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Shinara, Goddess of Luck

By the barest breath of chance, luck can turn from a trickle to a tidal wave of fortune. For good or ill depends on Fortune's Smile. -Lassier Vaugh, Priest, Spinning Stars

Sphere of influence:
Luck, chance, fortune
A ring of small silver stars
Granted powers:
Cast bless 3 times/day. Gain +2 to all saving throws. Take -1 to all damage die (though never less than one).
Allowed alignments:
Any chaotic (neutrals preferred)
Allowed weapons:
Any blunt
Allowed armor:
Other Names:
Fortune's Smile, Scarlett Mistress, Heren'salkya (Fortune's Dancer) by Sylvari, Chald Aharn (Fickle Maid) by Khordaldrum, She who Always Steps on Stones by Slaa'kar, Gesjikie by Brathunspar, Skath by Ungoulid

Shinara is, quite simply, lady luck. Her clerics are bold, brave, and somewhat reckless. Luck is the only thing that they rely on - even though they know that it sometimes fails them.

Worship of Shinara is widespread throughout Antaron, not to mention the veritable throng of theives, gamblers, and adventurers who beseech her aid. Since the adventuring life (and it's risks) mesh well with the Shinaran sect, the clerics of luck's goddess often make their way as adventurers.

Priests of Shinara pray for their spells at any time of day.

Shinara is one of the deitries who most enjoys visiting the world in mortal form, and appears as an elven or human lady with fiery hair and glittering green eyes. Her eyes seem to giggle and laugh while her face seems reflective when met by adventurers. Her dress differs constantly, depending on her moods, from layers of skirts and finery to practical travelling leathers. She tends to always wear a scarf and pair of gloves in scarlet. On her left hand, she wears the Ring of Anlain, an artifact of the great bard Anlain whose songs still fill the small gems of the ring.

Chance and luck are the virtues of the spritely of heart, keen of eye, and merry of soul. The way of melancholy and fear are not within our power. To tip the scales, to surmount the impossible, to taste heaven, to escape with riches from hell...these are the realms of delight and danger we seek like a thirsty man for water in Chindari's plains.

The clerics and followers of Shinara tend to use magics to help them accomplish impossible tasks. Their uses of charm, divination, and blessings are among the best. They meld their use of magic with diverse abilities to help them change the fortunes of the world.

The fellowships of Shinara are much more loosely organized than those of many other religions, and include the following: 

Spinning Stars: These followers seek to become bright and shining stars of Shinara. The largest group of worshippers, the Stars walk the world seeking to understand the loving and fickle nature that is fortune and chance. Their views are the basis of Shinara's teachings. One of the largest of Shinara's churches run by the Stars is a gambling house and temple in Calestra, Coria.

Laughing Maidens: This all-female group travels the world teaching newcomers to the open road what it trully means to be an adventurer. Many of these women began as serving wenches and daughters of great warriors that did not understand why only men could adventure. Each of them left the safety of their homes and found a common following of other women who loved the freedom of the road. Members of this group meet in taverns throughout Antaron, with the largest congregation forming in Bayris.

Lovers of Fortune: Many people believe the Lovers are one of the most frightening and stupid groups of people on the face of Audalis. These followers of Shinara literally throw themselves into dangerous situations, be it leaping from tall cliffs, mooing like a cow to a minotaur, or running into a dragon's maw. It is through their acceptance of chance and the luck of their goddess that they survive. Though, the course of the Lovers' history includes many who have fallen in the service of the Scarlet Mistress. 

Between the thornless rose of Lysora and the grinning skull of D'Hurgen lies the ring of twelve stars that represents Shinara. All are differing shades of red, from pale pink through to deep scarlet. The palest and hence most easily visible of the twelve are Shelarna and Araneth. More often than not only the left-hand side of this constellation is visible with the unaided eye, making it appear more like a crescent than a circle. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to t_catt11 for this contribution!


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