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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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Rayne quickly scanned the walls her attention was immediately drawn to the two bows on the north wall They stood out amongst the battle axes like slender willows amongst the oaks. The pale ivory longbow, in particular, held her interest the other was a short bow. Rayne first read the tablets on each of them. Both would be useful but she was attracted to the ivory bow most of all since she was proficient with the long bow. Taking her own favorite bow from her shoulder she lovingly held it for a moment undecided. Unstringing her own bow Rayne placed hers next to the ivory bow with the golden runes and strung the new bow to test it out. I would be no good to her if she could not pull it or if it was too weak a strength but she didn’t think that would be the case.

She heard Cor as he questioned whether leaving behind what they knew and had serve them well was such a good idea. But then again these were not chance found objects. They had been placed her for when a descendant of Allaran came back. Only then would this room have been revealed. Had Althena not been with them they would have died in the other room.

“Cor, Althena's father left these things here for his child or their descendants and he mentioned their friends, to help them win the sword.. This room would not have been revealed was she not of his blood and worthy to be here. Your caution is understandable but the dream we all had last night was of a sword not these weapons. That sword wants to keep itself from getting to Althena’s hands. I believe that these items here are to help us not hinder us. However, I understand you concerns totally.”

Rayne turns her attention back to the beautiful bow now strung. She lifted it up and smoothly drew it to full draw, holding it for a bit to test its pull strength. Slowly she lets it back down again.

“I would like to claim this long bow,” she tell the others, “Is there any here who would also like to have this bow.”

Rayne waits for any responses hoping she is the only one but understanding others used bow as well as she did.

Rayne then moves over to the longswords and sees what was still available. The long sword of Defending is still there unchosen. Though not much time had passed as of yet and people were drawn in many different directions reading and studying the tablets. Wondering it this is real or a ruse.

This tablet described the elegant blade as a +4 Defender that allows some or all, of its entire +4 bonus to be shared between attack and AC against any melee opponent but not against ranged attacks. This can be changed from AC to attack every round. Rayne waits to see if anyone wants it as their first choice. She would then relinquish her desire for it since she had chosen the bow first. She waits patiently beside the weapons while others make there first choices. She is curious as to what attracts each of them. Though after having been with them through thick and thin for so long she sort of figured out what would draw them first.

However Rayne is not sure what is here for Cynil. When Cynil herself commented out loud about the fact that there was nothing her for her since weapons and armor she cannot use and that was mostly what was here. Rayne hoped there was something for her and set about looking for something for Cynil.

There were a few non-armor and weapon items. Rayne started with those first. Thus it was she found the Gauntlets of the Bear by reading the tablet she called to Cynil. “Cynil come look at these gauntlets. They might offer you something you could use. I know you have turned into a bear before so these might work for you, even if you didn’t shapechange.”

Rayne calls out “If anyone finds anything they think might help Cynil let her know or if you find something that might work for one of us but not for you let the person know By helping each other we can get this done quicker and make sure each of us has things we can use t help us.

“Just to let you know I chose the long bow but if someone is good with a bow the short bow is a bow of speed and doubles your rate of fire.”

Rayne watches Kenji. Not sure about what he would find her to suit him, His weapons and armor something she had never seen before though strangely there was a set of armor very much like it amongst the other suits of armor. However, from where she was, she could see that there was not tablet with it. She saw no swords like his or any other weapons. “Corellon, help us all to choose well this day, much depends on our choices.

If not one wants the Longsword of Defending as their first choice she hopes to get that as her second choice exchanging her own longsword for that one, and also exchanges her shield for the small shield of Magical Defense. Leaving her own buckler in its stead. If there is any armor left she will then perhaps exchange armor. But Rayne will wait.

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 00:54:59.

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a fine point

"Well said, we certainly would not be here without Althena. Since it seems all is well I shall take an item also." Cor hefted the double axe from it spot and placed his own well worn axe in its place. "If none object I should like the helm of walls as well but want to give everyone a chance. Greed is the root of many evils."

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 01:23:43.

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"If no one else will have it, I'll take the shortbow... but that's only if no one else needs it." Haila says, in response to Rayne.

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 01:30:59.

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Cynil looks at the gauntlets, they could work for her, but knows she can not take them without replacing them with something else. Everyone else was trading their ax for and ax, or bow, for a bow.

"Rayne, I am supposed to leave something in return and I have no gloves to replace those I would take."

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 02:47:47.

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As he looks over the items that are available he is drawn to two things a short bow with a blue gem embedded in it that claims to be a bow of speed that could be very useful. He does notice others are also looking at the bow so before he takes it he will ask, This short bow of speed would work very well in my hands and as long as no one feels it could be used better elsewhere I shall take it. He will place the bow that Divot had made for him after they rescued him in it's place.

After the bow he will go over and look at the blades there are two wonderful short blades both of which would be a benefit to him the +2 back stab sword looks and sounds great, but he has had and used his sword “Idreanl” for so long and even though it only doubles back stab damage he could not part with it. The other sword however the +3 sword of lighting quickness he will lay claim to and in it's place he will put (ooc: I am not sure what these weapons are classified as swords or daggers and if we are supposed to make an item for item exchange this may not be right so let me know if I am breaking any rules here and should not make this exchange. Thanxs) both of his +2 long tooths in it's place.

Next he looks over the armor that is available looking at the studded leathers the one catches his eye
+3 grants the wearer the ability to cast the following spells once per day. Fearie Fire, Darkness 20’ feet, Detect lie, Web and a 10d10 fireball once every 3 days. However he has never really had to wear any form of true armor that is kind of bulky and is worn over his clothing having always relied on his form fitting body suit that he had made so long ago he is not sure if wearing this leather may in some way hinder him in his movement.

So at this point Ulthok will wait and see what the others are after.

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 12:48:09.

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Althena wiped away what seemed her millionth tear since they started this quest. So many people lost and possibly more to lose. Her mind went back to her lost love. In all her centuries she had never felt pain or loneliness such as she felt now. Taking a deep breath, she stepped down from the Glyph and watched as her comrades entered the room of weapons. She knew some, if not all would be a bit wary of accepting these offerings, but she believed in her heart they were given in true benevolence.

She entered the room quietly and watched as the others browsed. Cor, as she expected was dubious and expressed his concern while Haila was drawn to the Dancing Longsword and Chain of elvinkind. As Haila made a joke about the sword teaching her to dance Althena thought. “ A good choice, it suits her well”. Rayne immediately went for the Ivory Long bow which she gingerly picked up and sighted. Taking her own trusted bow from its sheath, she lovingly placed it in the vacant spot as she and Haila convinced Cor there was no ill will with this gift. Althena was pleased they had decided to accept without trepidation. Not all had chosen yet, the others continued to peruse as Cynil sat with her arms wrapped around her knees, no doubt wondering if there was something for a Druid in the assortment. Rayne, seeing Cynil’s disconcerted expression tried to help find something appropriate for her while Cynil’s thoughts raced about and finally coalesced into a few words of intense meaning.

"Why are we taking the sword from this guarded place?" If that was not enough she lands her other revelations. "If this Karza really wants it, he could have had us followed, and we have lead him to it. And if Althena is successful in passing the tests and gaining the sword, who is to say we could keep it from Karza's hands."

Althena steps out of the shadows as Cynil voices her thoughts. She bends down and touches the Druid’s hand lightly. “Don’t lose sight of the reason we are here or why we must succeed dear Cynil. We must keep our hearts pure and our aim true. I cannot pass these tests on my own…I will need the strength of everyone here. If we have indeed led Karza’s forces here then it will be yet another trial for us to endure, but we WILL succeed in our purpose…I promise you. “

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 14:42:59.

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The room of toys

Back post of the morning after the dream
Conall awakes from a restless evening. His skin is cold and clammy and a bead of sweet runs down his brow. He packs up his things and makes ready to move out. Keeping to himself the day seems to past as the voice of his father plays over and over in his head.

In the room of magic
Conall looks at all that is laid out before the party. A suit of armor catches his eye and he moves toward it he then picks up the torso part of the armor and checks for a tag, “It seems to be my size. If none have made claim to this fine bit of steel I will claim it as my own to serve the quest at hand and those I call my friends.” If none speak up Conall will claim the armor as his own.

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 21:24:54.

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Cynil watches as the other make their choices, some exchanged armors and weapons for new ones. SHe hears Raynes words, but little good it does as she has nothing to trade for the gauntlets. She wraps her hands about her knees and keeps out of the way of the others.

As Althena speaks to her she looks up and smiles at her and listens to her words.

"I will do what I can, though my spells will be limited by not being able to access nature."

After a bit of thought it comes to her that the Gaunlets of the Bear would grant her magic armor, so she could trade her magical armor for the gauntlets and she does that. Now the studded armor that she had been looking at, before giving up her armor for the gauntlets, she had nothing to trade for it.

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 23:04:51.
Edited on 2008-07-14 at 23:22:13 by Dragon Mistress

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pickin' and grinin'

As Althena speaks to Cynil she looks up and smiles at her and listens to her words.

"I will do what I can, though my spells will be limited by not being able to access nature."

Althena smiles warmly and stands up “there is nothing more that can be asked”

Once Cynil’s apprehension had been calmed a bit Althena focused on the decision to trade up in weaponry.

On the wall were sharpened blades, heavy axes, light and heavy armor, slender bows, anything they might have need of was carefully and deliberately laid out. Beneath each was a description. She took her time and looked at each of the items that were not taken as the others appraised their new toys. She had intentionally waited to choose last so the others could select that which suited them best. She was the one to who fell the dreaded task of carrying the Sword and not knowing to what extent its power might have on the group once obtained, she did not desire them to be without confidence in their protection from it or heaven forbid, from each other if it came to that.

After a few moments she stopped in front of the Swords. Attracted to the Vorpal,her green eyes gleamed with pleasure as she gingerly picked it up from its resting place. Gripping it delicately as if rescuing a nestling, she ran a slender finger along the back of its sharpened edge. She could feel the strength through its gracefulness and she smiled slightly at the touch of the silken metal. “Perfect” she said to no-one in particular. Taking her own Long Sword from its sheath, she lightly kissed its shank and laid it down in the Vorpal’s place. "Namaari Mellonamin" (farewell my friend)

Posted on 2008-07-15 at 18:58:50.
Edited on 2008-07-16 at 11:21:10 by Lyskhala

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Cynil could not sit for long and was up again, watch as the other donned new armor and tested new weapons. As she looked back at the weapons her eyes were suddenly caught by a slim, beatuiful scimitar.

Odd when Rayne was reading the plaques for each weapon, she never remembered hearing one was a scimitar. Slowly she mored towards. It was more that just a masterpiece, for the blade was of the finest damasked steel. Layers and layers of folded and forge welded metals had been wedded to each other creating a blade with a fine waves along its curved length, it was not so curved as some scimitars which would allow for piercing attacks as well as slicing. Besides the pounded in lines that shimmered along the length of the sword in the flickering tourchlight, the blade had been inlaid with a bright metal in arabesque scrolling lines that almost looked like vines.

Her eyes went to the plaque and read its information. A Giant Killer? When would she ever face a giant, but is was +3 and that was better than her +2.

Cynil removed her scabbard, for this new blade would not fit into it being less curved. She loving lifted the beautiful new blade and its scabbard and put her blade and scabbard in its place, not that she even used her sword that often, but she had the skill to do so if needed.

She moved off to the side and then buckled on the new blade and drew it to get the feel of it. The silver embossed hilt fit her hand as if it were made for her and as she did a few practice maneuvers she was amazing that the blade seems to cut throught he air and moved easily with the slightest turn of her wrist.

After a couple of practice swings she sheaths it and stands more ready to tackle the dark of under the mountain. It was as if finding that weapon had brought her a greater resolve.

"Thank you for the gifts," she says quietly.

Posted on 2008-07-16 at 17:05:28.

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More Decisions

Rayne stood by the +4 Defender Longsword with mixed emotions. Her own +2 Longsword of Agility was her constant companion for many years. It was a very fine, tried and true weapon in itself. She was reluctant to trade it away; a +2 Longsword of Agility which grants her the ability to 'Jump' as the spell twice per day/ Grants 2 rounds of Hasted action within a 24 hour period/ Makes her Immune to Hold, Slow and all Hypnotic spells.

In the end, she leaves the +4 Defending longsword lying where it was. She wished she had a lesser magic weapon to put in it place but her decision was made with little regret.

Rayne stopped by to read about the armors. Again, she is unsure about trading what she has for wait is available.. Her own +2 Elven mithral chain mail is fine armor and quilted in silk to keep it quiet, however,, she noticed that some of these had extra augmentations on them that could prove very useful in a battle against unknown forces opposing them.

Posted on 2008-07-16 at 21:58:23.

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Picking up the gauntlet.. or in this case.. the armor

Kenji was all ready when they entered the doorway into the secret passage beneath the mountain. He moved towards the front of the party, since his job was to be one of the first to battle any problems they encountered. He was not perturbed by the strange mist, though he was cautious and scanned for any sign of attack, his hand resting on the hilt of his still sheathed katana. The fact that his sword was not yet draw presented no problem for a Samurai, one of the first things he learned was to draw and attack in one fluid motion.

When they reached the next door he moved aside for those whose skills bettered served them here in searching the doors for traps and in means of opening such portals. When the door opened he slipped in and to the side scanning for trouble as the others came in and spread out so they cover the entire room.

The ‘vision’ didn’t startle him, but his grip tightened on his sword as the vision spoke to them. When the door disappeared he stood ready for a perceived attack which never came. He kept on guard as he listened to what was being said.

“Welcome my daughter or one of my blood, I am glad you yet live, but saddened that if you are here my old friend and foe Karza has yet again returned to Trilogy. You seek the sword I cut from his hand and yes it lies below us one level down but to get there you must first pass a series of 10 tests upon this level to both prove the metal of you to carry it and to guard against any who might have stumbled across this its hiding place. I wish you luck my child for even if I yet lived I could not disarm them. If you should pass the tests and reach the level below, know that the sword lies within a pyramid, again guarded by traps and other things. As you have proved to be of my blood to help you and hopefully any that travel with you I have stored beyond the door to the West ( A open door appears) a number of items of magic to help you succeed in your task but know ye all this for every weapon you take you must leave the one you carry now behind. For any suit of armor you choose, that which you wear now must be left behind. For any shield, the one carried now must be left behind.
Once you have picked or not your road leads through the door behind me, (a second open door appears to the North) but once entered through you will not be able to return here ever again for this room shall no longer exist on this plane. I wish you luck daughter, or scion, for it is not an easy road you take for should you gain the sword to guard, know ye that Karza will stop at nothing to regain it. Luck be upon you.”

Kenji turned to look at the others, did they trust this vision? He watched as they apparently did and they began choosing weapons and such from the racks. At first he was not interested in the items as they were all weapons and armor which were of unfamiliar designs to him, but then as the others picked up items he walked through and was surprised as he saw a Samurai Kikou (Armor). He walked over to it and examined it closely at first not daring to touch it.

Kenji reaches out tentatively and runs a hand over the highly lacquered slats of the Do (Chest protector); feeling no ill feelings and hearing the others discuss their own trepidations and trust of the ‘vision’ he reaches out and lifts the armor from it’s resting place.

He doesn’t ask if any of the others require this armor, he knows they would prefer their Western armor to this which probably seems weak to the metal armors they prefer; but he knows the wood is specially hardened and layered in such a way it can be as strong as any steel.

As the others make their choices, the Samurai dons the Kikou in an almost ritualistic fashion. He removes his simple robe first, since it would be a hindrance to wearing the armor. He retains his bracers but stores them in his pack; he walks over to the gauntlets, the ones made of leather with flat iron plates on the upper surface (Hand to hand). Trying them on he finds that they go well with the armor. Tucking his two swords in the obi (belt) of the armor, he figures he is now complete.

He looks down at it and, for a brief instant, a faint smile comes to his lips as he remembers other battles in which he was so dressed. He nods his head and gives the matter no other thought than he is ready for the battle to come. If he dies, he figures he will be properly attired to make his way into the afterlife to battle beside the Great Samurai of the Past.

When they are again assembled to leave, Kenji will move towards the front (He doesn’t have to be first if others wish the spot) and before leaving he turns slightly and bows his head to wear the ‘vision’ appeared as if in thanks for the gift of the Kikou. Turning towards the passage he enters, once again ready for whatever lay beyond.

(Sorry to hold things up! )

(Edit: Adding second choice, Gauntlets of hand to hand)

Posted on 2008-07-20 at 00:39:46.
Edited on 2008-07-20 at 21:00:32 by YeOlde

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With items chosen and traded. Conall finally choosing the Holy Shield, placing his Holy Symbol upon its face, Rayne deciding to stay with her long sword instead of the Defender, and Kenji taking the chance and donning the Wooden armor to find it better then the bracers left behind. The party each with at least two new items knew it was now time to head through the north door and start on what Althena’s father had said would be 10 tests. What type of tests they would face were unknown, would they be tests of combat, would they be tests of mental aptitude and thinking, would they be both. None had knowledge of what lay ahead but having no choice but to go forward they did so.

Once again, it was Ulthok who led the way, his brother Divot and Kenji 10 feet behind as the thief/mage moved slowly down the hall his eyes, ears and even nose searching for any traps. They moved slowly but soon all could see a wooden door 40 feet ahead of them and as they moved closer, another magic mouth suddenly appeared before them.

“Breath deep your gatherings doom
Torches will flare room to room
Who of you to live or to die
Only you, he, she, fate will decide”

“Black hearted sword that rules the night
Hidden here from the light
Steals the colors from your sight
Into your mind it will bite”

“Black-red, yellow-white
What is wrong, yet what is right
Is it up, is it down, is it all around
Is it real or is it false, a mirror image
can you find the truth inside the illusion
that you call your life.”

With the last word of ‘life’, the party was again alone in a very quiet hallway a wooden door before them. Within minutes of reaching it, Ulthok pronounced it clear of any traps and Divot proceeded to open it. The room before them they could see was a round 30 x 20 in size and except for three unlit torches on the wall and a human sized statue in shadow, was empty. No other door visible in the low light.

With no choice but to enter, they did and as the door closed silently behind them, the three torches flared to life revealing yet more of the statue itself. The statue all could see was not anything anyone would call special and in fact had decayed somewhat over time the face now featureless. Spaced around the statues mid section or stomach were a number of wooden handles numbering 10 in all. Above these handles was a message.


With the statue now fully revealed so too was the fact that the room contained no other doors, not even the one they had entered through for as the party had examined the statue it had disappeared. The party was for the moment alone in a room with no doors, three torches and a somewhat decayed stone statue........

(OOC: Ok there you have it Test 1 good luck. For the two party members that may remember this Test from Table Top no cheating . For anyone who wants to claim any more of the items left in the other room, this week is your last chance to do so, send me a PM and we will take care of it. Also YeOlde the Samurai Kikou Armor is +2 and gives the same unmodified AC as Field Plate (AC: 1). It also has the added ability to increase the length of your Great Ki to 4 rounds. If you want a second item as above PM, me and I will add it to your sheet. Ok then, as norm N.P.N.S and I will be updating all character sheets shortly.)

Posted on 2008-07-20 at 01:17:57.
Edited on 2009-11-08 at 23:30:43 by TannTalas

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Plan Y

Haila takes a deep breath, settling her already unsettled nerves. This would take intellect, not reflex or anticipation, to solve. She steps up, and examines the statue.

"What is wrong and what is right, is it up, is it down, is it all around..." Haila murmurs to herself, repeating the two lines.

Left, right, up and down. Haila thinks, Yet, it could be totally unrelated...
Wait... the two rows align with each other. Haila realizes, now looking at the message. 25 characters, including spaces, on each line. So then, let's see what every fifth character says.
"A, S, space, space, Y, Y, L, E, T, Y." Haila murmurs.

What are you doing? Sounds like making up gibberish to me. Niamedris thinks.

It's a puzzle, Niamedris. Haila returns to the cat absently.

Does that mean we pull the first two, leave the next two, then pull the rest? Haila wonders to herself.

And there's a bit of a hint at the order too, by the order of the alphabet, and it means we have to pull three simultaneously at the end. Haila continues thinking.

"Alright..." Haila says aloud, "I think I have an idea... I'm not certain, but I think looking at every fifth character in this message gives us the order and arrangement of how we pull eight of these ten handles."

"First it would be the farthest to the left, then the third from the right, then the fourth from the right, the second from the left, and then, finally, the middle two and the far right ones simultaneously." Haila explains.

She turns to the others, "Well, it's an idea anyway... does anyone else have any?"

Posted on 2008-07-20 at 03:58:45.

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Cor looked around the room that whispered promises of being his tomb. No doors and only a few torches and a well worn statue decorated the room. He listened as a suggestion was made as to how to arrange the wooden paddles. It made little sense but it was certainly the best idea so far.

He read the message again and wondered if perhaps the most simple question might be best to start. "Wonder what would happen if we simply asked the statue how to arrange the paddles to open the door? Or perhaps it is not a riddle but a statement and each day we ask a question we cannot leave and so we must simply not ask a question? Probably not gonna be that simple but who knows?"

Posted on 2008-07-20 at 13:45:39.
Edited on 2008-07-20 at 13:53:49 by Keeper of Dragons

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