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Races in Audalis

A basic outline of all the races in the Audalis RPG world

The continent of Antaron is home to a wide range of races, as well as an incredibly diverse set of cultures. Below is a brief summary for some of the major peoples, with links to more detailed information.

Humans: By far the most populous race in Antaron, humans vary widely in appearance, culture, and disposition. Humans generally live to be seventy to eighty years old, though there are recorded instances of some making it beyond the century mark. Humans almost exclusively populate the western and south-central portions of Antaron, as well as the Kachiri Islands and the Artarian Reach.

Modern citizens of civilized Antaron are largely considered to be members of the third race of men, called Apanonar by the elves of Sylvari. This race colonized southern Antaron via ships around 700 BER, better than eleven hundred years ago.

The countries of Ertain, Coria, and Pardinal all draw their populations from these. The people tend to be on the tall side of average, have medium to fair complexions, and due to time's dilution of the gene pool, can possess virtually any combination of hair end eye color. Even so, brown eyes and brown hair are the most common amongst these countries.

Citizens of Drannon (and to a lesser degree, Sendria) trace their roots to the second race of men - the Anathari. This lost empire literally came from another world, and those that have pure lineage are immediately noticeable, as they possess olive skin, black hair, and are not as tall as those of the third race. However, as the Anathari empire crumbled some sixteen hundred years ago, many of the distinctions have blurred over time.

Descendants of the first race of men can still be found in western Antaron, in the form of the inhabitants of the Chindari Plains. Most of these humans are relatively fair of complexion, have sandy-colored hair, and are very average in height and build. Time has erased most distinct features of them from among the five kingdoms.

There are, however, anomalies that do not correlate to any of the recognized races of men. The Vidarak, who dwell in the Artarian Reach (and have remained isolated from the goings-on in the rest of the world) are extremely pale, without exception. These northmen are almost always tall, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed, with a few cases of red hair or green eyes every now and then. The Lendoreans, inhabitants of the Kachiri Islands, are quite short for humans, and have dark, reddish skin, and dark eyes. The Yanathera, who dwell in the Toran Downs, are tall, have dark, swarthy skin, and jet-black hair.

Sylvari (elves): The inhabitants of the Sylvarian Empire are the longest-lived race on the face of Antaron, with six hundred years being a typical lifespan, and one or two cases of individuals coming close to a millennium. History tells us that the Sylvari were the first inhabitants of Antaron, though the Khordaldrum dispute this fact.

Often referred to as "Sils" by humans, Sylvari are almost as tall as the short-lived race, averaging just shy of six feet. Their eyes are almond-shaped, their ears are pointed, and they possess a more slender build than that of humans. Sylvari have pale skin, and most commonly have blonde hair. However, this can vary widely, with black, brown, red, white, and platinum all being recognized colors. Likewise, Sylvarian eye color runs the gamut of human norms, with violet, gray, and golden shades thrown into the mix.

With the exception of those who chose to live their lives among humans, or in solitary retreats scattered across Antaron, the vast majority of Sylvari make their homes in the three nations that compose the Sylavrian Empire. There are no known subterranean (dark) elves in Antaron.

Half elves: Not a true race, per se, but a result of human and elven intermingling. While longer-lived than humans, half elven lifespan is shorter than that of Sylvari, typically two hundred fifty to three hundred years. Like Sylvari, most half elves have pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes; unlike them, most half elven males grow facial hair.

Half elves can have any complexion, hair color, and eye color available to either of their parents. Since they are more readily accepted among humans, half-elves tend to live among them, though a few reside in Sylvari lands.

Khordaldrum (dwarves): Sturdy and strong, Khordaldrum make excellent warriors. While they rarely grow much taller than four feet, Khordaldrum are very solidly built. A long-lived race, Khordaldrum can easily attain three hundred years in age, and remain quite active through the majority of those years.

"Kords" (as humans call them) of both genders pride themselves in wearing long beards; a clean-shaven dwarf is considered an outcast, or a disgrace. Khordaldrum skin is usually tan or ruddy; hair is normally brown, occasionally black, and very rarely red. Eye color is typically brown or... brown.

Most Khordaldrum make their homes in the subterranean cities under the Khordal mountain range, though a few opt for aboveground settlements. Centuries ago, a second dwarven nation existed in the Chakran mountains, but the inhabitants there were exterminated by the crunaik, goblins, and trolls that also made their homes in those mountains. Many Khordaldrum still dream of the day when the Chakrans will be reclaimed from the foul beasts that slew their kin.

Cidals (halflings): Short in stature but mighty of heart, the Cidals are one of the more misunderstood races of Antaron, mostly due to ignorance. Many people have no idea that there are different kinds of "Cids," as the ones they usually see are merely a part of the whole. In fact, there are three distinct subraces of Cidals, though they all have a common lifespan of seventy to ninety years.

Shadelins (Picks): Shadelins possess a similar build to that of the Sylvari, though they lack the graceful movement of the elder race. Skin tones range from fair to medium, with hair and eye color similar to that of Sylvari. Shadelins prefer to wear bright, bold (often mismatched) clothing, and almost always wear their hair long - pulled back into a single knot, two pony tails, or sometimes a multitude of braids. Males stand between three and a half to four feet, with females slightly shorter.

Moundlins (Stumps): Moundlins are of a stockier build than the Shadelins, with less accentuated ears, and resemble portly humans more than Sylvari. They are usually shorter (three to three and a half feet tall) than their cousins and prefer to wear more earth tones and practical colors. Their hair is often very curly and short, ranging from dark brown to black in color. They have medium to dark skin tones and eyes that are usually green or blue.

Shawlins (Loavens): Despite the fact that long term unions between Picks and Stumps rarely work, there are many examples of half-breeds in Cidal communities. In fact, there seems to be a stage in a female Moundlin's life - between the ages of sixteen and twenty - where inexplicably, they find Pick males very attractive. These mixed blood Cids are obvious to the Cidals themselves, but are much harder for other races to spot. They have the full spectrum of body types, facial features, skin tones, and eye colors of both Stumps and Picks. If you see a Cid with a thin body, long ears, and curly hair, chances are that they're a Loaven.

Cidals from all three subraces originate from two distinct locations - Goodhome, located south of the Chindari Plains, and Kindwell, nestled within the Brathnaii Hollows.

Brathunspar (gnomes): Somewhat resembling Khordaldrum, but without the stocky frames, these beings tend to be shy of civilization, and introspective in personality. Brathunspar live long lives, normally approaching two hundred years in length. Brathunspar love to work with their hands, and often turn their attention towards engineering and "tinkering." However, they hold a strong affinity with nature, much like the Sylvari, and seek to preserve it.

Aside from their slight builds, Brathunspar tend to somewhat resemble Khordaldrum. They are slightly shorter in height (two and half to four feet) and have similar facial features. Unlike dwarves, many Brathnaii males (and all Brathnaii females) lack facial hair, or keep it trimmed. Brathunspar have bright, gem-colored eyes, and vibrantly colored hair - black, brown, scarlet, or gold - with contrasting highlights of silver, blue, violet, or other colors.

The Brathnaii Hollows, located southeast of the Sylvarian Forest, are where the gnomes of Antaron make their burrows. The Sylvari keep human civilization from moving any further east, which suits the reclusive Brathunspar just fine. Brathnaii adventurers are definitely the exception, not the rule.

Gilskalos: After having fled their own dying world to come to Audalis, this tall race of humanoids dwells in isolation, and fights the daily struggle for survival. Gilskalos are estimated to live about eighty years, though their harsh environment leads to very few individuals actually living this long. Gilskalos are a warrior people, and are very xenophobic towards other races.

The shortest gilskalo easily ranks with the tallest humans; these people tend to be between six and a half to eight feet in height. Their skin is extremely pale, almost a chalky white. Gilskalos all have white hair, usually worn long and unbound, and possess deep blue eyes, with no visible pupil or iris whatsoever.

The harsh, perpetually frozen lands of the Isles of Tiborn are what the gilskalos now call home. With the exception of the Vidarak, with whom they will conduct some trade, the gilskalos will have nothing to do with the other races of Antaron. Certainly this curtails the existence of very many gilskalo adventurers.

Kelden: High in the Chakran Mountains dwells a race unlike any other in Antaron - the kelden. Possessing large, leathery wings that allow them to glide upon air currents, kelden are usually either loved or hated by members of other races who may come into contact with them. Their quiet, aloof personalities and alien appearance tend to set them apart, no matter where they might venture.

Kelden males usually stand seven to seven and a half feet tall, with females only a few inches shorter. Their skin is well tanned, and both their eyes and the small amount of hair they possess are almost always brown. Aside from an inch or so that grows on the top of their heads, kelden grow no facial or body hair whatsoever.

Kelden population is fairly small, with only a few tribes existing in the cliffs of the Chakran mountain range. While most kelden are quite content to carry on their primitive existence there in the wilds of Antaron, a few are driven to leave their homes and see the world. While it can be difficult to make the acquaintance of a kelder, they usually prove to be strong and trustworthy allies.

Kazari: This race of martial felanoids hails from uncharted lands across the sea; only a few call Antaron their home. Kazari very much appear to be a humanoid species of big cat; their bodies are covered with fur, and they possess whiskers, fangs, and tails, just as any other feline species does.

Kazari stand similar in height to humans, averaging somewhere around six feet tall. Individual builds vary greatly, from lithe and wiry to strong and muscular. Kazari possess eyes similar to those of other feline species, with elliptical pupils, no appreciable sclera (white potion of the eye), and colors that include green, gold, gray, and blue. Kazari fur is shaggy (similar to that of a tiger), usually striped, and is most often orange, brown, or gray.

No kazari settlements exist anywhere on the mainland of Antaron; those few that live here are invariably explorers or shipwreck survivors. The land of Capasha, which lies beyond the treacherous Titan's Walk Reefs to the south of Antaron (and is regarded by many humans as myth), is the original home of the kazari.

Slaa'kar: The forbidding Swamps of Kedesh, located in soutwest Antaron, are home to the reptilian Slaa'kar. Resembling bipedal lizards, Slaa'kar are scaly, tailed, and muscular.

Slaa'kar range from five and one half to six and one half feet in height. They have dark eyes,
and are covered with scales of green, gray, or brown. Males are bigger and more brightly-colored than females, and often have colored crests, as well. Unless forced by "civilized" company, Slaa'kar normaly wear little in the way of clothing.

Tribes of Slaa'kar dwell in the Swamps of Kedesh and the adjoining lands. As a rule, Slaa'kar have little to do with outsiders, so few are seen outside of the area. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to Olan Suddeth for this contribution!


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