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Bakloran, God of War

The scent of spilled blood and burning cities is sweet incense to the Ravager. Go now, and send forth your offering. - Garan Thardras, Blade of the Scouring Wind

Sphere of influence:
War, destruction
Dark crimson
A tarnished disk featuring a broken sword
Granted powers:
+ 1 THAC0, cast dark blade once per day
Allowed alignments:
Any evil
Allowed weapons:
Any blunt, any sword
Allowed armor:
Other Names:
The Warlord, Ravager of Peace, Fury of Blood, Dome’ahae (Dark Rager) by Sylvari, Yuntas (Chaos Bringer) by Khordaldrum, Varigad (War God) by Vidarak, Garharlg by Ungoulid, Rrowl by Kazari

Bakloran is Therassor's evil twin. He thrives on the death and chaos caused by war, and his followers seek to incite it at every turn. Their powers are very much a dark mirror of the clerics of Therassor.

Battle is not the glory of honor, but the thrill of destruction and rage.Bakloran's followers are feared warriors, constantly battling each other if not at war. However, the world truly trembles in terror when his clerics arise. The army and church of Bakloran are a great threat to all civilized lands. Yearly, the army seeks new lands and bounty for their homeland and god.

Mercenaries, barbarians, and warrior kings are usually followers and clerics of Bakloran. Humans typically follow and worship Bakloran more than any other race. His constant need for change and challenge upsets the ancient sensibilities of most sylvari and khordaldrum.

The barbarian Vidarak people view Bakloran and his good twin, Therassor, as inseperable, as two sides of one coin.  To them they are simply the "war gods".  The felanoid kazari have a similar concept, but do not distinguish between the two gods at all, or even acknowledge that they are distinct entities.

The weak exist to be conquered by the strong. The fruits of life are waiting to be picked by those with the courage to do so. The only true measure of a person is strength, and so, we test our strength against those who would stand against us. In this way, our ranks are kept trimmed to those deserving of Bakloran's blessings.

Bakloran's mortal form is a dark twin of Therassor's - a tall, powerfully-built warrior wearing ebony platemail with crimson etchings. He always carries Enmity, a large, two-handed sword made of shaped red light, which he gleefully uses in combat to cut down his foes. His face bears a terrible scar, and his dark eyes smoulder with anger.

Clerics and followers of Bakloran rely on their strength and ability in battle more than they do in magic or divine intervention. The spells that they do use are those that assist in combat, restore the wounded, the guard against the enemy.

The bulk of Bakloran's fellowship are divided into the following factions:

The Blood Guard: The greatest following of Bakloran resides in Sendria, and they call themselves the Blood Guard. The Blood Guard are a mighty, disciplined force, comprised of some of the best warriors and tacticians in Antaron. Young fighters who wish to become a Blood Guard begin in childhood, when they are taken from their homes and entered into the Ceremony of the Teeth. The children are given sips of the Blood Tide, a blessed drought of blood. The children enter a berserker frenzy, the mighty killing the weak. Those who survive begin a long journey of strict training. After they complete their trials, they enter the Blood Guard and the church of Bakloran.

The Crimson Storm: A smaller, less organized fellowship of Bakloran that includes some of the most feared warriors in the land; these warriors are often found at the forefront of the hottest battles, howling in fury and spattered with gore. Those who belong to the Crimson Storm care little for organized tactics, though they are often employed by the Blood Guard, and sought after by secular armies, as well, to fill the role of shock troops. Members of ths order usually paint their armor a dark crimson color, in order to be distincitve on the battlefield; once combat is joined, they work themselves into divinely-inspired beserk rages, which can make even the most seasoned knight tremble at their ferocity.

The Scouring Wind: A secretive organization, hated by many - even among the rest of Bakloran's fellowship - and feared by more. Traditionally, Bakloran's followers seek war for it's own sake, but gladly partake in the conquest and spoils that come along with voctory. Not so with the Scouring Wind. Once they decide that a certain location or group of people are their divine targets, they will not rest until every vestige is detroyed - every man, woman, child, and animal is killed, and every single building is burned to the ground, scouring the area of life. Obviously, this often conflicts with the interests of their own allies, and draws the undying wrath of their foes, so followers of the Scouring Wind typically keep their true allegiance to themselves. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to t_catt11 for this contribution!


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