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Hard Ride-New City-Relaxation

And so it was that Ulthok introduced Rayne to the rest of the group. Alasidair did step forward as group leader and welcome her and to receive said letter. Upon inspecting it found it to be truly from the king having been sealed with his signet. So Alasdair opens and reads it outloud to the party.

“Be aware that it is believed you are being followed for it has come to me through the court mages that the Shadow Wraiths seek Althena and are suspected of the destruction of the Port of Chard Rush. I have sent to you Rayne Fireheart through magical speed and flight to bring you this warning. She is to remain with you, along with her Pegasus, to provide you an airborne scout to speed your passage northward. Take care and stay vigilant for the Dark King masses his forces to cross the Strait of Aladron even as I send you this.”
Signed Maridynn, King of Shann’tara

With that out Ulthok finally realizes that all their feelings of uneasiness about being watched where probably correct and for some reason they where not only being watched but possibly followed. Ulthok always one to try to analyze why a certain thing may be being done puts his mind to this. Thinking to himselfIf they know where we are and wanted to kill us as it seems they did back in the caves, why have they just not attacked while they had the surprise. Something has changed since then and of course that is the fact that we now have Althena and they don't. So it becomes obvious that what it is we now want to retrieve and destroy they must want for their own purpose, but don't know where to find it, so they hope we will lead them to it. That is when our lives become of no more use to them.
So as Alasdair rides them hard and fast with barley no time for rest the Halfling does contemplate this. One early morning as they make a quick stop to refresh the horses and themselves Ulthok does approach Alasdair with his concerns. “Alasdair friend I am sure that what I am about to voice to you, you have already thought about and are probably aware of however I need to voice to you what I feel if for nothing more that to reinforce my own contemplations. Since the king has warned us that we are probably being followed and these dark forces have made no attempt to stop us from our mission, it comes to be my belief that they are just biding their time because they want us to at least partially complete our job that is find this bloody sword at which point I believe they intend to try to take it from us. That is why we have not been attacked as we move they need Althena to led them to the whereabouts of this mighty weapon. Just as we do. Anyways that said I am sure you have already assumed the same and we will try to prepare for this eventual meeting. Having had his say he returns to his ride and readies both his pony and himself for the coming ride.

Then finally on the morn of the third day they finally reach the dwarven community of Erebor
and the city of Star Falls. Tired, dirty, and hungry they ride into the city. Cynil has asked one of the city guards where the best in might be. Whatever the answer he is ready to go.

Sometime Later,
Having decided upon an inn and a place to stable the horses Ulthok makes sure his pony is cared for even though he is not sure he will be using it again. At whichever In they decide upon he will do the following in this order.
1: Get himself a room
2: Get to his room and stash his gear
3: Order himself both a good bottle of wine and a hot bath
4: Bath while sipping the wine
5: finally in the dining area order himself a nice hot cooked meal.

1, Once at the Inn the halfling checks in and gets himself a nice bed to sleep in. While speaking to whoever is in charge of the inn he wants to be sure he gets superb service as he needs it so ,Ah good (sir or ma'am) I am not sure how long I will be staying but i would like to be well tended. So if you could see that to it that someone is ready to help when need be I would be much appreciative. As he speaks he hands the owner a platinum piece. This is for you good man and not toward my bill. I intend to retire to my room for a few moments but would like to return for a bottle of your finest wine to be served to me while i am taking a nice hot bath
Could you arrange this?
OOC: If for some reason the person he is talking to can't or won't accept what he wants Ulthok will not pursue it further, and will go about the following anyways just not with the attention he was hoping to have. Also if the person he is speaking with wants more than 1 platinum piece he will go to 2 but no higher.

Quickly finding his room and stashing any unneeded gear Ulthok hurries back for he is in much need for a good hot bath and a little settling wine. Hopefully he returns to find all he has asked for to be in order. Slipping slowly into his hot bath he can feel both the grim and the tensions of the hard ride falling from his body. Asking for a glass of the wine he slips low into the water and finishes the first glass of wine in 3 easy gulps. He quickly feels the warmth of the wine spread through his body and the little Halfling finally starts to relax. He continues to soak in the hot bath drinking his wine until the water starts to get chilly. Getting a towel he dries himself off and dresses in his magical jump suit,over which he wears a nice light blue shirt and a loose pair of brown trousers. Taking the rest of his bottle of wine with him he heads to the dinning area where he finds a secluded corner seat. When the serving person arrives he orders a hot meal of meat, potatoes, and bread with some jam for the bread.

If any of the others are in the dinning area he will of course if okay have set with them. He will slowly savor his meal and while he eats and drinks his wine he will keep a constant watch and try to stay tuned in to the best of his abilities to all that is going on around him.
He finishes his meal and corks the wine bottle with a little less than half left. Now feeling very refreshed and re energized there are two more things he wants to do today before he retires and tries to catch up on some sleep. One thing he will do alone but the other he would like to do with someone else and that is some shopping. For one thing he must replace his now lost bow. So now that he is finished with his meal he will now exit from the inn to the outside world.

Looking around Ulthok picks a nice somewhat uncontested area to do what he is going to do next. Using his mental link with his familiar Omensamen ( not sure i even spell it the same every time oh well) the female owl he calls her to him. He wants to give her some new information and send her out on a new job. Once he sees her flying in he will put out his left arm as always as the invitation for her to land, which she does, and he at once feeds her some of the small nuts he carries just for her, for she loves these. After she has finished her snack Ulthok communicates to her what new information he has gotten mainly from the kings message. This being(you are being followed for it has come to me through the court mages that the Shadow Wraiths seek Althena )So he asks his owl to go forth and to hunt and seek all around them for any trace any evidence no matter how small or trivial it may seem that anyone or anything in any way, shape, or form may in any manner be following, or watching, them either by regular or magical means, if she can detect magic in any way, and at once report back to him no matter time or distance, he must know.

With the new mission given to the bird Ulthok will then ask Omensamen to report any activity that she may have already observed since they have left the fort town and arrived here in Star Falls.
He then sends his friend off on her new mission. The Halfling will now return to the Inn and try to find someone of the group who may want to head out into the city and do some shopping.

Posted on 2007-03-06 at 14:54:52.
Edited on 2007-03-06 at 14:59:34 by Dragonmist

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during that first day Rayne introduces the two other members of her team who had to this point been comfortably carries in the saddle bags on Shara's back. Rayne lets them down to hunt each night while they rest for a while but they are always back when she whistles. Two black-footed ferret blinker and Nod.

Rayne rides Shara flying high cover and keeping her eyes out for anything above and below her. When she goes down she sends up Arfaren to keep watch. The huge eagle owl becomes her eyes in the sky. She tells thim through the ring of animal communication that he needs to wrn her of anything that follows them in the sky trees or ground. When arfaren come in to rest she walks alongside of Shara, giving her a rest and leeting arfaren perch on the back of her saddle. SHe keeps apace with the group easily as her normal activities have her covering much territory.

Rayne had been surprised by the kings offer of her services to this group especially since he had not said a thing to her. MOst likely he had his reasons. As she travel she would have asked about the assignment that had been sent. Asking the one who stepped up as new leader of the party.

"What is your task? and where are we riding to?" she asks as she walks along the forest path She listens attentively but says little else. Sher acts a s scout moving ahead and to the side of the party while she was on the ground and in the sky. That was her job as she saw it. Rayne is usually a quiet and comtemplative sort of person which was well fitted to her occupation as a rangere and Pegasus rider.

She helps with camp each time they stopped usually a quick and if necessary cold camp (no fire) as to not give away their position at night.

By the time they reached their destination she too was ready for a bath and sleep and somewhere she could wash her clothes as she had brought a mimumen with her not especting to be out so long from her own place. Rayne knew that her wolves Stormy and Shadow would be patrolling and that her Cath shee was problbly going to harass them in her own catish way. Being nearly four foot tall at the shoulder she ws their match and maybe more--in her own estimation certainly more than their match.

Her first concern are her companions Shara needs a big stall or outside corral is her perference. Arfaren she will let go hunting as soon as she gets to the inn so he can find his way back. Blinker and Nod stay with her though once she puts her ssaddle bags down they crept out and a rustle of something in the hay has them scurrying off in hot pursuit. She lets them go for now since calling them back would do no good until they had hunted whatever it was.

Once in the inn she willtake care of her needs, getting clean, getting a hot meal bath could be single or communal as needed. She does gather with any others in the common room for her meal.

Posted on 2007-03-07 at 01:28:26.
Edited on 2007-03-07 at 01:34:43 by Brianna

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Magma checks in

The battle was done and despite the danger and one sidedness of the struggle, Magma shrugs his usual way and comments, “Nice fight. Too short though. I prefer enemies that I can sink an axe into, personally.”

Speaking of Axes, Magma was much enamored by the new axe in his life. ‘You and me, we need to talk a bit, but later. Other things to do.”

The dwarven warrior did not care for the ongoing discussion of honour among his companions over the lady. It was more than any sensible man could handle, and Magma reach his fill of “how the knight turns” a long time ago. The warning from the king was serious though. There were few times that Magma was willing to run from a fight, but he recognized the danger of their situation.

He quickly introduced himself to the new member of the group. “Rayne? Magma. Good to have you with us. I’ll appreciate the eyes in sky but you’ll excuse me if I prefer to keep my feet closer to the ground. Are all these critters yours?”

So they rode and rode, rapidly through day and night to reach the Erebor and the city of Star Fall. This was his homeland, but it never truly felt like home to him. Still he did know a thing or two about the place.

“Starfall is a good place to rest. The town mayor is a dwarf by the name of Shielder Ironfist. The militia is commanded by a man named Iven Dickel and is a company of some strength. Although it’s a major city, it is not fortified with walls or any real defenses but its close enough to other cities with large Regimental size units to gain aid if needed fast. We should be relatively secure here, but not enough to drop our guard completely.”

OOC: Once in town, Magma will help find an inn, then drink a fair amount of ale (the good dwarven stuff) and late in the evening spends some time in quiet contemplation of his new axe.

Posted on 2007-03-07 at 03:16:35.
Edited on 2007-03-07 at 03:18:01 by Alacrity

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Rayne to Magma

Rayne turns to the dwarven warrior. Well met, Magma. yes they are my friends and part of my team and. Other had to remain behind as I could take only those who could fly and those who I could carry on Shara. SHe takes in the appearance and demeanor of the dwarf as she introduces Arfaren, Blinker and Nod and of course Shara iin all her glory.

Posted on 2007-03-07 at 05:32:57.

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An Invitation to Shop till we Drop.

When he returns to the Inn after sending Omensamen on her new mission he was looking for one of the group who may want to go out and do some shopping with him.As he was looking around to see where everyone was and what they where up to he remembered in the back of his mind hearing their new companion Rayne speaking about needing to not only catch up on some sleep and a bath but that she needed to do some laundry and stuff for she had left home not realizing that she may be gone for such a long period of time.

Thinking to himself that there would be no better way to welcome the new member than taking her on a little shopping expadition at his expense of course.So he sets about finding out where Rayne is.If he can locate her at once he will speak with her about his idea.
I am glad I caught up with you Rayne,I'm sure you remember the shortest member of this party
He says with a wink at her.Anyways I couldn't help but overhear you eailer saying you had left rather quickly and maybe a little under prepared.I am getting ready to head out and do some shopping and would be priviliged if you would accompany me and allow me to welcome you to our little group by letting me aquire for you some of the items you may need for our upcomming journey.He will wait for a response.

If he can't locate Rayne right away he will find a seat in the dinning area order up an ale and wait, for I'm sure she will show up sooner our later.He will then ask her.

Posted on 2007-03-07 at 21:10:41.

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Halia and Her small companion where thankful to be back on the road heading to a town. She adjusted her materials and jumped onto her hoarse willing to go. But not long after she was more than willing to get back off. Getting to the town could seem to come soon enough. She wanted her own room to relax, take a bath, and draw a sketch of their adventures later victim. A picture to add to all the others who have met their untimely deaths during this adventure. She planned on making a small memorial book when and if she sees the end of this adventure.

Halia introduces herself and her cat to the newcomer. “Welcome Rayne, I’m Halia and this is Niamedris.” She motions to the black fur ball of a cat with her. “I’m glad you could join us in our adventure.”
what seems to be eons later

When they finally reach their destination she is overjoyed. When they reach an inn, she immediately gets a room and carries her items to her room. Her cat close behind. She enters the room and promptly locks the door behind her. A thing of habit. She takes one of the spare pillows from the bed and lays it on the floor. Her small friend quickly curls up into a ball and drifts off. She gets her drawing materials all laid out then goes and runs a bath.

As she soaks in the tub she can only think about chard rush, and the slight guilt she felt for the destruction of the town. She quickly finished washing and went to her drawing. She was quite pleased with the results. She adds it to the growing stack.

After she had finished she puts on her fine woolen dress, combs her long golden hair and head down stairs for some dinner. Upon entering she will sit with the others (if they are present). If not she will sit alone at a back table. She will order some good wine and the house special to eat, also something for her pet. She eats lost in thought. When she is finished she considers going for a small walk about the city. But in light of the dangers lurking about thinks better of it and simply head to her room, where she will sleep to regain her spells until early morning.

She wakes early and readies herself for the day humming a tune all her own.

Posted on 2007-03-07 at 23:50:29.
Edited on 2007-03-07 at 23:51:06 by Drusillia

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More greetings

Rayne acknowledges the hobbit, Ulthok with a nod and a gentle smile, "Stature is not measured in inches, good Ulthok, but in deeds. Well met. I would appreciate the company to go shopping, Your offer of company I accept Your offer of finances is generous and open-handed but I did bring coinage that should covers my few needs."

(OOC: What time of day is it? SHe will wait for dinner until after shopping, if it is late in the afternoon. If not she will eat first then go out shopping.)

Posted on 2007-03-08 at 02:40:39.
Edited on 2007-03-08 at 02:43:43 by Brianna

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Continuing onwards to town

With the battle and other things behind them for now, Alasdair guided his horse along the road to river city of Star Falls... The events of the days past, both the good and bad played across his mind. The King's own message and the arrival of Rayne Fireheart were somewhat unsettling as well. For while the King did confirm their own suspicions, the arrival of a new member, yet unknown to them would prove to be a mixed blessing. He did however look forward to getting to know this warrior. He knew her worth as a aerial scout would be much needed in the coming days ahead. When Ulthok did finally approach, he could only nod as he suggested that the enemy they confronted were bidding their time, waiting till the right time to strike.

As Ulthok finished, Alasdair replied, "Aye my friend, I've been thinking upon that as well. We may indeed need to complete some contingency plans, as well as, some diversionary tactics if we are to succeed in retrieving the blade and securing Lady Althena's safety."

During their ride to the city before them, Alasdair takes notice of Rayne's movements above and when she lands moves closer to speak. Clearly his throat as he approaches and then says, "M'lady Fireheart would ye be so kind as to walk with me a bit and tell me what the King has informed you of our mission? I'm also interested to know about anything you may have seen while above us."

As they ride, Alasdair keeps a wary eye alert to any dangers. Wishing to keep things to themselves, both he and Lady Althena communicate mentally using their psionic abilities. They each take comfort in the intimate contact of each others mind, for mere spoken words pale in comparison.

Then as they approach the city, he calls out to all with a laughter in his voice, "To the city and a hot bath." Thus said he spurs his horse forward keeping an eye out for danger. As he approaches the gate, listens to Magma's words and comments about the city before them. "Take the lead my friend Magma and lead us to the most comfortable inn," says Alasdair unto the noble Magma. Thus he motioned for all to follow the lead of Magma as they made their way through the town. Making note of the various shops and sights as they ride through part of the town, he reigns his horse outside. "On the morrow, should we explore what this place has to offer, we should do so in pairs or groups. Safety and a rememberance of the recently delivered warning doth warrant it," says Alasdair. "For myself, I intend to have that hot bath, a good meal, good company (with a quick look towards Lady Althena) and in the morning to stretch my tense legs with a walk about the town's many shops to see what deals might be had," finsihes Alasdair with a calm and confident tone... knowing full well the doubts each of them must have in their perceived safety.

Posted on 2007-03-08 at 04:14:49.
Edited on 2007-03-08 at 04:31:52 by DeryniLord

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Star Falls

With a hard 2 and a half day ride behind them the town of Star Falls was before them at last. Rayne had stayed mostly aloft providing as the King had promised aerial coverage of their journey. All were tired, hungry, dirty, and sore from the ride, but all knew the need of it to reach a place of semi safety. Upon entering the town Magma relayed what he knew of it and so Alasdair, never having been in Erebor. asked Magma to take the lead.
The party had entered the town from Eastward and as Magma did lead them onward they passed close to the first inn The Wayfarers Friend but its stable a small one it was clearly unsuitable for Rayne’s mount and so he pressed on. The dwarf reading signs written in both dwarven and common did turn to the South and did finally come upon the next Inn The Twin Towers Inn.

With its stable clearly large enough and appearing well kept Magma did turn to the rest about to ask approval but saw that most were already off their mounts, Rayne had landed also and all were leading their mounts into the stables. With a tired smile upon on his face he too dismounted and did the same.

With all mounts taken care by owner or the 2 young human stable hands, the party did enter the Inn proper, securing each a room of his or her own.For the next few hours each in his own way relaxed, recovered, and once again became human or demi-human. Then the rumble of each belly did speak to him or her about the need of food and as if all were like Alasdair and Althena did gather at the dinning room together.

A table for all selected and food ordered, talk between some turned to shopping, while others enjoyed the ale and the company. As if by unspoken agreement no talk of what was to come next upon them this night, tomorrow would be time enough.

After a while Ulthok and Rayne did shop.

Haila and Cynil went off to sleep, regaining spells.

Cor, followed by Conall, both did first go to the Temple to pray then back to the inn to sleep
Alasdair with Althena beside him did linger at the table both fully aware of their feelings for the other, yet also aware of the many eyes upon them watching their actions. Neither feeling remiss about what was transpiring between them.

And the last, the dwarf Magma, did talk to an Axe that had probably saved the parties lives.

For now it was a time to rest and recover all fully aware of the danger lurking somewhere close....

(OOC: Ok all good posting just a few things.
1ST: Don’t forget the items found in the belly of the best I need to know what you’re doing about them.
2nd: Af’tils horse and gear again I need to know what you plan to do with them.
3rd: Alacrity I will email you what you learn about the axe as it will be up to you to tell the party if you choose to.
Ok everyone next post next Wednesday.)

Posted on 2007-03-08 at 04:46:37.
Edited on 2007-03-08 at 05:13:41 by TannTalas

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She woke early that morning completely refreshed she got dressed and hurried to the tavern and ordered some milk for her small friend. Ones she received her request she goes back to her room and pour some into a bowl for her friend. When he is finished drinking the two of them will head down stair and wait to see what the others are doing today..

Posted on 2007-03-08 at 13:28:51.

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Not wanting to be the one to bring up unpleasant memories, but none the less it need be done Ulthok while most of the party is together for a meal does bring up the matter of what to do with Af'tills gear and horse which they had packed along with them and now was stabled with the rest of their mounts.

OOC: A quick question for I don't remember but do we have one person carrying a party fund of accumulated items to be sold or dispersed later or have we been dividing things up totally as we go? (DM OOC: Answer, you guys have always chosen what each has needed from gathered loot and sold the rest.)
BIC: I know we have just gotten somewhat comfy and relaxed and I hate to always be the one to bring up unpleasan things but since we are in a city it would probally be a good idea to deceide what to do with our fallen friends worldly items, and the stuff he pulled from that dam beatles belly. I for one feel that unless someone wants or needs something there we just sell the stuff and maybe donate the proceeds to one of the churches or shelters here in Star Falls. Except however for the writing supplies that our dear comrade carried I would be interested in retaining the paper,parchment,ink vials,and quills that he had if no one objects. You know I do a lot of writing and my personal transcripts of what has befallen us so far when finished will make a very nice historical reference of what is happening in our world at this time.
OOC:Sorry for another ooc but I feel I must explain somewhat his actions. For the idea of a chaotic neutral thief donating any spoils to a charity seems out of alignment, however Ulthok does have ulterior motives in mind. If you remember back this is not the first time he has suggested they make a name for themselves through charitable donations. He feels the small monetary amounts they lose in the donations is outweighed by the memories they will create in the minds of those who accept their monies, which he hopes to exploit at a latter date. The gods permitting.

BIC: Now finished with the unpleasant task he felt needed to be addressed he turns to more pleasurable things, and turning to Rayne Well then Rayne my company you shall have as we look about this rather diverse city. There is only one thing that I must procure if it is possible here in Star Falls and that is a new bow for the earthquake beetle did dissolve mine. The other shops I tend to like to browse whenever we enter a new and in this case somewhat large city. Alchemist shops, any mages or wizards who may be in town, or any shop that may sell magical items of any kind. So good lady with that in mind I am ready to proceed whenever you are.
The last things he does before they leave the Inn for their shopping is one If anyone of our group would like to accompany myself and Rayne on our shopping adventure I'm sure there would be no objections invite anyone else who may want to join them, and two locate Magma to ask a question. Hey there my dwarven friend mayhaps you could point me in the right direction if possible. I'm in need of replacing my now vanished short bow I was wondering if you may have any knowledge of fine workmanship that might be found in this large city? Might be you could save us some wasted searching time.
If Magma can direct them Ulthok will ask Rayne if they could visit there first. He will then head out into the big city along with Rayne and any other of his friends who may have decided to tag along.

Posted on 2007-03-08 at 14:15:29.
Edited on 2007-03-08 at 15:41:16 by TannTalas

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Rayne sets offf with Ulthok and any others that join them. SHe comfortably paces herself to the smaller stride of the Halfling. SHe is generaly not talkative however she ask and answers questions with a genuine attention to her companions. "Ulthok, how long have youb been with this group?" she asks.

She accompanies him and any others looking at various shops and their wares. She will pick up a tunic, pants, underwear, if she can find anything close to her size. If not she will pick up some materials with which to fasshion her own closthes.

She is a capable seamtress though what she like best is to do embroidery to decorate her garments. she takes her time over purchases not buy at the first shop but after she has sennd a couple with what she wants she chooses which one she wants to make her purchases at. even it means going back to one or two different shops.

Beside asking questions she will answer those that are put to her. Whne everyone has finished she accompanies them back to the inn.

Posted on 2007-03-14 at 04:45:32.

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Oh look a real bed.

In town Conall will attempt to find a temple and give prayer and thanks. He will then spend some time in the Inn, food and drink are on the list. Then a good bit of rest and in the morning he will get all ready for what the day may bring.

Posted on 2007-03-15 at 00:04:56.

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Cynil goes looking for a temple to Mielikki, if there is none she will look for a park or even a garden. If need be she will ask at a prominent house to use their garden for her prayers and devotions.

She grateful thanks the Goddess for her support and prays that she continues to do the Goddess’s will. Being a Druid among so many fighters has made her seem an outsider. Alasdair has his duty, as did Lady Althena. Conall served his god and Ulthok served himself. Magma was a power unto himself, and Drusilla had her companion and seemed to need no other. Rayne was new and Cynil had yet to learn enough about her to say what Rayne was like, but Pegasi riders were very much loners in their own way.

Once she completes her prayers and devotions she will shop for needed herbs and those things that would help in healing. A beautiful green shawl catches her eye and though she longs to own it, she knows her money can be best spent in healing salves and ointments.

With a quiet sigh she draws herself away for the shop and heads back to the inn.

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In the City

Magma spent the evening relaxing with good drink and food. Then in the evening he spend some time in quiet contemplation of the axe. It wasn’t long before that strange sense of common thought occurred between him and the axe. It wasn’t like talking, not in any way that was usual. It was flashes of imagery and feelings with a vague sense of purpose. But through it all came a name Khazadul-Barmaz or Dwarven Revenge.

The axe had been dormant for a long while, held in the hands of the human knight, it could not communicate as it could with Magma made by Dwarves for Dwarves . It was a powerful item, of that there was no doubt, for with a strong success blow dealt, the axe could divine the weaknesses of an enemy and tell the wielder.

“I be proud to wield you in battle.” He told the axe solemnly. “We be a good pair.”

Afterwards, Ulthok comes to find Magma, “Hey there, my dwarven friend mayhap you could point me in the right direction if possible. I'm in need of replacing my now vanished short bow I was wondering if you may have any knowledge of fine workmanship that might be found in this large city? Might be you could save us some wasted searching time.”

“I am only passing familiar with the city Ulthok, but I would be most willing to accompany you to help find a Fletcher that could serve your purposes.”

(DM OOC: I corrected the name of the character that came to see you as it was Ulthok and not Rayne)

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