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so much for quiet

Cor's night of relaxation ended in an instant. Breaking glass heralded the arrival of a raiding party; apparently the enemy had deceided to return the favor. A quick look revealed that the black robe they had met before had returned. Cor wasted no time and his first action was aimed at the dark magician. Calling forth the power of Odin, Cor cast flame strike on the black robe and the air elementals. "Try ta turn the wee underlings las!" Cor called to Lady Jessica.

Posted on 2013-03-18 at 15:33:24.
Edited on 2013-03-19 at 00:25:14 by Keeper of Dragons

postima prolifica
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So much excitement!

Valene had been just about to introduce herself since she head heard her name mentioned when the second round of commotion started. She let out a little groan, drained her drink and got up as quickly as possible. "A single quiet night would be too much to ask, wouldn't it?" She said, grumbling a bit as she debated if she should help the paladin turn the underlings or go one the offensive. Her impulse to act drove her to follow up Cor's Flame Strike with her own, hoping to hit them while they were still reeling from the first attack.

Posted on 2013-03-19 at 01:02:49.

Teller of Aryn
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Saturday nights alright for fighting!

"Try ta turn the wee underlings las!" Cor called to Lady Jessica as he began casting towards the mage and the air elementals coming in the door,
A faint grin came to the lovely lips of Lady Jessica Voltaire as she set her helm atop her head even before the glass from the shattering windows had settled to the floor.

“Grey-eyed one, I sing of you, wisest and most beautiful, relentless Athena, protector of cities, strong-armed and fair. Hail to you, Athena, may I never live without the shield of your protection.” Jessica reached back with her right hand over her shoulder and drew her shield and set it on her right arm as she spoke. Drawing her longsword, she turned to face the undead looking creatures coming into the room.

As she finished her litany, her shield began to glow as she raised it slightly showing its owl emblem, now glowing brightly, to the assembling undead vermin. She stood ready with her sword on guard, awaiting the effect of her prayers.

(Turn Undead Not sure the range or number of undead she can effect; if her range is great enough she will attempt to turn all the undead. But if the room is too large, then she will direct her efforts to the closest bunch, the ones coming in the Northeast window. (Up being North on map) )

Posted on 2013-03-19 at 11:06:42.

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Party Crashers..............

Ulthok and Jessica pitched their mugs of glass into the fire but this playful sound was over rode by the sound of breaking wood and glass as front door and windows were smashed open. They quickly had turned to see the windows smashing in as four scaly covered creatures with wild hair and claws for hands clambered through. The creature’s mouths filled with long sharp fangs, the color of their scaly skin appearing as if that of undead. Bursting through the front door a trio of Air Elementals, behind them standing a Black Robed mage, his face scared by many healed insect bites.

The scaly creatures undead appearance had Lady Jessica quickly call upon her Goddess to turn the undead. Cor who was nearest the Black Robe wasted no time directing flame strike on the mage and that quickly followed by another from Valene. If the evil raiding party lost their leader it would be easier for the party to defend themselves.

Ulthok saw the elementals and knew the Black Robe was commanding them and that it needed to maintain its concentration least the three turn on him. Hoping Cor’s and Valene’s attacks had weaken to black Robe's defenses. So to help keep the Black Mage distracted Ulthok cast Summon Swarm on the evil intruder. Then the Halfling willed spirit into his ring and vanished as he moved to cover the advance of scaly creatures(1,2,3 & 4) toward the manor interior door and to try to flank the Black Mage.

Posted on 2013-03-19 at 22:45:24.

Epic Level Bard
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Who woke me?

The young man woke with a startle. His hand moved without thought to the hilt of his blade. He felt warm breath on his hand; he looked down only to see the wolf mouthing at his hand and looking back up at him. Maggot released the hilt and the wolf released his hand. ‘Fine we will do it your way,’ he whispered. The wolf did not lift himself, instead he lowered himself and his ears pointed behind the tree. The two stayed like that for some time.

Then Maggot heard them, they approached from behind him. The tree was between them that approached and the wolf and he. ‘There is about five,’ he whispered. The wolf let out a small snort. ‘My smell offends you? This, coming from one whom licks oneself.’ The wolf rolls his eyes as if he understood.

‘Lightly armored and in soft boots, not the harden battle armor one would find on most present these past few days,’ Maggot whispered as they came closer and closer.

When they had gotten just in sight the wolf without warning darted to the left. ‘Hey!’ a grunt came from the approaching figures. While all eyes were on the wolf, Maggot rolled to the other side of the path and into some undergrowth.

‘Kobolds’, Maggot thought to himself, ‘What are they doing so far away from camp at this hour of the evening.

Three started to break away from the group when a voice in very broken common, ‘back in line, just a mangy wolf. Let it be!’

‘But what if it’s going to warn the hu-mans?’

‘Let it, we will be in and out before the stupid hu-mans know what happens. Now back in line.’ A crack of the whip, ‘Next one goes across your back!’

Maggot remained still as the group approach and moved past him. ‘oh what is that smell?’ one spoke as it moved unknowingly by Maggot.

‘Most likely something dead, must have been what that wolf was looking for.’ Another spoke. The group quickly moves past and down the foot path toward the walled city beyond the battle field.

Maggot slipped in behind the last one, slowly and very quietly dispatched the party one by one. The wolf would make his presence known from time to time down the path in front of the group. Help keeping eyes forward and not behind.

When the foot path fell open to the open feild between the walled city and the darkness of the forest there only remained four. Maggot, two Kobolds and the Goblin type creator put in charge of them. It was then Maggot let himself be known by plunging his blade deep into the back of one of the Kobolds and running it through.

The other two spun around before the Kobold could react the creator in charge pushed it toward Maggot who reacted quickly by lifting the dead Kobolds weapon and using it to run through the aproachin Kobold. Maggot pushed the two away and they fell in a heap. ‘Explain that one.’ Maggot smiled as the creator in charge dropped his whip and drew his own blade.

‘You will not kill me hu-man! I am Groch! I will eat your flesh this evening.’

Maggot smiled and let the tip of his own blade fall slightly, ‘No you will not eat of my flesh. I am Maggot. And I will not kill you this evening.’ Groch smiled and his blade lifted slightly. ‘He will!’ Maggot pointed off to the left.

Groch turn just in time to see the wolf lunge out of the darkness and clamp his jaws tightly around Groch’s throat. Groch and the wolf fell to the ground. Groch’s lifeless body made a fine bench for Maggot to sit upon as he gazed out toward the walled city. Time passed and all remained silent. Well almost silent, Maggot looked at the wolf; he was making a smacking sound. The wolf was licking himself; ‘Getting the taste of Groch out of your mouth still?’ the wolf snorted and kept on about its business.

The two sat and were about to move back into the cover of the woods when something caught Maggot’s eye. He sat up and the wolf took notice and also watched. His head slightly tilted to one side and ears forward.

The two watch as seven black robed figures somehow move undetected toward the walled city and to a small sewer opening at the bottom of the eastern wall. ‘They will not get far going that path. They replaced those bars about four years ago when I escaped out that way.’ The wolf looked at Maggot, ‘I was much older and wiser then.’

The wolf snorted once more and the two went back to watching. When the seven made it to the opening four moved on past as if nothing bared the way, three remained behind. Maggot thought they were guards and the others used a key but he soon noticed the three whom remained were doing something to the wall on both sides of the opening.

‘Now that does not look right. I must have a closer look. What do you think?’ Maggot looked at the wolf who simply snorted and continued to keep his eyes fixed on the three robed figures. ‘Good’ Maggot slipped from the back of Groch and onto his belly and began his crawl to get a closer look.

As the two began their crawl the call to arms went off in the city and Maggot knew he could move a bit faster.

Posted on 2013-03-23 at 00:35:49.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Hardly Ever a Peaceful Moment.

Rayne leand back in her bath. She had cleaned up first and then had the bath refilled with clean hot water so she could soak in the tub. She like being clean agin her flesh and hair sqyeaky cleanfair fresh with the scent of lavender and lemon rinse. She had missed such simple luxuyries. But did not regret them, They had achieved much is the time she had spent with the group. For might complain sometimes that they were a difficult lot to lead being the independent sort of golk that they were. But they did get the job dome and that was what was important.

Slipping a bit deper into teh water, Rayne let the last of the warmth ease the stresses of the their recent mission ease away. She was about to go under, when she thought she heard a noise. Sitting up again she tried to make sense of the sounds she heard theough the open window she left for Aeron to go in and out.

Tayne got out of the bath and moved to the open window overlooking the garden area behind the house grabbing a shift that she slipped over her head. .The night was not quiet not is a city filled with soldiers, refugees and with a war in progress. However the extensive grounds of the General's estate muted some of the more distant sounds.

Was that the sound of weapons crashing together. Rayne decided that she was not going to try to identify what was going on from here. She ran to the bed where she had left her leather armor, gabbling She hastily donned it over her shift tucing the tail of it into her pants and throwing on her leather tunive. As she ran for the door sne grabbed her sword belt, bucler, She vuckle that on and slipped her hand tarm though the chiel Taking up her bow and quiver She slung the quiver on her back and took her bow in hand.

Rayne threw open her room door and raced out, The sounds seem to vome from below at keast from the stairway wher she hear them more clearly,

Rayne ran in that direction for th want of any clear indication of any other direction--notching an arrow as she did. Rayne sent a mental call out for Aeron.

Posted on 2013-03-24 at 09:00:30.
Edited on 2013-03-24 at 20:41:58 by Brianna

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Sorry for the delay

THE MANOR (Dinning Room)
What had been a restful week at least for the party after their mission to destroy the ballista had in but a moment’s time become battle once again. A battle in a location all in the party had thought safe until this same moment.

The first of the party to act was Cor, words of the spell Flame Strike spoken and his attack was on its way. The target of the Flame Strike of course the Black Robe as he was clearly the most powerful foe. However, as with many powerful foes sometimes they too come very protected, the flames first striking him then the area around him seeming to do him no harm.
Then Cor had no time for another spell as first of the three Elementals was upon him. A pair airy fists appearing out of the mass of heavy air struck at the Dwarf Knight Cleric only to miss on it’s first attack.

Then it was Valene’s turn to act and as with Cor, the spell of Flame Strike sped towards the same target only to have the same effect. The spell again seeming to do no harm at all against the Black Robe before them.
Then the second of the three Air Elementals reached her and like the one attacking Cor, two fists did appear. However, it seemed chance did not favor either side in this fight so far, as like with Cor this Elementals attack missed the Halfling Thief/Cleric.

The third of the four party members in the dinning room to act was the other Halfling of the group, Ulthok. Again, like Cor and Valene before him, the Thief/Mage spoke the words of the spell of Summon Swarm. As the mass of insects formed, the gathering of them was not lost on the Black Robe who grinned evilly showing his perfect teeth.

“Fools, do you really think I would be unprepared for such spells as I was before.?”
As the summoned insects gathered before Ulthok, the third Elemental having stayed 10 feet to the Black Robes right side, and out of the effect of the two Flame Strikes, used a heavy burst of wind to scatter the insects in flight. Then the Black Robe spoke in a language unheard of by any in the room and cast his own spell at Ulthok and the Paladin beside him. As Ulthok begin to go invisible, he was hit dead center by a spell of Lightening Bolt. The force of which as the Halfling completed his vanishing act thrust him directly into the burning fireplace. His clothes immediately catching on fire, illuminated him in a halfling-sized outline of fire.

The last of the party in the dinning room to act was the Paladin Jessica. Having made a toast with Ulthok and finishing it off with both shattering their glass mugs within the flames of the fireplace. Found her self with the louder shattering of door and windows, caught up in her first fight with this new group. Though for sure not the time or place of her choosing for this first fight, yet evil was before her and to battle she would go. Seeing the creatures coming through the window, the scaly wrinkled look of undead about them she drew sword, readied shield, and commenced to turning them.

Only to find if these were in truth undead turning them had no effect. Then it was just her and the four creatures attacking her ( #9 #10 #11 #12) Ulthok having vanished behind her. In the course of the twelve attacks of the four undead looking creatures as they surrounded her, she was only hit once this round. The strike, though a hard glancing blow upon her head, her helmet yet on the table, was somewhat deflected by her shield causing her much less damage then normal. However caught now in the midst of a circle of four around her, one at least would get a shot to her back.

With the four party members thus occupied the four Bhuts to the Black Robes left (#1 #2 #3 #4) rushed on by and made for the Manor’s interior. With no one to stop them they were out through the interior doorway in seconds and moving through it‘s hallway.

While those four moved through the interior doorway the next four, these to the Black Robes right, (#5 #6 #7 #8 ) moved to the entrance into the kitchen. Again, with no one to stop them they were into the kitchen in seconds, beginning the killing of the cooks and servers within. In no time, they too would exit the kitchen’s far door and enter the Manor itself.

THE MANOR (Hallway)
Lothor had become somewhat more social since the ballista raid, having met the new Paladin and even sharing a mug of ale with her. Having finally tired he had said his goodnights and headed for the upward winding stairs to his upper bedroom. Then as he went to place a foot upon the first stair up, he heard from the dinning room the sound of breaking wood and shattering glass. Not knowing the cause of the commotion but knowing the sounds of battle that followed, the Human Fighter knew his place was no longer in bed. Drawing his great sword he made his way back towards the dinning room only to encounter the four Bhuts (#1 #2 #3 #4) headed deeper into the Manor house. To his benefit, the width of the hallway only allowed for two wide and so instead of all four he only faced two. A flurry of attacks against him by the creature’s arms and bites missing he gave back better as he managed a hit on the one to his left (#3). Where he had thought there would be some type of green blood or dust common to undead he was surprised that it was as red as his own, and flowed just as freely.

THE MANOR ( Bath/Sauna/Kitchen)
Rayne loved life and the hot water around her. Having had a good day and a long week using her skills as a healer in helping the wounded of this fight, she wanted nothing more then to relax in much more hot water. However, her hope for such was quickly shattered as sounds of pots and pans crashing to the floor and then screams of death from the kitchen only 120 feet away filled the bath area. Though naked and dripping wet she quickly donned her pants and the tunic from her leather armor, tucking the tail of it into her pants. Running for the door and the hallway beyond she grabbed her sword belt, buckler, and Andurile’s Blood and was just entering the kitchen as the first of the four Bhuts was leaving. The Bhut startled by Rayne and Rayne startled by the scaly undead looking creature each took a minute to stare. However as a second joined the first this moment’s pause in the raid was done and the next round would be battle.

Weaver and his new friend the wolf had just completed another of his ‘raids’ when he spotted in the distance seven black hooded figures moving toward the fortress walls close to where the Ranger/Bard was at. Signaling to the wolf to stand pat, he watched as four passed through it and three stayed behind. Watching from a safe distance he could tell that the three left behind seemed to be doing something to the wall it self but he was too far away to tell what.

“Now that does not look right. I must have a closer look. What do you think?”
He said quietly to the Wolf lying beside him. Making his way closer using his Ranger skill of moving silently he finally gained a point of being able to see what the three left behind were doing. All along the wall’s base and mid way up they appeared to quietly digging holes in the walls rock, then placing some type of metal looking pipes within them. They had already placed Weaver counted roughly thirty and did not appear to be done. As he continued to watch, he could see they all had small bags clearly of Holding, as the size of the bags did not match the amount of metal tubes.

What the metal tubes contained for the moment to the Ranger/Bard a mystery. However, for sure it could be nothing good.

(DM OOC: Ok here is this week’s post and the results of round one. I apologize for the delay but as I was proof reading it one last time last night we lost both internet and phone here at the house so I was unable to post till tonight.

Ok Ulthok and Jessica were the only two to take damage, in the case of the Paladin it was a lucky roll. Ulthok made his save for half damage so please be sure to check the Character thread to find out how much you each took. Next post, hopefully with no loss of phone or internet, next Sunday as norm. Round two is up)

Posted on 2013-03-25 at 22:20:16.
Edited on 2013-03-25 at 22:22:28 by TannTalas

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No Worries...

It had been a delightful evening and Lothor had a smile on his face. He had held conversation well and did his best to keep his voice low and not to stammer whenever Lady Jessica spoke. Although it was clear that the others had more in common and were therefore more involved, Lothor was content just to listen to their conversations, and chip in where he thought appropriate. It was the first time Lothor had not been worried for what felt like his entire life, he hadn't even thought of the vast host outside the city gates once.

Before tonight there had always been problems. He would be running out of money and supplies or the local villages were under attack and people needed saving, or a tribe of hill Giants were keeping him captive or he was about to be teleported to an alien place. But when he reached the bottom of the staircase leading to his room he let out a sigh. It was probably the alcohol he had been drinking but his eyes were brimming, ready to spill tears of joy and relief. As he recovered, lifting a hand to wipe his eyes, a loud crash came from the Dining Room and Lothor froze, indecisive. Was it something he needed to worry about? Here comes that worrying feeling again he groaned inwardly.

His suspicions were confirmed when four grotesque humanoids burst from the door he had just exited through, they looked ready to cause havoc and Lothor sobered up immediately, adrenaline pumping through his body. He thanked the Gods he had chosen to wear his armour and weapons, else he would of likely been dead within minutes. He quickly scouted his position, it looked as though he had two options, either he could hold them on the stairs, it was narrow but the footing would be dodgy. His other option was to hold them in the corridor, which could hold two abreast, and hope that help would arrive.

Lothor sprang into the corridor and bellowed at his enemies. It was more to ease his own fear than instil it in the gruesome figures shambling their way towards him. They reached him and Lothor knew not what to expect, quick thrusts, or long but powerful strokes. Lothor set himself and adapted, they were quicker than him to attack but Lothor was used to this. He dodged their attacks and with a grunt of effort swung his Greatsword at the ambushers. He could hardly miss in such a confined space and blood spurted out of the wound inflicted. This came as a shock to Lothor who was expecting green pus or maggots to fall from the Gash in its side.

Lothor set himself once more waiting for their attacks to come at him. Waiting to swing his heavy Greatsword at them again.

(OOC: Lothor will just keep slogging away until they are dead or he receives help.)

Posted on 2013-03-26 at 17:13:25.

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Ulthok was alarmed when his spell didn’t work as expected with the swarm forming in front of him instead of on the Black Robe across the room. The swarm should have been crawling over the Evil Mage but as it formed in front of him the elemental easily scatter the insects with a burst of wind.

As he attempted to vanish through the use of his ring he was sure that the Black Mage would be concentrating on controlling the elementals so he was caught unprepared as the Lightning Bolt slammed him into the fireplace. The blaze from the logs caught his night shirt a flame but the nimble Halfling didn’t linger among the logs. His quickly pushed off the grate and spring back into the room rolling across the floor to extinguish the fire in his clothe.

Ulthok now knew the Black Mage figured him as a spell caster and his main target. The Halfling hoped to keep the Black robe occupied to let the others deal with the creatures. Though magic to magic he felt he was probably over matched. Even through the pain Ulthok had to do what he could to give his companions a chance; maybe Sirene would sense their peril and get there before he died.

Moving away from the fire, still holding the invisibility to make him harder to target, he sprang up, reappearing as he attacked, the holes in the burned night shirt revealing the the black undergarment he now wore as if a second skin. Returning the favor he cast a lightning bolt at the Black Robe. When the bolt had left his hand he vanished again dropping to the floor and rolling away toward the doors into the manor.

Posted on 2013-03-29 at 03:10:54.
Edited on 2013-03-29 at 15:36:41 by Odyson

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Battle engaged

Lady Jessica raised her eyebrow when the Prayer to Athena failed to ‘turn’ the Bhuts before her; they definitely looked and acted like undead but it had no effect. She saw the creatures surround her as they attacked her, only one managing to swat her alongside her helmet which made her shake her head once but did no real damage. She grinned as she tightened her grip on her sword and shield.

The Paladin was use to working with multiple opponents, it is how she trained, for evil always seemed to outnumber the good and often didn’t follow a code of honor or rules of engagement. She had one behind her but didn’t worry, it was only natural to try and attack her there where her shield was of little help. She glanced quickly at her opponents; one ahead of her, one left and one right, and one behind. Turning didn’t work, time for the sword.

Jessica turned her body slightly and with shield ahead of her moved backwards towards the one behind her. She didn’t turn her back on the ones in front or to the side, she kept her shield towards them as she tried to slip past the one that was behind her. While doing so she would swipe her sword at that creature as she closed and tried to put a little distance between her and the other three giving her a little time and forcing them to move in order to close the distance in order to attack her. She would attack the one behind her and any others close as long as she could.

(Ok, not sure how many attacks she gets. Now she isn’t moving a lot, if they are close enough to attack with hands she should be able to take a step backwards to get the one behind her out from behind her. In a sense she is maneuvering and not moving far. Not sure how to explain it other than that. She wont be moving enough to make her lose any attacks. She is attempting to move so none will get an attack at her back while hoping they will get in each other’s way. If you need further clarification on her actions let me know, either in Q&A or PM)

Posted on 2013-03-29 at 20:39:51.

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a new strategy

Cor watched as all the spells fizzled with no effect. The black robe managed a taunt as well. Clearly it was time for a new strategy. Cor's hand once move moved in rythem with his speech as he cast a second spell, this time it was sanctuary. Until the others arrived he needed to keep his two friends standing.

Posted on 2013-03-30 at 02:57:49.

Epic Level Bard
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To the defense of the wall

As Maggot sat in the muck and mud and watched, he began to think about good and bad. ‘Was the evil really that close to warrant the search for the sword. Was it the good of man seeking for the Sword that awoke the evil that now plagues the land?’ These were question that would only be answered with time. He looked at the wolf next to him, ‘but we have little time. You move to the left, keep your distance those men look toward me call out so that they may see and hear you and not me. But do nothing foolish.’ The wolf muzzled maggot and the two split.

Maggot moved to the right and approached the robed figure to the far right. Has he moved silently his hand found a heavy helm that would suit what must be done quite well. If the gods put it in his hand or it was it just luck of the moment, Maggot did not question.

As he approach the hooded figure Maggot heard the sound of battle from inside the walled city. Off in the distance could be heard the sound of bagpipes. ‘Tis’ one of my kinsmen. Rally the troops brother’ Maggot thought to him self.

Using all that was him he moved behind the figure and came down upon the back of the head with the heavy helm and as the figure slumped, Maggot used his left arm and body to catch the falling corps to stop the sound of what would be a muffled thud in the muck. As he gently put the body down he rolled it over to see what this was.

OOC: If all is as I have written then let it come to past. If not, then let the actions play out as they may.

Posted on 2013-03-30 at 22:40:38.

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Rqrayne knew there was troble but the sudden sight of the Strange scaly undead paused her in midglight now the stairs. For a second or so she stared at them while one at least stare at her. Even sd she paused she was able to se that there were four of them but only two could pass though the hallway at the same time.

Fortunately for that it was narrow evough to limit how many she face. Also fortunate for her she was not alone in the hallway. One of her companions stood with weapons drawn of the floor below her. tayne did not move down the stair yet but used used the height she was at to agive her an advantage to target the leading freatures.

The stareing ended as rayne brought up Alundril's Blood and fire two arrow as fast as she could without rudhing her shots. As each arrow left her bow TThey turned into energy bolts. Rayne hoped that they would prove effective against these creatures. "Kith Jora., aid my aim and let these shots be effective."

Posted on 2013-03-31 at 06:36:56.

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This week's post (Rd 2)

THE MANOR (Dinning Room)
The battle in the dinning room so far had been a stalemate of sorts with both sides not taking much damage other the Ulthok and even for him it could have been worse. Seeing this Cor decided his best contribution to the fight would be as healer rather then warrior. So casting the spell of Sanctuary, he hoped the Elemental facing him would ignore him. In this, his wish was granted as the Air Elemental turned towards Valene joining the first Elemental in the attack upon her.

Valene was in trouble. With Cor having disappeared as an enemy to the Elemental attacking him she found herself facing two at once. As the first attacked and missed her attempt at dodging successful her Boots of Speed doing their job, she was struck by the second across her back. The blow hard, yet helpful, in helping her gain some space from her attackers. Knowing two vs. one was not in her favor she needed time to think on her next move. Knowing as anyone the relation of air vs. fire, she quickly cast the spell Produce Fire at the area below them. The flames of the spell hungry for the pure air of the Elementals caused them both to take damage and rear back in momentary fear. Having gained a good bit of distance thanks to blow and flame she though on her next move.

Jessica, to anyone watching was surrounded, a Bhut to each side and at least one to gain an attack at her back. However, the female Paladin was not one to give in to the obvious as she deftly maneuvered herself to have the fireplace at her back. In this way, she now only faced three of the four Bhuts, the fourth one awaiting an opening. With the danger to her rear diminished, somewhat she turned back to the attack, focusing at the first Bhut (#10) to her front. Her longsword swinging she watched as it dug deep into the undead looking creature hitting true. With red blood spewing from it’s shoulder and its attack disrupted due to the force of Jessica’s strike, it staggered back allowing number four (#12) the wanted opening. Yet the Bhuts attacks were worse then before as not even a grazing blow were landed. For the moment in this round the female Human Paladin having given better the she had received.

The last of the four party members within the dinning room to act this second round was Ulthok. On fire yet invisible, he lunged out of the fireplace at a roll attempting to extinguish the flames. Yet for the moment he was still very much a target and attackable. The Black Robe seeing the flame outlined body of the Halfling Thief/Mage come out of the fireplace struck him again with a second spell of Lightening Bolt. As with the first bolt, Ulthok felt a reduced charge run through him but found no escape from the pain of taking damage as he finally out rolled the flames. Having had enough of getting electrocuted he gave back what he had taken casting his own Lightening Bolt towards the Black Robe. However, like the spells of Flame Strike the bolt hit then fizzled doing no apparent damage to the Black Robed Mage. Yet Ulthok was able as he rolled to catch a brief glimpse of shimmering around the enemy Mages body as the bolt hit. With the fire on his clothes out, he was finally invisible to normal eyes.

THE MANOR (Hallway)
Lothor knew he had to hold the hallway into the rest of the manor if only to keep the Bhuts from running free within. Moving and placing his large muscular body in the way he effectively did so. Knowing he had two attacks this round he planned and as the first of the four undead creatures moved to engage him, he swung the greatsword from right then back left. In doing so, he scored a clean hit to each of the Bhuts before him. In the course of the Bhuts, return attacks his armor did him well as only one of the six attacks, even with the bonus of the enclosed hallway given to the Bhuts, struck him. The strike a claw to his face. Though the hit was quite painful and bloody it was not disabling at all. Both he and the two creatures bleeding red Lothor was yet ready for the next round.

THE MANOR ( Kitchen )
As Rayne and the Bhut stood looking at one another, Rayne acted first. Her bow up quickly, two arrows she fired within the short range. The range was just long enough for the arrows to turn to bolts of energy as they hit, throwing the struck Bhut back into the kitchen proper. However this cleared the way for the second Bhut now coming at a full charge and with in but a second it had reached Rayne and attacked. While both swings of its claws missed, its bite did not scoring a lucky hit on her outstretched left arm yet holding her bow. The range for the bow now down to point blank, she would only be firing her normal non-magical arrows. Perhaps it was time to change weapons.

As Weaver watched the three black robed figures working on the wall he came to the conclusion within all the other thoughts and voices within his head that he had to do something. Moving to his right using his Ranger gifted ability to move quietly he approached the robed figure to the far right. Moving quickly but still silent his hand found a heavy helm that would suit what the Ranger/Bard had in mind.

If the gods put it in his hand or it was just the luck of the moment, Weaver did not question or care.

Hearing the muted sounds of battle coming from within the fortress as he approached the hooded figure he did not hesitate to wonder about his friends. The helmet up and swinging he struck the black clothed creature, seeing now for the first time the clothing worn was not a robe but a black hooded body suit, across the back of it’s head. The creature slumped to the ground clearly dazed, its face turning towards Weaver.

What Weaver had thought he would see was not what he did see or expect as the face of a twelve-year-old girl looked up at him, blood running from the wound on her head, her eyes seemingly pleading for help...............

(DM OOC: Ok here is this Sunday nights post hope you enjoy it. The only ones to take any damage this round were Rayne, Lothor and once again Ulthok. Check character thread for damage.
Ok my next post will be in two weeks on Sunday the 14th as next weekend I will be going to our yearly three day gaming convention held here in town. If anyone is interested it’s called ChimaeraCon, here is the link.
Ok good posting keep it going Round three is up)

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Maggot locked eyes with the figure in the mud. The sadness of her face, the pleading for help, the longing to be from this place. The innocence of her look, she reminded him of his own wife all so many years ago. The moment was broken by the gurgling sound of the little girl drowning in her own blood as it pooled in her throat. Maggot cleaned the blood from his dagger as he held her gaze. ‘Go from this place, evil has hold of you no longer. If you were truly innocent?’

As life left the small body Maggot turned his attention to the next figure about twenty feet away, his hand once again fell upon the heavy helm and he began silently moving to the next figure.

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