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Jusarin, God of Knowledge

Knowledge is a blessing and curse. And we have been chosen to bear its weight and fruit. -Osuin Saray, High Lord, Path of Dynasty

Sphere of influence:
Knowledge, magic
An open book (usually worn on a gray pendant)
Granted powers:
Allowed access to some mage spells. Cast burning hands once per day, cast augury or identify once every other day.
Allowed alignments:
Any neutral
Allowed weapons:
Any blunt
Allowed armor:
Leather or lighter
Other Names:
Savant of the Gray, the Magister, Mith Y'rana (Gray Wanderer) by Sylvari, Ak-Quan (The Book) by Khordaldrum, He who Holds the Secrets by Slaa'kar, Wizerran by Brathunspar, Edilphi by Ungoulid
Clerics must have an intelligence score of at least 12.

These clerics, like their deity, seek knowledge. Priests of Jusarin can cast a limited range of arcane magical spells.

As their god grants them special insight (in game terms, their divination magic is more effective), clerics of Jusarin are often sought as advisors and seers.

Jusarin is not an overly popular deity, as his clerics tend to be looked upon as haughty, arrogant, or unconcerned with everyday life... accusations that are, for the most part, quite accurate. However, the god of knowledge has a strong following among mages, scholars, and the like, and individuals or small groups of his people can be found in almost any country.

We stand in the mists of time and thought. They bring to us whispers of what the world is, of its secrets, of its mysteries. Within the gray, we seek to know. Knowledge is like the mist, ephemeral and shapeless. We must gather it to us and record it for those will come after, those who tred in our footsteps, those who bring their neverending questions.

Jusarin appears as a wizened man with flowing hair and beard of silver white. His skin is like parchment, weathered and ancient. Yet, he stands tall and straight as a younger man. Most remarkable about him are his glittering eyes of brown and nimble hands. He cloaks himself in robes of gray surrounding with hovering motes of brillient power. He walks with a staff of white wood. Around its top are a ring of small silver stars that float in varying patterns, a gift from Shinara, his wife. He always carries great tomes with him if he wanders from his library.

The followers and clerics of Jusarin tend to use magics to unearth secrets, such as spells of divination, knowledge, and charm. They typically use their spells only in this pursuit, gaining the disdain of others who would rather they use their divinity for people.

The paths of Jusarin include the following:


Path of Dynasty: This path seeks the enlightenment and power of knowledge, secrets, and lore. Walkers of this path, or Lords, seek to know everything and anything. They are brokers of secrets of people, places, and things. Their knowledge and curiousity is vast as their libraries and memories. Many a king or noble lord has been aided and defeated by the Lords. The Lords rarely talk amongst each other, for fear of losing secrets to another; however, they do gather every few years in Felarin to speak of what they have learned, sometimes to check for pieces they may not have.

Path of Adepts: This path seeks the ever changing power and mysteries of magic. Walkers of this path, or Magisters, are the divine counterparts to mages. The Magisters are adepts of herbs, alchemy, elements, rotes, rituals, and ancient lores yet found to create and expand the limits mages place on magic. When a Magister and a mage meet, the results can be catastrophic and illuminating for both. The Path of Adepts has strong roots in Elanfalee, Coria.

Path of Beasts: This path seeks to understand and become one with the bestial past of man and the creatures of the world. Walkers of this path, or the Savages, turn their backs on humanity and follow the instincts of survival and beasts. From the mundane to the exotic, these followers want to rejoin nature. However, due to their knowledge and lack of connection, they tend to lose their way, twisting man and creature into strange magical mixes. Some believe the Savages are responsible for the creation of aberrations, lycanthropy, and magical creatures that plague the countryside. The Savages have a loose organization, with strong roots to the Chakran Mountains.

Path of Ash: This path seeks to understand the power and terror of the dead, undead, the afterlife, demons, and devils. Few walkers of the path, or the Warlocks, ever successfully gain great knowledge of this path before dying terrible deaths. However, their knowledge is the greatest when one needs to understand the path of evil. Many nobles of Ertain and Sendria have sought the Warlocks when warring with each other. These followers hide themselves in the Ruins of Thrinacia of Drannon. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
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