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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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Cor watched as his dwarven thrower was swatted aside by the devil. Such was not surprising; however it not returning to his hand as quickly as usual certainly was. There should have been no reason for dwarven magic to fail here but somehow it had been degraded. Cor replaced the thrower and drew his battle axe. He had taken but a few steps when a group of Tortles appeared before him, blocking the way to the devils. "Figures ya would hide behind real fighters you coward!" Cor yelled to the devil. "Afraid to face a cleric? Normally I would send ya straight to hell but seeing as we are already here banishment seems more in order." Cor smiled as he realised that if the Tortles had been gated as he suspected then the anti-magic sphere had to have been breached for such magic was not able to distinguish who cast a spell; it simply blocked them all. "Spellcasters target the devil, we will keep the fodder busy." Cor swung his axe at the nearest Tortle. He kept his eye on Divot as the crazy halfling had grabbed a weapon and shield and seemed bent on fighting naked. As such he would certainly require a cleric's touch in short order.

Posted on 2007-08-22 at 12:20:28.

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Rayne casts her prepared spell, Barkskin, only she changes the recipiaent to Ulthok;s Brother. "Corellon Larethian I am Watch over me as I serve thee." Rayne calls out as she draws her sword and moves to the closest Tortle.

Right now Rayne hopes that the Devils will not soil themselves by persaonally taking part in the fight, expecting his Tortles to do it all. If her party take the Tortles out then they might be able to concentrate more on the devils themselves. Rayne did not think the devils would remain out of it if they saw there minions taken down; not long enough for her party but maybe enough time to help them out a bit. Regardless she moves up into combat. They would have to do their very bbest this day.

Rayne digs down deeply into herself. drawing of the abilities of her race and the heritage of history and skills that are her birthright. She prepars a Protection against Evil.

Posted on 2007-08-23 at 02:15:48.

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Into Hell

When the bordello owner said it was alright for Divot to leave with Ulthok the halfling could not believe what he had heard, he did not really believe it would happen, but before all “hell” was to break loose he used that moment to move around the rest of the group and toward where Divot was sitting.Actually hoping to put some distance between the rest of the group and himself.
OOC: I am thinking that this will put me on the other side of where the Tortals emerge .
BIC: As he moves toward where divot is sitting he listens as the banter between the owner and Cor continues and it only takes seconds for it to all go wrong.He has probably moved only a couple of feet towards where Divot is sitting when he hears this exchange. So I will ask again what Evil have I done and Cor reply sYou exist that is the evil you are guilty off. and with that it all goes bad. Cor throws his hammer just to have it swat aside as the owner speaks to the magistrate who it turns out was in league with the evil here Well it was worth a shot Magistrate you may leave us now it seems we will have to kill them after all. and as he is speaking another transformation is taking place as both the owner and the woman reveal their true self's, and it could not be much worse for they where not up against just any devils but Mammon Ruler of the third plane of hell and his wife Consort to Mammon Princess of hell Glasya.
As soon as he knew things where going bad Ulthok, as he watched things unfold, pulled the hood to his cloak up and as the Tortals materialize tries to slink back into the shadows keeping a close eye on Divot.
Thinking to himself the same thing that Cor had uttered to them that at least for the moment magic might be possible, of course he is not sure since he has no idea how magic works here in hell but hopefully if one can cast anyone can.He has his trusty Idreanl in his hand as he watches the Devil swat Divot who flies out of the chair crashing into the back wall at first he looks dazed then somehow Divot rises up from the floor whatever spell the devils had on him must have been broken because he gets up with an axe in hand and with a halfling battle cry starts toward the fighting.Now Ulthok is faced with a dilemma his original plan if he found the opportunity was to grab Divot and teleport out with him in tow then once he was safe return to help the group.Now however Divot does not seem to be under any spell of his captors and it does not seem that he is going to be used against them in any way.So Ulthok makes up his mind and he hopes it is the right decision.
If he is going to die today then at least he will be fighting at the side of his brother once again just like in the old days.However instead of joining the fray with a loud battle cry and a charge he has different plans.As soon as he sees Divot stand with the ax in hand he Moves quickly he intercept him.Grabbing his brother firmly he pulls him back toward the wall and the shadows trying desperately to stay out of sight at least for a couple more moments.Now with his brother at his side he acts quickly while whispering to his sibling, even though things look bleak he can't help but tease the older Rydenham
didn't I always tell you if I followed you I would end up in hell., kidding aside big brother the two swords hanging from my hips are magical and may prove better against these devils quickly pick one if you wish while I prepare to cast a spell. so finally with those words Ulthok has made his choice to stay and fight beside his brother.And as Divot either takes a weapon or not Ulthok slips into his casting state of mind, as these words roll from his lips
seno live elbarret eseht gnitaefed ni em edia ot stsaeb llufrewop emos dia ym ot dnes.
ecaps dna emit ssorca tuo sllac tnevres elbmuh ruoy esrevinu eht fo seno taerg o.
and with a wave of his hand he hopes to cast monster summoning 2.

OCC: Ok our great DM if i have taken to many liberties with this post I know you will correct for me, as for the spell I kind of figure that would move into next round maybe, just let your humble servent know.
PS: I wish you a wonderful experience while in Maryland and am sorry there was no way I could make it, but tell all who do that the spirt of Dragonmist is there and I hope all have a great, really fun and safe time, and I look forward to hearing about it upon your return.Your Friend from Michigan Mark

Posted on 2007-08-23 at 11:39:39.
Edited on 2007-08-23 at 11:44:57 by Dragonmist

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Round 1 begins

And finally what all had suspected was true, Devils they did face. Their goal to free enslaved souls, including Divot’s, at hand yet those souls had yet been given willing for one more chance to win and who was the truly evil one for that....

The first to act this round was the Ranger/Cleric Brianna seeing Ulthok’s brother about to attack, a weapon to hand, she knew what to do. Knowing the halfling to be unarmored her spell of Barkskin she did direct to him. With its successful casting the halfling was unarmored no more. Sword to hand, a second spell readied, Brianna into battle did go....

Alasdair though caught off guard by the suddenness of the battles start was ready none the less. Not close enough for melee, his mind he did use, and with it a sent forth a Psionic Blast at the closet of the Tortles. To his almost stunned amazement the Tortle appeared to wither and crumble as if made of dust. Could it be, had he in himself a weapon that these creatures had no defense for, or had his success been a fluke. His next target in sight he would let that Tortle have the same and he would watch the result....

Cynil was ready, almost eager maybe for the battle to start; with pepper balls to hand she waited. Then without warning the fight began and her newly made weapons to be finally used. A charging Tortle, a pepper ball thrown, the Tortle with a face full of pepper stopped dead in his tracks, seemingly unable to breathe Cynil next action was yet to be decided. But for the moment her opponents in trouble the choice of round 2 actions were clear to her. Turning quickly away she sought out the Magistrate....

The next to act was Haila though she too was taken aback with the speed of the battles start she was ready. Her Staff of Battle in hand she called forth the power of Thunderstrike sending the bolt of bright light straight into the chest of the Tortle Captain. His chest a burning hole he staggered back but for only a moment yet that moment was enough for Magma to attack.

The dwarves axe meeting no block or defense scored both hits true and blood streamed everywhere. Yet the eyes of the Tortle Captain yet blazed with evil, then slowly turned white and rolled into his head as Conall pulled his sword from the Tortles side.
With a grin and after you gesture Paladin and Fighter moved into the melee for round 2....

Ulthok was almost where he wanted to be but as with the others was also caught off guards as Cor started his attack. The hood of his cloak up and moving he was able to grab his brother Divot in time and with him moved to a corner close. A better weapon offered and a spell readied, Brother to Brother, back to back and side by side both would be ready for round 2...

Divot’s plan to attack with his new found weapon was stopped before it could begin as his brother, as out of nowhere, grabbed him and gave him the choice on a new weapon. Now the Halfling fighter had a new choice of what weapon to use. The axe in his hand or a blade from his brother Ulthok’s side. Ahh well choices, choices....

The last to act this first round was the one who had previously started it all. His throwing Hammer once again sheathed, his axe to hand he attacked. His first target a large Tortle before just stepping from the gate his axe did strike true both times catching the creature almost unawares and forcing it 4 steps back. Though not dead it was out of position for a return attack and so Cor was saved having to defend....

With this the end of round 1 hope was there as enemies had fallen and no wounds had yet been taken by anyone. But with the players now fully in place the real test was yet to come....

(OK good posting everyone sorry about the wait for this one. I was very surprised at my rolls as I rolled randomly for the NPC targets and Haila got the Captain. With her damage followed by both Magma’s and Conall’s he failed his System Shock and died, so the most dangerous Tortle is already dead without causing any damage. Bravo!!

Ok this is my last post until most likely September 12th. So think hard on your next round actions as the enemy is now fully prepared to defend. Once again good posts all.

Ok you still face the following....
2 Arch Devils
Mammon & Glasya
16 fully active Tortles
1 unharmed Tortle seemingly suffocating

Tortle Captain
1 Tortle

Posted on 2007-08-23 at 20:29:30.
Edited on 2007-08-23 at 20:30:31 by TannTalas

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NO Magistrate, You Are NOT Leaving!

Cynil slides silently toward the departing Magistrate, her first action was to trip the man with a sweep of her Staff just below the knee level and then slap him in the face with another of her pepperballs.

If she can she will also call on her deity to shield her with faith (Shield of Faith).

There is a rightess determination in her that vanquishes fear. Every member of their party has engaged in the battle, it was not for her to back down and hide.

DM Edit: What LvL is Shield of Faith and is it a 2nd Edition spell as I cannot find it

Posted on 2007-09-11 at 02:32:52.
Edited on 2007-09-11 at 04:14:48 by Dragon Mistress

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Moving Forward

The pieces in place, the players known to all and the game beginning now was not a time to be afraid, but for a party of 9 it was their time to die.

Cynil this round was the first to act her quickness and timing on target as she brought down the Magistrate as he sought to leave the Bordello its door yet wide open.
Within a second’s time the once proud minion of a Devil was reduced to a whimpering captive, his fate to be decided later. Turning back to the battle at hand she was struck a pair of hard painful blows rocking her back on her feet. With no real chance to defend her self she was stabbed 3 more times, her blood exploding with each stab. As she slowly lay there dying she watched the battle as it all unfolded before her, the rounds seeming to flow into one large one as the battle intensified, and the rest of the party died.

Magma his axe to hand had wasted no time in meeting and killing two Tortles in the first seconds of combat. But that was to be his only ones as before he could readjust to new targets the blades of four other Tortles found his body and struck the valiant Dwarf to the ground, dead, his head hanging only by tendons and his arms amputated at the shoulders.

Conall and Cor had somehow as was normal ended up back to back once more, Tortles both in front and back of them. With a laugh and an almost maddened grin Cor was in his element killing foes of the utmost evil and for awhile it seemed that nothing could break through the defense of the two friends as Tortles fell to their blades a total of 7 lying at their feet. But as is the nature of combat one or the other made a misstep and as Cor defended Conall fell. The body of the large Paladin crashing to the ground was loud enough to cause Cor to look behind him and before he could recover a hard blow was hit, piercing his armor to find the flesh underneath. A second hit to his head and the Dwarf Knight Cleric was stunned, with blood running down his face a third hard hit drove him to the floor next to Conall. The others of the party with trouble of their own could not tell if either of them yet lived.

Divot, armed finally with a weapon, moved quickly to the attack and was with the use of surprise able to actually gain a hit upon Mammon himself. But that was his only triumph as the Lord of the 3rd plane laughed and with a gesture grasped him and crashed the halflings ribs. Then as if bored Divot found himself flung back into the same corner as before but this time he did not get back up.

Haila was ready and the spell Web launched, catching 4 of the Tortles captive at once stopping them cold. But as with the others her joy was short lived as Glasya finding herself bored had decided to have some fun. Teleporting herself to just to the side of Haila she spoke into the Fighter/Mages ear softly and seductively.
At once Haila was overcome with such fear that she seemed frozen in place, unable to move any part of her body, even her eyes. With a laugh inhuman in nature Glasya just left her standing there as if leaving a toy she had tired of. Removing the Web spell from the 4 Tortles she moved towards Rayne.

Rayne her attention on the fight before her and having killed 2 Tortles already almost did not see Glasya’s attack upon her. Only at the last moment a flicker in her eye caused her to move her head as the Devils forked tail flew by.
Her Longsword’s power of Haste intoned the Ranger/Cleric was a blur and was able for the next two rounds to score hits upon the Princess of Hell, but her luck as well as her Haste did run out and Rayne took a hit from Glasya’s poisoned sword and in agony fell to the ground before the consort of Mammon.
Though not dead, the poison burning deep into her guts, it was now only a matter of time before the poison killed her. In pain and unable to act because of it, Rayne Fireheart slowly began to die.

Ulthok he himself moving to attempt a rear attack against a Tortle watched as his brother Divot seeming was killed by Mammon. With a cry of grief enraged anger he flung himself full force into his rear attack. Causing such damage as he had never before done he in one strike manage to drop the Tortle dead to the floor before him. Yet he too was quickly subdued as more of the half turtle/half Devil creatures over powered him and pinned him to the floor, Ulthok for the moment unlike perhaps his friends and brother alive.

And so the party fell one by one, wounded or dead, the greater numbers and nature of the enemy before them having quickly seized control of the battle and for the most part won it.
Yet one last member did stand before the evil of this “Bordello”, one lone member having yet to fall, the party’s leader till what seemed here and now to be the end.
He had watched as in such a short time his party had all fallen or been captured, and though he too had killed a Tortle or two it was clearly too little, much too late.
His gaze, as he stood proud before the rest of the party’s foes, was unafraid yet sad for he knew what he had to do to save any of the others alive. His mind focused, his rare gift shared with only one other at full points he started.

First a mass teleport of any surviving party members with a trace of life in them, no matter if unconscious or trapped.
Next with all living friends gone a psychic force sent to slam closed the Bordello doors, cutting off the buildings connection to the Prime material Plane.
Then dodging the oncoming Tortles and the Consort a power brought forth and with a final look at the Devil Mammon released.

The guardsmen standing watch and assembled by the Magistrate, none knowing of his true allegiance, if needed to take action inside the Bordello were jolted to attention with the slamming of the Bordello’s main door and shocked in surprise as if from nowhere 7 people did appear, of the 7 only two yet stood, a Halfling male and an Human female, the rest not moving all bloody and appearing to be dead.
With a shout the halfling called for aid and the from among the assembled Guardsmen a Cleric hurried forth.
“They are dying Cleric, most from wounds and she from poison, you must help her first as I have nothing to cure her. Haila we must help them, hold their heads as I force them to swallow these healing draughts. Mayhap we will yet be in time”

The Halflings words proved true as the healing did take effect and within 10 minutes time all were in no fear of death yet still hurt as no time had the Halfling to fully cure them.

“Halfling I am Sgt of the guard what’s has happened the interior of the Bordello is gone and only an empty building remains. Where is the Magistrate?”

With the words of the guardsmen the Halfling did finally gaze around and noticed for the first time that both Magma and Alasdair were gone.

“Good Sgt my name is Ulthok Rydenham, the beautiful lady is Haila Torran and for the moment it appears we are the only unhurt members of our party of which 2 are missing have any others shown up like we did.”

With the guards negative reply Ulthok knew that both the brave Dwarf and their Human leader were gone never to return.

With the arrival of the town Mayor and the Captain of the guard Ulthok did tell of what had transpired within the Bordello’s walls. The betrayal of the Magistrate, the revelation of the owners to be none other then Mammon and Glasya, the shortness of the fight for all and the appearance of the 7 minus 2 to here. As to the how of it or the why Ulthok did not know but from out of the Bordello all of the party, save Magma and Alasdair, had been delivered. With the rest of the party now healed enough to be lead to a semi-hospital, and after a careful search of the once Bordello building Ulthok along with Haila allowed himself a moment of peace to greave the loss of 2 and to give thanks to the saving of 7.

(OK I have ended my new post here to try to give you guys some time to maybe post and to figure out who is still in and who is going to drop.
Let it be known to you all I plan to keep Trilogy going forward next week with or without some of you if you do not post or let me know your still in the game.
I am very disappointed that in 3 weeks time only Dragon Mistress posted and if I feel the need to recruit a whole new party I will do so.
So look on this next week as a last chance to show me or at least tell me in the Q/A if your in or out. I hate to always ask this same question but due to a lack of posting for the past half year I wonder if you guys truly still have the desire to continue or do I need to recruit new players and characters to continue the story and move the game forward.
I blame myself though most of all for keeping you stuck in this town to the point of lost interest as what happened with Derynilord and in part with Alacrity but at the time with players dropping out and I trying to recruit new ones, my dealing with getting everything ready for my trip and trying to keep players from leaving the game I bogged it down by not moving it forward and for that I do apologize to you all.
Well next post like normal next Wednesday and for those of you who do not post or touch base with me before thank you for playing in Trilogy and I have enjoyed reading your posts and your party interaction. Go from Trilogy if you must with no hard feelings between us.)

Posted on 2007-09-13 at 04:10:51.
Edited on 2007-09-13 at 04:12:54 by TannTalas

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One Among Us a Hero Who Make the Ultimate Sacrifice!

OOC:First I would like to say to our DM that he is right and I say to all in our game that I am sorry I neglected to post over the past three weeks.Maybe if I had it would have encouraged others, BUT let it be known that in no way have I lost interest in continuning to play my roll as the Halfling thief/mage Ulthok.I have found Triolgy to be both an interesting story line as well as a challange to both the characters and players involved in the game, and I will admit I have enjoyed each and every encounter.I have been involved with this game from the very first post over two and one half years ago and truly plan "The DICE gods be willing" to be there when we finally save the world of Triolgy from this most dire evil that is trying to consume it.So with my rambling near an end I hope that all involved will accept this one players apology for dropping the ball and we will get back to the important matters of saving the world of Trilogy and once again GAME ON !!

BIC: With his brother at his side and his spirts raised because Cors prediction that they would have to slay Divot themselves had not come to pass Ulthok as did the others launched himself into this battle just as he had done so many times before.This battle however no matter how encouraging it may have seemed at first quickly turned against the party, and as he fought and watched he saw his comrades at first launching several good attacks as the Tortal captian fell several Tortals where webed and even the two devils took a hit or two, but things quickly went the other way and his friends started dropping like so much fodder.First he saw Cynil drop from many hits and knife wounds, then his newest friend the dwarf Magma his arms cut off was nearly decapitated by one of the Tortals, it was a horrific sight.Cor and Conall in their back to back stance where making great headway as a pile of dead Tortals built up around them, but here to with the odds so overwhelming all it took was one split second of hesitation to turn thr battle against them and before one could blink both Conall and Cor's bodies joined those of the dead Tortals on the ground, and so it went Halia, Rayne, and Divot all crushed under the overwhelming odds of fighting devils on their home turf.Ulthok so full of grief and rage only got off one attack as he plowed into the remaing tortals the ferocity of his attack felling one Tortal instantly but he was then for some reason not killed instantly but subdued by the remaining tortals, maybe to be used in Divots place now as the Devils new plaything.

So it seemed that the party of nine had been vanquished a couple of the number already outright dead with most others either dying or captured save for one.One who for some unknown reason had not yet met his match whose fate had not yet been sealed, one whose powers where great but where little understood by the others in his party, One who on this day would make a choice that would seal his fate, but would change the fate of not only those who where at this moment closest to him, for he would save many of their lives this day, but a choice that may change the fate of an entire world. One young man who will be lost to his new found love on this day, and whose ultimate sacrifice may not even be remembered when all is finally said and done, and not just for today, but in the not so distant future of this world, for the lives he saves today may hold the very key to whether that future is one that is bright and full of good or a future that is ruled by darkness and terror.
So it is that one Lord Alasdair MacKenzie makes his choice and with his amazing powers does several things seemingly almost at once.7 bodies at once disappear from within the bordello and the plane of hell to reappear outside the bordello and back on the prime material plane.The door that is now the gateway between the two is slamed shut and the gateway closed so he is now traped on the plane of hell.The rest of what he does will always be known only to him.

Suddenly finding himself no longer pinned by the Tortals and to be outside the bordello Ultok seeing the guards at once springs into action.Calling the nearest guards over he at once finds a cleric among them and with the clerics and Halia's help he sets about seeing that all who have come out with him are saved and at least somewhat healed.Then as they are lead off to a minor hospital where they can all rest, relax and finish healing Ultok first relates to the leader of the guard corps what had transpired inside the bordello, making sure they understood that their magistrate was himself involved and in league with the two devils that they had faced inside.Once finished with that he took stock of who had made it out and who they had lost.It was at once apperant that both Alaisdair and Magma had been lost in the battle.Two more fallen heros in their still unfinished quest.

Once everyone is settled he finds Cor and speaks to him about their two fallen comrads. Well my good friend it seems that this battle has cost us rather dearly for it looks as if neither our leader Alaisdair or our new dwarven friend Magma made it out of the bordello.Since we don't have anything from either hero I was wondering what you think we should do about their memorial, I have never been good at this kind of stuff.Their is also one other important matter on my mind, I know we need to return to our original task as rapidaly as we can, however as we all know there is one in our party who is going to be in much more pain than the rest of us, for the Lady Althena will feel she has lost much more than the rest of us on this day for her and the Lord Alasdair had as we all could tell found a peace and happiness in each other that we can only guess at.I think she will take his lose rather hard.Anyways I guess we should all rest and finish healing and then tomorrow gather back at the inn for morning meal and deceide what our next move should be.
With that he leaves the dwarf to rest and heal, but there is one more thing he must do before he rests himself.After leaving Cor ulthok will seek out Divot's room and stop in to visit his brother.Always having been the more emotional of the two Ulthok grabs his older brother in a bear hug, Well brother it would seem you are safe now.How did you ever get caught up in that horrable place?Not that it really matters at this point.However I have some news for you about what your younger brother has been up to since he left home.Ulthok will fill Divot in on all he has seen and done since becoming a part of the kings elite guards.Now big brother I am not sure how , but I am fairly sure that if you are interested in doing so I can secure you a place with our team.We are all going to rest up and finish healing and then tomorrow morning we will be meeting for morning meal over at the Inn where we were stayingto figure out what we should do next.We have lost two important party members,our dwarven represenitive and our Human leader Alasdiar, who by the way I think,although I can not be sure, is the reason we are all alive right now.This human had some very strange powers that he could bring to bear just by thinking about what he wanted to happen, we had talked about them once when he first joined our group.Anywho if interested I will drop back by in the morning and we will go talk with the rest of the group.We have a few things we need to finish up, and there is one in our group who has lost much this day, for the Lady I told you about that we rescued She and the Lord Alasdiar had promised their love to one another and I believe had become engaged.She will be most upset by his death I am sure.Grabbing Divot once more Ulthok hugs him close then pushes him back to arms legnth and while holding him by the shoulders looks into his brothers eyes. It is really good to see you again big brother and I hope you will think hard about joining us, and one last thing don't worry about equiptment and such I have much and I also have plenty of gold my brother he tells Divot with a twinkle in his eyesmore than enough to get you back on your feet.
So with those final words he leaves his brother to think about what he had told him and finally himself retires to his room to rest up and to replenish his spells. Before falling into a dream filled restless sleep Ulthok will take the hour needed to replenish and refreash his spells as follows.
Level #1: Burning Hands x2, Chill touch, Detect Magic, Magic Missle x2, Shocking Grasp x2.
Level #2: Melf's Acid Arrow x3, Mirror Image, Rope Trick x2, Spectral Hand, Summon Swarm.
Level #3: Dispell Magic, Fireball x2, Lighting Bolt.
Level #4: Diamension Door, Monster Summoning 2, Wall of Ice.
Level #5: Cloud Kill, Cone of Cold, Teleport.

Posted on 2007-09-14 at 12:14:18.

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Fade to black

With the battle well and truely joined, Cor once more placed himself back to back with Connel. The dwarf was sure he had been in worse positions before but for the moment he could not think when. A deadly dance of death did the two friends lead. At their feet a pile of Tortles began to amass. "Hah, my blade draws first blood!" exclaimed Connel as a foe sunk to the floor. Moments later the dwarf replied, "Bah, one at a time is no way to fight." Connel looked in disbelief as not one but two Tortles joined their companion. Back and forth the banter went until there were 6 dead before the pair. Then, Cor heard a moan behind him and the pressure on his back was gone. He turned as Connel sunk to the floor, a river of blood emerging from beneath his armor. In a rage the dwarf swung at the Tortle who had inflicted the wound upon his friend. The beast had no chance as his head exploded as the dwarven axe hit it broadside. There was no pleasure in this kill for it was soley a vengence slaying. "If that I could have traded places with ya lad I would." No sonner had the words escaped his lips when he himself joined his fallen friend and his world faded to black. His last conscious thought was a prayer to Odin that his companions suceed in their quest.

A familiar voice called out to Cor, he searched his memory and realized it was Connel. "Get up you lazy dwarf." Cor shook his head as saw his old friend. "Does Odin welcome both of us at his table?" Connel laughed, "No we are not dead. But the fight is over. Magma and Alasdair may well be with Odin for they are not with us here outside the Brothel." Cor looked around and saw that those remaining party members were all at least in no danger of dying. Spotting the local cleric he spoke, "My thanks for your hard work. It seems I owe you a debt of thanks. I am Cor, knight-cleric of Odin. I see from your attire that you do not worship Odin and so my repayment options are limited. If you will take me to your temple I shall prepare a letter for you that will allow you to draw from the treasury of the main Temple of Odin your own weight in gold. I trust that you can find a use for it here in this community. Further, if you ever find yourself in need, send word to the Temple of Odin and they will contact me and I shall answer your call." The priest was nearly speachless but managed to shake Cor's hand and stammer, "thank you elder".

Cor turned to Connel, "For the record, you dropped first and I believe the score was 4-3 in my favor so you are buying teh ale."

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Fallen Paladin

Conall shook his head to clear away to cobwebs. Last he remembered he had just slain a Tortle and was about to inform Cor of that fact when his world went dark. Pain, now that he remembered, especially since he was aware of it now. "At least pain means I am alive." he thought. Looking around he saw Cor lying on the ground with a priest over him. In an effort to help, Conall laid hands on his friend and between the paladin and the priest the old dwarf stirred.

He knew his friend would be fine when the familiar banter resumed. After a few minutes of lighthearted conversation, the mood changed. "It seems I failed. Only Odin knows why I am still alive. Seems I can do nothing right these days." Cor listened and replied, "Perhaps this is a blessing." Conall's expression showed he did not agree. "The old Conall is no more. Now all the things that occured in your past are without meaning. From this day forward you write new history." Cor took out his notepad and tore it in half. "In there was my report on you. It is now gone. This day you begin anew. Choose wisely for few get a chance such as this." Conall turned and walked away, he had much thinking to do.

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"My friend Ulthok, just how to memorialize our fallen companions is a personal one. I have already said a prayer to Odin that he guide their spirit to the home of their own gods. If you wish to organize a more formal gathering in thier honor I will support it and help if required. One thing I know for sure is that without their bodies, there is no hope of resurection and so they are truely gone."

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Cynil was up as soon as the cleric outside the Bordello had healed her enough to stand. Then she moved about using you own divinely graced healing to bring the other more fully to complete healing. She walked along side the litteres as the other were taken to a place where more healing could be done. She hovered about each of them equally, but found herself much by Conall's litter.

When she could she walked along side the silent Lady, now bereft of her bonded. She said nothing, but continued to be there if the Lady needed her companionship. She grieved in her own way for the loss of Magma and Lord Aladair. Later, in private, she would shed her tears of sorrow. For now she remainded staunch and steadfast to the remainder of the group.

Whatever comforts she could provide, she did, including a small keg of ale for the men, she thought Cor would appreciate it when he woke. And over hearing Cor and Conall, as they finally came around, she was sure of it.

She moved to the side of the temperary hospital and pour two mugs to the top and then returned to Cor and Conall.

She hands the mugs to each in turn.

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Perhaps it is heaven afterall

Cor sat next to Conall, waiting as the Paladin was deep in thought. 'Surely the lad will realize his importance to the young lass now that her fiance is dead. Once more she will need protection. But he must come to that conclusion on his own.' Soon Cynil approached carrying two mugs of cold ale. Cor smiled and took the offered mug. "I have been assured that I am not dead but when a most attractive young lady comes to an old dwarf bearing ale I am not so sure. I cannot think of anyplace other than Odin's house where such occurs." Corr looked deep into Cynil's eyes searching for a clue as to her state of beaing. "If ya need a kind ear and a closed mouth I will be here." Connal nearly passed beer thru his nose at the remark. "What, you? A closed mouth, surely we are at Odin's table!" The two friends shared a laugh.

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Memory was a strange thing. Never more strange that when it is a memory of great stress and pain. Sitting and recovering from healing. Rayne has several very clear memories for the preceding events. The open doors, The dark interior, She could hear Ulthok’s request and the Bordello operator’s response as if she were still there. All the memories were crystal clear in her mind eye like carefully chosen vignettes that replayed over and over again.

There were the doors clanging shut between them and the world outside. The truth of that was soon evident. She had been prepared to cast Barkskin on Ulthok but as his brother had moved to join them he became her target for that spell. Then there were the battle scenes. Rayne hasted herself hoping that the extra hits would give them the advantage. She got two good blows off against the female devil. She remembered seeing glimpses of her companion about her. Not that she could concentrate on what they were doing. Then the Consort struck Rayne full on with her tail slap. The poison barb struck deep into Rayne--the pain was excruciating. It crippled not only her body but also her thoughts for those first agonizing seconds

Searing pain swept through her though she tried to fight against it but she fell. She struggled to get out a vial of antitoxin but was incapable of doing even that. Her muscles were clenched. Each one was contracted to its tightest against the hellish pain—for hellish it truly was-- even breathing was difficult.

Rayne could still hear but not see what was going on and unfortunately to her ears it was difficult to know exactly what was happening. There was the clash of steel cries of pain She prayed for her companions that they might win free of this. The augury had been truthful--lives would be lost this day but her diety promised souls would be saved.. Rayne would not have changed what she had chosen to do even if she had known she would fall. Many leaves fall in the forest. but the forest goes on without them.

Then it was gone not the pain not yet but the noise and the smell had changed, though her mind had barely recognized this fact. In fact it was incapable of thought so far had she slipped from this world. She remembered only the cessation of pain, and at first had thought she had finally died. Only she ached. every fiber of her. She began to feel herself, hear things Handa helped her to sit up and drink. Voices told her she would be okay. Eventually she could se again.

What she saw was that she was outside the bordello it was still standing.

"How are the others? If there are still injured I can help to heal them; if any have died I have a spells to bring them back."

With aid Rayne will stand up and help as she can.

When Rayne has finished she moves to join the others. When she finds out about the death of Magnma and Lord A and then realization that with their bodies gone there is nothing she can do for them. It is with great sorrow for them and what it will mean for the Lady.

Many leaves fall in the forest, but the forest goes on without them.

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Moving on

The Party, but for 2, had survived where in reality not a single one of them should have and though happy to be alive they yet mourned for the fallen members, Alasdair and Magma.

Yet one among them did mourn the hardest, for when she was told of Alasdair’s death, Althena fell into a deep state of shock. So much so in shock did she fall that she became a virtual zombie and was taken at once to the town’s temple where Cor and the other clerics attempted to bring her back to herself to no avail. For no wounds in reality did she have to heal for she herself had retreated into her own mind, a mind devastated much worse then when she had been held hostage.

Haila having spent some of that jail time with her did step forward and offer to look after her on the journey ahead, for even with Althena for the moment in a semi-zombie state they needed to move towards their goal. Though unsure of her true health they knew they had no choice but to take her with them for she still was the most important of them all and they had no more time to waste on the hope she would recover.

The next 2 days were taken up in preparation for the journey ahead, supplies gathered, arrow quivers refilled, blades resharpened and food gathered. 4 canoes had been awaiting them for the journey up river but with the loss of 2 and a third yet airborne they choose only 2 and with all gear packed and ready the next morning they would set out, yet one more thing needed to be done.

That evening with Cor leading they gathered together to say goodbye to their friends and wish them well in Valhalla with Odin or beside their own gods. Though no bodies to bury the images of them still strong each did give of him or herself something in word to send the 2 on their way.

With this final goodbye done and each yet tired to the bone all did finally sleep a full night’s slumber. With the coming of the sun they were up and loaded and within only 30 minutes time moving up river. As per what they had been told by the King they would follow the river through the lands of Erebor, into the lands of Callahorn, and into the lands of Rodruin. In doing so they would move through the Silver Mountains, across the Silver Lake and once in Rodruin move North till the city of Drea Dawn. There they would once again take to horse and move into the forests of Rodruin and from them into the woods of Greymark. But this was all any of the party did know for the location of the final hiding place was still a secret from all.

Only one of them knowing its true location, a location mayhap lost in the mind of Althena.....

(OOC: Ok looks like all of you but Eol and Cdnflirt posted and seeing as Eol did say he was working on a post, I guess RL got to him first , that tells me he is still in the game.
As for Cdnflirt I heard nothing from her but I know she has been working a lot so I will give her some more time. Well as in my last post before this one I moved the game forward and you guys are in 3 well built canoes heading up river how you split the party up as to who is in each is up to you just remember the size of our beloved halflings, that there are 7 of you on the ground and that Rayne still has her Pegasus.
Ok next post next Wednesday.)

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After Hell.

Everyone of them was dealing with what had happened in their own way, Ulthok felt they where all lucky to be alive at all and he still held to the belief that the reason they were had to do with Alasdair.The halfling was quite sure that his memory of the events inside the bordello where intact and he is quite sure that none where left standing with the power to accomplish what had been done accept for Lord Alasdair and his strange powers of the mind. Ulthok sets it in his mind that one day when this is all over and done he would like to find Alasdair's family and let them know what happened to their kin and how brave he was and what an unselfish sacrifice he had made, but right now there were more important things to do.
They do hold a small memorial service for their fallen comrades on the last evening they are in Star Falls with the two days before being used to prepare for the upcoming long river journey.Having been reunited with his brother and then almost losing him in the battle inside the bordello Ulthok was acting more like a mother hen than a elite warrior which was probably becoming embarrassing to Divot.

However Ulthok wanted him to be as well equipt as possible for their upcomming trip, so he had taken him to every shop he could to get him prepared. (OOC: where we go and what we buy will depend on the answer to my question in the Q & A thread I would like to stock him as much as possable.)

One thing that he was sorry that he was right about was how hard Althena took the news of her loves passing.She shut out the outside world altogeather and retreated into a world in her own mind, it seemed that none could reach her.After they had taken her to the temple to try to help her and they had no success Halia had said she would help keep her safe.So both Conall and Halia would keep her in their sight. Not knowing much about how the mind works but knowing that Alathena was like Alasdair in one respect they both had the same powers of the mind that they had called psionc powers. So with this in mind the halfling again approachs Cor, not really sure why he keeps going to Cor with questions about the party but with Alasdair gone to Ulthok he just seems to be the most natural one to approach, He finds the war cleric and waiting until Cor seems to be unoccupied approachs.Say my comrade Cor this is just a thought I have had about helping Althena. We both know that her mind is somehow different than ours in ways we don't understand, for she had the same mind based powers that our leader Alasdair had.I think our best bet to try to bring her out of her state of shock is to try to locate one who is like her one with these same powers of the mind who can reach her in her own mind in a way none of us can.I don't know if this would be dangerous to her but as time goes on we are going to need the knowalage that she has locked in her. I think we need to keep this option in mind and as we travel keep a watch for one such person. So this is the way things where as they prepare to leave Star Falls in their canoes and head at first through the lands of Erebor.

Having gotten Divot ready for travel Ulthok also prepares himself though really in need of nothing except to replace his bow if Divot can not offer anything that he may have had stashed or hidden at his place of business it would seem he will have to go with-out a bow for awhile yet. If not able to come up with a bow before they leave He will find a shop where he can stock up with some good bullets for his sling.

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