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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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My Late Post

With the party’s hope of leaving the room without a fight shot down in flames the only thing left to do was fight. Their enemy this time around was three Mind Flayers and nine strange creatures. The creature’s faces the party could see more closely now, appeared almost monkey like in appearance with noses looking as if on a skull covered with very thin yellow skin. On top of the creatures, head their long hair was set into a type of triangle with the pointed tips curling forward with all the same color black. As these creatures charged forward, the party only had a short time to guess their origin.

The first of those party members to act were once again those casting spells, Aliya and Weaver. Though having thought most of the time as a fighter in this case her mage came forth. Words spoken under her breath palm pointed towards the six creatures charging from the North. To her initial pleasure, then shock, she watched as she only caught two of the creatures (# 4 & #6) within the bolt. The other four, just like the Mind Flayers behind them, phased away fast enough to be missed. Only to appear among the party and attacking the nearest member at once.

For Weaver it was a choice between the six creatures headed towards the party from the North, the three coming from the South or the Illithids standing quietly in the back. In a spilt second of thought, the Ranger/Bard turned north and like Aliya sent, a Lighting Bolt headed the Illithids way. In choosing the Mind Flayers as his targets, he was lucky as Aliya’s Lightning Bolt before his had opened a nice hole and his bolt hit all three head on! As he watched all three were blown off their feet to lay on the floor for the moment unmoving.

For Peri having been out cold for the first part of this fight she was more then ready for this part. Seeing six of these creatures headed the party’s way she knew harming them was not her style however making it harder for them to attack was ok. Casting Grease, she aimed it at the full six only to watch as four of them phased away. Her spell like Aliya’s effecting only #4 and #6 as the creatures tried to recover from shock and the damage of the Lightning Bolt.

With two of the parties Magic-users and one familiar having acted it was now the turn of the rest of the party to act and first up was Rayne and her bow once more. Seeing both the six from the North and the three from the South she saw she had a clear shot at the southern creatures. Pulling the bow strings back she let loose two of her energy arrows, her target the creature in the lead. (#7) Once more as it seemed to have always been both bolts of energy hit true sending the creature backward and past the two still charging enemy. Then it too was once more changing ahead.

Ulthok having opened the door to find twenty-five Orcs and so headed to the room, and knew having done so had most likely allowed the phasing in of the Illithids. Hoping to save his spells, he quickly grabbed out of his gear a Wand of Frost and sent a Cone of Cold towards them. Knowing the size and width of the cone, he knew it would catch them all. Shutting the door quickly he turned to the battle at hand to find one of the creatures striking at him. (#9) Though its first attack was a clean miss its second was not as it brought the two handed sword back. Grinning a very evil smile on its skin covered skull like face it moved to attack again.

For Sirene it was not a spell she decided to use but an item. In a fast move, she grabbed and brought forth her Wand of Lightning commanding it to cast a forked bolt at both the Iillthids and the strange creatures. Though she successfully hit the chanting creatures, she missed the Illithids, as they were already down. As she watched, the forked bolts easily hit each of the creatures causing them damage but more important stopping their chanting together. With eyes glaring red inside black, they focused on the Elf Mage/Druid for next round.

For Cor, the semi-leader of the party, his actions were at once clear to him. Knowing he had to defend the Mage’s of the party from attack he charged forward towards the three southern attackers only to find one appear right before him swinging its large two handed sword.#8 Though he had been taken by surprise, his armor won out as the creatures two swings missed. However, for the creature it was not so lucky as Cor’s return attack with his axe was dead on both hits drawing blood and pushing it backward. A snarl and curse in some unknown language it moved forward to attack the Dwarf Knight Cleric once more.

For Barreel, Lother and Valene the last three party members to possibly act offensively. Instead, found themselves, along with the rest of the party, having to defend themselves as the last four creatures phased into the middle of the party.

With #1 attacking Barreel, #2 attacking Weaver, #3 attacking Lothor and the last one facing Aliya it became close quarter combat very fast.

Barreel was a Dwarf, a Battlerager, a lover of combat and he did not hesitate or protect himself from the creatures first attack, relaying on his armor to do its job. His faith proved good as though he was hit both times he took only minor damage. His return attacks were also a success as the creature before him took both axe attacks dead on. Though it did not drop dead, Barreel did draw its blood, which flew forward to land upon his armor.

For Weaver, already having acted all he could do this turn, it was a matter of defense and he was granted a 50-50 in that regard only taking one hit. However, though the hit was a hard one, his armor helped limit the creature’s damage and left the Ranger/Bard ready for the next round.

Lothor’s opponent was a bigger specimen of this unknown race but the Human Fighter cared not. With his own two handed sword in hand the two combatants traded a total of four blows and settled for just the ringing of steel on steel as neither scored a hit on the other.

For Aliya the situation looked bad, really bad. Having like the rest already acted all that was left to her was to defend and the creature clearly had her at a disadvantage as she had no weapon to hand having just cast a spell. As the creature attacked, she desperately tried to draw her sword knowing that she would not be able too in time. Then the creature suddenly screamed and turned away from the Half-Elf Fighter/Mage to reveal a dagger protruding from its back. Glancing beyond the creature Aliya could see Valene standing ready her short sword in her hand. Clear it was that the Halfling Cleric/Thief had just saved Aliya some possible major hurt by attacking the creature from behind.

Thus, this first round of combat ended with no apparent loss of life on either side, however there would be enough death in the rounds sure to follow this first one.

(DM OOC: Ok sorry about no post Sunday night I really did not think that enough people would post. Ok as its Tuesday night/Weds morning I will give you till Sunday the 26th to post a new post. I will draw up a new map of the smaller area of the combat for the next round hopefully by tonight or tomorrow and post it underneath this post. Also for any that want to know Mom’s Op went ok but was a long one so she will be laid up a few days here at home so if I seem to not be on much this week that’s the reason. Ok Game On)
 photo 786181bc-9fba-4e89-89dd-74bb2cf8668a_zpse92dd000.jpg

Posted on 2014-01-15 at 06:09:53.
Edited on 2014-01-19 at 07:56:12 by TannTalas

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None have to die here

As the furry of the lightening bolt left Weaver and struck true upon the Illithids the enslavers. As the bolt having left his hand he found his bow not at the ready and knew this time combat would be close and so his hands went to his sword and matching dagger.

Seeing the foe before him, Weaver knew these people well enough. Taking one hit to the mid section while glancing the other away he shouted out, ‘Son’s of Gith, we are not the enemy here! Brake free from your Illithid enslavers! Be the free people Gith made you or forever be enslaved!’

As is always with fighters of such class as filled this room a lull in the deadly dance fell upon him and the one that stood before Weaver. For most is was almost unseen, but for Weaver and the Son of Gith that faced him now Weaver looked at him, ‘The enemy of my enemy is my…’ Weaver could only hoped he heard the response of friend returned.

Posted on 2014-01-18 at 19:38:35.

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A Little More Even.......

“Now that’s not fair….”, the little dragon watched as several of the yellow creature vanished from the target area of her spell. When they reappeared one stepped in to surprise attack her Ulthok. But her companion though struck was able to dodge and defend himself. She felt him planning his response and so glance to see if she might help the others.

The battle raged and the magical fey noted that Sirene’s targets, though hit they were turning to join forces against the Enchantress. “Three against one… that’s not fair either.” Then with a slight flip of her wrist Peri cast Confusion over the three hide wearing yellow faced creatures…and with any luck perhaps it would catch the three Illithids too.

Posted on 2014-01-19 at 01:09:50.

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Strike Back.............

Ulthok turned back into the room after cast cone of cold down the hall from his wand. Before him appeared a tall armor clad, yellow skinned creature. It swung its glowing silver sword with the skill of trained Knight. Luckily Ulthok’s own armor and nimbleness prevented the attacker from inflicting much damage.

While dodging and weaving in defense as the creature struck the mage was able to hide his wand away and then draw his (+3) Sword of Lighting Quickness. The strange creature loomed over the Halfling and prepared to attack again. The mage relied on the magic of the sword to grant him the ability to return the attack with the haste he needs to strike twice and with the gantlets of giant strength to drive the attacks deeply and painfully into this over confident grinning foe.

Posted on 2014-01-19 at 04:06:48.
Edited on 2014-01-20 at 04:19:51 by Odyson

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And then there were two...

In the aftermath of the thunder three sets of red black eyes glared back at her. The lightning strike had not killed them, but it had done its intended job and interrupted their chanting. Whatever had been planned was halted for the moment and now their attention had turned to her. Spellthrowers were dangerous and would need to be dealt with quickly. Her grip tightened on the wand.

Just as she was about to release a second bolt of lightning, Peri swooped in to cover the hide wearing creatures in a cloud of confusion. The enchantress nodded a quick thank you to the fey and began to smile. Faerie blood flowed through her own veins, and she had long been a mistress of the beguiling arts.

Fey power rose within her, filling her with intoxicating ecstasy. Looking forward she met the glaring red eyes with her own smoldering azure cerulean gaze. A word of power left her lips and her eyes flashed with a fey light. The enchantress had returned.

((OOC: Casts Eyebite | Slumber on one of the three hide wearing buggers facing her))

Posted on 2014-01-19 at 17:24:34.
Edited on 2014-01-19 at 17:25:22 by Nimu

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Aliya quickly given the momentary reprieve drew her sword. moving to attack the creature and swung it her sword to cleave the things head from its shoulders. it being focused on Valene.

(sorry its so short. p.s. glad to hear your mom is doing ok Tann.)

Posted on 2014-01-20 at 03:07:21.

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The sands of fate are trickling by...

The intruders were beginning to turn the tide of the battle, how could he of once called these bandits his friends? Powerful spells that Lothor could still not comprehend flew past him and into his new allies chests and backs. Enraged he swung wildly at that cursed Halfling Ulthok. His swing had been too hasty and left him off balance, he had missed the thief come mage and even worse he was falling towards the floor. Before he had hit the floor though he had been suspended, probably through some sort of arcane magic, he was beginning to get fed up with the constant threat of people’s words and not their actions.

Moments later the roar of the battle subsided and a feeling of calm descended over Lothor. His hatred and loathing for the Halfling before him had dwindled and he recognised him as a friend once more. The room was cold and Lothor shivered, though he was still paralysed his body gave a faint shudder. He felt Ulthok looking at him, deciding whether it was safe for him to be released, apparently it was and he felt the magic which suspended him fall away as if water was falling from his body. He regained his balance and stumbled only slightly saving himself at least a little from embarrassment.

Lothor’s first action after brushing himself down was to apologise to Ulthok who he had, so blatantly, attacked.

“I am sorry Ulthok, my friend. Surely you of all people can understand I was not myself. My blood had been replaced by hate and it consumed me. I beg for your forgiveness.” He said, sincerely.

Lothor took what few minutes he could to rest himself and collect his thoughts, trying to forget the horror that had consumed him. After just a few moments it became apparent that they were to move off again, after all time that they didn’t have was trickling by. The sands of fate were falling and he felt as though there were not many grains left before his were to run out.

The party decided to head towards the western door, following the trail of the elusive Illithids, whose power and hatred had consumed him moments before. Perhaps subconsciously Lothor was trailing, near the back of the party, he did not wish to experience their hold on him again. As was the routine Ulthok carefully, but concisely, checked for traps hidden around the door. None were forthcoming and just as he gave the go ahead, once again the room was full of the Dark Ones minions come to give their life for their twisted lord.

There were more Orcs, though he noticed some were of a peculiar heritage, perhaps they were part ogre and part Orc, either way Lothor was sure he could handle them weapon to weapon, the way he liked it. More worryingly however, the Illithids were back and Lothor cringed inwardly, hoping they would not choose him as their target as they had done previously. The Mind Flayer’s had brought with them some potentially more dangerous foes too. They had sharp ears and humanoid features and body shapes, but they were far from any mortal on Trilogy. Their weapons pulsated silver and their armour shone and Lothor puffed out his chest once more, ready to meet their challenge. His hope that this may be a straight weapon-on-weapon fight was short-lived he noticed there were others among these demi-godlike kin. They wore simple armour, much like that of animal hide and the bore no weapons, however, their hands moved in gestures simultaneously with each other. not more magic he thought to himself. Nevertheless his greatsword was uncovered once more, it felt like his sword had been drawn for more hours than it had been sheathed.

Lothor’s moment of hesitation was not shared by Aliya and Weaver who proceeded to fire lightning bolts at both, the odd newcomers and the Illithids, although Aliya’s bolt struck two of the new creatures Weavers bolt was super effective. It struck three of the Illithids full on and sent three of them sprawling to the floor and Lothor could not help but celebrate within himself.

It seemed that Lothors wish to challenge the new and awe-inspiring creatures had become reality. The biggest and hardiest of the group came forward to test his mettle. The pair traded blows and Lothor knew that this may be the hardest contest that he had ever faced. Neither of them could break the others defences and it seemed it would be a test of stamina, Lothor wondered whether this creature could even feel fatigue and it worried him that his own muscles were already protesting with a dull ache. Quickly, though he forgot about his surroundings and focused solely on dispatching his foe.

Posted on 2014-01-21 at 19:26:31.

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Cor charged towards the three southern attackers, catching one of them head on. Cor and the humanoid traded blows. Fortunately, for Cor at least, the creature's greatsword deflected off his armour; moreover, Cor's axe twice bit the body of the enemy. Though the enemy stumbled back, it cursed and snarled at him. So much for an easy fight, Cor thought to himself. A quick glance around the room showed that everyone was toe to toe with the enemy. A situation like this could go either way easily.

Knowing he had to take his opponent down, Cor met his opponent head on again. Although the initial blows hadn't seemed to do anything more then stagger the humanoid, Cor was confident that the creature couldn't take much more of this. Having fought many tough enemies before, Cor had seen few get past a solid strike. Hearing Weaver shout, at what seemed to be a distance in this fight, at the Gith, trying to get them to surrender, Cor smiled at the one he was facing. As he stepped forward to engage the Gith again, he told it, "You really think you're fighting for the right side? Throw down your swords, and fight against this evil!"

(OOC Cor attacks #8 again. Glad to hear your mother's op went well.)

Posted on 2014-01-22 at 23:36:25.
Edited on 2014-01-22 at 23:37:23 by SirSadaar

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Fighting on

As she had hit the leading creature with her energy arrows before she watched as it seemed to shrug off the damage and it still was coming forward. Seeing the creature all alone and coming to join the fight she aimed at it once more. She drew and fired off two more energy bolts at the one she had already hit, #7 hoping to drop it, at least removing one of those controlling the other beings. Maybe they could gain the assistance of at least a few of those whose minds were enslaved.

Posted on 2014-01-25 at 13:40:03.
Edited on 2014-01-28 at 02:01:10 by Mischief

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Round Two

With this new battle now in its second round the party was faced with a number of foes in melee range. However, the first to act from the party this round were once again a pair of magic wielding creatures, Sirene and Peri.

The first of these two was the Elf Sirene. Clearly seeing the three mages eyeing her she decided in her unique Elvin way to meet one of the strange phase creatures eye to eye casting Eyebite at the closet of the three. She watched as, Sleep, her choice of the four attacks was successful dropping the creature to the ground out cold.

However before Peri could also attack the enemy mages attacked first. Of the two remaining mages, the first one targeted Sirene specifically with a pointed finger. At once Sirene felt as if she was dying, her heart constricted and stopped, no longer beating life. Then just as quickly, her heart was beating once more and she knew she had evaded death. However, she had just taken a good bit of damage she yet lived having saved successfully vs. a Finger of Death.

The second creature mage also targeting Sirene spoke a guttural sounding word, raised his hand and in seconds a Fireball exploded behind her but focused to the left. The explosion of fire easily caught Sirene, Valene, Alyia and Rayne full force with the edges catching Lothor and Cor. The blast forceful enough to throw Aliya, Sirene and Valene to the ground, leave Rayne staggering but upright and no effect other then damage to Lothor and Cor. The blast powerful enough to effect those caught in its impact seemed to have absolutely no effect on the phase creature also caught in the Fireballs blast. (#5) Aliya and Valene now unable to act this round.

Then Peri was in the mix, her timing lucky as she flew only through left over heat, her spell of Confusion cast at the three mages. However, with one down asleep, one making its save, she was only able to confuse one of the magic wielding phase creatures. The creature thus affected seemingly lost, began to move away.

With magic out of the way for this round on both sides the fight turned to hand to hand and for the melee round Ulthok was the first to act his reflex’s as a Thief and the bonus of his sword easily giving him first strike vs. the phase creature before him (#9) His strikes quick and accurate he easily scored two hits with one going deep into the creatures stomach. While the first hit did little damage due to the creature’s armor, the second on a normal creature would have meant death. Yet on this phase being though it drew an explosion of blood, still it was able returned the halflings attack with two of its own, this time gaining a solid hit. As it staggered back, attempting to keep its balance it failed going to one knee. With a loud roar of guttural sound, it lunged forward once more.

The next in the party to attack was Barreel his charge at creature #1 at full speed he slammed into the creature before him, only to find himself instead slammed to the floor. The creature having phased at the last moment behind the charging dwarf to easily catch him with a strike from its two handed sword to his back. The strike though hard enough to cause Barreel to lose his balance, was still not hard enough to penetrate his heavy armor and only did a minor amount of damage. As Bareel rolled to stand, he found the phase creature above him sword swinging to strike him again.

The next to act was Maggot, having in mere seconds run through his stored history and experience of his 1000+ years of magically prolonged life and came up with a name of sorts for the phase creatures the party faced.

“Son’s of Gith, we are not the enemy here! Brake free from your Illithid enslavers! Be the free people Gith made you or forever be enslaved!”

Though the Half-Elf Ranger/Bard had given them name he still knew nothing of their customs, culture or their ways having heard of them but not knowing them. As such, he did not garner any response other then a fierce two-handed attack. Trading blows once more both attacker and defender found themselves unable to score a hit on the other. For this round no damage taken.

For Cor, his charge had been met with steel upon steel with him as the winner. As both he and the creature, having heard Weavers cry something called a gith?, moved to once more trade blows, the Dwarf Knight Cleric felt the pain of fire upon his body and made the biggest mistake of his life, taking his eyes off his enemy. In that split second the Gith phased behind him and ran its two handed sword all the way through Cor’s back and out his chest. The massive amount of damage received in that one critical strike causing Cor to fall to the ground covered in blood, possibly already dead. The Gith moving to stand over him with the killing blow raised.

For Rayne having decided to again attack the creature #7 moved forward and to her left raising Andurile’s Blood once more. As she released her next two energy arrows she suddenly felt the pain of searing heat and flame as she was incased in fire. Left up right but staggering she watched as her arrows hit true once more bringing the phase creature to the ground unmoving.

The last of the party to act this second round was Lothor the big Human fighter. Having traded blows with the largest of the creature before him, he was determined not to do so again. Thinking quickly he feigned a retreat and as the creature lunged forward gained his first hit, a sweeping slash to the creature’s breast. Stepping back the creature paused, looked at Lothor with a strange look possibly of respect, spoke in a calmed guttural voice, nodded its head once, and attacked once more.

For the party their actions were done yet two enemies remained that of the last Mind Flayer yet standing #I4 and the Gith creature #C5. Once more, each of the party was hit by the same painfully intense mind attack as they had endured upon first entering this room. However, this time instead of seven blasts of mind numbing pain they were hit only by one attack. With the parties, minds stronger and more prepared all but one member and Peri and Niamedris withstood the attack. For the two familiars it was as before lights out as both fell unconcisous, Peri taking damage as she hit the floor hard.

It was here that something unexpected took place as Gith #5 instead of attacking bent and picked Valene up from the floor and was gone, phasing away.

For the party round two had been a bad one, Cor possibly dead, a Gith standing above the Dwarf ready to deliver a final blow. Valene, like Jessica before her, phased away and out of the room. The only possible positive by a Gith and not a mind eating Illithid. Two party members down leaving seven vs. seven powerful enemies leaving twelve and the Orc types out in the hall. The remaining odds not in the parties favor at all.

(DM OOC: Once again my apologies for a late post but it seems every time I get sick it seems worse then before. However late here it is and the rolls were not good. Reminder check your character sheets for damage Next post this Sunday if you all get your posts in if not then sometime the week after the Super Bowl.

On a game note Kriea is again having trouble with her internet service and will be offline till sometime in March. As such I came up with a neat little side quest once she returns and thus removed the PC from the party till then. Sadaar plz check your PM for details on Cor. Any questions feel free to ask. As far as Eol I have heard nothing from him so I may this month or after my return from Georgia look for a replacement once more. Ok good postings and again my apology for the late post.)

Posted on 2014-01-29 at 01:08:13.
Edited on 2014-01-29 at 01:24:10 by TannTalas

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On to the next...

As Rayne watched her foe drop to the ground, she once again saw the Illithid. Anger darkened her face and she chose to use a flame strike on it. "This is for the paladin", she muttered. She let loose the spell, hoping to see the creature become completely engulfed.

Posted on 2014-02-01 at 16:19:21.

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Phase shift...

As Cor turned back to face the Gith, the fireball exploded behind him. Cor stifled a scream, only to be impaled by the Gith. It had phase shifted behind him, while he was busy trying to figure out what was going on, and ran him through with it's great sword. Cor would have screamed, except the sword running through his chest turned it into a stifled gurgle. Toppling face first to the floor, Cor barely held on to consciousness.

Pushing back the blackness that was overwhelming his vision, Cor could tell the Gith was standing right on top of him, poised to deliver it's killing blow. He hated to waste it, but Cor was certain that he had to use healing; he was already bleeding all over the floor, and any other injury would surely kill him. Quickly praying to Odin, Cor casted 'Healing' on himself. He had to hope his allies were faring better then he was...

(OOC: Cor casts healing on himself.)

Posted on 2014-02-02 at 20:43:08.
Edited on 2014-02-03 at 03:51:52 by SirSadaar

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A Change Of Plan..............

The attack on this phase being drew an explosion of blood, but still it was able returned the attack with two of its own, this time gaining a solid hit. As it staggered back, attempting to keep its balance it failed going to one knee. With a loud roar of guttural sound, it lunged forward once more.
Ulthok had to act quickly to avoid the lunge. Though injured he used the magic in his boots of striding to aid him as he leapt up and over the yellow faced attacker. Although the Gith were tall this injured creature was down on one knee. It was easy to clear it and the blade. Ulthok had planned to twist in the air and then rush the Gith from behind, but as he soared he saw Cor splayed out on the floor, his lifes blood staining the floor. A Gith warrior with sword raising was about to finish the Knight’s Cleric’s life.

Without hesitation the Halfling moved to save his friend and long time companion. Knowing haste was needed to save his freind he drew upon magic for combat. Ulthok had used this spell so often it was as natural to him as breathing, so in full flight as if an angery bird he thrust out his hand and utter the words that loosed a barrage of five magic missiles into the back of the yellow faced killer that loomed over Cor.

If the missiles didn’t kill the creature maybe the distraction would be enough to save the Dwarv’s life. The angry Halfling would finish the job with his sword of lightening quickness.

Posted on 2014-02-04 at 04:22:16.
Edited on 2014-02-08 at 17:16:22 by Odyson

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A debt repaid

Lothors eyes were locked on his enemy, and noted how the Gith viewed him with respect, he was nearly oblivious to the happenings around him. He would need his utmost concentration to dispatch this foe. However, in the corner of his eye he saw Cor fall to the ground, a greatsword protruding from his stomach. His enemy, another Gith, stood over him ready to finish the dwarf.

Lothor would not let this happen. Months ago, upon the mountain his life had been saved by Cor, the leader of this party, Cor had also made enough important decisions to save his life five times over. Lothor could not stand by and watch as the man he followed, and respected, was about to die.

Lothors father had once told him that there are moments in one’s life where you must stand up and be counted, those who do are heroes, who can find the courage to do the right thing. This, Lothor decided, was one of these moments.

Time slowed. Lothor let his greatsword fall to the ground, it clattered on the cold floor but the sound was not sharp as it should be. His right hand went to his side and withdrew his Axe of Hurling, he just hoped he could throw it in time before he met his inevitable death that was moments away on the cold, hard tip of his enemy’s sword. His left hand made its way up to the rabbits foot which hung about his neck, a gift from Cor himself. He held it hoping that his luck would ring true and he would survive the next attack from his enemy.

(OOC: Lothor will disengage from combat with his current enemy attempt to use the luck of his rabbits foot and try to avoid the attack by rolling away once he has hurled his Axe at the Gith standing above Cor in an attempt to buy Cor some time before his lifeblood leaves him.)

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Fine, we will do it your way

Weaver exchanged sword clashes with the Gith that stood before him. No response to his words were given, ‘Then we will do it the old way.’ Weaver fainted to his right but knew he had more room to his left and to his left he pressed his assault on the Gith.

Posted on 2014-02-08 at 23:59:22.

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