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Valdorn, God of Dreams and Dreaming

The world suffers from the plagues of mind and spirit. They seek solace in dreams. We help them touch that endless land of desire and thought. We help bring them the soft stirrings of peaceful dreams. - Arshi Lien, Priest, Kaimel'el'Aure

Sphere of influence:
dreams, dreaming
luminescent green, yellow, and pink
silver pendant of swirling sands
Granted powers:
cast enthrall once per day
Allowed alignments:
any good
Allowed weapons:
any blunt
Allowed armor:
Other Names:
Emperor of Dreams, Beggar of Night, Linde en' Luin Litsen (Sings of Blue Sands) by Sylvari, Calass Ernanan (Thief of Night) by Khordaldrum
D20 Information
God Alignment:
Chaotic Good
Dreaming, visions
Divination, Illusion, Charm, Knowledge
Favored Weapon:
Dream's Flight (shortspear)

The realm of dream is a menagerie of sights and sounds, of imagination's unfettered dance and song. It is a land that seeks to grasp you away from the drudgery of the dull world of tasks and laws. Desires, thoughts, daydreams, nightmares, all are the purvue of this realm. And within it is the touch of Valdorn. He brings light to the darkness, calming the dark dreams twisted by the slithering hands of others with the soft words and images of peace and light. He is the Emperor of Dreams, ever watchful for the dark that arises. He is Linde en' Luin Litsen, adding his melodious voice to the questions and thoughts of the artist and king, giving them insight.

Valdorn's followers seek to banish the darkness through dreams and inspiration. The priests and followers of the Emperor of Dreams can be found in close company with the followers of Telemor, The Muse. Followers of the dream god tend to never stay in one place for too long. They flow like the wind through long tresses, the waters of the ocean along coral reefs. The currents of dreams and the imagination take them to far places, sometimes pulled by half-imagined warnings and messages from Valdron received in the night.

The priests of Valdorn are masters of meditation, entering trances whether in battle, eating, or sleeping to enter the realm hidden within this one. Through the kingdom of dreams, they find connections and answers that few others do. Even the followers of Jusarin find it a place they cannot traverse yet desperately wish they could.

The land of dreams is a realm hidden within the waking reality and is closely bound to that of faeries and other magical folk. Some believe the Emperor of Dreams has a special pact with the fair folk, though few ever think too much on it. Together, they watch for dark stirrings within the realm empowered by the sleeping and dreamy-eyed.

Joining the Pantheon
Dreams can teach the world so very much. And for such a long time, the land of these dreams was captured by the dark hand of Tyrannis, twisted and evil in their nightmarish landscape. None had wanted such a place, the ephemeral space between the waking moments. But then appeared Valdorn, seemingly from the space of nothingness itself, to tame the land and banish the darkness of Tyrannis. This was the time of the long nightmare. This was the beginning of a new legend now a lesser god of Solanis.

Long ago in the lands of misted trees and timeless waters, a elven youth called Vailanrion Myrinalo Feleranus followed a strange and winding path. He quickly became lost in mists his parents had warned him away from. But they smiled and called to him, how could they be evil or menacing? They led him into an enchanted glade that within the span of breaths changed into a horrific garden of terror and misery. Strange plants with beautiful flowers wrapped around many bodies of elves and animals long since decayed and dead. Frightened, he stayed rooted to the spot as a swarm of bees arose from the flowers. Soon the mind of the lad screamed as it fell into unconsciousness after feeling the sting of a small bee.

As his mind fell, he felt himself enter a new realm, one which he had entered many times before of dreams and mystery. But here, his soft and loving dreams turned into the worst of nightmares. Fighting through them, he called out for aid. Surrounded by suffocating darkness, he began calling ardently for Solinari to shine his light and drive away the dark. But the call was feeble and his voice hissed and cracked from the strain. Panic seized him as the darkness hissed and screamed with him. And at the brink of madness, a new word broke free from his lips...Novquellewen Lien'sha. An explosion of light shone around the boy as etheral riders upon blazing white steeds charged forth into the nightmare. One of the number approached the boy. She shone brighter than the stars of the sky with elven ears far longer than any he had seen. He left with the lady, making a pact with her people and their lord, Solanari, Solanis...when he finally awoke, he was no longer the lost boy but Valdorn, lord of dreams. The grove had also changed, replaced by a great tower later called Kaimelar Minas.

The land of dreams brings peace and rest. We are the tenders of the ephemeral gardens, the plains of imagination, the touched of Valdorn. Through the teachings and guidance of the Emperor of Dreams, we help the world remain fresh and alive, whispering secrets long past and desires of light and love. Inspiration and hope are the aspirations we hope to bring the world. Through the mind's eye and sleeping child, we move and work our wonders.

Valdorn appears in various guises, each as vastly different as the dreams of the night. One he has taken to wearing as of late is of an older elven man, bald, and covered in tattoos one would believe to be dreams manifest upon flesh. They move and speak as he does. His eyes are the soft hues of the realm of sleep, misted and sparkling. He wears simple garments and carries the Twantha 'Lien ma Riallion, a long bow gift from the fair folk. Only he can carry this gift.

The clerics and followers of Valdorn tend to use magics of enchantment and divination more than any other. They also seek the arts of song and poetry and knowledges of ancient times and languages. Theirs is an artistic and lorekeeper role in the pantheon.

The paths of Valdorn include the following:


Kaimel'el'Aure (Dream of Sunlight): The followers of the sun walk among the darkness to bring forth the dreams of light and love. They punish nightmares and send them back to their dark beginnings. These followers see the dreams of light through their questing with followers and priests of Solanis. They understand the terror and pain of the night, the darkness, and seek to remove its taint from the world. This is the largest following of Valdorn, working in fellowship with Solanis. They are warriors as well as lorekeepers, fighting when the call is heard, using their art to aid the fallen and despairing.

Singers of Sands: The Singers weave idyllic visions to the world. They are the dreamers without worry or care, seeking new and impressive ways in which to lighten and enlighten the world. Their fare of songs has received the praise of Telemor's followers. Many of the Singers are wizards able to create incredible illusions that harken of dreams. The clerics of this path tend to quieter contemplation, using their songs for select groups, especially children. Many believe the boy that became Valdorn still speaks to these priests of his time among the fair folk. To hear their tales is to live in a dream. The largest following of this path is found in Eyorndale of the Branthaii Hallows, a gathering of gnome priests and illusionists without compare.

Visions of Myth: The Visions are the smallest group of Valdorn's paths. They seek the mysteries of the world of dreams and waking, the thoughts of the sleeper, the imaginings of the lord, farmer, and child. Capturing these thoughts and dreams, they secret them away in the etheral, gathering them as the beginnings of new dreams for the realm. They see Valdorn as the Beggar of Night, swimming through the world of sleep for the precious fruits of insight, clarity, and imagination to create new dreams and sights from. These are the gardeners of his halls of unspoken thoughts, newly woven ideals, and secreted myths.

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