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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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Round 2 / EarthQuake Beetle

So it was that round 2 of combat was upon the party and this round a new ally joined as well. Though this new ally was of wood and leaves, very much alive was it. Hopefully it would be able to help....

Alasdair was ready with the Dragon Slayer to hand he upon his stead did charge forward to the attack. The Dragon Slayer swung and thought aimed true for a mortal wound, was in reality a miss, but barely so as the Cavalier did move past the Beetle to its right side. The Beetles return attack though a little off target, did still manage to strike the Cavalier across his back as he rode past, pain and agony did Alasdair feel.
Still on his horse the Cavalier readied his next attack....

Conall knew he was hurt badly and low on health and though he wanted to attack he knew the better part of valor was to retreat for the moment to heal. A half move back before the creature could act and his only Potion of Extra-Healing to hand he did down it all gaining health back at once. Healed once again to full, the next round would be melee once again....

The Dwarf Magma was in his element, combat, combat and yet more combat. He lived for battle and the enemy in front of him a worthy foe indeed. With his crossbow empty and dropped to his side next up was his magical Axe of Hurling, Sallie. His pony at a fast pace angling around the Beetle he did let her fly, the axe striking true hitting the large creature in its side and embedding itself there. But the Beetle was quick to react and with a short leap did close the gap between them one of its legs striking the dwarf a hard blow flinging him off the pony to land hard upon the earth a stream of blood from a new wound to the dwarf’s right shoulder. Next round for Magma would be on his feet, his pony now running for the hills, Sallie once again to hand....

The Druid Cynil having used her staff to bring forth a new ally did now cast the spell of Bless its affects settling over all but Alasdair and Magma. Her turn done for this round a spell cast useful to all, including her ally Treant, the spell itself would be good for 6 rounds, the Druids action for the next round of combat as yet to be determined....

So it was that the Beetles turn to attack was now, its first two attacks having already hit the dwarf Magma, and the Cavalier Alasdair it now did turn its attention to the nearest threats, DeBeucamp, Af’til, and the Treant. The first of its last two legs did attack the Ranger/Cleric and with a great sound of flesh tearing Af’til did find himself 30 paces away on his back a great gaping wound in his chest the Beetles leg having hit for critical damage.
Barely on the edge of consciousness was the Ranger/Cleric, down he was for the moment, surely in need of healing.

With its bite it did attack the Knight DeBeucamp and much to his surprise its jaws as had the round before closed on empty air. For the moment he had gotten lucky, his return attack a hit he watched as this time the Beetles blood did flow.

The Beetles last leg did target the newly arrived Treant and its target moving slow and with a poor AC was hit hard. Bark flying and branches crushed, yet with its size helping it, the Treant did move forward to the attack. A huge limb raised and brought crashing down it did score a hit upon the Beetles back causing a loud cry of pain to issue from the monsters mouth....

The Lady Althena yet heeding the call for her to stay back once again fired two bolts from her magical crossbow and was glad to see that this time both bolts had flown true hitting the creature in its side.
The Beetle busy in melee gave no sign that it had even noticed the punctures but Althena could see quite well that blood from it did flow. She could only hope that next round yet more damage would she do....

Next up once again was the Lady Haila and this time she was ready. Having seen the minor damage done by her Magic Missile spell she turned to the spell of Melf’s Acid Arrow, with the words spoken and her hand out before her the arrow like spell did fly striking the giant Beetle in its Dragon like neck. With a roar of pain the Earthquake Beetle did take notice and seemingly turned her way reading its next attack....

Cor meanwhile was hanging back as yet controlling his Spritual Hammer which he did again direct it to strike at the Beetles head, but as it had been with the first round so it was this round as the hammer no hit did score. Mayhap next round something different would he try?....

The last to attack once again was the Halfling Ulthok and having seen the success of Haila’s spell and the creature’s reaction to it did decide to cast the same. As with Haila the words of the spell Melf’s Acid Arrow spoken the spell was cast, only to miss at the last insent as the Beetle did move towards Haila. Ulthok not in the least bit deterred readied his next spell....

Round two over and as the first round both good and bad. A creature clearly somewhat in pain, yet still on the attack. A number of party members wounded and bleeding, with one semi conscious and on his back. Round three coming up next....

(OOC: Ok very poor posting this week what did most of you do, take the week off?
OK next post next Sunday and a big thank you to the three players that did post.)

DAMAGE THIS ROUND Alasdiar: 6 points
Magma: 17 points
Af’til: 50 points (critical hit: 25 points x double damage)
Treant: Unknown

Posted on 2006-10-29 at 23:31:02.
Edited on 2006-11-05 at 23:32:42 by TannTalas

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past and present

Being throwing from my horse, I laid there as the land still quaked beneath my broking body, proving my inability of my feet to steady them self to face the upcoming events. As the stones and the body of Ulthok and Althena jiggle and bound before my eyes a massive creature broke though the land before the mighty Connell and companion. Upon rinse to my feet I race through my head on what choice I had in this. I have no horse to ride into combat with like the other as the horse we not trained for battle and must be scare out of there wit. I will not make it do what it doesn’t want to do. Then Alasdiar yelled “Those with magic stay back out of range, while those of us who are best suited for close combat move forward and into the fight. Lady Althena, since you have no current protector, I request that you stay back with those wielding magic and attempt to stay out of harms way."” Being remind that I am unarmored and better at bow it would be best for me to cast first then shoot. Then with a flash a spell appear in my head as the might creature roared with putrid breath melting all before it. The spell of puffball, simple in name and power that almost all Ranger learn it work far before they leave the nest, but dangerous none the less, a spell to stun thy enemies and grant us the advantage.

But to no avail my goddess has seem to abandon me in my time of need and refuse to grant my request. Many images race though my head as what I could have done to betray her for her to want and did turn her back on me. I must not be worthy of her blessing and I have been deed to suffer alone in the dark in my ordeals ahead. As all the other charge on Horseback as I climb down the hill, forging my way into the valley of the beast. To no surprise all the one on horseback made it long before those on 2 legs was able to strike the creature before it could retaliate. Want to be close to the fighting in hand to hand so I would be able to heal them in-between bow snap I continue to travel forward. But to my surprise the legs have farther reach than I though as striking true to it word sending my flying thou the air, landing and unable to think or even see straight I lay there dazed and confused for who know how long, unaware of the battle before me. Laying there I receive glimpse of a pearl white palace surround by red glowing waters crashing against the outer parapet, like the ocean echoing in my skull. A lone figure stands before the gate staring out with violet iris. The figure begging the question, “Are you ready…your trial is…join us …will be you reward,” as the rest of message was drowned out by the wave. Uncertain of the meaning the image faded as the battle raged onward. (After you tell me how long I am out in semi conscious I can tell you what I want to do.)

(DM'S NOTE: Thanks for the spell description but I already had found it in the druids Handbook. Thats why I was able to know if it worked or failed. Next time just put an OOC in your post telling me where to find a spell I may not know of right away. I also went ahead and edited the spell description out of your post. As for your status right now your dazed, hurt, and in alot of pain but not out cold so you can still act next round just not a combat action.
So you said me casting didn't work, not that the spell doesn't effect the monster, beside if the spell was cast i didn't throw the mushroom yet so i would still have the mushroom in my hand and the monster wouldn't had a chance to resist it yet.

DM'S NOTE #2: No the spell was cast, but it had no effect, as I posted in the previous round check my post again its there.As such the mushroom was used and is gone.
But I didn't throw it yet so how can it be use. I have a lot of time to lob the grenade. I didn't throw it so I wouldn't know it didn't have an effect on the earthquake beetle yet. Unless you said I threw it, then in that case it still has 1d3+1 round to possible affect it, if my memory serves me right (I am at work right now so i don't have the speell in front of me)
FINAL DM NOTE: Ok I misread the spell your actually casting it on a mushroom to turn it into a grenade. I thought the mushroom was part of the spell componets and I see I was wrong so yes the mushroom is in your hand and the beetle has not had a chance to be inficted.

Posted on 2006-10-30 at 07:29:50.
Edited on 2006-11-05 at 03:41:05 by TannTalas

Epic Level Bard
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I feel better

As Conall took his potion he saw the great lights of the Spiritual Hammers of Cor and knew Odin had sent him strength, but as he looked on he knew something was amiss as the Hammers that always hit true, missed.

Conall remembered his time as a young child playing with bugs, “Use crushing weapons on the body of this beast!” he called out as he moved in toward the head and neck of the beast. For all Conall had was his sword.

Posted on 2006-10-30 at 20:21:56.

Bromern Sal
A Shadow
RDI Staff
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4257 Posts

Stupid bug! Squash him!

Cor was shocked to see that he either had very poor control over his magical hammer, or the creature was in possession of some hearty magical defenses. Failing to believe the first, the dwarf had to settle for the latter. Dismissing the hammer, the priest quickly took stock of the lay of the land and decided on a course that would bring him to Af’til’s side. He’d witnessed the ferocity of the aberration’s attacks and wished very much to steer clear, but he had a number of allies in less than prime condition. Their survival, as was usual in such situations, would depend on the heart of their priest and his courage.

“Well, then pony,” Cor muttered as he put boot heel to flank. “Shall we see just how brave ye are?”

That said, the dwarf will put his animal to full tilt towards Af’til’s prone form, but on such a course that hopefully will allow him to avoid the dragon beetle’s attention. His intention is to reach Af’til’s side and cast his most powerful healing magic should he be allowed the opportunity.

Posted on 2006-10-30 at 22:00:36.

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A Friend in need is a friend indeed!

Using his magic to the best of his ability the halfling does what he can to try and stop the great beetle in it's tracks.Having first blasted it with a cone of cold and followed up with a acid arrow that at the last second missed as the monster changed direction and the mighty beast just keeps on coming.It's many attacks scoring hits on three of the party members and one on the druids treant.most of the hits while damaging did not seem life threating accept for one.

As he prepares to cast his spell he keeps constant watch on all that is happening around himself, and when the mighty beetle hits Af'Till with one of its great legs Ulthok is aware of the severity of that attack as the ranger cleric is thrown back around 30 feet to land on his back with a monsterous gash in his chest from which blood flowed freely.Not being a healer himself does not keep him from recognizing the severity of the wound that Af'Til has received.

Quickly glancing about and seeing that most of the party was tied up in their own combat problems while he himself having missed with his last spell had not attracted the beetles attention made a quick deceision.Instead of launching another magical attack towards the monster he deceides to help Af'till.He knows he has no magical healing spells or any objects that can heal he does however being the thief and hoarder that he is have an abundance of extra healing potions.

So using the power of his boots of striding and springing he moves toward the ranger/cleric as rapidly but safely as he could keeping one eye on the movements of the creature they fought, upon arriving at Af'Till's side he will kneel at his head but will make sure he is always facing the monster.He removes one potion of extra healing from it's place and putting one hand under Af'Tills head to raise it slightly and slightly shaking him to make him aware that he is there with help.Quickly my friend we must make you feel better as fast as we can.Just in case Af'Till is not comprehending real well Ulthoks explains while he brings the potion to the down rangers lips.It's Ulthok here Af'Till PLEASE drink this extra healing potion.Holding his head up slightly Ulthok puts the vial to Af'Till's lips and begins to pour the liquid into his mouth.Watching carefully to be sure that the man is swallowing the liquid he empties the vial into his friend.

[OOC:Since I am not sure that Af'Till is aware enough to drink which I think he is, but just in case he is not if Ulthok sees that he is not swallowing the liquid he will stop pouring and do what he must to either waken him more so he can swallow or find some way to make him swallow.If I need to do either That I will.If for some reason I can not get the potion into him please let me know.]

BIC:Having emptied the vial into his friend the halfling now prepares for his next attack on the beetle.

Posted on 2006-11-02 at 07:41:28.

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10 Posts

A prickly question.

Cynil is used to natural spells: talking to trees, stone, melding into the earth; summoning animals. It saddens her now, as it always has, to watch her power destroy. The treant shudders, limbs snapped and broken, but fights on at her command. Her companions fight, some of them injured, Af'til perhaps dying. Cynil can't tell from where she is. Even at such cost... is it worth it, striving to kill?

Tonight, she vows silently, I will ask the stones for fire. No more can I afford this romanticism; a fire storm, now, or lightning - the brutishness of this monster demands it. Fishers bite the backs of their victim's heads, killing them instantly. Wolves rip out hamstrings, and savage the throats of the fallen. Should I do less?
Devastation, too, has its part in life. The wildfire cycle of the dry plains; jellyfish pulped by the pounding surf; the stripping of the trees in the fall. Suddenly, Cynil is ashamed. She should be killing the beetle now, not dreaming about trees and watching her friends engage it.

And Conall is hurt. Somehow, that is worse than the rest. More to think about later, perhaps.

Althena is the most important, for now. And Conall is too far off to guard her. Cynil will take up his charge, for she is closest, with Althena just to her left. But the beetle is about to attack Haila. What to do? The others are scrambling to help Af'til.

Cynil makes her decision quickly. Twirling her staff, she points at the ground between the monster and Haila, and summons a wall of thorns, twenty feet high and ten feet deep, and thirty feet long. Time enough to worry about Althena once Haila is out of the beetle's path, she thinks. In a moment, the beetle will shift its attention to more accessible quarry, and Haila will be able to cast her magic around the edges of the wall.

Posted on 2006-11-04 at 21:24:33.

The Tired
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Second verse, same as the first

Once missile weapons are exhausted, Magma’s thoughts went straight for the belly of the beast – that would be its weakness, and he had an axe for every occasion.

The dwarf rolled with the hit he received, off his war pony and on to the ground. He’d been hurt, buy not enough to slow him down. He switched to Nellie and shield, for the time for missiles was long gone.

Magma moved in to get a solid blow, hopefully at the belly of the beast as it lurched in close to the ground to attack. It was a dangerous game, but Magma was loving every minute of it.

Posted on 2006-11-05 at 05:13:30.

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Bugs... though a large one

Keeping an eye on the others and trying to gauge their individual successes, Alasdair heard Conall's call to use blunt or crushing weapons. Thinking to himself, 'why not try' he changed the grip on his mighty Dragon Slayer and prepared to strike with the flat of his blade. Moving about the beetle quickly, he used his horse's mobility to find the right target. As he moved forward to attack, Alasdair did think of Lady Althena and hoped that she would indeed try to use her psionic powers to attack the beast, or at least in trying to do so, perhaps it would become confused and give them all an opening to strike a mortal blow.

To him though it seems that his companions magical attacks were causing more damage than their physical ones. Accordingly he called out, "Keep the spells coming, the beast has been hurt by such attacks it seems."

Posted on 2006-11-05 at 08:07:19.

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Trying to fry a beetle

Seeing her friends being injured around her and seeing not much affect from her magic and seeing Ulthok miss all together. She turns to her staff of battle. Knowing that on a creature of this size using thunder strike threw the wand should to triple the damage if only she can hit. She holds the staff to the sky and hopes for the best. Memories flooding her mind, all she can think about is the kill. Her blood boiling she lets out a loud war cry, much unlike her voice. As she does it’s as if she can she herself doing it but can’t stop. She waits to her the beetle sizzle, in hopes her attempt is successful in damaging this nuisance. Her heart pounding hard in her ears, she can barely hear her loud pitch scream above the constant pounding...

Posted on 2006-11-05 at 18:57:24.

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Round 3 / EarthQuake Beetle

So it was that round 3 of battle was upon the party, some hurt others healed one near death....

The first to act by a fast thinking initiative was the halfling Ulthok, knowing his friend and fellow party member Af’til was down and possibly dead he at once moved towards the fallen Ranger. A potion of Extra-Healing to hand as he ran, he arrived with it uncorked and did begin to pour its contents down the Ranger’s throat. Unable to resist even if he wanted too Af’til took the draught gladly into his body and felt its healing effects at once. Though not fully healed next round he would be able to act once again....

The next to act was the Druid Cynil, seeing the Beetle turn towards the mage Haila she acted fast. A spell at once to her lips did go and a tall Wall of Thorns did appear before the human Fighter/Mage giving her cover and time to back away from the Beetle before in melee joined. The female Druid readied her next action for round 4....

Magma on his feet once again found himself to the rear and somewhat beneath the beast before him. With its turn towards Haila it had seemingly forgotten the dwarf behind it, thus opening its lightly protected belly area to him.
Never one to look a gift horse in its mouth, his fear of them too strong, he rose up and with two powerful swings did attack the Beetles underbelly. With a spray of dwarf covering blood Nelly did makes its presence known both swings scoring hits.
But now the dwarf covered in blood beneath the creature realized he was possibly in a bad spot, as if killed the Beetle would fall on him and could possibly crush him to death....

Conall healed to max once again, wasted no time in attacking once again. With a yell to all to attack the Beetles body he moved towards its head and attacked.
A mighty swing and his aim true, the Paladin did score a critical hit to the creature’s neck forcing a scream of pain from its mouth and a change of its attack away from Haila its gaze now focused on Conall with murder, pain and rage in its eyes....

Haila for some reason believing her magic was having no effect, when in reality it had caused the Beetle to target her, decided to try something new even for her. Raising her staff she would use its power of Thunderstrke and ingage the creature in melee.
But before she or the creature likewise could do so the combonation of the Paladins attack and the druids Wall of Thorns caused the Earthquake Beetle to turn from her leaving her beyond melee range. For the female Fighter/Mage to now enter into hand to hand combat around the wall of thorns she would have to go. Her action for round 3 negated....

Alasdair yet still upon his horse as was the nature of a Cavalier did turn his mount and to the attack did go once more. Hearing Conall’s call of blunt strikes he turned the Dragon Slayer blade to its side and attacked. Intent upon scoring a strike, he watched as his sword hit the Beetles shell dead on, and was surprised to see it have no effect. Except for the clang of his blade upon its shell, the Beetle ignored him....

With the Beetle so focused on Conall it allowed the animated Treant an easy attack once again. With its limited intelligence it still knew to attack and with its two mighty limbs it scored hits upon the creatures back causing it yet more pain, but yet not changing the Earthquake Beetles focus of attack this round....

Now it was the Earthquake Beetles turn to attack and attack it did. In pain from Conall’s hit it focused on him and the Knight DeBeucamp beside him its bite and legs lashing out against those two only.

Its legs attacking the Paladin, Conall felt it as 2 out of 4 did hit him dead on, the other two legs clean misses. Staggered back for the moment and with newly healed blood once again flowing, the Paladin found himself lucky, as the Beetle having finally scored with its bite held the Knight DeBeucamp between its jaws. The Knights legs and head on opposites sides of the creatures jaw, DeBeucamp cried out in agonizing pain, as the sound of breaking ribs and flesh being ripped and torn sounded as loud as a gong....

The last two members of the party to act were the Cleric Cor and the Fighter/Psionist Althena.

Althena her crossbow yet loaded with 6 bolts in its magazine once again did attack, her bolts flying out and towards the Beetles neck. But to her dismay this time thanks to the Beetles sudden movements in pain both bolts did miss. The Earthquake Beetle unharmed by her this round paid her no mind....

Cor with attack the farthest thing on his mind did turn his pony to the aid of Af’til and upon arriving there found that the Halfling Ulthok had beaten him there. With the Ranger very close to full health the need to waste a spell of Healing or a charge from the Staff of Curing became clearly unnecessary. Better to save each to heal a major wound when most needed, then to heal what was now a minor one. The dwarf’s next action would once again be determined by he, himself other then by circumstance....

Round 3 over with a Beetle clearly hurt and in pain, yet still very much in this fight. A Knight in the grasp of its jaws soon to mayhap die and a Paladin once again hurt.
Round 4 on its way....

(OOC: Ok once again good posting by all, everyone posted this week but Dark Autumn as I assume she is still in the process of moving. Hopefully she will return to the both the Inn and the game soon. Ok Next post next Sunday.)
DeBeucamp: Unknown

Posted on 2006-11-05 at 23:32:06.
Edited on 2006-11-05 at 23:36:21 by TannTalas

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attack from above and attack from below

Thanking Ulthok for his kindness as I arise from the dust cover ground. The leaping action gave me an idea on how to attack this creature. Turn to the pint size savior, I ask” how high can those thing let you jump/leap.” (if it high enough I would like to ask him to grasp me and jump over/on the beetle. Hopefully I can get enough momentum in the descent of the jump to pierce the hide of the beetle back with giant size claymore thus anchoring me to the back of the beast, and having safety from the legs attack. But it would be a bronco ride if it takes place.) If the answer is yes then I pull out claymore and attach my rope to it to provide the harness to keep me on the creature back and away we go. If all plan go well then I will be in position to strike it with a spell at very close range.

If he not ability to do this for me then I will attach the mushroom to one of my +3 arrows and aim for deep inside the throat of this creature so none of my companion many be infected by it and only fire when I get a good clear shot.

Posted on 2006-11-07 at 18:54:38.

Bromern Sal
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All Hail the Mighty Cor!

There was nothing to it. The healing had taken place without him, and though the dwarf knew he should have been grateful for his companion's resourcefulness, he couldn't help but feel that he'd neglected the area he should have been focusing. There, underneath the giant beast was his brother dwarf, slashing away at it with all the fervor and hunger of a lay petitioner. Sliding from his pony, Cor gave its rump a swift swat to send it running away. Looking to his nearby companions with a grin, he appeared almost ferral.

"What'll it be today, friends? A little dancing with the Fates?"

That said, he hefted his Rod of Smiting and charged fully intent on smacking the snot out of the Earthquake Beetle.

Posted on 2006-11-07 at 20:34:29.

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Fates-Danceing-As long as I'm Leading

Having revived Af'Til with the potion, Af'Till asks him if he could make a jump and carry him along so he could land on the beetles back.Ulthok says To be honest I don't really know how much weight I could carry and make such a leap we could both end up in a very bad position. Then Cor who has arrived and just sent his horse off speaks to both of them. "What'll it be today, friends? A little dancing with the Fates?"

Looking towards the dwarf he appears to be somewhat iritated that he came over to help Af'Till for no reason.Ulthok Replies to Cors little quip. We can dance with the fates all you want my friend just remember I'll be the one leading.Watching now as Cor turns and heads off towards the beetle with his rod of smiting, Ulthok quickly pulls the hood to his elven robe up to cover his head, then pulling both of the +2 longtooth swords he had aquired, fully knowing he is not dextreos with both hands but he does not plan on dueling with the creature.Holding both swords out in front of him he again puts his boots into use and charges the creature at full speed.Aiming towards the softer underbelly where the neck meets the belly his plan should it work is to use his momentum to simply plunge both swords as deep as possable into the beast, where he will leave them, and maybe with a little luck hit a vital organ that may be in that area.Then with his hands empty he will leap away from the beetle as far as he can using his leaping ability, but instead of even trying to land on his feet he will roll after the leap so as to end up flat on his belly and hopefully with the help of his cloak invisable to the beetle, if it still lives.
So with his plan in mind he starts his charge with his high pitch battle cry issuing from his lips.

DM NOTE: Hey you are finally, truly, back. Love the avatar Dragonmist....

Posted on 2006-11-09 at 08:30:12.
Edited on 2006-11-09 at 09:02:24 by TannTalas

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Here goes nothing

Her plans where thrown away once the wall of thorns went up. Not that she wasn’t grateful for the rescue from certain pain she just wanted the chance to use her staff. She wasn’t quite sure what to do now a large obstacle in her way. She quickly decides to hop on her hoarse and quickly make her way to the side of the thorns where she can get a clear view to cast hold monster. Hoping she can do something that might help.

She hears Niamedris rustling in her side saddle bags. Trying to dig deeper into it to hide. She pats it subconsciously as she casts her spell.

Posted on 2006-11-09 at 11:19:09.
Edited on 2006-11-09 at 11:20:26 by Drusillia

The Tired
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We are going to fight fight fight ....

Magma was aware of his precarious position but didn’t think he was in danger yet. This thing was too much of a scrapper to end his fun that easily. With that in mind, Magma continues to press the advantage, with the thoughts of angling out to the side, and out from under the beast afterwards.

“Whoa Nellie!” He cries out with a glee unbeknownst to his teammates.

Posted on 2006-11-09 at 11:27:18.

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