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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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4178 Posts

Mercy in Battle

Roan Fenstrider had mere moments to decide which foe to dispatch with his Spiritual Hammer!

Would it be the fallen White Armor ... or ... the Huge Fist ... both equal nuisances!

As the Human Ranger/Cleric began summoning his weary strength to guide his Spiritual Hammer, his Ranger senses detected from the corner of his eye, a small helpless form that had suddenly appeared visible on the floor of battle!

Tiny, but no less valiant than the larger members of his current comrades-in-arms, the suffering plight of Peri could not be ignored by the Odin Ranger/Cleric.

In that self-same instant, the toll of his own wounds clamored for his merciful self-sacrificing attention in the heat of battle!

Roan swiftly made his way to the burnt form of the Tiny Faerie Dragon, reaching out with his battle hardened left hand, seeking to ease the pain of Ulthok's familiar.

Guiding his Spiritual Hammer into a defensive position, he called upon the Odin Force to bring Healing to both Peri and himself; for he would not allow the Tiny One to pass from this life, especially when it was within his power to save her!

Holding his right hand upon his own chest, the Ranger/Cleric concentrated as the warm flow of Cure Serious Wounds passed through his body and into the limp form of the disabled Peri Faerie Dragon!

((OOC: Roan readies his Spiritual Weapon against a possible retaliation from the Huge Fist, or any other unexpected foe, as he concentrates upon Casting Cure Serious Wounds to flow to both himself and Peri the Faerie Dragon!))

Posted on 2015-03-05 at 16:02:44.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 31/3
600 Posts

fire an flame

Alyia continued the summoning spell.
picturing the flames welling at the queens feet an forming into the creatures body, the hissing an crackling of the flames as they consumed the dais. charring the floor an causing the stone to brittle an crack from the intense heat.

Alyia could feel the sweat bead on her temples an brow but biting her thumb concentrating of the pain she pictured the beast fully formed an consuming the queen until their was nothing but ash at the creatures feet.

Posted on 2015-03-07 at 16:36:27.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 11/0
656 Posts


The Heal spell worked its magic, and Weaver very quickly recovered. Rayne moved in front of the White Armour, hoping to draw its attention for Weaver to recover. Slashing her side with its blade, Rayne stumbled backwards. She had no way to effectively combat it; her weapons simply could not damage the suit. She felt her warm blood running down her side, as she braced herself for another attack.

No other attack came. Instead, Weaver pulled her back towards the convulsing Sirene. Rayne, caught slightly off guard, stumbled backwards before regaining her footing. That is when she saw Sirene on the ground. Since she had been occupied with the White Armour, Rayne had not noticed that something had taken out her friend. Kneeling beside Sirene, and ignoring the stinging from the gash in her ribs, Rayne placed her hand on Sirene's shoulder and casted Aid. Hopefully, it would provide assistance in whatever struggle Sirene was in.

Posted on 2015-03-07 at 17:02:10.
Edited on 2015-03-07 at 17:04:08 by SirSadaar

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1292 Posts

I am already in your mind

Sirene found herself in a grey world of horrors. A sea of drifting souls floated around her, calling to her with promises of power and immortality. The witch hissed. Let these vile creatures call out their promises for they tempted her not. Among all the peoples of the earth, elves alone touched immortality. For those elves who had the old faery blood in their veins life would be nigh eternal. It would be millennia before Faery called her beyond the world of men for all time.

Floating above the sea of the lost was the Queen herself, swelling with cruelty and confidence. Victory was written across her hideous face. True this being was beyond her strength alone, but there was ancient power in her bloodline that would turn this abomination to dust. That knowledge bolstered Sirene forward. Even in this place, the center of the Queen's power the light of hope could be found.

A sliver of that very hope shimmered before her. It was slight, but it shone brighter than the sun on high. Those creatures who found a way to live beyond death were one and all resistant to the fey charms that would otherwise twist the mind. To face such a beast required the power of flame and storm. Yet, the Queen had brought her into her own mind. There was a chance.

Placing all in the hands of the Goddess, Sirene held onto that hope and struck. Slapping her hands together and uttering a deplorable word of power, the enchantress hurled her hex at the Queen. Already it shook through her foul mind, and if the Goddess was with her it would break it.

((OOC: Casts Feeblemind on the Queen. Hey, Sirene is already in her mind...))

Posted on 2015-03-08 at 10:58:25.

Karma: 156/25
6254 Posts

The Kindness Of strangers......


Xin moved away to aid his companion and it was then that Peri realized that the haze of pain misled her to believe they had been invisible. She wanted to reach out to Ulthok for comfort but knew she must not distract him with her plight. So she remained still perhaps the enemy would ignore her as a useless casualty.

A tear trickled down from eye as she hoped find a way to aid her friends. Through the blur of wet eyes she saw a figure approach. The tall human reached and touched her. She now could see it was man the joined in the castle. The ranger cleric of Odin had fought bravely by their side and she was glad that Dark Whisper had not turn her against this one too.

As the big man touched his chest too she heard the words he whispered; he was asking his Odin to grant healing. A ray of hope filled the faerie dragon as perhaps this Odin would be kind enough to spare a little healing for her. Peri thought she must find another apple to repay this kind act.

Posted on 2015-03-08 at 14:42:02.

Karma: 156/25
6254 Posts

So Close, Yet So Far.....

Strength warmed through his body as the potion did its work. Then to his delight his ring worked as well and the mage vanished. Moving down the corridor carried by his boots of striding Ulthok had come to the door at the end much quicker than he had expected. Covering the distance so rapidly must also have been the residue of the magic from the gem room. It didn't take the rogue long to figure out the throne room's magic was controlled by the Queen but here in the hall the gem seemed to amplify any magic used here.

Coming to the door Ulthok carefully checked traps. From the far side the sound of a battle carries through the wood. Wary that the door maybe warded or otherwise enchanted Ulthok in vain tries to remember the spell to dispel such things. So left with no other choice he must turn the latch and push the door open.

Remaining invisible he uses what care he can. Not wanting to directly tough the door he drew his remaining sword and uses it to force the handle and push the door to swing wide.

Posted on 2015-03-08 at 18:46:50.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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6611 Posts

The Battle continues.

For the party the loss of Barreel and Ulthok had been a big hit especially the loss of the Halfling Wizard/Thief. However with the disappearance of The Howler and the death of Dark Whisper the party felt they still had a chance.

A slim chance....................

Cor was the first of the party to act this turn. Having seen Lothor's success against these metal figures, the Dwarf Knight Cleric was determined to gain the same. The staff of curing dropped to the ground and pulling his dwarves thrower hammer leapt forward.

Suddenly the armor moved somehow dodging Cor's attempt to land on him but still taking a solid hit from his hammer. The hammer, though a blunt weapon caused the armor's first dent, but did not stop it as it swung the great sword hitting Cor as he flew by. Landing on his feet to the Armor's rear as it turned to face Lothor's attack.........

Lothor for his part had only seconds to watch as Cor leapt for the armor and missed. The armor somehow managing to dodge the dwarf. Then he too was charging the White Armor itself catching it as it turned back towards him. Hitting it once again squarely, his size and strength gave the Ex-Gladiator all he needed to drive it to the ground with himself over it. As the armor struggled for the moment Lothor was on top.............

Alyia kept her mind calm and focused as she called upon her elemental of fire. However as the Fire Elemental appeared before the Lich Queen, just as fast did one of Earth, The Advisor, no longer under Sirene's spell, having lost his two hydra's had also decided to summon help, barely managing to call it forth in time. Within seconds the two Elementals were locked in battle.............

Rayne's timely use of her spell of Heal had done its task freeing Weaver from his magically induced feebleness. His fast act of moving her behind him gave her, her first sight of Sirene on the rooms floor convulsing. Rushing to the Elf Enchantress's side she quickly reached out a hand and cast the spell of Aid upon her shacking body. Not knowing if she had helped or made things worse she waited for some type of sign.

As such she was the only one of the party to see the large giant sized human butcher and his 6 large Ogre-orc's enter through the remains of the wooden door and charge at the party....................

Once more facing the Clinched Fist before him Roan knew he had to be hurting it as his attacks were mostly on target. Maybe it was close enough to destroy this round. However the Human Ranger/Cleric's attention was drawn to the plight of Ulthok's Faerie Dragon Peri. With the halfling's disappearance possible death their was no one to aid the creature. Quickly taking advantage of the Fist not being in direct melee he ran to the faerie creatures side. As the Fist turned to follow him he laid a hand upon her and cast Cure Serious Wounds. Having placed both hands, one on her the other him he hoped for the spell to heal them both. As the spell indeed worked, call it an act of Odin, a lucky by product of her species, or a strange effect caused by this damn castle but healing flowed into both. However with two trying to gain the healing of one spell, the spell only granted each half, helping them both but each of them still very much in danger.

Then Roan from behind him heard his hammer attack and knew the Clinched Fist was back. Turning to face it quickly, he watched as his hammer kept the Fist from hitting him once more another round.................

Peri knew she was hurting and that was good as she yet lived and if she lived so did her keeper Ulthok. The healing given to her by the genie Xin had helped but she was still very weak. Then before was the Human Roan his hand on her and she at once felt the warm feeling of health flowing into her. Maybe just maybe she could go find Ulthok next round and just maybe an apple.............

Weaver awoke from somewhere else to find himself once more in the thick of the fight. Quickly seeing Rayne in front of him facing off alone against one of the White Armors to protect him. Quickly reaching out, grabbing her with his right hand, he moved her behind him. Just as quickly he threw up his left handed staff to ward against the armor's attack. The White Armor feeling no emotion came in full blast determined to kill. However Maggot holding the staff in his left hand had turned it into a shield and was able to block the White Armors attack this round.............

For Ulthok it was not a question of who was fighting who beyond the door, or how they were fighting but which way the damn door opened. Not wanting to lose his invisibility just yet by entering the Lich Queen's throne room he carefully checked for traps then using the tip of a sword pushed open the door slowly. Checking out his view of the room he could see his friends needed his aid, but how to aid them. The Halfling Thief/Mage knew the minute he entered the throne room his invisibility would be lost and so would his advantage.

Sirene knew at once where she was, the Lich Queen's mind. Not a very happy place to say the least though very powerful. However she was of the fey and no undead creature would see her fall without a fight. Placing all in the hands of the Goddess, Sirene held onto that hope and struck. Slapping her hands together and uttering a deplorable word of power, the enchantress hurled the spell of Feeblemind at the Queen. At first the spell seemed to work, the Queens glowing inner mind eyes fading. Then the eyes exploded in flame as the Queen struck back.

"Never elf shall you twist my mind, after all once a mind is twisted its forever!"

Her blazing eyes flashing and Sirene felt herself thrown backwards in the darkness, her body aflame, her senses on fire. With no way to take away the flames of pain she tried to fight but failed. Then as if a prayer answered she felt stronger, her mind free from the Queen's spell, and the illusion of being in the Queens darkness was gone. As Sirene adjusted her stance once more standing tall she found herself and the Queen in a forest clearing with birds chirping and as if peace resided within this clearing alone. Though Sirene did not know how the two combatants had left the Lich's mind and were now in Sirene's. A screech from her mental enemy filled her mind


(DM OOC: Ok there you have my weekly post. Map and any damage taken on character thread tomorrow.)

Posted on 2015-03-09 at 01:30:46.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 31/3
600 Posts

OUR flames!

the fire elemental took shape before the queen.

the massive hulking form seemed lithe beside the earth elemental the advisor summoned up.
flailing out the fire elemental's arms formed whip like columns of fire lashing out at the throne an queen as it turned to face its new adversary.

the fire elemental's voice roared the Ignan words all but lost in the hiss an crackle of its bellow.

"all shall be consuned in my flame!"

Alyia continued to chant the soft metallic tinge filled her mouth as she bit down harder on her finger using the pain to shut the room out around her.

picturing the earth elemental grappled an melting in the flames of the fire elemental.

Alyia drew up all the feelings of rage, hate, grief an loathing this place had caused her. picturing the events which spurred the feelings.

"take this hate full emotions an feed on them. fuel your rage with them an cause those who doubt OUR power to perish. unto ash at OUR feet!"

Alyia's topha to the elemental was met with a scream of rage an a burst of flame as it grappled the earth elemental the stone flooring at its fleet seeped molten in its wake.

"all shall perish in my flame!"

tears streamed from Alyia's clenched eyes as she felt the fire elemental's eyes bore into her psyche she felt its flames around her waiting to consume her with its power.

xin's voice hissed in her ear.

"you summoned IT... YOU had that power. YOU control IT!"

Alyia pushed back against the flame's power pushing the power an flame into a ball in her palms.

"all shall perish in OUR flames!"

her mind screamed out to the fire elemental as she pushed the combined magic into it.

(OOC. all the speech in this post is telepathic or thought )

Posted on 2015-03-09 at 16:15:08.

Nomad D2
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When a Rapier won't do, part II

With a happy sense of deja vu, Lothor found himself on top of the metal contraption on the ground. It seemed slashing and slicing were of no use against these things. But he had already seen the damage a massive rams head could do to them. They could be hurt.

Luckily, he had never gone in for little blades. His sword was no rapier. It was a huge hunk of metal that just happened to be sharp on the edges - truly worthy of the title of great sword. He would drive it into the beast like a battering ram. From his position atop the suit of armor he raised himself up, keeping his left foot firmly planted on the things sword arm, and plowed the great blade into the breast plate. There was no subtlety in this. No attempt to cut. He simply aimed to use the massive size of the metal blade to crush the things chest. And so he brought the blade crashing down with his full weight and all of his hill giant strength to bear on it.

As he plowed the blade downwards his happy sense of having things under control got an unhappy dose of reality as he looked around and saw the rooms new entrants. Why did they just keep coming?

Posted on 2015-03-12 at 10:08:54.

Keeper of Dragons
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Cor's leap missed but his hammer did find its mark. A dent showed it had done something at least. As the armor turned to Lothor, Cor readied his next attack. Seeing that Lothor managed to pin it to the ground, Cor swung his hammer at the head hoping to knock it off.

Posted on 2015-03-12 at 18:55:41.

RDI Fixture
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Rayne casted Aid on Sirene, and expected some sort of sign. Did it help? Did it make things worse? Sirene's state seemed absolutely unchanged from before. Unfortunately, Rayne had no spells ready that could dispel magic. Maybe...

Out of the corner of her eye, Rayne saw movement. Maybe something had been summoned behind them? Instead of one of the hydras reappearing, or some other summoned creatures, there was a giant sized butcher, backed by a squad of ogre-orc guards.

Hastily standing up, Rayne drew and aimed her bow. "There's more behind us!" She shouted. Not waiting to see what anyone else did, she stood her ground by the unconscious Sirene, and fired into the butcher in the lead. Rayne had no intentions of letting these monsters kill her friends without getting through her first.

Posted on 2015-03-14 at 16:55:03.
Edited on 2015-03-14 at 16:56:29 by SirSadaar

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6254 Posts

A Little Less Heroically.........

As Ulthok slowly pushed the door open he was relieved that there had not been any other traps set on the opening. Continuing to gradually push the door he hoped none would noticed its movement.

Keeping the door as shield between him and throne the mage went on alert to access the action in the chamber. His companions seemed to holding their own but then he heard Rayne's voice call out a warning, "There's more behind us!"
But as it is when you are engaged in battle there is little if no time to plan, you must act. The movement at the front door showed him that the creatures from hall had left their gruesome task of beheading the fallen and were now charging into the room to attack. The mage was pleased to see the shadows he had called earlier were still at hand. While still shielded by the door Ulthok stepped into the room, reappearing. To the shadow fighter he called, "You two nearest to him attack the big human leading the Orcs, you other two attack the two Orcs behind him. When they are dead attack the other Orcs" Then he stepped back into hall willing spirit into his ring and vanished again. From here he continued to survey what of the battle he could see and searched for Peri.

Posted on 2015-03-14 at 18:28:38.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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Double Dose

Odin proved gracious as the Cure Serious Wounds spell flowed to both Peri and the Human Ranger/Cleric during the lull in battle.

Roan quickly determined that a defensive stance to protect the Fairie Dragon was the best course of action, especially with the Huge Fist renewing its attack, plus the alarm sounded by Rayne that the Butcher and Ogres had now entered the room with murder in their heartless hearts!

Steadying his Spiritual Hammer to defend against another attack by the Huge Fist, the Ranger/Cleric took a step back towards Peri for a better defensive stance, while simultaneously focusing the full benefit of another Cure Serious Wounds upon himself.

"Odin Protect Us!"

((OOC: Roan readies his Spiritual Weapon in a defensive position to repel another attack from the Huge Fist, or the Butcher and the Ogres, as he focuses another Cure Serious Wounds spell upon himself. Roan also raises his right arm to make ready his Ring of the Ram if necessary. He decided this to be the best course of action for defending both himself and Peri the Faerie Dragon!))

Posted on 2015-03-15 at 16:55:45.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1292 Posts

What dreams may come


The lich's scream pierced the silence in a stark counterpoint to the serenity that surrounded them. An ever shifting blend of sunlight and moonlight filtered through the forest canopy becoming individual rays of silver and gold light. Billowing mists refracted the light around them filling the forest with a haunting glow. They were wrapped in an eternal twilight, the in between time when the power of faerie was at its highest.

Impenetrable serenity surrounded Sirene, and she regarded the screaming horror cooly. The battle was not yet won, but they were in her world now and the laws of faerie were all. Fey magic coursed through her and pulsed through this dream world. Holding onto the power of the unseen world, Sirene let the power of her people guide her. The true power of the fair folk lay in the illusions and charms born of dreams. This was a dream world and perhaps the magic of dreams would become reality here.

Faerie magic blazed through Sirene and the world around them shifted, became something else. Where the cool twilight forest had been now was a burning desert. A rippling sea of sand stretched out beyond where even elven eyes could see, and above a shining globe of white heat burned in the sky. That light, the rage of the Great Goddess herself, burned away shadow and even death. It grew ever brighter and with it so did the heat burn. Wisps of smoke curled up from the sands as stray bits of grass we're burnt to ash. Tiny tendrils of smoke began to rise from the Queen as the last bits of moisture in her body and clothes was seared away. Soon the beast would smolder and burn away.

Yet that searing heat did not touch Sirene, for this was her world and her mind still later wrapped in the cool twilight. Smiling the fey priestess raised her hands to the heavens and let the sunlight grow brighter and ever hotter.

((OOC: Casts Advanced Illusion wondering how being in her mind will actually affect the spell. Taken some license with this, so let me know if you need clarification etc)

Posted on 2015-03-18 at 13:22:15.

Karma: 156/25
6254 Posts



The warmth of healing entered her as the big member of the party touched her. Her wits were returning as she thought she saw movement to her left. Glancing over she saw the side door slowly glide open. Then to her delight from nowhere her companion appeared. Ulthok bade commands to the shadows and stepped back though the door...and disappeared.

"My Ulthok'...she breathed. Gathering her strength she scurried along the wall, through the open door and into the hall beyond.

Posted on 2015-03-27 at 19:54:42.

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