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Topic: Breaking the Fourth ~ It's finally happened. I'm out of material.
Subject: I think...

that it would be better if I gave you a character to play with? My first DM (and roommate) had an NPC that was more or less an epic level lich sorc Drow who needed to be drunk to work magic. His name was Drizzard.

Oh oh! In a recent oneshot, we had a half blink dog half Halfling tauric character. He was a giant rogue puppy person, and it was wonderful. He decided that a battle against a Dire Wolverine wasn't going well, so he stabbed the resident Were-Polar Bear (who gets enraged when attacked and changes form) of the party and then blinked behind the monster. By the time the Polar Bear had ripped through and killed the monster, the character was no longer enraged and calmed down enough to change back.

It was kind of hilarious.

And now Jing shall fade back into the mists - a land of homework and walmart.

Posted on 2012-04-25 at 17:37:59.

Topic: Floyd Filler for this week
Subject: Argle Bargle

Thanks everyone for being patient with me. I've had some pretty stressful weeks and I just couldn't keep up this time. I'm glad people seem to enjoy the pinup though~

Y'know, I think I would tweak a few scenes and whatnots to make wallpapers next time I get a spare moment. Since I have the original files and all.

Posted on 2012-03-21 at 14:47:26.

Topic: Floyd #15 is up
Subject: Sorry Tann

But her hair seems to be black. ^^;

Posted on 2012-03-15 at 00:22:57.

Topic: Vote for Floyd!
Subject: We are 1129~

Continue voting~! I am a shameless promoter!

Posted on 2012-02-10 at 09:35:10.

Topic: Floyd on Livestream
Subject: Floyd on Livestream

Yup! Come watch me draw~ No joke ruining, as all text is removed for the drawing~


Posted on 2012-02-04 at 09:20:46.
Edited on 2012-02-04 at 09:21:40 by Jing

Topic: Vote for Floyd!
Subject: We've fallen behind!

Because it's a new month! But we did great for the last few days of January!

Posted on 2012-02-04 at 05:06:33.

Topic: Vote for Floyd!
Subject: It's pretty awesome, yeah? =D

I like watching how many numbers we pass with each vote~

Posted on 2012-01-31 at 01:28:55.

Topic: Vote for Floyd!
Subject: It's a new day...

which means you can vote again!

Posted on 2012-01-29 at 05:40:37.

Topic: Vote for Floyd!
Subject: Yay~!

If there's a way to get into the top 5, we're taking it, gosh darn it! I'm guessing not pany people scroll past the first page when visiting this site, and most I'm sure only look at the top five which display banners. Let's go!

Posted on 2012-01-28 at 04:12:14.

Topic: Vote for Floyd!
Subject: Vote for Floyd!

That's what I said! Vote for Floyd! We are currently number 1835.

Vote for Floyd

Incidentally, LD has a thing here too, and is at number 805! You should vote that one too. =)

and Loaded Dice too

DO EET. I'll post in this thing every gosh darn day JUST so it shows up in the latest topics for you all. You can vote once every 24 hours on each. And registering for the site is free and easy. AND, you don't even have to register! I'll probably see what other sites there are to put this on too...

Added the hyperlinks for you - Alacrity


Posted on 2012-01-27 at 09:56:39.
Edited on 2012-01-27 at 19:21:00 by Jing

Topic: The Holiday Season
Subject: Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays! Feliz Navidad! Christmas Music! So on and so forth! Have a great Solstice Festival!

Posted on 2011-12-10 at 13:05:10.

Subject: Oh hai~

Hey look! A fun picture to be in? Sure~ I'm about 5'5", so mid-height. Shoulder length hair that is mostly blonde with brown roots that go about 3 inches down. I'm a round one, with a larger chest than average. Jeans and a t-shirt~ Yay!

Posted on 2011-12-10 at 13:03:19.

Topic: Olan MIA (again)
Subject: Olan,

You're the best~ I thought something must be up, but I wasn't sure. We all love you, and I'm sure you'll find something good to continue working on. Who knows, if you get enough business, you might not need to find a full time job? Just wishful thinking, I suppose.

Lots of hugs from us!

Posted on 2011-12-06 at 00:47:07.

Topic: Pff PLAN a game? Who does THAT?
Subject: WoC

Hm. I've never been fond of pre-made mods like that. It's why I was asking people who have likely written their own. It's like there's a certain flair to those, something that's missing from the ones that WoC publishes. But I will look and see if I get any ideas that I can incorporate and mix up.

Thank you~

Posted on 2011-12-01 at 00:47:49.

Topic: Pff PLAN a game? Who does THAT?
Subject: Pff PLAN a game? Who does THAT?

So, here I am, forgetting about time, when I remember that I have a one-shot to run on Sunday. And I haven't come up with a decent adventure yet. It honestly takes me a good long while to make a good one, and now I don't have the time between art and work.

So I was wondering if anyone had any spare 3.5 adventures lying around that could work for a party of 4, level 2-3?
(we have one ECL 5, and I think everyone else will be ECL 1)

Much appreciated!

(Also, where was I supposed to put this? Surveys? I wasn't sure, so it's here. Move it if I'm wrong~)

Posted on 2011-11-30 at 23:30:01.

Topic: The Wrong Man - Floyd Hobart #3 is up
Subject: This one was fun~

Glad you guys like~ Personally, I'd be jumping all over that. xD

Posted on 2011-11-30 at 23:15:50.

Topic: Meet Floyd Hobart
Subject: Yee-HAAAW~

Woo hoo! I wasn't expecting the intro to be in BW, but it works for the rest of it. Very awesome, I'm excited to see it up and running.

Posted on 2011-11-10 at 16:09:49.

Topic: Breaking the Fourth ~ A D&D Webcomic
Subject: Adorable~!

That was actually very clever as well~ x3 So cute!

Posted on 2011-11-10 at 01:40:26.

Topic: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Subject: Wooo~

I actually work the night that it's going to be coming out, so I can't make the midnight release. BUT there is a gamestop right down the street, and my break is at midnight. There are going to be soooooo many cars. xD

Posted on 2011-11-08 at 00:42:50.

Topic: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Subject: OGJOESGew

I am literally sooo psyched about this game! So so so so psyched~

Posted on 2011-11-07 at 13:36:09.

Topic: Lack of gaming?
Subject: What a dream!

That's crazy! I approve of more creative writing, always. But that dream...that could spawn an EXCELLENT NaNoWriMo idea. Get working, you got a lot of creativity pent up inside you apparently!

Posted on 2011-11-02 at 14:06:39.

Topic: LD Filler: The Games We Don't Play
Subject: Wooow

That's too funny~ xD I approve~

Posted on 2011-10-29 at 00:10:13.

Topic: The end of flickerchat!
Subject: I WANT IT

I WANT IT NOW~! And I want noises when someone talks! Yeah!


Posted on 2011-10-27 at 12:05:43.

Topic: LD FIller: Bored Faustus
Subject: Why thank you~

And you know that you're just inspiring more filler comics with my wonderful Ray as the center butt of the joke~

Posted on 2011-10-19 at 12:47:07.

Topic: LD FIller: Bored Faustus
Subject: LD FIller: Bored Faustus

Hello all! Looks like Olan didn't put up a thread for the newest filler! Silly him~

So here's the thread for the comments for the new filler: Bored Faustus.

I always enjoy receiving feedback on my work, so go ahead!

New PROPER page to be uploaded on Friday! WOOO! I'm gonna bust my butt to make sure it's on time! (I just started third shift work and have homework, so there really will be butt-busting!)

Posted on 2011-10-19 at 12:32:52.
Edited on 2011-10-19 at 12:34:33 by Jing

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