreating..... She attacked!

Returning to Elf form she went invisible, cast Fly and Stoneskin, then rose up on the air currents to hover a safe distance above her target. Once settled she cast the spell of Fireball the blazing globe of flame leaving her hand to streak down to hit the trebuchet dead center.

The magical fire hitting the old wood at once exploded the machine into a storm of wooden and metal shrapnel killing a dozen Kobold and Orcs at once and injuring the lone Giant still in attendance.

However though she was still invisible the spell itself was not and was seen by a number of enemies. As arrows began to fly towards her most of them easily missed and for the one or two that did hit the Stoneskin did it’s job.

However as the Elf Mage/Druid turned to move towards the next trebuchet she felt five bursts of pain as she was hit by a barrage of five Magic Missiles.

Below her to the left a Black Robe stood, eyes ablaze, his hand raised........

(DM OOC: Ok this weeks post is up and your all now in combat rounds.
Sirene your spell of Fireball helped the Black Robe with his spell enhanced sight to see your shimmering form and cast the Magic Missiles at you. However you saved vs. spell and only took half damage. Ok next post, next Sunday as norm)

Posted on 2013-02-18 at 05:56:15.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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2320 Posts

Still on plan

With Peri's suggestion well received, the party quickly moved to follow the new orders from the black robe. They had just reached the entrance when a fireball marked the end of one trebuchet and the presence of Sirene. The plan was working well so far. "Ok, lets get ourselves into position and cast our own spell quick as we can. We all know our targets. That pesky black robe may need attention but until he notices us ignore him. Surprise is vital ta our avoidance of death and I think we would all like ta check it once again. Be ready with the teleport spell please." Cor made sure everyone was ready to attack and then unleashed FLAME STRIKE on his designated trebuchet. Upon casting he looked to the black robe, ready to attack him if necessary.

Posted on 2013-02-19 at 00:42:40.

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At it again!

Lothor stood dumbstruck wondering how he had gotten into this position again. It seemed he was forever knocking at deaths door, but once again it seemed that the very versatile party managed to wheedle their way out of the situation. By some divine reason the Black Robe decided that these kobolds were best off on guard duty at the entrance to the anti magic sphere. Lothor suspected that one of his companions may have had a say in that but he could not guess who or how.

Nevertheless they shuffled along in a kobold like manner, or the best they could act it at least. Just as they had made it to their post a great ball of fire began hurtling towards one of the catapults sending it up in flame and destroying it instantly. Lothor began to wonder who it was, had they received help from one of the other raiding parties? Then he saw a Black Robe casting a spell at what appeared to be thin air, silver-white missiles twisting their way through the air. Then he remembered Sirene scampering off in her badger form, it was clear now that she was no longer a creature but instead cast some sort of invisibility spell upon herself. They had to act quickly and Lothor unsheathed his Greatsword and held it in both hands. The element of surprise had surely passed and he was ready to defend any of those powerful enough to destroy the catapults.

Posted on 2013-02-20 at 18:27:30.
Edited on 2013-02-20 at 21:38:46 by Brundel

Kool Killer Kitty
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The trebuchet exploded in a mass of charred splinters and twisted hunks of metal. The gang of kobolds and orcs in attendance were torn apart by explosion and the debris, and the one survivor, a hill giant, was able to rise to his feet under the pain of his blistered skin and the charred lump of wood that had skewered his right shoulder like a giant arrow.

Sirène laughed. The sound surprised her. There was a time when she would have taken pity on her prey; even prayed for a quick release from their pain. But that woman – that girl – was gone; tempered and hardened under grief and sorrow and transformed into something else.

::Look out!:: Niamedris, suddenly warned as a hail of arrows rattled off her protective wards. A few of the brighter orcs nearby, it seemed, has guessed her location.

“Time to make a …”

The words died on her lips. She was knocked back suddenly in the air, a stream of silver-hued missiled thudding into her chest. Niamedris clung on to his perch on her shoulder, his claws digging painfully into her sun-kissed skin in an attempt not to lose his balance.

::He can see us!:: the cat hissed.

Sirène could see that her familiar was right. A black-robed figure had appeared, his eyes glowing brightly, and his breath laced with words of power.

“Love handasse,” she whispered in response, her blue tattoos glowing brightly beneath her mask of invisiblity.

[OOC: Sirène will move from her current location, to 100’ up and to the right of the black-robed figure. She’ll then cast Feeblemind at him.]

Posted on 2013-02-23 at 12:15:04.

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To The Attack...........


Peri’s spell had worked and the Black Robe sent the party to guard the dome. As the team reached the opening an explosion erupted at the far end of dome as one of the machines blossomed into flame. With that the Knight Cleric waved the group forward.

"Ok, lets get ourselves into position and cast our own spell quick as we can. We all know our targets. That pesky black robe may need attention but until he notices us ignore him. Surprise is vital ta our avoidance of death and I think we would all like ta check it once again. Be ready with the teleport spell please."
The group looked like just another bunch of Kobolds as they rushed into the dome. Ulthok lead them as he called softly, “Quick now to the that first machine.”

The group passed into the dome and as they hurried across the open space they detected a commotion in the air above the flaming machine. They saw missiles erupt on something in the air; he party knew Sirene was under attack.

“Ulthok, your friend with that cat seems to be in trouble, what are you going do to help?”;Peri ‘s thoughts were slipped into Ulthok consciousness. “I cannot leave the party now to help, my first duty is destroy that machine, she is strong, she’ll have deal with it.” Peri could tell Ulthok was distressed to see the Elven Mage in harms way.

“You still care for her too don’t you? She has moved on, but there are things you can’t hide from someone that reads your thoughts…….Well I can’t destroy that big wooden thingy, but I can try to distract the other magic ones attackers…….If you need me I’ll know.” The dragonet vanished and Ulthok felt her leave his should. “Stay clear of the machine..I don’t want you getting caught in our spell casting.” Ulthok hoped she heard him.

Trotting quickly the group approached the first machine. As they got within fifty yards Ulthok pulled the materials he’s need for the disintegration spell.

“Prepare, to defend, this should get some attention.”

Pointing up at the machines pivot the mage whispered the words to invoke the spell. From his extended hand a green ray emitted that would simple make whatever it touched vanish. The mage would destroy the center of the machine and as much more as possible.

Racing as fast as little wings would carry her Peri flew to Sirene’s aid. Approaching the flaming wooden thingy Peri saw Black Robed one surrounded by Kolbold archers. The doggy men looked funny trying the shoot into the air when the Mage maybe. With a smile she pulled the last of her apple tarts and hurled them at the Black Robe and the creature around it. “ Laugh at this you funny man,” she thought as she cast Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter on the Black Robed one and those around it.

Posted on 2013-02-24 at 02:36:39.
Edited on 2013-02-26 at 03:10:36 by Odyson

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rayne kept upthe pretense of being a cowering Kobold but her hada were a heatbeat away from her arrows and bow if they wre needed She had prepare warped woood and held it ready for us. She waited and the more powerful spellcaster did what theyw ere going to do and then she would see what was left for her to do to put a spoke in the foeps machines.

Warpoing large pieces took time but by Anaylysing the piece themself she looked for small pieces that were mportant but easier to wawp to uselessness.

Her word would vome in handy as well to cut Ropes that were used to hold the basket they loaded with stones and the like. And on the pulleys that cocked the great arms of the trebuchet back ready to fire.. Yes, a sword would work very well there.

Heeding Corps words shefollowed him into the dome just after the Explosion of fire. Rayne knew Sirene was a wily castere but that fireball wxplosion had been fiercesome. She pray to Kith Hora that she had not been caught by any of that fiery burst.

One one of the machines they had been sen to destroy rayne saw a piece that her warp woon might really mess up the machine One was the lock that held the trebuchet cocked while it was loaded. the other were pulleys used to cock the arm. were well withing he ability to mess with.

Rayne held her action not wanting to give the others wway yet, which could well happen if she started casting befoere they had taken out the Black robe. He was rally her first target that she had in mind

Aludrial's Bloodk her elven bow, had brought out of Drow Mountain into the light after centuries of being held there. She could think of no finer time or place to use her than here. She manuvered herself just evought o keep an eye on the black robe. A the first sign of him detecting their prsence she would draw hebown and fire at him. Remocing him quickly was her first order.

Posted on 2013-02-24 at 05:22:17.
Edited on 2013-02-24 at 05:34:02 by Brianna

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The Promised Wrap-Up

The party still disguised as Kobolds found themselves with an interesting dilemma. Watching as one ballista burned and Sirene took fire they were in truth all but forgotten as just a small group of useless Kobold guards. Cor seeing the opportunity of Sirene’s timely distraction quietly laid out a plan.

"Ok, lets get ourselves into position and cast our own spell quick as we can. We all know our targets. That pesky black robe may need attention but until he notices us ignore him. Surprise is vital ta our avoidance of death and I think we would all like ta check it once again. Be ready with the teleport spell please."
Then it was off to the first machine, the right rear one, and as they reached it, Cor let fly with Flame Strike and Ulthok with Disintegrate and just as quickly the ballista was no more. Fearing retaliation, the party was surprised to see that incredibly not a single enemy had noticed its destruction, as all seemed concentrated on Sirene. Not having to say a word they quickly moved forward to the next the right front one and again as they reached it let go spells. However, this time the spells came from Valene and Brianna, the Ranger/Cleric firing off another spell of Flame Strike and Valene adding a second same spell.

As with the first trebuchet the combo of the two Flame Strike spells did the trick and the ballista was gone engulfed in flames. However, the parties luck began to change slightly as the Hill Giant stationed here had chosen that moment to turn and see two Kobolds casting spells. Shocked with disbelief, as much as a Hill Giant could be, he allowed the party to attack him first.

Almost as if preordained, the outcome here was never in doubt. Of the party Ulthok was the first to act a Bolt of Lightening streaking forth to hit the Giant full force. Then as the Giant moved to keep from falling, two energy arrows from Rayne’s bow made his attempt mute as he missed his step and fell hitting the ground hard causing the area around him to shake as if a minor earthquake. Then the four fighters Lothor, Lexson, Sorin and Barreel rushed in and it was all over.

However the death of the Giant started the rolls of the dice against the party as the various enemy forces were thus alerted that Sirene was not the only enemy within their ’dome’ Though still disguised as Kobolds it was becoming quickly clear that in truth they were not. As Orcs and Kobolds and a Hill Giant or two of the four remaining moved towards them the party readied itself to charge through them to reach the next machine...........

As Sirene took the five missiles of magic and absorbed the pain she was not idle. Raising another 100 feet up she cast Feeblemind at the Black Robe below her only to find that either the evil mage had made his save or he was immune as the spell had no seeming effect.

However he too was not idle, his counterspell already cast as Sirene rose it exploded below her. To her dismay the Elf Mage/Druid found that she was yet caught in the area of effect. Where she had been once invisible she was no longer the spell of Faerie Fire catching her cleanly. The Orc and Kobold archers now able to see her better began a volley of arrows and bolts towards her a good number hitting.

Sirene knew her stone skins were fading fast and knew she had to do something quick and that meant taking out the damn Black Robe below her. Unsure if the Evil Mage was protected from her spells, her Feeblemind spell having failed. Moreover, remembering the worm she had first encountered as a Badger, the Elvin Mage/Druid decided she needed to answer the call of nature. Moving in a weaving pattern, helping her to better evade the ground fire, she fired off first a spell of Summon Insect and aimed the arriving flying wasps at the Black Robe below her. Taking his spell of Lightening Bolt for only half damage, she next cast her spell of Summon swarm aiming the arriving fire ants at the Orcs and Kobolds attacking her.

Within seconds, chaos ruled as the Black Robe became more concerned with the dozens of wasps attacking him and the Orcs and Kobolds the fire ants climbing and biting. Using this pause quickly she moved to her second target the left rear ballista and with her last Fireball set it to afire. Looking over the rest of the domes interior she at once saw that the two right machine were ablaze, the flames to far gone to stop. Then her gaze, drawn by the sound of a large crash, caused the Elf Mage/Druid to cast her gaze to the front as she watched four Kobolds rush forward to attack a fallen Hill Giant. With an evil elfish grin upon her face knowing her friends and the others yet lived, she moved towards them.......

As Orcs and Kobolds and a Hill Giant or two of the four remaining moved towards them the party readied itself to charge through them to reach there next machine. The party still in the guise of a squad of Kobolds yet in reality their normal sizes as a group charged to the attack. Once again, Ulthok as the only true mage left in the party acted first casting his spell of Cone of Cold to open a path for the party to follow. In this the Cone was very effective freezing solid Orcs and their Kobold lackeys in step leaving only two giants for the moment blocking their path to the middle of the five machines. Though both Giants had been hard bitten by the cold, they yet stood very ready as the party closed to melee.

Though the fight was short, Lothor, Lexson, Cor and Rayne with her bow taking down the first and making short work of him. Yet the four did not escape unscathed, as the Giant was able to hit with his large mace swinging it in a sweeping pattern. However, as Barreel, Sorin, Ulthok, and Eclipse attacked the second, Valene healing both groups as best as she could tragedy struck. In a desperate bid to save itself the Giant reached out and caught in his grasp Sorin and even as he fell popped the head of the human fighter as someone would pop a grape. After that the three survivors slashed and hacked the Giant to shreds leaving a bloodied corpse behind.

With no time for a spell of Raise Dead, the futility of the spell not withstanding, they reached the side of the fifth machine. Ulthok once more first cast one of his two spells of Fireball to watch as the ballista slowly caught fire. Then to add yet more damage the fire was joined by a lightening bolt from the sky giving the party notice of the return to it of Sirene. Telling a quick tale of the last two ballista’s destruction, the time had come for her and Ulthok to be about casting Teleport to whisk the surviving party members to safety.

Words spoken, the spells cast, only to find that they had not worked. The dome preventing magic from entering or leaving. Faced with a new dilemma, Orcs and Kobolds gathered in force and already headed the party’s way from all points. Once more the only way out was the way in, the last two Hill Giants guarding it. Knowing the odds as they stood were clearly against the party, Sirene followed by Ulthok, summoned aid. For Sirene she called upon an Elemental of Fire, for Ulthok 4 creatures of Shadow did come to his call. The Elemental commanded to clear a path to the entrance, the Shadows to kill any and all and for the next ten minutes, a hard bloody fight ensued. At its end, the party reached the domes opening, but during the fast-paced melee had lost Eclipse Caine to the darkness, none knowing if alive or dead.

With no time to look for him if alive or grieve for him if dead, they pushed out through the entrance and toward friendly lines. However though out of the dome they were far from safe as the battles within each dome had awakened a sleeping army and the fight through trench and enemy soldier was one the party would remember for many a long day. During the running fight unknown to the rest the Fighter Lexson Heart was wounded by a black tipped arrow and the wound festered and would not close and as the party finally reached the entrance they had first started the mission from the strange fighter fell to her knees to end up on her back.

As the rest stood guard, the ballista and archers of the walls keeping any foolish enemy at bay, Cor Rayne and Valene all knelt beside her attempting aid only to find her unlike any they had seen before. In place of skin, scales, in place of normal eyes, those resembling a dragon. With her wounding, the magic keeping her secret now gone, her half nature was revealed. Lexson was the half-Elvin child of a dragon! As the three saw their attempts at healing fail, the young half-dragon reached out grabbing a handful of Cor’s tunic. Drawing him to her, she spoke her last words loud enough for the three to heal.

“Save her you must Dwarf, complete my mission if you hold this world dear. Find our Queen and save her, or the Dragons of Good will never fly in your defense.” A last sigh of breath and Lexson was gone, dead beyond any hope of resurrection or raising. Her body carried in the manner of honor of a battle comrade fallen within the walls to be buried among the un-healable dead.

With the parties return within the fortress walls they were relieved of Lexson’s body after a short distance. With a word from Cor to place her with respect until he could give her last rites himself, the party was led to the same building as the mission had been planned. Here they learned that of the five raiding parties sent forth, a total of fifty raiders, only they and twelve others had survived. A total of thirty-one dead. As they pondered the death of so many elite, they were also informed that of the twenty-five front line trebuchet’s all but eight had been destroyed.

With the after briefing complete the party joined by Cor headed to the main cathedral for the dead and stood quietly in respect as he gave Lexson Heart her last rites. Then it was back to the commander’s home, Barreel taking his leave for the moment, to face yet another brutal task. The telling to Emma of Eclipse’s assumed death. With the young women a shower of tears, she ran into the house to be alone with her grief. The party home as much as it could be to rest and to heal and to wonder what the next mission would be.........

(DM OOC: Ok there you have my post for these two weeks. I hope I did everyone justice in what I thought you as your characters would do and if not you have my apologies.
Ok most of you should know by now that we lost Mischief as Valene & Eclipse as Eclipse Caine to real life craziness and both may return at a later unknown date. We also for the time being have lost Vivi as Peri as she has entered a busy time with school combined with a new phase at work. However, she has told me she should be able to return in 4 to 8 weeks and as such is on leave much the same as was Ginafae.

However we caught a break as Kriea, Valene’s original player/creator, and I touched base over the weekend and she was more then happy to reclaim Valene and rejoin Trilogy. On top of that, Teller of Ayrn accepted my invitation to her to join the game and will be bringing in this week a Female Human Paladin w/the Noble Warrior kit I believe. Therefore, if I hear from KingRat within the week we will be steady at 8 active players & characters and 1 on leave player/familiar. So please welcome Kriea back and Teller to the game and as always. “GAME ON!!)

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With the battle over and the party returned to the keep, Cor took stock of the events. Eclipse, Lexson and Sorin were lost but the ballistas were destroyed. Was such a high price worth it in the end? Only time would tell. After services were held for the fallen, Cor spent time in reflection and prayer. While in prayer, he was told that a paladin was amoung those who called the keep home. Was it a sign from Odin? Cor took Connals sword from its sheath and spent some time cleaning it and tending to its edge. 'Perhaps you will see battle again' he said as he slid it back into its sheath for safe keeping.

Cor thought about Lexson's last words. "Find the Queen". Which Queen? Having discovered her secret half elvin and half dragon hertitage there were two possibilities. Motioning for a acolyte, Cor prepared a letter to the elves asking if their queen was well. "Have this sent to the elves lad and make sure it gets a quick reply."

Over dinner and some quality ale, Cor's thoughts returned to the lost Queen. "There are no good dragons here!" he shouted to no one in particular. By now several patrons eyed Cor with curiosity. "You there lad" he motioned to a young fighter. "That must be it. I need to contact the dragon queen." Rushing out of the tavern he headed to the king's tent.

After waiting while the guards cleared him, Cor entered. "Sire, the good dragons. Where be they? One of my party told me with her dying breath ta find the queen. I need ta know how to get to the court of the good dragons."

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