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Sharlys, Goddess of Fear

Sphere of influence:
Black, yellow
Profile of a snarling wolf head with a yellow eye
Granted powers:
Cast cause fear twice per day; receive a +2 to any save vs. fear
Allowed alignments:
Any evil , chaotic neutral
Allowed weapons:
Spear, any blunt
Allowed armor:
Other Names:
Icemarrow, Night Terror, Dae'quenya (Shadowspeak) by Sylvari, Glanda-argen (The Glowing Eyes) by Khords
D20 Information
God Alignment:
Chaotic Neutral
Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil,
Favored Weapon:

Sharlys is not a god openly venerated in most civilized circles, as her practices rank among the most fearsome of the gods. Those that live in shadow, seek an unlawful way of life, or simply enjoy plying the fear trade are likely to have a secretive altar designated to the worship of The Glowing Eyes hidden somewhere. In rare cases, a noble or ruler of a land will even employ some of the more brash worshippers as interrogators, especially when time is thin, but general practitioners of Sharlys' doctrine are very hard to find, so this is not a common occurance.

Such is the effectiveness of Icemarrow’s reputation that should a symbol of the goddess be seen it is cause for much mayhem. Though there is no magical effect pressing the viewers, the wolf’s head has become known throughout the lands as a symbol of extreme terror to follow. Enemies often brandish the wolf’s head against each other right before they eliminate something or someone of value to their foe, leaving their enemy wrought with fear and not knowing what will happen next. In this way people unknowingly venerate the diabolical goddess.

Members of the clergy often take it upon themselves to wreak havoc among civilized cultures. Their goal is to cause the most fear possible; their means are varied, ranging from simple bullying to freakish displays that chill the heart. Many a town has been left with ravaged folk that are kept alive in abject terror and then returned home to scream at night and carry on the work of Sharlys.


Give yourelf completely to Shadownspeak's terrible purpose, so that the world will cower and tremble before her awful visage. Those who do not will surely feel her baleful gaze burning cold upon their flesh...
- Maddigane Leth’ethor, Night Terror, Cloaks of Dread

Incite as much fear as you possibly can without resorting to killing the victim... unless, of course, the killing will lead to further spreading of terror. Be resourceful and cunning, and use all of the tools that Sharlys has given in order to spread the sweet ecstacy of her horror.

Icemarow rarely allows herself to be seen in any sort of stable mortal form. Most often, she appears as a vague female form made of shadow, with nothing substantial save two glowing yellow eyes. It is rumored that she occasionally takes the form of a dark-haired woman, dressed all in black, but that is uncertain.

The clerics and followers of Sharlys daily deal in macabre and bone-chilling rituals. They tend to use magics that affect the mind, along with a smattering of other spells to help further their causes. These clerics often use undead to assist in their goals.

The sects of Sharlys include the following:


The Cloaks of Dread: The largest following of Sharlys, the Cloaks insinuate themselves throughout society, where they further Icemarrow's influence through acts ranging from whispered rumors to brutal murders. Many an unsolved crime is laid at their feet, often with excellent cause. These folowers remain annonymous, as they wear hoods of black or red, along with similar vestments, and masks carved with terrible visages to disguise their true identities in any gathering.

Banshees of Delight: Whirlwinds of terror, the Banshees have a keening shriek that frightens even the most stalwart of warriors. These followers and priests of both Sharlys and Salerna seek to shake the very foundations of Audalis with the fear and terror they engender. The Banshees are primal forces, savage in thought and nature. Theirs is a world where the fit and strong survive. However, their chaos should never be underestimated, as their fighting prowess reminds many of their fallen of terrible storms of destruction. Many of the Banshees arise in the Blood Plain in Audalis.

Cult of the Scream: Secretive and scattered, those that belong to the Cult are usually victims taken and brainwashed by the church into doing their bidding; however, a few have willingly let Sharlys into their minds, and joined this group. It is said that the goddess herself whispers intructions to this small floowing, who will do anything to share some of the unending terror they live with daily. The Cult is best-known for inciting panic in large cities by having a member utter a doom-filled prophecy just before setting themselves on fire. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to Bromern Sal for this contribution!


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