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Falloes, God of the Hopeless, Lost, and Needy

Sphere of influence:
The hopeless, lost, and needy
Yellow, gold, white
An outstretched hand
Granted powers:
Create Food and Drink once per day. Cure Disease is a 1st level spell to clerics of Falloes
Allowed alignments:
Any non-evil
Allowed weapons:
Staff, mace, sling, club
Allowed armor:
Other Names:
The Helping Hand, Ona-Estelan by Sylvari, Zandergrek by Khordaldrum
D20 Information:
God Alignment:
Neutral Good
Hope, Perseverence
Strength, Protection, Good
Favored Weapon:
Right Hand (Quarterstaff)

The story is told that Falloes was born a mortal man. He inherited a vast fortune from his father and worked hard to build the fortune as well. Falloes had a kind heart and could not turn down someone in need, but whenever he helped out someone, he always asked that person to swear not to tell anyone who had been their benefactor. He believed that helping others was a duty that all men shared. Although many evil men tried to trick him away from his fortune with tales of woe, the man had an uncanny knack of knowing who truly need help and who did not. After a long life of helping others in his own secrecy, Falloes died a penniless, but happy man. When he passed into the afterlife, Lysora met him and said to him that in his life he sought to help others without seeking recognition, so now he would be recognized by all - as the god of those who had no one else to turn, and those who were in dire need.

Falloes is the god of all who have fallen from the graces of society. He represents the lost causes, the dreamers, and those who have no more hope. Parents with lost children often pray to Falloes. Those with lofty goals that go against all reason but have honour and goodness, find reward in him. Calling upon Falloes' name for a selfish reason is considered very bad luck.

Clerics of Falloes are active seekers of people who are in need of help, guidance, or just a friend. They wear robes of white, yellow, and gold and their trademark weapon is the quarterstaff. The Helping Hand's priests never gather wealth, but are not directed as to how their money should be given out to charity... that is considered a cleric's own decision. Temples to Falloes are usually in the "seedy" ends of cities and towns. If a cleric of Falloes give sanctuary to someone, all clerics of Falloes will fight to the death to protect them. Clerics of Falloes and clerics of Lysora have a great deal of respect for each other, and will often go out of their way to help each other.

In mortal form, Falloes appears as a jolly old man with grey hair and well-rounded features. He is said to laugh loudly and always lifts the spirits of those who are graced by his appearance. It is said that if you are visited by Falloes and you put your hand in you pouch, you will find that you either have exactly what you need, or will find nothing at all.

Charity is the greatest gift that any one person can bestow. It is a gift that gives in return a sense of self and well being. It is the duty of those who see the errors of society to help fix them. The hand that stretches out to help a fellow man is the most gifted of all hands.

The clerics and followers of Falloes seek out those in need and the helpless. There are two distinct fellowships of Falloes:

The Knights of the Hand: These knights stand as champions of the ordinary man. They seek out injustices to aid in righting the wrongs and helping those who have no one to stand for them. Needless to say, the paladins of Falloes are few in number as few men have it in their hearts to work to save strangers from no reward other than to hear the words "thank you". Strangely, the knighthood consists actually of many who are not actually knights. The Knights of The Hand come from many walks of life, be it thief, bard or even strumpet. The blessing of Falloes bestowed upon those of the Knighthood comes in the form of an innate ability to detect evil, detect need and a willingness to serve the cause of man.

The Brotherhood of Need: Clerics that travel to places where people are in dire straits such as plague victims, war torn areas and places of great evil. These clerics are easily recognized by their yellow robes with a white hand emblem upon the right shoulder. These clerics will travel to the most devastated of places to aid the needy. Many of them willing enter plague stricken areas or hostile war zones. Not surprisingly, the life expectancy of a Brother of Need is not high and often attracts people who are dying already, seeking to atone for past sins.

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