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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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Taking Flight

As a Mass of Fog from the Incantation of the Elf Witch, Sirene, engulfed the area where Roan prepared to make a stand against the Drow in an effort to free the enslaved Elves; his beloved Rayne drew near to his side, in an effort to either persuade the determined Human Ranger/Cleric to turn from this seeming madness, or to fight by his side, while the others escaped to continue their mission.

Roan looked into her eyes, then leaned in for a quick kiss, before gathering his weapons and taking his beloved by the hand, running together as one, to gain the needed momentum for their Flying Potions to effectively lift them away from any ranged attack by the merciless Drow, their path and direction of retreat concealed by the Mass of Fog.

During the time spent journeying to the Isle of their quest, Roan Fenstrider spent a portion of his time communing privately with Odin, but most of his time was spent in the company of his beloved Rayne, who had proven to the Mortal Roan that she was willing to both live or die by his side.

Roan was now motivated to live out the remainder his life with the Elf Ranger/Cleric Rayne, should they find a way to not only set things right for their future time, but to find a way to live a peaceful life together, should they both survive the unknown challenges upon the distant Isle and beyond.

Posted on 2016-01-19 at 02:23:23.

RDI Fixture
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Accepting Roan's kiss and taking his hand, Rayne said to him as they began to run, "Let us go together." With the potions of flight and the fog, they were easily able to evade the slavers. For 2 days, using an enlarged Peri and the remaining potions of flying, they travelled to the West Coast. Once there, Ulthok used the scroll to create a boat after a day of rest. The sail to the island was uneventful, almost ominously so. They encountered no monsters, whales or even fish. It was just... dead. When not aiding to guide the ship, Rayne spent her time in meditation with Corellon, trying to pass the time.

On the 4th day of sailing, they finally made it to the Isle of the Cyclops; however, it was only at dusk that they arrived. Doing the best to rub some of the salt from her now red eyes as they approached the beach, she turned to the party. "Unless we want to travel in the dark, I guess we set camp up just past where the tide comes in. I'm willing to take the first watch. Who knows what else, besides the Cylcops, lurks beyond the beach."

Posted on 2016-01-24 at 13:26:09.

RDI Fixture
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The rosey haze of twilight reached across the lake turning its waters into liquid flame. Shimmering yellows, oranges, and pinks rippled at the water's surface. The dying of the day was always a beautiful time, and it was made even more so surrounded by the lake. Such beauty always came at the end, when one thing becomes another. Here and now it seemed to presage endings and told. That thought darkened the witch's mood despite the sublimity before them.

Running a hand through her dark curls, Siréne sighed and moved to join the others. After several days of flight they were at journey's end. The shadow of exhaustion could be seen on all their faces. How long had it been since they had truly rested?

Rayne spoke up as al eyes turned to the shore, "Unless we want to travel in the dark, I guess we set camp up just past where the tide comes in. I'm willing to take the first watch. Who knows what else, besides the Cylcops, lurks beyond the beach."

Siréne nodded to the other elf. It was sound reasoning. There was no telling what lay in wait on that island.

"That would be a wise course of action. I suggest we place wards as well, even if we find a place to remain hidden."

Posted on 2016-01-24 at 16:41:52.

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She couldn't help but smile as she winded her way to the coast with the party in tow. One of the smallest in this mix of creatures she felt a sense of pride that she had been able to help in a big way. The potions her companions used made them as light as the down of the thistle so having them clinging to her legs, back and tail they didn't drag her down. Only Ulthok held her hand, she only wished that Valene was here to hold the other. She knew her mage had put up strong front, but she had sensed the shadow that covered Ulthok's heart.

Flying for two days was starting to take its toll on the Faerie Dragon so when the coast appeared before them on the dawn of the third day she felt a sense of relief. Spying a sheltered beach she descended and hovered to let each member land safely. As the party rested Peri assume her normal size.

Gliding into the air the mage the retreat. He should have known better than cast that spell but after hearing the bickering of party he let emotion instead of logic rule. The old tales of the dark elves spoke of their sense of magic, but it was nothing compared to reality.

The party joined his lead and they ascended toward the sky. Peri cast a spell and grew from a diminutive fluttering creature into a formidable creature. The tiny butterfly like wings now beat with a strength and power. The party caught up to Peri and latched on. Sliding his hand into Peri's; she closed fingers with a gentle yet firm grip. There she guided him through the skies. Her sure grip allowed the Halfling to nap a times. On the dawn of third day the mage felt the gentle descent.

Ulthok watched his companions as they landed safely. They had not had the advantage of Peri's sure grip and he saw the fatigue in their eyes and movements. So as they rested.
The next morning he chose to let Sirene save her magic spell and use the scroll of creation he'd carried unused for so long. He pulled the scroll, quill and ink. In a short time he had drawn a long slender boat with sail and ores. A dragon head adorned the prow and a strong rudder extended from the rear. Invoking the words of the scroll a sturdy sailing craft appeared on the water in front of them.
One by one the companions loaded their gear and themselves into the boat. Then for the next four days they took their turn on ore and rudder as needed. The mages used their rest time to study and prepare new spells as the saw fit.

At the midday of that fourth day they caught first sight of The Isle of the Cyclops. The rest of the day was spent sailing around its rock walls. With the coming of dusk they finally caught sight of a lone beach. The beach they could see from the boat was deserted and looked as if nothing had set foot upon it in a very long time. Steering the boat to the shore they drove the boat onto the beach. Once the boat was grounded they grabbed their gear and gathered. "We need to find cover and get off this beach before we are spotted by something unfriendly." It time for the Ranger again.

(I should have a new list of spells for Ulthok and Peri by Monday night.)

Posted on 2016-01-24 at 17:56:53.

Trilogy Master
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Too quiet..............

With the party finally reaching the Island it was only a matter of time before they reached its seemingly lone beach. Anchoring the magically created boat off shore they quickly moved onto the beach and set up camp outside the reach of the medium sized waves.

Before the dark of night had fallen they had set a good nature protected camp with a small sized fire burning. and the spell users regaining much needed new spells. Then came a time of rest and with the set of watches did the party finally lay down to sleep.

Throughout the night it was quiet and as Lothor sat on his watch of the night, the big fighter realized it was too quiet as in no sound at all other then wind through the tree's. No birds, no insects nothing as would have been in a forest back home in the future at night. As he stood and moved around the camp quietly patrolling he began to hear a strange, almost, insane? sound of chattering noises slowly increasing in tone and volume. Then a moment of movement, then nothing, then another, then once more. What was that? Something pale, almost human in nature, but hunched over. Long arms, was that a sword carried, and the chattering becoming louder the rest of the party now starting to awake also. Clearly Lothor could see the party was not alone on this beach. Spurring the others to speed he cried a warning

"Awake we are under attack!"

As if a cue the chattering turned to ghastly undead sounding howls and the camp was charged by at first 5, 10, then another 20, 40, 80, a 100, with more pale long armed creatures coming up behind them, all armed with crude swords and wearing no armor. The party was under attack by a seemingly vast horde of these unknown creatures.

Once more the time had come to fight or die..............

(DM OOC: OK as you were interrupted during your sleep, Magic Users, Cleric's, you still only have the same spells as listed on your sheets. No need for a map as they are coming out of the woods in-mass clearly over 200+ but if you'd like one let me know and I'll draw it up. Ok next post next Sunday PM me any questions.)

Posted on 2016-01-24 at 23:35:29.

Nomad D2
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Meat shield assume position!

Lothor called out to the group that they were under attack. Thankfully the pale buggers were not silent, pale buggers. It was a seemingly endless horde of the beasts streaming out of the night. Lothor's role was simple - hold them off while those with spells did their work. If had confidence in his companions, even in the face of such numbers, as long as they had time and space to act.

To provide that time and space the big warrior placed himself between himself and the onrushing horde, prepared to hack them apart and block their passage. His main goal as he took his position was to prevent their passage. It was an ambitious goal given the vast numbers charging, but he had to trust in his companions to assure that he did not have to fight them all.

Posted on 2016-01-30 at 14:59:38.

RDI Fixture
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After a few moments of still feeling the lingering affects of the motion of the water, Rayne was glad to be back on land. That feeling was soon superseded by the knowledge of the dangers of the island. Pushing that feeling aside for now, Rayne helped the rest of the party set up camp. Barring any roving monsters, it would be a good night's sleep from being back on dry land.

They had finished pitching camp before the dark had come. Settling into her bedroll, Rayne laid down into what was hopefully going to be one final good sleep before they encountered serious danger.

Or, they would be attacked, and this final night's rest would be a short one. Right after Lother called out that they were under attack, Rayne grasped her bow and moved out to see the enemies. This wasn't a small group; it was an entire hoard. Lothor had positioned himself to try and stall the hoard as long as possible. Using her bow, Rayne fired arrows into the advancing enemies. Hopefully, it would help slow down the hoard long enough for a more effective solution to occur.

Posted on 2016-01-31 at 12:57:51.
Edited on 2016-01-31 at 12:58:24 by SirSadaar

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I am the storm and the storm is I

"Awake! We are under attack!"

Siréne snapped her head in the direction of the warrior's cry and hissed. A score of pale, lanky creatures rushed toward them shrieking with anticipation. They called for blood and there seemed no end to their number.

The familiar thrum of a raven's wings beat within her, heating her blood. The Lady of Retribution laughed seductively and the witch answered. With gesture and intonation Siréne called the storm. It rose up in the heavens and deep within her.

Blue eyes blazed with fury taking in the legion. She would see them dead. Throwing her head back, the witch let out an unearthly scream as she clapped her hands above her.

A brilliant flash of blue light and deafening roar answered her call. It lasted but an instant, but in that moment there was only blinding light and thunder's roar.

((OOC: Call Lighting - 20ft Radius, (2d8+12dx2 - first of 12 bolts))

Posted on 2016-01-31 at 14:15:55.

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A Bright Idea........

A shout of, "Awake we are under attack!" Brought the small mage out of restful sleep. The years of adventuring had trained him to go from sound asleep to wide awake in a split second. He could hear the charge of many creatures rushing from the forest onto the beach. In the dark the forms were discernible but they needed to see more if they were to target this howling horde. Reaching inside his cloak he pulled his Wand of Illumination. "You can't fight what you can't see." With that the mage raised the wand to the sky over the party and used two charges to cast "Continual Light" in air above and between the charging menace and the party. Then in moment of self preservation Ulthok willed a bit of spirit into his ring and disappeared. Looking up at the now hovering Peri he said, "Well?" and she too disappeared as she rose above the reach of the swords.

Posted on 2016-01-31 at 19:02:24.

Keeper of Dragons
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Ring of Fire

Cor heard the call of alarm and saw the incoming horde. Protection while they planned their next move was of utmost importance. Using the power of his helm, Cor called forth a ring of fire around the party. He focused on a double wide ring of a 35 foot radius. "Lets see if the wee beasties are as stupid as they look."

Posted on 2016-01-31 at 19:36:41.

Trilogy Master
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Fire, Light, Stench, and Death.

"Awake! We are under attack!"
With that cry from Lothor the party was up and springing to action. With the help of the small fire and infravision they could see a charging horde of pale long armed creatures all armed with crude swords and wearing no armor. No time to count, but it was clear the large number of these creatures blocked off any access off the beach but backwards to the parties magically crafted boat.

Lothor having been on guard was the first to act charging himself into the first line of creatures as they fully entered the light of the camp fire. The swings of his greatsword meeting no armor or thick skin easily slashed through the pale creatures ranks halting them for a moment in shock. Then the front ranks were charging once more pushed by the numbers behind them and their need to kill.

However the pause granted by Lothor was long enough for most of the rest of the party to act. From Rayne, her magical bow once more whole, her arrows of energy, like Lothor's sword, meeting no resistance ripped through the creatures ranks not just killing 1 or 2 but 3,4,5 in one shot. Her fire deadly.

For Sirene, she of the magical arts and strongest of the party's mages, it was all about destruction. A word spoken from her mouth and from out of the sky slashed down lances of lightening striking in great explosions of light, sound and death. Yet the creatures charged on the numbers not appearing to decrease at all.

For Ulthok and Peri, both strong mages in their own right, it was more of a defensive stance. While Peri went invisible Ulthok, using a wand, called forth the spell of continual light to help the party see better to fight.

It was just what Cor needed to judge and create a wall of fire closing the party off to the creatures yet with retreat to the parties ship behind them still open. The first rank, pushed still by the overwhelming horde behind them, charged into the wall to die covered in fire. The smell of burning flesh so strong that Alyia and Roan were overcome by it and found themselves gagging on its stench.

However this same stench helped the party as many of this charging horde begin to choke and gag and die as Rayne's arrows and Sirene's lightening continued to slam down into the creatures ranks. Finally as the party watched the charge was broken and the still large horde moved back into the jungle to hide and clearly wait as throughout the night their screams and howls were easily meant to be heard.

Unable to sleep or gain needed spells and with only so much time for each spell the party had no choice but to retreat once more to their ship. Moving out away from the beach the cries of these damnable creatures seemed to grow in intensity until it slowly with the coming of morning and the rise of the sun petered off to nothing. , The stench and smoke created fog of hundred's of burned dead bodies as thick as that of a magical wall of fog. Once more the whole island was eerily silent of any sound or visible life..........

((DM OOC: Ok post up. You seem to have beaten them off with the coming of the day and the light so maybe time to regroup and try to refresh your spells.
Also has anyone seen Astrid on the Inn lately? Its been 2 weeks since her last post on the 14th and I'm a little worried.
Ok my next post may be delayed a day or two due to it being Super Bowl Sunday so bare with me ok))

Posted on 2016-01-31 at 22:57:06.
Edited on 2016-01-31 at 23:00:52 by TannTalas

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bit of a back post

Alyia quickly took a flight potion an followed suit with the rest of the party.

quietly admiring perri's beauty in her larger form the iridescence of her scales in the light only seemed to contrast her fair butterfly wings all the more.

Alyia quickly scent an mental image to Xin, which flustered the jinn to not avail. Making Alyia laugh out loud, an quickly cover her mouth in embarrassment at her out burst.

On the third day of their flight travel Alyia in tired jest commented that their flight was starting to feel like a frog hopping having to gasp an jump over an over.

When they stopped for rest Alyia quickly curled up in her cloak not bothering with bedding an fell asleep, calling Xin out to act as look out so that the party could all rest.

Aliya was impressed an enthralled watching ulthok create the ship. Trying not to look over his shoulder like a precociousness child Alyia couldn't help but ask him several questions about the magic scroll.
Alyia couldn't help but be impressed at the detail of the boat an detail which was imbued to the craft.

Half way through the first day out of boardum Alyia organized her spell pouch an memorized her spells.

the second day she went dug out the books she had wrapped in the cloak in the bottom of her pack. carefully she opened the book of gollum an began to read.

when the boat finally came to ground Alyia was surprised at the relief of being back on solid ground, an also the weakness of her legs as she hit the ground falling to her knees as her legs buckled benieth her. though it only took a moment to get back to her feet.

the party settled down but for a brief moment of peace as they were set upon by a horde. Before Alyia could cast the over whelming stench of burnt flesh hit her driving her to her knees in wretch. In effort to get away from the mass of creatures an the stench Alyia made her way back towards the ship.

As the sun rose in a thick bank of fog Alyia looked around at the party an back at the thick fog which blanketed the island.

Posted on 2016-02-02 at 15:16:17.

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So Where Are We................

The party made a retreat back off the beach and into the boat. They floated just off the coast enough to breath the fresher sea air and still keep the shore in sight. Pulling his rough map out Ulthok wondered just where their sailing might have landed them. When the dawn had come and the beasts on shore had stopped their whailing he turned to his companion, "Peri...if you would, would you fly up high and see if there is another beach we might use. If you can also tell see if you can guess where we are along the shore of this map" Peri gazed at the parchment and nodded. Then with a flutter she rose high into the sky above the boat.

A short time later she floated down to land on Ulthok's shoulder, "From what I could see there are no other safe places to land, the coast is all rocks and cliffs. I would guess that we are most likely around here." She pointed to a section of the coast on the map.

Posted on 2016-02-07 at 12:48:59.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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Heading Peri report that there was no other choice of landing area. "Looks like we go back. Maybe if we go during the day we can avoid the beasties. We can spend a night here on the shop to regain spells."

Posted on 2016-02-07 at 16:19:59.

Karma: 156/25
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Back Again..........

Peri pointed to the northern coast and a bit around the island. They sailed further than Ulthok had suspected. "You are sure then.. this puts us closer to our goal. We will have to go back to the beach and push through that horde. The tower will be in the jungle somewhere.....too bad that first map didn't show the tower. Well it's never easy is it? But then we've got Rangers to scout it out." Looking up he saw Cor listening. Now they just needed a plan.

Posted on 2016-02-07 at 21:36:41.
Edited on 2016-02-08 at 18:07:07 by Odyson

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