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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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Trilogy Master
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Combat Round Three

Trilogy Master
Posted on 9/21/2004 at 6:16:54 AM (CST)

To the party it felt like hours in combat but only a few moments truth.
The statues seemingly unstopable continued to attack..

Drusilia seeing her attacks do little or no harm decided on the casting of magic.She had no way of knowing that Haila had only moments before tried the same spell with no effect she cast Dispel Magic only to see it do nothing the statue unharmed.
The statue seeing no weapon raised in defense took advantage and once again hit the Bard/Druid yet not as bad as before but painful nonetheless.
The lowness of the blow causing Drusilia to find herself on the ground looking up as the statue raised its stone sword once again..

Conall watched as the statue before slowly rose to its knees as it began to attempt yet another attack the Paladin calmly using the blunt end of his axe smashed the statues skull.
The statue slowly fell back ,Destroyed a threat no more..

Cor watched in silence as Conall easily dispatched the statue before him.Knowing now his next target he quickly turned ,hammer flying once more.It scored a hit on statue #1 its target ,which had finally gained its feet only to find itself damaged and once again on the floor..

Haila felt very frustrated at her inability to hurt the statues with magic.But she would not give up and magic yet again flew. This time she choose the spell Acid Arrow which scored a nice hit to its chest.She watched as the acid burned holes right through it some as big as her hand ,but yet it still came on.
Its sword found her arm ,the pain intense ,blood flying ,yet she did not move away anger along with blood on her face..

Ulthok knowing at his present post was clearly in danger and both spell and sword had done this statue no harm tried something new. Using the power of his boots he junmped away ,gaining him safety and a round to think.The statue's attack missing as the he was no longer there..

Af'til ,his mace a mighty force again struck the creature just as he was hit for the first time ,surely a glancing blow but painfull nonetheless.AF'Til's strike into its chest blew its way cleanly through the statue's torso causing it to fly back ,landing in a broken heap a few feet away. yet another statue down..

The last to act was Hawk he had seen how Drusilia had used her blades and as such did the same.Seeing the Lady Dru on her back his target was made.
His swords both hit sparks and stone chips flying no real damage done.But feeling the hits the creature of stone turned away from a grounded Drusilia and put its focus on him ,it moved in to attack...

#1 Hurt on Floor still active.
#2 Attacking Haila.
#3 Moving after Ulthok.
#5 Attacking Hawk.
#6-#7 Destroyed.
Again will post Rd 4 Thursday as these two days will be my standerd posting nite's.AS this gives you guys 3 days in which to post.If for some reason you can't I will have your character defend but in melee your enemy still gets its attack. 3 down 4 to go!!

Posted on 2006-09-12 at 02:12:39.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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6611 Posts


What is she doing?
Posted on 9/21/2004 at 7:54:53 AM (CST)
Conall watched as the head of the statue turned to rumble under the crash of his axe, then also as the body crumbled to the ground. “Now lets see if I too can hit at a distance,” Conall spoke as he let his axe fly toward the stone statue once again on its back, “but I fear mine will not return like yours Cor.”

Conall then with one swift movement reached down to retrieve his sword from the ruble of the destroyed statue then spun around looking to see how the rest of the party was fairing with their battles. He could see Hawk was doing what he could to keep the statue off of Druislia who was now no longer on her feet. Ulthok was putting distance between him and the statue wanting to cleave his head open. Conall then saw Haila standing with a statue towering over her with the look of anger on her face and no blade in her hand. “What is that crazy woman doing now?” Conall thought as he made his way to her aid with all the haste the paladin could muster.

OOC: These things have no sole, there for Conall will not adhere to any of the rules of engagement that would normally be awarded to such a worthy foe. He will move in and attack from any angle except the rear. There are some things that a Paladin will just not do

Posted on 9/21/2004 at 1:33:48 PM (CST)
"Nice hit Conall, I am heartened to see even a paladin can defeat an injured foe!" roared Cor, there was more than a hint of playfulness in his tone. With his initial target now a motionless pile of rubble, Cor hurled his hammer at his second choice. The great brute had just managed to regain its footing when the dwarven weapon slammed it once again to the ground. "Stay down ya stupid pile of rock!!" yelled Cor. As his hammer magically returned to his hand he took a moment to scan the room. He was not terrribly pleased with what he saw. The bard lay on her back, knocked flat by a blow from her adversary. Hawk was attempting to aid her but had done little but draw the brute's attention. Ulthok appeared to be running for his life, afraid to battle the creature before him. Haila managed to add a nice window to her statue's chest but it looked like it did it little harm. Only Af'til had managed to destroy his opponent. At least the odds were slowly turning in their favor. There would be much healing to be done soon. For now, Cor's eyes focused on their target and his arm drew back. Tightly coiled muscled released and sent the hammer flying once again at the statue he had just knocked to the ground. Cor, the war cleric, was in his element.

Hawk has him
Posted on 9/21/2004 at 3:03:44 PM (CST)
Hawk has him right where he wants him everytime Hawk as a opening he is aimming his attack at the neck of the statue. He hopes to sever its head because this fight has grown boring. He is glad he got to Dru in time to get it off her now someone needs to help her up off the ground. She looks funny just lying on the ground she is one fearless person though for that I give her credit. Now someone need to help the crazy lady trying to face down the one with the window before she ends up dead this is no time to be playing around without a weapon of some sort she should find a stick and hit him with it if that is all she has.

3rd round with statues
Posted on 9/21/2004 at 3:45:48 PM (CST)
Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. OW! Son of a… OK that was wrong. The stone statues hit hard! She had almost dropped the staff when the stone had connected with her left shoulder. There was a lot of blood too but Haila was pretty sure it was superficial. Her spell had worked which was only a slight consolation. The acid should eat away at the thing for a while yet but, yeah, let’s not wait around for that shall we? Niamedris feeling her pain starts out of his hiding place. A stern command sends him racing for Fleet Foot as Haila remembers that where she left her bandages and herbs. Normally a lapse in memory like that would have her cursing under her breath but in this case it came in handy. Grimacing in pain she shifted her staff to her right hand.

Her parents had given her this staff. It held a few surprises. In her mind she heard the distant sound of Thunder through her staff. She reached back and threw it javelin-style as hard as she could, aiming away from the hole but towards the stomach. Staff flying through the air she finally scrambled back buying herself time for her next attack. She held her hand out ready to catch the staff when it returns to her.

Round xx
Posted on 9/22/2004 at 4:46:46 AM (CST)
Swinging his Mace of Disruption, Af’til attacked the closest statue still standing after destroying the torso of the last statue with the forced bestowed by his god. The odds had changed and he intended to change them further still. Drusilia seemed to be in trouble so he decided to work his way toward her destroying any statue in his path.

Words and the joy of battle
Posted on 9/22/2004 at 5:28:04 AM (CST)
Conall heard the ramblings of Cor as he made his way to Haila. “Nice, I like the way you make them sit and stay this time make it play dead, or do you plan to put a collar on it and call it puppy.” Conall gave a lighthearted laugh, “Also next time I will try to kill it with one swing so as not to kill an injured foe. I hope your wit and charm flow over into your morning vespers. The last cleric I had the luxury of traveling with would put us all back to sleep.” Conall’s lighthearted laughter turned to the battle cry of his god as he closed the distance between him and his next foe, the one on Haila.

Morning vespers?
Posted on 9/22/2004 at 2:43:27 PM (CST)
Cor heard Conall refer to morning vespers. With a smile he called back, "Morning Vespers huh? What a novel idea; I'll have to look into that!" As with all war clerics of his order, Cor did not attend the gaudy, ritualistic and stylized vespers held for the masses. His time in prayer was spent while cleaning weapons or practicing with the hammer. Prayers from him and his brethern were almost always silent for they were between the cleric who daily offered his life in service and the one he served. Even now, in the heat of battle, Cor offered up prayers with nearly every swing. Some were for guidance to his aim, others were for disruption of his enemies aim, some for the ability to bring glory to his god and yet others were simply for acceptance and welcome into the afterlife if he should fall.

Try This You Brute
Posted on 9/23/2004 at 12:47:16 AM (CST)
Ulthok feels light as a feather as he springs backward away from the stone god, and watches the brutes weapon swing through the area he had been in but no longer was. Once settled in his new position his hands automatically do what he had previously thought of, so as he reaches into his spell pouch and removes a small bit of fur and a glass rod, his head is turning and scanning out the rest of the party.

Some are fairing well and others about the same as he. He sees their leader Lady Dru flat on her back but Hawk was aiding her. It looked to him like all the brute warriors with their bludgeoning weapons where fairing better than the others, ( he thinks to himself)
“well at least I am keeping this one off of them for now”

Turning back to the problem at hand Ulthok gets down to the business of spell casting. Manipulating the fur and glass rod in the manner prescribed by the spell he chants the verbal incantations, Vado Impugno Fulgur Incurso Quod
Being small sometimes has its advantages, As he finishes all he needs to for this spell he points his hands upward directly at the statues chest. He casts the Lighting Bolt single bolt leaving right from his hands to strike the stone statue at an upward angle right in the area of the chest.

OOC: I guess I will let you finish what happens from the point where the bolt hits the stone statue.

Ulthok stands watching with hopeful anticipation as the powerful lighting bolt leaves his hands and with a roar and a great flash slams into the stone statue.

Posted on 2006-09-12 at 02:18:12.
Edited on 2018-03-07 at 09:29:20 by Eol Fefalas

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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6611 Posts

Combat round Four

Trilogy Master
Combat RD 4
Posted on 9/24/2004 at 5:28:33 AM (CST)

The party's battle with the animated statues finnally appeared to possilbly be going thier way.
3 having been destroyed ,one hurt on the floor ,3 still standing.

The first to act was the War Cleric Cor.Flinging his warhammer from his hand he watched as it flew true.With a passion of sound it hit said statue ,once again attempting to regain its feet.
The hammers strike was devestating as it blew a hole straight through its chest as if a hot knife through butter.By the time returned ,the statue moved no more ,destroyed as the 3 before..

The lady Dru no longer under attack managed to once again regain her feet her sword at the ready..

Hawk continously attacking the statues neck area watched as each of his blows bounced off everytime.
But each strike he could see left a deeping scar in the statues neck perhaps soon it would be without its head..

Haila seeing her spells time after time having no effect execpt to ventilate it better decided spells were done.
Summoning the power of `Thunder` from her staff she threw it with all her might IT STRUCK.!! At once the statue blew apart ending as only a jumble of broken piecies.
Haila's eyes alight with glee,a fifth statue gone...

Af'til moving fast headed to help the Ranger ,Hawk and a standing Drusilia in thier battle.Reaching them in a half move he attacked ,his mace a blur.
His strike hit the statue in its worst place of all THE NECK!! the statue a threat no more body and head crashed to the courtyards floor..

Conall his foe at his feet quickly scanned the battle.Noting that Haila had deposed of her enemy he moved to help Ulthok in his fight.
Taking the statue in its side his sword loudly clanged ,but did nothing but gain the statues attention.Turning towards him the statue raised its sword.
Suddenly both he and the statue were engulfed in light...
When Conall could see again he found himself staring at the back wall of the courtyard ,doors both to his left and right,the courtyard at his back..

Ulthok having no recourse but to try something desperate cast the spell Lighting Bolt.
The bolt was aimed true hitting it and engulfing both statue and Paladin in a bright blaze of light as the statue blew apart from the strike.
But the bolt continued to move upward hitting the ceiling and rebounding earthward.STRAIGHT FOR THE PALADIN!!
Just as the bolt was about to hit him he was gone.!!Ulthok was stunned..where had the Paladin gone? ,what magic did he have that allowed him to do such.?The lighting bolt continued its strike straight into the courtyards ground embeding deep.
The party was then farthered stunned by the sound of a new voice from the courtyards entrance.

"ye must be the ones I be looking for.I've been sent to help ya's by a friend of a friend.
Glad ye be that I arrived when I did ,yonder halflings spell could'va fried yon Paladin into chicken feed.
Eh well I's be here now who be I joining with?"

Before them the party see's a Gnome dressed in normal clothing ,a short sword at his side and a light crossbow held in his hands a wide grin on his face and his eyes full of merriment.....

(OOC:Ok battle over good job remember you have a new player at the entrance and doors to the north and south giving you entry too inside ,next post will be Monday nite.
Dru sorry I posted without you but you were the only one not to post this rd.I will add exp to each character for spells and actions taken.)

Posted on 2006-09-13 at 17:23:54.
Edited on 2006-10-30 at 01:28:55 by TannTalas

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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6611 Posts


Posted on 9/24/2004 at 10:50:08 AM (CST)
Cor watched as his trusted hammer once again flew from his hand and found its mark. The stone goliath had no chance as the weapon shattered it into hundreds of pieces. A wide grin crossed his face as his voice once again rang out above the din of battle, "Are ya taking notes Conall? That's how its done!" Then he saw the lightning bolt jump from the hands of Ulthok. 'This isn't going to be good.' he thought. Sure enough the bolt destroyed the statue and then headed for Conall. What happened next was unexpected as the paladin disappeared and then reappeared in another spot. Next to him stood a gnome. 'Why does it always have to be gnomes?' Cor wondered to himself. He heard the small one's words and was relieved that he was friend not foe. "Greeting to you." he said and then continued. "Lets make sure there is no other imminant danger and then I suggest we pause for healing. If you are injured please speak so I may assist you as required."

(OOC: Cast one cure light on myself now.)

Leo the crafty 1
Shaken, not stirred....
Posted on 9/24/2004 at 3:00:26 PM (CST)
Cesair heard the unmistakable sounds of combat and quickened his pace, he arrived in the courtyard just in time to see the rebounding lightning bolt streaking its crackling way straight for one of the group's number. Without a second thought, Cesair reached out with his magic and cast a spell that would translocate the warrior to a safer location. He was quite pleased with himself when it worked.

He looked about at the carnage and rubble and shook his head, some of the group's number were injured, they were a little bit shaken, why in the world would they barge in through the front door. Did they not atleast have a passable scout in thier number? Oh well he sighed. Cesair stood before them as he made his presence known to the group. He stood roughly three and a half feet high with a brown skin and white hair. Upon his chin he wore a stylish and well trimmed goatee and there was a sparkle of mischieviousness in his cobalt blue eyes. His clothing was simple, functionable and consisted of neutral colors, mainly shades of brown.

With a smile on his pleasant, almost charming face, he bowed before them with a flourish, "Cesair, at your service ladies and gentlemen."

Posted on 9/26/2004 at 12:53:42 AM (CST)
Af'til turns to the gnome and says “Welcome, we are fortunate that you joined us at this point,”

OOC; He will tend to the wounds of others then heal himself using as many Cure Light Wounds as needed. He will cast Cure Moderate Wounds were it appears needed.

!! Wall??? What the?
Posted on 9/27/2004 at 8:32:26 AM (CST)
Conall held himself to his feet as his eyes began to focus. He held his sword high as his eyes began to see stone once more, “hold fool, that is a wall not a statue!” the little voice in Conall’s head said. The paladin then heard the other voices behind him. Quickly trying to regain composure, the sound of battle having fallen silent. Conall stepped back from the wall spun his sword in his hand, dropped to one knee and place the sword point down in front of him and began to give thanks for the victory. Conall also cast a cure light on himself at this time.

When Conall was done with prayer he made sure he had all his parts and equipment, ie throwing axe. “Well Cesair, I am Conall Gledower of the house Glendower. You have my thanks. We will talk more this eve around the campfire.”

Turning then to Drusilia, “Lady Drusilia, if I may be so bold as to suggest some quick healing and then a quick but quite search of the temple to seek out any survivors if there are any. Also to secure this place.”

As Conall walks by Cor, “It tis a shame the light was in my eyes. I truly wanted to see how one defeated an opponent on his backside. Then again these were only stone and you are a dwarf. It must be true what that say… Dwarves are cunning when it comes to stone working. Once more I am truly sorry I did not get to see the lesson of the day. What was it called… Killing a troll from behind while it has a moment, Lan-101” Conall gives a knowing wink to Cor, “I am not of the same house as Lan good sir.”

A good jest indeed.
Posted on 9/27/2004 at 12:47:11 PM (CST)
Cor laughed a good hearty laugh at the mention of the days lesson. Yes, all knew the great paladin Lan and his moment of fame. "Well said Conall, there is hope for you yet. Dwarves are indeed great workers of stone as evidienced by the three stone giants I had a hand in destroying. How many did you reduce to rubble again?" Then there was a change in Cor's expression and he became very serious. "Just remember that in the end it is the group that must win and mission that must continue, not the individual. Had I destroyed them all single-handedly but one of you fell also I would have failed." Cor's hand went to the ale skin at his side and he took a deep draught. Mirth once again filled his eyes. "Ahh, gotta get the dust out of the pipes incase I need to shout further instructions to you later." With a grin he handed the skin to Conall, "Take some yourself young one, ya earned it." Cor went back to checking on the others to guage their wounds.

ow still
Posted on 9/27/2004 at 4:25:53 PM (CST)
Haila tested her battered arm gingerly. That was unpleasent. A particularily strong jolt made her suck air between her teeth. A feline head butted against her hard enuff to be felt. It she wasn't armour she'ed have a skull shaped bruise on her shin. She scooped her bag of herbs, washes and bandages and rummaged thru them. A soft moleskin and antaseptic wash cleaned out most of the blood on her shoulder. The armour was damaged but not to greatly she was releaved to note. The shoulder wound wasn't too bad either if she had to be honest.
She noticed healing spells being passed among the wounded. She wouldn't say no that's for sure.
Haila tied the bag to her backback once handed and scooped up the cat. The barter between the cleric and paladin was amusing but she was only half listening. Over the guise of murmuring endearments, now being demanded by Niamendris, she observed the gnome. She hadn't been told about a gnome being part of the party. Curiouser and curiouser. There were perhaps games within games being played here. Now if only we could get thru this and not be killed. A yowl from the fur seconded her opinion.
What sort of spell did he cast anyways? Most gnomes are illusionists. Haila smiled at the elf as he passed by healing her shoulder and thanked him most graciously. As a newcomer she waited and watched to see what was going to happen next. The day was young and she'ed not like to be prowling about after dark.
(OCC: Haila is going to poke about the rubble trying to find a clue as to how the statues worked until the party decides what is going on and of cor wants to pass the wineskin this way she'ed not mind)

Aid to the needy
Posted on 9/27/2004 at 10:01:26 PM (CST)
Once Conall returned his wineskin, Cor moved on to Haila as she appeared imjured. "Fancy a swig?" he asked as he held out his wineskin. "Be warned it is dwarven and a bit powerful for those not used to it. I noticed you are injured and if you wish I can take care of that." He waited for an answer and then will cast Cure Lights as needed.

Hawks turn
Posted on 9/28/2004 at 12:29:47 AM (CST)
Hawk puts his weapons back in thier places for use if needed later notices there is someone new being talked to and continues on his business because it dont matter how many they have to him. He walks to his bow and picks it up and checks the damage. He walks to where his arrows that bounced off landed sees they are broken and puts them through the rope on his backpack then turns to the sky. Greyhawk sees him a lil injured and flies down in avian says "I see I cant leave you alone for nothing with out you getting hurt." Hawks responds with "and how have you been you see anything good up there that I should know about the wound is nothing to others I have taken." Greyhawk responds with "nothing good just it is quiet out there." Hawk puts Greyhawk in a tree and goes to see what is in the closest door he is just standing there looking in throught the door.

OOC: I dont think Hawk needs that much healing and he will be a scout from now on. So just let him know in which direction you want him to go.

What a Blast
Posted on 9/28/2004 at 12:39:07 AM (CST)
As Ulthok casts his lighting spell the Paladin comes over to engage the statue he was battling there was nothing Ulthok could do the strike was imminent, and it was devastating shattering the statue as he had hoped, as a matter of fact everything was going as he had planned it to the lighting jumped from the statue straight up into the ceiling and then straight back down where if the statue had been if it survived the first hit the bolt would of hit it again. He had angled the bolt to make sure it would harm no one and would run straight up and back down, he had no idea someone would put themself in front of a mage who it was obvious was casting a spell in that direction. Before Ulthok could do anything he watched in horror as the bolt went right for his comrade, but before it struck him he vanished. Surprised by what just happened but pleased he scans the room to see that all the statues where destroyed, and Conal was standing in the back of the chamber none the worse.

He hears someone introducing themselves as he makes his way to the center of the room and the rest of the group. There at the door stands a gnome this place is full of surprises he thinks to himself. Examining his own wound which doesn’t seem to bad he makes his way to Drucilia who seems to of taken a couple of good whacks.
“Lady Dru that is the first time I ever saw you lie down on the job. The halfling teases their leader with a gleam in his eye.But it looks like we all came through alive, and even picked up another helper, maybe you should go introduce us all to our new friend.
With that he picks his way through the rubble to where Conall is to make sure he is fine, even though he knows the Palladian doesn’t have much use for the thief/mage Ulthok always admires those who have a strong conviction to their beliefs whether they like him or not. Reaching the spot where Conall is Glad to see you are unhurt my comrade but I had no idea you were going to step into the path of my spell I don’t think you had time to notice but I had the bolt angled to jump straight up and back down into the floor away from where any of us were when I started the spell, anyways looks like your God was watching out for you and you are here to fight another day.Ulthok flashes a crooked smile at the Palladian and makes his way back to the rest of the group, as they get themselves patched up and healing spells are cast Ulthok takes this time to himself go up and introduce himself to the Gnome.

"Cesair you say, nice to meet you, and thanks for the assistance it had to be you who moved Conall from the path of my bolt. Ulthok Rydenham at your service.
He introduces himself with his usual slight bow.
You from around here, if so maybe you could show us a safer path to take
He chuckles at his own attempt at humor. Looking around and if everyone else who needed healing is taken care of he will inquire if anyone can help him with his wound, Has everyone who was injured been taken care of? If so may I get someone to give me a hand with my wound, I don’t think it is to bad but you can never be to careful."

Wound tending
Posted on 9/28/2004 at 12:55:08 AM (CST)
Cor hears the words of Ulthok and beckons him to come over to where he is tending to the wounded. "Get in line my friend. Seems we all need some lessons is standing where our opponents weapons are not."

OOC: I will cast Cure Lights. Please let me know how many are required. (I am only casting 1 on myself but will cast as needed to get the others within 2HP of max.)

Now that was good.
Posted on 9/28/2004 at 5:12:36 AM (CST)
As Conall takes the wineskin from his mouth, “The contents of your wine skin burns unlike any other drink I have had before.” Conall inhales deeply, “Hack, Hack. And burns even more when I take a breath. I think I like it.” Conall gives the dwarf back his wine skin.

“This dwarf is not as bad as I have heard, a little rough around the edges and does not hold his tongue when speaking to a paladin. Now I know why the others of my house hate him almost as much as they hate me.” Conall thinks to himself.

Conall listens to Ulthok “I am none the worse for ware. It is I who should have been more careful. I saw you and the stone giant and nothing standing between the two of you. I would rather be a shield to you and take a shot in the back than you take a full frontal assault by one such as these and perhaps loose your company. You have done no wrong by me this day.” Conall gives his hand to Ulthok in friendship.

Conall stands watching Hawk as he goes to the doorway. Conall is ready to spring to his aid if needed.

Posted on 2006-09-13 at 17:35:58.
Edited on 2018-03-07 at 09:33:58 by Eol Fefalas

Trilogy Master
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Trilogy Master
Posted on 9/28/2004 at 6:10:30 AM (CST)

The Battle over and a new member on the scene the Cleric's begin to heal.
Deciding to split the healing so as not to be left with no spell Cor proceeds to heal himself, Conell and Haila.While Af'til proceeds to heal Hawk ,Drusila and himself.

With the healing done and introductions made the party once again whole and healed ,turns to its task.
Before them a choice the doors ,one each north and south.

Hawk deciding he would be the lead scout approaches the door north to find it slightly ajar.
Peering through ,his view to the east blocked by the shape of the door he see's to the west a 30 foot hallway ending in 2 doors one to east ,one to the north almost side by side.Both doors he can see are closed but with no lock visible on ethier.A quick look behind him shows him that the southern door is closed and again bears no lock in sight.
With a 2nd glance inside he turns and tells his findings to the others awaiting the party's next move....

(OOC:okay I know this post is short and really tells you nothing of value but we may have somewhat of a leadership problem.I have not heard from Drusila since the post before last and I have tried to contact her in Email and through IM.if she does not post by Thursday nite or contact me the party will need a new player and new leader.I plan if this happens to yet again ask for a replacement to ethier play the character or once again bring in a new one.
This is the reason this post is short as I will not move you through any door without being told or the party leader posts which to enter as I will only play ones character if asked(vacations ,sick,etc..).
If you want to select a backup leader before Thursday in case I do not hear from her do so in the Q/A thread.If you do not I will be forced to do so and I don't want to step on any toes as I know pretty much right now who will get the job.
Also if you as the players wish to post in the game talking among yourself's or more then once feel free to do so.I notice some are and some are not.The object here is to have fun and I get to have fun reading your posts so talk it up as players this will allow you to get the characters closier to each other.REMEMBER teamwork is very much needed to survive.
Again if no word from Dru I will contact the new leader of my choising Thursday nite if you do not come up with him/her on your own by then and let them post on the party's selection of which door to enter. My selection will be posted also that nite on the Q/A thread for all to see.
Thanks for your patiance and understanding.)

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a brief rest?
Posted on 9/28/2004 at 2:24:07 PM (CST)
Haila takes little sips from the wineskin Cor offers. The spell of healing washs over her. That the problem with healing spells, Haila mused. Your brain keeps thinking your in pain even when there is nothing there. Another sip from the wineskin and she handed it back with a shudder. She shared a wry grin with the cleric, "Positively mother's milk friend dwarf next time you should back something that would help bolster the constitution."

Haila looked over at Lady Dru. Poor girl must have gotten her bell really rung she was still just sitting there. "Maybe we should rest a bit for a moment," She said to the guys. "Dru really didn't get the best of this encounter. Perhaps someone could tell me about the chain of command here. If that had gone worse... You all DO have a chain of command right?!"

Posted on 9/28/2004 at 8:49:19 PM (CST)
Cor watches as the young paladin suffers his first taste of dwarven war ale and is somewhat amused by Haila's attempt to cover her obvious surprise at its strength. 'Perhaps now is not teh time to tell them what this stuff is made from.' he thinks to himself as he retrieves his flask. 'Mother's milk indeed. Although she is closer to the truth than she knows as this is barely potent. Wait till the get a swig of the other skin.' "Well, I'm glad you both liked that ale. Seems I'll have more to myself." he said with a wink. The cleric then proceeded to cast his spells of healing and soon Conall, Haila and himself felt the pain ease and their body gain strength. Cor noticed Hawk scouting and Lady Dru still in apparent shock. Perhaps the strain had been too much for her. Everyone seemed to be waiting for someone to give them direction. "Well, pick a door and open it Hawk. You are the scout are you not? As for the rest of you, fall back in line and get ready to continue our exploration of this place."

Hawk picks a door
Posted on 9/29/2004 at 1:52:42 AM (CST)
Hawk looks at the doors after his findings that that the south one had closed when he went throught this one and chooses the north door to look behind. He is a lil ill at ease with the hit Dru took in the battle must have been pretty bad but she will get up probably be as if nothing happened.

Give her a moment
Posted on 9/29/2004 at 2:06:12 AM (CST)
Cor saw that Hawk looked a bit anxious over Lady Dru's present state and so he approached him. "She took quite a blow but she'll be fine lass. Might take her a bit to shake the cobwebs though. In the meantime we need to press on. Know that I'll keep an eye on her and let naught harm her." he whispered. Then in a louder voice so all could hear he continued. "So the north door it is huh? A fine choice."

ah well
Posted on 9/29/2004 at 5:48:09 AM (CST)
Cor seemed somewhat patronizing about the ale. Dwarven spirits were brewed strong but Haila could and had out drank a lot of men twice her size. Haila didn't really drink that often anymore. The memories of too many mornings after was a great deturant but she wasn't so far gone from that a few sips of dwarven spirits would put her that far off kilter. Looking at the coughing paladin she tried not to smile. That man needed to spend more time in a good common room and less time in a temple. She pondered for the moment if he could at least dance.

"So no chain of command?" the mage said in as a collected voice as she could manage. "Isn't that unusal for a military unit? I would think that there would be more rules and regulations then that. Ah well I've been many things in my life I should think but never a soldier before now. I'll leave the military decisions to you all."

Inside though, the mage was shaking her head. This group was a rather mottly lot and this lack of chain of command was really distressing. Honestly, they expected to get back to the king reward in hand like this. Somewhere Riadan was turning in her grave. There was little else to do. Shoulder still aching (knowing it was all in her mind really didn't help much) she kept her familiar close to her. No doubt he would love to go exploring but she liked having him close by.

In preperation for entering the monestary Haila pulled the gem of Brightness from her pouch not yet setting it alight. She was going to need that and the cat's vision when they entered the dark.

A time for a tune
Posted on 9/29/2004 at 11:01:43 AM (CST)
After ensuring that his wounds are completely healed, Af'til Falldil reaches into his Girdle Many Pouches to retrieve a handful of salted almonds. He hears Cor’s boastfull banter and instructions. He was not yet prepared to follow those instructions. After taking a sip of wine, he dusted his thistledown grey clothes and smiled.

“Military? It does not matter. I only offered my services. What is a human lifetime? One hundred years? What will they do if I refuse? Banish me? In a mere two hundred years they will have forgotten. I would probably ignore the banishment anyway.”

He sits against a wall and adjusts his Cloak of Elvenkind to allow him to blend in better.

He continues “I was invisible for a mere few months and they had forgotten that I existed” and pulls out his harp. “To bad I did not memorize the spell again. I feel a tune coming on.”

He has a few false starts before he is pouring out his love of nature in the notes softly coming off the harp. The faerie elf community considered Af'til to be proficient with the harp. He was playing a piece he had composed many years ago. It expressed his love for the great oaks providing shade from the sun. His love for the sweet smell of the leaves still damp with morning dew...

He decided he would continue to play until called by Drusilia.

Enough of the individualist stuff
Posted on 9/29/2004 at 11:53:17 PM (CST)
Cor looked around at the ragged group. He heard more than one remark that they would do as they wished and follow no orders. They might as well have proclaimed themselves enemies with such talk. The dwarven cleric strode to the center of the group and began to speak. "Af'til, cease your playing as I have important business with everyone. Gather round all, quickly please. Lady Dru has been injured and is unable to make decisions at the moment. None of you seemed eager to take charge as so I feel I must. A group without a leader is like a man without a head. It dies. I have heard some of you claim no loyalty to party or mission and also that you will do as you wish. If that be the case, leave now for you are a threat to the rest of us. We must be team. There is no room for individualists. I am deadly serious on this point, if you stay and fail to support the party I will strike you down myself. This is promise, not a threat. I would give my life for any of you here and expect the same from each of you." Cor steps back and draws a line with his boot. "Those who are with me and pledge loyalty to the party and mission stand beside me on this side of the line. All others can exit the door now. Be quick but sure of your decision, we have little time to waste." He waited for their answers

Posted on 9/30/2004 at 1:48:54 AM (CST)
Af'til heard Cor’s threats and decided to ignore them. The dwarf was attempting to assume authority not given to him, besides Af'til would not follow anyone who tried to lead with threats He would keep an eye on this cleric of a dwarf god would attempt to give orders to a high priest of Solonar. Instead of giving the rightful leader time to recover, this beast was attempt to usurp the leadership of the group and thus became the one person Af'til would absolutely refuse to follow.

He continues to play stopping long enough to retrieve tiny balls of bat guano and some sulphur just in case the enemy cleric decided to attack. He would keep his eye on Cor.

Leo the crafty 1
people please.....
Posted on 9/30/2004 at 3:10:27 AM (CST)
Cesair gave a slight bow to the paladin after he introduced himself and made a mental note to talk at lenght with the good lad later. He smiled wamrly at the fetching young female mage that looked at him so quizicaly. He could tell she was wondering about his cappabilities, he liked that. Then the halfling walked up and thanked him for his assistance, it warmed the gnomes heart that htere was another of the wee folk in the group.

"Ah good Ulthok, I see it will be up to us to keep an eye out for the bigger ones, need to keep them from too much trouble."

Cesair watched as the ale skin made its way around and found that his own mouth was a little parched, it was at this time that everything started to go straight to hell. The gruff dwarf drew a line on the ground with one massive boot and challenged all to stand beside him or be counted as enemies. This was definately a twist.

"Come now, is there really ah need for such drastic measures? Im sure an understandin can be reached. And as fas as scouting, I would like to assist the ranger in that, I can be quite handy at sniffing out traps and such." The last he says with a sly wink.

He wondered silently to himself just what he had gotten himself into, he had no problem working with others, and from time to time he could take commands from some one worthy, more often than not though he had barely surrived anothers blunder.

An IC post about Bickering
Posted on 9/30/2004 at 6:40:47 AM (CST)
Conall heard all speak, even the big voice from the sky. In the days leading up to this day Conall had been under and over many people. The question of leadership was never question unless it be with sword. The question of second was in some civilization unspoken of unless it be behind closed doors. Some thought it an ill omen on the current leader to speak of their fall by naming who was to be their successor. If behind some close door the king spoke to Cor about his place as being second it was and only known to the King, Lady Drusila, and Cor. This is the way it is in some places and perhaps this is one.

As far as the words of Af’til, his actions have not deemed him an enemy as of yet. But in a situation that we have all put ourselves into we must rely on others. And I dare say that even though he speaks of doing as he pleases and prepares for conflict with what or whom I wish not to say. Af’til is of an age and life experience to have had to relay on others at one point in his life even though he wishes not to except or admit to it.

Conall steps forward across the line and then speaks, “Af’till Falldil you have a grievance with Cor Trollhammer. Cor Trollhammer if Af’til Falldil does not except your pledge of leadership you have a grievance with him. The two of you have one of two things to do. One meet here and now on the field of trial and let the gods decide by combat. Or! Two put your differences aside and at the end of it all if both are still alive and in the same mind, combat then. But all hear me Conal Glendower, of the house Glendower. If we fail we fall, whether it be by the enemy we all face or at the hand of the King upon our return as failures.”

Conall turned to face Af’til, “Before either of you make a decision hear this. You think your elf blood and long life will save you. I say this to you now. That if we fail all of Trilogy will fall. An evil that is so great that all the eleven bowmen of all the eleven realms could and would not stand against more less hope to defeat will be upon us if our task at hand is not completed with success.”

Conall then turns to face Cor, “The Dwarves in their grate citadels of stone would fall to this evil also. And you may have been sent here to test and watch me. And what I say may turn you from that path and remove the title of Paladin that is upon me now I do not care, I will speak this. If yours or his actions hurt, hinder, or the gods forbid, send any among us to an early feast in Valhalla. I Conall Glendower will pig stick the hinderer myself.”

Conall then turns to the rest of the group, “While those two think about the words I have just spoken to them, you think about these. I am Conall Glendower of the house Glendower and by sword or by my death I swear now to defend and protect all who go forward from this place to the journeys end or as long as breath fills my soul. With that said I think that all but these two get out of the way. For if these two do go at it. I think very little will be safe that is standing between them.”

Conall then goes to a position where he can see Cor and Af’til, “No others will get involved save for council. When the two of you have decided let me know.”

Posted on 9/30/2004 at 12:01:43 PM (CST)
Cor watched asn realized that the others may have misunderstood his intentions. Sometimes war clerics are not the best communicators so he tried as best he could to explain. "I am not asking you to follow me alone. I am asking but that you pledge loyalty to each other. Lady Dru was injured and we were all standing around clueless as to what to do next. This isn't a place of leasure but dangert and such could get us killed. I have made no threats, as I said before. I simply offered the choice of being a party or a loner. Come we must all work together. If another wants to lead, let them speak as I have no desire to do so. We must keep moving."

Cor once again grasped his wine skin. "Perhaps this is a better way of saying it. Who will share ale with me as comrade and friend?" He took a drink and held it out for any who wanted. OOC: not all posts about new commanders or guidnace from the DM need be in OOC posts.

ummmm. kay
Posted on 9/30/2004 at 2:12:06 PM (CST)
Haila slipped off the backpack if they were going to be a while she may as well be comfortable. She always thought the military was more organized amazing Talia (who is the most anal retentive person Haila has ever met)could survive admist all this disorginization. Well at lest teh question was being solved. One way or another. She held her hand out for the wineskin and said "I don't know about a pledge to the death like the paladin here I have no intention of dying and since if I leave the party I face the headman's ax... Besides Sunblaze was the only one who was any fun at court I'ed like to know what happened to her."

Posted on 9/30/2004 at 6:44:48 PM (CST)
OOC: I dont really care who is leader i just didnt feel like being idle so i moved to scout. I have heard no one say we shouldnt have a scout. So i decided to do it. That way we dont end up getting caught off gaurd again.

Hawk tried to go throught the door but he had to push it oppen farther it seemed stuck. That had to mean there was someone here to have blocked the other side from the inside and he was determined to find out who it was. Once he got the door open far enough he stuck his head in to see what was on the other side. He looked back when he heard the noise outside but left it as the others being able to handle it even though he hated to miss a fight. He slipped into the room once he got the door open far enough to get in but is on the ready with swords out and ready to shout to the others so that if he sees something and it comes to attack him he can get a call out to the others and defend him self.

What's Next
Posted on 9/30/2004 at 9:20:46 PM (CST)
Ulthok watches the unfolding drama between the war cleric Cor and Af'til with little amusement this is certainly no time to be bickering among ourselves. He is sure that Cor's words where being taken out of context by Af'til and that Cor was not trying to take command, just saying that we need to be confident in each other that one will help the other in time of need. Ulthok also thinks Cor may have taken Af'til's words to mean more than they did for if his memory serves him, as it usually did, Cor at one point had also told the Lady Dru that he also was commanded by noone but his God.

Walking to the war clerics side he takes the offered wine skin and takes a good pull on the warm burning liquid. Trying to keep his facial expressions from showing that he did not really care much for the taste of the dwarven spirts as he hands the skin back to Cor he turns to the rest.
Let us all remain calm. I think that our adrenalin stills flows from battle, and I know from experience that we who are more battle hardened that political animals tend to speak before we think and don't always choose our words carefully. I don't think Cor was trying to take charge, his point I think was that we need to show allegiance to each other under any circumstances no matter who is our actual leader.We will only survive if we work as a team not a bunch of egoistical individuals.United this group will prevail divided we may kill each other.
He again chuckles out loud to try to ease the tension. Going over to where Dru is recuperating he gives the Bard a reassuring wink and slap on the back.
Well my singing friend see what happens when you decide to play hookie for awhile, the child that resides in many a man can't help but come out to play and be mischievous, but all jokes aside you are looking better and I think you better go get a handle on this. Hawk and our new friend Cesair have said they would scout if we want.Maybe the gnome might have some info on our missing lady don't know but we need to get back into action and we await your ideas.Now while he waits for whatever is going to happen next Ulthok sits on a large chunk of stone laying around from the battle.Scanning the trees that surround them in this courtyard he sees what he is looking for and signals for his flying friend to join him.His familiar is a large great horned owl named Omensma who flies down to land on his leg and look up at him.Well well Mr Rydenham looked like you let your magic get away from you again, or did you try to fry your own comrade on purpose.Ulthok gives the owl a stern look but knows she is only playing with him, they have had a good relationship for a long time now but she always insists on addressing him as Mr Rydenham, and it bugs the $hit out of him, but that is probably why she does it.Look Omensma that is no joking matter. I didn’t see you down here lending me a hand so I think you had better quite down. Maybe you could fly around a little and let me know if you see anything that might be helpful to us, but don’t get lost and stay close when we start moving again.With that he dismisses the owl and waits to see what happens next.

Drusilia Liadon
Lets Get on with it
Posted on 10/1/2004 at 2:16:49 AM (CST)
Drusilia looks around the room when she hears load voices looking around she sees that the group has started bickering about who is or is not going to lead since she seemed out of it. She did not realize how long she had been out but she had obviously missed something. Shaking off the light feeling in her head she marches to the center of the room and speaks.
Alright everybody enough play time we have a job to do and in doing that job I would expect each and everyone of us would aid another party member when needed. I thought in the 8 months we have been together we had gelled better than this as a team. I am glad that Cor stepped forward as he did if I had been killed and not just dazed for awhile someone would need to step up, and I hope if that happened this group could get through it better than what I just saw and heard here. Now lets put that behind us and do what we came to do.
She walks over to the gnome Cesair and welcomes him to the group as well as apologizes for their unruly behavior.
Before we start out again I would like to ask you Cesair if you have any knowledge about this temple or the lady we seek that may save us some time or at least keep us from blundering into another bad situation.
She looks over the rest of the group while she waits for him to answer. Continuing to speak,
I also understand that Hawk and Cesair have volunteered to scout for us, and speaking of Hawk HAWK would you mind joining us till we decide what our next move is I would appreciate it remember we go as a team.

If Cesair has some information that can help us or guide us in a certain direction we will follow that advice. If he does not then I would ask him and Hawk to lead us to the next room through the door Hawk has already started to open. I would also ask Ulthok if he would follow them and check for traps in any area they request him to. The rest of us shall follow in our usual marching order, and finally if one of our mages who has a familiar who can fly might oblige by having it keep an eye on the area we are in from the air and report back to their master anything they feel is unusual that may help. Any questions.

Posted on 10/1/2004 at 2:26:15 AM (CST)
Cor saw Lady Dru stand and make her way to the group and heard her speak. Once she finished he spoke. "I am glad to see you are feeling better, that was quite a bump you took. I stand ready to once again follow where you lead." Cor stepped back into his accustomed place in the marching order and prepared to continue.

Posted on 2006-09-13 at 23:05:55.
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A New Arrival

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A New Arrival
Posted on 10/1/2004 at 4:11:12 AM (CST)

The atmosphere in the courtyard had seemingly without warning become hostile.
With the Lady Dru for the moment dazed by the statues hit ,the dwarf Cor took charge as no one wanted to assume it themself's.
At once the words of doubt about his leadership abilities was raised by Af'til who seeming to disaprove of such ,brought forth his harp.
Then Cor somewhat Angry at stepping forward only to be almost laughed at made his demand for party loyalty not realizing that it would be taken as an insult by some of its members.Things appeared ready to explode into violance between the members of the party when Drusilia her head finally cleared once again assumed her rightful place as leader.
She reminded the group of the mission and the party's dedication to it as such putting an end to the brewing clash of arms between Dwarf and Elf.
Af'til realizing his mistake moved forward to Cor and offered his hand in apology.The Dwarf took it into his own.

"Friend Cor I am sorry for my words I mistook your actions as that of an attempt to overthrow the Lady Dru's leadership.
If the time comes as per her words you become leader I will follow you without any reservations."

The group whole once more and again focused on finding the women gathered around Drusila as she asked Cesair if any information on the Monastery had he.Unfortnutaly his answer was no.

It was at this point that Ulthok's owl Omensma ,unmindful of all others landed on his shoulder.
A loud series of sounds erupted from the creatures mouth understood only by Ulthok.It told him that a rider approached from the south heading clearly to the Monastery. That he had been spotted by the Pegasi troopers and allowed to approach.
It took only a few minutes and the sound of what Conall could tell was clearly a heavy warhorse had arrived outside.A few moments more and into the Courtyard walked a man ,head held high dressed all in platemail weapons at his side.
Conall could tell by his bearing before them stood a Paladin or Cavalier.He gazed at the party his look taking all in.
The members of the party awaited him to speak.....

(OOC:Okay this is a new player he will be posting sometime tommorrow and his character will be posted by Monday.The party at the moment stands at 8 active and 1 NPC.
I will post a new topic asking for someone to play Af'til untill that time he will played as an NPC.If anyone here knows someone who may like to play him or bring in a new character have them post in the new thread or the Players Wanted thread.
To the Players of my campaign I am sorry that do to my Harshness of speach we have lost Greenleaf as a player that was not my intent and I blame noone but myself for this. I thank you for remaining in this game and hope this does not happen again Thank you.)

Posted on 2006-09-13 at 23:11:16.

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Halt!? Who goes there?
Posted on 10/1/2004 at 5:37:05 AM (CST)
Conall walked by Cor, “I will drink from your wineskin.” He takes a swig and swishes it around in his mouth, then gargles, and lastly swallows the warm liquor. He then holds up one finger as if to say one moment please and watch this. He then takes a big inhale of air. His eyes start to water and he gives a couple of coughs. “At this rate I will be able to drink this stuff all the time.”

He then takes his place in line and tells the two scouts, “If you make sure all traps are disarmed and feel uneasy at opening a door feel free to give me a call. That is my job, to keep you safe as best I can.”

He then give a friendly node to the Lady Drusila to let her know he is also ready to move out. As she was seemly ready to start council as to what to do next the great owl came to the mage and spoke. Ulthok then passed on the information to the rest of the group. That is when a sound that filled Conall’s hart with joy and envy.

“That is the sound of a heavy war hours or I am just a farmer in plate mail. Lady if you please.” Conall then took his deceivingly small stature of 5’5” and 170lbs and moved to put himself between the door and the rest of the group. Either this was a friend, or a foe the kind that the Pegasi troopers will not challenge. As the figure stepped into the doorway leading into the court yard Conall could see, that the figure could be a worthy opponent but would be no match for the Pegasi troopers outside. “This must be friend and not foe.” Conall thought to himself and raised his weapon hand to show no weapon was being yielded.

“Lady Drusila, this one is a Paladin or a Cavalier. Parley with him as such.” Conall said back over his shoulder, he then stepped aside to allow the Lady Drusila to take her place as leader of the small task force.

a new arrival
Posted on 10/1/2004 at 2:00:48 PM (CST)
Cor took his wineskin back from Conall and tried the "swish, gargle, suck" technique he saw demonstrated. "Whoooo, that makes it much better!!" he exclaimed. He quickly swithced skins and took a swig from his second one, repaeating the process of "swish, gargle, suck". The dwarf's eyes crossed, his beard stood on end and sweat poured from his forehead. "By Odin's grace that was intense." he managed to choke out. With a wry smile he offer this skin to Conall who luckily had no time to take it as he heard an approaching warhorse.

Cor took a stand near enough to teh paladin to offer support if needed but not so close as to call question to his ability. He was relieved that the newcomer appeared as friend. Once he saw it was a cavalier he took another swig from his skin. He leaned close to Conalland whispered "Why do paladins take cavaliers on long journies?" He waited for the answer.

A new guy
Posted on 10/2/2004 at 12:00:48 AM (CST)
His large great horned owl comes flying back only moments after he had sent it out squaking to him.She told Ulthok that a rider was approaching the temple and that the pegasi riders had let him through.He relays this information to the group right away, and no sooner does he than the sound of approaching hooves is heard.A heavely armored man rides up on a heavy war horse and dismounts.Ulthok thinks to himself.Another one of those armored fighters full of brawn, but not always brains.Might be able to help with the healing though that is always good.

Petting Omensma on her head he reaches into his belt pouch and removes a couple small seeds that she likes to snack on and gives them to the owl.Looking around he notices that Hawk had not returned from the other room even after Drusilia had asked him to, or maybe he did not or could not her her.So while the others are paying attention to the new arrival and waiting to meet this man of steel Ulthok picks his way back through the room to the door where Hawk had disappeared in.
First checking carfully all around the door for any kind of traps and if finding none he will peer in through the opening Hawk made when he pushed open the door and entered the other room.He is mainly trying to see if he can find out what Hawk is doing and make sure he is safe.If he can see Hawk and he looks okey he will just remain standing by the door and wait for the others.If he can't see Hawk he will send Omensma into the room to scout for Hawk and return to tell him if he is okey.Then he will wait by the door for the others.If he sees that Hawk is in trouble or Omensma tells him he is in trouble or that there is danger in the room Then instead of just standing by the door he will aleart the others, and then enter to help Hawk out.

Posted on 10/3/2004 at 5:12:31 PM (CST)
Haila forced herself not to squint into the sun to witness the arrival of the newcomer. She held tight to her quarterstaff. She wasn't about to just assume he was one of the good guys. Haila stepped away from her backpack into Connal's long shadow. That was better. Her eyes adjusted and she noted the glints of sunlight off the armour. Sigh, a paladin then. Only a paladin would keep thier armour so free of dirt just to have a day's hard ride make them dusty again.
A stray thought slanted at the beloved familiar and brought a yowl of disgruntlement. "Dont eat the birds I don't think anyoe would appreciate that. I'm serious DO NOT eat the birds. Dommit all Niad! No!!"
If the King was sending so many replacements why couldn't she and Niamedris just leave. But then perhaps if it was discovered it wouldn't be Haila's neck in the noose. Somehow that made things worse. I am going to kill Talia next time I see her. Looking at the paladin as he pulled up to them she added the King to her list. Someone has a lot of explaining to do.

Leo the crafty 1
Yes mam!!!!!!!!
Posted on 10/3/2004 at 6:41:00 PM (CST)
Now that something had finaly been settled as to leadership, and the lady captain was now of able mind to lead, Cesair decided to answer some of the questions that had been tossed his way.

With a regretful sigh and shrug of his small shoulders he explained, "As ta' being from around 'ere, no I traveled about a day's length ta get 'ere. And I wish that I 'ad some information for ye about the lady you seek."

When Drusilla walks over to introduce herself and apologize for the group, the gnome simply tilts his head and shrugs his shoulders, a kind of 'eh, its to be expected from time to time' gesture. "As to the monastery 'ere, I am a stranger to this place just like ye." When she mentions him helping in the scouting duties he snaps to attention and gives her a mocking tribute to a salute, one complete with a comical wink of one blue eye. And with that he heads toward where the ranger Hawk was last seen. His path took a slight detour towards the dwarf to take the offered wine skin, from which he takes a hearty drink. For a brief moment he thought of pocketing the skin and holding on to it for a while, but he thought better of getting between a dwarf and his drink and hands it back.

Cesair was well acoustemed to the fiery drink, he was after all a lover of all kinds of libations. He continued with all of the grace and silence that a thief of his caliber could muster. His skill and his boots of elven kind help him to cover the distance without a sound. As he passed the halfling Ulthok, he gives him a pat on the shoulder and then proceeds to catch up to the ranger. Once there he quietly tells him of Drusilla's wishes that they work together. It would seem a good match, the ranger could track and move silently, although not nearly as silently as good ole Cesair could, but what the elf lacked in stealth the gnome could tell he more than made up for in fighting ability. The two of them together cold make quite a duo.

"Ah lad, I will move a few paces ahead and check for traps as I go."

He can ride. Can he speak?
Posted on 10/4/2004 at 5:03:47 AM (CST)
Conall scans the new arrival at the door. “His coat of arms is not one of a house; he bares a coat of an individual. A Cavalier, great. Then again perhaps he also finds it hard to serve one man, so he serves the coin instead.” were the thoughts racing through Conall’s mind.

Then hearing the words of Cor. Conall, with out moving his eyes off the stranger replays in a whisper, “They are sometimes good for keep the rats at bay while the likes of myself kill the Keeper that feeds them. Then again this one may have chosen the coin before he even looked at serving the church. I dare say that if the others keep out of harms way you might be able to spare a healing spell or two. Besides with all these would be fighters around, if this one were good with a sword he may come in handy.”

Watching and Waiting
Posted on 10/4/2004 at 1:16:38 PM (CST)
Ulthok continues to stand at the rear of the courtyard at the door that Hawk had disappeared through. He occasionally looks to the front where the rest have gathered for the arrival of the rider on the war horse. His main concern however is keeping both eye and ear to what is happening in the next room. All seems calm at the moment, and he has sent Omensma into the room to keep watch on what he himself can’t see. Then as he is standing there watching Cesair the gnome comes by. He must also have gotten bored with this new arrival. Patting Ulthok on the shoulder as he passes by he disappears through the door into the next room where Hawk is. Now there are two running around in this room. Deciding that having full view of what the two are doing he will push the door open as wide as he can. If the door won’t open all the way he will check to see why, and check everything over to see if there are any traps or dangerous items remove whatever may be blocking the door. Then standing in the doorway where he can see what the others are doing keep watch to make sure they don’t get into trouble. One last thing he will do while standing and watching he will put his sword away and draw out his bow and just set an arrow into the notch. As he is standing there watching he can’t help but doing some thinking about the group and what has happened over the last 8 months.

“When Ulthok joined the group of course they were all strangers now they had been together for eight months. He had hoped they would be a much closer and tighter group than what they have shown on this trip. Seems like the longer they are together the more conflict comes between them. They have lost 3 or 4 on this trip alone and now have as many replacements. This may be good at least those who don’t want to or can’t work as a team hopefully are the ones who have departed. One thing he has noticed from these departures is that the remaining members from the original core group are all comrades that he had been able to approach and had built at least some communication with. He hopes as the saying goes that the cream had risen to the top and the rest had been discarded.

As these thoughts run through his mind his eyes catch some movement in the room where Hawk and Cesair are as he watches it is just Omensma flying about.

Riddle answered
Posted on 10/4/2004 at 4:26:07 PM (CST)
Cor leaned close to Connal, "nay, paladins take cavaliers on quests so they have someone feminine to dance with." A small chuckle escaped him as he said this. "But you are correct, it is always good to have another sword around.

OOC: For our new player, incase you aren't caught up, Cor (a war cleric), tends to make fun of paladins and cavaliers. All his jesting is in fun and he is supportive and friend to all he travels with.

still in the paladins shadow
Posted on 10/4/2004 at 4:34:27 PM (CST)
Haila smiled at the dwarf's jest then decided to add her own 2 coppers in a teasing tone. "The horses can have them. Have you ever seen a paladin dance? All armour no grace. A horse's hooves stand a far better chance than a lady's slipper."
It a more serious and considering tone she went on. Able to see clearer but remaining in the paladin's shadow she squinted slightly "I have less use for a sword than wits, friend Cor. A sword is nothing if a man's brains are as heavily armoured as the rest of him."

A dance?
Posted on 10/4/2004 at 5:43:10 PM (CST)
“Lady Haila, I am as graceful with joust on horse back as I am in courtly robes and soft boots.” Conall smiled. “Perhaps, at the journeys end you will allow me a dance at the victory celebration.” Conall then adjusted his stance to give even more shade for the Lady to hide her eyes from the sun.

a good laugh
Posted on 10/4/2004 at 6:38:41 PM (CST)
Ale poured from Cor's nose as he tried to deceide which was funnier, the new cavalier dancing in full armor or Conall in court clothes. 'ahh that burns the nostrils and is a right terrible waste of ale' he thought to himself. "Haila my friend, my brains are indeed as armored as the rest of me." Cor said with a wink.

(OOC: remember Cor wears no armor)

Re: A New Arrival
Posted on 10/4/2004 at 8:13:07 PM (CST)
Walking into the courtyard, is a knight in full platemail, armor decorated with lions and in an ancient design not seen in Shanntara before. He is a tall man, of 6'1" of medium build and a watchful eye, taking all into hand with a single glance. His hands clearly in sight and with a grin says, "Greetings one and all, a dance you say? (looking at Lady Haila) Well perhaps, but all in good time. Though I have heard it said that a well trained horse could dance circles around many a knight, especially in these parts." With a gentle bow, "I am Lord Alasdair MacKenzie, sent on behalf of King Uthgar of Shanntara. I am new to these lands, but do offer my sword and services to assist those who also follow King Uthgar." With that he casually places his left hand on the hilt of his sword on his left hip, watching carefully the essembled company before him, not knowing whether he now stands before friend or foe, as his allegience has been proclaimed.

Posted on 10/4/2004 at 8:49:27 PM (CST)
"Well, don't just stand there. Come meet your new companions. I am Cor, War Cleric of Odin. May Odin grant you strength and wisdom. As for the rest of these fine folks, I'll let them introduce themselves."


Posted on 2006-09-13 at 23:18:28.
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A Party Whole once More

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A Party Whole Once More
Posted on 10/5/2004 at 4:13:41 AM (CST)

The quiet of the courtyard and tenseness with the arrival of one yet not known if friend or foe.Was broken upon his words.

"I am Lord Alasdair MacKenzie ,sent on behalf of King Uthgar of Shanntara.I am new to these lands ,but do offer my sword and services to assist those who also follow King Uthgar."

With his words finally spoken the first to greet this hulking stranger was the war cleric Cor .Who introduced himself as such.
Slowly each of the 8 members of the party introduced themselfs.Alasdair found that he had been teamed with a good mix of steel and magic.
The race's of the party were as varied as the party itself ,with him now included the party consisted of 3 Humans ,3 Elves ,a Dwarf ,a Gnome and a Halfling.
And of all that only 2 were women ,though Alasdair had to admit both were very beautiful to look at.It was then ,once intro's were done that the focus was returned to the party now 1 more stronger and whole once more of finding the missing Lady.

During this time and before introductions were done both Hawk and Cesair having made said thier hello's had made thier way once again into the hallway.Once past ,Cesair looking to the east beyond the door could see that to eastward the hall stoped only a mere few feet and spilt into a hallway traveling north and south.
Ulthok watching from the doorway bow in hand covered them as they searched.

At this point Hawk called Cesair to the westward doors one mounted north the other west.
Slowly Cesair moved and began a quick but very through check for traps. None were there to be found and neither door was equipt with a lock.
Flipping a mental coin Cesair pulled open the west door to find....A room 80x60 clearly vandalized.A shattered oven on its side and much broken pottery thrown with disregard ,shattered on the floor about the room along with many items of rotting food. It is clear this was a kitchen of some type.The smell of all the rotted food is almost overwhelming in its self.
Suddenly in the southwest corner Hawk's quick eye picks up movement under a large pile of discarded rotted food and a large rat head he see's pops up to look at at both of them ,a load squeal brings 11 more large heads to spy upon you.
Before the two can react they are quickly attacked by all 12 Giant Rats.......

(OOC:okay everyone I will post for sure on Thursday the first round of combat.
Hawk ,you ,Cesair and Ulthok get attacks this RD the rest of the party will not have attacks untill next round as it will take at least one round to get to the room Welcome To Lord Alasdair from the east coast I hope you enjoy this game.
Remember everyone try to post before Thursday.
Dru you need to post your orders more often if you can I took some liberties with the characters to get the game moving again.If anyone was offended I am sorry..GAME ON!!)

Posted on 2006-09-13 at 23:21:23.

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meanwhile in the courtyard
Posted on 10/5/2004 at 6:08:30 AM (CST)
Niamedris yowled loudly and stiffed nose in the air sniffing the breeze. A bolt of insight flashed from feline to mage.

"Crap, crap, surley, crap!" A dash to the where she had left the backpack she swung it over her shoulder. She started the mad dash to the doorway and the words "How many?!? Crap, crap, crap." drifted back to the courtyard on the wind. She followed the black streaking cat to where 3 of the companions had enetered the monestary slightly slowed by trying to settle her backpack on both her shoulders.
"Have I told you guys yet how much I hate this adventuring poop?" she called back over her shoulder.

Rats, rats!
Posted on 10/5/2004 at 1:09:13 PM (CST)

Cor heard the high pitched squeaks and knew someone had found vermin. He saw Haila rush past and moved out of her way, also making room for the two heavy sword swingers. No use being trampled by a paladin or cavalier in heavy armor. Besides, he was fairly confident that rats would prove little challenge. Cor grasped his hammer and made his way to the room, behind those in a rush and ahead of any who wished him to pass first. As he walked he sang a little tune. "Old dwarven cleric walking thru the monestary, scooping up the giant rats and popping them on the head."

A Call to Action
Posted on 10/5/2004 at 1:50:33 PM (CST)
Upon hearing the commotion inside the monastary and seeing the others quickly react, Alasdair drew his sword and dagger with smile, his shield having been left behind with his horse when he originally approached. "At last, play time...," said with a grin and begins a quick trot toward the open doors and the noise within. As he approaches, he gives a loud whistle to signal his warhorse to enter the courtyard.

Hawk sounds the alarm to others.
Posted on 10/5/2004 at 2:45:59 PM (CST)
Hawk seeing movement in the pile took his sword and moved the pile then he saw the others coming down the hall from where he was headed and not wanting the others to get into trouble and have to deal with attacks from all sides did the only thing theat came to mind to althe others as to what eh was dealing with he screamed like a girl as he drew his short sword to fight even though he wasnt scared of rats he hoped that Greyhawk didnt hear that call it might be hard to explain to the bird. He was ready to face the rats as they came at him it would be fun to hold off 12 at once. It wasnt going to be easy that is for sure.

Rats! It is only rats.
Posted on 10/5/2004 at 3:42:10 PM (CST)
“I am Conall Glendower of the house Glendower, I do not server the King of Shanntara, I server the church of Odin. Currently the church has seen it necessary that I help the king that fills our coin needs.” Connall said with a hand of friendship extended.

As the introductions continued Conall turned to Cor, “I noticed you wasted some of your ale. Does it burn when shooting out the nose?

Then the moment of introductions was shattered by a foul stench on the breeze and the shrieking of, “CRAP!” Conall watched as Haila and then Alasdir rushed by Cor.

Conall then called out to those in front of him, “Stand and fight or make way for those whose job it is to do so. I can always toss your lifeless or dieing carcass back to the good cleric Cor to either heal your body or send your sole on its way. If Alasdir will go right I will go left if the others will make way. That will give a line for the others to fight from”

Posted on 10/6/2004 at 12:49:01 AM (CST)
Haila heard Conall behind her. Unbelieveable-Armoured wits indeed it seemed. Pity. Not slowing her step at all she called back to him at th top of her lungs "Connel you wanna be in front thats fine by me but may I suggest, in that case, you stop the pretty speach and move your tin plated butt? Besides if I'm dead you'll never get that dance. Unless your into that sort of thing?"

Haila had no intentions of going entirely into the kitchen as long as she had a clear line of sight she would use her magic (or at least her bow) from a place of cover. Haila wasn't even sure if she was getting paid for this yet. Well there's a thought, she noted to herself wryly.

The rush to the front
Posted on 10/6/2004 at 2:25:53 AM (CST)
“Good lady, my butt is moving but under such armor it does not move as swiftly as your lightly armored butt. I only hope the vermin you dash off to meet do not find your chain with their rapier like teeth before they find my tin plate.” Conall called as he charged forward.

sorry but you never said you were moving....
Posted on 10/6/2004 at 2:32:49 AM (CST)
Haila lets the Paladin pass as graciously as any highborn lady at court. Her reply givin in a lofty tone could have come from any ruling monarch. "At least my armour doesn't make my butt look big." She exaggerated a look at the paladin's backside as he passes.

paladins, bah
Posted on 10/6/2004 at 1:07:02 PM (CST)
Cor finally caught up to Haila as she stepped aside to let the armored warriors pass. "They are slow sometimes and they don't move fast either." he said to her with a grin. "But they are useful in battle." Cor gripped his hammer and took a peak to see if any of the vermin were visible. He only needed catch a glimpse of one and he would hurl his hammer. Then he took a good look at Haila's backside and his own. "Good lady, I wear less armor than ye but it appears my bum is still the bigger of the two. But, I will keep a close eye on yours just to be sure it doesn't change." Cor went back to looking for rats.

Posted on 10/6/2004 at 2:20:26 PM (CST)
"Well Met, Cor, War Cleric of Odin and Conall Glendower of the house Glendower. Tis good tidings and omens that allow us to become comrades in arms so soon. May we merrily stump some rat vermin and then partake of that sweet ale and celebrate our first battle together?"

He laughs good naturedly at Lady Haila's exchanges Cor and Conall, thinking to himself that the bonds of this company are strong and would settle well with his own wry sense of humor, for not all knights are pompous stuffed suits of tin armor. Shakes his head with a chuckle and then quickly (as much as platemail allows) continues toward to squealling
sound of rats.

Leo the crafty one
A raised eyebrow, and a delighted giggle....
Posted on 10/7/2004 at 2:51:11 AM (CST)
OOC: If the giant rats are at range, Cesair will use his crossbow, if they have already closed within stricking distance he will draw his shortsword. He could easily cast an illusion of a firewall where would be the fun in that, they are after all just a large number of giant rats.

Cesair sees the vile vermin scurry from their shadowy respites. One of his eyebrows arches in amusement as he releases a wicked little giggle. The gnome harbors a deep rooted hatred for these foul creatures like any good gnome, or halfling for that matter should. An ancient enemy, one that Cesair would revel in destroying. Bravely he stands his ground and begins to wreak a terrible toll.

OH Rats
Posted on 10/7/2004 at 3:59:06 PM (CST)
Ulthok stands watching the two as they search about when Cesair decides to pull open another door. While they are looking around in this area all the rest of the group are still jabbering around with the new arrival and Ulthok keeps an eye on both sides.
When Cesair pulls open the new door he is in front of the smell that passes from the room is itself almost enough to kill a man.As he watches first he hears Hawk “CRAP” then he yells in a very strange fashion. When the odor passed over him Ulthok thinks
This can’t be good usually where the smell is so bad one usually finds some type of vermin.No sooner had he Notched the arrow to his bow did his prediction come to pass and several giant rats make their presence known.
He will let loose his arrow at the first one he sees and then quickly reload.
It seemed that as soon as the smell made it’s way out into the main area where the rest of the group was still milling about, followed by Hawks’ yell it seemed like noon hour in the city market on a cities payday. A rush of bodies made their way down the walk where he was standing in the doorway watching the two scouts. Well at least he got off his first shot before the rest of them start crowding into the room and blocking his view. Since it looks like the room is going to get crowed he will move into the room with the rest and look for a position where he can shoot from but keep his back to the east wall.

Drusilia Liadon
Rats o Plenty
Posted on 10/8/2004 at 3:03:39 AM (CST)
After she had introduced herself to the cavalier and so had the rest of the group Dru looked around to see that Hawk and Cesair where both gone and Ulthok was standing at one of the back doors with his bow out. She was about to yell to him when this horrible smell wharfed over her making her stomach churn. She turns to the rest of the group. “I don’t know what Hawk and Cesair are up to but I think we had better head in their direction”

No sooner had she uttered these words when they all hear Hawk CRAP and then a very strange high pitched yell.”Lets move comrades one of us may need help” With that she starts moving rapidly with the rest into the next room drawing her scimitar as she goes. Once there she will seek out whatever had made Hawk yell and as soon as she can get into position to do battle with the enemy.

And here we go............
Posted on 10/8/2004 at 5:47:16 AM (CST)
for a short period Af'til reflected on his childish behavior. Leadership was never a problem for him. Why had he reacted so? Being a warrior of such power did have a tendency to make him give in to the urge to be arrogant at times though.... After all.... Harnessing the powers of the arcane, the divine, the blade, and the bow all at once gave him extraordinary abillities (especially in combat). He was so deep in thought that he had barely noticed The new arrival. He paid little heed. He was not interested in the new arrival. Just another armor-heavy slug. As he acknowledged the new arrival with a grin, Haila began panicing and running to the door that Hawk had dissappeared into. "At least i ended up listening" he thought. He remembered their leader told him to get back with the group. Then between seeing Haila's change of mood and hearing the shreiks of the overgrown rodents, Af'til rushed towards the door along with the others to assist the fellow ranger. On his way to the door he had drawn his bow. He had already displayed the might of both his melee skills and his deity. Now it was time for him to do some ranged combat with his bow and (if nessecary) his arcane power.

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Round and Round

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Posted on 10/8/2004 at 6:22:06 AM (CST)

Introductions going well the Lady Dru nor any others noticed that 3 of thier number had decided to move forward into the Monastery 's interior.
The party was glad to find Lord Alasdiar a friend for his sword and skill at arms could very well be needed.

Suddenly without warning Haila's black cat went running for the northern door ,Haila herself behind it yelling the word "crap" over and over again rushed past everyone.
It was here that Lady Dru found for the first time that Hawk ,Ulthok and the gnome Cesair were gone.No doubt was in her mind as to where they had gone ,none of them by her command.

Passing Haila at the entrance to the north door Conall and Alasdiar were first to enter the hallway beyond the door the two noble fighters ready and eager for a fight.They were very were surprised to find themself's engulfed in a thick smokey gas.
But not for long as both dropped to thier knees ,throwing forth from each's stomach the meals from the day before.

Behind them came the rest of the party each entering to find the same smokey gas ,yet not to be sickened by it as had the two before.
Only the dwarf Cor knew that which the party now breathed contained poison.
The party ,those still mobile would attack the next round comith....

The rats 12 strong seemingly without fear attacked.!!
Coming out of the mound of rotted food as if waiting in ambush they charged both Hawk and Cesair.Both of whom were shocked as 6 of the rats suddenly DISAPPEARED.
Then the battle began.

The first of the 3 to engage was Cesair his crossbow primed ,loaded and ready the bolt was launched.Hitting its target dead on ,the rat no more.In its place a growing cloud of gas formed engulfing both he and Hawk. Without any type of warning Cesair found himself on the floor ,his crossbow no longer in hand ,The contents of stomach already pouring forth onto the floor.

Hawk too found himself engulfed in gas as both weapons long and short caught and killed two rodent foe.Turning to glance at his side he found Cesair on the floor.
The Hallway ,The room and all before were soon wrapped in a blanket of gas ,Hawk himself not affected or harmed.

Ulthok at the doorway was armed with his bow moving forward to gain a better shot ,was suddenly attacked by 4 rats appearing as if by magic before him out of thin air ,all thier attacks useless against him. Firing two arrows he quickly scores two kills pouring forth yet more gas into the hall.
His brain pulling up all his knowalge of such tells him the gas is like a stinking cloud spell and is posionous and will cause nausea to many if not saved against every round.
What manner of rats are these he asks himself.
Hearing finally the entrance of the rest of the party behind him he begins a slight turn to warn them of the gas.But hearing the sounds of gagging knows it is already too late.Movement in the room catches his eye and the forms of 6 man sized shapes appear.
Who or what he cannot tell the gas so thick ,but clearly it would appear more then rats have been lurking here......

OOC:okay everybody there's rd 1 while I was posting I got notified that the Trilogy war was updated twice ,as I was in the middile of posting I was unable to check. So if I missed an action I will add it to my post Monday nite as a first round action for that person.Have a good Columbus day and a for some I am sure a great 3 day weekend

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Leo the crafty 1
This just does not make sence....
Posted on 10/8/2004 at 2:58:05 PM (CST)
As quick and deadly as any adder, Cesair lifted his cross bow and fired. His aim was true and struck the charging vermin head on, a clean kill. What happened next was a total surprise, the giant rat exploded into a black stinking cloud.

"What the...." Cesair opened his mouth, and while cursing took into his lungs a good deal of the noxious fumes. He tried to resist as his stomach rolled violently, the muscles of his body spasmed uncountrolably, his eyes watered and he could feel his gorge rise up through his throat to explode violently from his mouth. He feel to his knees.

His mind raced within his head as he fought to regain control of his body. His mouth was full of saliva and bile, but still he tried to speak, "Hold! Kill no more.....(gag, cough)it will only....(spit)compound the stench!"

"If you must...(another spit)use blunt weapons!" Inwardly he cursed himself for subcoming to the wretched gas. He tries valiantly to crawl out of the way of the door as he hears the charge of the rest of the party and what sounds like a gang of goblins banging metal on metal, which could only be the charge of the knight. Cesair hopes he can get out of the way before he is trampled to death.

Posted on 10/8/2004 at 3:00:56 PM (CST)
Cor made his way to the doorway and saw both Conall and Alasdiar drop to a knee and vomit. "I warned ye that dwarven ale was strong and not for everyone!" As soon as the cleric saw the rats disappear and got the faint whiff of a poison he knew what they were in trouble. "Damnation, Vapor Rats" he yelled. "I've fought these before and they are not as easy foes as they seem. When you kill them they explode in a poison cloud. If we can herd them into the room a fireball would be best. Barring that they hate lightning!" he roared. Then he waded into the fray, confident his dwarven constitution would protect him from the poison. Hammer in hand he attacked the nearest rat.

Posted on 10/8/2004 at 3:04:09 PM (CST)
Haila was unamused. She was not fond of rats or throwing up. Seemingly she was less fond of listening to other people throw up. Bet they were glad they didn't haver visors on! She put her hand to her stomach and concentrated. She had been more ill after that all night card game with all that dwarf ale. She reached into her herb pouch and pulled out peppermint and a long strip of gauze bandage. Haila started to chew the mint to help settle her stomach and covered the gauze over he nose to filter out the smell somewhat. Peering through the burning fog she could just make out......sqinting...yup there it is-her hand in front of her face. Great.

Haila remembered seeing light from the kitchen.

There was windows.

Ok. Closing her eyes against the acidic fog Haila walked thru the hall guided by memory and the sounds of her companions illness. And as her feet skidded in a puddle of she really didn't want to think of it, she reached out and grabbed whatever was closest. She was not going to fall in THAT. Hands clasped to 2 metal clad backsides she realized had she not been perched percariously over a big puddle of vomit this may have been fun.Regaining her feet quickly she patted both backs in sympathy and continued on.

Niamedris scurred quickly to a cubby hole safe under the fog not that, Haila supposed, the smell would have bothered him much, an animal who rolls in week old fish heads to attract a mate has a pretty cast iron stomach. A quick magic misslie spell should shatter the high windows and get us some fresh air. Haila was pretty sure after this she was going to have to wash her hair in tomato juice to get the smell out.

poo- if i could type better would've been 1st!
Posted on 10/8/2004 at 3:15:28 PM (CST)
Haila heard Cor somewhere behind her. Flashing a grin that the dwarf probably couldn't see she offered, "You pick the place and I'll bring the 'balls"

Oh look, the stone floor.
Posted on 10/8/2004 at 4:50:24 PM (CST)
Conall down on all fours his body in uncontrollable stomach spasms looked over at Alasdiar, “You do know we will catch, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, hell by the fire this evening.”

His mind began to race, “Move forward? Not on all four. Fall back? Not on your life.” Conall’s mind raced as he felt a hand on his backside. Looking back he saw the legs of Haila. “Haila is touching my backside and all I can do is, …rrrrrrrrrrrrr,… fuss at her boots.”

“The wall has failed it is time for magic.” Conall managed to get out before his stomach let go once more. “Dwarven ale to get this taste out of my mouth would be... rrrrrrrrr”

Staring at the floor
Posted on 10/8/2004 at 5:20:09 PM (CST)
Hanging his head low and trying to slow his breathing, Alasdair was startled by the friendly pat on the backside. "Me thinks that this night... 'grrrbbbarffff' will much merriment at our expense." Shaking his head slowly,

"Aye, we do need to move, but give me 'grrrbbbarffff' a second to collect my innards who seem happy to revolt without so much as a by your leave." He slowly whipes his mouth with his gauntlet. "The stench will never get out of the leather now," says Alasdair. There is a trace of a smile as he watches Lady Haila's graceful backside move past him.

Could it be?
Posted on 10/8/2004 at 6:26:13 PM (CST)
Af'til was deeply worried by the developments he saw when he entered. Most of his comrads were on all fours losing their lunch. He noticed the 6 approaching figures and remembered that it had been six rats that dissappeared. "Could be the same beings in different forms" he thought. Or they were completely different threats that decided to exploit his parties moment of weakness. "Not gonna happen." he thought. As he pulled back on the arrow with his elven swiftness, he took aim at one of the advancing figures. Af'til was not about to let them take advantage of the situation and make things difficult. They had a job to do and the adversaries were only complicating things. The rats were dropping fast enough to where the remainder should be taken care of by the rest of the group. He thought it be best to focus on the newest developements.

If he is at a high enough ranger level to shoot two arrows per round, Af'til will concentrate them both on just one of the "figures". If the first arrow drops his first target he will try to take out another.

my little furry friend
Posted on 10/9/2004 at 1:56:31 PM (CST)
As always Haila was infintely glad that communication between mage and familiar was private. "Yes Niamedris you are a mighty hunter of rats. Your skill with tooth and claw are amazing. I'm in awe. [Hey sarcasim!] Not sarcasm am in a hurry. However these things are very large and when you poke them with holes they bleed poison. Maybe your fine but I'm not-but i see it as problem. Look can you just keep under cover and see if you can see a room we can herd them into.[Why?] Because I said so. How'ed you like to be traded in for a nicely behaved ....(she hesitated on the word rat eyeing her opponents)... gopher? [Nice save.] Look you find the room the warrior types play sheepdog and I'll make the rats go boom." She couldn't see it but she felt the cat roll his eyes. And start to move then pause to stretch. Maybe she could get a nice hedgehog....

More Than Just Rats
Posted on 10/9/2004 at 2:13:39 PM (CST)
Ulthok moved steadily along the east wall looking for a good shot when to his surprise the rats came to him. Four of them suddenly appeared in front of him while they made feeble attempts to bite him he unloaded his bow twice dropping two of them, only to have them burst forth a stinking, poisonous gas. His mind races at this unexpected occurrence and what he comes up with is this seems very similar to a mages stinking cloud spell. This he knows could be a problem for many in the group, who he can hear coming down the corridor, but before he can warn them it becomes obvious they are already in the cloud from the sounds of retching emitting from just beyond the doorway.

The gas cloud being so thick prevents him from seeing what has happened with Hawk, and Cesair who are across this room and in the chaotic kitchen area. Making a quick scan of the area he is in looking to see if there are any windows that may be broken open to bring some ventilation into this room. While he is looking for a window there is movement in the room that catches his eye and as he watches six man sized shapes appear. With the thickness of the cloud he can’t tell who or what they are, but if they are associated with these rats they probably won’t be friendly.

Well no sense in standing around and waiting to see what these six are up to there appearance at a time when they know the ones who killed the rats would probably be incapacitated was enough for Ulthok to get in the first blows. So loading and taking careful aim he lets fly his arrows aiming at the closest of the six figures. He watches to see what happens if anything and as he does, he can’t be sure for the cloud is still thick but he believes he sees a couple arrows fly from the doorway entrance into the room that would mean that not everyone was overcome by the noxious gas. His mind races through all of his available options as he prepares for his next move hoping he will continue to be unaffected by the gas.

Next round
Posted on 10/10/2004 at 2:17:01 PM (CST)
Hawk seeing that all he was doing was making people sick by killing the rats decided it was time to change stratagy. seeing that if he busts thier skin they release gas decides if i dont break the skin i should be good. So since i have no blunt weapons i will play wack a rat using my backpack.(It is loaded with stuff so should be neat damage). He takes off his backpack and begin his game of smack a rat.


Posted on 2006-09-16 at 21:32:58.
Edited on 2018-03-07 at 09:51:57 by Eol Fefalas

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Don't bite the hand that feeds

Trilogy Master
Posted on 10/12/2004 at 5:17:59 AM (CST)

Once again the party found itself in combat.This time thier opponents small and furry instead of large and stone.
But these Rats clearly were not the normal type of Giant rat ,if a Giant rat was normal.Killing them was more dangerous then leaving them alive.
Even the strongest of the party as seen could be brought low by thier death's.

The first to know what they faced was Cor.Yelling he attempted to warn the party.
"Damnnation ,Vapor Rats".
He named them and truly that was that which the party faced.
Attacking the nearest rat his hammers blow crushed its life ,yet no gas was released.looking around for his next foe he saw movement in the cloud...

Drusila hearing Cor's call ,yet unable to see through the thickness of the gas held her actions only defending herself if attacked...

Haila gauze covering her nose and face and chewing her peppermint most loudly advanced forward only to loose her balance on a pile of puke.Her hands reached out for anything to stop her fall only to land on the butts of both Paladin and Cavalier both on hands and knees.
For a second her thoughts were not on combat but on a different sort of action.
But her thoughts quickly returning to the combat at hand she entered the kitchen proper.Seeing what she was looking for a Missile of Magic flew from her hand and a window smashed.
But to her dismay Haila found her target had been the wrong one as two of the 6 man-sized creatures were now before her and once again her defense's down was struck by sharp steel.Staggering back from the two hits she saw her attackers....WERERATS....

Hawk also hearing Cor's warning sheathed both swords and grabbed his backpack from his back.
Using it as a blunt weapon he hit two rats sending them flying backwards ,falling but regaining thier claws attacking again.
Then as with Haila he was struck 3 times by steel.Once again he felt his blood flow away from him.Facing him were 3 of the man sized creatures he could see now were Wererats ,their shortswords covered with his blood...

Conell and Alasdair both feeling better the affects of the gas slowly wearing off.Began to once more gain thier feet they both ,baring anymore sickness would be able to act next round.
The memory of a soft hand still lingering in both Paladin and Cavalier's mind...

Cesair still on his kness but also begining to feel better began to stand...Only to feel cold steel enter his back.Pain flashed through his body and mind ,the force of the blow ,slamming him once more to the ground...

Af'til entered the hallway ,bow locked and cocked ,ready to fire.heavy with gas he was unable to see very much..Suddenly a small burst of wind ,gas moved ,the vision of a rat like creature sized as a man standing above Cesair without a moments thought Af'til's arrows were on thier way..TWO HITS!!.
But the rat creature seemed not to be hurt as it prepared to hit Cesair again...

Ulthok he too firing arrows saw both hit a man sized creature in the gas ,but not knowing yet what was faced was unable to tell with the thickness of gas if any damage had been done.
Then he heard the sound of glass breaking ,falling to the ground ,wind poured into the room the gas began to lighten.
Before him was a scene out of a nightmare ,He saw Haila facing two wererats with nothing but her bare hands...
Hawk facing three Wererats with nothing but his backpack as a weapon...
And worst of all Cesair on his stomach a Wererat above him ready to strike at the defenseless Gnome once more...

The situation for those 3 party members did not look good.
What was the party to do next....

(OOC: There are 7 Giant rats left.
2 on Uthlok.
3 on Hawk.
2 headed towards party.
There are 6 Wererats.
3 on Hawk.
2 on Haila.
1 on Cesair.
Okay like normal will post round 3 Thursday nite have fun all just remember one thing MUHAHAHAHA thank you...)

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 21:34:50.
Edited on 2006-10-31 at 02:20:01 by TannTalas

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6 monsters on Hawk
Posted on 10/12/2004 at 2:48:17 PM (CST)
Hawk now able to see what he is up against. thinks quickly he has got to get those swords out again. Starts to spin around in a circle to get the monsters back a lil bit by hitting them with the backpack in a swinging circle. Once he thinks they are far enough back he will drop the back pack and draw the swords and swing for a lil bit more to keep them back long enough for him to reoriante himself. Then stops hoping he reorients himself quickly enoguh not to sustain to much damage.

It must be foot ball season.
Posted on 10/12/2004 at 3:58:06 PM (CST)
Conall was slowly regaining control. He regained his feet and surveyed the situation. Several of his companions were in dire need. One especially was in very dire straits, Cesair. Conall knowing that in Cesair’s current situation the half man half rat could give a death blow so Coanll without hesitation charged forward and leapt at the creature shoulders square and low aiming for the creatures midsection. He hoped this action would take the thing down and with out wind in its lungs, Conall would be at the advantage. This might also give Cesair time to stand and react.

Posted on 10/12/2004 at 8:26:56 PM (CST)
"Now is not the time to be playing grab butt especially when I am left out!" mocked Cor as he turned his attention to his next target. Already one Vapor Rat met its end under his hammer and now there were Wererats to deal with as well. "Nice of you two to take time for prayer, but us war clerics fight first and then pray" he added in the direction of the two armored warriors. In an instant he deceided that he would attack one of the shapechangers around Hawk as he seemed to be drawing a crowd. Twice he brought his hammer to bear on the vile creature. If they struck true the beast would likely have drawn its last breath.

this is bad..
Posted on 10/13/2004 at 6:52:16 PM (CST)
Haila heard the breaking of glass and knew she had succeeded when the poisonous fog lifted somewhat. She started to turn towards the rest of her companions when a hot sensation in her back her legs to buckle slightly. The growl that Niamedris let out was the precursor to some serious pain. She stummbled back still struggling to turn around and sagged against the wall. Wincing she slid sideways along the wall leaving a bloody smear across the chipping plaster. Judging by the taste of blood in her mouth and the feeling of drowning whatever hit her nicked a lung, Haila analysed with some remarkable detachment.
She focused her eyes enough to see the second flash. This time a hit was scored on her hip. Screaming in pain she glared at the attacker. Hairy , humanoid and none to clean this must be a wererat! Trying not to listen to the sound of her wet breathing Haila trys to listen to the other teammates. 2 down her being the third. No sound of help comming. This was not good. She reaches into her belt pouch she pulls out two things. An small carved figurine of a dog renedered in exquisite detail and a small glass cone. Hoping to have enough time she sings her spell flingning it at the wererats with relish. She then begins an invocation over the onyx statue if this didn't work she was going to need a protector....

Leo the crafty 1
Knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door......
Posted on 10/14/2004 at 2:58:43 AM (CST)
Cesair's lungs still pulled in the rancid air, but this time he was able to some degree quell the rolling of his rebelious stomach. As he began to stand upright his right hand was going for the hilf of his short sword he exclaimed, "Damn these foul creatures, an' me without a cudgel with which ta' smite 'em."

He was struggling to his feet when he was once again laid low, this time by the thrust of a blade into his back.

"Gaaagggghhhhh!!!" his teeth gnashed in both pain and anger as he tumbled to the cold stone floor. Cesair could feel his warm life's blood flowing down his back and across his sides, it was a grievous wound and no doubt his attacker was preparing to deliever the coup de grace. So this was how it is ta' end for ol' Cesair, he thought to himself. Ta' die at the hands of a backstabbing vermin, what a pathetic way to go, helpless, facedown in his own vomit and blood like a damn rookie. Never! He screamed in his mind.

OOC: If Cesair can still act, he will try to cast invisibility on himself, if he can do nothing but lay there and hope to be saved then that is what he will do, in that case, providing that he is not dead, when he can act he might try and cast a different spell on the first round he is capable of doing so.

Not much can be done......
Posted on 10/14/2004 at 4:40:25 PM (CST)
Af'til was right about the six aproaching figures being hostile, but think they could be so successfull in such a short period of time. Now, mind racing he decided to resort to the arcane. If Af'til can position a fireball so that it hits a wererat (one that is attacking Haila or cesaiar(sp?) without frying anyone in the party he will do so. If not then he will charge the one on cesaiar and use burning touch. If THAT will hit some one in the party as well then he will cast magic missile on the wererat that is on Haila.
(cant wait to choose new spells)!

Tales of Daring Do's and Don'ts
Posted on 10/14/2004 at 5:55:27 PM (CST)
Knowing that his stomach might revolt at anytime. Alasdair threw caution to the wind and stood up, sword and dagger in hand. Quickly looking around to determine where his blades would be needed most, his gaze found the outnumbered Hawk, and he knew what must be done.

Having witnessed the effects of the poison gas, Alasdair knew that any attack on the Vapor Rats would require the flat side of his blades. However, the full sharp edges would happily slice into the Wererats, or so he hoped.

"Hawk," he shouted, "shift left and I'll deal with the Wererats." Full of bravado and courage Alasdair raced forward to Hawk's defense.

Wear This wererats
Posted on 10/14/2004 at 7:24:52 PM (CST)
Firing his arrows at the humanoid figures Ulthok can tell they hit but not if he did any damage. He once again thinks about the window idea to help clear the fog out when he hears breaking glass, ah someone else had the same idea he thinks. As the fog in the room clears the urgency of some of his comrades situations become apparent. First he can now make out the adversary wererats.
“Confounded Vermin” he shouts hoping to draw some of their attention away from those who are in much need. Not worrying about the two rats who are attacking him Ulthok looks to see who needs his help the most. It is a hard decision Haila has been hit , Cesair is down and being attacked, but Hawk has drawn the biggest crowd. Then seeing Conall tackling the wererat over Cesair and Cor smashing away at the vapor rats around Hawk Ulthok Targets the three wererats that surround Hawk. Quickly going through the movements that he now knows by heart and uttering the necessary words he sends five magic missiles to strike the three wererats around Hawk. He hits the two closest to Hawk twice each and sends the last one into the remaining wererat.

Next he would like to try to give Haila a hand also locating her and the two wererats that are hounding her. putting away the bow and drawing my precious Idreanl (knowing that moving may give the rats near me a free attack) he takes a couple steps forward then using the boots for a long jump he leaps toward Haila.

(OOC: I may just be blind but I couldn’t find anything on how big the room we are fighting in right now is so I don’t know how far away Haila is from me so what follows will depend on how close I can really get.)

Springing forward up to 30 ft Ulthok attempts to land directly behind the two wererats ready to attack. He hopes this will cause the wererats to hesitate or better yet turn their attention away from Haila and unto himself. He can tell she is attempting to do something to either attack her opponents or protect herself but she is doing some magic.

Even as this battle rages and Ulthok brings all his physical and mental abilities to bear in an attempt to help his group and vanquish their enemies in the back of his mind he can already hear the scolding that is sure to come from Drusilia because himself, Cesair, and Hawk had been exploring without the coverage or knowledge of the full group, even after she had called Hawk back.

Speaking of the Lady Dru Ulthok can’t help but wonder what has happened to the Lady Dru he had come to know and love. Since she was hurt in the statue battle she seems a little off kilter. Not as sharp and maybe not as decisive and that is not good. It almost seems like she is not even here at times and that can be deadly.
(OOC: If I am posting to many actions and moves and other things all in the same posts in other words going past my one inititive I’m sorry I just get excitated and want to go,go,go... Anyways I know you will just keep the actions and order and move them to the next round. Correct?)

Posted on 10/14/2004 at 7:32:38 PM (CST)
Cor saw the utter chaos that was erupting in the room. Vapor rats and wererats were seemingly everywhere. From the blood flowing more freely from his companions than from his foes he deduced that things were not going in the party's favor. Having been in countless battles, some reaching back to before some members of the party were even born, he knew that some guidance was needed to help the group coordinate its effort. Hopefully they would be more receptive to his guidance than they had before.

"Fighters concentrate on the wererats as they are the most dangerous and use magic weapons. Leave the vapor rats to the magic users. Concentrate attacks as much as possible to kill one enemy rather than wounding multiple ones to reduce their return attacks." his voice carried loud and strong with an aire of confidence. Then it changed and was filled with an eerie quality that made it difficult to determine if his next cry was in jest or deadly serious, "Or exit the room all of you and bolt the door behind you, I'll be along myself shortly afterwards!"

Anyone who looked could see the gleam in his eye and would have no doubt that this was what a battle cleric lived for.

Say what!?
Posted on 10/14/2004 at 8:06:37 PM (CST)
Conall charging the wererat who was about to deliver a deathblow, he heard the words of Cor ring in his ears. Then a change in his voice and the next words that filled the room seemed to bring fire, anger and joy rushing through Conall’s bones.”And leave you to have all the fun. Not on my worst days would I do such a thing,” were the thoughts that ran through Conall’s head as he rushed the targeted adversary.

Drusilia Liadon
Rats and Cats
Posted on 10/15/2004 at 1:59:26 AM (CST)
Once the fog clears and Dru can see how bad the situation is she makes a quick deceision as what to do next. She thinks wererats well what do rats hate most Cats. Using her druid skill of shape changing she transforms herself into a full grown tigar. Then seeing Hawk with three of the nasty wererats on him she will run across to his area and pounce on the wererats using both claws and teeth to try to make all three move back from him. She will then continue to attack these three as best she can using both her claw and bite attacks.

(ooc: Sorry for the short post but I am really swamped with school right now as well as a personal problem that won’t go away. Thanks for being patient with me.)

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 21:37:10.
Edited on 2018-03-07 at 09:56:34 by Eol Fefalas

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You think your tough

Trilogy Master
Posted on 10/15/2004 at 6:34:27 AM (CST)

The gas cleared,Wererats attacking and Party members hurt,The battle continued.

Conall seeing the Gnome Cesair on his stomach and sure to be hit once again CHARGED!!
The Paladin's speed and strength proved well ,his leap catching the were creature full.Paladin and Wererat entangled ,crashed both to the floor....

Cesair seeing Conall remove the immediate threat stood finally to his feet ,helpless no longer ,on his lips and with anger in his eyes ,a spell readied....He then is gone....

Haila confonted by two of the ugly yet dangerous creatures and already bleeding from two wounds was MAD!!.
Raising one hand in spell and the other reaching for her onyx dog a Cone of Cold flashes forth...
Before she had faced two ,now only one ,the second frozen on the floor at her feet.The first wererat hit by the edge of the Cone scurried to the side ,its attack missing the petite pretty human wide....

Cor facing down the hall ,his warhammer held tightly in his fists moved towards the kitchen.
His previous wounds all healed full ,the rat to thank left dead behind.He arrived beside the Ranger Hawk to find him outnumbered ,but yet without fear the backpack his only weapon still.
Swinging the hammer with the might of a dwarf he attacked ,a clean hit tallied ,the wererat staggering back...Forward ,quickly ,the wererat comes back swinging his shortsword scoring a hit ,the War Cleric in pain from chest to back and to hip....

The Lady Dru able to see once again decided on a new tactic of attack.
At once no longer was the beautiful elf among the party her place taken now by a tiger cat ,full grown all teeth and all claws.Pouncing forward she attacked the wererats surrounding Hawk.
The rats falling back ,no damage taken by them ,yet many a hit or bite scored....

Then it was finally the Cavaliers turn...
No longer affected by a gas now gone Alasdair moved forward to the attack ,his blades gleaming one large and one small.Both held in hands strong.
His attack was prefect as the wererat in front of him ,its back turned to defend against tiger was unaware.
His sword a mighty blur sliced into the creatures back a huge gorge seemingly a mile long.But beast staggered almost to its knees yet on its feet it stood yet still....

Ulthok seeing his arrows do naught decided on arrows of a different type.
Quickly casting ,five missiles of magic flew from his hands these unlike the the other Magic Missiles fired by Haila aimed at the true enemy.
Not watching as his missiles hit those they were targeted ,as he had began to move forward to help Haila...He did not see that one wererat was no more ,at the feet of Alasdiar it did fall....

Af'til seeing the affects of Ulthoks missiles decided use of the same.
Watching as Haila's Cone of Cold had killed one frozen ,he aimed at the second ,all five of his missiles true ,five streaks of light ,hitting ,the smell of burning hair strong.Yet this one too did not yet fall...

Hawk seeing all the aid mainly come his way was glad to know he had friends such as these.
With a refound hope and energy strong he attacked ,backpack flying ,swords once again drawn.He stands ready for battle the next round strong....

The party so engaged with the greater enemy paid the Vapor rats no mind ,for some it cost them.
Cor found himself bitten twice one on his back one at his hip.While Conall entangled on the floor was bitten once and missed by another.
the rest missed and gathered to attack once more.....

OOC:Okay 1st up Wererats...
#1-entangled w/ Conall on floor.
#2-Dead frozen at Haila's feet.
#3-Hurt but still attacking Haila.
#4-Dead combo damage from Alasdiar's sword strike / Ulthoks 2 missiles.
#5-Hurt in battle w/ Hawk & Alasdiar.
#6-Hurt in battle w/ Cor.

Okay there are also 7 Vapor Rats as Follows
2 on Cor.
2 on Conall
1 on Haila.
1 on Af'till.
1 on Hawk.

Will post on Monday as norm have a good weekend every body...
Also to Mottle My Cowboys play your Steelers Sunday and again they are favored care to make a wedger? payment of loser to winner next week.?
Let me know amigo...

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 21:38:58.
Edited on 2006-10-31 at 02:20:36 by TannTalas

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