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Salerna, Goddess of Pain

Sphere of influence:
Pain, torture, torment
Wine, black
Flat hand w/dagger through it
Granted powers:
Painful Strike (extra damage equal to cleric level, but not to bring below 0 hp - 1/day)
Allowed alignments:
neutral evil, chaotic evil
Allowed weapons:
dagger, whip, any spiked
Allowed armor:
Studded leather or lighter
Other Names:
The Painbringer, The Unmerciful, Nwalma'arwen (Lady of Torment) by Sylvari, Razdan-athune (Queen of Blood) by Khords,
D20 Information
God Alignment:
Neutral Evil
Pain, Torture
Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil
Favored Weapon:
Spiked Chain

Clerics of the Painbringer usually live and work in environments where they can extract information in any way possible. This can mean an evil lord's castle, or in city where wars between theif guilds are prominent. They also work as executioners, but not using the normal means... they like to use slower, more painful forms of killings, such as stonings, slow-acting poison, and acid-dippings.

Salerna enjoys sacrifices of all manners, expecially when all pain available is used. She also enjoys cruel and unusual deaths, but only when pain is obvious. She enacts her will by using pain if at all necessary... and at many times not. Many beings would rather oppose Tyrannis than be questioned by Salerna or her clerics.

The Lady of Torment is usually worshipped by savage humanoids (mostly orcs, ogres, and the lot), as well as any other people who have the proffesion of a torturer. Salerna prefers intelligent races to the monsterous humanoids, mostly because the torture is more fulfilling (they scream more). Followers show their loyalty by sacrifices, mostly of blood and torturings throughout the year. Once a year, the clerics assemble for one week of torture, in which many victims (mostly personal enemies of the clerics themselves) are put into torture and torment, and then eventually killed for the Queen of Blood.

The church itself is not much more than a group of safe havens for the clerics, and doesn't have much of an organization. When a decision must be made, the cleric who is at the church or shrine at the moment usually makes the decision.


Through the lash and hand, we get closer to the Painbringer's ideal. Our flesh is soft and requires tending for her enlightening visions. But, oh, how we wish the torments to slow. It is the experience more than the vision that drives us. -Torala, Priestess, Lovers of the Lash

Ours is the way of pain and fear to divine the knowledge and wisdom of the world. Under the will and way of the Painbringer, we shall bring the light to its knees, shivering in delightful agony and trepidation. Hers is a beauty we seek, an enlightenment we treasure. And attaining it is a luxurious joy of suffering and indulgence.

Salerna appears as a wild and savage woman. She stands at an everage height, but the wild look in her eyes and intimidating nature make her seem much larger. Her whiplike hair is made of long, thin braids of black tresses dripping with blood. Eyes of deep wine seem to twirl with maddness and promises of pain. She wears furs of many tribes with links of chain ending in deadly spikes hanging from them.

The clerics and followers of Salerna steep themselves in ancient and modern techniques of torture. They tend to use healing and hurtful magics equally, to further their twisted goals.

The tribes of Salerna include the following:


Lovers of the Lash: The largest following of Salerna, the Lashers as they are called seek to understand the vision and needs of their goddess through the slow torture of themselves and others. They twist magics, weapons, herbs, and crafts into tools for their trade. Although diverse in their methods and sick in appearance, they are highly prized by many for their unique gift. The Lashers primarily use whips and chains with spikes as their weapons of choice, an undying symbol of their loyalty to the Painbringer.

Banshees of Delight: Whirlwinds of terror, the Banshees have a keening shriek that frightens even the most stalwart of warriors. These followers and priests of both Salerna and Sharlys seek to shake the very foundations of Audalis with the fear and terror they engender. The Banshees are primal forces, savage in thought and nature. Theirs is a world where the fit and strong survive. However, their chaos should never be underestimated, as their fighting prowess reminds many of their fallen of terrible storms of destruction. Many of the Banshees arise in the Blood Plain in Audalis.

Hands of Mercy: The Hands are a feared group of tormentors found in the lands of elves. Calm and caring, these followers and priests seek to empathize with their charges. Through the hours and days or questions and tortures, they bring the frightened into greater enlightenment, seeing their tormentors as saviors. The Hands have travelled many lands, some crosses the great oceans to glean a greater vision of Salerna for themselves and others.

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