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Rydor - God of Truth and Justice

Might alone does not make right, but without it, justice is paralyzed. - Banius Graedin, High Priest, Order of the Iron Flame

Sphere of influence:
Justice, truth
royal purple, royal blue
Silver disk depicting a set of scales with a superimposed warhammer insignia
Granted powers:
cast protection from evil 10' radius once per day, cast detect evil twice per day
Allowed alignments:
Lawful good
Allowed weapons:
Any blunt
Allowed armor:
Other Names:
The Just One, The Lawmaker, Meiven Tarai (Balanced Scale) by Sylvari, Culdar Grond (Righteous Hammer) by Khordaldrum, Ditiirdak (Great Law Keeper) by Vidar, Knolag by Ungoulid
Clerics must have a wisdom score of at least 12.
D20 Information
God Alignment:
Lawful Good
Good, Knowledge, Law, Retribution
Favored Weapon:
The Right Hand of Justice (longsword)

Rydor is the lord of the good deities. Since his domain is that of justice, his name is often invoked in courtrooms and other places of law. Worship of Rydor is fairly widespread, especially in Ertain.

Clerics of Rydor are a fairly zealous group, seeking to right wrongs wherever they see them. Naturally, this god is quite popular among chivalrous knights. Priests pray for their spells at the beginning of each day.

Traditionally, clerics of Rydor teach that forgiveness and mercy are vital consorts to justice. However, a splinter movement of late has begun to advocate strict interpretations of law, as well as punishement regardless of repentance. How this will affect the religion in the long term has yet to be seen.

Without law, there is chaos. Without justice, law is meaningless. Without courage, justice is powerless. In all matters, be fair in your dealings, upright in your conduct, and blameless before the world. Protect the weak, and bring down those who would exploit them. Boldy carry the influence of Rydor to every place you may go.

Rydor appears as an older warrior with shoulder-length, wavy hair of steel-gray. His face is lined with care, but not the least bit softened by age. His eyes are deep and filled with purpose, and he exudes a sense of power and fortitude. He wears plain, unadorned plate mail with a simple tabard of purple over it, and carries a warhammer or longsword.

Clerics and followers of Rydor work to enforce and maintain law, order, and justice. All beings are equal to them - there is no difference between the rights of a powerful noble and those of a poor peasant. Their spells and abilities lie in the sphere of truth, protection, and justice.

Most of the fellowship of Rydor falls into one of the following factions:

Order of the Iron Flame: Some of the brightest minds and wisest hearts of Rydor's followers belong to the Iron Flame. This order seeks to further the development and application of law and order in society, and works to weed out untruths wherever they may be. While usually considered to be a much more scholarly branch of the religion, the Iron Flame nevertheless has the authority and power to enforce their edicts, though they normally work very closely with the Justicars.

Order of the Eternal Watch: There are many religions in Audalis, and these are often divided into smaller sects. Naturally, this creates endless struggles over ideals, resources, and much more. The followers of this order, often referred to simply as Watchkeepers, make it their business to "police" the various religions, making sure that no single one oversteps their bounds. Naturally, their intervention is often not well-received by any religion, and the order as a whole is often reviled. Followers of Merca and Lysora are often strong allies of the Watchkeepers, but even they have been known to grow testy or belligerent if the order rules against them. Still, there are few mortals more wise or fair than the Order of the Eternal Watch.

Order of the Justicars: Warrior-judges without compare, these faithful followers are strong of arm as wise of mind. They carry out the duty and honor of righting transgressions as decreed by Rydor's fellowships, as well as kings, lords, and a general consensus of peoples. The followers of this order, which also include priests and warriors of Merca, have been tempered and hardened by battle of the soul, mind, and body. Of the orders, the Justicars are the most difficult to join and rise within for they must remain steadfast in mental prowess and fighting ability.

The traditional symbol of Rydor depicted by scales and a hammer. To locate, search the early evening sky in winter for the three brightest stars of the constellation, Riannah, Orthan and Rynora that align to make up the arms of the scales. Slightly below you will find the second group of three that make up the hammerhead. Usually only these stars plus the brighter stars of each scale pan are visible with the naked eye, though with good night vision in a remote location all elements of the constellation can be distinguished by the trained eye. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to t_catt11 for this contribution!


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