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Kith-jora, God of Nature

Sphere of influence:
Green, gold
Smooth stone disk portraying a maple tree. The tree grows with the cleric's power, and the leaves change color with the season. If inspected by touch, the tree is actually covered with the related legend
Granted powers:
All normal animals have no worse than a neutral reaction to the cleric. Cast entangle once per day, cast shilelagh twice per day.
Allowed alignments:
Any non-evil
Allowed weapons:
Any blunt, non-metal
Allowed armor:
Leather or lighter
Other Names:
Keeper of Seasons, Father of the Golden Leaf, Adaron (Lord of Trees) by Sylvari, Itanlok (Spinner of Seasons) by Khordaldrum, Världfader (Earth Father) by Vidar, Hiellendale by Brathunspar, Awananen by Chindar, Jov by Ungoulid
Clerics may not use metal equipment

Kith-jora is the patron god of the Sylvari, as well as lord of nature in Audalis. His clerics are powerful in nature, focusing themselves on the healing and control of nature rather than combat. He is the father of seasons, the center of the world, the wisdom of trees and stone. Kith-jora is worshipped abundantly in Sylvaria, but outside of the elven nations, he has fewer followers.

Even among the Sylvari, clerics of Kith-jora are considered to be rather eccentric. Not only do they not use metal weaponry or armor, but as a sign of their devotion to nature, they also refrain from using any equipment at all that includes forged metal.

Followers and priests seek the way and wisdom of Kith-jora to gain a harmony with the world around them. Balance between life and death, growth and sleep, are primary to those who follow his faith. However, people should never underestimate these worshipers for their anger and retribution can be just as powerful as their love and understanding.
Priests of Kith-jora usually pray for spells at dawn, and seek secluded, natural spots in which to do so.

There are many legends and lore surrounding the Keeper of Seasons, but all know the tale of the Golden Leaf. Within Kith-jora’s breast is said to be the seed of life in Audalis (read the related legend). And if ever Kith-jora were to die, so to would the world. Each cleric of the Keeper wears a holy icon of the maple tree. Many of the eldest sages in the elven churches believe Kith-jora investd a part of that seed to each of followers to ensure the world would never truly

Kith-Jora appears as a young elven man, strong of body. He stands tall and thick as the ancient trees of his forests. His hair shimmers in flaxen colors of sunlight. His eyes mirror the depths of lakes. Kith-Jora wears mismatched leathers and bits and pieces from his forests, such as leaves and feathers. He carries with him the Staff of Forests, a root with a golden leaf carved within it.

Nature is the way of survival, of beauty, of ugliness. Through becoming one with nature, we shall understand the world. Through understanding the world, we shall grow strong and wise as the ancient oaks. To be one with nature is to be one with growth and destruction: for each peaceful act, their is an opposite of angry retribution.

The clerics and followers of Kith-Jora tend toward magics that aid them in working with and controlling animals, plants, and the elements.

The Fellowships of Kith-Jora include the following: 

Eyes of Creation: The Eyes watch and protect all of nature. They can be found within all environments from urban cities to desolate plains. They see beauty and pain in all settings of nature. Through their patient work, they seek to aid life in those areas, to help it survive and thrive against the dangers of encroaching man or the changes of time.

Dancers of the Oak: The Dancers take great joy in nature, the power and beauty of it. These followers tend to be beautiful in some way, be it of features or art. They seek to touch all of nature, to enhance its beauty and life, to heal and nuture. Each season of spring, they gather around oak trees, dancing in the moonlight and weaving ribbons of greens, golds, and pinks. If the year proves to be favorable, the ribbons blossom into flowers and vines the next morning.

Witchlings of the Night: The Witchlings are a group that the followers of Kith-Jora wish they could forget. When Kith-Jora tasted Tyrannis' tongue and blood, a dark seed of anger and treachery blossomed in the lord of nature. When he spat forth that tongue and seed into the earth, fires erupted and birthed a child of dark nature. This child gathered followers of Kith-Jora, who believe nature is dangerous, beautiful, and deadly. To this day, this small and secretive sect works to destroy all creations of civilization, and then replace them with their ideal of nature. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
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