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Ulthok prepared to head down the hall back to the stairs and searching for perhaps a secret passage to aid them. He thought their leader was of a same mind as he said, "I like the way ye think lad and I believe Barreel will as well". But then Cor changed their fate. by saying,"Make ready, we shall call them out."
In a loud, clear voice Cor called, "All right ye wee beasties. If ya have ideas of returning ta the foul realm from which ye came now is the time ta do it."
Ulthok froze in dismay, his leader had summonsed their doom.

Briefly he thought perhaps that call had gone unnoticed but then a yellow ball of magic floated towards them in the hallway. It stopped and began to speak, the party could clearly see it was a magic mouth……………

“Really? That’s the best you have, wow ahh ok. The undead queen of the castle, my creator, wishes to in the hope of speeding things along let you know you are the only ‘good guys’ left. As such, she hopes you will allow me to lead you to her and a final face off, or battle, skirmish, cage match, whatever you want to call it. Now I know what your thinking “This could be a trap!” your right it could be, however if you decide not to follow me your Halfling friend is toast. I mean like crispy crittered as Lichy plans to roast her alive. Soooo what’s it gonna be, follow me, fight your ’good fight’ and die to the last goody two shoes. Or don’t follow me and die anyway going around and around in circles searching for a room you‘ll never find.”
The Halfling reached out his thoughts to the little Faery Dragon perched on his shoulder. "We have come to the end of our journey my friend, I have but one choice here and I have tied your fate to mine thus dooming both of us. But I cannot pass this only opening to save Valene." He kissed Peri on her scaly check and without looking to see what the others were going to do starting walking toward the floating sphere.

"I accept the challenge."

Posted on 2014-09-17 at 16:47:50.
Edited on 2014-09-17 at 16:52:49 by Odyson

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
Karma: 58/18
2325 Posts

a mouthpice

The wait seemed eternal and just when it seemed the challenge would go unanswered, a magic mouth appeared and told them of a deal by the master of the castle. As soon as it finished, Ulthok accepted the challenge and stepped towards the magic mouth. Cor grabbed his collar, "Just a moment lad, tis I believe an all or none proposition. Either we all go or the deal is forfeit." Looking to the others, "Seems what we have been searching for has found us. We came here to battle the one who now calls for us. What say ye?" Releasing Ulthik he continued, "Who goes with me and the wee lad here?" Cor knew Barreel would go but he waited to see what answers the others gave.

Posted on 2014-09-18 at 21:48:41.

Epic Level Bard
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557 Posts

There is no question

"Who goes with me and the wee lad here?" Cor asked.

‘There is no question for me.’ Weaver looked past the group and at the floating mouthpiece of the enemy. ‘For to long I have walked the path to this end and now I find that I need only to call.’ Weaver smiles a bit, ‘or perhaps it is the enemy who grows tired of running. I will go and I will put fourth my own demands. In the morning I will curse for taking them and not me.' Weaver stepped forward.

Posted on 2014-09-20 at 00:27:36.

Karma: 156/25
6254 Posts

My Hero..............

Periwinkle Thistledown
Peri felt Ulthok’s thoughts, "We have come to the end of our journey my friend, I have but one choice here and I have tied your fate to mine thus dooming both of us. But I cannot pass this only opening to save Valene." She knew the bond and she knew this man….. it was she that had chosen him and she knew his heart. So when he stepped forward and said, "I accept the challenge." it was as if they were one.

Then Cor reached out to stop them the fey creature knew no matter what the Dwarv said the dye was cast. Her familiar would take down the Lich Queen to free the White Dragon Queen and his love Valene or die trying. Peri was prepared to follow.

Though Peri could not read Ulthok’s mind she did understand the plan elements he shared with her. So as they were paused she encouraged him to prepare himself, “My hero…best you should be ready and at full strength to face this horrible enemy and save the pretty lady, take the potion now.”

With that Ulthok nodded and pulled the vial from his pouch. Uncorking the top and downed the magic liquid.

( Ulthok drank his Potion of Fire Resistance)

Posted on 2014-09-20 at 18:37:45.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 31/3
600 Posts

lot in the pot

Alya couldn't help but jump in start letting a squeaked "eep" as Corr bellowed out his issue of challenge. The silence seemed to add to the crushing pressured atmosphere.

The faint bobbing glow which greeted them seemed both a relief an a let down as it prattled forth its message.

Alyia bristled at the mention of Valene. Alyia couldn't hide a hint of a smile. though the halflings mention could just as easily be a lie to bait them further, the fact she was mentioned at all was a good sign she may still be alive.

Alyia was taken aback momentarily as Cor stopped Ulthok who quickly accepted.

"Who goes with me and the wee lad here?" asked Cor
Alyia listened to weaver an swallowed hard around the looming sense of dread an doom which had leached at the party since they had stepped foot upon this ardours mission.

Alyia looked at her feet trembling as she spoke .

"I am not a hero, nor brave...
I have lost much in this wretched place."

Alyia looked up at those tired dirty worn faces before her, her eyes damp.

"But each of you have continually an repeatedly amazed me.
If their were any group to which i would place the fate of any it would be with you all.
If we are fated to live or sacrifice ourselves to our success.
I do so with every ounce of courage an fiber of my being.
I am with you all to the ends what ever they be." Alyia looked around at the party an blushed embarrassedly.

Posted on 2014-09-21 at 03:36:55.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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2325 Posts


Cor looked to Aliya, "Donna sell yer self short las. I have known many who professed to be warriors who were not as brave as ye were just now. Tis not a lack of fear, but action despite fear that makes one brave."

Posted on 2014-09-21 at 06:12:25.

RDI Fixture
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1297 Posts

And my hand...

"Who goes with me and the wee lad here?"

The question hung in the air, as if the gravelly voice of the dwarven cleric let his words cling to the stone walls around them. It was such a simple question, and yet those nine words held within them the weight of all the worlds.

Of them all, Siréne alone had a choice. She could leave this place, magically spirit herself away to the faerie homeland and leave these mortals to their war. It would take but simple word, and she could forget the war witch and become a peaceful priestess again. Yet who would she become if she left her allies to die in this place? Could she abandon them to such a fate?

One by one they stepped forward, offering their very lives to this quest. It was remarkable how fleeting their lives were, and yet how bright they burned in the darkness. She had touched this flame of mortal humanity and it warmed the cold faery.

Looking up, Siréne let her cerulean gaze sweep over her companions to take them in one by one. Then silently she stepped forward to join them.

Standing before the smiling visage, the witch spoke a word of power and felt her form harden to match her stony resolve. Siréne turned to her side and smiled down at Ulthok, it was time to have this done.

((OOC: Casts Stoneskin on herself))

Posted on 2014-09-21 at 15:48:17.

Sir Nibbly
Karma: 3/0
13 Posts

And he finds his final battle (late post)

Barreel grinned and stepped forward. A lich! This would be a glorious battle, win or die. Barreel knew that Cor understood him, so said nothing. He just thumped Cor on the shoulder, dwarf to dwarf, warrior to warrior, brother to brother, and smiled. He looked around the party, knowing that there was no one he'd rather battle with. To death and glory, we march!

Posted on 2014-09-22 at 02:28:06.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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4187 Posts

Roan Reflections

Roan Fenstrider stared at the Smiley Face for long moments, drinking in the severity of its tone and mood.

He then turned to each of his companions, one by one, nodding his assent to carry the battle further, no matter where such battle would lead them.

Then he momentarily thought upon those who had already fallen, in the Halls of this Death Castle.

May your death be not in vain my Lady Tegganth, you led me here and I followed willingly! May your death be avenged this day! I will carry on what we set out to do, with these my new found companions in arms!
The Human Ranger/Cleric then bowed himself to the cold uncaring floor, senses alert for any new signs of trouble, as he kissed each of the Holy Symbols of Odin on his twin Bracers of Ogre Power, before praying to the All Father in the Common language:

"May Your Halls of Valor bear witness this day to the deeds of Your Odin Son, one Roan Fenstrider, who desires Your favor in battle, as You would favor Your Thor Son!

"May my heart be strong, my resolve be stout, my aim be true and my arms be worthy to sing the Songs of Valor with my battle blades!

"Oh Odin, my All Father! Guide me into battle! Look with favor upon my companions! May Your Thor Son assist us or grant us any aid from those assembled in Your Halls!

"But if You choose only to look upon this battle, rather than take an active part in the outcome of Good over Evil, may Your Halls of Valor ring with boisterous cheers, as we face Death head on, so that Life may triumph over our enemies this day!"

Roan kissed the Holy Symbols of Odin on each of his twin Bracers of Ogre Power once more, then stood to his feet, as he locked his grim gaze upon the Smiley Face with a calm defiance!

Then he strode over to Ulthok Rydenham the Halfling Thief/Mage and clasped arms with the one who was the first to greet him and welcome him to join their grim quest.

Looking the Halfling in the eye and clasping him upon his shoulders, Roan chose to speak the following in the Dwarven tongue, instead of speaking to him in the Halfling language that Roan understood well; but he spoke in Dwarven for the sake of Lother Greenbeard and their leader Lord Cor Trollhammer:

"Take courage my friend and do not despair! I will stand with you and face any fearsome foe, in your quest to be reunited with your love Valene, no matter what Dark Forces defy us!

"May we drink together in the Halls of your Forefathers! May we feast and declare together the Deeds of Valor forged in the heat of battle this day! May we bear witness together the triumph of Good over Evil this day!

"I will do my best to help you free your love Valene from the chains of the Unspeakable!"

Roan pressed his forehead against the forehead of Ulthok, to emphasize his vow!

Then he turned his attention to the lovely Rayne Fireheart, a stunning Elven Ranger/Cleric, drinking in the image of her raw beauty, to help sustain him in the heat of battle!

Perhaps another day or another time would provide a more fitting setting to express the flame she had kindled within his heart, but there was no guarantee of such a day or such a time, so he spoke the following to Rayne in the Elven tongue:

"I would face unknown terror, were you bound by the same Dark Fate as Valene!

"Your beauty is none that I can compare and the courage I have witnessed has lit a fire in my heart that will see me through this day!

"I would die a thousand deaths to know that I have favor within the heart of fair Rayne!

"But I will go into battle this day, no matter what the odds, no matter what the outcome, satisfied that I have lived my short life to behold your breath-taking beauty, encouraged beyond measure to have witnessed your valiant heart in battle, ever content that my ears have heard the sweetness of your melodic voice rising above the foulness of the Darkness set against us!

"May my deeds in battle this day grant you the added strength to Live and Not Die!"

Roan paused for a moment, that his Hazel Eyes might drink in the goodness from the Soft Lavender Eyes of this Elven Warrior who had somehow, unknowingly, reached into the depths of his battle hardened soul, granting him the courage to press on against whatever was set against him!

Then he turned back once more to the waiting Smiley Face, slowly raising his twin swords, aptly named Rime and Reason, his trusty +3 Khopesh of Giant Slaying (Rime) and +2 Khopesh of Elemental Slaying (Reason); nodding his affirmation that he too would follow, no matter the obstacles, no matter the traps!

Spreading his arms wide and raising his swords high, the Ranger/Cleric boldly addressed the Smiley Face in his Common tongue for all to hear and understand:

"Lead us straight and true, as I follow you. Perhaps you would be free from your servitude so grim? I will help to free you this day, if you help us on our way to Victory!"

Posted on 2014-09-29 at 18:42:07.
Edited on 2014-09-29 at 18:45:21 by Hammer

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Steel. It is what he knew and trusted; it is what had never failed him. From soldiering, to gladiator pits, to the open seas, it is what had always sustained him. He did not always have a use for the gods not did he truly comprehend the ways of mages. His sword and armor is what had always kept him alive though, and they were steel.

His companions though, persons whom he had come to trust as much as one could trust another individual, all wielded magic except for Barreel. The dwarf was a different kind of specimen, losing himself in the heat of battle while Lothor prided himself in his discipline and composure. One could not afford to lose the mind that kept control of all the techniques and such he had learned to survive over the years. He would be the steel vs steel if they could be the magic vs magic. As long as they could keep the lich's magic in check, Lothor felt they stood a chance.

It was with a single smooth stroke that the two handed blade strapped to his back was pulled free. Lothor swore that if they made it through this next battle that he would have to give it name, something for legends to be made of. He rested the point on the ground and let his his hands on the pommel that came to the upper portion of his chest. The stoic, silent warrior knew that no words were needed to express his thoughts for he would never leave a companion in the hands of the enemy.

He was simple and had no words to match what had already been spoken, but he spoke up nonethelesss, "My steel is ready to follow wherever you all may lead. Just give me an enemy to strike."

Battle is what he lived for. Battle is what he knew. This would be one bottle for the stories was his only thought as he awaited the battle to come.

(Points to whoever discovers my obscure reference in there and tell me where it came from.)

Posted on 2014-09-30 at 06:06:14.

Angel Reincarnated
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first post in much too long.....

The party began to move forward, but quickly halted to heed the warning of the Fighter/mage. Aliya’s voice echoed rather loudly to the sudden silence that swept over the castle.

“STOP! Do you hear that?”

Rayne tilted her head and listened, thinking to herself “The calm before the storm.” Questions raced through the ranger’s mind as she contemplated the sudden silence from the Castle. Did they suddenly walk into trouble deeper than any of them could overcome? How long would the silence last? Did they have time to rest and make a plan before the next wave of riddles and fighting approached?

Cor had asked a difficult question to the party, and it seemed nobody wanted to answer first. None of them wanted to be the reason somebody else was injured, captured, or even worse, lost to them. Rayne could almost feel Barreel’s eagerness to move forth, and his reluctance to request his allies push forth into possible danger and death. She could see he felt guilty for his rash decisions just moments ago, but her lavender eyes flash to the next party member who had the courage to speak.

Lavender eyes found those of the Halfling Ulthok as he replied to Cor’s question. He made a valid point which was to press forth and was happy to lead the way keeping his eyes sharp for possible secret passages. Weaver had offered a third option casually but had overlooked it nearly immediately agreeing to move forward in an effort to find our captured ally. Without a spoken word, Aliya shuffled forth with the other two, while Cor called out in a loud voice, echoing loudly into the silence.

What seemed an eternity passed when the party noticed a magic yellow smiley floating towards them. Rayne readied herself for battle and riddles wondering what mischief this little ball would cause. Was he an enemy? An ally? A creature who enjoyed terrorizing others? The smiley floated, talking about the dark queen wanting to roast their friend.

Rayne Fireheart’s blood boiled at the thought of this magical creature taunting them. Holding the carrot right in front of them yet still out of reach. He promised to lead them to a room he figured they would never find. They had a great party, and they could save time by following this filth to the enemy, but they would definitely be vulnerable in doing so. She listened to the words of her companions, and their choices nodding in agreement while arguing with herself on what the best course of action would be.

The question seemed answered before it had even left the lips of their enemy. There was no question, he was offering them what they sought from the beginning. Andurile’s Blood seemed to call out to her and she quickly prepared herself for any enemies that may be lurking along their path. Elven eyes glancing around her surrounding for enemies hiding and always keeping an arrow loaded in her trusted weapon. Her companions knew that they had to do what was right regardless of the consequences that accompanied their choice.

Roan Fenstrider stepped forth praying for the strength to pursue our path, whether by our choice or destiny, we had all gathered together and formed a bond that not even death would destroy. The human prayed his prayers and then turned to Rayne speaking words that touched her very soul. Before their final battle he decided was the perfect time to announce his deep affections as humans tend to do when possibly faced with death. The Elf was moved by his kind words, his dedication and the warmth of his words.

“My favour is yours Roan Fenstrider, you have proved yourself a valiant warrior and you have seen many battles, I assure you this shall not be your last battle. Together we will vanquish the Dark Queen and save Valene. Ignite that fire deep within, and keep the mind sharp, we shall conquer this day!”

Her elven words were spoken softly for his ears only before he turned towards the floating enemy. The Elven beauty gracefully followed her family to what would be the battle of a century. Their enemy had many advantages from home terrain, to knowing exactly where and possibly when we would arrive for the final battle. Rayne was on alert as she followed her companions her bow at the ready and her spirits higher than they had been in a long while.

"Lead the way", they were simple words but they were all that was needed. Inside she was harbouring a storm ready to be unleashed the moment she felt trouble was near. Calm on the outside, as if she were being led to a feast instead of the battle that could claim the lives of those she loved.

Posted on 2014-09-30 at 11:29:57.

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Into The Trap.....

Ulthok was warmed by the words and actions of the party. Roan and Lothor's strength, Rayne's skill and stealth gave him gladness knowing they accepted this challenge too and that he would not die alone. His skills as their scout may help him but this is cold and deadly trap, there may not be time to warn all.

The small mage addressed the group,"Now as we move into this trap keep yourself aware of the surroundings, don't touch things if it can be avoided, use gloved hands. This is a lich queen and she may have very tempting traps.... Spread out as quickly as you can when we reach the room and if possible attack the lich first. Roan, Lothor be aware a lich goes for the strongest first, protect yourselves. So shields up, stay alert and watch your step." The rogue then turned to take his usual place in front.

Posted on 2014-09-30 at 16:50:48.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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6627 Posts

OOps forgot a room :(

With the arrival of the magic mouth, the truth of the castle assault was made clear. Of the forces assembled to attack only the nine standing before the magic mouth remained active. With the parties unanimous agreement to follow the mouth they moved out. A set of turns and a long hallway to a wooden door, through it and a 30 x 40 room clearly destroyed in a fight. A second door and the party found themselves in a large anteroom facing North.

The sight before the party was a gruesome one as they fully entered the room. On the East wall a line of headless bodies were arrayed side by side easily 25 in number. Both male and female bodies were laid side by side regardless it seemed of sex, some still clad in bits of clothing, others naked. They could clearly see in the middle of the North wall a growing pile of the dismembered heads, many with eyes still open.

In front of the line of bodies and to the right of the heads, the party could see another growing pile of armor, weapons and various items. This pile of gear, the party can easily surmise, having belonged to the dead adventurers before meeting their ends.

To the West the parties eyes were drawn to a doorway as a pair of the large Orc’s appeared carrying a male body clad in full plate without a helmet. As they watched, the body was carried to the Northeast corner where a makeshift cutting table stood covered in fresh blood, a large bucket on the floor at one end. Standing clearly waiting for the body was a huge almost giant sized human at least 7-8 feet in height holding a single hilted great sword.

“I know what your thinking…Attack…However the creatures here have been told to let you pass unless you attack them first. They are doing what you would do, cleaning up after a battle.” As the mouth says that the two Orc’s place the body on the table and the giant sized human in one quick strike cuts off the body’s head.” Ok maybe a little more brutal, but the same nonetheless. Follow the East hallway and you’ll find my Queen in her audience chamber where she waits for you” With that and a huge Cheshire cat type grin, the mouth disappears.

As you watch two more large, Orc’s enter the room carrying the body of a dead girl in studded leather. A third then a fourth Orc enter, both is carrying an armful of weapons and other miscellaneous items. The six Orc’s and the human all seem to ignore you after giving you hateful gazes.

(Ok was going to take you all the way to the Queen’s audience chamber but after I read over my notebook and the room description, had totally forgotten this waiting room. I figured you’d want to fight the Orc’s and human even though you can pass them by without one. Sooo if you decide to fight you have initiative. WARNING: If you do start the fight here it will be a true non-stop fight to get to the Queen. Good Luck)

Posted on 2014-10-05 at 23:27:22.
Edited on 2014-10-05 at 23:29:42 by TannTalas

Keeper of Dragons
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2325 Posts


Cor took in the grotesque scene in the room. This was not cleaning up after a battle but execution plain and simple. He also knew that it was in its own way a trap. One designed to weaken the party before they engaged the queen. They had been deliberately led here and shown this scene in an effort to cause them to lose focus. Looking to the others he spoke. "I know ye want ta fight here and I donna blame ye. I too feel the pull. But, we must nay be drawn into this trap for that is what it is and a fine one at that. We might save a few of our own troops but at what cost in the coming battle. Wasting energy and spells is what the queen is counting on us doing in this room. As hard as it is, we must move forward. If we fail now the fate we see here will be the fate of every creature of good in the world."

Posted on 2014-10-06 at 05:49:32.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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4187 Posts

Follow Cor

“My favour is yours Roan Fenstrider, you have proved yourself a valiant warrior and you have seen many battles, I assure you this shall not be your last battle. Together we will vanquish the Dark Queen and save Valene. Ignite that fire deep within, and keep the mind sharp, we shall conquer this day!”
Roan Fenstrider thought upon these words from the Elven Beauty, Rayne Fireheart, a renewed determination flooding his soul, as the confidence inspired from her words flamed a fire deep within.

Then the words of Cor cut through the blood urge to strike against the minions of the Queen, as they openly tortured and mutilated the bodies of those who had fallen or been captured in battle!

"I made a promise to Ulthok and by my blades and the favor of Odin my promise shall I keep!"

((OOC: Roan heeds the words of Cor and presses forward, making sure that Ulthok knows he is behind him and will keep his promise to help free Valene, taking a last look over his shoulder to make sure that Rayne is following suit, rather than attack the minions of the Queen!))

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 02:41:07.

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