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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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After Sirene's blast of chaos, Cor knew he had to act now. Quickly, he used flame strike on the orcs in front of him, killing four of them. Two of them wandered off, but they would be stunned for a moment. That meant...

On of the Gith teleported behind Cor, attacking him with two strikes. The force of the blows knocked him to the ground. It hurt; however, he had not been impaled this time. That was fortunate.

Lothor had easily finished off an orc with his greatsword. The armoured human used the now clear space to advance on Lothor. Nailing Lothor, the human's blow knocked Lothor off his feet and into Ulthok; additionally, he became somewhat of a saving grace to Ulthok as he absorbed two strikes for Ulthok. This left Lothor bleeding on the ground. He needed healing quickly, but no one was able to make it right now. Both Roan and Cor were occupied.

Rolling onto his back, Cor was painfully aware of the spellcasters still behind him. Without the orcs, the shield they once had was gone. Cor had hoped that someone would have been able to advance on them, but the Gith had changed that. The Gith seemed poised to finish him off, but Ulthok pounced on it. Using the distraction, Cor stood up. The knight stood by Lothor's crumpled body, positioned to deliver the final strike. Hopefully the distraction Ulthok was providing would last long enough, Cor muttered his prayer, and cast Hold Person solely on the human fighter.

(OOC: Cor casts hold person on the White Knight, and he stands up. Sorry for the late response!)

Posted on 2014-05-26 at 23:17:08.
Edited on 2014-05-26 at 23:17:22 by SirSadaar

Trilogy Master
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The Brother and Sister revealed! (Because I wanted too LOL)

For the party this third round of battle from the start was against them as the initiative went to the enemy. With the first attack, this round DarkWhisper turned her attention from Weaver to the party. A few unheard words and to the rear of the party appeared a Wall of Iron from floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall. The party‘s only avenue of escape now gone............

The next of the enemy to act was the large Gith. Having seen the appearance of the Wall of Iron behind the party, he raised his voice in the language of his kind and at once, the four remaining Githyanki guards (#9,#10,#11,#12) were gone. Only to appear in front of the party where the Orcs guards had been driven from only moments before.

Numbers (#9,#10) to the left of the large human, numbers (#11,#12) to his right. With the large human pressing deeper into the fight the four Gith attacked the two targets before them. To the left the two Gith attacked Roan to the right they attacked Cor.........

The first of the party to be able to act this round was the Half-Elf Fighter/Mage Aliya. Finding herself and Rayne surrounded by three Githyanki warriors (#8, #13, #14) she knew she had to even the odds quickly to allow Rayne the freedom to save Lothor’s life. Hand raised, words spoken and the spell of Color Spray was cast to Rayne’s front in an arc against the three Gith attacking her and Aliya. At once two of the three Gith (#13, #8,) targeted by the spell collapsed to the ground out cold. Having both failed their saves they now lay unconscious and for the moment out of this fight...........

Cor knowing of the Gith behind him knew a bigger threat lay to his side as the large human, by his movement and his quick take down of Lothor, Cor guessed some type of Knight pushed his way past the parties fallen fighter. Calling out in his dwarvin tongue he cast the spell of Hold Person upon the Human Knight? Amazingly as Cor watched the large Human stopped dead in his tracks, clearly having been affected by the Dwarf Knight Cleric’s spell.

However the arrival of two more Gith to his front. (#11,#12) left him open to attack. The newly arrived Gith split up #12 attacking Ulthok and #11 attacking the Knight Cleric. The Gith taking full advantage, managed to hit Cor once out of its two attacks, pushing the Dwarf back into the wall behind him.........

Roan having turned to attack the Gith behind him (#7) had no warning of the new threat to his front. As the three Gith attacked the Ranger/Cleric focused his attacks on the creature gaining two clean blows against it. Though the hits were solid, one very deep sending the Gith to its knees, the astral creature was yet alive but unable to use its two attacks against Roan this round. For the two Gith behind him, call it bad luck, but of their four attacks only one was a hit, and a light one at that. The Human Ranger/Cleric found himself for the next round facing three Githyanki warriors, one wounded, two unhurt..........

Peri, having done as Ulthok had told her and drunk a full potion of Extra-Healing, had recovered to full health once more. Wanting to help but by her nature unable to attack to do harm, she still had her ways and one of them was the spell of blindness. Seeing (#4) as her closet target she cast it and was rewarded by its sudden stop in its attack on Sirene. Blinded it could do nothing but try to see without success.........

For Sirene surrounded by Gith and knowing the dangers of using her magic in such close quarters opted for another course of action. Calling upon her Druid ability of Shapechange she quickly took on the shape of a large white tiger. Lunging at the closet of the Githyanki (#4) she caught it seconds after Peri had blinded it and unable to defend itself the Elf Enchantress ripped it apart into a gruesome bloody mess with her natural claws and those of her gauntlet.

However the Elf Enchantress in her haste to change form had forgotten Niamedris hiding inside her robes. Niamedris being a living creature was not changed as were Sirene’s clothes and gear. Having no choice but to leap away found himself directly in the path of attack of the Gith to the Elf female’s rear (#5). To small to hit with its sword it nonetheless caught the Elvin cat with a hand attack sending Niamedris crashing into the wall hard. Falling to the ground unconscious, bleeding from a wound in his side, his small frame broken, Sirene’s familiar like Lothor found itself slowly dying from blood loss...........

For Ulthok having thought they could easily finish off the Orcs before the Gith attacked he quickly found out how wrong he had been. As the Gith guards phased in they hit some of his friends hard, none harder then his best friend Cor. One of the last two original members of the King’s special force that had started a quest to find a sword, Ulthok being the second. The Halfling Mage/Thief was not about to allow any enemy to kill the Dwarven leader of this group.

Calling upon the spell of Vampiric Touch, though the spell was considered by many mages as evil, Ulthok did not care. Leaping high the Halfling found himself on the Gith above Cor’s back (#6), his hands reaching for and grabbing its helmet less head. As the creature screamed Ulthok could feel its life flowing into him and was grateful for his returned health. However the Gith was not without fight as the creature dropped its sword, grabbed Ulthok by his neck, and tossed him right into the path of the two new Gith. (#11,#12)

Seeing the Halfling fall practically at their feet (#12) stopped to finish Ulthok off as (#11) continued to help its kin,(#6) now leaning heavily against the wall, finish off the dwarf. Raising its sword before Ulthok could defend it sliced down hard. However like most of the Gith this day its luck was bad and it missed with both its attacks.........

For Rayne the sudden appearance of the third Gith to her side and rear, plus facing the two in front of her, put her in a very hard spot. Having clearly hurt the one Gith (#13) with her unexpected casting of Flame Blade. She was about to strike at the same Gith while defending when it and a second Gith dropped to the floor. Without a seconds thought she continued her attack against the last standing Gith (#14) defending herself and Aliya from its attack. Flame met magical steel and the steel passed right through it, Rayne having forgotten her blade was only flame. However as the steel of the Gith’s sword passed through the flames so did Rayne’s fire sword slam undefended into the Gith. The blade of magical fire pierced the Githyanki warrior deep yet he continued his attack.

The now extremely hot sword struck Rayne hard causing her to be pushed backward the deep cut instantly cauterized. However, the flame of her sword being that of magic, the fire had quickly heated the normally protected sword before it struck the Gith, to the point it could no longer normally be held by the Githyanki’s bare hands. Crying in pain, yet continuing to grip the sword, the Gith’s hands were fused to the metal. In massive pain and thinking only of not dropping his sword, the Gith was stunned and seriously hurt for the next round............

For Weaver, the last of the party to act, the Ranger/Bard found himself facing someone he had once called a friend before it had been corrupted and turned into a thing of evil. Fainting an attack to the left Weaver quickly at the last moment shifted his weight slightly and turning attacked to the right. However Weavers faint to gain a better chance to hit did make any difference as the huge former Valar now Sword-Wraith took both attacks undefended on his stone covered body.

Having not blocked Weaver’s attack he gained the advantage hitting with both attacks one serious, one light. However as this was the last attack of this round between the two, the sword as if on its own struck Weaver unerringly a third time. As he found himself pushed backwards and in pain from the three hits Weaver heard Limper laughing.

“Poor Hovsus see what the Dark One has given us each, 9 blades that will always strike last and never miss. This is called Squelcher and it will have your life”

Moving forward once more to the attack, the Limper continued to laugh as the sound of steel on stone echoed within the room..........

(DM OOC: Ok here’s my delayed post sorry about the two day delay on my part. Ok a quick heads up after some thought and considering the blades that they carry I have decided to change the name of the corrupted Valar from Shadow-Wraiths to Sword-Wraiths. In all honesty they look just as normal as the rest of you only way, way more evil. Think Sith vs. Jedi without the face paint or black helmet . Ok next post this Sunday and Map added sometime tomorrow.)
 photo 001_zpsf3e2a641.jpg

Posted on 2014-05-28 at 04:30:38.
Edited on 2014-05-29 at 01:38:02 by TannTalas

Ma' Nozzle
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Surrounded. Overpowered. Outmanned. These words came to mind as Roan found himself beset on all sides by Gith. Who was he but a man with a couple of fancy swords he kinda liked? He certainly felt he hadn't deserved to attract the attention he was recieving. These fearsome humanoids seemed pretty set on him though, and as he turned, facing them one by one, the faintest hint of despair crawled up his back. He had only just gotten here, but these three seemed keen to give him an early exit.

No. Roan was unwilling to think thoughts like this. He spun a prayer through his head, forcefully pushing aside his fears.

Odin, you who guides my blade
see me now with your open eye
and let me strike deep

You who chooses the slain,
look on my deeds, and when my time comes
to run the sky with you
let my end be worthy of song

Walled in and bleeding from his inujries, the priest swung his weapons at the same Gith he had already damaged, cutting twin streaks of pain across his enemy's chest. In doing so he hoped to reduce the assailants from three to two.

Posted on 2014-05-31 at 04:58:34.
Edited on 2014-05-31 at 05:20:13 by Schnozzle

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Blood for blood...

A strong metallic taste filled her mouth as the tall, yellow skinned creature exhaled its last breath. She did not stop to feed, for this was no hunt for food but rather for vengeance. Soon rivers of blood would flow, and not even they would quench the thirst of the Lady of Retribution.

Turning away from her fallen prey, the great cat sought a new foe. Her feline eyes fell on the small cat running away from her. Nimble though he was, Niamedres was unable to evade the attach of a nearby githyanki. The yellow skinned warrior struck out sending the cat's tiny frame flying across the room. Siréne felt his pain as if it were her own. It coursed through her body driving her into a feral rage. In that moment the elven priestess gave in completely to the wild tiger. Serenity left her and all that remained was pure, unbridled fury.

A thunderous roar erupted from her throat and it promised death. Fangs bared, Siréne leapt at the githyanki who had attacked her dear friend.

((OOC: Attacks Gith #5))

Posted on 2014-06-01 at 14:00:50.

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Now Just Hold On There.......

Although the passage was full of fighting Peri was able to avoid the melee by fluttering above and about. She she knew her companion intents and felt him able to fend for himself…at least for now. She admired Ulthok’s loyalty to the party and and knew she too needed to help the others when she could. These yellow face things had shown themselves to be singly fierce fighters but in groups were overwhelming to her group. As four had appeared the attack on her friends was indeed getting deadly.

The new human (Roan)that had joined them had been doing so well when two creatures appeared and attack him. “Oh my…three on one just isn’t nice,” she chirped. “They can just wait until he’s ready for them.” Then calling upon the ancient magic she’d been gifted with, she cast out a spell over the two Gith (#9 & #10)that had appeared. “You can just hold still for a while.” The little Faerie Dragon had cast a spell of Hold Person then flew out of the hall and into room darting behind the charts standing near the side wall.

Posted on 2014-06-01 at 15:18:49.

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Jumping Jack Flash..............

The mage had seldom called on the darker magic he had learned. It’s use was often not accepted by the Paladins he had accompanied on his journeys. But they had now all been killed or taken and this was to save himself and those that were left. The spell drew the life force from the Gith to replenish that that they had taken from him and it gave his oldest friend Cor a chance to escape the rear attack.

These creatures were strong and even though his thief skills had allowed him to back attack the thing and the spell was sapping it strength it was still able to dislodge him and toss him in front of the newly arrived reinforcements. The natural nimbleness of his kind and the skills he had honed just barely allowed him to avoid its slashing swords as the yellow faced warrior attacked him twice.

Regaining his footing as he now stood several feet in front of the Gith; he could also see that the remaining big Yellow creature and the hooded female were directly behind this attacker. Acting quickly he once again called the arcane skills he had developed over the years. Hoping to catch all three of these enemies in one spell he released a thunderous forked Lightening Bolt that started a foot in front of his attacker to slice through and around it and on to the two other foe behind it.

Posted on 2014-06-01 at 15:51:10.

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Cor stood, completely focused, staring at the White Armoured human poised over Lothor. Ignoring the vulnerability, he cast hold person solely on the human. It worked, as the knights froze in place, being halted in mid-stride.

Unfortunately, the Gith once again took complete advantage of Cor's preoccupied spell casting. He was hit solidly once in the chest, and knocked back into the wall with a grunt. Pulling himself forward, Cor knew they needed an opening to heal Lothor. One of the Gith (#6) was sitting between Lothor and the others... perhaps if Cor attacked him it would provide that opening? It would be no good to Lothor if Cor allowed the other Gith to take him and his healer out.

Carefully shifting to stand above Lothor, Cor kept his eyes on the other Gith. Teleportation was a neat trick, but would not protect them from the bite of steel. Swinging his axe, he slashed at the Gith. "Come on Gith, is that all you've got?" Cor taunted towards the Gith, trying to draw some of the attacks off of his injured companions.

(Not completely sure how moving in combat works. Cor will move to stand over Lothor if it will not leave him vulnerable. If not, he will fight with his back to the wall. As for attacking, he focuses on Gith number 6, but will attack others if it moves out of his melee range.)

Posted on 2014-06-02 at 00:04:19.
Edited on 2014-06-02 at 00:04:50 by SirSadaar

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Alyia seeing two of the three Giths drop turned to face the remaining.

Giving Xin a mental command to keep an eye on the two unconuss giths as a precaution.

(pending Rayne's actions )

Alyia relaxed into battle stance letting her training come into play, yet keeping wary of the gith in front of her. sighing a soft breath, Alyia lunged her attack thrusting at the glith's core.

Posted on 2014-06-02 at 01:31:39.

Epic Level Bard
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You show your hand

‘Yet again old man you brag.’ Maggot sheaths his short sword and prepares to simply defend Limpers attacks.

Posted on 2014-06-03 at 05:14:35.

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Yet another Rd

The stakes were high and the party hurting, with retreat no longer an option all they could do was continue to attack.

With the party once more winning the right to act first this round, the Faerie Dragon Peri started the show.

Seeing the odds vs. the newest party member she knew he needed her help the most. “Oh my...three on one just isn’t nice,” she chirped. “They can just wait until he’s ready for them.”

Wasting no time Peri called forth and cast Hold Person upon the Gith to the front of the male Ranger/Cleric. (#9, #10) She was delighted to see both Githyanki warriors immediately stop their actions and freeze. Darting out of the hall, she headed towards the hanging charts.........

The next of the party to act in the use of magic was Ulthok having decided on the spell of Lighting Bolt. Centered before him and forked it was quickly cast striking the Gith before him #12, then both the large Gith and Dark Whisper. As the Githyanki warrior was struck to the floor, his armor and skin smoking, yet alive. Ulthok watched as a ring on the large Gith’s right hand flared blue causing the left sided fork to hit and disappear. Almost at once, as if summoned, six more Githyanki phased into being around him ready to attack next round..............

The right hand fork of the Lightning Bolt had seemingly better success hitting Dark Whisper dead center with an explosion of electricity. However, as Ulthok watched Dark Whisper, seeming to have taken not a bit of damage to herself or her clothing, paid the bolt no mind. Clear to the Halfling Thief/Mage the female Sword-Wraith with the same look as she had first given Maggot, was hunting

In the back room of many a tavern and bar in Trilogy, it was joked that all good deeds never go unpunished and here in this castle of evil truth to this joke was given.

Dark Whisper having seen the two Gith become held in the same way as the armored Knight became annoyed. Having not even registered being hit by a bolt of lightning she searched for and found the spell’s caster. Upon seeing the nature of its caster she smiled.

Eyes focused, words muttered, Peri suddenly turned and moved towards her landing on Dark Whispers shoulder. The tiny Faerie Dragon rubbing itself upon the Sword-Wraith in adoring affection. “Protect me little one,” She whispered to it. Smiling she turned her focus back to the main fight..............

With magic done once more the combat shifted to melee and the first of the party to act this round was Sirene. In her tiger form her reflexes were fast, very fast and as Niamedris hit the ground Siréne felt his pain as if it were her own. It coursed through her body driving her into a feral rage her Elvin mind overcome with the need to kill. In that moment the Elvin priestess gave in completely to the wild tiger and became a danger to everyone, not just her first target.

That target was of course the Gith that had put Niamedris in his deathlike state. (#5) Once more as had happened with her last Gith opponent (#4) the outcome was repeated. The nature of her claws both real and magical, the physical strength of the tiger, and the added strength of her rage gave the Githyanki fighter no chance to defend or phase. Sirene totally lost in the mind of the big cat ripped the Githyanki warrior to shreds, even swallowing meat and flesh from its body. With the tiger now an enraged cat surrounded by enemies, its next target could be any one, friend or foe...............

For Roan the odds just a moment ago had been bad, 3 vs.1. However, with the Faerie dragon’s successful casting he now faced only one still active Gith, and a wounded one at that. His twin swords flashing he easily batted its weak attacks aside to strike it in the chest and the neck. Smiling he watched as its headless body dropped to the ground at his feet............

Cor moving to his side found himself standing over Lothor’s fallen body facing two Githyanki warriors (#11, #6) For any hope of help reaching Lothor before the big man died, the Gith fighter once behind him, now to his front would have to die. (#6) Both his axe and he wishing for Githyanki blood the Cleric Knights wish was quickly granted. #6 already having been seriously hurt fell at the first strike of Cor’s double headed axe. Having his second attack instead to help defend against the two attacks by his last Gith opponent Cor found that was all he needed as both the attacks missed..........

Aliya knowing her casting of Color Spray had been the right call now turned her attention quickly to the last Gith threatening her and Rayne (#8.}. Her Flame Blade gone with the casting of Color Spray she instead drew her sword and attacked. Her single strike for this round a critical hit, she watched as her Vorpal sword cut the Githyanki warrior literally in half. The two pieces of the Gith falling to either side..........

Rayne was hurt, bleeding, close to death but seeing Aliya kill Gith #8, Cor finish off Gith #6, Roan behead Gith #7 and Sirene? Eat Gith #5. With Gith’s #13 & #14 unconscious and #9 and #10 held along with the large human. The Ranger/Cleric knew it was not yet time for self-healing, as Lothor needed her more. Moving, half-crawling, she reached his side without any trouble and laid her hands upon him. In seconds, she had cast into him one of her two potent Heals spells wiping every truce of injury from him. Lothor once near death was now fully healed once more. Her deed done, the life of a party member and friend saved, Rayne smiled once and died...........

The last fight of this round was once more between Weaver and the Limper, the Sword-Wraith supposedly with his sword holding the advantage. However as Weaver replaced his short sword and proceeded to defend with only his long, afraid of the last attack ability of the Limpers weapon, he went on the defense. The once Valar for a moment was surprised then moved forward and reaching for Weaver by his head. Once again taking the Ranger/Bards defending swings of his sword on his stoned skin he easily gained hold. A thought and Limper’s innate granted power, once good, but now since his turning evil, very nasty activated and was pushed into Weaver. At once Weaver found himself on the ground crippled, in vast pain, and unable to move Limper standing above him. As the Sword-Wraith looked down upon the crippled Ranger/Bard he only smiled............

(DM OOC: OK there you have this weeks post. Now as for Lothor he is fully healed and will be coherent and able to act this upcoming rd.
Peri of course is under the control of Dark Whisper, where she failed with Weaver she succeeded with the faerie dragon.
Rayne appears to be grayish pale and not breathing.
Other then that great posting and keep it up.

Oh yeah I almost forgot thanks to Odyson it seems we will be having two new players joining the game very soon. The first gentleman will be taking over the role of Lothor and the other gentleman will be taking on the role of ahhh wait, lets leave that as a surprise for now. Ok next post Sunday the 8th. Same bat channel, same bat time. Ok maybe not )

 photo 001_zpsdaa7b358.jpg

Posted on 2014-06-04 at 00:28:17.
Edited on 2014-06-07 at 00:42:14 by TannTalas

Ma' Nozzle
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Rayne lay still upon the stone floor. She had risked her life to save Lothor, and as a result a pool of blood now crept toward her reddish hair. They were much alike. Rayne was both a ranger and a cleric, just as Roan was, yet somehow she had found the will within herself to lay down her guard while Roan had chosen to fight. Perhaps not so alike, then.

Was fighting the coward's path? It had seemed a straightforward choice before - fight or die, but his life was destined to be short. Roan knelt, glancing back at the two frozen Gith with suspicion, then turned again to face Rayne. He placed his hand upon her neck, where the blood pumps strongest. Still alive. Barely. Though the chaos of battle rang in the hall and echoed in his skull, Roan closed his eyes and did his best to clear his mind. He spoke clearly but softly, his voice a still pool of water amidst an earthquake.

Allevater unser im Himmel, geheiligt werde dein nam. Dein reich komme Dein Wille geschehe, wie im Himmel, so auf Trilogy. Unser tägliches Brot gib uns heute. Und vergib uns unsere Schuld, wie auch wir vergeben unseren Schuldigern Und führe uns nicht in Versuchung, sondern erlöse uns von dem Bösen. Denn Dein ist das reich und die kraft und die Herrlichkeit in Ewigkeit.
The valknut on his wrist seemed to glow with divine energy. He extended his hand to touch Rayne's face, and doing so he drew a holy symbol in the blood and dirt that had collected there. Odin's spell, the second-greatest spell of mending Roan knew, flowed between the two sigils. Roan's heart stood still at its post as he waited for Rayne to breathe.

[[OOC: Cure Crit. Wounds on Rayne]]

Posted on 2014-06-07 at 02:51:45.
Edited on 2014-06-07 at 02:53:07 by Schnozzle

RDI Fixture
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every second counts!?!!

Alyia watches the glith's body dissect in two an slide to the floor in twined pieces. not wanting to loose her momentum, Alyia quickly moved to where the two unconscious Gith were an with two swift slashes with her Vorpal sword decapitated the creatures on the floor before her.

Though still on guard for attack it was Xins voice in her mind that brought her attention to the critical state many of her party mates were in. Alyia's stomach fell as she turned to see Rayne slumped to the floor an the spreading carnage before her.

Xin's smoky form solidified in front of her. Alyia pulled the bottle of extra healing into Xin's arms. "here go make yourself use full..." Alyia grinned as Xin huffed exasperatedly an quickly moved off. (taking whats left of the potion to Niamedris).

Alyia moved her sword still in hand to guard her fallen party members. Trying to stay relaxed yet still on guard she chewed her bottom lip; "its just a lull..." she repeated in her mind like a mantra, trying to keep her adrenalin up an keep the sense of encroaching fear at bay.

Posted on 2014-06-07 at 18:30:04.
Edited on 2014-06-07 at 18:30:29 by Astrid

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The unseen actions of others

Maggot swept away Limper’s annoying swordplay. He knew almost at the point of the attack these were not meant to do harm, ‘he is playing with you.’ A voice from somewhere came to Maggot.

‘I know this!’ Maggot yelled into the face of Limper but the response was meant for another.

It was at that moment Limper hit with his off hand and grabbed Maggot by the shoulder. The Attack was meant for his head and if it had found its mark perhaps we would not have the same outcome as we have this day but as if by fait it was short and low.

The pain was intense and instant. Maggot staggered back and did his best to maintain his footing but the magic was to great and twisted and turned his spine. Maggot crumpled to the floor clutching at his shoulder where the magic interred his body. His vision blurred and sweaty shivers took him. His blood seemed to boil. Limper stepped up and now stood over Maggot and smiled.

‘She will have you before this is all over. Robbing her the joy of taking this life she has sought after for so long. I go happily know she will destroy you and your sister and no power in the world will stop the wrath she will bring down upon you.’ Maggot began to mumble and his words were lost in a hosh-posh of unconceivable sound. Limper smiled; perhaps knowing the Ranger-Bard was not long for this place.

But what Limper did not know was Maggot was speaking in an ancient arcane tongue he had learned on his many travels in the world. Maggot only hoped his deception would hold. You see Maggot was casting a curing spell upon himself.

OOC: Casting Cure Moderate

Posted on 2014-06-07 at 23:08:57.

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To Save Another.................

Ulthok felt the success and failure of his spell. The creature that had stood in front was now prone on the floor but the effects on the others were brushed off by the large Yellow face and the cloaked female. Worse still the Hooded Female had charmed his Peri. The mage could feel the presences of the females mind in his link to Peri. For now it wasn’t hurting her, but that could change. Ulthok now guessed that his magic couldn’t effect them but that didn’t mean he couldn’t still help his friends. From the side of his vision he was able to see the other robed creature advance on Weaver. He could see it had changed itself magically to turn its skin to stone for protection, but that wouldn’t be enough.

To save his friend Uthok cast the spell he had saved to free the Dragon Queen, but The Bard now needed his help.

Pulling a loadstone and pinch of dust from his pouch then raising his hand to the Robed One attacking Weave Ulthok uttered the words of destruction,"Facilis descensus averno"*.

A powerful ray leapt forth as his cast Disintegrate on the stone skinned attacker.

(*The descent to Hell is easy)

Posted on 2014-06-08 at 03:34:23.
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When white becomes faded red...

Rivers of blood poured out from the yellow skin's broken body to stain her white fur dark with red. The creature's black eyes would see no more. Her own uncanny, cerulean eyes sought more of the yellow fiends with an intensity that promised death.

Each motion was made with a deadly grace, at once horrifying and beautiful. With her tail flicking she stalked forward emitting a low, rumbling grown that presaged a renewed attack.

As the great white tiger leapt at the nearest yellow-skin, that rumbling growl became a thunderous roar. She struck out with terrifying agility. Razor claws bit into tender flesh and her striped tail whipped in the air.

((OOC: Attacks the nearest gith. She'll go after any of the held enemies if she attacks before the gith plane shift. If she attacks after, she'll go after one of the new gith.))

Posted on 2014-06-08 at 15:38:47.

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