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Same Spell Different Approach.

As Ulthok was preparing to put his plan to try to rescue both Conall and Cor as he listened to what the rest of the party had to say and what plans they where making to get across the river the Halfling changes his mind about what he should be doing. They where right Conall and Cor where both big boys and could take care of themselves at this point his concern should be what it has been from the start to make sure that the one who knew where and what it was they where seeking was safe. For some reason he had almost forgot what it was they where really here for, once again he almost let old smoldering uncertaincies crop up into his thinking and cloud his judgement.

So with a change of plans he turns back to the group huddled on the river bank. Once again speaking to the group Water breathing could be usefull in helping get across but each person swimming across may not be so good I as you have seen can turn myself into any animal at this moment so I suggest that the most important thing is to get ourselves away from the fire so if each of you tie a rope around your waist so if we lose someone they won't be able to drift off in the current. I will transform into the largest turtle I can then as many as possible shall climb aboard my back put the ends to the ropes tied around your waists into my beak and I shall swim us over to the other side. Take with you and wear all of your equiptment. Tie a rope to the front of the canoe and once you are all across I will come back and drag the boat across also then we can worry about repairing it once in safty. Does anyone have any thing better at this moment if not I suggest we get off this river bank.

Posted on 2008-01-21 at 11:04:56.

Angel Reincarnated
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An agreement...

The group had come to the conclusion that Conall and Cor could handle themselves. They had also agreed that her spell would benefit a great deal to assit in their plot of crossing the river. She nodded softly and she started piecing together the ropes and started tying everyone together so none of them could get seperated by the current. Haila smiled to the rest of the group as she spoke softly "So we are in accord then?" she paused and turned towards what seemed as their leader. "Once across the river, perhaps you could transfigure into a hawk or something of the sort, see if you could find the other two. I'll stick behind as long as I can so that I can share the spell with the pair of them, if we can find them quickly enough. It's risky, but I'll try to stay afloat as long as I can in the river, maybe find a rock or something, and pray that we can reach the pair in time. I don't want to leave them alone, and if we can find them, then all the better." her words filled with confidence.

Patiently she listened to the members of the group, trying to understand if all was to go as planned. Haila had the rope tied together and had tied everyone else together except herself, because she wanted to be certain that the pair could survive.

Posted on 2008-01-23 at 02:47:24.

Trilogy Master
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You say goobye, but I say hello

So it was that with the flames drawing ever closer that it was decided to cross the river at last. With Haila, offering her Potion of Water Breathing and Ulthok offering to Polymorph himself it was decided to do both to be safe.

Haila quickly drank a dose of the potion and reached out to touch each the four, saying as she did so that she would stay behind until the last moment to wait on Conall and Cor. Though her intention was noble, the rest of the party would not agree and in the end with the flames so close it was decided, she as with the others would ride Ulthok’s back. With the potion in effect and all now ready to leave Ulthok did cast his spell and where before the four party members had seen a halfling now was a giant snapping turtle easily with its shell large enough to carry the party and their gear. Within in minutes but seemed like days everyone was aboard, the gear strapped down, and Ulthok the turtle was moving to and into the river.

The current was strong and pulled upon Ulthok’s Turtle body pulling him under the water for minutes at a time and carrying him at the same time a few miles down river to the south. Yet with the weight on his back and the turtles strength Ulthok was able to finally reach the other side and climbed out upon the shore. The Potion of Water Breathing having been a good choice.

For the first time since the fight had began the party seemed safe the fire burning upon the other side, the campsite now finally engulfed in flames.
However, with yet two party members missing, their mode of transportation destroyed, the next move would be up to the five upon this far shore.

Cor having no choice but to move east finally found an open spot free of flames. The dwarf could see that within minutes, the fire would reach him but for now, a way to both the south and north was open. To the south, he had the option of hopefully moving around the fire to find a way back to the west and the river but dare he take the risk the fire would surely close off any escape if he were wrong. Yet also, the way was open to the north away from the flames and to safety but if he went that way would he be able to reunite with Conall and the party once again. For now a hard choice to make.

Conall moved north quickly and found himself in a clearing of sorts big enough for a campsite but no sign that one had ever been here, the sky covered with tree limbs as the campsite before. Clearly, as he carefully checked using his ability to Detect Evil and sensing none, the Paladin could tell that here at least the tree’s were not the dark type as found behind him and so with caution he moved out into its center. He had only taken but eight steps when suddenly the ground beneath his left foot vanished and he found himself up to his groin in a punji type pit. Pain shot through him as the wooden spikes hidden in the pit slashed through his armor and pierced his leg, his cry of pain loud.

Conall, did not move letting the pain settle then tried to pull his leg up only to find that the more he pulled the deeper the wooden spikes went and his level of pain increased, a second cry of pain escaped him once again. Then the Paladin felt a cold thread of something entering his blood and knew he had been poisoned, calling upon his ability to Cure Disease he found that he could not cure it but only for the moment hold it in check.
With his leg firmly in the pit and the poison incurable without a Cleric, the Paladin found himself in a dire situation.
And in the trees, shadows began to move.

His name was Tomiki Kenji once a Samurai of a great lord but now Ronin of his own choice, his lord having betrayed his sworn vow of protection, destroying an entire village of his own peasants to get even with a rival Daimyo, a Daimyo who ruled in another Prefecture.!! Feeling his Lord had disgraced them all with his treacherous act Tomiki left his service but the Lord Daimyo feeling himself insulted by Tomiki’s act proclaimed him Ronin putting a death sentence upon the Samurai’s head. For the next year, Kenji battled assassin after assassin as he sought to protect his family to no avail one by one they were killed.

His honor stained, his family dead, Tomiki took his fight to the Daimyo’s feet killing him in a close fought battle. Thus having nothing left, with a bounty still on his head, he went out from his home in the Bushido Islands seeking to see a world he had never before experienced, main land Trilogy.

With his travels having taken him from east to west it was by chance, he found himself in these woods, on this day, to hear the cries of a man in pain.

(OOC: Ok everyone please welcome YeOlde to the game as Tomiki Kenji the first Samurai character to ever go through this adventure. This should be interesting to see where this will lead.
Ok as always next post next W-day.)

Posted on 2008-01-24 at 03:51:02.
Edited on 2008-01-24 at 05:19:58 by TannTalas

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A Search for Two

So with the plan finally agreeded upon by all and all agreeing to ride along they put it into action. All receiving the ability to breath underwater, all tied together and the rope ends given to Ulthoks new form that of a very large snapping turtle. With all of them now tethered to his back and somewhat safe the Ulthok turtle enters the water.

A once he finds the crossing will not be as easy as he had hoped, and is very glad they did not let anyone of them try to swim across the river. The rivers current is quite strong and even with the swimming stregnth of the turtle Ulthok has diffuculty in maintaining a direct course across the river. He also finds it very hard to stay at the surface and finds himself and his passengers submerged for many minuites at a time. The use of the water breathing spell had been a very good idea, for most of them would not be able to hold their breath for as long as they where under.

With diffuculty Ulthok the turtle did finally pull himself and his passengers out of the water, but they found themselves several miles back down stream from where they had started their crossing, but it did seem that at least for the moment they where safe at least from the raging inferno Ulthok had started.

Ulthoks see's to it that all disembark from his back and that they gather up all their backpacks and equiptment, then polymorphing back into his own form for just a moment he addresses the party members now standing on the river bank. Now we are at least safe from the fire for the moment, we have however lost our water transportation for continueing up river as well as at the moment left two of our friends behind. while I still have my spell avaiable to me I will venture back across to search for our two lost comrades and hopefull at least lead them to where we now are.
While I am doing that the five of you should try to make this area we are in here as safe as you can for us to spend the night for I think that we are going to have to do. In the meantime I will search and will return one way or the other before I get trapped again on the other side. Good Luck!

Then scanning the opposite bank to get his bearing as to where they now where compared to where the campsite they left was, he can tell they had traveled back south several miles. So now polymorphing himself once again this time into a fast flying bird and a Peregrine Falcon speds away from the group and back twards where they had just come from.

He will follow the river itself at first until he returns to the campsite where it all started making sure to stay wide and away from any of the wild flames leaping from the trees into the air. Circleing around the area where ( if it is still visable ) the trees had seemed to grow together and block out the sun, and if not he should be able to tell where that area was from the fire. Then he will determine as best as he can about how long it has been since both Conall, and Cor had entered the trees, and he has returned. Then knowing aprox. how fast either of them can move and having an idea of the terrain below he tries to get an idea of about how far either one of them might have been able to travel. Next by looking at the lay of the land below him and being able to see in what direction the rapidly spreading fire was moving he in his minds eye lays out a search grid. Knowing he will have to go back south in the end to return to the group he will start first from the burning campsite and flying first east and then slightly north and then back to west to either the burning campsite at first and then once past that he will fly to the river bank. Once he has gone to the point north he believes neither one could have gone past due to time restraints he will do a search starting back at the same point as before but this time working south.

Below is a small map showing what I mean in so far as my search pattern both north and south.

Posted on 2008-01-24 at 13:29:29.
Edited on 2008-01-24 at 13:31:07 by Dragonmist

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A new direction

Cor continued to keep just a few feet ahead of the fire. To the east and west the fire raged out of control; to the north and south were openings. "Hmm, which way to go?" the cleric muttered to himself. If he turned south he might be lucky enough to find a way back to the riverbank and the others; but if not he risked being trapped in the blaze. It seemed that north was the logical choice for it appeared that it should lead out of danger. "I may not find them but I can at least make it easier for them to find me." he thought. Taking a good grip on his axe, he cut a notch in a tree next to him. "T'would take a blind fool to miss that marker." he thought. The knight-cleric began his journey north; pausing every so often to cut another marker into a tree.

Posted on 2008-01-25 at 04:15:39.

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A short intro....

Tomiki Kenji
A lone man walked slowly along a dusty winding road. Anyone that might see him would think his manner of dress strange, as many had since coming to this strange land. His profession might be hard to discern at a distance, but upon closer examination the two swords, one long and on short, tucked into his cloth belt and the Long bow and arrows on his back would make it apparent to most people that he was a warrior.

A warrior unlike most had ever seen. He wore no armor, but robes of some strange design. The top had wide sleeves and broad shoulders and lay upon the man loosely; the ‘pants’ were loosely fit with large pleated legs and this was held together by a wide cloth belt that wrapped several times around the man’s waist. The only think that one might consider armor looking were a pair of bracers, about 8” long that encompassed each of the man’s wrists. The bracers looked exceptionally well made and contained engravings of intricate design.

The man himself looked like a half elf in his facial features with high cheekbones and slanted almost almond shaped eyes, but he lacked the pointed tips on his ears that indicated an Elvin heritage. His black hair was pulled up into a strange top knot at the peak of his head and tied with a simple piece of leather.

Only a few people he had encountered here on the Trilogy mainland and recognized him as a human from the Bushido Islands, most people only stared at him in puzzlement. None of it bothered the strange warrior; mostly he just passed through as if looking for something that he did not find there.

This day he was just walking, his clothes and gear dusty from the dirt kicked up from the road by the dusty, but well made, sandals on his feet. He came to a fork in the road and stopped; looking one way and then the next. After a few seconds he looked to the ground alongside the road and picked up a small branch and returned to the center of the fork. He tossed the branch up in the air and let it twirl in the air before falling back to the road. He walked to the stick, set his feet along either side of it and looked to which way the end of the stick pointed. It pointed to the left branch in the road, so he started walking that way. Here was a man that apparently didn’t have any destination in mind and only let chance, or fate, decide his course.

Later that day the road had given way to a path moving through some dense woods, he walked slowly along the road, his arms pulled up inside the sleeves and resting within his top, giving him an appearance of having no arms at all with the sleeves hanging loosely and blowing in the breeze.

The man paused as the breeze brought a faint smell to him, one that usually spelled trouble in a wooded area. Smoke!

Tomiki Kenji was not a woodsman by trade but he knew that smoke meant fire and in these thick woods a fire could spread rapidly and could be dangerous to all. He looked around and sniffed the air, the smoke smell was faint and he didn’t hear or see any sign of a fire yet. Perhaps the fire was a ways off or moving away from him, in any case he stood there and pondered whether he should continue or turn back.

It was at this moment of indecision that Kenji heard the cries of pain. He listened and heard it again, a man it sounded like and in great pain, he turned to face the direction from which the cries came and started to walk hurriedly in that direction. Someone needed help, and it was within his duty to investigate and try to offer aid if possible.

As he moved through the woods Kenji thought of his duties; he was a Ronin now, a Samurai without a Master, without a Family, alone and banished from his lands, but he still had his honor and his duties remained unchanged. He would seek out the wounded man and try to help, that was the right thing to do, and it was the honorable thing to do.

(OOC: Just a small picture to set the image of Kenji at the start. )

Posted on 2008-01-25 at 17:11:04.

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Life's greener on the other side...

So it was that with the flames drawing ever closer that it was decided to cross the river at last. With Haila, offering her Potion of Water Breathing and Ulthok offering to Polymorph himself it was decided to do both to be safe. It had been a very good idea that they didn't swim across, but had instead climbed onto the back of the polymorphed Ulthok. Secured on the back of a giant turtle, who had once taken the human form of Ulthok, they had fought across the river. The current was strong and pulled upon Ulthok’s Turtle body pulling him under the water for minutes at a time and carrying him at the same time a few miles down river to the south. Yet with the weight on his back and the turtles strength Ulthok was able to finally reach the other side and climbed out upon the shore. The Potion of Water Breathing having been a good choice.Yet now they were on the shore of the river, safe and sound, save for their two lost comrads, Cor and Conall. However, with yet two party members missing, their mode of transportation destroyed, the next move would be up to the five upon this far shore.

They would have to set up a new camp, create a new safe haven to ensure their mission was successful. In that moment Ulthok spoke and the group listened carefully to the words he had to share. She nodded as he finished his words and reached for his arm for naught but a moment "Be safe my friend" she nodded encouragingly. Her gaze turned to their new surroundings as she searched for at least a partially made shelter for which to work off of. Soundlessly listening to her surroundings and eyeing everything in her surroundings. She spotted something a short ways away and spoke up "I think I see something up ahead that might help provide some decent shelter. I'll go investigate, stay here and keep alert" she waited but a moment before turning back towards the object she had seen seconds ago. Haila darted off at a cautious pace towards the object she noticed in the near distance, but beyond her sight.

Posted on 2008-01-25 at 23:32:00.

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No Luck

Making a search of the area from the air turns out to be a most fruitless endeavor between the thickness of the forest itself and the amount of smoke rolling over the landscape Ulthok can not really see anything in the forest below, and he decides to return to the group and come up with a new plan. So soaring over the landscape he flies back to their new camp and lands changing back to himself.

Once landed and changed he looks around to see what the rest of the group had started to do in order to prepare to spend the night where they are.
(OOC: I have forgot what time of day it is but it seems that we had stopped where we did because it was going to be dark soon. If that was the case it must be close to dark I think we need to know.)

Posted on 2008-01-27 at 12:13:54.

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Once all were safe on the other side of the river, Cynil noted where she last saw Cor and Conall, then taking up her staff she turns into an Eagle Owl, owls being more adapted at seeing in the coming dark and better for flying among the trees. She flaps up into the air, soaring out over the river heading North of the fire. She will sweep back and forth starteing at the river and moving westward. SHe will alight in s tree and also listen for owls also have excellent hearing, just bu cocking and rotating their heads, they can pick out the sounds of a mouse scurrying across the forest litter.

She will not go too far west, unless she thinks the fire might have pushed either man that way. If no one is found, she will turn south and search the western and southern areas out and down from the cursed campsight.

Posted on 2008-01-28 at 20:09:22.

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Rayne got to work healing, using all the skills with hands and mind and all her healing spells, if any are left she will heal herself. She thanks Divot and Ulthok especially for rescuing her. She knows that it took real commitment to stay in the face of that inferno and get her out of the tight she was in.

Cor and Connell were amongst the missing she had only a glimpse of them when the fight started and without Arwen or Ariel she was stranded her on the ground unable to so much to help until she could regain her spells. However others have that ability that has been lost to her and they take up the search. Cynil and an eagle, sharp sighted and capable of flying low and fast. Ulthok too take animal shape and set out on the search. Rayne goes to each of them before they leave. Keep and eye out for Arwen would you please.

Rayne does not know if Arwen survived the explosion or not. However she does what she can to help him get back to her. Going to the river bank she puts two fingers to her lips and whistles loudly for him. The clearer area over the river would help her whistle to carry. She pitched it high and made it a loud as she could

In between her whistle she set to work gathering materials to make a canoe or raft which ever she can so that they can use the river to continue their journey if not they would be slow incredibly by the dense forest and trying to navigate through it.

She looked around for saplings for bending the frame. So she did not take them all from one area. Like a good woodsman she left the strongest to survive in each area she thinned. Birch bark was easy because the tree naturally shed it and all she would do is encouraging a bit more to be shed. She got a pan to gather sap for the seams. This gave her something concrete to do while the other hunted for their missing friends.

Rayne stops her busy work for a moment and prayed. "Corellon, I am your servant Rayne. Keep us all safe, guide our friends and Arwen back to us safe and sound Odin, I do not follow you but I respect you, please, I ask you to watch over your Paladin and Cleric., bring them back to us safely." Rayne felt better after she played and with hope in her heart she set to work with renewed effort.

Posted on 2008-01-30 at 05:43:36.
Edited on 2008-01-30 at 05:47:02 by Brianna

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New Idea!

When he returns to their new camp site Ulthok finds that Cynil had also set off in search of the lost two , but Ulthok was beginning to think that the search for Conall and Cor was fruitless and the group had better make some new plans. The two warriors could handle themselves. Since in their crossing they had actually ended up several miles back down river from where they started Ulthok begin to think that where they where at now may not be a good place for them to wait for Conall and Cor for they would probably push up river in the direction the group had been headed.

As Rayne is working on making a boat Ulthok gets into his pack and pulling out one of his map cases he removes a map he had purchased somewhere back in one of the towns they had passed through on their journey. It supposedly showed some of the northern areas they where now passing through. Upon scanning the map he sees there is a small town noted not to far from where they now camp and in the right direction for their travels.

He calls all who are at the camp now to suggest a new course of action. Since my search for our missing comrades had turned up nothing, and since I know that crossing the river has actually pushed us back down stream several miles from where we started, I don't believe we are in the right area for Cor or Conall to find us. They will probably continue to move up river not back track so our joining with them if we stay here I think will not happen. Now I do realize that it is already getting dark and I don't relish traveling in unfamiliar territory in the dark, but for some reason I have the feeling that staying put here for the night is a bad idea. First we truly don't know why the arrow attacks on us stopped and those adversaries may still be lurking and we could be ambushed in the night. At this point he will remove the map he has from the case it is in and roll it out for them to look at. I had come across this map earlier in our travels and it shows some of these norther territories and according to it there is a small town not to far up river from where we now stand. I feel that making our way there may be in our best interest and may be our best chance to meet up with Cor and Conall.

OOC: Now Ulthok does have a plan in mind but if he can carry it out depends on answers to some question he has placed to his god (he he ) but really I hope I will be able to finish this post before tonight so Tann can work from it. Thanxs group.

Posted on 2008-01-30 at 11:14:07.
Edited on 2008-01-30 at 11:15:01 by Dragonmist

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With Ulthoks ability to polymorph himself, most of the party now found themselves away from the fire on the rivers east side. The whereabouts of Conall and Cor yet a mystery both Ulthok and Cynil took the shapes of birds and flew to the northeast in an attempt to find both. However, both quickly returned to the others their foray a failure the heat, the flames and the quickly spreading fire too risky to fly through.

With Ulthok and Cynil searching for the other two party members Rayne turned her thoughts to the building of a new boat. Having called out to Arwen with a loud whistle all she could do now was wait and hope that the Eagle Owl would find her and that Cor and Conall could be found. Her supplies to hand the Elvin Ranger/Cleric began to work, only to be stopped by the return of Druid and Thief/Mage.

With both back to their normal shapes and map to hand it was put forth by Ulthok that the party should not stay camped due to both the danger of the fire, and possible surviving archers. It was with no argument that the five agreed to be moving once more. However, for the five the new question now became as to what that direction would be. To the west, a way to quickly leave out of the trees and to bisect a road running north to a town named Main, a total trip by land of 35 miles. The fastest way to north lay once again by river, the distance to the town of Main only 25 miles, but with the fire yet raging on the east side the danger to moving by water was high. With the town situated on the east side of the river, it was a good bet that if they lived, Conall and Cor would surely head there.
There in the town of Main it was hoped they would once again be reunited with Conall and Cor.

Conall was in pain the poison slowly fighting its way towards his heart, the Paladin’s power of protection from disease seeming no defense. Conall no stranger to war and its aftermath was not afraid to die but if wanted to live there was only one thing he could do.
His Axe of Hurling to hand, a deep breath drawn, he brought the Axe quickly down severing his leg from mid thigh down. His cry of pain the loudest yet the Paladin passed out; saving him for the moment from the pain but the blood loss if not soon stopped would kill him.
At the bottom of the pit Conall’s newly severed leg began to smoke, the poison feeding upon it as if alive, and with in moments nothing was left not even a bone.

From the trees emerged first one, then two then a half dozen humanoid shapes all having the same face as that of the Stranger encountered at the river campsite. Now their bows were slung upon their backs and lean double-edged swords were in hand, as towards the unconscious Paladin they moved.

Cor moving north, headed possibly for the town of Main, was brought to a dead stop as the cry of someone in great pain was heard through the trees to the west of him. Though he could not identify the voice from the cry of pain Cor knew within himself that it was the Paladin Conall and he could only be a mile, maybe less away. Without a thought, Cor his axe gripped harder in his hand was running towards the west.

Tomiki had moved fast his skill of avoiding trees and his agility from many years of Samurai training aiding him once again. Therefore, it was that but a few minutes after another cry this one louder then the rest that the Asian warrior entered a small clearing.

Before him stood at least a dozen wood skined men all wearing the same face and carrying thin double-edged swords. As Tomiki had entered the clearing, he had caused them surprise, stopping them from moving towards another man lying in a quickly spreading pool of blood. The man in full armor of western make was unconscious, his left leg missing, the blood around him from the wound.
Seeing for the moment, that he had the advantage of surprise, a choice before him quickly to make, help the man upon the ground or to turn swiftly away, leaving the human warrior to his fate

(OOC: OK First: YeOlde, you have the advantage of surprise on your side so if you chose to stay to help the fallen warrior you will have first attacks this round.
If you choose to not help him, you will easily have time to turn and lose yourself among the trees once again.

Second: Dragon Mistress, with you turning into a bird in your last post you have now shape changed three times and cannot do so any more this day. The day for you runs until 8pm the following night, 24 hours hence.

Third: Brianna, I keep looking at your sheet and seeing your other animals listed and I keep meaning to bring this up but I keep forgetting to do so. I know the two wolves were left behind but what about the two Ferrets as you have not to this point, as far as I can remember, posted anything about them are they with you.?

Ok Everyone good posting its nice to see everyone posting, as for Eol I have heard through mutual friends that he is still trying to adjust to his new job, wishes us all the best, and hopefully will return to Trilogy and the Inn soon. (Keep your fingers crossed)
As always next post next Wednesday but as I have a second interview tomorrow for a job with H-E-B food distributors, a huge supermarket chain here in Texas, my posting time may change. If it does, I will send an email out letting you all know.
One thing I ask all of you to keep your fingers crossed and send any positive thoughts my way as this job is a good paying one and will go a long way to getting life back on track)

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A brother in need

Cor heard the blood-curtling scream and knew in an instant two things: first, the scream came from Connal and second that for such a scream to escape the lip of his friend meant Connal was in exteme danger and tremendous pain. All thoughts of finding the nearest town or marking a trail vanished from his mind. The elder knight-cleric broke into a full sprint. He paid no heed to the branches and shrubs that clutched at him and drew lines of blood upon his face and hands. Sounds of the forest passed away and there was only silence, his vision focused ahead seeking out any hint of Connal. Only an odd ache in his leg managed to find purchase in his brain. 'Odin grant me speed. Allow that I reach him in time. Take my life if it will save his.' Cor raised the silent prayer as he ran. There would be no mercy for any creature who stood between Cor and Connal.

Posted on 2008-01-31 at 03:56:23.

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A New Direction.

As darkness does fall on them Ulthok shows the others the map he has that shows there is a town called Main that they could reach on foot. With their boats gone he feels it would take to long to build one big enough for all of them and their gear, and traveling back up river past the site of the fire may not be such a good idea. So with the map open he makes a suggestion to the party, From looking at the map here I would suggest we travel due west through the woods and catch this road here. Then from there we should be able to move rather quickly to the town shown here called Main. I think our missing friends will make their way in that direction also. Besides we are going to have to replace our canoes if we are to continue farther upriver. I know travel thru the woods at night may be a little difficult but I feel it is a chance we must take at this time. I do have a wand of illumination that you may use Halia to help you see and I was thinking I could keep an eye out ahead of our move because I should be able to move quickly and free through the woods for I can still change my shape for the next few hours. So I thought I would become a small forest animal and scout ahead for us.
With his plan for moving through the woods and then on to the city of Main laid out Ulthok waits for a response from the rest of the group. while he waits he finds his big brother and speaks with him So are you hangen in there bro. things got somewhat hairy back there, tell you though did nt expect to set the whole woods afire with one vial of oil that was quite the blast it created. That's something i'll have to do some research on when we finally return back to our base I look forward to showing you my research lab I've put together in the castle. Although work on magical fire and common lamp oil may not be something to work on indoors He chuckles at the thought of blowing up the Kings cellars.
Slapping Divot on the back Comon we need to get this group on the move.

Posted on 2008-01-31 at 10:40:33.
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To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence...

Bursting from the trees and seeing the severely wounded armored man before him and the dozen armed and strange appearing opponents closing on the man, Tomiki made a quick decision. He barely paused taking it all in within an instant, then rushed at the men all with the same face.

If he was in a position where he could put himself between the wounded man and his attackers, then he would do so. If he had to go through the men to get to the man in need, then he would do that as well by killing those in his way.

Rushing quickly across the clearing using his amazing speed, his arms still pulled up inside his kimono top until the last second then out they came from the sleeves and drawing his katana in a single fluid movement using the iaijutsu technique in which the blade is drawn and sweeps into an attack all at the same time. He will attack swiftly any two opponents closest to the man he is trying to protect.

As he draws and attacks he lets out a Great “KIAI” shout which is designed to not only boost his own attack, but to stun or paralyze his opponent. (See C sheet for details)

Tomiki doesn’t think about why he is helping the wounded man in armor, he doesn’t know who is in the right here. But he does know that he feels something good in the man and these others, all with the same strange face, give him an uncomfortable feeling. His first thought about the attackers is that they might be Oni (demons) trying to take human form hence the same face.

In any case, 12 against 1 is not honorable and he cant stand by or run away and let them murder the man.

Posted on 2008-02-01 at 01:24:11.

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