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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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Let flame be my guide

Cerulean eyes narrowed at the sight before her. So many of the githyanki had fallen but their masters remained. Even now the queen summoned more aberrations from the depths. A hissing hydra shrieked before them. The others rushed in to attack, it was an immediate threat.

Sirene focused her ire on another in the room. The queen and her hooded crony sat completely unfettered. They were the real threat. Taking in a deep breath, the witch priestess called on the primordial power of the great goddess. Once again Sirene raised her voice in an esoteric chant with her arms held out before her, summoning the fury of flame. With a final word of power the priestess threw back her head and clapped her hands high.

An explosive roar echoed through the room as heat gathered into a body of flame casting a red orange glow. The elemental screamed and spun into the queen and her minions with deadly fury.

((OOC: Summon Fire Elemental - target the queen and the advisor))

Posted on 2014-12-07 at 12:04:47.

Karma: 156/25
6254 Posts

Hang In There............

With grit and determination the Halfling held tight to the flaming enemy. Ulthok's body racked with pain from a barrage of magic missiles; sheer luck keeping him from more serious injury. Refusing to disengage he hoped that the ongoing damage from the burning oil would continue weakening this foe.

Through the flames the mage saw two new attackers appear and he also realizes the shadows he had summoned were not being affective against the white armored guards. So as he clung to the howlers back to avoid the enchanted sword's reach he continued his dragger attack and shouted to the shadows to attack the Hydras.

Posted on 2014-12-07 at 14:50:58.

RDI Fixture
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Alyia sighed in frustration as the gliths phased away only to be replaced with a reptilian monstrosity.

it loomed before her feeling the heat rise in the room Aliya smirked an cast fire ball at the body of the beast. As the flame ball licked the tips of her fingers an cascaded forth Alyia moved back putting much needed distance between herself an the creature.

quickly alyia tore the hem from her tunic tied it about the gash in her thigh an turned to face the multi headed creature once more.

Posted on 2014-12-10 at 12:11:46.

Karma: 20/12
325 Posts

Wounded but not dead

Lothor screamed in rage as his foe vanished, just like they had appeared. It was luck itself that found him turning back to the suit of armor in time to deflect firs one blow and then another before a third found its mark in his leg. The stout warrior knew he was wounded bad when his leg gave out, and he found himself on a knee. The times when he had been hurt like this were few and far in between. It was not every day though that he faced a foe such as this.

The warrior drew into the pouch at his belt and pulled free one of the stoppered vials (potion of extra healing). As Lothor pulled free the plug, he heard the queen's new summons roar in fury. A pair of hydras whose number of heads he cared not to count. He took a swig of the vial and hoped its magic would be enough to keep him on his feet for a bit longer. His blade was not smart to use against these creatures, oh what he would do for a good maul about now. With grim determination, he turned once more to the suit of armor and hoped he could at least put some dings in it or atleast keep it distracted.

(Yep hydras, sword not the smartest thing to use against it, dont wanna create more heads. Alright, not sure what my hp is, and not sure how much the pot heals. Lothor should know if taking the whole vial or not will be useful and hope I dont use any more than what I have hp to restore.)

Posted on 2014-12-14 at 06:48:30.

Epic Level Bard
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Darkness is lifted

Maggot readied himself for an attack that never came. He stayed low and ready, smelling and listening when a smell he knew approached. He spun around when he heard the words, ‘Drink this' and a soft touch to his forearm. Maggot rested his staff against his left shoulder and took the small vile that she placed in his hand and quickly sipped it down.

He blinked a few times and as light began to fill his sight once more he focused the small friend he had now playing in his hair. He reached up and grabbed the ferret with his left hand by the scruff of the neck. ‘Now why my little friend to you wish to play now?' Maggot smiled at the little one and looked deeply at it, ‘Now go to the lady in the corner, perhaps she would like to play with you as you might think she is your friend also.' Maggot smiled and slowly released his grip on the ferret.

OOC: if the ferret acts as if it will go for the hand that holds it, Maggot will throw the little things toward the other ferret hoping they will comfort one another. Thinking the bonds of friendship will be stronger than what ever controls the ferret at the moment.

Posted on 2014-12-14 at 10:45:57.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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Another Monday Post :)

The party having gone from Githyanki to Hydra's had reduced the enemy numbers, yet the two new foes had increased in size. More then melee, magic was the weapon of this round.

For Peri size was the issue on her mind as she targeted Hydra #2 with the spell of Reduce. Almost at once, the Faerie Dragon watched happily, as the giant ten-headed creature began to shrink. However, her ‘attack' was not without cost as the Hydra was revealed to be a Pyrohydra with four of ten heads aimed at her.

Encased in four streams of fire, her saving throw for half-successful, she still took heavy damage. Failing her system shock save she at once fell to the ground unconscious and on fire................

Aliya frustrated that the Githyanki had retreated decided instead to turn her spell casting ability towards the Pyrohydra before she realized it was growing smaller. Without thinking of the consequences of casting an area effect weapon in relation to the rest of the party, she cast Fireball. As the ball of flame exploded growing larger, the Pyrohydra growing smaller, it was clear the rest of the party would suffer damage from it. However in seconds the fireball was gone without a trace or damage, sucked up by White Armor #1..................

As Aliya's fireball vanished, Roan's Spiritual Hammer appeared and at once, the human Ranger/Cleric directed it at the white armor that had just sucked up Aliya's magic. Watching as the gathered magic from the fireball began to heal the armor's dent, quickly giving it the appearance of a full suit once more. He moved the hammer to attack, the magical force hitting against the fully healed creature. As had the Ring of the Ram before it, Roan could see that the hammer's strike drove a deep dent into the armor's chest though not as bad as had the ram. However as it had before it did not stop in its attack.

With Roan, concentrating on the hammer spell he was wide open to attack and both of the armor's swings connected with the Ranger Clerics body. Pushed back by the force and damage of the two blows he was barely able to hold onto the spell but he did ready for it to attack again next round...........

With Smiley's momentary retreat Cor found himself free to assist the rest of the party. Turning to the Hydra behind him, he cast the spell of Flame Strike at the huge beast. The column of flame wrapping the creature in fire, but only for a few seconds. As had happened with Aliya's fireball, the Flame Strike spell was at once gone, absorbed by White Armor #2 leaving Cor at the mercy of it's return attack as five heads turned his way.

From the heads poured forth streams of biting frost to strike the Dwarf Knight Cleric, surrounding him in a wave of ice. Four out of 5 saves vs. breath weapon successful, as was his Flame Strike, Cor still took a large amount of damage from the revealed Cyrohydra. Yet he was still more then able to attack next round...............

For Rayne, having handed Weaver a potion to help his blindness now quickly moved to the next party member in need of help. Easily reaching Lothor's side, she touched and cast into him her readied spell of Cure Serious Wounds healing him of 17 points of damage. Turning and moving, bow slung, sword drawn, she guarded the fighter as he recovered.

As such, she, not Lothor, was the target of White Armor's #1 attacks. With her moving, the Female Elf was in no position to defend and was hit by the first of the armor's attacks. The sheer force and pain of it smashing her down to the floor to lie on her stomach dazed. She was open to easy attack this next round..............

Sirene her ire high focused her attention to the queen and her Advisor, as both seemed unaware of her scrutiny. Words in Elvish pouring from her lips suddenly before the Advisor and his Queen appeared an Elemental of fire taking both by surprise. As the Queen turned to face it, it attacked and though stopped the initial strain on the Queen was heavy. In seconds the Queen's glamour was gone revealing her true nature as that of a powerful Lich! Throwing the Elemental back she prepared to destroy it next round as White Armor #4 moved to her aid.

However, the Queen's advisor having seen Peri taken down by the Pyrohydra now saw Sirene as the clear more dangerous threat. Quickly moving forward, his hand raised and suddenly Sirene felt herself held tight, her save vs. spell failed. For the moment the parties' greatest magical weapon and threat was powerless to act...............

For Maggot, aka Weaver with the return of his sight came many more options then just to fight hand to hand. However first he had to take care of an annoying friend, a friend even now attempting to distract him. A successful grab and the ferret was in his hand and he was using his ability with animals to return its control to it. At once, he knew that Dark Whisper's control was too tight and his empathy was useless. Throwing the creature to land by its fallen sibling, he turned to find a new ‘sighted' enemy.............

For the Halfling Thief/Mage Ulthok, riding the Howler was like riding a huge bull in a rodeo as the Shadow-Wrath attempted to dislodge him. For the moment his grip strong Ulthok was able to look at the rest of the fight. Seeing his Shadows attacks vs. the White Armor useless he attempted to change their targets. However as he tried he heard Howler groan and speak.

"Enough of this, Uhta ser hnnk" And the Howler and Ulthok were gone, the Shadows continuing to uselessly attack the white armors per their last command...............

Lothor, hurt, in pain and pissed knew he needed to heal himself quickly. A potion of Extra-Healing in hand he proceeded to drink it all just as he felt a hand upon him and much more healing enter him. Finding himself almost fully healed the Human warrior was once more ready to fight he just wished for a better weapon, mayhap something blunt...........

The combat between Barreel and Dark Whisper had moved to the room's floor, with the Dwarf Berserker on top and the Shadow-Wraith below. In the mind of a few the appearance was more one of aggressive romance then a fight to the death. A fight that Barreel was slowly losing but nothing caring in the least. His only thought to stay on top of Dark Whisper to keep her out of the fight and to do as much damage with his spiked armor as possible.

However, that wish ended as the Female Shadow-Wraith reached up placing her hand on Barreel's chest. A flash of electrical discharge from the spell of Shocking Grasp and the dwarf was flying off to slam into the wall behind her. As both rose to their feet, once more Dark Whisper could be heard to say.

"Dwarves I hate Dwarves you filthy creatures. Die at my hand mongrel"

As Barreel charged, Dark Whisper raised her hand once more............

The last of the enemy to act were the two Hydra's, one now the size of a large dog, as each remaining head targeted a different person. With all saving throws made the damage from the heads was minor but damage nonetheless. Next round could be bad if they sighted all on one target.........

(DM OOC: Well finally, a post from me, I apologize for the long wait and I hope it was worth that wait. Ody I'll PM your status today some time. I'd like to get in one more post next Sun-Mon before the Christmas/New Years break, but that's up to you all. I apologize for the recent gaps in my posting but I have been under the weather a bit these last two months and hopefully an overnight stay on Weds under doctor's care will help. Ok let's get those posts in and please refer to the last map for now as I do not have a scanner at this moment.)

Posted on 2014-12-16 at 01:55:10.
Edited on 2014-12-16 at 01:56:16 by TannTalas

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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Cor watched as the magical fire was sucked away from its intended target and acted to heal the white armor. "Well now that is a nasty trick" The words had just left his mouth when the hydra attacked in return. Pain flooded the old dwarf but he had felt such many times before. "Ye will have ta do better than that ta beat me ya wee beastie' Cor roared and surged forward to attack once more with his axe. As he did he called to weaver, "Can ya unhold the lass?" To Peri he added, "Drop ta the ground and roll wee dragon. Should put out the fire."

Posted on 2014-12-16 at 08:56:35.
Edited on 2014-12-16 at 18:44:33 by Keeper of Dragons

Epic Level Bard
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Break the chains

Maggot having rid himself of the annoyance stood and surveyed the battle. He saw the stillness that was Sirene he then quickly glanced toward the throne and saw the cause of her stillness and knew his next action but without thought his body was already closing the gap that was between Sirene and himself. Knowing this would be no small task he was going to face this head on. As he closed on Sirene he realized he had stepped between the Adviser and Sirene and over his shoulder he threw back the bird to the Adviser, ‘Let us see if I can throw off his game a bit,' Maggot laughed to himself.

Standing now before Sirene he placed one hand on the side of her face and the other he reached around and placed it in the small of her back and pulled her close. His eyes closed and his fight was on as he began to whisper in a long forgotten tongue,

OOC: Maggot is casting Dispel Magic to remove what is holding Sirene still.

Posted on 2014-12-20 at 12:29:18.

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Frustration was welling up inside Roan as the White Armor 1 Warrior first sucked up Aliya's Fireball, causing the previous dent to vanish and returning his foe to full strength, then witnessing the seemingly futile attempt by his Spiritual Weapon (a Hammer) to once again dent the chest of his foe!

However, although the White Armor 1 seemed to have suffered a merely slighter dent to its chest, than it had when battered by the Ring of the Ram; the manner in which it maliciously attacked the Human Ranger/Cleric, almost rendering him unconscious, betrayed the fact that his Spiritual Weapon in the form of a Hammer was actually doing more damage to his foe than it appeared to be doing!

So with a barely audible whisper of "Odin Aid Me!" a greater determination welled up within Roan as he focused another series of attacks with his Spiritual Weapon, to channel his frustrations and energy into the Hammer in hopes of vanquishing his evil foe!

((OOC: Roan continues his onslaught against White Armor 1 with his Spiritual Weapon in hopes that his sheer determination of focusing his frustration and energy into the Hammer will be more than enough to vanquish his foe!))

Posted on 2014-12-21 at 04:20:02.

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Game on!

For the party, to this point in the fight, they had held their own against Githyanki, magic absorbing armor, a Lich Queen, a Smiley face and two Shadow-Wraiths. On top of all that they now faced two Hydra's though one had been reduced in size, but both no less dangerous. However with Ulthok gone, Peri unconscious and on fire, things were starting to turn against the party. Would the parties skill, luck and determination be the winning combination.

(DM OOC: Ok this short post and updated map is the official game restart after the Christmas hiatus. If you have not yet posted the next full post will be Sunday the 11th. Also as I do every Jan I ask my players if you have decided to drop out of the game please let me know in a PM or on the Q/A thread so I can look for a replacement. If your still up for it please post this week.
Ok welcome back hope you all had a great set of holidays and once again GAME ON!!!)

 photo 02920898-e3f3-42d1-b745-ebb1f1fe6f87_zpsb8df7e29.jpg

Posted on 2015-01-04 at 14:10:35.
Edited on 2015-01-04 at 14:11:05 by TannTalas

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Holding tight to the flaming Howler Ulthok attempted to redirect the attack of his shadows. Then in a quick moment the mage found himself in a strange room clinging to the back of Howler, who was no longer engulfed in flame. Apparently Howler had teleported out to stop the flames and had taken Ulthok with him.

Ulthok maintained his grip on the back of the enemy to keep Howler at a disadvantage to attack. He scanned the new surroundings. They had teleported into a circular room with a passage about a quarter of the way around to his right. He estimated the chamber was about 50 by 30 foot. Hanging in the center was a huge caged, pulsating reddish gem enclosed in a crystal globe. The gem appears held in place in a spider web type wired frame. The whole thing was suspended above a pool of dark water with bursts of electrical flashes. Around edges of the pool stood four Orc-Trolls guarding the gem.

Ulthok didn't like the odds and knew he'd have to act quickly as Howler cries out for the Orc-Trolls to get him off his back. Hoping Howler was pausing for the guards to help him and feeling he still a little time left on the potion Ulthok pointed to the center of the room. Wanting to catch all four guards at once, the small mage released a spell that should damage each and maybe hurting the Howler some too.

Shouting out the distance Ulthok cast a Fireball that would engulf the room.

 photo GemRoom_zps497dfb02.jpg

Posted on 2015-01-04 at 19:17:30.
Edited on 2015-01-13 at 19:36:00 by Odyson

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hope in flames

Alyia summoned xin, she sent him to perri's side.
xin moven over the little dragon pulling his cloak off an patting the flames out. being careful to try an not hurt the dragon as much as he could xin wrapping the small dragon in his cloak.
Alyia moved to attack the small hydra with her sword slashing at the creatures nearest throat.

Posted on 2015-01-05 at 18:36:22.
Edited on 2015-01-05 at 23:11:23 by Astrid

RDI Fixture
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Archers and melee don't mix...

Rayne had chosen to heal, instead of combat. Neither her bow nor sword would be any use in this battle; she really didn't want to give the hydras any more heads. After helping Weaver overcome his blindness, she moved on to help Lothor. Though she succeeded in healing him a bit, she paid for it by taking a solid blow, driving her straight to the ground.

Well aware of her vulnerability, Rayne new she had to get to her feet. Trying to quickly stand up, she chose to withdraw from the melee fight as quickly as possible. Instead of attacking futilely, Rayne chose to focus on defending herself. If she could put enough distance between herself and her foes, perhaps her bow could come in use again?

(Rayne stands up, and uses the withdraw action to leave the threatened area. She chooses to focus on defending herself instead.)

Posted on 2015-01-08 at 14:56:42.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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Another Years useful energy to be spent :)

For the party, to this point in the fight, they had held their own against Githyanki, magic absorbing armor, a Lich Queen, a Smiley face and two Shadow-Wraiths. On top of all that, they now faced two Hydra's though one had been reduced in size, but both no less dangerous. However with Ulthok gone, Peri unconscious and on fire, the Lady Sirene held fast unable to act, things were starting to turn against the party. Would the parties' skill, luck and determination be the winning combination or would the grand quest end here.

The first of the party to act this round was the Half-Elf Ranger/Bard Weaver. Seeing the Lady Sirene become held fast by magic, he at once turned towards her and launched his spell of Dispel Magic. At once Sirene found herself free to act though no longer protected by her skins of stone. This next round the parties most dangerous Mage would be back in the fight once more.

For Roan, this fight so far had been a series of disappointments. Whatever the human Ranger/Cleric had tried seemed not to be effective given the magic feeding nature of the White Armor. However as he watched the suit of armor attack him time for the moment seemed to slow and Roan got his first real look at the damage done by his spell of Spiritual Hammer. However, the armor continued to attack as hard if not harder then before he could see the fine cracks within the large dent it had caused.

"Odin Aid Me!" he spoke as a greater determination welled up within him and once more, he focused another series of attacks with his Spiritual Weapon. Channeling all his frustrations and energy into the hammer, he sent it at the white armor. The hammers strike full of Roan's feelings drove the White Armor backwards, smashing open a large rent across its chest and ripping off its left arm. Unbalanced the suit fell to the floor, yet at once moved to stand and attack, its sword still held in its right arm.

From her position at the front of the party Alyia was the first of them to see the Peri hit the ground on fire. Unable to reach the faerie dragon familiar herself he quickly called upon her own familiar Xin to help. Quickly reaching Peri the Janni wrapped her in his cloak putting out the fire. Holding her close he flew with her out of the immediate battle area. Seeing the two familiar's safe, she moved forward swinging her vorpal long-sword at the much-reduced Hydra. Her lone attack this round a nice hit and two of its ten heads went flying cleanly severed. The shock of losing two of its heads causing it to be unsure in its attacks, the female Half-Elf Fighter/Mage was saved any return damage as its four attacks missed.

The next of the party to act was the Dwarf Berserker Barreel. Having been thrown off Dark Whisper at the end of grappling on the ground by her magical attack he watched her rise once more. Her once beautiful face covered in deep cuts and blood, her body with a mass of wounds, her stance dizzy. Believing her to be vulnerable, a song at the top of his lungs, he charged her once again. Hand raised, arm out straight, Barreel heard the last spoken words of his life.

"Dwarves, I hate Dwarves, you filthy creatures. Die at my hand mongrel"
A flash of light and he was dead, Dark Whisper's spell of death successful. Gazing at the rest of the party the once beautiful but now hideous Shadow-Wraith screamed.

Cor was not one to stand idle in the midst of a fight enemy in front of him or not. With Smiley having retreated and the Hydra still active, he once more moved to attack the large ten-headed beast. His two attacks were easy hits cutting deep and in the process severing one of its ten heads. As the Hydra's only direct foe, Rayne having decided to retreat away from it to gain distance, it was only able to attack the Dwarf Knight Cleric with four heads.

To the amazement of both creature and Cor, he was missed all 4 times. Yet the Hydra was not finished as the rest of its remaining five heads once more released a spray of frost directed at Lothor, Weaver and the retreating Rayne. Their saves vs. Breath made they all still took damage.

Lothor facing the second of the suits of White Armor and almost fully healed knew his sword was having no effect against the armored suit. Full of rage at his weapons uselessness and as such his own, he threw himself at the White suit. His large body a match for the suit he took them both to the floor with himself on top. His great sword still in hand the next move was up to him.

While the party fought more immediate foes the battle at the throne continued as the Lich Queen fought Sirene's summoned Elemental. With White Armor #4 behind it and the Queen and her advisor in front of it. The Elemental stood little chance of survival and in seconds it was gone, destroyed back to its plane of existence.


For Ulthok in a different room facing 5 to 1 odds and not sure where he was in no way panicked. Yes he was desperate but not without resources and still having a resource active, the Potion of Fire Resistance, he went for it all, casting a fireball upon himself and those in the room. The shear blast in the small room was perhaps more damaging in concussive force then the fire itself. As Ulthok was thrown out into the hallway, the Halfling's outstanding lucky streak continuing, he could hear guttural screams of pain, and smell the putrid stink of burning flesh coming from inside the room as creatures died.

As to what creatures Ulthok would have to move back to the room's entrance as it was filling up with burning black and white smoke. For now, the Halfling Thief/Mage as he patted out the fire on his clothes, was free of the Howler and any other threat. How long that would last was up to him.

(DM OOC: Ok there you have it my first real post of the New Year. So be happy and feel free to kill things. Welcome back to you all and I'm glad that all of you but one returned. Also as far as a map nothing really has changed except Barreel is no longer a green triangle or on the map.
Sooo GAME ON!)

Posted on 2015-01-12 at 01:26:55.
Edited on 2015-01-12 at 01:36:20 by TannTalas

Extreme Exclaimator!
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Roan Fenstrider was oblivious to all else that was transpiring about him, as the Human Ranger/Cleric concentrated on his frustrating foe!

His spell of Spiritual Hammer had finally succeeded in not only smashing open a large rent across the chest of his White Armor 1 opponent, but also resulted in ripping off its left arm!

Any momentary thrill of victory as his armored foe fell to the floor quickly vanished, as the suit of armor arose once more, its sword held firmly in its right arm!

A brief thought of the woman he loved passed through his mind and passed through his lips: "RAYNE!"

Roan had no time to look for his lady love, as he focused another series of Spiritual Hammer attacks, hoping to dispatch his armored foe with fervent finality as he shouted: "For ODIN!"

((OOC: Roan refocuses his Spiritual Weapon against White Armor 1 in a renewed effort to eliminate his foe!))

Posted on 2015-01-13 at 19:07:03.

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