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Merca, Goddess of Duty and Honor

The words of the Chancellor are the deeds we must ever strive for. Duty and honor are the commanding words and strong steel of conviction that guide our path. - Emelyn du Merle, Priestess of Merca, Order of Justicars

Sphere of influence:
Duty, honor
bright red and steel gray
Flying falcon clutching laurels and a crown
Granted powers:
Cast sanctuary once per day
Allowed alignments:
Any non-evil
Allowed weapons:
Spear and any blunt
Allowed armor:
Other Names:
Chancellor of Light, Rydor's Justicar, Aina'Vakha (Holy Guardian) by Sylvari, Baruzirculdak (Bonder of Command) by Khordaldrum
D20 Information
God Alignment:
Lawful Good
Duty, honor
Nobility, Law, Good, Protection
Favored Weapon:
Code of Honor (longsword)

Under the patronage and bright star of Rydor's justice rises the glory of honor and duty held by Merca, the Chancellor of Light. Without duty, justice has no champion. Without honor, the acts of the righteous have no meaning. Merca touches each of her followers and clerics with the light of wisdom and ringing call for duty.

Her worship and guidance bespeak of duty and honor to the soul, heart, spoken word, given promise, and commanding word. When one gives thought to actions or speaks their heart and mind, they make a conscious choice. This choice is the duty of their lives, and they must seek to uphold it to remain just and good. Duty to home, family, court, and faith are all the purvue of the Chancellor. Her followers and clerics are strong of arm and heart, always giving their word of honor and offering the duty of their allegiance and arm.

The fellowship of Merca is one of intense dedication. The priesthood includes wise judges and philosophers as well as powerful soldiers and leaders. They dedicate themselves to a righteous path that typically aligns them with the faithful of Rydor. Nothing is as awe-inspiring and daunting as facing a war party led by Rydor and Merca's faithful.

Kingdoms of Audalis that wish to control a populace or rule wisely often seek the council and support of Merca. However, these kings and lords carefully consider the use of Merca's faithful as they could just as easily be removed by her followers and priests. Like Rydor, the Chancellor's brethren seek to judge and remove the unworthy and untrustworthy with the wise men and women of their own ranks.

Merca appears as a tall woman strong of body and confident of visage. Her eyes gleam with the glory of honor and duty. In one hand, she carries the Divider of Duty, a spear of light. In the other, she carries the laurels and crown of leadership and duty. Her shining hair of red is caught up in grey ribbons. Her avatar wears only a simple robe of muted greys, representing the understanding of the wise goddess. In times of war, she stands alongside Rydor in gleaming armor of reds and burnished steel. Upon her breat as an amulet or etched into her breastplate is her symbol of the falcon.

Honor and duty are the binding hoops of strength and courage that enable all people to live harmonious and just lives. We must teach the world the way of duty, the attainment of honor, and the justice of such wisdom. We must also carry the heavy burden of delivering punishment to those who would break the bonds of their word. This is our pledge, as Rydor's Justicars.

Followers and clerics of Merca tend toward spells and abilities that give them greater knowledge of history and culture, the languages of all peoples, and the ability to render judgements. They use magics of knowledge, healing, and protection; although, some of the orders tend to use the ways of ensnaring minds with magic rather than instructing them.

Most of the fellowship falls into one of the following factions:

Order of Faithkeepers: Judges of the bonds of words and law, these philsophers tend the learning, writing, and deliverence of law upon the church and populace they support. Strong of mind and wisdom, they rarely take up the sword to right a wrong. The Faithkeepers seek peaceful resolutions through treaties, compromises, and political manueuvering. If ever one of their order becomes corrupted by honorless leaders, they are taken to the Justicars to be taught the harsh lessons of duty and honor through pain and suffering.

Order of Fallen Man: The followers calling themselves Fallen Men seek to bestow reparations between peoples. They see the honor and duty of Merca not as a sword to wield but a bandage to tie. Unlike the other orders, this one tends to aid the work of Lysora and Falloes. They seek to aid the downtrodden who suffer under the boot of the unworthy, the honorless leaders and tyrants of lands. In the most extreme of cases, the order gathers to take arms through secretive means to take out tyrants. The other orders of Merca find their work dishonorable, but they accept them as they fulfill their duty well to the Chancellor.

Order of the Justicars: Warrior-judges without compare, these faithful followers are strong of arm as wise of mind. They carry out the duty and honor of righting transgressions as decreed by the Faithkeepers, Rydor's fellowship, kings, lords, and a general consensus of peoples. The followers of this order, which also include priests and warriors of Rydor, have been tempered and hardened by battle of the soul, mind, and body. Of the orders, the Justicars are the most difficult to join and rise within for they must remain steadfast in mental prowess and fighting ability.

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