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Therassor - God of Righteous Battle

By the bright blade of Therassor, honor will be done this day upon the fields of battle. -Theodoric Darklis, Warrior-Priest, Governors of Battle

Sphere of influence:
Righteous battle
A steel disk embossed with a shining sword
Granted powers:
cast flame blade once per day, +1 THAC0
Allowed alignments:
Any good
Allowed weapons:
Any blunt, any sword
Allowed armor:
Other Names:
Honored General, Battle Lord, Nim'megil (White Sword) by Sylvari, Ghardan Aglar (Stalwart Blade) by Khordaldrum, Verigad (War God) by Vidarak, Garharlg by Ungoulid, Rrowl by Kazari
Clerics must have a strength score of at least 12. Therassor allows his followers to use blades, but their spells are more limited than those of other religions.

As the god of just battle, Therassor is popular among knights, and many otherwise non-religious soldiers and warriors will invoke his name on the battlefield.

Clerics of Therassor often work hand-in-hand with the armies of good-aligned secular governments. As relatively little emphasis is placed on religious services, many of this god's clerics may actually serve as "holy warriors" to their respective crowns. It is not uncommon to see a cleric hold an officer's title, as they are well-versed in the teachings of battlefield tactics as well as personal combat.

Since the church of Therassor mainly caters only to warriors of good, his worship is much more limited than many other religions. His clerics can be found mostly in Ertain, Coria, and Drannon, with perhaps a few khordalrum and sylvari followers.

The barbarian Vidarak people view Therassor and his evil twin, Bakloran, as inseperable, as two sides of one coin.  To them they are simply the "war gods".  The felanoid kazari have a similar concept, but do not distinguish between the two gods at all, or even acknowledge that they are distinct entities.

With steel drawn, do we enter the field of battle. Our foe, we see before us. The call of Therassor beckons us. And we must answer. Singular of action. Honored of duty. To arms for the Honored General.

Therassor's avatar appears as an honorable twin to Baklaron. He is an able-bodied warrior armored in ancient platemail. On his hip, he wears the Ivory Sword, a shaped piece of light and power. His face is rugged and scarred from many battles. His hazel eyes are sad yet strong.

The clerics and followers of Therassor depend on their strength and ability in battles more than magics. Any magics they use are for combat, healing, protection, and guarding.

The fellowships of Therassor include the following: 

Warders of the Gate: The Warders are warrior-clerics who defend the line against darkness and evil. Strong of arm and heart, they face the oncoming darkness wrought in the world by man and beast. Their numbers are found among the greatest of cities and nations and the most quiet and peaceful of villages. This is the largest of Therassor's fellowships with many city guards, warriors, ethical mercenaries, and lords turning to his worship.

Governors of Battle: The Governors are tacticians of battle. These warriors begin as scribes and work their way up through a rigorous knighthood to become members. Their studies not only include warfare but the best routes for supplies, keeping wars from overwhelming the populace, the best use of numbers against various odds, and the political meanderings of treaties. They are a holy order seeking to balance honor and dignity with warfare and safety. Although these warriors adhere to a stringent set of rules, they rarely allow the prestige to go to their head. Governors are found among the human nations, such as Ashfall Castle in Ertain and Strykhaven Castle in Pardinal.

Ghardankuldar (Stalwart Warriors): Born in the dwarven halls of Chakran and Khordal, the warlike dwarves fought amongst themselves and others. As the blood flowed like rivers under the great mountains, the wise warchiefs sought a moral code to follow to end the chaos and strengthen their warriors against outside threats. Coming in a vision was Therassor, guised as the dwarven warrior-king Ghardan Aglar (Stalwart Blade). He battled their greatest of warriors and granted them with his teachings. Their sense of honor awakened, they gathered into an incredible force seeking to bring down the tyranny of poor leaders, end the unethical fighting of mercenaries, and stop the dark tide of Bakloran's armies. As the Chakran halls fell, these dwarves left into the world of mankind to teach Therassor's words. Now many humans have joined the Stalwart Warriors.

The shining blade of Therassor lies between the maple tree of Kith-jora and the open book of Jusrin. It is one of the first constellations to rise during the summer months, and is easily one of the brightest objects in the early evening sky at this time of year. The blade consists of three brilliant white stars, from Belthuaz nearest the handle to Orthryn in the centre and the brightest of the three, Tauriana, at the tip. The most notable of the other constituent stars is the bright yellow star, Aldebra, which highlights the mighty sword's pommel. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to t_catt11 for this contribution!


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