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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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Mind tricks...

Cor stood as the wooden door was examined by Ulthok and Valene. Ulthok glanced back momentarily, making sure Cor wanted to go this way. Cor nodded slowly, and readied his weapons for the horrors on the other side.

Well, at least he tried to. Cor stood in shock at what lied ahead: a torture room. Inside, some octopi-headed monsters, 8 if Cor counted right, were inside. One was disemboweling the female paladin that they had seen outside! Frozen in shock and disgust, Cor could only watch at what was happening ahead. Out of the corner of his eye, Cor noticed both the three awakened black robes and two prisoners in spiked cages.

Before he could react, a searing pain ripped through Cor's mind. Cor gripped his head in the pain. It a second, it was gone. He shook his head, still remembering the pain that he had just endured. Cor glanced around and saw that they all had been hit; however, Bareel, Rayne, Valene and the two familiars were knocked out. Cor was unsure exactly how badly hurt they were, but by their breathing they were alive, but he knew he needed to check on them.

Cor felt sick. Sickened by the gore. Sick from his decision possibly killing them all. Just sickened by everything. Now was his time to react. He glanced at the rest of the party, and realized that he needed to protect them. Everyone was vulnerable to the monsters mind attacks. Cor casted 'bless' on the party. Hopefully, it steeled their defenses enough to make it through the fight. "I'll help ya kill these monsters in a second, I just have to check our allies!" Cor called out to the rest of the party. Pushing his way back, he kneeled to check on the fallen party members, all the while hoping there was something he could do.

Posted on 2013-11-03 at 15:54:49.
Edited on 2013-11-06 at 04:12:12 by SirSadaar

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The Master of Shadows....................

The scream first got his attention, then the smell, then sight of horrors. Mind Flayers stood around tables removing body part from one the adventures to place in some horrid creation. Before he could react a the “Things” turn to see them and a blast smashed into his mind. Stunned but standing he had withstood the attack. But Peri’s cheery presents was silenced. Turning Ulthok saw Peri and Valene on the ground, the attack had overwhelmed them.

Anger and rage surged in the mage and he reached for his dark magic to fling at the horrors. The memory of how the Krill in the mountain has deflected his magic attack he picked help from the dark side. Reaching to the dark places he Summoned up four Shadows. “Those three and one trying to escape are mine,” he called pointing to the table nearer the side door.

As the Shadows appeared he commanded them to kill the Mind Flayers, to suck their strength from them as they would have sucked the brains from this companions. Steeling his own mind so as not to be an easy target of Tentacle faced fiends he prepared his next attack bringing his bow to bear.

(O.O.C.) Summon Shadow
Range: 10 yds. Components: V, S, M Duration: 1 rd. + 1 rd./level Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: 10-ft. cube Saving Throw: None

When this spell is cast, the wizard conjures up one shadow (see the Monstrous Manual) for every three levels of experience he has attained. These monsters are under the control of the spellcaster and attack his enemies on command. The shadows remain until slain, turned, or the spell duration expires. The material component for this spell is a bit of smoky quartz.

Posted on 2013-11-06 at 02:39:07.
Edited on 2013-11-06 at 02:40:45 by Odyson

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A Moment of Anger.

Lothor was relieved that the party chose swiftly to move on, the sounds of battle still echoing around the eerie hallway. After walking down the corridor Lothor, and the party, were confronted with another wooden door in front of them. With little other choice the party opened the door and filed through. What met Lothor on the other side was the most, shocking, gruesome and awful scene he had ever witnessed.

As he took in the scenes of blood spattered walls and floors and the flayed, skinless bodies of all the races he had fought alongside his vision began to blur. Pain wracked through his head worse than any pain he had felt before. He had been stabbed by swords, knocked out in drunken brawls and been given surgery on the battlefield, but no pain he had experienced nearly met the threshold he was now suffering.

After what seemed a lifetime, the pain gradually began to subside and the others had clearly felt the similar stabbing of pain. A couple of the other members dropped to the floor, but Lothor did not notice who.
His battle senses took over.

Fuelled by the anger and the horror of what he had seen as he had burst through the doorway he withdrew his axe of throwing, launching it at the nearest of the horrors. As soon as it left his grip he began staggering forwards, drawing his greatsword smoothly from its sheath.

(OOC: Sorry for the small post but time is short at the moment . I presume that Lothor’s throwing axe is in range if not he will take a few steps forward, until in range, before throwing the axe.)

Posted on 2013-11-07 at 21:50:25.

RDI Fixture
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such a pyro...

Alyia followed the party into the room, she felt sheepish milling about like this. the party spread out slightly as they entered the room, the iron metallic scent of blood asaled her before she got the first glimpses of the gore soaked room. Alyia was glad they hadn't had time to stop and eat as she swallowed hard. an instant later a pain ripped through her mind, and she screamed unconsciously. She heard outcry's from the rest of the party. As her vision steadied she saw Lothor charge ahead, and felt the flair of Ulthork's magic.
Alyia wracked her mind over her spells, ice, fire, support? she sighed settling on fire ball. concentrating had she tried to estimate the length of the room. she pointed and cast a medium fire ball at the empty tubes behind the three black robes arching it high over the captive cages. she hoped the fall out would be enough to impede the black robes but keep the captives from harm. she hoped the liquid in the tubes wasn't overly flammable.

Posted on 2013-11-11 at 20:57:12.

RDI Fixture
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Oh Fiery One do Bellow

A silent hiss escaped Siréne's lips as they entered the chamber. Abominations strewn out before her and from the vile scene the origins of the black robed cretins was becoming clear. This was unforgivable.

There was no hesitation. Drawing on her rage the enchantress spun into motion. With esoteric chanting and gestures she reached out beyond the mortal world into a place of primal, elemental power. With a feral yell Siréne threw her hand downward as if slashing open a doorway.

As if from nowhere, white hot, living flame exploded into the room and rushed into the nightmare beasts. It's own heat matching the inferno that raged within the enchantress. A single thought ran from her mind into the elemental.

Kill them. Kill them all.
((OOC: Cast Summon Fire Elemental. Commanding it to attach mindflayer #4 and then move on to those closest to it until all the enemies are dead))

Posted on 2013-11-15 at 01:36:43.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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Not an easy fight RD 1

The party had entered a room out of their worst visions of hell and but for three had survived a mental attack none had ever faced before or expected. Had they had Alasdair or Althena they may have had a way to strike back or defend as such. But one was in the fortress below, the other no longer a force for good. Now however at such a disadvantage it was still the parties turn to fight back.

The first of the party to act this first round of combat was Aliya. Her hands ups, spell command words spoken, and a fireball sped from her hand to hit the three half clothed Black Robes. A blast of high intense heat and flames and all three cloned creatures were on fire.

Maggot wasting no time had his bow up and arrows flying before the pain in his head was fully gone. Though somewhat effected by the pain, his aim was not, striking true as his two arrows flew into the chest of Mind Flayer #1. The impact of the two arrows slamming the Illithid back into the table behind it and to the floor.

Sirene also not wasting any time was next to act and brought forth a reinforcement of flame as she called forth a Fire Elemental. Commanding it to attack she sent it against Mind Flayer #4 and watched as it moved past the fallen Mind Flayer #1 and straight to its target engulfing the Illithid in flame. The Mind Flayer turning to fight the Elemental as the being of fire reached it, its attention no longer on the party, started to burn.

Ulthok as Sirene before had decided the best course of action was to summon reinforcements of a sort. With the words spoken four Shadows appeared before the Halfling Thief/Mage. Placing in their minds each ones target the four Shadows raced forward to attack Mind Flayers #3, #4, #5 and #8. However the conjuring had cost time and Mind Flayers so used to attempting escape were fast. As the fourth Shadow sped to attack Mind Flayer #8 the Illithid was there one minute, then he was gone as if it had never been there. The Shadow lacking a target was left to hover awaiting a new command as the other three Shadows attacked. The first of the three easily wrapped itself around Mind Flayer #3 and seemed to be in control at first, however its form started to quickly fade in and out clearly fighting to stay on this plane and looking to be losing. The second Shadow moving quickly reached Mind Flayer #5 just as the creature raised a hand and from its hand burst forth an intense flash of magical light causing the Shadow to scream in pain and move to flee. The last of the four Shadows its target engulfed in the flames and body of Sirene�s Fire Elemental had no choice but to attack and as it did it too began to burn.

With the mages attacks and summonings over it was now the turn of Lothor and the Lady Jessica to move to melee. Lothor his Axe of Throwing to hand let it fly hitting #7 dead center in its shoulder and lodging within it deep. As both moved side by side forward towards Illithids #2 #6 and the now wounded #7 the female Paladin stopped dead in her tracks. One moment the area before was clear of any enemy the next Mind Flayer #2 appeared before her. Gaining the element of surprise it quickly struck and took the Paladin�s head in its four tentacles. As her face went slack, and her body dipped, held up only by the Illithid itself, Lothor knew he had to act fast before the creature plane shifted again.

For Cor it was not about attack but healing as he turned to check on Barreel, Valene, and Rayne. As he moved to kneel beside them he could see Barreel already starting to come out of it. The Dwarf�s mind so strong that what would have easily toppled a giant had only stunned him for seconds. However as he moved to Valene�s side he could clearly see though not hurt the Halfling Thief/Cleric was out for the count and would not be any help in this fight. However as he reached Rayne he could see she was clearly stunned but somehow trying to fight the effects of the Mind Flayers Mind Blast. Though she looked to be trying hard, Cor could clearly see she was starting to lose. Taking a chance he called forth and cast a Cure Light Wounds and was overjoyed to see though it healed no wound it did indeed heal the Ranger/Cleric�s mind bringing clarity to her once more. With two out of three fallen members ready to fight this next turn he turned back to the battle at hand.

(DM OOC: Ok there you have your Rd one and for you active players this round, good posts. Ok up next round two Sunday the 24th and lets see what happens next. I must say its good to be back DMing as these past three weeks have sucked. However as our motto goes first uttered by the original Ulthok, Dragonmist, Game On!)
 photo 001_zps4cbc64a2.jpg

Posted on 2013-11-18 at 08:29:49.
Edited on 2014-11-16 at 17:10:58 by TannTalas

Regular Visitor
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Cold Anger

Rayne slightly shakes her head as her eyes open. Cold anger shining in them. She rolls to the east and comes up on one knee, her bow with two arrows nocked in her hand. She lets them fly at Illithid number 7. The green energy now hurling toward it.

Posted on 2013-11-22 at 02:06:17.

RDI Fixture
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Aliya couldn't help but let a elated whoop of excitement as she watched the three black robes burst into flame thanks to the well placed fire ball. moving over to Barreel she cast strength on the Berserker.
"just a little boost, so you can have more fun." she winked at Barreel and moved towards cor and Valene.

Posted on 2013-11-22 at 03:38:08.

RDI Fixture
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Into battle!

Cor ran over to check on Bareel, Valene, and Rayne. Bareel seemed to be stirring. Bareel was certainly one tough dwarf, both physically and mentally. Valene, though, was completely out. Just by checking on her, Cor knew he had no spells that could help.

The fortune changed as Cor got to Rayne. Seeming to struggle , Cor realized that she may not be able to overcome the spell. He had no spells that were meant for this... but maybe a healing spell would work. With a prayer to Odin, Cor cast Cure Light Wounds. Somehow, it seemed to revive Rayne.

Now that he had helped his party members as much as possible, Cor turned back to the battle. Lady Jessica had been knocked out by the Illithids, similarly to the way that the others had been knocked out. As much as a threat the Illithids were, Cor saw the blackrobes. He knew that they were the commanders of this evil army. By eliminating them, some of their commanders would be down. That, and their spells would be able to turn the tide of the battle.

Knowing full well his combat was in close and not at a far, Cor ran forward. Hefting his axe, he ran to finish off the grounded Illithid (#1), shouting, "to Odin!" Very quickly, Cor realized that he would be unable to close the distance with his axe. He had to do something. Pulling out his dwarven throwing hammer, Cor threw it at injured Illithid (#1). The faster they were taken out, the better.

OOC: ( Cor will through an axe at Illithid #1. If it's killed, he'll target #3.)

Posted on 2013-11-22 at 04:02:23.
Edited on 2013-11-22 at 04:50:24 by SirSadaar

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
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Let's do dis!

When he came to, Barreel gave a snort, a shake of the head, and, as he got his feet under him and stood to survey the situation, finally offered up an almost irritated grunt. “I don’ care much fer bein’ set on me arse,” the Mountain Dwarf grumbled from behind a humorless smile as he secured the set of his shield and drew forth his hammer, “‘specially by th’ likes o’ these slimy bastards!” He banged the hammer rhythmically against his shield and started humming as the song built in his chest…

~Blood an’ bone!
Stone an’ steel!
Sing, slay, shout,
Hear th’ en’my squeal!~

…He was vaguely aware of Aliya standing next to him, then, and feeling a rush of strength was over him as the song built… he let his gaze flit, momentarily, to the half-elf…

“Just a little boost,” she winked at him, “so you can have more fun.”

…Grinning viciously, Barreel returned the wink and, as Aliya moved to aid Valene, he stomped forward, the battle song booming from his lips and the hammer, still banging on the shield, keeping time…

~Flint an’ steel!
Rock an’ mud!
Sing, slay, shout,
Let’s spill some blood!~

…The cadenced banging ended, then, and, as if he were of the same mind as his cousin Cor, Barreel loosed his hammer into the fray! Without waiting for the hammer’s return, Barreel raised his voice, unslung his axe, and stormed into closer, more gratifying combat!

~Flesh o’er bone,
Steel o’er flesh!
Sing, slay, shout,
Let’s make a mess!~

((OOC: Okay… so there ya have it… Barreel’s raging up, throwing his hammer (also at the burning robes), and then, battleaxe in hand, is going after the first and most likely target in his range (which is Ilthid #1, I believe, but if the battle rager isn’t need there, we’ll call it #3) and then… well… WHO ELSE BLOODY WANTS SOME!!!! ))

Posted on 2013-11-22 at 14:42:45.

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Double Team............

Ulthok saw Cor reach Valene, he could tell she was alive by the Clerics actions and he felt that Peri was unconscious but otherwise unharmed.

The Mage watched to see how his shadow minion fared. But the tentacle faced creatures reacted quicker than Ulthok had hoped. The one he wanted most vanished leaving that shadow creature languishing. The fire attack of Sirene was now destroying another of his called, one was being resisted and the last was repelled. Quickly Ulthok changed the commands. He pull the shadow from the flaming Illithid and directed it to help the losing shadow. (attacks #3). Also having the the other two shadows again attack the foe stand behind the table. (#5)(Now there are two Shadows attacking each of 3&5.)

To his dismay he saw another mind flayer appear in front of Lady Jessica and engulf her head before she could react. The fighter Lothor was there to the far side and Ulthok hoped he would attack it and perhaps cause the mind sucker to release the lady Paladin. Moving to flank the Ilithid’s other side (#2) Ulthok drew his bow of speed and shot to placed two arrows in vile thing hoping that may cause it to drop Lady Jessica. With his remaining two arrows he shot to damage the creature they trying to create on the table.(Going for the black Robe on the table.)

Posted on 2013-11-23 at 23:54:32.

RDI Fixture
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More Fire

Kill them. Kill them all.
The psychic command screamed out from her mind and she watched the living flame consume the first illithid. She hoped it fed well.

The others sprung into action, hurling flame and shadow into the abominations. With heroic abandon, Lady Jessica threw a battle cry into the air and rushed at the mind flayers, sword raised high. But the paladin's charge was brought to a stop as one of the beast appeared behind her and wrapped its purple tentacles around her head. Her companions responded with ruthless determination. The illithid was not long for this world.

Siréne let her gaze drift across the room to fall on the burning black robes. Her eyes narrowed as she recalled the last time she faced them. An inferno akin to the raging elemental raged within the enchantress and called for release.

Once again she moved into the graceful stance of a priestess, drawing power from the fires of the sun and her own rage. Dexterous fingers traced arcane marks into the air as she sang the incantation. The speed and volume raised as the fiery power boiled within her demanding release. Siréne obliged. With a final scream she threw her hands forward hurling a bead of white flame out towards the black robes.

((OOC: Casting Fireball. Targeting the black robes, but Siréne will try to place the fireball so that a couple of illithids are caught in the blast. Not sure if they are close enough - primary target is the black robes))

Posted on 2013-11-24 at 17:03:16.

Epic Level Bard
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Belly up, another round

Seeing his arrows are doing some good, Weaver lets fly with another round this time taking aim at the seventh Ilhthid as the first one has decided to nap.

Posted on 2013-11-24 at 17:32:13.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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The first of the party to once again act were its mages the first of the two casting this turn Aliya. Seeing that Cor had managed to get both Barreel and Rayne up and back into the fray, she quickly moved beside the Dwarf berserker. Giving him a smile, a wink and a spell of Strength she watched as he began his charge. Moving towards Cor and Rayne she went to offer her help.

The next of the mages to act was Sirene. Leaving her summoned Fire Elemental to continue its destruction of Illithid #4 she turned her attention to the burning but still alive Black Robes. Words of a spell spoken and the flames of Aliya’s previous fireball was quickly joined by a second as the Elf Mage/Druid uttered its last letter. Once more, the three Black Robes were engulfed in magical fire and Sirene watched as they were each turned into ash.

The next member of the party to act this turn was Ulthok. Moving to flank Illithid #2, he gave his Shadows new commands placing two against #3 and two against #5. However though Shadows #1 and #3 obeyed his command, attacking the third of the Illithids, only Shadow #4 moved to attack Illithid #5 as the last of the Halfling Thief/Mage’s Shadows continued to flee. With two Shadows now facing him Illithid #3 plane shifted away to reappear facing the two captive cages as he moved to open them. His action this turn over Ulthok lined up his Bow of Speed for next round.

For the others of the party, this turn found both Weaver and Rayne of the same mind as both shot off a volley of arrows at Illithid #7. Rayne helped by Cor’s Cure Light and her anger, rolled to the East, came up on one knee, and fired. Weaver remaining in his previous balanced stance shifted his fire away from Illithid #1 to fire at #7. With all four of the arrows hitting, Rayne’s two more visible then Weavers, the Mind Flayer was no more. The arrows ripping into him, one of Weavers a critical hit, had been very effective as the first of the seven remaining Illithids died.

However, having decided that Illithid #1 was sleeping or dead Weaver now found out that he had been wrong as the Mind Flayer plane shifted behind him and attacked! Again, though he had made a possible life-ending mistake, the Ranger/Bard was lucky as unlike the Lady Jessica only one of the four tentacles did attach.

As for Lothor, the appearance of the Mind Flayer next to him was a complete surprise as it attacked and attached all four of its tentacles to the Lady Jessica’s face and head. As he turned to help her, he found himself unable to do so as Jessica was in no danger from his friend who was just trying to heal her. A glance out of the corner of his eye showed him that one of the small enemy soldiers was moving to flank him and that would not do. Raising his great sword to the attack, he quickly moved and did so. Feeling his two handed sword striking the small disgusting insect looking creature he smiled and raised his sword once more.

For the two Dwarves, Barreel recovered from his brief status of being stunned and boosted by Aliya’s spell of Strength, and Cor no longer able to help the Thief/Cleric Valene her unconscious state for the moment permanent. All they could see was to close the distance between themselves and the Mind Flayers opposing the party. Side by side, they moved forward, a song once more booming from Barreels throat. Seeing that they would not be able to close the distance fast enough this round both as if reading each others thoughts turned to their distance closing weapons.

For Barreel this was his trusted Hammer of Throwing and in seconds, it was in hand and on its way to its target Illithid #1. However, before the hammer could reach the Mind Flayer it Plane Shifted away. However here was where luck and Aliya’s added Strength came into play. As the hammer begin its wider then normal turn to return to its throwers hand it found in its way Illithid #5!. The Impact force was such that the Mind Flayer found itself disrupted from its defense against Ulthok’s Shadow #4 and as it was flung to the ground behind its companion, the Shadow gained a hold and began its work.

For Cor, the last of the party to act, it was his bipennis battleaxe broken down for throwing he turned to. However, as the Dwarf Knight Cleric let them loose he found he had no targets, both illithid #1 and # 3 having plane shifted away. His pair of axes returned to him for this round un-blooded.

For the remainder of the party’s foes it seemed as if the last two Mind Flayers were on a different page. As Illithid #6 charmed then turned Lothor against the party. #2 having totally stunned and subdued the Lady Jessica did not wait to see if it would survive, a fight against the armored Dwarfs headed its way. However, it was evident that one of its fellows had gained control of the large human fighters mind, turning him against his companions. Others of its fellows had shifted away so having already started to suck out the female warrior’s brain it too shifted away and out of the room with its prize. The Lady Jessica‘s Holy Avenger falling to the floor unclaimed once more.

With Illithids #4 dead from Elemental fire, #7 dead from missile fire, #8 fled and #2 with the Lady Jessica gone. With all three of the Black Robes burned to a crisp the party now only faced the four remaining Mind Flayers and Lothor a hard fight that had just gotten much harder.

(DM OOC: Ok there you have this weeks post. To sum it up Ulthok took some heavy damage from Lothor’s sword while Weaver though taking very light damage now has a tentacle attached to him giving the Mind Flayer a much better chance to attach the other three and begin eating your brain. Lothor is under complete control of Illithid #6 and will continue to see the party as foes and the Mind Flayers as friends until he is released or dead. Ok next post next Sunday Dec 1st. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and much joy with Family and friends this week)

 photo Rd3_zpsdd978eed.jpg

Posted on 2013-11-25 at 05:50:33.

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A strange sensation.

His vision was hued with red as he charged forward, veins bursting from his head in rage. As his axe left his hand he watched it, willing it into the unprotected back of one of the foul creatures in front of him. From what seemed sheer force of will the axe struck hard and true into the back of the static creature. With a nod of satisfaction Lothor continued, intent on claiming the lives of the oppressors before him.

Jessica was toe to toe with him as they both raced forward to save the lives of the somehow still living Paladin. Lothor was beginning to calm, his initial rage subsiding, and it was just as that thought occurred to him that Jessica was taken into the tentacles of one of the disgusting beings that had rushed up to them.

Lothor was readying himself to strike at one of the tentacles clutching onto Jessica’s contorted face when a sensation came upon him, one like he had never experienced before. His rage subsided completely, he was in a state of extreme calm and suddenly he realised he was wrong.

The illithids, yes that was their name, they were doing the good here. What right did he have to come barging into their hold with his friends causing havoc and killing women and children of the greenskins. It was time to make amends. He saw a halfling approach, he could have sworn he knew him, but that was quickly pushed to the back of his mind, he was the enemy. He had to do the right thing. He gripped his Greatsword, the hilt cold in is hands, and swung at the small fellow, he had no right to be here. He swung, bringing the blade down on the halfling before him.

Posted on 2013-11-25 at 19:56:25.
Edited on 2013-11-25 at 22:34:18 by Brundel

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