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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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Trilogy Master
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Round 4

THE MANOR (Dinning Room)
The battle within the main dining room of the Manor continued now in its fourth round. With the party seemingly being hammered as usual something had to change.

The first to act this turn was a newcomer to the fight within the Dinning Room. Following Ulthok’s mental commands, Peri raced to help Jessica in her fight with the four Bhuts. Without stopping, the invisible Faerie Dragon did the same thing as in the hallway with Lothor flying before the leading Bhut and breathing in the creatures face. Almost at once the creature begin to dance crazily around and in the course of this ‘dance’ it pushed the sword impaled Bhut forward once more. This was just what the Female Paladin was hoping for as she lifted her shield and bashed the Bhut hard. As she heard the facial bones of the Bhut break, she grabbed for her sword and felt it in her grasp once more. Twisting it as she pulled it out she put the finishing touches to a righteous kill for her goddess. As the Bhut fell dead to the floor, it changed into the body of a teenage human boy. With one Bhut lost to the dance and one Bhut dead, Jessica Voltaire Paladin of Athena faced only two more.

The next to act were Cor and Ulthok in combination. As the Globe of Invulnerability dropped Cor launched a Flame Strike and Ulthok a Cone of Cold, and as fate would have it both spells hit at once. As Flame struck Ice and the spells hit the Black Robe, a huge cloud of wet steam was created. The steam covering the room in a thick drizzle type fog in seconds. The cloud of steam so thick and wet that the range of sight was only inches deep. For the moment, only those directly in contact with an enemy could see them. For Valene this was much needed salvation as the Air Elementals about to kill her lost track of her. Moving quickly and quietly thanking her rogue skills once again, she faded away.............

THE MANOR (Hallway)
Lothor thanks to the intervention of Peri found himself for the moment only facing two of these strange creatures before him. However having witnessed the Bhut change from undead creature to human body had paused him in his thinking. What were these creatures? His mind in disarray he decided to go on the defense and not attack as the two unhampered Bhuts moved forward to do so. With his armor class boosted in this way he easily blocked the six attacks directed his way but this he knew could not go on forever. The large Fighter of the group would have to fight or flee before it was too late and more enemies he faced...........

THE MANOR ( Kitchen )
Rayne was in a bad spot facing two at a time but in her favor she could see that one of the creatures was surely near death. Red blood flowing free from the wounds on it’s body. Moving in a light parquet she easily struck both the wounded one and on her return swing the one next to it. Both her blows deep she watched as the wounded Bhut crashed back dead, the body changing to that of a human women in her early forties. With one Bhut dead, one Bhut still in the kitchen thanks to its wounds from an Elvin bow, the Elf Ranger/Cleric had bettered the odds...........

Weaver spun to face the attack of the thought dead girl now revealed as a creature of much more durability. Having blocked her surprise attack for the most part the creature now decided help was its best bet. Opening her mouth to scream for help she instead found her mouth full of steel as both sword and dagger pierced it. Unable to call for help she again tried to hit the Half-Elf Ranger/Bard before her to no avail her three attacks all misses. Still alive and trying to scream or kill Weaver the Bhut was his for the killing...........

(DM OOC: Ok there is this weeks post sorry for the one day delay. Here is a quick rundown of enemies.

DINING ROOM: 4 Bhuts on Jessica, 1 dead, 1 incapacitated due to dancing, 2 active but blind like party / Black Robe hit by spells status unknown due to steam fog. / 3 Elementals status unknown again due to steam fog.
HALLWAY: 4 Bhuts on Lothor, 1 dead, 1 incapacitated due to laughing, 2 active and attacking
KITCHED HALLWAY: 4 Bhuts on Rayne, 1 dead, 3 active and attacking.
OUTSIDE THE WALL: 1 Bhut on Maggot wounded badly but still attacking.

Ok next post, next Sunday the 28th lets get those posts in. Round 5 is up)

Posted on 2013-04-23 at 05:55:55.
Edited on 2013-04-23 at 06:01:12 by TannTalas

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
Karma: 58/18
2325 Posts

The fog of war

With the room filled with a steamy fog, Cor took teh opportunity to unlimber his dwarven throwers. Since Ulthok was using area effect magic, Cor wanted to stay clear and give him room to work. Making his way carefully and quietly 6 feet to his left, he waited for a break in the fog. He caught just a glimpse of the bhuts but not of the black robe. With new targets found, Cor let his throwers go at the nearest bhut.

OOC:Edited due to infravision info.

Posted on 2013-04-25 at 04:04:28.
Edited on 2013-05-01 at 17:04:29 by Keeper of Dragons

Teller of Aryn
RDI Fixture
Karma: 21/1
509 Posts

A quick steam before a kill.

Lady Jessica, Paladin of Athena, said a silent blessing to her Goddess as she yanked her blade from the creature and it collapsed to the floor. She raised an eyebrow when she saw it change form to that of a teenage boy. She wondered briefly if these things were actually some kind of cursed creature, like a lycanthrope, or if they were just under some kind of spell which made them into these evil beasts.

She had no time to dwell on it though, she didn’t know how to cure them or remove any kind of spell, so the only way she had of stopping them was to destroy them. In any case, if they were being driven to evil by some other force, their death would release them from their evils deeds.

As she gripped her sword and turned to face the two remaining with her; she ignored the dancing one, not sure why it was doing that but she wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth as they say.

Suddenly there was a loud whooshing sound and the air was quickly filled with billowing smoke, no not smoke, some kind of warm moist mist. Steam? It obscured everything including her opponents. So be it, she wasn’t helpless, and she had trained for just such situations.

Jessica, closed her eyes as she couldn’t see the creatures anyway, and relied more on her training. She knew the last known location of the creatures, she had been looking at them as the steam rolled in. She used her other senses now, her hearing, her smell, taking in all she could other than sight, she lashed out with her sword towards the nearest creature’s location. (Blind-fighting, of course)

Posted on 2013-04-25 at 10:57:39.

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

with arms wide open

The she beast before him looked shocked as the two blades found their mark and were in her mouth. Maggot gave a slight smile and pushed forward slightly and then removed them outward to the left and right. Maggot then stood open armed ready to see if the beast would now fall or require more of the same.

Posted on 2013-04-27 at 07:56:05.

Karma: 18/0
207 Posts

A Grim Task, but a necessary one.

Although still haunted by the recent discovery of the true nature of the Bhuts misleading appearance, Lothor knew that he could not keep up his defensive efforts for long. His friends were in trouble and from the sounds echoing down the hallway from the common room things were getting desperate in there. For now Lothor would have to grit his teeth and push his morals to one side. He may have to kill a few more of these obscure creatures, but now that he knew their true nature he could find out how or if they could be saved.

Lothor parried the attacks of the Bhuts and waited for an opportunity to attack. The quicker the terrible task was over, the quicker he could try and save others like them. With a deep growl of frustration Lothor bought back his sword and attempted to strike his all too Human foes.

Posted on 2013-04-27 at 14:23:09.

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

Remember kids, drugs are bad m'kay

The world had slowed. Or maybe it was her? Maybe she had slowed, and the world had learnt to skip and sprint and run right past her? Every colour seemed brighter; so bright that she had to close her eyes, and, when she opened them again, she found herself somewhere else. A dark ichorous liquid raised to her lips; gyrating bodies and rotating hips; music that pounded seductively and drilled into her core; the taste of another’s breath in her mouth; the weird feeling of inertia as her body melded into another’s. The scenes rolled past one after the other: disjointed, unconnected. She tried to recall the gaps in between, but she couldn’t. And, in trying to grapple with that darkness, she found that her eyes would no longer reopen. She found herself dissolving into dark oblivion.

‘…need a little love to ease the pain.’

Sweetly sung words echoed through her mind. Words she had once sung, she recalled.

“Yes,” a sonorous voice intoned, and then re-intoned, reverberating like a million voices layered one upon the other.

It scared her.

“What is your purpose?”

She tried to remember. An orphaned girl, haunted by the trickle of liquid between her legs that accompanied each nightmare? A rebellious adolescent who had run off to adventure and live and love among humans? The seeress, feared by her own kind because the fey ran to deep in her blood? A grief-stricken women, unable to come to terms with those that were loved and now lost? A force of nature, a true mistress of the arcane, forced to kill and kill until the blood ran so deep that she no longer knew which belonged to her enemies and which to her friends; until parts of her enjoyed the killing? Had they all been her? Had they all been real?

“No, your purpose!”

It nagged at her. A dream of a sword? A mountain? But she had done that, and lost so much in return.

“There is more to do …“ The voice grew a face, beautiful in its fragile melancholia, imprisoned in rock and a ruin.

“Now get up!”

Sirène awoke with a start. The sheets on her bed were damp with sweat. The bed rocking with the soft snoring of a half-elf – a boy really – lying naked beside her. Around her she could see her belongings, discarded in the previous evening’s passion. Or at least what she thought was passion. Her breath was thick with the smell of feywine, and her senses still felt dulled.

“Mani marte … ?” The question died half-formed on her lips, smothered by an inhuman, hunger-filled scream that tore through the house she was sharing with her companions.

Sirène rose unsteadily and staggered towards the door. Her head pounded with the previous night’s excess, what sounded like battle downstairs, and fading embers of a vivid dream. ”There is more to do” a voice in her mind still whispered, but, try as she might, she could no longer remember its context.

“Rhaich,” she cursed as she felt a torrent of vomit raging up her throat. The moment passed, and she decided, wisely, to mutter some words that would get her into some sort of fighting shape.

[Neutralize Poison on self]

A few moments later Sirène slipped out of her room; almost naked except for a few pieces of jewellery and a thin diaphanous shift that did little to hide the swell of her breasts or flare or her hips. The light from the floor below cast shadows up the stairs, of a man keeping a horde of demons at bay. She crept down and found that the shadows had only exaggerated their numbers of actors but not their form. The creatures were hideous – all scales, cruel claws and gaping maws – and Lothor stood alone.

“I’m with you,” Sirène whispered reassuringly, hoping that Lothor’s desperate stand was not a sign the others had fallen. “Russe tuulo' moriloomir, eht’en templa” she added, causing the intricate tattoos upon her forehead and back to burst into a vibrant blue…

OOC: “Mani marte” = “What happened”

Sirène will cast a lightning bolt 10’ wide and 40’ long at the bhuts attacking Lothor. The bolt will start directly above the bhuts (and hopefully rebound to catch them a second time). Sirène will try to avoid catching Lothor in the blast while (hopefully) catching all 3 bhuts. And, it is, of course, 20d6 damage on failed save (10d6 on a successful one).

Posted on 2013-04-27 at 16:03:01.
Edited on 2013-04-27 at 16:03:32 by Ginafae

Not Dragon Mistress
Karma: 105/32
2282 Posts


Rayne briefly noted the first Bhut to fall, and registered that allw as not as it seemed when the bdy transformed into that of a human. she knew that she hadto eleminate the number og attackers she was gacing by the simple method of focusing her stacks in the weakest of them. In this case it was the one she had just wounded, she oncentrated her attacks on the one wounded bhut until it frops and then moving to the next.

Manuvering as best a spossible to keep the fewest of the bhuts, ot tranformed humans, Raynr stayed focused on the attacks. If she can see a vlear spot and cane make a jimp she will utilized her swords unique ability. to gain whatever advantage she can get to get away to a more defendable place in the kitch that would limit there ability to all come against her at once. Howver she knew she had to avaoid giving them free attacks against her if she did jump.

Posted on 2013-04-28 at 19:02:27.

Karma: 156/25
6254 Posts

Frosty Retreat...........

Ulthok couldn’t believe the luck. Who’d have thought Cor would cast fire just as he cast cold. Ablanket of steam filled the room. The heat of the steam prevented he from seeing a clear image of the Black Robe but it did provide cover for the party. “ Everyone..quick everyone to the kitchen…..Peri, show the lady knight the way………Jessica... watch for cute flying thing and follow her.”

Ulthok could catch glimpses of his friend starting to move, but not all of them. Hoping to use the steam to help slow the Black Robe, the mage pulled is wand of frost and cast another cone of cold into the area where the Black Robe had been. The cone should expand enough to catch the Black Robe and the steam should freeze around him.

Posted on 2013-05-03 at 03:02:26.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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Round 5

THE MANOR ( Dinning Room )
With the main dinning room encased if a fog of hot wet steam the only one of the party able to act in melee this round was Jessica. Relaying on her ability of Blind Fighting she listened then attacked scoring a solid hit on the nearest of the Bhuts to her. Feeling her sword dig deep she was yet unable to see how much damage she had done. With no returning Bhut attacks coming anywhere close to her, for now she was at a huge advantage in this fight.

As Cor waited for an opening or the fog to dissipate at first all he could do was wait, his axe divided into throwers. However, a brief glimpse of something in the fog caused him to release! Within seconds both the axes were in back his hands, no sigh of having hit anything.

As the last of the party able to do anything with such a heavy fog Ulthok, acted. A wand to hand he once again launched a Cone of Cold towards the last known position of the Black Robe but it hit nothing. In fact, it continued to the dinning room’s far wall causing it and the air traveled through to become a thick wall of unbalanced ice. Cor was lucky this time for if he had not moved those 6 feet he would have easily been hit once more by friendly fire.

THE MANOR ( Hallway )
Lothor’s moral compass in this fight was clearly a vulnerability the big fighter did not need as he continued to defend rather then attack. He knew that for him to keep defending would not help the rest of his companions in the main dinning hall. As he had almost convinced himself to become more aggressive, his choice was made for him as a thin yet well guided Lightening Bolt streaked over his shoulder to slam into two of the last three Bhuts. The first Bhut saw the magic bolt headed towards it and tried to dodge but was unable to do so as its laughing ally was in the way. As the bolt hit him then went through to hit his laughing friend it managed to miss the third Bhut completely causing it to ricochet back into the laughing one a second time. With so much damage in so short a time the laughing Bhut dropped it to the floor dead its true features hidden under hideously burnt skin. The smell of barbeque in the air.

For Lothor this was no time to stand and continue to defend and the human fighter knew it. Moving fast he once more brought the great sword in a fast hard swing and slammed it deep into the weakened first Bhut’s side. As this one joined the other Bhuts in death it was revealed as a mid teenage girl, her lovely blonde hair and a matching face locked in death. A quick glance behind him to see who had helped, left him open to attack as he stopped mid step in surprise. There standing on the Manor’s stairway was Sirene unlike he had ever seen the beautiful Elf before and being a man her lack of clothing paused him but for only a second, however that was all the Bhut needed as a claw slammed into Lothor’s waist.

No longer was Sirene his focus as he turned to defend himself once more, sword ready.

THE MANOR ( Kitchen Hallway )
Rayne was now only facing two Bhuts having killed one with her last series of attacks and the other yet in the kitchen this round. However these two were mad, charged her disregarding their own safety, and managed to gain two of six hits upon her. A claw to her face and a second to her arm, both painful and bloody. However, in return she was able to gain a clear hit vs. the one to her left causing it to fall back a few feet. Her target clearly picked for next round she moved once more into the attack.

THE MANOR ( Kitchen )
Valene having seen her chance with the coming of the fog to gain a better defensive spot and being the only one of the party to actually listen to Ulthoks yell, did so. Calling to her Onyx dog, and using her Boots of Speed she quickly made a full move half, finding herself in the kitchen face to face with an arrow wounded Bhut. No time for a spell, to her hands came her two +3 daggers and into the Bhuts face they struck. Digging deep, they blinded it, then killed it, as it fell to the floor dead, turning into an aged old man of easily eighty. Hearing the sound of yet another fight beyond the kitchens walls, she moved towards it followed by her arriving companion.

With the little girl, turned monster embedded on both of Weavers blades it was a rather simple thing for the Ranger/Bard to reverse his thrusts and free his blades through each side of the creatures throat. As he watched her look at him in disbelief she slowly fall to the ground once more becoming a little girl this time leaving no doubt she was dead. Weaver 1 bad guys 0..........

(DM OOC: Ok everyone here’s my post sorry for the weeks delay. Next post next Sunday as norm. Round 6 is up )

Posted on 2013-05-06 at 05:20:02.

Karma: 18/0
207 Posts

Fighting to Impress...

As Lothor was about to swing at his strange enemies once more he flinched at the familiar odd feeling that surrounded him when magic occurred. Two lightning arrows flashed past and sunk into the flesh of the now disorganised and grotesque abominations. He turned to look at his apparent rescuer and regretted it immediately.

Sirene looked gorgeous in the dim light of the hallway, the shadows highlighting the curves of her partially naked body. Lothor had always been a sucker for a pretty face, let alone the full figure of a beautiful Elf!

When a claw sank into his side he whipped his head back around and his hair fell in his eyes. He cursed himself a fool for being so idiotic as to stare at the fair elf, what must she think of him? His embarrassment had hidden the pain in his side and he grimaced as it kicked in. Lothor tried to clear his head of the the pain, embarrassment and most difficultly the image of Sirene standing there, bow in hand, hair strewn and wondrous!

Nevertheless he was still quick enough to rebuff the creatures attack and his sword again struck dead flesh and more crimson blood stained his steel armour, even flicking onto his face this time as the drops sprayed with greater velocity as he wrenched his sword free, he was hoping he was creating a good impression on Sirene. He would have to do his best to impress her. He hefted back his sword with more strength and vigour, he felt as though he had more energy now than he did when the fight started.

Posted on 2013-05-07 at 21:04:00.
Edited on 2013-05-11 at 21:19:06 by Brundel

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

Bad hair day

The blinding flash of the lightning bolt set everything into stark relief – the surprise of the monstrous creatures as their flesh blistered and caught fire, the silhouette of a sword as it smashed through scale and bone. But, it was the brief, inscrutable glance that Lothor threw over his shoulder that caught Sirène’s attention. His eyes briefly locked on hers in, what seemed to the elven enchantress, an odd mix of shock, desire and shame.

‘What?’ Sirène wondered, her right hand unconsciously beginning to smooth her ruffled hair. ‘I doubt you look your best when you’re just out of bed either,’ she added, misinterpreting the gesture entirely.

A few moments later, she was ready to cast another spell.

OOC: Sirène will cast Magic Missile at the Bhut attacking Lothor. If Lothor kills the critter before the spell goes off, she’ll change that to a Cure Light Wounds on Lothor.

Posted on 2013-05-11 at 09:12:03.

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6254 Posts

Follow Me.....

Peri fluttered invisibly near the fighting lady. From across the room she heard her companion’s voice, “ Everyone..quick everyone to the kitchen…..Peri, show the lady knight the way………Jessica... watch for cute flying thing and follow her.”

“ A cute flying… THING?” Peri mused. “Well at least he did call me cute.”
Floating up just above Jessica’s head, out of reach of the Bhuts, Peri said, “Lady Knight”as she appeared close enough for Jessica to see, “this way to the kitchen, be careful not to trip and watch out for more of those ugly thingies in the kitchen.” Through the stream Peri flew toward the kitchen doors.

Posted on 2013-05-11 at 20:05:52.

Teller of Aryn
RDI Fixture
Karma: 21/1
509 Posts

Strategic withdrawal

“ Everyone..quick everyone to the kitchen…..Peri, show the lady knight the way………Jessica... watch for cute flying thing and follow her.”
Lady Jessica smiled as she felt her blade bite into another one of these creatures; she couldn’t tell how bad it was hurt but it had felt like a solid hit. She heard someone yelling to move to the kitchen; she wasn’t sure where that was in this thick fog. Cute flying thing?

“Lady Knight, this way to the kitchen, be careful not to trip and watch out for more of those ugly thingies in the kitchen.”
The voice came from above her, Jessica looked up and her eyes widened slightly. A small dragon kin was hovering there and speaking to her. She wondered if this was the ‘Cute thing’ she was to follow; not sure she would call it cute but it was speaking to her.

As the little dragon flew away, Jessica followed staying on guard and stepping carefully. She kept her sword ready and figured that if she couldn’t see the things then they couldn’t see her; their last attempt at attacking her had proven that they were as blind as everyone else in this fog.

(OOC: She is moving, following Peri. Reserving her attack and if any of the creatures pops out of the fog she will strike.)

Posted on 2013-05-11 at 21:07:35.

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

See and Hear me

As the thing falls to the muddy ground Maggot moves to one knee and watches the lifeless body. There is no doubt this time it is dead. Maggot turns his head and looks over a shoulder at the other two still working at the wall. They have not yet noticed their friend’s sudden lack of life. It was then, from inside the city the sound of battle changed slightly. Maggot watched as the two near the wall paused in what there were doing and glanced up. The wall guards were on high alert, those that had not gone to join the battle that is. Maggot smiled to himself ‘two birds with one stone and my friends inside will see what is tapping on the side door,’ Maggot prepared.

Finding in his hands now were a bit of fur and an amber rod, the Ranger, Bard begins to whisper in an ancient tongue. He can feel the magic spin around him. There is a flash of light and then a cracking sound.

OOC: Maggot is casting ‘Lightening Bolt’ the bolt will start far enough in front of Maggot as to travel the distance to strike both of them (keeping in mind he can line up a shot to hit them both). If this task is beyond all probability he will line up a shot as to hit one of them and not strike the wall.

Posted on 2013-05-11 at 21:41:03.

Karma: 156/25
6254 Posts

Run Away..............

The steam was covering the room even after the cone of cold could have cooled some of the steam. As he contemplated his next move he could hear the sounds of fighting then a flash of light and the sound of a lightning bolt came from the manor hall.

Reaching out his thought, ”Peri, what did you see in the hall as you flew down here?”
The small voice came to his mind, Just some more of those ugly thingies and the tall fighter man. He needed some help so I made one of the thingies dance.
Now does he follow his own advice and treat to the kitchen or go into the hall to help Lothor or try again to kill the Black Mage?

Listening intently he could hear the Mage or tell where it had been. The foot falls of the Halfling cleric told him Valene had made her way to the kitchen. The flutter of wings told him Peri too was heading to the kitchen.

”Ok there it is. “Cor, quick let’s get out of here while we can….. to the kitchen.” Knowing the Dwarv could handle himself Ulthok made his way through the steam to the kitchen behind his other friends.

As Ulthok moved toward the kitchen he remember the elemental that had been moving on Valene was over near the windows. Knowing Cor would stay to the inside wall and the others were behind him already, Ulthok pointed him wand of frost to were it may be and once more cast out a cone of cold in hopes of capturing the elemental.

(O.O.C., Ulthok is invisible as goes to the kitchen.)

Posted on 2013-05-13 at 00:58:32.
Edited on 2013-05-13 at 02:16:12 by Odyson

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