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Lona's Heir

Let me tell you of a young human from ages past. He was Abelard, son of the King of humans in that time. He fell deeply in love with an Elven princess named Lona. The humans and the elves did not trust each other in those times, each vied for power. So the families of each refused to let them marry. In Abelard’s attempt to prove his love he had a great Emerald mined, cut and polished by the best jewelers around. Then he took the stone to a young Wizard named Rolomiel to have it blessed and give it magical powers that would impress Lonas father.

Rolomiel, though young, had gained a reputation as a very able wizard. His skills and power seemed beyond his years. Also no one seemed to remember where he came from or when he had arrived. There was a charm to his manner that put people as ease when in his presents, but there was a darkness that seemed to follow as wake when he pasted. His true nature was well hidden. Those around him could only see the human side as that is what dominated his physical appearance. His mother had been a blind country girl that had disappeared in the forest near her father’s farm. All had assumed she had become lost and wandered until she perished. She never saw the demon Sammael that captured and raped her while he was in human form. She remained his captive and bore him a half human son. The boy was taken and raised by those that worshiped Sammael. They taught him magic and how to draw on the power from the demon plane. The Sammael had plans for his son. Through Rolomiel, Sammael would have an easier access to the human realm. But now Rolomiel had grown to a man and was making plans of his own. The Wizard had visions of ruling all the human plane and this stone gave him a rare opportunity.

Rolomiel blessed the stone and devised a simple spell on the stone that would delight anyone that held it against the skin of their hand. But Rolomiel also added his spell to the stone. Because he wanted it and he knew it would yield great power, Rolomier cast a spell on the stone that let act as a key to open a portal to the Demon plane. He felt that in time he could get the stone back. His spell would provide the strength to open a doorway to his father’s realm giving him access to his family’s powers. But in his haste to curse the stone he put no protection on the keyway. This left the stone open to any Magic user that could learn the use of the stone and thus gain the access to the demon plane and command its minions.

Rolomiel constructed a beautiful case to hold and protect the stone. Abelard went to gather the stone and Rolomiel told him of the pleasure spell he case over the stone. The wizard opened the case and the sheer beauty of the stone gladdened Abelard so he declined to touch the stone. Closing the case the young human prince returned to Lona’s home. In the presents of her father Abelard presented the stone to Lona as the proof of his love. When Lona took the stone she was not affected by the spell, perhaps because her love was stronger, perhaps because of natural magic she carried inside her, but when her father touch the stone he was filled with delight. As the feeling coursed through him the King said “I shall keep this stone as your token and give you my daughter as your wife.” This pleased Abelard and Lona and they were wed.

Now the father would not part with the stone and the longer he kept the more possessive he became. Years had passed and Abelard now feared for his wife’s father health and went to Rolomiel to seek help. Rolomiel agreed to help seeing his opportunity to take the stone for his own. When Rolomiel was alone with the Elven King he cast a paralyzing spell upon him and took the stone. To his delight stone had grown strong on it own. When Rolomiel took the stone it draw the evil from his deed and intent, opening a portal from which a demon emerged. The demon slew the helpless king and then turned on Rolomiel, but before Rolomiel could command it Abelard enter. Seeing the dead King he drew his sword and attacked the demon. In the battle the wizard was knocked cross the room striking his head. There he lay unconscious dropping the stone. Hearing the battle Lona came in and seeing the stone she picked it up. The stone then drew from the love of Lona and again opened the portal but this time it sucked the Demon back in. Abelard and Lona now understood that the stone was now evil. Placing the stone in it case Lona took and hid the stone. When Rolomiel awoke, he acted innocent asked what happened to the demon and the stone. Abelard told him the demon and the stone were lost back into the portal.

In time Abelard and Lona had a daughter and it is said that the daughter of Lona found the stone. Lona saw her playing with it but the daughter was not affected by the stone and the stone did not react to the daughter. And so it started for each generation the daughter Heirs of Lona have been able to control and protect the stone.

But also in time Rolomiel became more and more powerful. He lived long through the ages and has plotted rule all the lands to his evil pleasure. The stories have not gone without his notice. He suspected that the stone survived and that the Heirs too survived. Now he wants the stone to could control the portal and the demons it possessed and he wants the Heir to insure he controls the stone.

To protect the stone it was taken and hid in a secret place and group of elves were trained as knights to safe guard this secret place, for generations they have dedicated themselves to protecting the stone. The Heirs of Lona were also hidden away. The story of the stone was never told to them so that they would be safe and Rolomiel could not use them to control the stone.
Rolomiel has returned and he has all manner of evil creatures searching for the stone and the Heir.
The stone still needs protected but The Knights of Lona have dwindled in number thou their stronghold remains hidden.
The whereabouts of the last Heir have been lost.

The story teller raised his and puffed on his long thin pipe. The smoke rolled gently into the common room. The hour was late and the patrons had left, only one young serving stood enthralled with his tale.
Pulling a Moonstone from his pocket and suspending over the serving girl’s hand the stone glows a pale white. "And now I believe the heir of Lona has returned to the hiding place of the stone.” The young girl was silent and looked at the story teller in disbelief. As the story teller looked into her eyes he said,“ You both must be protected from Rolomiel.” Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to Odyson for this contribution!


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