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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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Not Dragon Mistress
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Rayne turns to Cor, "I still have all my healing spells. Let me help ith the healing so that we each have somrhealing spells left."

Rayne will go around to those who need heajtng usin Cor CL OR CMW, as needed, including herself.

Posted on 2009-10-11 at 17:03:02.
Edited on 2009-10-11 at 18:20:28 by Brianna

RDI Staff
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She helped getting the injured into the next room, then stood back. She had nothing to offer in help of those who were injured beyond that.

Some helped to heal them, others went about collecting the gems off the monster. She decided it would be best to look over the next room, make sure there was nothing about it that would potentially cause them further harm.

Posted on 2009-10-11 at 17:49:32.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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Good idea Las

"Good idea Rayne. We can split up the healing duties." Cor finished on Kenji then saw to the others and lastly to himself.

Posted on 2009-10-12 at 16:55:23.

Forever ♥
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1538 Posts

You cant keep a good Samuari down.....

Kenji walked peacefully along a field of knee-high wild poppies .. the legs of his hakama brushing slightly against the gentle flowers.. he didn’t know how he got here but he felt right being here.. as if he belonged.. somehow.. the sun shined down upon him warming him and a gentle breeze blew and cooled him enough that he didn’t get too hot.. only a few white fluffy clouds dotted the dazzling blue sky overhead.. and he heard the faint call of birds singing on what appeared to be a glorious day.

As he walked contemplating how or why he was here.. he hear someone call his name.. he looked up and saw some figures in the distance .. one adult size and two smaller ones rushing towards him .. he paused in his walk to stare at the figures as they drew nearer.. slowly their features became clearer through the brightness and his breath caught in his throat at the sight of his wife and two children.. Akemi.. his lovely wife.. her name meaning ‘bright beauty’ .. which she was that and more… his two children.. Aiko.. his daughter.. meaning “love child’ .. for she was the eldest and the gift of Akemi and his enduring love for one another… and his son Kichiro.. meaning ‘lucky son’ .. named so because he had almost died at child birth but had survived and was growing big and strong now…

.. but wait.. how could this be.. they were dead.. slain by his Daimyo ..his Lord.. for his failure .. he had seen their slashed bodies and all those of their servants…. slain as was ordered for his supposed betrayal.. but was this a dream. Or was the memory of their deaths a nightmare… had he awakened.. or was he still asleep.. he shook himself.. did it matter? Right now they were alive and here with him.

He shook off the shock of seeing them here and he started to run to them.. Kenji yelled back at them in greeting as he rushed through the field.. the poppies slapping at his thighs as he ran as fast as he could towards them.. eager to hold them in his arms again..

Yet before he reached them.. the quiet peaceful day was suddenly shattered in a loud thunderclap .. Kenji stopped as did his wife and children and looked up to the suddenly darkening sky.. in seconds the sky filled with dark boiling clouds and a harsh wind began to whip around Kenji.. he turned from the storm to his family .. they unhindered by the storm.. yet they did not approach any further.. they looked on at him.. their faces saddened and grim.. as the wind picked up around the Samurai and when he tried to take a step it buffeted him back..

Keni struggled mightily against the maelstrom but the winds pulled at him and wouldn’t allow him to move any closer to his waiting family.. the wind howled around him and lifted him up.. he cried out his rage and struggled uselessly.. the swirling vortex picked him up and drew him towards the center of the swirling clouds above.. he stopped his struggles and reached out towards his family knowing it was hopeless.. his children clung to one another crying but his wife looked on an though her face was a grim mask of sadness and longing.. she smiled slightly at the last and spoke to him.. somehow he heard her voice clearly even above the howling winds.. “Fear not my love.. we shall be together again someday.. now is not your time.. you are needed elsewhere.. when the time is right you will return to us… we love you and await you!”

Kenji cried out as he was sucked up into the clouds.. the sight of his family taken from him.. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

After he was healed.. Kenji sat up with a start… “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” He cried grabbing at his katana and looking around.. he saw the party around him looking at him.. they no doubt seeing the mask of rage and hurt on his face.. he slowly realized where he was and what had happened.. he must have been near death and been healed and brought back. He slowly got to his feet, sheathing his katana as he did so.

“Sorry.. “ was all he said as the rage and pain faded from his visage.

He looked around at the others, got himself in order, making sure he had all of his things, not saying much to the others right now.. letting them handle their diminutive captive while he sorted out his thoughts.. had that been real? Had he been near death and was about to join his family? Or had it all been a dream.. a wishful fantasy of his mind.. he sighed as he hoisted his things and was ready to leave the chamber with the others.. turning his mind once again to the moment and the survival of the group.

(Hello everyone.. I’m back! Well I got a little free time online.. thought I might come back to just one game.. and this is the one I chose.. hope no one minds be seeing you around.. a little bit anyway. )

Posted on 2009-10-13 at 11:32:41.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
Karma: 58/18
2320 Posts

Sorry lad

Cor heard Kenji scream "Nooooo!" and knew that his companion had been pulled back from the edge. Many times he had seen it before and all described the experience as one of pure bliss followed by sheer horror as they were pulled back to the living. He never knew or asked what exactly they had seen but he always felt a tinge of regret for pulling them back. Only those who had truely died and were later raised has a more harrowing tale to tell. "Sorry lad; I now you visited a good place but we still need you here. Rewards will have to wait."

Posted on 2009-10-13 at 15:22:04.

RDI Fixture
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Rest then enter

"M'lady," Allanan said as they stopped for a rest at the entrance of the mountain. "I believe we have left our foes behind."

Looking around, the golden haired man noted the tracks leading into the mountain. "Seven days, I'd guess. And seven people," Allanan looked briefly at his companion, looking for wisdom on their next move. "We should try to rest before continuing, m'lady. I suspect we shall encounter more trials before we see this quest though."

[OOC: I think both Nimu and I are agreed that we should try to rest before entering into the mountain. I'm hoping to have Allanan rest first this time, then Sirene. If you really want to update us into the future, I'm sure Nimu and I will enter the mountain after our rest and begin following the tracks. Thx Tann! Hope your personal matter is good! and not sad/bad! Ayrn]

Posted on 2009-10-17 at 12:02:46.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1292 Posts


Siréne turned to face Allanan and nodded. If they were to enter the mountain a days preparation and rest would be wise.

"Agreed my friend," Siréne replied as she began to make ready for camp, "I will take the first watch."

(OOC: Sorry so late and so short (been a little bogged down of late), I'm fine with Siréne taking first watch and continuing on into the mountain after we've rested.)

Posted on 2009-10-17 at 18:45:58.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Rayne heard Kenji's cry and turned from healing Haila to watch him surreptitiously. His face was momentarily a mix of sorrow and rage before he controlled it and set about gathering and arrange his things She had been there before, and so had others of their group. It took her a bit to come back to herself and put off the pain of loss, seeing loved ones who had passed beyond. The Everlasting Summer Lands would still be there when it wa her time and mortal intervention could not bring her back. She and Cor continue to heal the injured.

Rayne moved over to where the door open out of the room with her bow drawn and ready to shoot even though the halls had previously been relatively free from dangers.

Posted on 2009-10-17 at 19:07:44.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 180/119
6610 Posts

Another test completed and the Return of YeOlde...........

With another test passed and wounded to tend too Cor, Rayne and Cynil, once more returned to her Elvin form, moved quickly among the party members wounded and healed as needed. Though most had been wounded to some degree the worst of them, Althena and Kenji, had been taken care of by Cor casting his only two Heal spells for this day. A huge loss of healing to be sure, however if not for those two spells, a spell of neutralize poison, and a potion of the same, both Althena and Kenji, as had happened with too many other party members, would now lay dead.

Kenji could attest to that nearness of death as for him it had not been all that unpleasant, in fact given the choice the Samurai almost wished he had died. However once more he was alive and back to his own self and having promised to those with him his help as long as he lived they would have it. With his wife’s voice yet lingering within his head he nodded his readiness to Cor and the others.
“Fear not my love.. we shall be together again someday.. now is not your time.. you are needed elsewhere.. when the time is right you will return to us… we love you and await you!”
Ulthok having gotten Cor’s reply as to the nature of the gems on the Boulder Mages knuckles took notice of the dwarven Cleric’s mistake in calling the knuckle gems rings but gave it no mind. A dagger to hand, held by its blade, the Halfling Thief/Mage brought the pummel down shattering each stone finger in turn and placing all the gems in pouches along his belt. With screams as if in great pain the Boulder Mage watched as his ‘fingers’ were easily broken, then as if in contempt Ulthok shoved the creature away turned and nodded his readiness to Cor and moved to stand with Haila, who was just then reentering the room.

During all this Haila seeing nothing for her to do decided to do a little recon of her own and proceeded to move out into the hallway to try and see the next room/test. Her human sight limited in the darkness she was still able to see with help from the light escaping the room behind a hallway running 50’ feet forward then a turn to the right into blackness. Knowing better then to move forward alone, even though no danger had come to them in these hallways as yet, there was always a first time. Stepping back into the room she found Ulthok now at the door and quietly awaited with him for the rest of the party to gather themselves and move on.......

DROW MOUNTAIN Morning till Early Evening 2nd Day
The two weary travelers’ had climbed for what seemed like days but in truth had only been hours. With morning upon them the choice to rest or continue was addressed and both decided to catch a few hours of sleep before entering.
With Sirène happy to take first watch, Allanan went to sleep and sleep he did pulled into a dream so familiar yet so strange.

The face of a beautiful women, red hair blazing in the sun, yet her name unknown to him.
Her arms open, her voice calling to him, her embrace so familiar yet like her name a mystery.
The faces of others, a pair of dwarves, a pair of humans, one male one female 3 maybe 4 elves of both sexes, a creature appearing to be evil yet walking along with the rest as if in friendship all somehow known yet unknown, all strangers without names.

Waking suddenly to a hand upon his leg the dream faces of all disappeared and with the face of Sirène smiling down on him he rose to let her take his place and stood guard. The next hours went by quickly without incident and at the agreed upon time he awoke the Lady Elf and helped to her feet. With bedrolls packed and gear readied they approached the opened entrance leading into the heart of this dark mountain. However movement, caught out of the corner of an eye, to the side of them approaching up the same path as they had climbed earlier stopped them. Turning quickly they gazed upon a older looking Male Half-Elf outfitted as if for prolonged adventure outdoors coming to a stop well out of melee range yet within normal voice range.

“Greetings, may I offer my services to you.?”...........

(DM OOC: Ok 1 day early post due to a personal matter that has come up for tomorrow. And rest assured it’s a good reason, not a bad one. Ok good posting everyone and lets keep it up. Ok I have heard from Vesper and he has returned to the states from Iraq so hopefully he will return to posting on the Inn soon. Other then that next post next Saturday or Sunday depending on Football .)

Posted on 2009-10-18 at 05:31:34.
Edited on 2009-10-18 at 05:41:36 by TannTalas

Epic Level Bard
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A strange way to say hello.

Then a second voice could be heard almost like the first only a little more gruff, “I have not dressed that way in many a season. As far as my voice, we can thank the goblins of the Western Wood for trying to stretch my neck.” It was then a glint of morning sun could be seen off the blade of a small dagger being held to the neck of the half-evlen stranger.

“Good people I have come to render aid but as you can see it is I whom require your help. Help please save me from this mad man and I will repay you in gold.” The Half-Elf reached out to Sirène and Allanan with his left hand as his right one moved to the hilt of his blade.

The Stranger from behind then stood tall, about two inches taller to be exact, “Your kind still can’t get my height right. The only gold these two will have is two gold coin placed on their eyes to pay the ferry man if you have your way.” The stranger then shook his head and spoke to some one but no one, “Yes, I will ask it give me a moment. My brother wants to know what the price on my head is now from your evil master or are you working for the Bitch.” The tall stranger then looked at the Elven Lady, “Excuse my harsh words in the presents of a Lady.”

It was at this moment the shorter of the two took the opportunity to push forward and draw his sword, “These two mean nothing, it is your skin that I hunt.” And he lunged forward with his sword toward the taller of the two look alikes. One taller, one short, one dusty and seems to have been living on the fringes of civilization, the other cleaned and ready for a long trek out doors.

The taller of the two, the dusty one side stepped the lung. And with his dagger he points to the neck of the shorter, “See you two, it bleeds green.” It was then an elbow to the back of the head made the taller take a few steps forward. As the taller regained his footing he looked up, “Yes I am going to kill it this time.” He then turned to get ready for another attack from the shorter twin. “I do not know if it is male or female. Yes it looks male now but what if it looked like her then it would look female so it is as it?” A moment of quite as the two side stepped. The shorter of the two seemed to be sizing up the taller one. “Ok! I will ask it. My brother wants to know if you are a male or female.”

“Your brother? Your brother is dead! Has been for many seasons now and the master has had a tapestry made to celebrate his victory. It is also told that he carries your brother’s sole around in a small gem mounted in a pendent. Oh and I love to hear my wife tell my children the story of your brother’s death and how you had to be pulled away kicking and scream like a little girl.” The shorter of the two lunged again.

This time the taller deflected sword with dagger and caught the shorter one in a headlock. With free hand he pulled a small pendent from his tattered cloak, “Does it look like this one?”

The shorter pushed free and spun around, “Yes only the gem is green and still glows with the light of your brother’s sole. HaHa!”

Before the shorter could react the taller of the two lunged forward and buried his dagger deep into the midsection of the shorter one. With a whisper, “Your sole goes now to the evil one that created you. May your children die a slow and painful death, may your wife meet another and regret ever taking to your bed. Now my brother says sleep,” and with those last words he twisted his dagger and moved it up to just about 4 inches below the shorter one’s chin and then pulled the dagger from the now dead body.

As the half-elf, for now there was only one and no need to differentiate from the two that were before moved to a small bush just off the side of the path and took up a walking stick and his back pack. Now his back pack if that is what one would call it, for if anyone were to look at it would wonder how anything could stay in such a tattered looking piece of cloth began to speak again, “Told you I would kill it this time. Oh yes quite right it is a male so I should have said him instead of it, sorry.” The half-elf then moved to stand over the body for it no longer looked like a half-elf but a doppelganger if any really know what one truly looks like. “See he is dead. Now let me see what these two are doing here and if you don’t mind I can ask all the questions.” With that he took the dead it’s pack, for everything else was just part of the illusion of the doppelganger and turned in the direction of the other two on the mountain this morning.

The Half-Elf walked closer to the two standing outside of the cave, “I will not move any closer for my stench may offend, but if I might ask are you two going to go in or just camp outside?”

Before the two, stood a Half-Elf of middle age. The lack of lines on the Half-Elf’s face said he was of middle age for a Half-Elf. His eyes, hair, and facial hair said other wise. You see Half-Elves have no facial hair unless they are of many years and close to death, yet this young looking half-elf had a few days growth on his face. Only on his upper lip and chin could this hair be seen. His hair seemed to have streaks in it that when the sun caught just right looked to be faded with age. His eyes looked to be old. Not tired old but full of wisdom old. Oh and there is the walking stick he now used to lean upon. A Long bow of antique fashion and a matching quiver of arrows where sitting awkwardly on his back. The hilt of a sword could be seen peaking out from the left side of his cloak, telling all he was right handed. The dagger that he was wielding with his left hand from before could not be seen. All his weapons looked to be in well kept state unlike the rest of him.

Posted on 2009-10-20 at 01:37:16.
Edited on 2009-10-20 at 04:25:57 by TannTalas

Forever ♥
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1538 Posts

Austere ..

All of his gear gathered and stowed away, he thrust his sheathed Katana into his obi and adjusting it he nodded to himself and joined Ulthok, Haila and Rayne at the passage to the next chamber.

"Sorry lad; I know you visited a good place but we still need you here. Rewards will have to wait.” Cor said to Kenji as he passed.
The Samurai turned to look at Dwarf and then nodded to him, his face once again a blank expressionless mask of stone. His feelings once again hidden away where they belonged. Kenji knew the Cleric was correct, he was needed here, his wife had said so in his vision.. he believed in Karma and knew that when it was his time.. he would go and join his family in the eternal bliss.

His left hand resting on the handle of his Katana he took up his place behind Ulthok, who would no doubt search for traps and such as they proceeded, and the ladies Haila and Rayne. He said nothing, giving them each a slight nod to show that he was ready to protect them as was his station.
Once the others were ready, he would head off behind Ulthok, his sheathed Katana ready to leap to the defense of the Halfling scout and to shield those behind him. He spoke not.. seeming even more silent than usual.. returning to a state even more reclusive than when he first joined the party and they were all strangers to him.

He trusted them now.. each of them having risked their life for him and vice versa.. he had sworn to help them in this quest and he would do his best and even die to defend them and to accomplish their mission. It was the code of the Samurai.. this was chuu'… loyalty.. faithful to his companions and their purpose.. he would not fail and live.

(Sorry don’t know what else to post.. since we havent left the room yet. Was hoping some others would post so I could play off of that.. but.. alas.. no. so.. here is what I got. I cant wait for the next puzzle )

Posted on 2009-10-23 at 14:31:53.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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OOC: Can you post the spells required to be used to fill the party to full healing oh powerful DM? Our next actions may well depend on the healing spells left.

IC: Cor took stock of those around and tended to whoecer asked for aid. The other healers did likewise as they could. With the task completed he gathered everyone together. "What spells have we left? Tis a big decision we make now. Shall we press on or spend time here in the hall to attempt to rest and recover spells. We know that it can be dangerous to sleep in these tunnels but then again it can be dangerous to press on not fully prepared. What say ye?"

Cor waited for input and would make the decision when all who wished had spoken.

Posted on 2009-10-23 at 15:57:39.

Wee Grugglet
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What is a paladin to do?

Conall observed Ulthok as he came to carve the gems out of the boulder creature's hands. Well, the lesser ones would do as they would. He had almost stood against Ulthok, but then he remembered the danger his friends had been put through. This creature was evil, and had little soul or recognition of personality. It was a disgrace of the maker's work, and Conall would not stand to defend it. But while he wouldn't do that, he wasn't going to watch it either.

He sheathed his sword and turned to look at the elephant. That elephant, in all of its beauty, was his lover. And nothing moved him more than that thought. "Cynil, that was magnificent. I have quite the feeling of amazement for your skills. Will you please return to your womanly form so that I may embrace you?"

Posted on 2009-10-23 at 23:24:07.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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1764 Posts

Elephant to Elf

The shape of the elephant wavers to reduce into the petite, slender figure of the Elven Druidess.

"For an embrace, yes," she says with a smile. Even though the terrors of their earlier predicament still lingered she eagerly wrapped her arms about Connall as he did the same.

"We will win through," she whispered to him, "and then I will ask your Odin for a boon to steal a bit of your heart for me."

After the embrace she will reluctantly pull free to allow Conall to take up his position in the front as she held back in the middle of their group. She smiles to Kenji and Rayne and then to the others.

Posted on 2009-10-24 at 01:21:45.
Edited on 2009-10-24 at 01:25:47 by Dragon Mistress

RDI Fixture
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I have soap...

Siréne stood regarding the disheveled half elf in the aftermath of the skirmish that had unfolded before she and Allanan. With unwavering serenity she studied the strange half elf. He seemed to flow in and out of lucidity, at one moment focused on the here and now an at another speaking to some unknown voice.

The half elf stepped closer to she and Allanan addressing them both, "I will not move any closer for my stench may offend, but if I might ask are you two going to go in or just camp outside?"

The elven enchantress crossed her arms and gazed at the man is silence before stepping forward and saying cooly, "If you are concerned about your stench might I suggest a bath?" Siréne raised and eyebrow and continued in the same cool tone, "To answer your question, the Great Goddess has called us to the mountain, but if you are in need of healing we can wait until the morning to go forward."

Posted on 2009-10-24 at 16:24:21.

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