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The Storytelling

Rayne listen to the rest of Cor’s tale. Until at longs last he was finished. She did not know what had transpired between Cor and Cynil during his short pause but she sat through the rest of it quiet, and unhappy regardless of the front she put up. Breakfast was brought and while Cor told the rest of the travails he and Cor and the stranger had survived. Rayne took tidbits from her own plate and feed Arwen some of his favorites. She didn’t seem to skinny so he must have been well enough to feed himself. None-the-less Rayne indulged her always hearty appetite. She had moved to the back of the chair she sat on. His powerful claws that could crush a rabbit skull in their grip digging into the wooden back she leaned against.

Usually Arwen stayed outside but it was as if he would not leave her and for her the feeling was the same. Sometimes it was difficult to know his thoughts from hers, and she had thought that sometimes her pangs of hunger were really his. She really didn’t care if it was her and him that could not stand to be parted, probably the feeling was mutual. All she new is that she was content for the first time since the fire had started. That is why she knew he was is decent shape because he was not ravenous, but rather picky about the bits and pieces she fed him.

When it was done she sighed. “Indeed Cor, we have this man Kenji, to thank for your return. It sounds like you three barely made it back as it is. But you are back and I for one am thankful as we all are. Once we all arrived in this town Cynil kept flying back to look for you. She hunted far and wide. As it was Ulthok and Cynil shape changed themselves into horses so the rest of us got to ride here, this freed her up to go back and look. Without Arwen I was unable to have his all important eyes in the sky ability. Was he with you all this time?

That Afternoon

Rayne sees Cor go off by himself and gives him that time. He and the young Paladin seemed very close and he must be taking this hard. When he returns to the inn she has waited for him outside. “Cor a word with you, how bad off is Conall?”

After the reunion of friends old and new Rayne takes time with Arwen outside she also turns her travel stained clothing over to a serving wench to get wash cleaned.

The Next morning

The next morning Cor gathers with them and tells them that he has a way to help Conall, but he will need help from all the healers. “You can have everything I can give you Cor, you know that. I will certainly join you in any attempt to heal Conall completely. I prayed for mostly healing spells this day and know for a good cause Corellon will grant me to exchange those defensive spells I have for more healing.”

In the Church

Once in the church the Knight-cleric of Odin has them all gather and lay their hands on Cor. Cor has Cynil lay her on Conall’s heart. A smart move that. Rayne nods in agreement and lays her hands on his right arm taking it firmly in her grasp. If this could be done it will be because they would not stint. Whatever it took she would give.

“Great Corellon, Father of Elves, Paragon of Elves, hear my prayers. I ask for all the healing I can give for this good man Conall, a paladin of Odin, a well deserving man.”

Rayne’s concentration was focused on Cor and Conall. She was not exactly sure how this was going to work. Cor takes the lead and casts the spell when all is situated for his needs. Rayne looks down of Conall and prays for her healing powers to be given to Conall for Cor to use.

Rayne was not sure of the passage of time so focused was she on the healing. She knew Cor both Cleric and Knight of Odin as she was a Cleric OF Corellon and a Ranger. She was quite sure neither of them had the ability to do what they were doing with a God’s intervention. ‘’Finally Conall begin to stir out of the death-like repose and show signs of life returning to his body. She heard Cynil gasp and her concentration was divided for a moment. Cor finally stopped channeling and at the same moment collapsed on the floor. Rayne felt the drain on her powers stop with his collapse so she moved to his side to check him over, making him more comfortable and covering him with her cloak. She cast aid on Cor hping it would speed his return to consciousness, She remained with him until he began to show signs of recovery himself and then looked the Knight-Cleric of Odin in the eyes, “That was a mighty casting you accomplished, Cor, and yes Conall is back with us. Now, how are you feeling?” asks the concerned Ranger.

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Some back posts and then onward

An answer to a question: "The owl was not not with us the whole time but found us during the fight. Without her aid we might well have lost Connel despite Kenji and myslef for it was her that distracted a free stranger who sought to kill our lad. A mighty fine bird she is."

Answer to concerns for Connel: "The lad is gravely injured but clings to life. I did not want him disturbed as he needs rest and because it would be a terrible blow to Cynil to see him in such condition. There is naught that any of us can do for him now. My prayer to Odin is his only hope for it wll take the hand of a god to save his life."

Onward: Cor felt a hand upon him and slowly opened his eyes. He saw Rayne's face and heard her words asking how he felt. "Strange is the best way I can describe how I feel. Tis not every day one gets to visit with the long dead, sit at table with his god and return to his friends. I am a bit weak as well; that spell took quite a toll on these old bones. How is Connel? Did it work?" Cor tried to rise and after placement of a hand upon Rayne's shoulder and a bit of discreet help on her part he made it to his feet. "Are ya with us lad?"

Posted on 2008-03-13 at 14:16:15.

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Having been happily trapped in her own mind, where she could be with her Alasdair, for so long, Althena was still trying to get a grasp on reality. She would reach for him as she slept, only to awaken when she didn’t find him. And she could do nothing but cry herself back to sleep. During the day she would look up every couple minutes, expecting to see his beloved face looking lovingly back at her, as she had just done. She pressed her hand to her heart, as it wrenched in her chest. Althena closed her eyes, to ward off the searing pain radiating there, yet again. The tears escaped from beneath her closed lids, and she took an unsteady breath, exhaling slowly. “You must be strong. He would want that.” She told herself.

Althena quickly wiped the tears away. She took another deep breath to compose herself, before making her way to where Conall was. When she entered the room she saw Cor laid out on the floor, seemingly just regaining consciousness. She also saw that Conall appeared to be alive, and ready for recovery. The look on her face portrayed her confusion at the situation. She went to Cor and knelt next to him and Rayne. She asked quietly, “What happened? Is he alright?” Althena was slightly surprised that her voice sounded so steady in lue of the thoughts that were constantly plaguing her. She smiled somewhat at his response to Rayne’s question. “It sounds as though you had quite an experience.” Her eyes began to grow distant, “It can be so wonderful can’t it…?” her voice trailed off and she just gazed for a moment, her mind’s eye seeing “memories” of her time in mental solitary confinement. It was only a brief moment, however, before she shook her head to clear her thoughts, and smiled at Cor. "I am most pleased that you are still with us Cor. Please, thank your god for me."
As Althena stood to see how Conall was doing, she mumbled softly under her breath, “One death is already more than I can bare. Two more would be too much.”
Althena smiled softly down at Conall, giving Cynil a gentle, if brief, hug about her shoulders. “Hello, Conall, and welcome back my friend.”

Posted on 2008-03-13 at 15:57:44.
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Cynil stayed with Conall, though concerned for the old Dwarf split her attention. Rayne reacted immediately and for that she was glad.

She turned her eyes back on Conall feeling the stirrings of his body and delighting in them. When Althena hugged her she smile to the lady, this was the first true interaction Althena had made since "awakening" under the canoe, for that she also rejoiced

Her face was alight with joy her eyes were bright her cheeks pink, and right now, at this moment, she was happier than she had ever been in her life. Cycil was like a ray of sunshine after a storm.

Cor's stirring and his answers to Rayne's question was added fuel to her elation. She wanted to race around dancing and hugging everyone of them, but, for now, she was content to feel the strength of the heart of one she loved beating beneath her hand.

Beneath all this were other thoughts, and though they were disturbing Cynil had matured to where she knew had to face them. She have fallen in love with Conall, bit by bit, moment by moment until the incident in the Blighted Forest brought it into full recognition. But Conall was a Paladin to Odin and his life was not his own, but Odin's. Cynil faced the daunting fact that her love might be only one way, that Conall might not be able to reciprecate.

Cynil's face did not change even as that realization came to her, and for now it was enough to love him even knowing that there could be barriers and/or limitations.

"Odin, she whispered, "he is yours, but please allow me to love him."

Posted on 2008-03-13 at 17:54:12.
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As Althean inquires about Cor Rayne looks into the now waare eye. He is breathing, I gave him aid so she should rocover heimself in abit. Rayne look the LAdyin the eye. It is good you have returned to us in spirit and mind my LAdy Althena. you were sorely missed by us all."

When Cor begins to stirr Rayne waits until he is more conscious, before conversing with him. She gently squeezes his gnarled hand to let him know someone was with nim and that he is alive. Rayne listens as he tells his story of being in the Halls of his God. Odin was reputed to keep the very strongest and best of his mortal warriors with him in his hallowed halls.

Cor mentions how Aren helped save them she ws soproud of Arwen, "Well Cor then I am glad "he" was with you," Rayne accentuated the "he". "and yes he is magnificent indeed. I missed him sorely but what he was doing ws much more important than just relieveing my mind." SHE sent a wave of her pride she fetlt for Arwen actions on the groups behalk along her telepathic link to him. Arwen hooted and ruffled his feathers in acknowledgement and then preened himself.

"As for Connal see for yourself." Rayne kindly offers the dwarf her hand. If she exerted her own srength to help him stand none watching would be the wiser.

Once she knows he is stead onhis own feet she frops her hand. I can well imagine you are exhausted after that level of healing, Cor. It is to be expected,"

Posted on 2008-03-13 at 20:26:02.

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A bit of rest

Cor was pleased to see that Connel was awake. With Cynil watching over the lad, Cor was confident that all would be well. He turned to Rayne, "Again that is a magnificent bird and I hope that HE watches over you as well as he did over Connel." Leaning close he whispered "Sorry for mistaking the gender of your bird but I never got a chance to look closely. Not that I am sure I could tell even with a close look. I think I will go rest now; this casting has drained me more than you know." Cor felt weak and figured a good nap was in order and so he shuffled off to the inn in search of an ale and a bed.

Posted on 2008-03-13 at 21:06:13.

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Silence well deserved....

Haila had followed the pair to visit Conall but she lingered in the shadows in silence her stay brief and discrete. The woman had stayed in the shadows where the man was in sight and she muttered a prayer to her God praying that his health were to return. Before anyone had noticed her at the church she had returned to the Inn.

When she returned she directed her path to the shadows once again, seating herself alone where she could figure out how things were being played out. Her gaze fixed upon the candle dancing in front of her, yet anyone who glanced her way would notice she did not see the flame flickering, but was lost deep in thought.

The woman's thoughts shifted from the start of this mission entirely to the point where they had found themselves in such a moment. Faith restored by the return of their lost comrades and the arrival of the stranger. Haila bore a faint smile upon her lips as she thought of her surroundings. The luck in which their party has been blessed was outstanding. In such a moment the young woman pulled out her writing materials from her pack and for the first time since their journey began, she started writing in one of the books. Personal thoughts, memories, trials and even tidbits about her companions things she noticed.

It was apparent to her that Cynil had feelings for Conall. She had noticed it much earlier in their mission, but she hadn't had time to jot down what each thought of each other and how the party grew together. Haila also noticed a certain fondness between Lady Althena and Ulthok,however it did not appear it was the same as the relationship she had noticed between Conall and Cynil. The young lady had also written down the strange arrival of the stranger Kenji, and his intriguing appearances. Haila managed to write a great deal about each of the members on the mission and her thoughts about what may happen in the future. Silence was golden, but her gaze continued to shoot towards Kenji a sparkle within it as she caught his gaze but would continue about her work as if she hadn't even noticed anyone else in the Inn.

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Very slight back post

(while still with Rayne and Cor, before moving over to Cynil and Conall)

Althena nodded as Rayne explained how Cor was doing. Then looked back into her eyes and smiled when she said they’d all missed her. “Thank you, Rayne. I..” Althena couldn’t finish her sentence. She couldn’t say she was glad to be back. The aching hole that was left in the place of her heart at the loss of her one true love, would not let her be glad. Instead, after a brief pause, she said only, “I’m sorry I was ‘gone’, so to speak, for so long. I hope I wasn’t too much trouble.” This time she was not able to disguise the deep sadness in her voice.

Posted on 2008-03-13 at 22:43:10.

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I am with you

Conall looked at Cynil and with his left hand he took her hand that was upon his chest and held it tight, “Forever my shield.” Then with his right hand he reached out to those around giving whispered thanks never releasing the hand of Cynil.

It was then he heard a voice, ‘Are ya with us lad?’

He looked over to see a very tired and worn out Cor, “Yes,” a smile came to Conall’s face, “Don’t think you can get rid of me that easy. I am with you and you were all with me.” Conall then touched Althena and whispered to her, “Please for give me if you can find it within yourself to do so.” Conall then extend his hand toward the stranger, “I know not your name but I know you were there, I thank you. If I am ever to wield a blade again it will always be at your service.” Conall then looked back at Cynil and was content to just be still, for a while.

Posted on 2008-03-13 at 23:54:02.

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A god Intervenes

So after his poetic introductions where over each member of the party was greeted by the new comer who called himself“Tomiki Kenji… Ulthok finishes and then repeats the mans name Tomiki Kenji well met sir from that point on the rest of the morning meal was rather frantic it seemed to Ulthok as both Cor and Kenji told their stories of what transpired in the great battle to save Conall and destroy what Ulthok was now calling the tree men.. It seemed that this new comer Kenji had put his all on the line for someone he knew nothing about. Ulthok could only feel deep gratitude toward such an action and hold such a man in high regards. One did not meet many with such strong convictions these days.

When the meal was finally over and each was about to go about that days business Ulthok sought out Kenji for one final talk, Sir Kenji if it be ok with you sir I wonder if I might speak with you for a moment. Once he received permission he would continue, Your battle with our two friends against the evil tree men is one that should end up in a bards song some day for sure, what I was wondering however sir Kenji is if Cor has spoken to you at all about what it is we our here for, for I feel one with your skills and convictions would be of great aide in our fight against a very great evil that is trying to rear it's ugly head hear on Trilogy. I will however be very forth coming in letting you know our quest is a very dangerous one and we have already lost many friends in our service. If Cor has not already extended to you an invitation to join our little group, if you are interested I will at least let him know for all decisions are made by us all, but I am quite certain that if you would like to help the group would be more than happy to accept, but like I said I can convey your interest if you would like me to. with that Ulthok will bow and depart from Kenji's precense and will when he can let Cor know what it is that Kenji has said yes or no.

Ulthok spends the rest of the day in mundane doings making sure he has all the supplies he needs to continue on makes sure his magic spell pouch is as full with the needed things for his spells as can be, and he also restocks his supply of the nuts he always feeds to Omensamen when she joins him.

and speaking of Omensamen he will recall his familiar once again to find out if she has any information to offer to him, and if not he will give her a new direction to check out for him. With the great owl perched upon his arm he pets and scratches the mighty owl and at this time gives her a new mission. Oh great Omensamen I need you to use your great wisdom and powers of observation I have since leaving the port city where we first landed after our ship voyage had a very bad feeling of being watched and followed and although there is no real sign of such I would like you my great friend to under take a great journey for me and then return as fast as you can with whatever information you may come up with. Great Omensamen journey forth from here the city of Main all the way back to where we had disembarked from the sea voyage to the city of Chard Rush, watch everything very carefully noting anything that is different or anything that has changed since we have been through or left an area or city. I want you to look for and note even the most subtle things, and as you journey back keep your mind and eyes open for anything that seems to be on our trail anything that has visited the same places, cities, etc that we have. Please Omensamen be very though and be very careful my great friend, and report back to me as quickly as you can. Thank you my owl now be off and be safe. So Ulthok sends his great owl off on her new mission. He himself finishes up his resupplying and heads back to his room where he studied his spell books and retires for the night.

The next morning at morning meal Cor was all excited seems he had been visited in the night by his god Odin and given the power to heal Conall but he was going to need each and everyone of us to help to be willing to give up a small piece of our life force to Conall well of course Ulthok had no problem with this and was one of the first to be out and on his way to the temple where Conall was laid out.
Once they are all there Cor has them form a circle around Conall then lay their left hand upon Conall and their right hand on the shoulder of their comrade next to them. As Cor starts the healing Ulthok can feel a warmth fill his whole body not having any healing powers of his own Ulthok simply concentrates on sending good feelings from himself to Conall, not knowing how long they stood there with Cor chanting but at one point the warm feeling changed to one of great cold and Ulthok could feel a part of him being wrenched out and transferred to his friend on the table it took all his control to keep his hand on Conall until he could no longer and he fell back from Conall as he opened his eyes he noted that they had all fallen back and the Cor was actually passed out and on the floor with Rayne over him tending to his needs. Ulthok moves back towards Coanall . Seeing Conall alive, awake and talking moved Ulthok in a manner he did not think possible considering that this was friend not a relation or love but up until that moment he had not understood how close he had become to the human who called himself Conall, he had to take a moment before reaching Conalls side in order to wipe a piece of dirt from his eye (yea right) when he did reach his side he placed his hands on the big mans shoulders Conall old buddy you look like crap for a man who has been sleeping so much. but with his emotions running so high he could not keep up the pretense any longer and with the tear back in his eye he leans forward to Conalls ear and says but really dear friend don't ever scare us like that again I don't think my heart could take it, heal fast old friend. and with that Ulthok turns and leaves the temple.

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Althena gently squeezed Conall’s hand between her own hands. She leaned forward and smiled softly. Her face revealed the love and care she felt for her dear friend, as she said softly, “I cannot imagine what you feel you must be forgiven for, my friend. If it is my forgiveness you seek, then you have it freely, of course. Though, in truth, there is nothing I need to forgive you for.” That said, she softly kissed his hand, before releasing it.

Althena then looked up at Cynil and saw the love plainly etched on her face. For a moment she felt happy. Happy that Conall was going to be alright. Happy that Cynil did not have to know the pain it was to lose the one who is your heart. At that thought she gasped softly as her heart shattered within her chest all over again. She pressed her hand to her chest in a feeble attempt to stop the pain. Needing a moment alone, she gave Conall a gentle pat on the arm, and what she hoped was an encouraging smile, before making her way outside.

Once outside, she looked around, almost frantic. And she ran. She didn’t know where she was going, nor did she care. She only knew she had to go….somewhere. The tears flowed freely from her eyes, and she made no attempt at removing them. She was so lost in her thoughts that she barely even realized they were there.

“Alasdair.” his name was but a pained whisper on her lips. It was then the pain proved too much and she dropped to her knees. “Why did you leave me?!” She cried out her pain once more. The sobs racked through her so strongly, her entire body trembled. Even knowing it was futile, she couldn’t stop from trying to reach out to him. She tried to find a link to his mind. She didn’t care if it was the weakest connection, she only knew she needed something, anything. “Please!” she pleaded in somewhat of a whisper. After another moment she cried out, “Alasdair!! You can’t be truly gone! You can’t! I can still feel you, you must be out there somewhere. Please come back to me, my love.” Her voice dropped to barely even a whisper again, “Please…” And she cried.

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Cor managed to make it to the inn and with a bit of effort made it onto a stool at the bar. "Can I get you something?" asked the keep. "An ale please." Cor replied. "A bit early to be hitting the hard stuff isn't it? Tis not even half-day yet." the keep looked at Cor's condition and truely was a bit concerned. "Perhaps. Make it a half glass then." The keep poured a half mug of ale and set it in front of Cor. "That will be a half copper for the ale." Cor dug out the proper coin and laid it on the bar. 'Half a copper for a half mug of ale for a half of a knight-cleric' he thought to himself. For several minutes Cor stared at the coin and ale. Then without taking so much as a sip from the mug, Cor slipped down from the stool and headed off to his room. For the first time in nearly 100 years he felt alone.

Posted on 2008-03-14 at 21:41:43.

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A man with deep far-sightedness will survey both the beginning and the end of a situation...

Kenji enjoyed the hot meal while the story was being told by Cor about the rescue of Conall and his condition. He didn’t add anything but let Cor tell it as he saw fit. While Cor talked, Kenji observed the others trying to see what he could of each person nature. He came to understand their friendship a little just from watching their expressions and comments during the tale. He could tell they cared a great deal about one another and he admired that and felt he would have no regrets at having thrown his fate in with these fine people.

When Ulthok pulled him aside to talk with him about joining their group Kenji bowed his head slightly, “Lord Cor has already extended the offer to aid your group in their quest and I have accepted with Honor.” Ulthok could probably tell that he considered it an honor to join them feeling they were worthy of his assistance and his friendship.

By next morning he had rested well and thanks to the healing he had received, he was once again back to full health. His clothing he had repaired and his sword had been oiled and sharpened. He arose that morning feeling ready for what the day might bring.

He was not, however, ready for what Cor had in mind to heal his friend. He listened to Cor’s plan to heal his friend with powerful magic, and raised and eyebrow at the thought a bit of each person’s life force being given to save Conall’s life. But even with his surprise he did not hesitate to reach out and touch Conall as he had been instructed. Actually he considered it a honor to be included in this ritual and he silently hoped that the effort would be successful.

He jerked his hand back when the warm sensation turned into a wave of intense cold through his body. He felt himself shutter a bit and tried to feel if he was any different or lessened in any way. He couldn’t feel anything odd and when Conall opened his eyes he again raised an eyebrow in surprised.

He moved back as the others began to cluster around their healed friend, letting them have their reunion. He watched as Cor came back after having fallen while healing Conall. It was all strange to him, and surely was the work of some god, maybe this Odin they kept mentioning. He considered it all strange but he had no doubt it was a good thing.

He moved back further as emotions of joy abound, he felt he had no place here at the moment. Sure he considered that he had future adventures with these people, but he was not part of their past. Their feelings for one another, like those of Cynil towards Conall, were obvious and strong.

So intent he was on remaining out of the way he failed to notice Haila writing in the shadows until he happened to glance in her direction and caught her eyes upon him. He returned he smile with a brief bow of his head. He wondered of what she was writing; maybe she was the sage of the group and recorded their deeds and adventures for historical significance. He briefly wondered what she might have already recorded about him and his joining their party.

In time as things began to break up Kenji quietly moved off through the shadows to leave those few remaining time to themselves. The event of almost losing Conall and apparently Cor in the healing had taken an emotional toll on many of them.

He went back to the Inn where they had met and quietly got a table alone to himself to think awhile. He ordered some sort of wine, finding the ales and beers to be foul tasting at best, and sipped it slowly as he thought of what his future might hold.

He noticed Cor walk in some time later and sit at the bar and order a drink. He watched at Cor sat and stared at this drink without touching it and wondered what troubled the dwarf after performing such a miraculous feat of saving his friends life. He silently watched as Cor slipped off the stool and leaving his drink untouched went up to his room.

Kenji’s brow furrowed at what he saw. He felt that something had changed in his new friend, but he didn’t know what it was or if their was anything he could do about it. He sat sipping the passable wine and pondered many new things.

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In the shadows

The woman was the youngest of the posse, yet she didn't act her age at the least. Her knowledge well beyond that of any normal 20 year old. A faint smile upon her lips as she finished writing in her book, when her gaze fell upon Cor. Studying him for a moment she sighed to herself, perhaps realizing something at last. Shaking her head free of thought she caught Kenji's gaze and blushed ever so slightly.

After returning her belonging into their proper place she rose gracefully from her seat and moved with elegance to the table where the stranger sat alone. Her voice sounded as if she were constantly singing a lovely tune "Mi Lord Kenji, would it trouble you if I joined you?" she fell silent her gaze soft and warm towards their newest companion. As she stood perfectly erect beside him naught but a pace from where he sat. The smile wiped over her features as she listened for his reply. Only once had she glanced away from him, but her warm gaze returned rapidly as her gaze caught his.

Posted on 2008-03-15 at 14:30:37.

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my beauty sleep

Conall smiled at Ulthok as he approached, ‘Conall old buddy you look like crap for a man who has been sleeping so much.’
“Well one as good looking as I have to get my beauty sleep when I can and you are a sight for these sleepy eyes.” Conall said back to Ulthok.
‘but really dear friend don't ever scare us like that again I don't think my heart could take it, heal fast old friend.’ Ulthok said quietly to Conall.
“I will do as you wish my dear friend Ulthok Rydeham, Master of the Shadows. And when I do heal we will have to have a pipe and you tell me what went on while I was asleep.”

Posted on 2008-03-15 at 19:13:27.

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