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Garghas, God of Disease

Our fingers do we dip in blood. Our minds do we warp in darkness. Our bodies do we dedicate to the Poisoner's caress. -Behlil Mais, Priest of the Ten Thousand Pleasures

Sphere of influence:
A single, lidless eye
Granted powers:
cast cause disease once per day, cast poison once per day
Allowed alignments:
Any evil
Allowed weapons:
Any blunt
Allowed armor:
Studded leather or lighter
Other Names:
The Poisoner, Guthrirheru (Rotting Lord) by Sylvari, Makthor (Cheater of Death) by Khordaldrum, Voth by Ungoulid

Clerics of Garghas infiltrate society until they are needed by their dark lord to spread plague and disease. These carriers of contagion are a strange balance of malicious killer and benevolent benefactor. They have the power to kill with a disease or stop the destruction of the body. However, both come with high prices.

Followers and clerics of Garghas have fallen into a recent schism within his worship. These people fall into one of two paths: the Path of Scathlin or the Path of Murrain. The powerful cleric Scathlin Dregos started the schism as he realized his power over contagions. Rather than simply inflicting a people with certain death, he could hold death at bay for an incredible price.

With this revelation, Dregos led a revolution to no longer hide in the shadows, but walk among men openly, regaling them into submissive terror and great need. This fellowship has formed its own churches in Sendria and foreign lands.

The creation of this path sent the rest of Garghas’ followers deeper into hiding. These followers remained hidden in society, awaiting their lord’s commands. Within the worship, they follow the Path of Murrain. But in recent years, with the constant public work of the Scathlin, The Murrain must hide themselves deeper into society.

Some within the faith believe that a final clash between the two paths will happen in the future. When this does, it will change the face of Audalis.

Garghas appears as a terribly diseased man. His body is infested with every terrible disease ever concieved in the world. He smells of rose petals and ash, a rememberance of death and piety. He clothes himself in tattered robes of brown, spotted by the pulped flesh underneath. His hair is wisps and his eyes are bloodshot orbs of mottled blue and brown.

All things in the world are corrupt. Ours is the study of that sublime essence that manifests as contagions of deadly beauty. We are feared and hated for our loving touch. We covet our touch. And in so coveting, we must keep it close and hidden until the Lord Garghas, the great Poisoner, sends us out to share our revels.

The clerics and followers of Garghas seek magics and skills that enable them to corrupt and consume the world around them. Poison and disease are their favorites, though they also understand the arts of healing and protection to best torture other and hide themselves.

The fellowships of Garghas include the following: 

Masters of Annihilation: The Masters are a rather new fellowship of Garghas began by the high-priest Scathlin Dregos. Rather than simply inflicting a people with certain death, he could hold death at bay for an incredible price. This group followed suit in the dogma they call the Path of Scathlin. Few powers are crazed enough to employ these masters of torture, though some partnerships have been known to arise in Sendria. They walk openly amongst men; many dying by the flaming sword of Rydor's Paladins, other holy orders, and fearful townsfolk.

Noxious Sages: The Sages are the largest of Garghas' fellowship. They follow the ancient teachings of a wise apothecary once called Murrain. This woman concocted the first poisons through the whispers of Garghas. Her tablets now lost to the winds are kept in carefully maintained oral tradition that detail the greatest of poisons and diseases. Her words have become the Path of Murrain. These followers remained hidden in society, awaiting their lord’s commands. But in recent years,the Murrain must hide themselves deeper into society.

Ten Thousand Pleasures: This strange group is secret even among the most devot of Garghas. The Pleasures lure and tempt people and creatures into their clutches by twisting desire and enticement with poison and bane-filled spirits. Their cults include ceremonies where venomous creatures and people dance under the control of chants and laced incense. They are led by an exclusive group called the Laughing Devils. Whispers amongst the fellowships say the Pleasures reside in the Blood Plains.

Plague Lords: The Plague Lords, commonly called Rats, is a terrible and strange sect of Garghas that seeks to infest themselves with every contagion possible, every posion conceivable, and share them with the world. Their bodies are husks of pain and torture as diseases eat them alive and poisons burn in their blood. They revel in the gifts Garghas has blessed them with. Through their initiation, performed in old ruins lost in Fool's Bluffs of Ertain, they are suffused with deadly contagions that rip their minds to shreds. Pain becomes bliss. Terror becomes play. And soon, they are loosed on the world to gather corruption and taint to them, natural and magical. Many of the initiates of the Rats are captured followers of Garghas, and sometimes Lysora, that are found and tortured until they "turn." Once turned, they become chittering beings of untold horror.


The constellation of Garghas is located between the book of Jusrin and the crossed axe and hammer of Kharox. It is the most difficult of the twelve to find, as the stars that lie within it are generally of deeper orange and yellow hues. Indeed, some nights only the orange light from the central star, Grakulan, may be visible. Rarely, and only in excellent conditions with well adjusted night vision may all the stars of both the outer and inner ring be seen. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to t_catt11 for this contribution!


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