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Alanus, God of Greed

Sphere of influence:
Greed, wealth
Brass, silver
Three interlocking rings of silver, copper, and gold
Granted powers:
Cast Arcane Mark 5x day, +2 on Appraise and Forgery skill (and Diplomacy when negotiating costs) 
Allowed alignments:
Any non-good
Allowed weapons:
Any blunt
Allowed armor:
Leather or lighter
Other Names:
Mercenary of the Coins, Keeper of Tithes, the Acquisitor, Neithliuan (one who never loses) by Sylvari, Brynlemakar (Golden Dreamer) by Khords
D20 Information
God Alignment:
Neutral Evil
Evil, Magic, Protection,
Favored Weapon:

When asked what makes the world go round, most would say the mighty hand of Rydor or the serentiy of Lysora. But to the followers and priests of Alanus, they would say money. Copper, silver, gold, gems the size of fists...riches enable leaders to build fortresses, supply armies, and create cities. Coins give the poor a way to buy food and medicine. Wealth establishes a hierarchy of worth. Such is the realm and work of Alanus, god of wealth, greed, and plunder.

Throughout Audalis, the priesthood of Alanus is a hated yet needed function of the prosperous and powerful. Cities such as Calestra, Bayris, and Davnor have some of the largest and most powerful churchs and priests of the orders. His following extends heavily through the human nations and kingdoms, the city of Kharolis in the dwarven mountains, and in small ways within the halls of elven lords and kings. His followers can also be found within the pirates of the Taskarren Coast and Marcoran Bay.

Priests of Alanus feel compelled to steal, cheat, manuever, manipulate, and take anything and everything they can to increase their personal wealth. This includes money, land, jewels, and sometimes people. Some of these followers and priests seek to do this as bandits while others as city officials.

Alanus demands a great price for his blessing in all endeavors including continual tithes of goods and a yearly tithe of gold. Priests that seek to cheat the god are tracked, beaten, and stripped of all worldly possessions by an inner sect (see Fellowship).

All things under the sun and moon are the vantage of the powerful. One must have wisdom and patience to subvert that power. - Gwailan Lumar, High Priest of Alanus, Brotherhood of the Tithe

Without wealth, you have nothing. Alanus speaks to bring unto you all that you can, for only through possessions can one truly gain power. A simple teaching with varied approaches, the beliefs of Alanus revolve around the gathering, keeping, and spending of wealth.

Alanus appears as a distinguished gentleman in soft, expensive silks. He stands tall with an arrogant air. His eyes look like small green gems, his hair shimmers of gold and copper, and his features are fine and rugged. And from every possible place, jewels and wealth glint, glitter, and decorate his form and clothing. Around his neck and drapping over his shoulders are layers of silks bejeweled in aristocratic symbols of power.

Followers and clerics of Alanus tend toward spells and abilities that place them in the high esteem of city leaders, lords, and kings. Although every great leader knows having one of these clerics in their service is important, they must watch them closely for theft.

Most of the fellowship falls into one of the following factions:

Brotherhood of the Tithe: Brotherhood that focuses primarily on continued growth and power of the church. They tend to work with other churches to increase their size, coffers, and congregations, which in turn give them power and riches. This fellowship typically meets in palacial homes owned by one of the high-ranking members.

Golden Judges of Wealth: This fellowship, commonly called the Golden Judges, watch and maintain the balance of wealth in a region, church, or nation. These followers tend to be lawful. Although they do amass wealth, they do so for the good of balance, typically taking it from unruly tyrants and criminal merchants. This group also polices the other factions of Alanus.

Acquisitors of Fortune: No one on the face of Audalis truly understands how best to build a prosperous empire more than the Acquisitors. These priests work tirelessly for their masters and employers to establish and run a business, taxes, funding for building, and much more. They are the chroniclers of Alanus' wisdom, the Concordia of Acquisition. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to Yanamari for this contribution!


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